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The Eating Plan for Empaths & HSPs

the-eating-plan-for-empaths-and-hsps-pic-monkeyThe Easy Permanent Path to Emotional Freedom, Weight-Loss, Health and Happiness!

‘Modern diets and lifestyles have taken too many Sensitive people down without them realizing. Most have no idea how food hinders their happiness and emotional wellbeing, or how making a couple of changes could transform their life.’

The Eating Plan for Empaths & HSPs:

Exposes the true nature of drug-like food on your Sensitive traits

Reveals the easy-to-follow steps to overhaul your diet

Enables you to take back control of what you feel, think and absorb

Sets you up for a life of joy and emotional freedom

Shows you how to suppress and soothe Sensitivity stress

Promotes weight-loss and wellbeing

The secret to any self-improvement lies in having knowledge and a willingness to change. Until you make changes to your diet, you will never understand how it affects you as a Sensitive Person.

If you want to see an amazing transformation in the way you look, feel and think you need to read this book!

Who is This Book For?

The Eating Plan is for any Empath who wants to transform the life by making some changes to their diet. The book explains how certain foods heighten the Empath’s emotions (both their own and those they pick up from others), in a negative way, and weakens them physically and mentally. It gives the steps to make the necessary changes, including a 4 week easy-to-follow plan and delicious recipes. Many Empaths find after they make some simple changes to their diet they develop mastery of their gift.

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How to Heal Leaky Aura Syndrome — A Guide for Empaths

Leaky Aura Syndrome is an issue blighting the lives of many Empaths without their knowledge. It is a condition where the auric field recedes and becomes overly porous…

As an Empath, do you remember a time when you could go to the mall without feeling drained, do you have memories of spending time with certain people without becoming overwhelmed, or do you get irritated by being out in public? If you answered yes to all three questions, you could have developed leaky aura syndrome.

Suffering low moods, depleted energy, brain fog, overwhelm, unusually heightened senses, feeling constantly dissatisfied, run down, or out of sorts, could be a sign that your energy field has receded, which means you are out of balance and taking on too much emotional energy from others.

The disorder makes Empath life unnecessarily challenging. The good news is, the condition can be reversed and this book will show you how.

Who is This Book For?

All humans come as a trinity package of mind, body and spirit. For complete balance, all three need to be in unison. When it comes to Empath re-balancing, it is never a straight forward process.

Most Empaths experience leaky aura syndrome at some point in their life. When we have a leaky aura, our energy field becomes overly porous and an excess of energy both leaks out and in. The problem, however, originated not within the aura but within the physical body.

When we are healthy and energized, it could be said that all our pranic energy is held within our physical body. When we suffer health or emotional problems, however, our pranic energy depletes. Needing an extra boost, the body then siphons energy off our aura and this is what makes it leaky or receded. The problem is then no longer just in the physical, but within the aura as well.

Those who constantly suffer ailments, those who have an intense aversion to spending time in peopled places or those who find themselves needing more time alone, to the point of being reclusive, often have a leaky aura.  

If you have tried all types of grounding or protective techniques and find nothing works, or if you are more negatively affected when spending time around people than you ever have been, then ‘How to Heal Leaky Aura Syndrome’ is for you. 


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Now Available: The Empath Awakening

Kindle Version Empath AwakeningDiscovering you are an Empath is a day of great revelation. Finally, you have an answer for all that you feel and experience! This knowing is just the start of an incredible journey…

Understanding the gift, and all it entails, is the first step to unleashing its gentle power and truly defining yourself as an Empath!

For the newly awakened, life can be wrought with challenges and emotional pain; but it doesn’t have to be. The Empath Awakening shows you where your imbalances may hide and how to treat them. It teaches you how to heal and seal a permeable aura and unplug from unnecessary emotions. The book also imparts valuable knowledge essential for a happy, healthy Empath life!

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Who is This Book For?

The Empath Awakening‘ is specifically written for the newly awakened Empath,  those who are just becoming aware of their incredible gift. It details the how’s and why’s of Empath life and gives easy grounding, balancing and protective techniques. It’s the first stepping stone of uncovering one’s birthright as an Empath.


Empath Power

Empat PowerThere are some major changes happening on the planet affecting Empaths on many levels. These changes bring pain, emotional disruptions, repetitive, negative thought patterns and physical distress.

With any energy shift, Empaths, and anyone of a Sensitive nature, get clobbered from all directions. Not only do they endure the discomfort of a shifting period in their own way, but they also pick up on how the populace are experiencing these ups and downs. If you often feel overwhelmed and overloaded by all you have to process during these turbulent times, Empath Power is for you.

As an Empath you are one of life’s game changers! It is imperative you stay grounded, protected and healthy during these testing periods and this book is your guide to show you how!

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7 Secrets of the Sensitive

correct trim size for paper book versionFor too long the Empaths have been taken down by an emotionally charged world. Now is the time for that to change!

7 Secrets of the Sensitive reveal the hidden power of an Empath and provide the keys to unlock their true potential.

By the time you have finished reading this book you will gain control of all you feel; you will know how to find happiness, health and emotional stability and you will discover your true life purpose.

Finally you can enjoy the fantastical life you were born to live!


7 Secrets of the Sensitive: Harness the Empath’s Hidden Power is now available to order. You can order it here on Amazon or here on The Book Patch or here for Barnes and Noble. You can also order the eBook (saving $12.01 on print price)

Here is a little of what you can expect to discover within 7 Secrets:

  • Why parts of the Empath brain overreact to emotions and learn how to stop this from happening.
  • Projection and how Empaths send out what they think and feel to others.
  • How the disruption of our chakras affect the body and mind.
  • How and why certain foods destroy the Empath’s emotional wellbeing.
  • The reason why Empaths feel everything so powerfully.
  • What the dominant and sometimes overpowering Empath gut sensations mean.
  • The overwhelming emotional overload Empaths experience and how to instantly overcome it.
  • How Empath fatigue affects life and who or what causes it.
  • Why Empaths attract certain types (including narcissists) and repel others.
  • The reason Empaths form instant dislikes for certain people.
  • Inauthentic behavior and how it weakens an Empath.
  • Trauma triggers and their causes.
  • How to recognize psychic attack and how to protect from it.
  • Thoughtbombing, what it is and how to stop it.
  • How to tell the difference between your own emotions and those which don’t belong to you.

If you want to revolutionize your Empath life this book is for you!





Misunderstood and ungoverned traits are a chief cause of unhappiness within the Empath; but with the right knowledge comes power!

‘Traits of an Empath Uncovered’ offers a greater understanding of Empath traits and gives a broader explanation into their meaning, the effect they have on everyday life, and presents ways to overcome any difficulties they may pose.



The book will help you:

  • Understand why you sense everything so powerfully
  • Recognize why you suffer intense bouts of fatigue and emotional overload
  • Discover quick-fix techniques to aid you in social situations
  • Find ways to increase your energy and generally feel better about yourself
  • Learn some simple steps to stay grounded and protected

The journey of an Empath is not an easy path to walk. But a life of serenity and blissful joy is completely attainable. Gaining awareness and mastery over the traits of an Empath presents the keys to emotional freedom and happiness… All that is then required is to unlock the doors.