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pexels-photo-279470.jpegMy name is Diane. In 2011 I compiled a list of ‘30 Traits of an Empath’ and posted it here on my blog with the hope it would help the Empaths of the world understand who they are. That article was the just the start of my journey to assist. Five years later and that same blog post has been read and shared millions of times. It has helped many Empaths recognize who they are and understand what a rare and precious gift they have.

It is my belief that once we each learn to understand it, this amazing gift will help “heal the world”.

When I first started my blog, I did it out of passion and a desire to serve; but I wanted to stay in the background and offer my insights anonymously. Over the past five years my life has seen many incredible, transformative changes. They are changes that have come about by putting into practice all I have learnt on this path. I now know it is time for me to step from the shadows and let the world of Empaths learn what I have discovered, so they too can experience these amazing changes for themselves.

If I had not experienced all I did, the path I would have followed would be unrecognizable to the one I have traveled. The way I felt kept me searching, looking in new places for the answers. When we keep searching and asking the right questions, we will find our answers. But it doesn’t always happen overnight.

It took many years to discover my Sensitive nature was a rare and unique gift. I assumed everyone felt the way I did (I thought others dealt with it better). It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I discovered I am an Empath and only then did my life start to make sense.

In my pursuit to heal and find balance as an Empath, I spent the past twenty years researching everything mind, body and spirit. I have studied everything from human anatomy to the law of attraction. I am a trained color and crystal therapist, massage therapist, reflexologist, aromatherapist, Reconnective healing practitioner, and qualified yoga and meditation teacher. I have also spent many years doing in-depth research into diet and nutrition, and how it affects Empaths. My years of study and self-trials have more than paid off; restoring my health, happiness and passion for life.

Being an Empath is not an easy path to walk, I know! But when we understand our gift we come to accept the path we are walking. And when we know what to do to find balance our lives transform in the most magical ways.

The journey

We all deserve a life of happiness and joy. It may not seem so now, but a life of bliss is possible for all Empaths to experience. For most, it won’t happen overnight. We have to take a series of steps, much like stepping stones, to find our true path. When encountered, these steps lead us to the most remarkable of journeys and open a life path few can lay claim to have lived!

To learn more about my incredible Empath transformations and discover how you too can revolutionize your life see my books, either by clicking on the links below or on the sidebar:

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      • Hi Diane I would like to republish one of your articles at my website to introduce my readers to your work and link back to your website or books etc if you like. This is a link to the site and my email address will be attached to this comment if you respond here I checked the notify box. Thank you for work and insight, Namaste 🙂

      • Hi Bodhi,
        Yes, I am fine with you sharing my posts along with a link back to my blog/books. I just ask anyone who shares my work to accredit it to me (Diane Kathrine).
        Thanks for asking.

      • Ok great thank you! Is there a format you would like me to use? For example I am about to publish an article by Rosanne Lindsay and I have an about the author blurb in this format:

        About the Author
        Rosanne Lindsay is a Naturopathic doctor and Tribal healer under the Turtle Island Provider Network. She is a writer, Earth keeper, Health Freedom advocate, co-founder of Wisconsin For Vaccine Choice, and author of the books The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet. and  Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally. Find her on Facebook at Rosanne Lindsay and Natureofhealing. Consult with her (Skype or Zoom consults available) at natureofhealing.org. Subscribe to her blog at http://www.natureofhealing.org/blog/.

        If I am not given a specific layout I generally just use a editors note and put the authors name and a link to the original article, however if they have books, or podcasts etc I generally try to be as descriptive as I can with links to everything, I think it is nicer like that personally.

  1. Dearest Diane,

    You’ll likely never read this – I’ve noted the thread is five years old – but I feel compelled to write to thank you for your commitment to this topic. I intend to read more of your posts in the coming days. It’s my hope they will help me understand why I do some of the things I do so I can better handle things. I’m not a huge fan of labels, either, but agree they can be used to illuminate an otherwise unseen pathway. They can also “let us off the hook”, so to speak when we realize we are far from alone and needn’t be ashamed of certain thoughts or behaviours.

    My story, like so many, is coloured with the highs and lows that come from not knowing how to manage her life when emotions seem so unforgiving and totally in charge. As I read your posts, although I have been using the word “empath” to describe myself for the last few years, the term suddenly seems an ill fit. You see, I can be mean and have done mean things. Knowing what motivates the meanness has helped ease my guilt but does not negate the fact that I, in certain situations, do not care if another is hurting. That written, if an animal is in pain, my sorrow is excruciating. Heightened empath or simply heightened sensitive?

    Regardless, I’ve no doubt I will find answers and direction with the help of your work and others who are pioneering this field. Thank you for being a brave steward of your experience, for doing your homework, and for continuing to spred the word.


    • You’re very welcome, Frances.

      Thank you for sharing and for being so honest in your comment. And yes, much of this crazy journey is about understanding what motivates our behaviour and taking responsibility.

      Diane 🙂

  2. I was recently talking with a woman who owns a paint studio that I love to take my girls to. I’m not sure how, but conversation got personal quickly and eventually she told me she thought I was an empath and that I should look it up (she said she is one, so she recognized it I guess). I just found your site and after reading the 30 traits I felt so emotional. It was like someone was writing a list of traits specifically about me. I have always said one of my best and worst traits is that I feel deeply. When a friend is happy, I’m happy. When a friend is upset, I get upset with them. When energy is high, I’m cheering. When is negative, it brings me down. It happens quickly, too. It is exhausting! And when its my kids woes, it’s worst, because I want to protect them and it hurts me greatly when they hurt. I don’t sleep anymore worrying about how to handle stuff in general or thinking about how to change my state of mind. I’m in a funk and am perpetually drained. I plan to buy one of your books. Can you tell me which one is best to start with? I’m not much of a reader (don’t have time and feel like I should be doing something else when I’m up) and want to get the right book first to start. I can wait to read it and find suggestions to help get me back on track.

    • Hi Erin,

      Isn’t it wonderful how we come about the discovery of being an Empath? We will always remember the time we found out why we feel everything so powerfully.

      In regards to books, I would suggest either 7 Secrets of the Sensitive or How to Heal Leaky Aura Syndrome.

