Why Are So Many Empaths Awakening Now?

Have you noticed more and more people are discovering they are Empaths?

Have you ever wondered why?

It cannot be denied, there is a wave of Empaths who have awakened to who they are in recent years.

More and more are coming to understand that many of the challenges, they have faced throughout life, have come about because they are an Empath.

Why is this awakening happening now?

Good question. There has to be a reason. Right?

For the past forty years we have seen a huge spiritual awakening. But it’s only been within the past ten years or so that an Empath’s awareness has been on the increase.

This awakening seems to have been greatly perpetuated by the fact most of us felt lost or disconnected from society and we needed to understand why. But the other fact we have to consider to this uprising is the way the world is now.

All around us there has been a surge of crazy conflict energy that is being purposely stoked. The energy of which spreads across the world like wildfire, via the internet and other channels, and is hard to extinguish. This is the reason the Empaths are awakening…

Although, we all have individual purpose and reasons to be here, I believe collectively, as Empaths, we are here to help raise the vibration of others.

The Awakening

The theme surrounding an Empath’s awakening appears to be similar from one person to the next. For most, it occurs after enduring dark times, or when we start to ‘work on ourselves’.

For example: we may begin a yoga or meditation practice to help us deal with a sense of disconnect, or we may follow a calling to study metaphysical or holistic subjects as a way to gain a greater understanding of life or to become a better person, but after adopting new ways of being, or opening up our awareness it triggered strange physical and emotional responses within.

Or, in other words, it rouses dormant Empath traits.

The thing is, when we start to work on ourselves our ‘Sensitivities’ heighten. We not only feel all energy more intensely, but we may also find that we become sensitive to everyone and everything.

What do I mean by this? Well, as an Empath, we have always felt the emotions and energy of others (often without realising), but when we start working on ourselves, we come to sense it more powerfully.

This shows up in different ways:

  • Places frequented without problem suddenly induce exhaustion.
  • The negative person, who used to drain us, now floors us.
  • We start noticing injustices or seeing things in the world that were previously invisible to us.
  • We may become more sensitive to food, chemicals and inauthenticity.

There are many other ways, but the first sign of the awakening tends to be an increased sensitivity to people energy.

After experiencing emotional or physical anomalies, when around others, it sets us off on a quest to discover why.

We need to know why we experience such strange emotions and energy when out in public or with certain people, and that’s when we come to learn of the term Empath…

But this is only the beginning of a new journey.

How does an Empath help others?

This is a question many Empaths have burning within. We understand who we are but we might not understand what purpose our traits serve.

As already mentioned, I believe we are here to raise the vibration of others.

Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. When we work on ourself, our vibration speeds up and raises. We effectively become a purer brighter version of ourselves. But, in raising our own vibration, it also helps those around us.

By raising our frequency and becoming empowered, it can have a knock-on effect on other people. Think of it like shining a light into the darkness.

This, I believe, is also why many Empaths face near continuous challenges (with family, friends, career, etc.), because we have to keep working on ourselves. We have to act constantly to keep our vibration high.

If we had an easy ride, without the ‘Empath complications’, we would probably just sit back and enjoy the scenery. But, by experiencing challenges and obstacles, we look for ways to stay empowered and thus continue to better ourselves.

We also get to learn and have some incredible experiences along the way.

The fact that so many Empaths are awakening now, shows us that it is for a reason. We all have a purpose and a job to do.

We are scattered all over the world to do our work from our own little corner. We keep pushing forwards, onwards and upwards to evolve our energy and that of others.

Staying Empowered

The stress levels of the populace are being perpetuated by divisive political, sexual, religious hate and fear mongering campaigns. Sensitive people are greatly affected by this, and not in a good way. If ever there was a time to keep working to stay empowered, now is it.

Even if you are a long-awakened Empath, you may find usual protection routines no longer work and that you have to go back to old grounding techniques or find new ones. Because the energy keeps shifting and changing we have to shift and change our grounding and protective methods. What might work one week, might not work the next. However, there are some remedies that always work well and they are:

  • Drink lots of water. This keeps us grounded and energised.
  • Get outdoors in nature, especially around trees. This is cleansing to the mind, body and spirit.
  • Move and work your body. This keeps your body strong and helps clear stagnant energy.
  • Avoid conflict, especially from friends, family or the media.
  • Watch you diet and note if any foods perpetuate negative emotional reactions.
  • Take time to relax and calm the mind. Meditate, do yoga or get a massage, anything that activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

As long as we continue to work on ourselves and stay in awareness, we continue to evolve as Empaths.

Hope this helps on your journey.

Until next time.


Diane x

©Diane Kathrine


17 thoughts on “Why Are So Many Empaths Awakening Now?

  1. This feels like I am apart of a movie. I woke up this morning…and everything seemed to just fall into place. I finally asked myself the correct questions…my mind is completely blown. So many things I want to say in this response that I’m still…I’m speechless. I’m thankful I finally got on the right frequency which lead me to this blog. I was recently diagnosed with multiple digestive issues… What’s ironic. All the signs where there, there were little clues throughout my whole life of what I was. I’ll end my rant on your blog…but thank you for shining your light so those that have just awakened can start protecting themselves and doing their work across the world.

