Are You a Morphing Empath?


If you are an Empath you have probably had at least one morphing experience. Some of you may experience it daily .

For the purpose of this post, I shall liken Empath morphing to having an encounter with a boggart… You would have to be familiar with Harry Potter to understand where I am going with this.

In the Harry Potter books, a boggart is described as a shape-shifting non-being that takes on the form of the viewer’s worst fear.

So what does this have to do with an Empath you might ask?

Well, there are some Empaths who act like a boggart, but rather than shifting their shape, they shift their behaviour to fit in with the onlooker’s assumptions. They unconsciously morph their personality traits to fit the profile of another person’s beliefs.

woman girl eyes blur

Many Empaths are misread and wrongly interpreted. Which is fine, many people are. But, unlike others, an Empath can subconsciously pick up on how another wants or expects them to be.

Let me explain further:

When someone has a strong opinion of who they ‘believe’ you are, they mould it into a vibrant mental picture. Because many Empaths inadvertently pick up other people’s beliefs and take them on, they may unintentionally morph their personality to fit the mental impressions coming from another.

How does it work and what does it feel like?

When an Empath starts morphing, their behaviour changes: They talk in ways not typical of them, they feel different and sense they are acting out of character but cannot shake it off.


Time spent in the presence of those who see them in a less-than-cheery way, creates a short transitional period, as they act out the characteristics befitted to them by another. These traits may be a far cry from their true personality, but for a time, whilst in the other’s company, they remain dominant.

When no longer in said person’s presence, the Empath may be left scratching their head as to why they acted in such a way, especially after they tried to be their true-self. If you have experienced this yourself, know it is just ‘Empath morphing’.

The positive side

It may seem I have painted a negative picture of how Empath morphing looks. But there is a positive side.

Those who see the Empath in a good light, who understand them and see only positive qualities, will generate an uplifting morphing episode.

When this happens, an Empath experiences an inner power surge. Their confidence and inner-light elevates and their spirit truly sparkles.

Although morphing may sound a tad ‘out there’, it is just another quirky trait of the Empath. It also shows how easily influenced Empaths are by the suggestions of other people’s energy.

Morphing is simply another aspect of energy transferral. Empaths can be manipulated by powerful energy, such as strong emotion, opinions and ideas, and this is no different.

When they find Empath balance, or just become aware of their abilities, morphing becomes easier to recognize and control, as does any type of external influence.

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Hope this helps on your Empath journey.

Until next time.


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©Diane Kathrine

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15 thoughts on “Are You a Morphing Empath?

  1. Do you have any blog posts on what to do when this morphing happens? I struggle with boundaries, and am finding I have to “disconnect” in my living situation. But I don’t want to do that, and it doesn’t feel like the most effective thing to handle this. Thank you.

  2. This explains it exactly. I’ve found lots of interesting (and very useful!) advice and information on your site. Looking forward to reading more!

  3. I had never heard it described in such a way, but… Yes! That’s it exactly. I always thought of myself as a chameleon, but boggart works too. The difficulty I’m finding is… when one is no longer shape-shifting… who IS the authentic person? That’s the tricky part.

  4. Oh my, I am finally getting answers to questions I have been asking myself all my life. I hate the way I act around certain people, curse myself and fret over it for days, but for what ever reason I act the same way every time I am around them. Your articles, and sharing your knowledge has helped me to understand and accept myself for who and what I am. A wonderfully unpredictable, loving, passionate empath.

  5. Hi Diane….Fabulous article! You are so right….we Do need to be aware that we can take on other people’s emotions and even ‘live’ our lives as their lives! I think we just need to be more aware that this can happen, and try to keep travelling on our own path or journey (easier said than done sometimes). Thanks for the heads up! Awesome…..Blessings to you, Barbara xxxxx

  6. Yes, I definitely do this. Not only do my behaviors change (though I still generally keep the same mind-set as I typically have), but my handwriting will morph, as well. It used to be really bad in school when a teacher actually accused me of having a classmate do my homework for me because, subconsciously, I was thinking about her (she was going through some pretty nasty stuff with family at the time) and my writing and word choice in the assignment reflected that.

    Back then, not only was I unaware of what an empath was, but I also had no idea I was altering how I acted around different people, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve become aware of that. I still do pick up other people’s mannerisms and being around certain people brings out different personality traits, though now I can usually tell if these traits are a natural part of me or if I’m picking them up from someone.

  7. I moved a lot when I was a kid, I went to 16 different schools and used morphing to fit in. It works great and people think they’ve known me for years, when It’s only been months or even weeks.
    The thing is now as an adult I will catch myself being whats expected of me without wanting to. I’ve actually got pretty good at holding on to who I am instead of “following that feeling”, but it still happens from time to time, especially if I’m going to be around several people that I already know, but, don’t necessarily associate with each other, (like a neighborhood meeting). I can hardly go to things like that (compared with all strangers) I get a feeling much like stage-fright before I go, so, often I just don’t go.

    • Thank you Diane. I purchased both your books recently and half through one – I have to say I am finally reading my truth! After searching for a long time, you have nailed it for me. Very insightful indeed. This article is so bang on! I knew this as: ” being fake to cater to others” and I hate myself for doing it every time. I like the term “morphing” much better because it’s a more precise explanation. It’s not just a single way fake persona! It’s different depending on who you talk to. I could have a conversation as “completely clueless” pretending not to know anything and asking a million questions, even though I know the answers or I can completely flip and spew all my astronomy knowledge to impress a bunch of geeks I just met. I thought it was based on the persons likes and dislikes, but you are absolutely right, it’s more their expectations of me! Makes so much more sense. I’ve often felt frustrated with why I have done this because it feels fake, like it’s against all I value and someone like my hubby who stands there and watches me do this I feel is just like, “what the heck?” and I feel guilty!! Like I’ve been caught at my game. Thank you for making the connection. Lol yes, I know the feeling of stage fright David Perry – because you are about to put on a performance scripted in someone else’s head. I’ve stopped doing it so much as I get older, maybe because I am tired and drained or maybe because I avoid most functions anymore. Please keep doing what you are doing Diane, you are helping so many of us! Thank you.

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