30 Traits of an Empath

pexels-photo-273037.jpegBy Diane Kathrine

1.     Knowing: Empaths just know stuff, without being told. It’s a knowing that goes way beyond intuition or gut feelings, even though that is how many would describe the knowing. The more attuned they are the stronger this gift becomes.

2.     Being in public places can be overwhelming: Places like shopping malls, supermarkets or stadiums, where there are lots of people around, can fill the Empath with turbulently vexed emotions that are coming from others.

 3.     Feeling others emotions and taking them on as your own: This is a huge one for Empaths. To some, they will feel emotions off those near by and with others they will feel emotions from those a vast distance away, or both. The more adept Empath will know if someone is having bad thoughts about them, even from a great distance.

 4.     Watching violence, cruelty or tragedy on the TV is unbearable: The more attuned an Empath becomes the worse it is and may make it so they eventually have to stop watching TV and reading newspapers altogether.

 5.     You know when someone is not being honestIf a friend or a loved one is telling you lies you know it (although many Empaths try not to focus on this because knowing a loved one is lying can be painful). Or if someone is saying one thing but feeling/thinking another, you know.

 6.     Picking up physical symptoms off another: An Empath will almost always develop the ailments off another (colds, eye infections, body aches and pains), especially those who they’re closest to, somewhat like sympathy pains.

 7.     Digestive disorders and lower back problems: The solar plexus chakra is based in the centre of the abdomen and it’s known as the seat of emotions. This is where Empaths feel the incoming emotion of another, which can weaken the area and eventually lead to anything from stomach ulcers to IBS (too many other conditions to list here). Lower back problems can develop from being ungrounded (amongst other things) and one, who has no knowledge of them being an Empath, will almost always be ungrounded.

 8.     Always looking out for the underdog: Anyone whose suffering, in emotional pain or being bullied draws an Empath’s attention and compassion.

 9.     Others will want to offload their problems on you, even strangers: An Empath can become a dumping ground for everyone else’s issues and problems, which, if they’re not careful can end up as their own.

 10.    Constant fatigue: Empaths often get drained of energy, either from energy vampires or just taking on too much from others, which even sleep will not cure. Many get diagnosed with ME.

 11.    Addictive personalityAlcohol, drugs, sex, are to name but a few addictions Empaths turn to, to block out the emotions of others. It can be a form of self-protection in order to hide from someone or something (external emotions).

12.    Drawn to healing, holistic therapies and all things metaphysical: Although many Empaths would love to heal others, they can end up turning away from healing (even though they have a natural ability for it), after they’ve studied and qualified, because they take on too much from the one they are trying to heal. Especially if they are unaware of their empathy. Anything of a supernatural nature is of interest to Empaths and they don’t surprise or get shocked easily.

 13.   Creative: From singing, dancing, acting, drawing or writing an Empath will have a strong creative streak and a vivid imagination.

 14.    Love of nature and animals: Being outdoors in nature is a must for Empaths and pets are an essential part of their life.

 15.    Need for solitude: An Empath will go stir-crazy if they don’t get quiet time. This is even obvious in empathic children.

 16.    Gets bored or distracted easily if not stimulated: Work, school and home life has to be kept interesting for an Empath or they switch off from it and end up daydreaming or doodling.

 17.   Finds it impossible to do things they don’t enjoy: As above. Feels like they are living a lie by doing so. To force an Empath to do something they dislike through guilt or labelling them as idle will only serve in making them unhappy. It’s for this reason many  Empaths get labelled as being lazy.

 18.   Strives for the truth: This becomes more prevalent when an Empath discovers his/her gifts and birthright. Anything untruthful feels plain wrong.

 19.   Always looking for answers and knowledgeTo have unanswered questions can be frustrating for an Empath and they will endeavour to find an explanation. If they have a knowing about something they will look for confirmation. The downside to this is an information overload.

 20.  Likes adventure, freedom and travel: Empaths are free spirits.

 21.  Abhors clutterIt makes an Empath feel weighed down and blocks the flow of energy.

 22.  Loves to daydream: An Empath can stare into space for hours, in a world of their own and blissfully happy.

 23.  Finds routine, rules or control, imprisoning: Anything that takes away their freedom is debilitating to an Empath even poisoning.

 24.  Prone to carry weight without necessarily overeating: The excess weight, especially around the belly area, is a form of protection to stop the negative incoming energies having as much impact.

 25.  Excellent listener: An Empath won’t talk about themselves much unless it’s to someone they really trust. They love to learn and know about others and genuinely care.

 26.  Intolerance to narcissism: Although kind and often very tolerant of others, Empaths do not like to be around overly egotistical people, who put themselves first and refuse to consider anyone’s feelings or points of view, other than their own.

 27.   The ability to feel the days of the week: An Empath will get the ‘Friday Feeling’ if they work Fridays or not. They pick up on how the collective are feeling. The first couple of days of a long, bank holiday weekend (Easter for example) can feel, to them, like the world is smiling, calm and relaxed. Sunday evenings, Mondays and Tuesdays, of a working week, have a very heavy feeling.

 28.   Will not choose to buy antiques, vintage or second-handAnything that’s been pre-owned carries the energy of the previous owner. An Empath will even prefer to have a brand new car or house (if they are in the financial situation to do so) with no residual energy.

 29.   Sense the energy of food: Many Empaths don’t like to eat meat or poultry because they can feel the vibrations of the animal (especially if the animal suffered), even if they like the taste.

 30.   Can appear moody, shy, aloof, disconnectedDepending on how an Empath is feeling will depend on what face they show to the world. They can be prone to mood swings and if they’ve taken on too much negative will appear quiet and unsociable, even miserable. An Empath detests having to pretend to be happy when they’re sad, this only adds to their load (makes working in the service industry, when it’s service with a smile, very challenging) and can make them feel like scuttling under a stone.


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This above list has been compiled as a guide to help the unknowing Empath recognize his/her gift.

Empaths may carry many of the same traits but not all of them. One Empath may be able to eat meat whilst another may love being around antiques… we are all different.  Some can override or block certain traits and some traits will come and go over the years (strengthen or weaken) as life circumstances change.

Hope this helps you on your path.


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471 thoughts on “30 Traits of an Empath

  1. Physical traits:

    Can’t stand fluorescent lights
    Hyper-sensitive to cigarette smoke
    Glasses – glass lenses hurt my eyes, plastic lenses are bearable, contact lenses are best. Guessing it’s to do with energy coming into the eyes. I get throat aches, quickly get tired, yawn when having to wear glasses. Find glass lenses unbearable.
    Walk or move arms with the ‘rubberiness’ of 4 year olds i.e. because can feel own energy.
    Can ‘feel’ what foods are going to do to the body by looking at them e.g. bright, sparkly foods = good.

  2. I am an empath and I want it to stop. I have no control over it whatsoever. I have to wear gloves because touching people is so unbearable. I can’t stand being around people so most days I don’t even leave my house. In high school I coudn’t go to football games, pep rallies, or even prom. I had to skip lunch and sit in the library because there were just to many people. When I’m around people I can’t even tell what my own emotions are because I’m so overwhelmed by everyone elses. I want to go to colege, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to. Can anyone help me? I don’t know what to do.

    • Hi Rory,
      Don’t panic! You will be able to get control of your Empathy and eventually you will come to think of it as a gift rather than the curse you feel burdened with right now.

      Firstly I would recommend looking on Amazon for a self help book to get you started in learning how to switch off to get some peace, and then make sure you continue to learn how to manage your gift. Staying switched off is not a good idea at all and will cause you more long term problems than you have at present. You will be able to get control and things will improve as you start to become more Empowered by Empathy. Believe in you because you can do it!!!

    • Hi Rory,
      Sorry for late reply. I am having some problems with the comments section and I seemed to have overlooked a large section of recent comments. There are many posts on this blog that cover dealing with emotions that may be helpful. Also, I have a book called The Empath Awakening which will be free on Kindle for 5 days (until 21st Aug), which explains how to recognize other people’s emotions and stop taking them on board. It also covers the reasons why Empaths pick up these emotions in the first and place, and much more. It can be read on all reading devices (laptop, phones or iPads). Although a free Kindle reading app may need to be downloaded.

      Here is the link for The Empath Awakening: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01J65GVM0/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_t1_IRbTxbM4KMSMJ#nav-subnav

      Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. #1 I just know things, but I don’t know why. I try to fight what I know but end up losing. I hold onto hope that i’m wrong but is futile and is poisonous to me. How can I market my talents and skills?