      7 Secrets offers a deeper explanation about the whys of Empath ways and how their brain works. It also offers healing and balancing techniques.

      How to Heal Leaky Aura is probably a less taxing read. It covers ways to keep your energy field strong so that one is less affected and drained by the energy or negativity of others.

      If you go to Amazon they allow you to read sample pages of the books. It is probably a good idea to have a read through and see which resonates with you most.

      Thanks for sharing and wishing you well on your journey.

      (I have added a link below that will take you directly to the books.)

  3. I’ve read over your 30 traits of an empath a couple of times, always with the sense that it explains a lot but that I shouldn’t go giving myself labels given my limited familiarity and background with all things spiritual(?). An incident I experienced today prompted me to re-visit and post. That experience has left me unsettled.

    Briefly, family and I went to the home of a person we do not know to meet the two puppies he had listed for sale in our area newspaper’s classifieds. I remember being excited to see the labs, but upon getting to the home-a nice suburban single-family dwelling, I felt uncomfortable. I chalked it up to a little anxiety. The pups’ owner welcomed us into the dining room area where the puppies were. I promptly sat in an empty dining room table chair. It felt presumptuous, but by that time I was feeling really uncomfortable. I genuinely did not like the guy (dressed in his medic uniform) who let us into his home, and I really didn’t want anything to do with him. I occupied myself with my phone while my family met the puppies. It was hard to be around the timid puppies, who were in a large blue plastic tub, the bottom covered with newspaper. I eventually petted one a few minutes before we left, but I just felt sad doing so. Upon exiting the dwelling, a family member commented that the whole experience was strange. She didn’t elaborate much, and I didn’t ask. I was just relieved to hear her say that. We didn’t talk much more about it after that, though she did lightheartedly say “I guess we’re sensitive to people’s homes.” Again no real conversation. Shortly after, we decided to go to a local pet store, where we met a rescue group, and I got to meet some wonderful pups and some caring volunteers. I felt much better at that point. Unfortunately, though, I’m still stuck with some baggage from this afternoon.

    Thanks for the space you have provided for contributions. I certainly needed a bit of space to vent out what was a confusing experience.

  4. I have often asked myself “What is wrong with me?”. About a week ago I was sitting quietly, just daydreaming, when a word flashed across my mind like a billboard – EMPATH. It was absolutely as clear as if someone was writing the word before me. It was not a word I was familiar with, not a word I remember hearing or reading before. Over the previous weeks and months I had a marked increase in unusual feelings and experiences. I always felt my Dad’s presence around me after he died. When we moved into our new house a friend did a blessing and clearing. At that time I told him it was time for him to rest and be with my mother. I never felt his presence again in the same way. A dear friend died last week and as I was crying and talking out loud to her, her face came to me and she smiled at me. I believe she was telling me she was fine where she was. I then started talking to my father telling how much I missed he and I wished I had a sign or some way of knowing that he could see me. The next morning I pulled out a purse to take on a trip. I had purchased it 2 years ago for a vacation, cleaned it out and hadn’t used it since. It was empty, but I felt something in one of the outside pockets. I took it out and it was the card attached to flowers she sent to my father’s funeral 11 years ago. It simply said I love you Grampa and had the name of the funeral home old the back. There was absolutely NOTHING else in the purse, not even some leftover papers or crumbs. I tried to figure out what it was doing there (I was a little freaked out) when EMPATH came into thoughts again. So, I did a quick internet search and read some definitions and then came across this blog. Suddenly things started to click into place and I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was the answers to prayers I didn’t know I asked. Almost everything was a direct hit – the need to be around water, long personal conversations with total strangers, feeling totally exhausted after being with someone who shared their personal problems, and the knowing, just knowing. I know when something is bothering someone. Sometimes before they even articulate it. Your writing and this piece have opened a door that I am happy to go through to explain so much about myself and my life of 64 years. I have so much to learn and thank you for starting me on the journey!

  5. Hi Diane,

    I am so happy I found your website. The list of traits you wrote for empath is so spot on.
    I have not had to chance to read your book yet because I just stumbled upon your website today. I would love to read your books.

    Regarding to the issue of being ungrounded. Why are empaths so easily prone to being ungrounded? I am struggling to ground myself in my mind and body.
    Because I sense and experience all these things, people, and experiences that normal people don’t sense. There is a part of me that really doesn’t want to be here and wants to go home. But I do appreciate the opportunity this life offers to me.
    Do you care to share your experience? Thank you very much.

    • Hi Wendy,

      Because Empaths are so Sensitive to the world, in their mind, body and spirit it makes it difficult for them to become and stay grounded.

      To briefly explain: An Empath may spend time with a person who acts as a trauma trigger, which sets off a host of disagreeable emotions. This then causes an imbalance within their mind and body. When the body becomes weakened it will then weaken their energy (spirit). A weakened energy field means the Empath is then left wide open to picking up more emotional debris from others (strangers or acquaintances) which again will weaken the body and mind. It then becomes a vicious circle.

      This is why I stress the importance of balancing the trinity of mind, body and spirit. Until we find balance in all three it is difficult to stay grounded and enjoy life the way we are supposed to. But the great news is it is possible to find balance. It just requires some changes and that is the information I offer in my books.

      Hope this helps and thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Hi Diane

    Thank you for responding so quickly despite your pressing dealines. How wonderful that you will be writing a book for all of us! I will keep you posted on the goings on. Good luck with the book.!

  7. Hi Katherine

    What a breath of fresh air you are to me. I read some of your information on empaths last night and literally sobbed (Tears of joy! Finally someone who understands my journey) at the accuracies. Mine has not been an easy one, perhaps as you say the lessons have not been learnt yet? Anyway long story short, most helpful information. I accidently stumble on your website when I followed a link from Robert Shapiro’s website in september 2013 when u posted the article on wheat. I have been intolerant since childhood, but never knew what it was until 2006. When I opened onto your website, I promised to visit again, but that was when things started to get really hectic for me. Like you, I also looked for all my answers in books, groups, and institutions, none that really offered sufficient solutions. I find it incredibly difficult to meditate and sleep, and it has been getting worse, so what you say about the malatonin has been helpful. I tried it once before (melatonin), but due to restrictions around purchasing I had to let it go. I understand who we are, and what we do as empaths, but it has turned my life upside down, and thats putting it lightly. In my journey, I have learnt so much, and gained so many skills, and am in the process of setting up a website (a bit techno shy tho), to advertise my services. I was wondering, would you be a guest on my website, and would you be willing to post comments from time to time? I would like to communicate with you if you have the time, or whenever you feel comfortable with that.

