The Endocrine and Chakra Connection

chakrasThe endocrine system is a collection of glands within the body that secrete more than 20 different hormones, known as chemical messengers, into the bloodstream.

You may not be familiar with the term ‘the endocrine system’, you will however be familiar with some of the glands and the hormones they secrete. The pineal gland secretes the hormones melatonin and serotonin, the thyroid secretes thyroxine, the adrenals secrete adrenaline, the pancreas: insulin and the testes/ovaries: oestrogen and testosterone.

These glands react to certain stimuli and will secrete hormones so the body can carry out a set function. For example, in darkness the pineal gland will secrete melatonin, which is known as the sleep hormone, and tells the body it is time to sleep. In times of fear, the adrenals will amp up production of adrenaline which will give us the strength to run away from a dangerous situation, and when we consume starchy carbohydrates and sugars our pancreas releases insulin so that our body can remove the sugar from our bloodstream and either use it for energy or store it as fat to be used at a later date.

Although these ‘chemical messenger’ hormones have their own functions and jobs to do, they still work together and when one goes out of balance it will have a knock on effect on the others.

The chakras are energy centres located along the central energy canal that corresponds to the spine and are in direct correlation with the endocrine system. The word chakra literally means wheel or circle and can be translated into vortex or whirlpool. The chakras are vortices which controls the pranic energy within the body.

Chakras are considered to be ‘energetic glands’ and these energetic glands also represent a physical endocrine gland.

Root or base chakra: adrenals

Sacral chakra: ovaries/testes

Solar plexus chakra: pancreas

Heart chakra: thymus

Throat chakra: thyroid/parathyroids

Third eye chakra: pineal

Crown chakra: pituarity

When our chakras are in balance so should be the endocrine system and vice versa. However, modern lifestyles are working against the equilibrium of our endocrine glands which in turn will create a blockage and imbalance in our energy glands (chakras).

For those who study the practise of yoga and or meditation it will come as no surprise that ancient yogis knew the chakras and endocrine system were interrelated and by balancing the chakras was an intergral part of curative process for the endocrine system and thus whole body.

There may be some who will scoff at the concept or existence of chakras, because they cannot be seen with the physical eye. Many tend to need scientific proof to believe something exists. Yet, there is still no ‘scientific proof’ that yoga helps heal the body and mind (even though it is considered a science in the East), but the millions of people who practise yoga for the all round health benefits, they have themselves experienced, are testimony to the healing benefits of practise.

 Modern life is a catalyst for an over-stimulated mind!

Ancient yogis believed a contributing factor to illness was within the mind from wayward and uncontrolled thoughts. If left unchecked, untamed negative thoughts turn into painful emotions which travel to parts of the body associated with certain fears and weaken that area.

It is easy to understand how our thoughts turn into emotions. If we command our heart to beat faster it probably won’t do it, but if we visualise or think about a scary situation we can easily get the heart beating faster. We can also stimulate our emotions through our thoughts. If we continuously think about injustices against us, emotions such as anger or resentment can stir up within an area that usually sits near a chakra and endocrine gland. Experience negatively charged emotions often and it will lead to disorders of that area and the corresponding chakra and endocrine gland.

Depending on the Sensitivity of a person will depend on the speed which disorders show up in the body. Highly reactive people like Empaths will get sicker sooner than those who feel less and have a thicker skin. Yet it is not just our thoughts and emotions that imbalance our energetic and physical glands.

Chakras can be classed as healthy or unhealthy and will be referred to as being open, closed, blocked or imbalanced.

The health of the chakras can be negatively affected by personal trauma, anxiety and stress, whereby an immediate blockage is caused. Or the chakras can be forced permanently open by the regular use of drugs, medications, excessive alcohol and smoking. If any of the chakras remain permanently open, it can result in vulnerability to the person of their external environment (the last thing an Empath needs).

For Empaths our energy centres are already vulnerable from excessive emotions, not just ours but from others too and if we choose to use alcohol or drugs to try to block out others energy, it can in turn force our chakra centres open. Open energy centres are bad news! It is for this reason that we should strive to keep our endocrine system and chakras balanced, not just through avoidance of excessive stimulants, drugs etc, but through exercise, mind balance and diet.

Ancient yogis discovered the first step to balancing the chakras was by stilling the mind, yet they also knew that balance would not be found if poor food choices were being made.

A sister science of yoga is Ayurveda. Amongst other things that ayurveda has taught us is we are what we eat. Thousands of years ago it was known that food is our nourishment and medicine and not just something to fill our stomachs with.