  4. So I am an empath…for better or worse -__- I never really had a word for it til recently…um so problem…I tend to take on the problems of the guys I date. I literally take on their baggage and I start having the same problems in my own life..it’s a very disturbing trend I’ve noticed my first 2 boyfriends who were also quite unkind to me at the same time. Empaths tend to draw in narcissists who will take advantage and that’s exactly what they did…anyway I’m now dating someone who is ALSO an empath and very kind and a giver as well which is nice but now I’m having some interesting things arise. I’ve developed strong clairsentience with him. I can feel his heart when he’s near me…when it drops, when it hurts…I’ll feel it and immediately ask about it and try to soothe it. Towards the beginning I broke up with him because of my inability to trust and I actually got back together with him because I could feel his heart being squeezed and I couldn’t breathe so to end my suffering and his I got back with him…which I’m grateful for because I trust him now, he’s quite a sweetie. Alot of very strange things have been happening between us from constant deja vu to interconnected dreams to telepathy…anyway, the most disturbing trend I’ve found is that close or far I can feel his body pains and I develop symptoms. He has issues with his ear where it’ll randomly “go deaf” according to him…around the time his is about to go i’ll start getting odd pressure changes in my ear which has never been a thing for me…if his stomach hurts mine will…etcetc. I’m starting to think the connection is maybe toxic in one regard because again I’m taking on someones energetic baggage. He will do the same for me too so I don’t feel like It’s unbalanced but…how do I sever the negative ties with him and keep the positive connection… ?

  5. wow . I had just did a google search do empaths feel everything. I had taken a test that said I was an empath. for a long time I felt that if someone did not like me I could feel their thoughts, even from a distance. this confirmed that empaths really do feel that and it is not ‘ all in my head’, and I am not ‘ imagining things’ . I really can and do know if someone truly has good or bad thoughts about me because I feel those thoughts. its kind of interesting that there are actually names and words for what I am……………….

  6. Yes, I am an empath, which means I have a very strong Neptune in my chart. Just about everything pertains to me, but the meat thing. I eat meat, but I thank the animal for giving its life. Thanks for these posts. 🙂

  7. I show every sign of being a Empath aside from not liking antiques, I personally love the energy from them. The thing I would like to ask is if other occurrences can be linked to this trait. I can heal people with a push of energy from my right hand and a pull from my left. I see energy and even take energy from stones, storms, and electrical appliances. I can enter another person’s mind and comfort them from the inside. I feel when a storm is coming, can bend water, and can stop watches. My spirit guide (I’m descended from medicine men and women of the Cherokee tribe) is the owl. Most recently began to experience the menstrual cycle of a close friend, being that I am a 15 year old male it took me by surprise. Even at distances of 40 miles, I feel every thing she does and they effect me the same exact way they effect her or as close to it as biology alodes for. Even when it comes to cravings for something I don’t normally like. As this connection grows I can feel her every heart beat and she is beginning to feel me as well. What should I do?

    • Hi Nix,

      You come across as much older than 15 in your writing 😉 Is this connection something you want to break? Does it not feel comfortable, or are your feeling like it is getting a little out of control?

      Connections with those an Empath loves or is friends with can become very powerful. They can take on their thoughts, opinions, emotions and physical pain and it can work both ways. The other does not have to be an Empath for this to happen either. It just depends on the deepness of their relationship. It is not a bad thing, unless you do not want this type of connection.

      An Empath can also have other gifts such as being clairvoyant, psychic, medium etc. even though they do not fall under the traits of an Empath.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

      • Hello Diane I believe I am an empath and I also am clairvoyant at times. I feel a very strong connection to animals. I live in a new home, new furnishings and new truck. I lived in an old home which I loved and remodelled, also had antiquities and masks. I have learned to stay away from items with a past. I believe I am tormented by negative energy or spirits, I find it scary and lose sleep quite often. I spend most of my time alone as people don’t really get me. I can not stand judgemental people or arrogant self involved people. How can I find people like me?

      • Hi Darryl,

        A good place to find like-minded people is through internet support groups and forums. There are many Empath support groups online. It is a good place to connect. I’m afraid I have not been part of a support group to be able to recommend one. If you look through the comments on my posts (mainly this one and ‘Are you an Empath’) you will find where commenters have left links to support hubs. Meditation and yoga classes can be another good place to find other Sensitives.

        It is common for Empaths to be introvert. Many are quite happy to stay away from people, connecting only when necessary. This can make linking-up with similar people a challenge… but not impossible.

        Thanks for sharing and hope this helps. 🙂

      • I have learned how to connect and break connections with people at will, but this connection is deferent somehow. When ever I make a connection, I envision a rope leading from them that I then tie around my waist. From this point I can either wrap the rope around myself to increase the ‘frequency’ or untie it to close it off completely. But the connection with her wraps around and into my heart. When I tried to ‘cut’ it, it felt as though a bed of needles had wrapped itself around my heart. There are times when I can no longer feel myself, or my own emotions. At one point I went into a complete emotional breakdown because are emotions were mirror images of each other. Even if I could break this connection with her, I don’t know if I would want to, this is the closest I’ve ever been to someone else. I’ve been practicing putting up wards, and connecting with random people, but sometimes it feels like this gives me a unfair advantage over people. My enhanced intuition seems to give me some type of hand up in testing and things of that nature, it makes me feel unhonest. What should I do.
        Thank you for your previous response.
        Yours in friendship,

      • Hi Nix,

        Life as an Empath is very much about tuning into our intuition to find the answers, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

        We have a lot to learn and it can often be a confusing and frustrating path to walk, but at the same time an incredibly rewarding one.

        I know how difficult it is having to live with so many powerful emotions, our own and others, and not having the answers to explain why we experience them or what they mean.

        To make life easier as an Empath the best advice I can offer is keep working on yourself to find balance, strive to be the best person you can be, listen to your intuition as to what feels right or wrong, and believe in yourself. Know everything has a reason, even if you cannot see it at the time.

        There is lots of information on this blog about how to stay in balance as an Empath and how to better develop intuition.

        Hope this helps and good luck 🙂

      • I have all this and more I have can faintly move objects I can astro project see through peoples eyes hear there thoughts feel them and the world I can physically touch here and see angles demons and spirits I can catch up to there speed I can slow the pase of anothers energy I can connect myself with anothers spirit tell the future know when something is rong and more what does this mean

      • Sounds like you are very open and receptive to the unseen world. Be sure to keep yourself grounded and protected so you don’t take on too much of the wrong type of energy. 🙂

  8. Sometimes I have memories which aren’t my own…..if that makes any sense….Then I will cross paths with someone and realize that it is their memory that I am experiencing. Since I can remember I have picked up on peoples emotions, it used to freak out my friends and family when they would call and be all happy and I would ask what’s wrong? They would then tell me about a problem. Some friends have been spooked away and no longer come around. I used to ask myself why I was so weird so abnormal…but then as I grew in maturity, I accepted myself and whatever gift this is. I feel in tune with the universe when I am in the great outdoors, gardening and just hiking. I love hearing all the different songs and voices of the animals, to feel the energy of the plants, flowers and the trees. it restores me. Animals have always been my refuge. They have no lie in them, they are just as they seem. And dogs seem to just gravitate towards me….my daughter says I am the original Dog Whisperer…..I feel them, sense them. Am I normal? God, I hope not!!! This is my path..sometimes it is overwhelming and I will become a recluse for a few days, just to re-energize myself. My mom is the same and she always just said that we were intuitive….sensitive to the energy around us.

  9. I consider myself to be an ex empath and considered myself to be clairsentient for many years. I thought I was highly intuitive and had ‘Knowing’. I battled with exhaustion for many years which I now know was caused by undiagnosed food allergies. I consistently scored 100% or almost 100% on empath / hsp tests. I was convinced I could read the energy of anything and anyone. I was brought up to believe in energy healing and I believed my mother had full psychic abilities. I worked constantly on ‘raising my vibration’ by doing what I thought was deep inner work. I also delved into shamanism, sound therapy, Indian head massage and reflexology for a time – as in I trained in these areas. I received ‘hands on healing’ once a week for a whole year at one time. I endured several hours in a sweat lodge to ‘cleanse’ myself. I had crystal healing, past life healing, angel healing, reiki healing and had my aura read by an author whose name I won’t divulge. I was told some pretty amazing things by various so called healers about my past lives (which I never bought into). I did affirmations daily for years. I meditated and did yoga for years. I worked on using grounding techniques which really didn’t help. I used to spend a lot if time in nature alone and talk to the trees. I took a ‘spiritual’ trip to Peru with a group which was hosted by a US author and respected Peruvian shaman. I’ve spent huge sums of money on various healing modalities in order to ‘raise my vibration’ which I completely and utterly bought into. ‘Raising your vibration’ is a new age fraud to get you to spend your money. Learn about boundary setting – this is how you ‘attract’ abusive relationships etc – not by having a ‘low’ vibration.
    I spent two years having traditional psychotherapy in my early twenties and now some years later I’m back in psychotherapy and it’s the best form of therapy I have ever invested in. My mum was mentally ill when I was younger, went through the tunnel of light and then ‘healed’ herself. In the last couple of years we’ve realised she has a serious mental illness which we now suspect is paranoid schizophrenia and of course this explains the full blown ‘psychic abilities’. From my experience, many so called spiritually minded people and empaths have had dysfunctional upbringings or trauma in their lives which alters their perception of reality. I secretly used to think I knew better than others because I thought I had powerful intuition.
    Consider getting professional psychotherapy but not from anyone who claims they can heal or is an empath. It’s impossible to heal anyone – only you can heal yourself. This probably won’t get past modification but thought I’d try anyway.
    With respect