    Kind regards.
    Farahdiba, S.A.

    • Hi Farahdiba,

      Yes, I would be happy to guest and comment on your website. Just send me a link when its up and running.

      I know what you mean about being techno-shy. I have been in the process of setting up a Facebook page for the past 3 months and still haven’t linked it to my blog :).

      I am a bit busy at the mo, as I’m in the process of writing a book, on all the important info I’ve discovered these past few years, but I’m hoping I will have got much of it done by new year (fingers crossed).

      I look forward to seeing your new site.

      Diane 🙂

  8. Hi Diane,
    I love finding members of my tribe! I am All The Things!! I have been doing hair for 30 years and own my own space. I relate to you on so many levels. Happy to have found your blog.

  9. Hello Justpassingthrough,
    Wow, in the last few days, I had three different people tell my that I was empath. I was totally like, YEAH, where have you been. I am 18 yeart hairdresser, its what butters my bread at this point.
    My sensitivities are so internse at times I have to put all my imaginary bubbles around me, a Reiki hat on…etc….and many rocks and crystals.
    Last week, co-worker said…hey you are gonna get a kick out of this….old client of mine, now sees her for hair. This gal made comment….Suzanne is so flighty or flakey. and How does Chris ( my sweetheart) put of with her?
    After reading your blog on the Why Empaths Freeze….which my very non believing mother taged me for the read…..I see so many of the trait….I do shut down, I do pull away…and I am the negative energy avoider of the west!!
    Thank you so much….
    someday…I too will get out of hairdressing…and do more healing work. I have been working also on writing and was NOT a favorite of mine. I have also been told by complete strangers….”when are you going to write that book?”
    Sending love and light

    • I’m in my 50’s. I just read your “30 Traits of an Empath” and can identify with every one. I always knew even as a young child I was different. I could even feel energies off of inanimate objects! I thought I. was just crazy and something was wrong with me. Back then when there was no Internet and no way to share experiences it was very lonely and frightening not knowing there were others like you or that there was even a NAME for this! For us! I’ve read and heard that being an Empath is a gift. I guess I’m still struggling to see how it is. My life has been a struggle and I felt very isolated because of it. But perhaps that is because I was born and grew up in a time where such things weren’t widely known let alone spoken of. I’ve read many blogs on the subject and yours is my favorite.

  10. Hello justpassingthrough,

    Thank you so very much for your blog. I’ve read through so much and am quite happy to receive the information. I found out in April 2015 that I am an empath and in those few days, MUCH of my life has made sense! It is freeing and a joy. As a therapist, I have now identified 4 empaths in my practice and we have been working and learning together. In this way, they have actually settled down so very much and are happier!

    I do have a question – is there anything out there about diet and empaths? I know I have heard to stay away from wheat and to eat more protein for grounding. Do you have any tips or somewhere you can direct me?

    Thank you kindly and please, do keep up the beautiful work.


    • Hi Rachael,

      I’m not too sure of much info out there, but I have written numerous posts on the importance of the diet for us empaths. I have linked some of them below. And I intend to write more about my discoveries, as I have found by changing my own diet to be so very life changing. In fact, more so than anything else I’ve done. So, be sure to keep an eye out for them.

      You are so lucky to have found 4 other empaths in your practise to share and compare your empathic journey’s with.

      Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  11. Would it be okay to share the 30 traits with some of my FB friends? If so, who’s name do I make the acknowedgement to, is it ‘Moi’ ?

      • Moi,

        I am publishing a book with an eta, of early next year. I would like to add At a Glance:30 traits of an empath. The list was very helpful on my journey, which is what my book is about. Are you the original writer? Is this okay to publish? And, if so, how would you like me to reference you.


  12. Hello — Reading through the comments here, and was stunned to find so many references to empaths being incorrectly diagnosed as mentally ill. I’ve always known I had strong empathic skills, but never questioned my bipolar diagnosis 18 years ago (at age 36). How would I go about carefully checking out the possibility that I may not be bipolar at all? Are there psychiatrists or psychologists who are open to alternative (energy) reasons for my mood swings? I’m at a loss. Any advice would be most helpful — I know that you and your readers can’t give medical advice, but referrals or recommendations, or personal experiences would be incredibly wonderful. Peace, Laura

    • Dear Laura,

      In addition to the medical and psychiatric treatments, maybe turning to some spiritual support might be an additional resource to help you process your experiences. When I was struggling through my depression, a chaplain for the hospice I worked for helped me to integrate my intense mental and spiritual distress. There are many spiritual practices that have a good track record to frame our growth experiences, not exclusively limited to Christianity, though that is the practice that I found most relevant to me. Best wishes to you. Roger

    • I understand psychiatry as science dealing with the part of us between the physical body and the soul. It’s certainly worth seeking help on different levels.
      According to the description, my mother is an Empath. She’ s been treated for anxiety and depression, I believe it was necessary.

  13. Hi I found your site the exact way you described in your opening paragraph lol awesome to know more about being an empath… One thing I did notice in the traits section is that I actually really like vintage things!! Because it holds another energy and you can match up to find pieces that contain good vibes and character. Like something that my mum gave me that was her’s. I like how it can take me back to that place and time and feel. Anywayz thanks again for this site!

    P.L.U.R. peace love unity respect

    • I feel the same way about vintage and antique items! There’s something satisfying about matching items or articles that feel right, harmonized in some way, with interesting or complex or positive emotions behind them.

