Did You Know This is Normal for an Empath?

Are You an Empath…?


There are many layers to being an Empath, and the sooner we come to discover who we are and come to understand our incredible traits the sooner we can take charge of our life as a Sensitive.

The following are short bullet-points extracted from the book ‘7 Secrets of the Sensitive‘ to help you recognize aspects of your personality you may not have known were part of Empath life. Hope they help…

  • Empaths encompass incredible emotional intelligence, which they use to make careful decisions they hope will bring balance into their life and the lives of others. But as emotional intelligence is a rare gift, in a world ran by logic and rules, it can leave the Empath hurt and vulnerable by those who do not function or think in the same way.


  • Sensing all they do about people and life situations makes the Empath an excellent judge of character. Their first impressions are always correct.


  • They sense emotions intensely, both their own and others. This ability can weaken the Empath, especially when it is emotional pain they feel. This is the opposite of who they know they are. Deep within they recognize they are here to do something special, but are held back by the confusion of what they experience.


  • It is easy for an Empath to become overwhelmed. She will look for ways to shelter from emotions in vices such as alcohol or drugs. It may take time for the Empath to discover these vices create the opposite effect and make their pain more intense. In time all Empaths come to understand, only the strong could endure what they do.

  • Empaths may show multiple personality traits. Dependent on how they feel will determine what face they show the world. When happy, they are an absolute joy to be around and like to joke around. When unhappy or overloaded they may seem sulky or dull, and want nothing more than to retreat into their private sanctuaries. If it is not possible for them to withdraw, they be aloof with others. They need to unplug and disconnect from others to recharge.


  • They are known as life’s listeners, because nothing makes an Empath happier than to listen to other people’s life stories. For most of the time they will prefer to listen than to share their own tales; although they can boast of several amazing life-experiences. They like to be heard, but only share their problems with those who they trust. Most times they won’t relay their emotional woes with friends so as not to burden them.


  • Empaths are open and welcoming to those who emit positive, warm and loving energy and become adept at blocking out those who cause them pain or steal their joy.


  • When in balance, an Empath will recall vivid and mystically moving dreams. They can differentiate between dreams which have meaning and those which are the subconscious’ way of de-cluttering. It is common, when they are open to it, for them to receive spiritual visitations in their dreams from loved ones.


  • Empaths are kind, peaceful people who dislike confrontation. It is only when they are defending themselves that a frosty side may be seen. If cross words are expressed in anger it will trouble the Empath for long after they have been said. They would rather avoid conflict and walk away from situations that may cause it.


  • Although forgiving, Empaths do not forget. Any emotional pain caused by others will leave a deep wound that can be reopened by any similar course of action. To protect themselves they may cut people out of their life who have hurt them.


  • Witnessing acts of cruelty to others, whether human or animal, is unbearable for the Empath to endure. Seeing all the atrocities and violence in the world will stop them from watching the news or reading papers.


  • Synchronicities become part of an Empath’s life, although they can be passed off as coincidence. When they learn to identify with them, these occurrences unfold more and more. Differentiating synchronistic events can become a fun pastime and the more open to them one becomes, the more they happen.


  • As young children Empaths are often open and loving. They do not understand cruel behavior, even within other children. But with age, if after suffering vicious treatment or being on the receiving end of angry outbursts, the unaware Empath may find they adopt this same behavior. This is to keep others from hurting them. If an Empath hardens inside, because of pain they have experienced, it will cause great unhappiness.


  • Knowing whose emotions belong to whom may take time for the Empath to discern. It takes awareness for them not to jump on board with another’s thoughts or emotions and take them on as their own.


  • Empaths can project what they think or feel onto others without realizing. They also pick up and project thoughts and emotions not belonging to them. Once an Empath notices this trait, they can prevent it from happening.


  • Confrontation of their own truth is essential for the Empath’s healing and growth. They understand only too well it is pointless talking to others about their problems unless they speak the truth. If they fear their truths will be used against them or used to cause conflict, they suppress them. A lack of truthful, verbal expression will cause problems in all areas of communication for an Empath. The longer this goes on the more damage it causes to their emotional wellbeing. Being able to trust and talk their truth is imperative to their growth. If they cannot express it verbally, writing it down helps. Truth will set the Empath free!


  • Rejection, for an Empath, is not something they can easily brush aside. It wounds them deeply. Rejection is one of the biggest causes of insecurities within an Empath. It is an inherent trait for them to be protective and faithful to all who they let into their life. To be pushed away by those they trusted can lead to pain and distrust. The fear of it happening again may lead them to reject others. This is another trait overcome once recognized.


  • Empaths take things personally. When hurt they will hurt much deeper than others. If they give the situation some ‘Empath thought’, they align with the wrongdoers’ mindset and can understand their misgivings; but this does not mean they forget.


  • Empaths find the answers to anything they chose in life, if they focus their awareness on the question they want answered. It may not be in an instant but it will come within a matter of hours, days, weeks or years. The answer is not always direct and may be given through a series of life experiences. Whether they accept the answer is another story.

With guidance and personal commitment, Empaths learn to navigate the myriad of emotional debris they face, both their own and that left by others. This allows them to take the necessary steps to create the magical and well-balanced life they deserve.

If you want to learn more about their ways and discover how to harness Empath power click on the link below.

Uncover the mysteries of Empath life!




2016©Diane Kathrine

7 Secrets of the Sensitive was released on 26th May 2016 

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7 thoughts on “Did You Know This is Normal for an Empath?

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  3. Lots of head-nodding, and tears of relief. You have described me better than I could have myself. I’ve never been able to explain myself (to my satisfaction) to others close to me. Now, I can say, Read this, please!

    Thank you, Diane. Can’t wait for your book to arrive!


  4. Thanks so much for writing about empaths. It’s so helpful to pull together all the elements in my life into an understandable package. As I continue down The Path I’m really learning how to tone down the unpleasant empath characteristics and develop the beneficial ones. I appreciate everyone who contributes to my education and value knowing I’m not alone in this, at all. I wish you peace, love, laughter, and harmony. ☮ ♡ 😄 ☯

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