Empaths and Inauthenticity

Have you noticed the World’s untruths, being revealed, have skyrocketed lately?

The strange thing is, instead of questioning them, people are accepting these untruths as if it is the normal thing to do.

But the Empaths are struggling with them. The countless pretences they face in daily life are bringing them down.

Empaths have a strong awareness of integrity. They know they shouldn’t lie for personal gain, or to manipulate others. And although they strive towards living their truth, it becomes increasingly difficult when the world is filled with such dishonesty and corruption.

In a world where silver-tongued fraudsters, who spin twisted webs of deceit, are rewarded for their outspoken dishonesty, and those who speak their truth get attacked, it is easy to understand why people are hesitant to live authentically. Truths are suppressed whilst lies snowball out of control.

Empaths feel the energy of a lie, even if they don’t know what the lie is, and are deeply affected by them. We are in a time where dishonesty is breeding and many are living in a state of cognitive dissonance.

cognitive dissonance meaning

Whilst the world is awash with hyped propaganda and disinformation, something will always feel off to the Empath. Continuous lies leave  them confused, anxious or drained, and causes conflict and chaos within their psyche. Global deception is a reason many are so out-of-balance.

It’s not just living under a disingenuous, power-corrupt establishment that creates imbalance within the Empath, simply being in the presence of inauthenticity will throw them into disarray.

When an Empath spends time with someone who is not vibrating truthfully it affects them on many levels.

When in the company of those whose words don’t match their vibrational energy, the Empath brain may scramble. So much so, they struggle to form a complete sentence.

This mind-numbing effect is caused by their Empathic antenna sensing all is not what it seems. It is detecting a person not showing the true reflection of who they are.

Empaths themselves often wear a mask of inauthenticity in certain situations, or find themselves unintentionally morphing, but more on that shortly.

In most cases, when someone creates a fake persona it is a way to hide a side they believe will be rejected. Every human wants to feel special and loved. But because they feel unworthy, many create a fictitious side in their bid to be accepted. Inauthenticity breeds and feeds. An initial quest to fit in can escalate over time into a manipulative personality.


When an Empath encounters inauthentic people they may assume it is their own shortcomings creating the ‘freeze‘. But what is really happening is a brain scramble caused by contradictory energy.

Brain scramble may cause: stumbling over words, memory and thought process being unpleasantly affected, nervousness, anxiety and even illness to occur.

I believe this ‘brain scrambling’ is a form of protection. The brain is alerting us to an inconsistency, or contradiction, with the energy connection. We don’t always know the nature of the contradiction but just that something is off (it is up to us to decipher our reactions).

Anyone who is not emanating truthful vibes will put an Empath on high alert. Even when they are not in imminent danger.

Just because they recognize inauthenticity in others, does not mean they are not guilty of hiding aspects of their own personality.

Everyone puts a face on at some point. Even if it’s just acting upbeat when sad or depressed. Faking moods gets us through difficult situations. But living inauthentically on a daily basis is not a healthy.

It often feels dishonest not to share the Empath ways with others. But people fear what they do not understand. Empath traits are often too ‘woo woo’ for some. The last thing an Empath wants is for others to be uncomfortable. They soon learn to respect people’s boundaries and levels of understanding, and keep to themselves who they are and what they sense.

In time, I’m sure all Empaths will talk freely of their gifts without having the fear of not being accepted or understood.  But as long as they know the truth of who they are they can continue to evolve.

Choosing not to show Empath traits, because they know they will not be accepted, is one thing but pretending to be something we are not is another.  It is important to uncover your truth because whilst living a lie, complete happiness will never be attained.

Many attributes disliked and buried were passed down the family line. But wherever they originated, it is important to face them and uncover their truth. If you don’t like them change them. If they can’t be changed (some traits are hard-wired), accept them for what they are. By discovering the reason for self-doubts and hidden truths, and accepting them, many find they lose their hold.  Being true and authentic is emotionally freeing.


I believe these current times are all about finding and living our truth. Lies are being exposed because it is time for everyone to find live authentically (and not just the Empaths).

During this period, whilst the world is in such upheaval, many have found staying away from people and hiding out in their sanctuaries allows for freedom and authenticity. When they spend time alone, or with their nearest and dearest, the Empath gets to be their true authentic selves. Not having to put on a ‘people-pleasing-show’ feels so good  that they may avoid the outside world altogether.

Empaths want to be grumpy, if that is how they feel. They want to lick their wounds in private when in pain. And they need time alone to process ‘people energy’. This is why staying out of sight, ‘under their stone’, becomes utterly delicious and addictive. It is here they get to live truthfully. There is no shame in taking shelter when external conditions are bad. I believe that if it feels right to cut off from society at certain times, then it is right.

Spending time alone is time for growth. When away from the noise of negativity and distraction, you get to face yourself and uncover your deepest pain and fears. It is also when you hear the gentle voice of your guidance steering you towards the path to heal, repair and evolve as an Empath.

That said,  negativity also acts as a trigger which helps you recognize your inner-pain. People often go through life unhappy, not realizing it’s caused by buried pain. By repeatedly experiencing unpleasant situations it ignites the desire to heal.  Pain serves a purpose; without it we would not pursue progression.

So, to close, although it may cause great discomfort and frustration, inauthenticity serves the Empath in many ways: it opens awareness to the truths of self and others, it uproots stubborn buried grievances and pushes one towards searching for answers.

It may be hard to comprehend, in these trying times, but trust all you experience as Empaths is pushing you in the direction of something magical. Continue to put in the work and you will see that magic starting to unfold!

Sending you warm winter wishes.

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine

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17 thoughts on “Empaths and Inauthenticity

      • Diane..any chance you could write something on spirit attachments/possessions. is it real, are empaths more susceptible, protection/removal etc. Thanks!

      • Hi Ronda,

        Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been on holiday for the past 2 weeks.

        I don’t have any experience with spirit attachments/possessions, so cannot speak about if from a first-hand involvement, but I would say they are entirely possible. And yes, the out-of-balance, unknowing, Empath could be more at risk of picking up this wayward energy. Especially if one is more open to connection with spirit, whilst having a damaged or permeable energy-field.

        Not being experienced in this area, I am not the one to offer advice on how to clear spiritual energy – a gifted psychic-medium would be the one to consult – but keeping a healthy mind, body and spirit is the best protection against such things… as well as not dabbling with drugs or mind-altering substances, which tend to weaken the aura (the invisible energy field that surrounds us).

        Hope this helps.

        Happy New Year. 🙂

  1. Thank you so much, Diane! I was having a severe bout of ‘what the hell is going on?’ today and it is so comforting to hear your words and know that you and so many others are going through the same pain. Your reminder at the end that this is not an arbitrary punishment but rather a push towards greater awareness was so timely and feels like a divine gift. Much love, Sean

  2. I have felt like going into hibernation since All Hallow’s Eve. The inauthenticity of the whole “holiday season” wears on my senses and makes me want to get warm and cozy away from the outside world. More and more I feel the longing to step into the world of light and healing, where I can live authentically and not hide the fact that I am an Empath/Sensitive. I have recently mended my relationships with my adult children, and know that I risk losing that connection if I “came out” as my authentic self. There is something wondrous and magical coming, and we need to be healthy, strong, and able to process, protect, and rid ourselves of negative energy; no matter where it comes from. Be blessed, Dianna

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