    • I recently met an incredible woman- I instantly knew we would be friends. After about a month of knowing each other she said she thought I was an empath. I had been told by one of my home state (Texas) top rated psychics that I was as psychic as he was. I realize these two are not the same but have some of the same qualities. That was approx. 30 years ago. I meet people and I know things @ them. The list was spot on except for one thing. I recently been attracted to antiques. I am a single 57 year old woman and I have inherited some antiques and just began on this path is of creating a vintage feel in my home. I must be honest, I knew I could do a lot of redecorating buying certain used items than new things. New furniture is very expensive unless you buy good quality (as we all know)!
      I’ve been very ill for years- yes, chronic fatigue is part of it. I always have believed my immune system was compromised when I became very ill as a child and almost died. My family just took me to an old country dr. And he believed it was polio (even though I had been vaccinated) or meningitis. I’ve had poor health every since. I went to a fibromyalgia clinic for years that had discovered all these viruses and blood infections. I figured since I worked as a floor RN and I had believed I had picked up this stuff in the hospital. Now I know it can be easier than that if you are an empath. I haven’t been able to work at all for 4 years and take @ 20 RXs! I’m going to get your diet book (I eat So much wheat!) And I know my health can be improved some. There is so many questions I want to ask but I know this is not the forum.
      I’m going to research as much as possible about this and read your books! I’m very excited! I believe I can improve my health and rid my life of the past damages of my own traumas and the others I’ve picked up! Thank you! Thank you!

      • Hi Lisa,

        It is not uncommon for some Empaths to be drawn to antiques, especially if they like to read the energy held within the object.

        I truly hope the book helps you find your health and get your life back on track. Chronic fatigue is an awful thing to live with, as is any immune related illness, and stops you from being able to fully participate in life. Making simple changes to the diet can see huge transformations to health and wellbeing, and it is so worth doing.

        Thanks for sharing and best wishes. 🙂

  14. Ok, just to start.. this is very difficult for me. I am lost, I am dark, I am blocked. I need help. I do not know where to turn. From a young age I have experienced things others never believed. As I got older and started researching, I find I may be more empathic than others around me. I, on my own, achieved ways to block and center myself. I can no longer do this as everytime I try to visualize anything it is dark. Just blackness. I find it very difficult to even go into public anymore as I come home a different person. As well, I believe I have at least three spirits attached to me and that have been following me for years that are slowly draining me. My husband did not believe me and thought I was a little wacko until he physically witnessed it. I cannot afford to spend money on all of the people that post they can help. As well, I feel like if you personally involved in these matters and can help, you should regardless of monetary gain. I just need help and if I can be directed to someone that could help show me what I need to do then I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

    • Breathe deep. Stop looking in the dark. Sometimes we can’t see everything that we would like to. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. It is possible that you do have some energy feeders on you and they can be very exhausting, so you have to look into your surroundings to identify who these real life people might be. Feel free to contact me. I will help as much as I am allowed.

    • I have to agree balance is so very important for us. There are energy leeches everywhere. Also I agree with you, this gift is meant for all to be given freely to any that need not to just those that can pay. There are very good people here to help you as much as we can all you need to do is ask. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, I believe that together we can overcome all that life throws our way. So please feel free to also contact me if you wish adviceforempaths2013@yahoo.ca

  15. Once again, thank you for this excellent blog entry. I’m asking permission to link it to the empathsupport.com site. I feel so many could benefit from seeing it. Please let me know if this is okay.



  16. I just recently was engaged in a conversation with someone who told me they thought I was an Empath. After reading your blog and some other things that I found on the internet, I may just have to agree with them. Not to sure what to do with this new discovery but very interested in researching it a little more in depth. I will definitely follow your blog and thank you so much for sharing it with other.

  17. I stumbled upon this blog and I don’t remember how. But I’m so glad I did! Like many of the comments here, I had no idea what was causing me to feel the way I do. After reading and finally realizing that I am an Empath, I feel like a weight has already been lifted. Now I feel I need to learn more about being grounded and how to protect myself. Because of this blog, I know what next steps to take. Wow. Wow. Wow.

  18. Hello, I stumbled upon your blog because lately, I’ve been having a hard time with life.. I wasn’t sure why I had such heavy feelings, and I didn’t know where these feelings were coming from.. I don’t know why I feel so sad at times when I’m not even sad, or why I just can’t stand crowds, or why I feel like someone is not telling me the truth.. I just feel so much, but I don’t know what this means.. It’s just so hard, especially being a 17 year old.. I’m just so lost…

    • Keep in touch with the community hopefully you will find some peace and balance in some of the blogs, discussions etc. Being 17 is not easy hang in there get to know yourself and you will find your way

      • May I ask, does this make it harder to love me? If my mood is always changing and I’m always struggling with being social, etc.. Someone once told me that they don’t understand me and that person stopped talking to me. I wasn’t sure how to explain myself..

  19. Thank you for this blog, it’s good to have a down to earth empath around. walking the em-path;)
    Just want to share info about how the psychologists are labelling this, Elaine Aaron has done research on Highly Sensitive Persons, HSP, and that might come in handy for someone trying to explain to a boss or someone other non-sensitive. It’s estimated that more than 15-20% of the population are Sensitive, so there are more of us than most of us believe. More politicians should be Sensitive, but empaths don’t do well in that area because it’s too stressfull and dishonest. But I have a hope that society will wake up to the benefits of having sensitive people around the work place and in leading positions.
    My story is similar to yours, I also spent years reading new age books, and it wasn’t until recent years that I discovered that I lacked grounding. In fact, I had no idea what grounding was, or how it felt, though I had read about it for years!
    I have a shock and trauma-teacher who showed me that there are specific exercises to enhance grounding, that was very helpful for me. Like you mention, meditation might not be good if you are depressed, that is what my teacher told me too, and the same goes for some yoga practices she says, especially if your muscles are under-charged. (Bodynamics.com have more info on this)
    She taught me that some people become empaths after experiencing a shock,
    though I believe that I was a HSP/empath since I was born.