    • Hi Weeping Willow,

      I totally agree with you. We are the only ones who can heal ourselves. And yes, there are a lot of ways to spend your money on ‘New Age’ healing that will not balance the Empath. I don’t know if you’ve read any of the other posts on my blog but I am all about taking self-responsibility and balancing the mind, body and spirit. I know we cannot get energetic healing if we are consuming anything drug-like, which includes food and drink. Modern life and diet bring those of a Sensitive nature down, fact! I too have been on a similar journey to you. I tried it all. I didn’t understand why some would receive all the benefits of healing, meditation etc when I wasn’t. When I discovered I was an Empath I understood why I felt all I did but that was only the start of another journey. In recent years my life has transformed because of the changes I made to my diet. We are what we put in our mouth. I too have food sensitivities, as do many other Empaths. We are the ones responsible for Self and it is up to us to find balance in mind, body and spirit. Most tend to do one or the other and not all three.

      If you haven’t already I would recommend you eliminate all wheat, caffeine, white sugar and alcohol. They mess up the brain chemistry like nothing else. The Empath brain is far more sensitive than most. Also find out all the foods you are intolerant to and stay away from them.

      Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂

      • Def agree about food. Brown rice, beans, veg and seeds / nuts for me (though nuts are expensive). Eventually we establish a base line and after that when we try different foods we feel what they do to the body e.g. a half glass of warm orange juice will make my fingers and toes cold and the cold will seep in through my body until I’m chilled all over. Can last for a couple of hours. Other times we just get fleeting flashes e.g. a tiny taste of marmalade = fleeting flash of cold.

    • It IS possible to heal others BUT 99.999% of ‘healers’ are the last people on earth we want touching us, in any way. There are bona fida people who do energy work but they’re as rare as hen’s teeth. A good rule of thumb is that if they advertise themselves as ‘healers’ be very, very, very sceptical. If we’re lucky enough to meet the real deal and we have a genuine relationship with them they may – or may not – try to help us. Any books by Dr. Glenn Morris are likely to give a good description of the world in which healing ourselves and – possibly – others takes place. Another interesting book from way back is ‘The Door Marked Summer’ by Michael Bentine (formerly of ‘The Goons’).

  10. I dont know if I fall under being an empath but I was wondering if you could tell me where i fall. A few years ago I really got into road trips and walking through abandoned buildings and homes and so on. I remember walking into one home…looked like a normal old small house…and as I walked from room to room I could FEEL the fear…the sadness…i felt crying and anger. I froze and just stood there and looked around the room. I couldn’t see anything with my eyes but its like if I flicked back my thought process i could see it in my subconscious. Its like a memory….if you think back on a memory you see things and remember but dont SEE it. That is what happens. That has happened a few times. It also happens with happy times and love and singing at christmas time. So good and bad. Also, if im driving down a residential street, as I am just looking at the houses pass I look into a window and I feel it. I told my boyfriend who was driving…wow something BAD happened in that house. I can sense it in people, but with them I have to intentionally look at them and see what I get. Walking into buildings, homes, anything it just happens. When my mother went looking at homes to buy…I could walk in and say mom you dont want to live here…bad things happened in this house…and other homes I could “see” kids running in the back yard laughing and bbqs and bedtime stories. I*ts so weitd and anyone I have ever talked to about it has no idea what I am talking about. I wish I could find people like me who know what im talking about. If you have any idea on what this is please let me know.

    • You are picking up on residual energy left in certain buildings/places. When something traumatic happens in a place it tends to leave an energetic imprint that can be felt by those who are Sensitive. Many Empaths have the ability to feel this. But it also sounds like psychic phenomena by the fact you are having visions from the past.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

      • i was making an appointment with an audiologist …the person on the phone said she had 2 ear plug sets (which i was wanting to purchase 1 set) and i said if you worked in a hair salon you would have lavender hair…..her reply “how did you know i have lavender hair?” This happens constantly about everything all day…thinking of someone and they call in the exact moment….if i think about losing something it happens , breaking something it happens…..i would like to manifest this energy to positive….help!
        purelypatricia ….your list of 30 intuitive empathic symptoms i own many of

      • Hi Purely,

        We attract to us what we vibrate energetically. To attract more of the good stuff we need to change our vibration, which involves changing the way we think and feel. This is a difficult one for the Empaths as we pick up on everyone else’s emotions and we can take them on as our own, which will lower our vibration.

        Stilling the mind and strengthening the energy field is really important for building intuition and keeping us safe from negative energy. See my last post If you meditate, keep a journal to record the information that comes through to you. You’ll be amazed how much we can receive during a meditation. Also, use your journal to record when you have your intuitive hits. It will show you how much you are developing.

        Hope this helps. 🙂

  11. Hi , I have only recently discovered my path { 3 yrs ago} although people have always called me a witch { tongue in cheek but with a little bit of truth added to that }, I resonate with all but one of these traits & that is that I love old things because of their energies, my mother, grandmother & great grandmother were all hoarders of any thing sentimental or items passed down from the family & letters from almost 100 yrs ago. I also love antique shops as I can feel the energy from the items & even if I don’t necessarily find the object attractive to the eyes I can be drawn to it & have to buy it because I can feel positive energy in it & of course the opposite when it has negative energy in it. I felt this particularly with my house, I had to leave my old house 12 yrs ago because it didn’t feel right & we had some frightening experiences there, we were looking for a new one when we came across this one in the paper, I knew right away that it was the one before I had even seen a picture of it. we came to visit it and saw that it was in a state of disrepair & although my husband said it wasn’t suitable he saw how much I loved it and had to have it .
    since then after looking for over 30 years for my path it has come to me & although I can feel other presence’s in the house it is a warm loving friendly presence. I would never wish to live anywhere else.
    So although I understand why an empathy would not like other energies I personally feel comforted by them but of course this is only if the objects in question have positive loving energies.

  12. I’m sick of it honestly. I used to enjoy helping people but I’m not actually helping people I’m just their tool to feeling better. If they are having a bad day they know if they call talk text me they will hand that off to me and they feel better. They don’t know why but they know after years of doing it it happens every time and I’m left to process their energy how is that fair? I’m feeling like a freaking air purifier vs a human being. I keep my circle small aside from casual hellos at the school or karate classes but the people in that small circle have either consciously or subconsciously realized that they can literally just talk to me and they feel better. Good for them but it’s gotten to the point that I’m just like a quick fix and “talking” to me is their way to get it. That’s not healthy. They need to work through their own energies.

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  14. Hi, I was browsing to find out whether there are people like me around. Yes, and that’s a great thing. I’m grateful. I just discovered that I have all of the 30 traits described. And after 18 yearsd (I’m actually 28), I can now acknowledge that it is divine. Thank you.

    Being a lie detector had set many off guard and I was so not believing my own self. Thanks a lot. The pain sometimes are truly unbearable. I want to know more how can I help those people in pain if they are strangers. And I wanted to know how to change the energies of those having bad thoughts about me or my family. When they do, I just know it, and it feels wrong totally.

    Whenever I see someone, I know exactly the feeling they have inside,or which mood they are in and whether they are in pain or not. What can I do to help, if I know right away there’s pain?

    • Hi Anista,

      From what I have learnt on this journey I can say we cannot change another, even if we know exactly what could be done to make their lives easier. We can only change ourselves, which in turn has a knock-on effect on others. There is a yogic saying: ‘if you want to change the world, change yourself’. This rings true on so many levels. Some people can be naturally repelled by an Empath, even though you have done nothing wrong to them. They may attack you via their thoughts or behind your back (which you can still feel and will still hurt).

      I understand how you feel. It is so difficult to feel other people’s pain and stand by and do nothing. But we cannot take another person’s pain away, it is there for them to learn and grow from. Protecting yourself from other people’s energy (pain) is essential, so that you don’t end up carrying it around as your own. The following post may be of help. Helping someone help themselves is perfect, if they ask for your help.

      I have found one of the best things we can do when we cross paths with a stranger who is pain (or not) is give them the brightest heart-felt smile you can. It is amazing just how much this will touch the soul.

      Hope this helps and thanks for sharing.

    • I’m not sure of I’m am Empath or not. I have a lot of these symptoms, but I can’t exactly feel others emotions unless they are major. But I’m extremely sensitive, and I have an incredibly low pain threshold. I sometimes will just feel pain for no reason at all,and I sometimes feel the pain my friends are feeling, if one of my friends has a headache, I usually do to. I will sometimes get past na in my lower back and gut for no apparent reason. I cannot stand to be near a person who puts themselves first without care for other’s feelings,I can pick up depression from ppl though. I can’t stand to feel anyone sad or unhappy,crowds make me stress out majorly, and I can’t stand anger,loud voices, or to do something I hate. Does this make me a Empath?