The reason we eat is to fuel our bodies with essential vitamins, minerals, fats, fluids and amino acids, so our body can function efficiently, fight off disease and give us energy to go about our daily lives. Unfortunately, in modern-day the common focus of food is mainly on its taste and calorie content. We can easily forget what our body needs to thrive and survive and rarely make food choices based on how it can support our bones, muscles, cells, organs or mental and spiritual health.

 How does food affect our glands?

As mentioned earlier, our endocrine system sends out chemical messengers to parts of our body to carry out certain functions. When we are in balance physically, the correct doses of hormones are released into our bloodstream. When we are out of balance, either through stress, fatigue or poor food choices our energy centres can go awry and an over or under production of any hormone can have a detrimental affect on both the body and mind.

Excessive amounts of certain foods or stimulants can encourage an excessive production of hormones. Too much sugar will cause an over-production of insulin or too much coffee (caffeine) will produce an excess of adrenaline.

For most of us Sensitive folk, we already know or have an inkling what we should or shouldn’t be eating or drinking to stay in balance. Our internal Knowing is always badgering us, trying to get our attention and put us on track. We don’t always act on the Knowing, choosing to ignore its guidance, not realising we are making life more difficult for ourselves in doing so… But we always get there in the end 😉


©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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13 thoughts on “The Endocrine and Chakra Connection

    • Hi Mark,

      It is difficult to suggest what you could do to help balance your sacral chakra without knowing the cause of your imbalance. There can be numerous emotional reasons for it such as low self-esteem, feeling overly withdrawn from the world, dependency, and suffering with destructive emotions. I find the best way to balance any of our chakras is to find balance as a whole: mind, body and spirit. When one chakra goes out-of-balance it often has a knock on effect on the others. Excellent tools for healing the chakras are crystals, aromatherapy and colour therapy, chakra balancing meditations and cleaning up the diet. The following post, although not written specifically for chakra balancing, has some great ways you can re-align your chakra systems:

      Hope it helps.

  1. this is awesome! I’ve just ordered your book, I can’t wait to read it. I am struggling with a hormone imbalance right now and its having a very negative impact on my life. I believe you were a little angel send to help me today, thank you so much x

  2. My 16 year old daughter has a pituitary tumour that has raised her prolactin levels off the charts. She has never started her female cycle. I’m guessing this area is the “crown chakra”. Is there any type of therapy that would help her in addition to the cabergoline that she is taking’ to shrink the tumour and return the balance of hormones in her body?

    • Hi Janeen,

      Sorry to hear about your daughter.

      Any relaxation therapy would be beneficial (massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, etc), as stress plays a huge part in affecting the hormones, endocrine glands etc. Also review your daughter’s diet. Food can affect the endocrine glands more than we could ever imagine. There is a wealth of info on the subject on the web. A good place to start is or or or These websites are packed with great information on how to change the diet and how it can help cure illness.

      I hope this helps and may I wish your daughter a speedy recovery.

    • Hello Janeen, my name is Lise. I have had this same pituitary tumor for over 29 years now. I am happy your daughter is taking cabergoline it is a med. that works very well. Do you know about what the safe levels of prolactin are ? Your daughter is still very young her periods may not have begun yet is she is extremely physically active, sometimes this slows the beginning. Another thing is depending on the number of prolactin in her body if it is very high the female body thinks it is pregnant. Prolactin is the hormone that produces milk in mothers after their babies are born so the number rises to produce milk. If mothers choose not to breast feed prolactin is often given for a while so that the process of milk gets stopped in its tracks. The only danger in having a too high prolactin is that the pituitary gland is in a little shell called the cella (spelling) ? and if the number get high I’m talking crazy high the pituitary gland can break open this shell and eventually create pressure on the optic nerve. This can create seeing dots or blind spots in a person’s vision. No worries, all this can easily be repaired by a simple surgery. This surgery is done by going in through the nasal cavity, through the sinuses and up to the thyroid gland and they laser or microscopically remove the tumor. I hope to God this is not news to you. I do not intend to frighten you. All this should have already been explained to you. All your daughter needs to have done is blood work to measure her amount of prolactin in her blood. How often will depend on how high her levels are. Plus she should have an MRI done . I have one done every year. Janeen I have never had any problems after being on the meds. the only yucky part for me was to have PMS for a longer amount of days before my period would begin every month. Then when my prolactin was lowered a little everything was as right as rain. All you need is a good Dr. in Endocrinology ( a hormone specialist). Wishing you both the best and to simply say your beautiful daughter will lead a very normal life. When you think of it their are so many worst things that a person can have happen to them. Talking from experience. After a while ya kind of forget about it and just take your pills as usual. May God bless you both ❤ Lise

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