  20. This just fixed my Sunday dread/yucky feeling- and it literally found me just now, a link sent by a dear friend. I’ve been spending a lot more time lately, in the aftermath of some really severe emotional/psychic trauma. I’ve been a yoga practitioner for over a decade now and just began with Reiki and some other alternative healing, and the synchronicity is just getting stronger and stronger; as is my awareness. I live in India, so I grew up with a lot of the things you write about so beautifully. Your blog is empowering, healing and necessary; and I am so glad it exists. In gratitude, and harmony, Anjana

  21. Found your site – will enjoy delving in deeper … Always good to get another empaths perspective … Seems many of us are awakening to who and what we are 🙂

  22. I just had my Ah Ha moment last week after finding your blog. My mom died last September and we had a horribly toxic relationship my whole life. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. That’s when I learned I was an Empath but it wasn’t until I read your blog did I really understand what that meant. I feel so much lighter so rejuvenated I wanted to scream it from the rooftops. After some internal reflection I came to the decision at least for now I need to keep this to myself. Not because I feel like people would think I’m crazy (though most all ready do lol), I decided I need to just concentrate on myself during this new stage of self discovery. I almost feel like this is a very special gift (and curse at times) and almost spiritual in nature that I don’t want others to take it as a fad or unknowingly disrespect it. Does that make any sense (anyone?).
    Anyways thank you so much.
    Ryan C.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Yes, that makes a lot of sense. People don’t always understand what they have not experienced for themselves and can have the tendency to attack, rather than accept, the gift of being an Empath.

      Thanks for sharing.

  23. A series of synchronistic events has brought me to this site I can’t believe I have finally found the answer I thought I was crazy and oversensitive. It all makes sense now. I can’t thank you enough and all the empaths connected with you. I am hoping to connect with others now.

    • I just discovered this too and feel – vindicated somehow. I thought I was crazy. I’m 65 and this is changing my life.

  24. You nailed it …. that is me. After a long working life dealing with physical, emotional and spiritual issues now make complete sense. My life was almost ruined by feeling trapped working in situations that just sucked my soul out. Trying ti fit in, rationalize and learn how to adapt my life for the satisfaction of others. Bloodsucking life-robbing situations. Getting dragged down to the lowest denominator to survive. Believing it was my fault for all my problems. The last ten or so years of my working life were complete hell. That I should cowboy it put. Be mean to other good people for the good of some budget goal or ill defined business plan and actually bought into the myth of working myself up the ladder. Ever cry at your desk? Or throw up on your desk? Then to find out the truth. How we are enslaved by money and desire to “succeed” was a complete lie. I am beyond anger. I almost worked myself to death. My family also suffered. For what.. No pension, no 401k, no security. Just another gold toilet seat for some rich bastard. Let me share my feelings about that… Enough ranting. There are important things I need to do the rest of my life. 🙂

  25. I am in desperate need of some advice, someone to talk to. My girlfriend and I are both empaths, from what I understand that’s a little unusual? Maybe not, I have only recently discovered a name for what I am, who I am. I have been researching, and my girlfriend (we’ve only been together for a few months) is a little farther along in her journey than I am in mine. Well, we went out one day to the park, found a secluded area in nature and she started training me, if you will, on a few things. But something kind of went wrong… We unintentionally created a tether to each other, which would have happened eventually, especially considering I haven’t completed my tether to Nature. The problem is…. She is of the light. And I have a lot of darkness in me. I am working on that, meditating and such, trying to dissipate the darkness inside me. When we created the tether, she was sucked into my darkness, and now she is stuck, and it has drained her of her empathic powers, so she is unable to get out if it. And I am too new to be able to lead her out of it. And it is doing a drastic number on her, especially seeing as she is so pure. I want to help her, I need to help her, considering, though it may have been unintentional, What resides in me, I never wanted her to experience. And I don’t want to taint her in any way, but I feel like I doing just that. And it sucks, because now that we have this tether, she is sharing in my darkness and it is doing a serious number on her. I know I’m probably doing more ranting than anything, but I need advice. I need to find a way to get myself where I need to be to be able to lead her out of my darkness. Can someone please help me?! Help us?!

  26. I’m so happy that I stumbled upon this site. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with me for the longest time. I read your bit about the 30 traits and I can relate to each point but I’m not sure if I’m an empath; I feel like I have some intense tendencies/traits that aren’t on the list. Like I experience insane amounts of anxiety at night, I get a huge hit of nausea when I see people hurting, and if I’m feeling anything other than calm or playful I basically freeze/just go blank. And I can feel myself practicing responses/reactions that I use when I feel myself freezing up in order to cover it up, literally every hesitation/pause/facial expression/flutter in my voice is practiced in these instances and completely fake. And I often find myself using these practiced responses to get what I want from people, and I find that what I want is usually for people to feel comfortable around me/to open up. So I don’t know if I’m a sick mix of an empath/someone with narcissistic disorder tendencies or what. But I do know that this site has been beyond helpful, so thank you so much, truly.

    • Hello, sounds like we are similar, I say “I have a whole index of ways to be, depending on who I’m with”, it’s not phoney, but not authentic either… I moved around a lot when I was a kid (at least 17 times) and always being the new kid, I found the best way to be accepted is for people to feel comfortable around me. I tend to focus on peoples pleasures, including guilty pleasures, whatever they like to get away with, Ha!

  27. Any thoughts or ideas welcome – what are some ways to handle empaths who have been so emotionally abused, they find it hard to deal with people/life,etc, yet they are wonderful people and very gifted? Thank you.

    • I’ll go with the first thing that appeared in my mind, Ann. Meditation. It is really amazing how going Within can make you feel. I am going on just over one solid year of daily meditation (among a lot of other things, prayer, affirmations etc) and I can truly say this is the most Powerful I have ever felt. Mind/Body/Spirit, balanced in Harmony. I remember about 3 months into my meditations that all of the sudden one day I was like………What is that? What is that Feeling I’m experiencing? And the one word that came immediately to the surface was……..Peace. So with this Peace, and the Power I have been cultivating have grown into this incredible Poise within myself that is hard to explain. A tremendous Feeling. Long story short though. Meditate. Every Day. Do not focus on the, Is This Really Working thoughts. Let them pass. Rome was not built in a day. It takes work. If you can devote 10-20min a day then you would be doing yourself a great service. When I am coming into a large group of people I inwardly fall into my Tree meditation and push my roots deep into the Earth. Just a few seconds is all it takes now. Good luck!