      • It is the strongest emotions that Empaths feel the most, such as sadness and anger, which you are clearly picking up on. You certainly seem to have the traits of an Empath, Lillian. 😀

  15. Thank you for this wonderful article. I know I am an empath. Yesterday I was “not myself”. A woman I do not have a positive history with kept popping into my head; I kept seeing her face, images of her from deep into the past of her life not mine; I found myself repeating old stories of our negative history to others and feeling all the while “why am i dragging up this crap again?” (it didn’t feel like my pain anymore); her name was brought up to me in a phone conversation unexpectedly revealing a connection between her and a friend I had called…I said to him “why are you talking to me about her? she’s not MY friend.” Then I recalled that the date yesterday was highly charged with emotional residue involving this woman. I woke up this morning feeling wonderful…this volatile storm of raging negativity was NOT mine. It became obvious to me that this woman must have been obsessing about me yesterday. Throwing her anger and emotion my way over a very long distance but still I definitely picked up on it. She is a narcissist and a powerful woman in certain spheres at the top of her field and all Scorpios can throw a psychic punch whether they are aware they can or not. Anyway…when I was in the receiving end of all this crap yesterday I inconveniently “forgot” I am an empath. If I had been grounded and in full awareness of my own power I would have received the bad vibes, transmuted them, and released them without perpetuating the negative history and retelling stories that have no good reason to be told. Today I found your blog and reaffirmed and validated that I know what I am and what happened yesterday was not coming from me. Today I will send meta loving energy to this woman and rebuild the psychic shield I have to protect myself from her low vibes.

    • This really resonates with me. I learned a long time ago that when I have an altercation with someone, and find myself obsessing over it, I start sending good vibes and white light around this person, and wham, something positive would happen…like this person would come to me out of the blue and apologize, for example.

  16. I came here from googling things about myself and came across empath. Ever since I was a child I was just different my thoughts and seeing/noticing things that people never would especially at that age. I can feel emotions very strongly can listen very well and can make the people around me as happy as I am. Although for that reason I only have a few very close friends I’m always with. I’ve gone through alot and suffered alot as a child especially with the parents I have now. I’m an 18 year old young male have always been different and never really understood it. When I was younger I was shy and didn’t understand things. Now I’m confident truly confident not arrogant I feel calm happy with myself and I’m not afraid of speaking up. I used to be a very shy kid its amazing seeing me now. I can speak infront of people very well and I know where this comes from, my emotions. I used to freestyle and I was trash then I started free styling about how I felt I would close my eyes and bring out my feelings and it was ridiculous I could go on and on and it would sound amazing. This thing It drives me so strongly. I know very much about absorbing the negativity around you and not faking happiness. I resonate so much with all of these. I can tell when things aren’t right I notice and when I ask other people don’t get it or say it’s your imagination. I tried to help those around me and explain and it got me locked up in a psych ward. I notice one thing most people on here are females yet I’m a male that connects extremely well with all of these. Also others say it helps you avoid cops maybe because your a female? Cops are drawn to me I feel in a way I’m dangerous because I’m a (not to be bragging) attractive confident young male that is good at speaking not afraid and can inspire others. I say this but theirs no way they could know that, maybe it’s how I carry myself? I’m not scared of my shadow like alot of other guys and don’t cower to cops like they would expect me to? Maybe it bugs them that a civilian isn’t scared of them. Or maybe I just give off an aura that gets their attention. Yet at the core of all of this I know it’s my emotions that drive me. The suffering I had as a child and the understanding I have now made me the person I am today. I don’t fit the common definitions of confident so don’t take that the wrong way if you met me in person you would understand. I don’t exuberate confidence unless I needed to if a situation comes up I simply have confidence in myself. I met a person who called this limbic resonance. I wish their was a community of people like us. I have seen first hand how shitty greedy jealous people are in what on the outside looks like a good community. Being an empath or whatever it is that defines us is a gift just one that will probablyl put us through hell until we figure ourselves and the world around us out.

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  19. I had never even heard of an empath until recently, now I’m seeing it pop up again and again – I can now see that I’m an empath. I’m in a very controlling relationship and have a 3 year old daughter and 5 year old son. My son is very needy and demanding (just wants me all the time -he’s been like that since birth, and was a extreme ‘colicky’ baby). I can see that my daughter is definitely an empath. I am so depressed and cry all the time. My kids are suffering because of my mental state. Their father is very needy and demanding also. I don’t know if my partner is a narcissist or perhaps an empath? I’m also wondering about my son… Is he an empath also, struggling to fit into this world (or trying to cope either my emotions)? He takes a lot out on his little sister which breaks my heart because she deeply loves us all. I don’t know how to nurture and protect my children room all this sadness. I’m constantly looking for answers on the internet but I am still crying all the time and struggling with day to day life and I feel so overwhelmed I just don’t know how to help myself and my family. Does anyone know what I need to do?

    • Hi Fiona
      Your story struck a cord. I have been where you are and I believe you can get out of it. I’m a mother of 3 young girls, a needy husband and work from home. A year and half ago I had had enough of always being riddle with anxiety, being overwhelmed, and feeling emotionally all over the place that I decided I was going to fix it. For some reason I was drawn to go see a clairvoyant (which I had never done before) and when I meet with her she told me I was an Empath and taught me how to ground myself . It was a total game changer for me. Once I was able to put a “label” on the way I had been feeling my whole life and learn how to ground /center myself I was able to take on my family and others in a more controlled state of mind because I wasn’t feeding off of all of their emotions.

      It sounds like you are in the thick of things right now and it is not easy being a mother of young ones who are naturally demanding. Especially if you have a clinger – that in its self can be emotionally taxing & suffocating and I bet you have guilt for your daughter because it sounds like your son and husband are taking so much of your attention and time. Its hard with a young family but if you are able to find 20 min even 10mins a day to yourself I would highly recommend starting to mediate and ground yourself. I think once you are able to take back yourself and your emotions you will be able to look at the situation more clearly and be able to take on what you need to.

      Its been about a year for me and by no means did it happen over night and it has been a work in progress with its ups and downs but I will say I have noticed a huge difference in my family.
      Hang in there and best of luck!

      • Thanks for all your replies everyone. Just reading all this has helped so much to see there are others out there like me! I always knew i was different…but it has been more of a burden than a blessing…not being like everyone else…not knowing why i see the ‘truth’ in all things and how it seems to destroy relationships and friendships in life. I have found it is a lonely journey being what i now know to be an Empath! People come to you with all their problems…are drawn to you and they go away with their ‘answers’ somehow thru you and you are left feeling like they just walked away with your life force energy. Auric vampires they are called and we attract them like moths to a flame,and it is so hard for us Empaths to protect ourselves from this happening…we tend to go into isolation that results in loneliness because of this.:( It’s not easy being an Empath and i am yet to realise if it is truly a blessing or a burden.? The hardest thing i have found is to find an Honest man to share life with! Knowing truth from lies in an instant has been a great burden. My last partner calling me Cynical! It’s not that i see the negative in everything…its that i sense when there is potential danger ahead (and i am usually always correct..which is a burden too!) just as i sense when i am being lied to! People hate it that i am nearly ‘always’ right…i don’t like it either…its not fair…but it is the only truth i have known. Knowing the truth in life and relationships has been painful as you don’t wish to know if there is dishonesty or deception at hand with someone you love and trust…its a real relationship wrecker. I am 56 now and am still alone in this world…not having yet found a male partner who represents truth and honesty as we Empaths do…i think it is the only way we can have a balanced and happy relationship. That way that ‘lies lies lies’ intuitive voice doesn’t keep playing ovr and over. I look forward to the day (hopefully) when i meet someone that does not become an issue with.
        I am an emotional empath which means i pick up on other people’s emotions which i wld rather not! Nice to know who and what i am now that makes me unique! And nice to find others that are alike here too…I am a healer now and hoping that i will be able to practice it one day without absorbing people’s stuff! Still learning how to ground and protect myself…the last relationship with an auric vampire nearly destroyed my body and my soul. So afraid of that happening again to me…being an Empath makes us sooooooo vulnerable. Not sure i like it much but it is what it is and i am learning to embrace it now that iknow!

      • Hi Everyone, I’ve learned about empaths on and off over the last 10 years while trying to grieve the lost of my son and trying to deal life and my other 3 surviving children. I’ve finally excepted that I am absolutely am an empath and need to be serious about it. This is an awesome awakening and a relief. Are there any support groups for empaths. I can sure use one.

      • Hi Rosemarie,

        I have seen of an Empath support group that someone mentioned on this blog: empathsupport.com

        I am not part of the group myself but I am sure you will be in safe hands.

        Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • John 3:16…You read and understand…talk with your children at their level…for their understanding… demonstrate your love for them…because of your understanding that life was given for you…you have nothing to fear…get your mental emotions together…treat your husband the same on an adult level…regardless of Is He or not…”Empathy “…Try James 3: 13-17.. read until you understand….Find that good in each day…..

    • I have found the answers to puzzles of human nature through the study of Human Design. This system has never been wrong in the 8 years I’ve studied it.
      It has allowed for so much compassion. Check it out at http://www.jovian archive.

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    It’s amazing and exciting and scary to find a post that perfectly describes yourself, and you realize that you aren’t alone. All the words I needed but couldn’t find. #empath

  21. It seems that no one has written n her for a while..:) I found this article very interesting, thankyou to the author..I have come to the conclusion,that I am an empath,but I also have had psychic visions, dreams and have had contact brief “encounters” with the spirit world. I was wondering if anybody knew,what it means if you have a reacurring dream that a family member is dying,or is a bout to,and also, I have I have regular contact,with a relative who is elderly,and I can sense a feeling of “death ” around her,it is very scary . I don’t know if this is another interpretation for her being generally sad though …Any advice would be great .I also wanted to ask,how to deal with feeling lonely,thanks again for the article:)

    • Hello Ally,

      I also have dreams about someone dying but I had realize that the person I was dreaming about was the one coming to tell me some else was dying with the equal amount of closeness. For example i would dream that my dad was dying, but in fact he was telling me my father in law had past. I also getting an over whelming and predict I’m going to receive bad news. I get an awful burning sensation feeling in my nose. My dad was always the only that came into my dreams but unfortunately he passed last year so at the present time I’m not sure who will take his place. I also have lucid dreams, see and talk to spirits but this does not happen as much as my empath does. This at times get very over whelming and my anxiety gets high. I hope this helps! Try meditation, long soaks in bath or walking etc

  22. Thank You. Just Thank You. Read traits that I recall experiencing even from childhood, never ever realized. My tears flow over because now there is an explanation for why I feel so different. 🙂

      • Wow! I am so unbelievably grateful for this! I can hardly breathe! I am crying uncontrollably. I cannot believe what I am reading! I never imaged that I’d ever understand these things about myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :))) I can get help now!

  23. Hi! I have a 3 1/2yr daughter and I just witnessed something I’ve never seen from any of my children. My mom gave us a used toddler bed she picked up and we decided to set it up tonight. My daughter had a complete meltdown and I mean MELTDOWN including screaming, holding on to is, picking her hands, face, screaming that it was “bad” “it will hurt you” “don’t like it” we tried and tried…so finally I set up her old crib and she still wouldn’t go in there, the toddler bed was still up in there also. I asked her if she wants her dad to take it out, she said “yes get it out” so we put it in the hallway, and out of her room. She still wouldn’t go in there, she asked us to take it bye-bye. I said do you want daddy to take it outside? She said “yes daddy take it outside, won’t hurt you outside”. So he took it outside, away where she couldn’t see it, and she said “all better now” and went on laughing and back to her normal self. She is a VERY VERY sensitive child, she picks up on emotions, feelings, and we believe she is an empath. We did breathing exercises & second heart hugs to calm her. Do you have any advice on a child empath? How can we help her? We’ve often. Gone places and she will tell is she doesn’t like it there, she will tell is she wants to go home. We really didn’t think much of that, but could she be picking up on negative energies when we go places she doesn’t like? Any in site, recommendations or such are appreciated. Thank you for your time!

    • Hello Dear…
      It sounds as if your daughter is very empathic. And very aware for her age. She seems to be aware that she’s aware. If that makes sense? I will tell you that both of my kids are empathic and they are 7 years apart. No stranger or family member could fool them at any age. As soon as they were old enough to walk, they would cry unstoppably around people they didn’t trust. And when I say cry, I do MEAN throw serious tantrums. I could not take them anywhere. When they were home with me they were very content. People thought my kids were screaming brats but that wasn’t the case. They were just very observant and sensitive. I will tell you that showing your daughter you trust and believe her as she gets older and educating her on her gifts will be extremely helpful for all of your family. I’m aware that you know these things already and my post is a little late according to the date you posted your question. But either way, please know you’re not alone. Just hoping to be helpful…Bless you and your family..

  24. Hi, I’m a 46 yr. old male. Looking at this list, I’m coming in about 21-22 out of 30. I recently had a session with a very good clairvoyant – and she was the one who said categorically: “You are an empath…learn about this and research it.” So I have been. But I need help / guidance. There’s no question I have had certain traits all my life that are directly tied in to all the qualities listed here. Fine. But everywhere I look – researching empath tendencies, coping mechanisms, etc. – all I seem to be seeing is how overly sensitive and unable to deal with “the world” (apparently) empaths are because we’re so damn sensitive; this is making me feel like a helpless kitten who should shrink away from the world. Certainly I connect with many realities of being an empath – stimulation-wise I hit my limit before others, I definitely absorb others’ energy, highly sensitive, etc. – but I am also very capable in social situations, even crowds, and I’m not so delicate that I can’t handle the majority of situations. I can be outgoing and gregarious, comfortable in front of a lot of people. But then I wonder to myself: “Ah, but maybe I’ve ‘blunted’ my sensitivities, and my ‘real’ self *is* that delicate, but I’ve just built a shell around myself.” Bottom line is, I’m confused. Especially in the dating world: the clairvoyant talked about my being clear about who I am (as an empath) with prospective partners…but to be a guy, I’m not sure how to maneuver this without looking like some weird sucky-baby who’s “too emotional” – you know what I mean? Any semi-empaths? Or ‘closet’ empaths out there who can help me with this?

    • Hi, William!

      I’d suggest to have a look here- http://thehappysensitive.com/series/empath-2/ Maybe You’d find something useful there.

      And for understanding Yourself better- http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp

      I believe that analyzing, understanding, demystifying ourselves is very important in order to have harmonious relationships with others and the world in general. If we’d understand what makes us “tick” (behave, feel, think in certain situations), be it conscious or unconscious (like psychological “bugs” for example), we’d know what we really need (not want)- what makes us truly happy. And when we’re happy, we’re able to make this world better (the scale is not important). Otherwise it’d be like being lost in a fog, stumbling upon random things not knowing what to do with them. While there’s no doubt empaths and HSPs do exist, many things that create problems and uneasy feelings very often are based in our own mind (psyche), that’s why it’s crucial to heal (get to know) ourselves before we start using our gifts for good to the max.
      For me it has been a long process and I’m in it still. Have to have patience. 😀

      All the best! 🙂

    • Hello William. My name is Al. Yes it is true that most do not function well within society due to reasons that are their own but lots of us do just fine and some even thrive on what life has to bring before us. I have to agree totally with being open and honest about being an Empath. First and most important is to be honest with yourself, then with all others. Being open and honest about this with a potential partner actually makes you far better off in every way than it makes you look weak needy etc. Not being accepted for who you are is a huge issue with most Empaths, bringing this forward right away allows your potential partner to decide up front and to know what they are signing up for. As you cannot hide who you are, eventually they will find something different and jump to the wrong conclusion, then you will have a near impossible time explaining what/who you are. Believe me, it is Best just to let any you want close to you know that your an Empath and take the time to explain/show them what being an Empath is all about. If they will not accept you for who you are up front then they definitely will not when they find out later and who wants to be close to someone who will not accept who you are.

      • Thanks a lot Al for your response, for taking the time to read this. Very much appreciated. Good advice! W

    • Hi William
      Just over four years ago a clairvoyant came into where I worked and she told me straight that I am an empath. The first I heard of this, I began to do some research and many of the traits totally fit my personality.
      Myself always gets drawn to people who need help, I get a lot of satisfaction in helping others.
      The most frustrating part is been in a relationship and your partner just does not understand you, he sees the emotional side of an empath as a weakness. When infact we are more stronger than most people. To go through life picking up people’s emotions and vibes, knowing if someone is talking about you etc and just carrying on day to day. Hope everything works well for you take care….. Nicky

    • I’m a 52 year old empath. I was married for 21 years but relationships are a nightmare. People always try to control and use me and as I’m so sensitive I’m drawn to people in need. I like you can cope in the world. I run a business and can manage crowds although I hate them. It is tricky but I would suggest you are open to someone in dating. Let me walk away, you will feel immediately if they are worth confiding in.
      I think the hardest thing is to trust your instincts, words just get in the way of how we truly need to communicate.
      Personally I now know that trusting and acting on our instincts is the key. It’s been very hard to learn as my head is always talking my instincts down. Yet deep down, and over the years I’ve named the pain in my chest “my pips” in my pips I know the truth.
      So go date… And follow your pips… And don’t ever ignore them..that’s when it hurts!