      • You are a blessing! I came across your blog today by accident, began reading and couldn’t stop. I’m over 50 though literally feel reborn. I felt relief, completely identifying with the experiences you shared. I am new to this, so will be researching like crazy (starting with your books). I wish there was a social media platform for empaths of all stages of their journey (I dont know that I can call myself one yet since I am still in the discovery phase) to share and connect with each other. This has opened up a whole new world for me.
        I work on a first responder communication team for a government agency. For months we have worked nonstop to communicate covid19 protection and safety Information to our communities. Every day when I review our Health District report, if there are any fatalities I feel a pit in my stomach for sometime. Your suggestions on self care was my aha moment. I could just hug you Diane Katherine. Thank you!

  2. Love! Yes, I’ve been noticing all of this, as well. I couldn’t have written this any better. I knew I was an Empath at the age of 15, over 20 yrs. ago. I vividly recall just telling someone that I was a Spiritual Empath, not sure where it was coming from, but knowing it was true. There wasn’t many resources then, but managed to understand myself and cope, keeping mostly to myself. Friends & family didn’t understand me and/or thought I was nuts. I was already into the metaphysical by age 12. Now, I’m a Holistic Early Childhood Educatior of going on 19 yrs. & have learned to sense Empath children, along with Indigos, Crystals, & other Starseeds. It’s been a blessing that I found my calling early in life & to see more are waking up. Keep up with the great work!

  3. You are part of the grounding process too Diane. I so look forward to your postings. There has been a very serious and foreboding feeling here in northern California with the fires and the cloud of smoke lingering in the air for weeks on end. It’s been an incredible challenge to stay “up” the past four years. This last one…where the burned remnants of people, their pets, years of memories and living plants reduced to ashes rains down on us has been so debilitating. When we know that these particles are absorbed into our bloodstream in the very air we breathe, you can see why we are all on edge. I can’t do nature walks and have been literally a prisoner inside. The stuff still seeps into our houses and cars and buildings. If you have any advice at all on how to ride this horrible wave during this time I’m sure many others would love to…or rather need to hear it. With greatest appreciation…

    • Marilyn,
      I am so sorry to hear what you are having to live through. When we had the moor fires, here in the UK earlier this year, it really affected the air quality, even though they were about forty miles away from here. So, I can’t even begin to imagine what you must be going through in California. Sending you all love.

      If you are not able to get outdoors, two other techniques you could use to ground and cleanse are salt baths and nature visualisations.

      For a salt bath, add at least two large cups of salt to your bath water and soak for twenty minutes. It helps if you submerge the crown of your head under the water too. Adding some lavender essential oil to the water (the only essential oil you can use on skin neat without irritation) will further help the body relax. If you don’t have a bath tub, you can use salt as a body scrub pre-shower. Simply mix fine salt granules with olive oil (or any other cooking oil) and rub into skin from top to toe. Leave for a couple of minutes before showering.

      A nature visualisation is as simple as it sounds. During meditation, picture yourself being deep within a forest. Imagine the scene, hear the sounds and inhale the woody scents of nature. It helps to have the vibrations of nature playing into your ears: a trickling stream, bird song, snapping of the twigs on the ground (you should be able to find nature sounds on YouTube). The above technique can trick your mind into believing the body is outdoors, which helps with the grounding/healing process.

      Hope this helps and thanks for sharing.
      Diane x

      • Thank you so much Diane. I’ll try the salt scrub and bath…I forgot about that one. I do have some lake and bird sounds cds for nature vibe transport…love the snapping twigs idea. Keep doing what you do…you are a lifeline for many.

  4. Thanks Diane!
    There you hit the head on the nail. I also experience that as well. I have been aware that I am an empath and telepath since the 1990s. The more I work with myself, the less I experience problems with other people’s energies besides a neighbor who is angry and aggressive. I see it as my excitement to make them calm down. But it’s hard many days. When it stops working and I, as you are writing, have to go back and repeat. I live as well at the coast so I often take long promeades and meditation at the beach side.
    Love Anki

  5. Fantastic, Diane! It was just yesterday I was reevaluating my journey/life purpose etc as I transitioned from the military (retired yay!) to working at an extremely fun and happy place like Topgolf. The majority of my fellow associates there are so young and I can see many are kind of ping-ponging through life. I was reflecting to myself that I just need to be More Me, shine my Light, be an example without getting on a soapbox saying, “Look here guys, this is what you need to do…”.
    You’re blog timing is impeccable, thank you so much!

  6. Great article! I’ve been thinking about these very same things for a while also. I’m also an empath and I run a local women’s circle and FB group that attracts many empaths; I shared your article with the group because I think they willl find it helpful and comforting. I’m also an author (of spiritual poetry); my second book will come out by the end of the year. Because our work is focused on a similar topic, I would love to connect with you and possibly help promote each other. If you’re open to that, you can reach me at ashley@aspiritledlife.org. 💖

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