  28. I am a newcomer to this but was always confused why things are happening the way they are. I seem to get to involved in people’s lives that I really have no personal relationships with, and I never knew why. I could read peoples moods, and always felt the need to make people feel better when they left me, but now becoming very vocal and confused by my behavior. I can sense when people are unhappy, but always feeling that it was something I did or said to make them feel this way, making me paranoid to talk with them. There are people that I know from just looking at them whether or not they are somebody that I would in fact be friends with or even have a conversation with in the future. I work with the public, and after some days, I am mentally drained, and I could never understand why. I was previously a hairdresser, and people tended to tell me all about their lives, and I thought that all of this was part of the job description, and that people automatically trust their stylist. I have eliminated alot of people in my life in this past year because of the fact that I felt as though they literally drained the life out of me, and that the friends were just very high maintenance friends, that totally exhausted me. I feel as though this job that I am in now is just not for me anymore, even though it is something I thought was a passion of mine. The negativity that comes from the clientele that walks into this place is just bringing me down. I am becoming withdrawn, very tired, very stressed, and bitter. I just want to run away and hide from the public. There are people that I am drawn to, but at the same time, I read their moods, and want to walk away; thinking that I misjudged the type of person they are. I have always thought that I have issues, but never knew why or how to deal with them. The things I used to love doing which was working with the public, I am now despising, because it is mentally draining and physically stressful. Your information makes so much sense to me, but my husband thinks I’m nuts, and just tells me that if I found what is wrong, now fix it LOL. I am very interested in reading more about being Empath to find out if this is in fact what I am dealing with. Your 30 traits fit to a T for me but never hurts to be sure. I did have the salt bath last night to get rid of the day, and I slept like a baby and felt like a million bucks before bed, and when I awoke. My mind is an inquiring mind with the need for more information once I find something of interest to me. Thank you for this, and it helps me to know that there is hope for me yet.

  29. Most of the 30 traits described fit me to a tee but I’ve always just thought I was more observant or attuned to the world around me as well as just more intuitive; more aware as it were. I’m a little reluctant to accept the categorization of empath because I feel the descriptions could be much like a horoscope fitting many people’s perception of themselves. I’m not trying to be a critic but I am wary of labels.

  30. I just wanted to say that I am glad that I stumbled upon you. Everything happens for a reason and when/if it should…and well, I need to be here and am enjoying and receiving all knowledge that is new to me as an Empath. I never had a title before and having one now makes my Spirit feel safer and understood, at least by self. Ive always known some thing, I just have always explained it within the definitions which have been found throughout this blog. I am happy knowing there are certainly more of Us, yet mostly knowing I can control and learn with it better and more in depth.

    Thank You. You are appreciated.

  31. I’m really excited to explore this blog further. I haven’t gotten past the 30 traits and the intro here, but I have a great feeling about it. I have always known I had this ‘gift’…I just didn’t want to deal with it. I am a hairdresser too and after years of denial….I had a spiritual awakening and there is no longer any way I can hide from it anymore. I’ve been searching and researching and trying to find a safe place to learn and connect. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Agh…it finally made sense. I know..but I wanted confirmation, for too long I’ve been labeled emotional and over sensitive. Thank you.

  33. I had someone whom I never meet in person, but had only talked online suggest to me to look into being a Empath. After looking across the traits and information posted on this site my curiosity grew much bigger to the question “Am I really an Empath?”. Well as one the trait before I could close the site I already am questioning myself and going through a huge amount of different emotions all at once. Anyway, I think I might of found the answer I been looking for in myself for sometime but I still feel alone in my area and no one to relate to or share my experience without sounding crazy to them and sometimes myself.
    Can anyone maybe suggest to me some good helpful places I can meet others and or find out more about myself? I feel like I’m on sort of the right direction at least now, which was more than I was before someone suggested looking into Empathy. Thanks Daniel

  34. Thank you so much for this page and all of your wonderful information. I have recently discovered that my 9 year old daughter is an Empath. I used to think she was just a real sensitive child, who really cares about every one. Then I started realizing when she would get physically sick around certain friends who were having problems, there was something different about her. And the sickness comes in the form of stomach cramps, then diarrhea, or sleepiness. Children and people are automatically drawn to her. She has had 5 different friends give her friendship BFF bracelets or necklaces. Some of the girls get almost obsessive over her and then she withdrawals. She is amazing with animals, loves music, quiet and shy around some adults, and other times goofy and inappropriate around others. Farting and burping to name a few. She has me take a certain way home everyday from school to make sure that the nice homeless man is still there and okay. Most days we don’t stop to talk to him, she just needs to “check on him”, and then occasionally we stop and talk to him and give him food. I thank you because I realized I am an Empath to. Always have been, but never could pinpoint what was so different about me, and why people were drawn to me, and even at my lowest, I want to help everyone. I look forward to more information from you. My daughter and I are starting Vedic Meditation, she has always wanted to try meditation, so I will follow her lead, and hope it help ease her mind of the worlds worries she carries around. Any suggestions on helping young ones would be much appreciated. Thank You!!

    • Hi Jana,

      Your daughter sounds like a little angel and highly aware of the ways of the world. It is not by chance that you have both been led to meditation. And I find it amazing that at nine years old, your daughter knew she wanted to try it. That’s her, already advanced, inner Knowing at work. Meditation is one of the best things Empaths can do. Empaths spend a lot of time in their heads engaged in thought and when around challenging energies, from others emotions etc, our thought forms can get out of hand and become fearful or worrying (emotions turn into thoughts and vice versa). Our minds can then start jumping around like a monkey, leaping from one negative thought to another and this can last for hours or even days. Meditation enables one to still the mind and better control it. Practising meditation also develops the intuition and allows one to discern external energies, or in other words it allows us to know what emotions belong to us and that which don’t.

      Thanks for sharing and good luck with your meditation.

  35. When I read ’30 Empath traits at a glance’ I could not believe what I had found. It describes me to a T! I am amazed. I now have a word to describe what I am: Empath.

    I read ‘The Shift’ and agree entirely. I have seen the changes coming for many years and could not find words to describe it, although I have tried. I know my friends and work colleagues think I am going mad when I tried to explain these changes that I see in the world, in people, in myself.