    • ……..
      As a guy who’s had to walk this path his entire time here I can tell you there is nothing wimpy about empathy. Empathy is heightened feeling not only of others but of your environment as well. Emotional is a connotation we put on it.
      As an example. A soldier who can feel fear in his comrade and takes a moment to help bolster his courage is using his empathy. A soldier who can avoid stepping on a tripwire because he had a “bad feeling” was saved by empathy. I would think walking down the trail where someone has concentrated a malicious intent to kill you feels like getting slapped in the face to an empath.
      How the women you date react to your empathy is determined by how you carry it within yourself.

    • Wow, haven’t replied to this thread in over a year or two, but your questions really spoke to me.. I am also 48 Male and scored 29 out of 30.. Likely you have blunted your empathic side. Everyone has coping mechanisms. I was very shy when I was young, and in large crowds I rarely said “boo” to anyone. As I got older I learned to pretend how to be good in crowds and difficult situations.. So much so now that it is part of my personality.

      But at my core I still feel what people are feeling around me, and I hate to say it, I use it to my advantage. Not like some sinister crazy person, but I am able to sense what people want to hear and I am able to make really good conversations as I can tell when they are interested in what I am saying.

      But this isn’t real connection.. In regards to dating and finding the right person, the only thing I can say is find another empathy.. Turns out my wife scored 29 out of 30 as well.. we’ve been married for 17 years and are best friends among other things 🙂 ….

      Also stay the fuck away from emotional vampires.. They feed on empaths.. They will use your never ending empathy to feed themselves and bleed you dry.. They are the drama queens and kings who never tire in telling you all about themselves and their problems and expect you to be there all the time to listen to them and suck your energy.

      Also beware psychopaths as they will see right through you and what you are… They will latch on to you like a freaking leach…… Learn to surround yourself with like minded people and who are OK with you being who you are….

      Quality over quantity of friends.

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    When I stumbled upon this post back in early 2013, my life suddenly began making sense. To call it an “Ah ha” moment, would be an understatement that would offend The Universe…lol. Over the past 20 months, as my understanding and ability to use this gift continues to develop and grow, there have been moments of raw torment, and moments of pure magic and awe. The awarness that comes when one is connected to the world in this way, has the power consume the mind and destroy the soul. It also has the power to expand the mind and set the soul on fire. Energy and vibration. Rhythm and timing. Intention and manifestation. Healing. Acceptance. Understanding. All the time. Every day. It’s who we are. It’s how we live. It is our compass. Our guide. Our way of being. We see the same world, only differently. We see the same people, only differently. We connect when others observe, which is why this blessing is also our curse. I sense energy. I think of myself as a translator of energy. I communicate energy in ways others can understand. My gift is linguistics, communication. I tell the story of energies. Its like having a radio tower atenna with you at all times, with energy frequencies tuning in and out nonstop. Turn up or maintain your signal strength, and prepare yourself for what comes through. Imagine driving at night in a rural area during a storm, while turning the radio dial trying to pick up a signal to find a station with a local weather report, and the feeling you get when a station finally begins coming in loud and clear. Imagine your the atenna responsible for that signal. Imagine you are the only atenna picking up radio frequencies for miles around. Imagine that local weather report is instead, the story you have been trying to tell, filled with emtions and thoughts and the physical reactions that manifest in the presence of such intensity. Imagine you have been seaching for someone who will listen, someone who can manifest your voice so it can be heard. And then….you find that signal…someone hears you…finally! As your energy frequency begins a rthymic dance with mine, a silent movie of what your telling me begins to play in my head. As I watch the scene unfold, I find myself experiencing the emotions of each actor. I find a rhythm within each actors thoughts. I can understand everything without hearing a word, because I am experiencing your story, through you. Animals speak to me this way. I read situations and people this way. This is how I know whats behind the mask, or what does not have the ability to be observed. Imagine what I have found. Imagine what I have seen. Imagine it is the only way I know how to be.

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  29. I firmly believe that I am an empathy, I feel my husband may have some empathic abilities and now I suspect that both of our children are empathic as well. I think this explains my sons behavior (reacting to very stressful environment at home right now). My husband has IBS and has seemed to internalize all of the trauma and abuse he experience in his childhood, and it’s only worsened with his Dr. prescribing anxiety medicines on top of the antidepressants he was taking. How can I help my children to ground themselves and protect themselves? My son is 7 and my daughter is 4, I’m not sure how much time I can get them to focus and meditate.

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  31. I am an out and out Empath and I’ve only discovered this. My sister is one also and she called me yesterday to tell me to research it myself and if I resonated with any of the points then I could be part Empath etc. But I am beyond relieved that she called and to have this information, seriously. I have had 3 relationships in my life and all 3 have been with Narcissistic Men and I became completely intolerant of them, I was in, I was out, I was in, I was out. I am a wagon for my space. I would rather be single than attached. And I have always been that way. And now I know why. I qualified in Reiki but knew I would never work with people in that respect. I didn’t want the responsibility of it. I wanted it more for myself. The first time I ever experienced Reiki it was done by my sister, and I’d say I hadn’t relaxed in about 15 years and it was the most amazing amazing feeling to be worked on, feeling the heat from her hands and ending up a blissful state. This made me want to learn about it but only for myself and my kids. Even though I had people asking me to work on them, I just wouldn’t do it. I am also qualified in Holistic Therapies and I worked at this for a while but only because I was offered a job doing it, my interest in it was totally about emotions, how they get trapped, how they become dangerous and toxic etc. Because I had a feeling that I wasn’t myself at certain times in my life and I said this to trusted people, I feel like I am the other person and the symptoms brought on by that are excruciating. I do have a knowing but it’s not quite fully attuned yet. There are things that I’ve known in the moment and it’s often only afterward that I would stop and say how the hell did I know that?

    I am the person that brings their own car if attending a function or a night out. My tolerance is very low for crowded pubs or night clubs, I can go for a certain amount of time and then I have to go. And there is no talking me out of it. If someone starts to tell me something very negative about their lives or their thoughts I feel a terror inside that makes me want to bolt and I have done that so many times over the years. I have very little tolerance of negativity. I haven’t read a newspaper since 1994. I don’t watch the television and I find when it’s on I feel exhausted by it. And it doesn’t matter what’s on it. I will watch DvD’s for example because I know that I am the one putting the disc in, I know what’s on it. I cannot STAND clutter. I have left rented houses fully decorated with my own stuff instead of taking the stuff with me. I feel weighed down by it. And it doesn’t bother me to do that even if it means temporarily I wont have something. Other people have looked at me like I am a nutcase. And I cannot stand being in a friends house for example that’s cluttered, untidy or dark. Light is very important, I have to have a certain amount of daylight to even feel normal. I am also very sensitive to the weather. I know when thunder and lightening is afoot. I feel desperate in prolonged periods of low cloud or any cloud. I tend to over eat in that type of weather. The summer is where it’s at for me, where I can be in un-restrictive clothes, flip flops and able to walk barefoot on the grass or sink my feet into the sand. I actually prefer animals to humans. Not all humans obviously but I would think nothing of spending a night in with an animal and acknowledging to myself and the animal just how wonderful it was lol.

    I am also very creative and rebelled ridiculously in school because of it. I constantly challenged the teachers on what the relevance was of algebra or pythagarous thereom for example in the adult world if I didn’t want to become a Mathematician orrrr a Scientist orrr an Engineer. I had very little patience also for History. I wanted to know what the hell relevance was neanderthal man or the battle of feckin where ever that took place at dawn, between Lord Farquar and Lord Winston the 2nd, on 4th of March 1762, where 7,538 men were slaughtered, 62 survived and 100 of them lost an arm or a leg or both and this was all because of some fair maiden wench they both wanted to marry because she had a savage castle and whopping cleavage. (which is made up obviously) Why exactly did we have memorize these irrelevant facts. What use were they? They clogged the brain. And why couldn’t people learn this stuff outside of school if they were into it. I felt the exact same about Irish (Gaelic) and Religion. (which I also rebelled against, hugely, and I still am to this day.) I wanted to be a choreographer and they dismissed me consistently as a ‘dreamer’. Needless to say I was always in trouble. Look at the world in the past 30 years, it’s ALL been about ‘dancing’. aaargh but anyway. My whole family are very creative, all of us can sing, dance, play instruments and draw, I am the only that can’t play an instrument, I was too busy watching Michael Jackson dancing and learning his routines to within an inch of their life to be learning an instrument. It was very serious business.

    My gut is where I feel everything. Everything ends up in there and everything starts from there. I have most certainly taken on peoples emotions and I’ve also taken on their thoughts and their physical ailments. I have suffered a lot from this. A LOT. I have often sat on a train or a bus or the station, which is rare now because I drive, but in the past people would sit beside me and immediately start waffling about their lives and it didn’t matter what age they were or what gender. I was usually given a good bit of their life history before I even got on the train or bus. I hardly ever heard a word they said all I would be thinking about is how the hell am I going to avoid this person sitting beside me when I get on the bus or the train. It would feel like they might as well have been mugging me or robbing me, because silence and daydreaming is for train journeys when you’re deliberately on your own, well, that’s me anyway. I would be in the loo until a sufficient amount of time went by and then I’d come out and go in the opposite direction lol, with regards to a bus I’d end up just saying it to them. I couldn’t stick the thought of them robbing me of my silence!

