Trinity Healing for The Empath

Anyone who has read many of my posts is probably aware that I’m a big advocate of taking responsibility for self-healing.

When it comes to finding balance and realigning the mind, body and spirit, I believe  we are the ones who are responsible. We must make the changes. It is after all our journey. (Of course I am not talking about serious health conditions, that need medical assistance).

I wasn’t always of this mind. When I was younger, I hoped others would do it for me. I wanted the easy option… I learnt the hard way on that one.

It was over 20 years ago when I started looking for answers to the mysteries of life. And in that time I have made many discoveries. Especially in regard to Empath life!

It took me a while to see it, but although it comes with many challenges, the journey of an Empath is a brilliant fast-paced rollercoaster ride and a true blessing. If it were an easy comfortable trip we would never get to overcome the many obstacles we do. And, in turn, accomplish and learn so much.

We climb mountains, float on clouds and stumble into darkness, sometimes all in one day, and it is these experiences that make the Empath journey so worthwhile.

I have by no means got the answers to life’s mysteries, nor would I yet want to have. We have to leave something to learn on life’s path. However, the most important detail I have realized to date is: we will never find true health, peace or happiness until we heal the trinity of mind, body and spirit.

Mind = thoughts, ego and emotions
Body =  physical vessel
Spirit = the energetic body and higher self or soul

We come as a trinity package and when it comes to healing we generally have to work on all three.

We heal the body and mind through eating the right diet, drinking plenty of water, doing a good amount of exercise, avoiding excess amounts of stress or anything that is harmful to us.

We heal the spirit by living authentically, expressing gratitude, being kind, having a spiritual practice/belief and spending time in nature.

Generally, when the body is in balance the mind and spirit very quickly follows. The biggest cause of physical imbalance is the diet.

It won’t matter if you work out five times a week, or if you have a regular spiritual or meditative practise, if your diet is unsuitable you will be out of balance and you will struggle with Empath life and your trinity will be out of sync.

Eating foods that do not agree with you will weaken your body, disrupt your hormones, cause mental imbalance and contribute to leaky aura (seriously bad news for the Empath ).

I had no idea that what we put in our mouths could have such a harmful effect on our all round physical and mental health, as an Empath, until I changed my diet.

The start of my Empath transformation began in 2012 [see post here ], when I started making changes to what I ate.

By removing certain foods, I found life as an Empath became easier and more enjoyable, and my intuition and happiness increased. I was shocked that the wrong diet had had such a negative impact on me.

If you are an Empath and you have suffered for a long time with niggling health problems like allergies or depression, if you struggle spending time around people, or if you experience crushing fatigue or brain fog look at your diet.

Modern diets and lifestyles have taken too many Empaths and Sensitives down. Putting them out of action without them realizing that their diet is preventing them from becoming all they can be.

If you want to see BIG changes in your life, change your diet!

If you have worked on yourself mentally, spiritually and physically and still suffer bouts of  Empath fatigue, overwhelm, depression or other physical ailments it is time to address what you eat…

Now is the perfect time to make changes, to start living, not just existing, and get doing what you came here to do, and that can be done through healing the trinity of mind, body and spirit.

There is nothing to lose but everything to gain…

2017 Update: If you are interested in changing your Empath life, this book will help you. Or to check your symptoms click on the link: Empath symptoms.

Hope this helps on your journey!

Until next time,


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10 thoughts on “Trinity Healing for The Empath

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  2. I love the way you explain what changing your diet and giving up wheat did for you. I made an extreme diet change 5 months ago and started the Autoimmune Protocol. No words for how it changed my life. I had been working on healing for years and years, and when I started the Autoimmune Protocol, my life changed so fast, it was like a whirlwind. I love how you describe it as “the trinity.” This trinity is what inspired my blog, “Body Mind Heart Healing.” Because the mind and spirit can’t fully heal until the body is right. Cheers to you! Beautiful work.

  3. I keep on searching for alternative treatments for various health problems and here’s another book I found on the Internet-

    by Dr Robert E. Willner M.D., Ph.D.

    I’m sure there are many newer studies by now, but still this is a great information source. At least something to start a research from.

    All the best wishes! 🙂

  4. I highly recommend to check for iodine deficiency (Iodine patch test)-

    I was talking the other day to my homeopath and she advised to do so. As it turns out, iodine deficiency causes many serious health problems-

    I found out that I have iodine deficiency- did the patch test yesterday and the iodine painting disappeared in less than an hour. My mom has bladder cancer and did the test yesterday. Her iodine painting vanished within minutes, even from her fingertips. It means she’s severely iodine deficient.

    Take good care and best wishes! 🙂

    • Thanks for that, Sandra.

      Yes, I’ve been reading a lot about the essential trace element, iodine and how many people are deficient in it it. Which is very evident in all the cases of underactive thyroid being diagnosed.

      Apparently, people living in the American Midwest are very prone to iodine deficiency because of the low soil content of iodine. But I suspect that also to be the case in many other places.

      Some of the best natural sources of iodine are kelp, seaweeds, shellfish and onions.

      Thanks again and keep the info coming 😉

  5. Perfectly put. When my Shift occurred and I surrendered (not gave in, but Let Go), I had no idea that the path I began following was balancing Mind/Body/Spirit. ALL very REAL, and all needing care and attention. I would also add on the importance of water in addition to wheat. By and large water is without a doubt: Poisoned in tap and bottled water (between chlorides and fluorides and who knows what else). Ohhhhhhhh but we “need” these things to keep the water “safe”. The “poisons” put in the water are not even remotely enough to kill anyone “they” say. No doubt. No argument there. BUT. Over time? Years? “We” are being kept in a state of perpetual illness (in addition to the wheat I add again). And every time you get “sick”…? Well. Your body cannot speak in words can it? It is telling You in no uncertain terms…….STOP POISONING ME, or these “illnesses” will continue. Unless I get stricken with some tremendously powerful strain of ebola, I will never ever get ill again for the rest of my life. I’m done. And my Body? Giving me High-Fives every single day.

    Thank you for your Powerful Words!

    • Apologies! I jumped the gun!

      Definitely try to find some kind of filtered, spring and/or high alkaline water. My drink of choice is Kangen water. And since I started drinking it 7 months ago…my cells have been rejoicing. Which adds to/perpetuates your Inner Well-Being. Your Happiness!
      Bless you All!

  6. I stopped using sugar in a lot of food. I was taking depression medicine and since I took that out of my diet as much as possible I no longer suffer from depression.

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