    Thank you so much for this revelation. I am an empath.
    But I want to add something that I really feel is important:
    Write your dreams down.
    …that by writing down your dreams, of realising that dreams are the answers/solutions to problems in your life (if you choose to see the solution and act upon it), that recurring dreams are to be solved, and once solved, you move on to another level. That when you are awake here, you are asleep there and when you are asleep here, you are awake there – wherever ‘there’ is, it is definitely somwehere, another level, another plane or dimension and having written my dreams down since I was a teenager (and I am almost 60 now), I have realised that they are not only ‘The Answers’, but also an untapped resource to creativity. I write both for adults and for children (although only published once – but that doesn’t matter) and I have based my writings on my dreams. I had a dream of a toothless snake – and wrote the story for children and found that it was about ‘bullying’. I wrote another story based on a dream and found that it was about ‘looking after the planet’. I am writing another story (also based on a dream) and I find as I am writing it that it is about the cruelty and wastefulness of the rich and the sadness and despair of the poor. All my stories seem to have a moral, which is odd because I didn’t intend them to have one. My novel, which I have been writing for many years – and which is also based on a dream many years ago – is about the evils of power,

    So write down your dreams. Your dreams are there to guide you, to teach you and to solve problems that you will face in your life. And I believe that they are an untapped resource – for creativity and guidance… and much more.


  36. Hi there, I’ve been an empath all my life, but until now, you are the 1st to define my abilities in a nut shell. My counselor once said, why in the world aren’t you doing my job? I just laughed and replied “maybe I will, but not in the same fashion”. Thank you for your insights. I have a friend who’s also got the same abilities whom I’ve been helping for months. She’s at an impass in her life, this blog will help to guide her further from another source.

    I learned a long time ago that my grand-mother had these abilities, we would stay up for nights on end talking about it and just two weeks ago, my father on the other side of the family just admitted out of the blue he’s also had these abilities but just started to develop them further only two years ago.

    Question for you: I know empaths are hereditary, but if both sides have strong abilities, does that increase my abilities? I’ve noticed I’m much stronger than other self-aware individuals and sometimes I feel guilty knowing this.

    Thanks again for putting your thoughts out there for the world to hear!

    Martin 🙂

    • Hi Martin,

      I really couldn’t give you an honest answer to that question because I don’t know for sure. However, some Empaths do have certain traits stronger than others, intuition for example, and then there are others who are simply more receptive to their gift.

      Thanks for sharing.

      • I’ve owned my own advertising agency for 12 years (small home based) and have helped 100’s of people get off their feet and now with my chronic illnesses, people are coming to me in their dyer need. Recently I’ve met others like us and it’s not a mutual relationship, they have come to me for guidance. I’ve always helped people, but now I’m helping people with abilities. I’ve never asked for anything, never looked at myself as better, but it’s always been a question if some of us just have a stronger energy span, or maybe an older soul here to help those learning the beginning of their abilities, especially through our time of understanding. I know humanity is changing and these last couple of years have been very painful for many people, energy fields have been stronger than ever.

        I appreciate your quick reply and again, I value what you’ve written within your blog. Within one night, I’ve ready almost everything you’ve written. Thank you once again for your thoughts. I too write all the time, I have two books on the go. 1) A self-help book for the average person just to be happy, not be rich, powerful or all the mambo-jumbo I’ve read in the pass and the second is a book to help people who have chronic illnesses and disabilities to help them grow strong and be their own ambassador. Until yesterday, i didn’t consider writing about energy healing in my second book, you have helped me to consider that possibility and to make it possible.

        Martin R. Lemieux 🙂

  37. makes alot of sense to me!! and i have read this more than once also the other one 30 traits. I was wondering…… after i read that a couple days ago then i stumbled on traits of people with borderline personality disorder, as i have been diagnosed with everything they could think of bi polor, adhd, depression/anxiety, but no meds have ever worked and as i work on my spirituality it has helped more so i thought well maybe i am an empath but i block alot out by secluding myself. But the article on borderline personality disorder/ personality disorders in general., it was also sooo close to the description of an empath so now i feel confused……how would you tell the difference? i question it so much i feel more crazy than an empath……

    • Hi Amber,

      The majority traits of an Empath could probably be attributed to a gazillion different disorders (many Empaths get wrongly diagnosed). Telling the difference really comes down to the ‘Knowing’, in that one just knows these traits, that aren’t shared by many, are a phenomenon one is born into (i.e. an Empath carries the majority of traits through their entire life with some traits increasing/decreasing according to life circumstances). And to my knowledge the traits of an Empath aren’t recognized by modern science so would be passed off as something else.

      Hope this helps and thanks for sharing.

      • definitely helps thank you. I think i know in my heart somethings there and its not a disorder because like many iv experienced this as a child but stronger then, and when i was a teen and into crazy lifestyle i think it kind of went away and now that im into spirituality and things are better and changing its coming back and im only starting to deal! so yes thank you! blessings!

      • HI There,

        Just me again! What a journey this has been. I’m now admin to a large Empath Support Group and have created and Empath Education Center within FB. It goes much deeper than that of course, but thank you for your support.

        I was hoping you would post these groups to help individuals learn more about themselves. I understand now that, not everyone is an Empath, and some need medical attention, but for them, just being around loving supportive people is helping some to cope with their; anxiety’s, certain depressions and even some who are bipolar.

        Thanks once again!
        Namaste ❤

        Empath Educational Center:

        Empath Support Group:

  38. I’m still on cloud 9 for finding you and finally having a name to what I felt (wrongly of course) had plagued me all my life. I’ve always felt incredibly spiritual and have done the yoga, meditations, herbalism, crystals, essential oils, angels etc etc but have always felt so alone – you said it ‘met with a blank expression’ when I’ve tried to connect with people on a deeper level. I’ve even begun CBT to try and help me deal with the terrible anxiety I’m living with these days. I shouldn’t have bothered I should have just come here :)) Oh joy! I’m sending you much love, light and hugs for sharing and to everyone who clicks on this blog and resonates with the words and shares their story. XXX

  39. I feel your blog is very good. I have not read it all but I’ve looked it over and while I may not necessarily agree with every last thing you say nevertheless I feel it is a public service and towards that end I’m just wanting to let you know, you could check out the sidebar in one of my blogs here: http://explorerrace.blogspot.com/ and you will notice that I have featured your blog. It is good work that you are doing. I hope that you decide to keep it up.