    I am open to being in an open crowd as long as I know exactly how to get to my car, where it’s parked and that no one starts insisting that I stay. The only time ever that I genuinely didn’t give a hoot nanny about being in a crowd was seeing Michael Jackson live in Cork, Pairc Ui Choaimh 88. I made my way to the front. There was no way that I was going to be in that stadium and not be able to see him. This was at a time where it was awesome to be at a concert. They were building pyramids in the middle of the crowd and the atmosphere was nothing short of spectacular. Serious positivity going on. None of this ridiculous crap the security go on with at concerts now a days. But I did feel a seriously strong surge of energy when he was just about to start. and I thought I was going to pass out. But I held it together and got battered and bruised, but who cares, it was worth it. He was amazing. Amazing. (and gorgeous too lol)

    Is rambling verbally a sign of an Empath? lol

    I just wanted to say a few things and even if no one reads it, its off my chest and I am grateful.


  32. I am so grateful for finding this article, and reading through all the comments. I scored 28 out of 30, minus eating meat/fish, and I LOVE vintage. I found a lot of commenters excluded this as well. I believe that is because vintage furniture can carry positive energy, and personally I believe furniture in particular was made a little better in past years than it is now. I agree with a previous comment about selectively choosing furniture using your intuition.
    I have a few things to add:
    1) I agree about the difficulty in relationships, and feel that it is absolutely essential to set boundaries in a love relationship, and listen closely to your intuition.
    2) I have noticed (along with others) that my energy field interferes with electronics. I can’t wear a watch of any kind, my cell phones always have inexplicable problems, if I had a dollar for every time someone said “oh weird, it’s never done that before” referring to a malfunctioning device in my presence.
    3) I have worked with animals and children, and have a calming effect on both.
    4) I want to address the comments regarding raising your vibration level and tapping into large enough energy fields to take on the scope of negativity, etc. As empaths, it’s very important to understand that we are connected to a much larger entity besides ourselves, and not rely on our own understanding here. I feel it is very dangerous to assume we can “take on” other’s problems and try to heal others with our own abilities alone. The power that made us is the power that heals us, and that is where we should ask for guidance and to be used as an instrument for God to work through. It is my opinion that these are God given gifts, rather than a product of our own skill or knowledge.

    I thought for a very long time I had undeveloped psychic abilities, but never really fit into the normal categories. “I just know things” really fits.

  33. Wow! All of these are so accurate it’s scary! I do seem to ‘absorb’ other people’s feelings and emotions. Although I think I am very unprotected when it comes to those emotions hurting me. According to this excess weight helps protect you. I am pretty underweight so I think I am not safe. I don’t know…

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  35. I too relate to most things on this post, especially feeling overwhelmed by being around too many people and having a strong intuition. But as far as #28, I love to buy antiques! I love thinking and ‘feeling’ about the person who had the item before me, their lives, who they loved, what the item meant to them. I’m an avid antiquer and I’ve never had a problem picking up something and feeling anything negative from it.

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  37. Hi!
    I’m not sure if I’m an empath or not. I relate to more than half the points on this list. I can relate very well with people, instantly know what they are hiding, how they feel, what their insecurities are, etc. I don’t feel like I absorb others ’emotions, though. I know how to reassure and comfort people really well, even when everyone else tried and failed. I know when I’m in danger, I have this intuition that screams: “Something is not right!”. When I don’t follow it, something happens to me. Does this happen to other people?
    There is this thing too. It only happened two times in my life, but somehow people came to talk to me and I could feel how they felt about me, as if their emotions were tangible, as if they had a color and a smell. It’s really weird. (They were negative emotions: hatred and jealousy)
    The people I asked told me it’s normal, but is it? Am I an empath? Can you enlighten me?

    • Yes, I was sitting in a train and I felt an overwhelming panic to move seats. Within seconds after I moved a rock came through the window and would have hit me in the head, that feeling saved my life.

  38. I relate to almost everything on this list, but sometimes I just feel that I’m crazy so I never tell anyone about believing I’m an empath. I was always able to feel the energy of the room I’m in or the person I’m talking to, if the person or place has a bad energy it makes me feel really uncomfortable and I just want to stay away. I have the tendency of not getting too close to people because I just feel drained, so I don’t really have any friends. Anyway, I am really really scare of just being completely insane. How can I be sure if I am really an empath and not just crazy? Your article helped a lot, but I’m afraid of believing in what my heart says. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like my heart says one thing and my head another, and in the end I just end up confused, lost and miserable.

    • Fernanda I feel like your comment resonated with me – it’s hard to take on the new concept of being an empath especially in today’s society when we are saturated with what’s normal and measurable and scientific. I don’t think you’re crazy, and if it helps to come to terms with being an empath you don’t have to think of it as this mystical, supernatural thing, just a particular way you’re hardwired to be. When you think about sociopaths being one end of the spectrum and not being able to feel or emote for others, empaths can be on the other end, very wired to emotion and so good at reading other people’s feelings and situations and feeling for them you actually internalise them yourself. This has helped me start to accept what is happening is real, I hope it will help you. It’s not really fun – I really, really struggle to separate my feelings from the emotions of others and have to work on ‘grounding techniques’ – but I think if you stop thinking you’re crazy and just accept that everyone perceives the world around them differently and your perception is more intuitive than a lot of others you’ll be okay. It is really hard I know – the heart and the head at war leaves a lot of confusion for sure.
      Best of luck, hope you find the peace you’re looking for. x

    • I know how you feal, I have no one as well, but I’m OK with it now, if you need to talk I’m on Facebook .

  39. Good blog this is, seems to be grabbing the empaths all over the world to congregate.

    All of you should try Natrum Mur 30 C (homeopathic remedy). I’ve noticed it help empaths greatly. Will def help you if you are a person who craves salt.

    Do you all know how to clear yourselves?

    Do you all know that you’re allowed to have fun with your gift? IE making yourself invisible to traffic cops?

    Do you all know why so many empaths are being activated?

    Rub 2 drops of Essential oil of lavender under your nose before bed. There’s another survival technique. You will thank me for this tip 🙂

    I’ll check back here and see your answers to my questions.

    “Fly high above the clouds, where the arrows cannot reach you…”


    • I’m so new with this gift, or finally knowing this is why..I only found out yesterday and now see and understand what I’ve known my whole life..now…how to use,deal, and learn more is what I need..so please if you could point me in the directions of great information ..I would be so grateful..after having my aura read it was determined I am a emotional empath.. Thanks..

    • I would like to know your secrets. There are so many places I don’t fit in and want to. So many people I want to know and can’t get close. A life to live and I can’t. Tell me…how

    • Archangel, I am interested in the answers to the questions you present. Do you have a website or blog….or the even just the answers? Thank you for the suggestions.

    • Archangel- I do not know how to clear myself. Very interested to read what you have to say on this particular subject. I do a lot of visualization techniques currently.
      P.S. My skills with avoiding local law enforcement is one of my specialties!

    • I’ve always been drawn to and calmed by lavender. I find that interesting.

      I also enjoy salt, so I’ll be checking out your recommendation and then commenting on here about it. Because I do worry about shams….I’ve been through enough of them. I know that all of you understand.

      My problem is that I tend to be gullible and to not protect myself. I let people vent to me and walk all over me like a rug. However, whenever I try to assert myself or build boundaries, I feel guilty. Like cutting out my feelings is a bad thing. But I’m trying to learn that’s what everybody (“normal people”) does and I don’t need to hold myself to a higher standard than them. I can just do what little I can, as a teacher, to reach my students on the inside, and that is enough. I have a hard time with setting boundaries, though. Anyone else?

  40. This makes more and more sense the more I read about it. The thing that prompted me to look up empathy was the realisation that I was being influenced by the negativity and positivity of people around me – when I was talking to my friend about it, we said I was “impressionable”, but that word really didn’t sit right with me. I have strong thoughts and opinions and I thought it really strange to describe myself as impressionable, especially in the context of emotion, because it’s not really being impressionable if I’m attuned to emotion. I’ve been thinking about it ever since and today, for some reason, I thought of the empath idea from sci-fi/fantasy literature and wondered if it was based on anything real. Now I find so many answers (thank you internet!). The more I read, the more it makes sense (even things like the lower back pain!! Which has just started in my new, very tumultuous and draining workplace). While a part of me wants to be skeptical, I can’t help thinking about how I’ve always cried reading the names of babies on tombstones, or how even advertisements on television make me upset, and I realise so much of it rings true. I know now I need to work on controlling these traits so as not to be negatively affected by people any more because I was very miserable for a long time and I don’t want to keep taking on the negative energy of others. Thank you so much for this resource, I will definitely look through the rest of the site for more info and tips. THANK YOU!

