Discover Your Purpose & Find Your Empath Wings

The following is an edited extract taken from the book ‘7 Secrets of the Sensitive‘. I have lifted paragraphs from chapter 5 for you, to see if it resonates. You can also click on the above link to read the start of the book. Enjoy…

‘One thing I know is the Empaths are here for an important reason. I can feel it. As I’m sure you can too. You may not know what this purpose is yet, but you are certainly on your way to finding out.

You are already following your true-life-purpose; although you may not see it yet. The challenges you have endured and overcome are all part of it. Even reading this is part of your destiny; as were the steps that led you here. This information is meant for you. Even if you are not ready for it yet. The seeds are planted and the information is here for when you are.

Empaths were born Sensitive for a reason. Not as a punishment, but as a way to build an emotional strength and an empathic understanding not seen on this planet for an age.

The empathy, intuition and all-encompassing emotions the Empath experiences thrusts them upon a challenging road. This road has been an accumulation of many highs and lows. They experience a world’s worth of emotions and pain, their own and others’, and have an insight into life that few can lay claim to. They are constantly learning, often without realizing it, and are a sponge for knowledge.

Once they understand the root cause of their imbalances, and overcome them, it frees them to follow their true-life-purpose. By the time you finish this book you will know the cause of many of your imbalances and insecurities. You will also know the steps you need to take to heal yourself. And when you follow them, your purpose can reveal itself.

~ ~ ~

Many struggle finding their life purpose and not just the Sensitive. In these ever-changing times it is becoming obvious how lost people are. For the Empath, feeling confused whether they are on the right vocational path is common. Even if they enjoy work they may still feel they are meant for something else. There are many reasons for this, but the way the world makes them feel keeps them in confusion. Because an Empath becomes emotionally and physically exhausted by spending too much time around others, it may lead to a deep sense of unfulfillment, which is often blamed on vocations and life circumstances. Low vitality blocks their ‘knowing’ and prevents them from seeing their true direction.

When they absorb other people’s emotional energy, it drains the Empath of their own. Feeling drained makes them fed-up no matter how much they enjoy work. And because they are fed-up it makes them question their vocation. No matter what, an Empath always gets drained if they become overstimulated. The overstimulation does not have to stem from negative energy either. Too much excitement, exhilaration, nervousness or adrenaline-inducing past-times can cause burn-out. Working in an environment where there is a lot of excitement or nervous energy can also cause overstimulation. This is why being around children can be exhausting for the Empath.

Spending too much time around highly charged or negative energy is also destructive for the Empath. Not only will they become drained by it but they are weighted down by the low frequency of the energy. Working in hospitals, for example, where there is lots of anxious energy can lead the Empath to exhaustion and depression.

Because Empaths are caring, nurturing and have a desire to help those suffering, they may want to work in a job where they can be of service. This type of work can lead to burn-out, especially after the age of thirty. To be of service it often means working on the front lines, but it is here the Empath’s energy is easily zapped… Unless they are well versed in protection and empowering techniques.

Non-Sensitive people do not understand the easy-to-burn-out nature of an Empath. Instead they may see them as being lazy, shirking responsibility or as them doing twice as much work; which always leads to resentments.

~ ~ ~

When looking for a new career, low self-confidence holds back the out-of-balance Empath. I say out-of-balance because when in balance they overcome this. If they cannot find the reason for low self-confidence, in their backstory, they should consider its origins may lay elsewhere. Because they pick up insecurity from other people, they may end up carrying others’ self-doubts like a badge.

If they spend too much time around people who do not believe in themselves, their beliefs become part of an Empath’s biography. Discovering what emotions belong to whom is all part of the re-balancing process. It is not an overnight procedure. There are many layers to unpeel. And just like un-layering an onion, it may bring tears to the eyes.’

If you want to find your Empath wings it takes work. You have to make changes to see changes. But you are rewarded for your efforts by finding your reason for being.

You may not believe it, but you can live blissfully as an Empath. The difference between living with purpose and waiting for purpose to present itself can only be found by you. You hold the key to your own life transformation. It is time to fly…

2016©Diane Kathrine

Since 7 Secrets of the Sensitive  was released it has helped thousands of Empaths find their way.

Click on the image for the e-book, or here for more information.

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©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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6 thoughts on “Discover Your Purpose & Find Your Empath Wings

  1. Diane, Thank you! reading your posts have helped me immensely in so many ways. Im looking forward to reading your book.

  2. Oh my god yes to all of this!! Im in the process of rebalancing my life now and have already started teaching others (through mindfulness, selc care and coaching). The last few years have been exhausting and tough for me BUT i believe it is all part of my purpose. Every word hit home with me. I cant wait for the book. I dont know if amazon will tell me when in arrives, ive pre ordered, can you remind me of the release date please x

  3. I was born in the caul (bag of waters intact) and have been told this scwhy I am so sensitive. Anyone else with this experience?

    • I was born with a veil.
      I’ve never heard it relate to being the reason for my empathy though.
      That’s an interesting thought.

      I’ve been told being born with a veil means you would have a gift of Sight. (Its more a superstition I think). Though, this doesn’t mean seeing ghosts, but relates more with the third eye.
      This “gift of sight” essentially equates to being born with your third eye already opened.

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