  40. I have seen your 30 Traits of an Empath circling around Facebook lately and after reading it the first time I realized how familiar it all was. Then I noticed your name. I believe we used to chat a long time ago in a yahoo group ran by Boo Bear (I think was his name)… it was a long time ago LOL. Did you used to chat as Christabelle or something similar to that? I’m sorry if I have you confused with someone else but your name was so familiar and just jumped out at me when I saw it… I remember having long chats with you back then about empathy and you helped me so much. Anyways if it is you I just wanted to say thanks for all your insight and help… and that I am glad I have found your site again! I always found your posts very interested and informative and loved how you presented information. I don’t remember anymore what my exact chat name was but I was usually called just called Frenchie.

  41. An old friend of mine shared a post on Facebook yesterday from one of his liked pages, which referred me to your blog, and so now I am here writing you… Such is the way of (my) life! Haha.

    Wow… I read “Traits of an Empath” and could relate to every single one of them. I had recently been considering the term “Empath” to describe myself, as I am familiar with it, but I had no idea that there is an actual designation of this ability (or curse, depending on how you look at it-haha!). I have just always been “this way,” always felt different, and for many years just thought I was weird! But over time, and since the loss of my best friend, soul mate and husband (all the same person), I have tried to evaluate these traits, attempting to understand them, grow with them, and put them to good use when at all possible.

    There is so much I could write here, but I’m afraid to get started as it will never end… Suffice it to say, it was no coincidence that I was directed this way, and came to learn about this designation that I can not only relate to, but am learning to embrace. Despite the fact that it can be harrowing at times, and has lost me some people close to me, I kind of figure we are all put on this earth for a purpose, and after losing my husband, I wasn’t quite sure what that purpose was. I’ve spent a lot of time searching for the direction I am supposed to take now that he’s gone (well, from this plane…), and they all were linked to the material side of life. Maybe now I can at least feel that having this “title” so to speak, lifts a material weight from my shoulders… And sets me free.

    Thank you for being here, and for sharing your experience and knowledge with us. And for helping me to feel less alone, confused, bombarded with emotions and self-doubt, etc., etc. I’m sure you catch my drift.


  42. Hi, just hoping you can confirm if you were the one who wrote the 30 Traits of an Empath article. If so, I would like to add them to my Empath Guidebook in order to look deeper into them, but wish to credit the correct author. It’s hard to tell because it’s been reblogged a number of time now 🙂

    Thanks for your time.

  43. Dogs can be excellent empaths. Perhaps human empaths should take lessons from dogs! They often do quite well in choosing which emotions to engage from those in their surroundings.

  44. this is first time i realized that how i am feeling all my life can be described as Empaths. 2012 was extremely difficult for me as the energies all around felt so pressing on me, i stayed at home mostly. i am hoping 2013 will be better but the world is changing to a higher vibration and not settled yet so i am not sure how it will go. I did see this message from a living Master called “Every Good Plan will be Done” april 14th 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eb3tBUhtZEc

    says the earth has been saved and can live as long as she wants, but humanity needs to improve and soon there will be world peace, so i hope so but not sure what will happen.

  45. I actually found this site by checking out body modification/scarification sites and i could not stop reading. im very impressed, amazed, somewhat of a overwhelming feeling. I always knew i was different just never knew the whys or hows. thank you for this.

  46. I just discovered your blog after searching “what does it feel like to be an empath”. My niece recently told me that’s likely what I was from some things I told her, but I wanted to know more. The strangest thing that I get is suddenly “feeling” the way someone in my presence is feeling. The hard part is that many people “feel” or are in a weird place…at least compared to the way I feel inside normally when I’m not picking up others’ feelings.

    Tell me if this makes sense: When I was a child every day on the first day of school I felt differently…I can’t explain the difference…it probably had to do with the anticipation and excitement but the feeling inside myself was completely different than I normally felt. As an empath, what happens is a completely different “feeling” sort of just flushes through me when I see certain people. It’s not the same way I felt on the first day of school, but it’s that sense of feeling totally different on the inside and instinctivley I know I’m feeling the way that person feels.
    Does that happyen to you? or anyone reading this blog? It never bothered me before but now it is coming at me all the time, and I attribute it to some drastic changes taking place on our planet.

    Thank you for this blog. Thank you so much. I hope to try and read all of this in my spare time. I really needed to find this.

    • Hi Cherrylipgloss,

      You’re very welcome.

      One of the main things that defines us as Empaths is the overpowering feelings we have inside. When we were younger we may have assumed that everyone else felt the same things as we did but as we got older it became very obvious that it was not the case. It certainly took me a long time to figure out that the strange emotions I was feeling were coming from others. And yes, you’re right, the changes occurring on the planet are making life a lot more challenging for us, as everything is being amplified.

      Thanks for sharing

  47. I can’t tell you how much this blog is helping me tonight. I went from the office of a therapist who called me bipolar to the office of a psychic who showed me block in my 2nd chakra without being able to actually help me unblock it. An old friend sought me out last night for advice and we spoke until 2am. She said he reaction to my advice is so different than others, with others she gets mad and fights back but with me, she accepts my advice as truths because I calm her and she feels emotionally understood. She called me an empath and I scoffed, thinking it was too far-fetched an idea. Then I looked into a little more and here I am. Upon recently losing my connection the psychic, seemingly my own lead on help in the metaphysical world or anywhere that wouldn’t call me crazy, I found your blog. I’ve been reading it all night and suddenly everything makes sense. Everything I’ve ever done or felt that made me feel crazy or strange or overly sensitive, everything I’ve ever said that led some unprofessional professional to diagnose me with bipolar disorder after talking me for 10 minutes, everything that I ever did where I doubted myself because I didn’t know where my “knowing” was coming from (even though I was never wrong) was healed through your posts. I’m amazed, actually, in the truest sense of the word, amazed. And I can’t thank you enough.

    • You’re very welcome, Vanessa.

      I believe the discovery of one being an Empath is in itself healing. It is like an ‘aha’ moment where everything just makes sense.

      I’m glad the posts helped you.

      Thanks for sharing.

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