    • I am grateful for having empathetic traits…I cannot explain it it was just something naturally born in me since day one. Everything I see, touch, listen, smell etc..is powerful to me and being in tune with my surroundings helps immensely. My senses are heightened and emotionally I can be all over the place at the drop of a dime..I always had that secretive feeling in me, the feeling of being original and true, the feeling of taking on life with powerful energy, powerful intuition and insight.

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    • Hi Tina,

      Sorry for late reply. I have very little free time to reply to comments at the moment.

      Please read through the the posts on this blog. There are lots of tips and tools to help you deal with being a Sensitive. It is a difficult path to walk but there are many ways to help yourself.

      Also, it is a good idea to read through the comments where other readers have shared their stories. There are links to Empath groups and other websites in them that may help you too.

      You probably feel very alone at this time but believe me you are not. You may not believe this, because you don’t feel it, but you are very strong and you will get through this…

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  43. On a lark, I had a tarot card reading this past weekend while on vacation. Before the reading, she held my hands so she could get a sense of me. She described me to a T — some of the things being that I was highly sensitive, was very empathetic and truly knew what other people were feeling around me. She also said I had a lot of frenetic energy. I didn’t really understand what she meant by frenetic energy so I googled it and something about “empaths” popped up. In reading about it and the 30 traits above, I’d say I have the majority of them and have always been that way. I can’t say I feel people’s physical pain — just their emotions. And media violence doesn’t bother me unless it happens to a child or animal. I also don’t think I take anyone’s feelings on as my own. I don’t have this all the time and with all people. But I do have it sometimes with people that are miles away from me. I especially have it with my cat who I’ve had for 18 years. I talked to my mom about all this and it was no surprise to her – she’s had this her whole life, although she does take the feelings on as her own sometimes to her detriment.

    Having said all that, does it sound like I’m an empath? If so, I’d like to develop that ability. Any suggestions?

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  45. Hmmmm quite interesting. I’ve always known I was an empath from the pain level (I feel other’s physical pain, feel other’s emotional pain) and sensitivity to emotion, stress, etc, very spiritual and sensitive to otherworldly things but never realized the “knowing” was a part of it. Any time I’ve tried to explain it to someone, I liken it to the bible’s gift of discernment. Sometimes I will meet someone and immediately “know” their story regardless of never having met or heard of them. I’ve always known, without doubt, when people (especially family/close friends) are lying to me. These abilities have lessened… perhaps because the prime deception in my life is gone and my kids are adults (I can still call them out but it’s much less important)

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  47. Thank you for this post. I can relate to almost everything on this list. Since finding these traits, it is as if my whole life makes sense.

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  49. I can relate to EVERY SINGLE one of your list. I can especially relate to the KNOWING as you call it and the ability to sense an untruth, which can get very frustrating when you know a couple of compulsive liars like I do.
    I’ve never known these abilities to be called an ‘Empath’ until I read this article so it’s quite good to finally have a name for it.
    I also experience a few more things that are not listed;
    I believe I can MAKE things happen that others would think was impossible. You could say, it’s similar to the knowing ability but it feels a little different, like I can WILL a decision onto someone, especially if there is a lot of emotion/consequence attached to that decision. I can do this even if I haven’t met that person face to face.
    I can sense other peoples memories and feel the emotion associated with it. For example, if I am watching a movie, I can sense if a scene is taken from the writers memory. Hard to explain.
    I can remember moments from past lives I’ve had in almost every era of civilization. One memory is from a spiritually advanced human race that got wiped out a long time ago. I can actually remember the moments leading up to the end of this civilization where a group of women attempted to prevent the disaster from happening by using their spiritual energetic powers but they failed to stop it.
    I have a very strong energetic connection to all vibrations around me. If I am in bed and the house is silent, if there is a slight noise or disturbance, I will see a flash of light and feel a clicking sound at the EXACT same moment. It’s weird and I can’t really explain it better than that.
    Finally, and by far the most significant thing for me is I have a very powerful vibration inside my body that is suppressed. Occasionally, this vibration comes to the surface but rapidly disappears again. I know I couldn’t handle the full vibration at the moment but I believe my sub-conscious is training my body to handle it. If I meditate, I can bring it to the surface but it’s far too overwhelming for me to sustain it for long. It’s an energetic vibration that is so powerful, I’m sure it would translate into a physical vibration if it’s fully released. I still have no idea what this vibration is and it is a little bit scary but I’m just going to inspect it slowly over time and eventually I will learn what it is and why I have it. I have asked many people if they experience this and nobody else has. If anyone reading this, knows what it is, I’d love to hear from you.

  50. Im wondering if anyone can help me? I have suspected i am an empath for a while now as i have seen websites like these before.

    I tick all but about 4 of the points above. But lately, as i have been trying to control my emotions and what i feel i have noticed a sense of hyper awareness, i notice things in a room and around the room that no on else would think to look at. I have also had what i have been told was an out of body experience where i felt like i was moving really fast and everything else slow and foggy and my view of events wasn’t quite from my eyes.

    Also the more i notice things the harder it gets to sleep. I used to need about 10 hours sleep a night to re charge and about 5 hours alone time a day. But now i seem to prefer to be around people and im luck if my mind lets me get 4 hours sleep a night. Is this normal while i develop things and is there anything i can do to get more sleep? is it because im not getting enough alone time to process anything?

    Finally for the last 5 years at least i have often heard a high pitched noise (like an old CRT TV being turned on) in my left ear only. I have recently been told this could be my spirit guide and i should ask him to speak quietly so i can understand. How do i do this ?

    I hope someone can help and i hope someone else will find this post useful.

    Any advice appreciated.

    R x

  51. Thank you for this. I can relate to almost everything on the list. 🙂

    When I was in high school,I was speaking with a friend who was angry at someone at that time and I felt her anger as if I was also angry to that person who did nothing to me and I remember describing myself as a “thermometer”. That was ten years ago when I didn’t know anything about empaths.

    Anyway, most of the time when I tell someone about this ’empath stuff’, they don’t get me,even when I try to explain it to them carefully so I shrug it off and finish the conversation with something like “yup, I’m just weird” and it’s really frustrating…


  52. About 90% of the listed traits describe me perfectly. I’ve been this way for 63 years — all my life. I’ve never eaten meat, ever, and about 20 years ago I finally stopped watching TV as it became more and more difficult to watch. I remember the turning point … it was the public shaming, confrontation, violence and ridicule on a new show called “Jerry Springer”…it shook me to my very core. The same with newspapers … just too much violence, negativity, and lies!

    My one and only sibling, a sister just 2 years older (and we are very close) does not understand, nor believe, after all of these years!! When younger, I would verbalize things to her and she would scoff and say,… “You’re such a melancholy baby” or “you always think you know what someone’s thinking”, or “you’re just so emotional”, or “…that’s just the Russian in you”, etc.

    To avoid insult or misunderstanding, I learned to keep it a secret. I am so glad to see the secret is out and listed above in support of all of us who fall in this category.

  53. This list is amazing. I was writing a post about HSPs a couple of days ago and then I stumbled upon your blog and realized I was talking mostly about the traits of empaths. Bravo! Thank you for enlightening me.

  54. Hello my name is Nathaniel, I have just discovered that there is a thing for this today. I have struggled with almost all of these symptoms all my life. I confided to my mother today that for some reason I can literally feel other people’s emotions, and attitudes. She said this is a psychic thing. Which I believe in, but have never felt the need to be involved with. If anybody here can help me with this in anyway I would be eternally grateful, as I can’t really put my life story here.



    god bless


  55. I guess this means i’m an empath. is this a psychic ability, or just a personality trait? if this is a supernatural ability, how can we use this to our advantage? how can we apply this to our daily lives? it’s so receptive that I wonder how I can actually use this gift. answers?

    • Hi Michael,
      Welcome to the club! For me being an Empath is not about using my gift for my advantage, it’s about being of service to others. You need to sort out how to switch off and develop your gift(s) – Empathy is not normally the only one you’ll discover you are blessed with and there are several different types of Empathy too.
      I strongly recommend reading Rose Rosetree’s “Empowered by Empathy” first, then move on to the others. She literally turned my life around and I have learned to be in control of my Empathy and concentrate on how I feel instead of being bombarded by everyone elses feelings!
      The day you get a blast of someone who is truly happy and in love will be such a memorable experience that you’ll be able to pull on that feeling to help you deal with the ones who aren’t.
      You’ll also learn how to cleanse your Aura of all the “Stuff” that sticks to you from other people in “How to become the most Important Person in the Room”, and even if you decide that using your gift isn’t for you this is something that’s vital for maintaining your sense of you and spiritual well being.
      As you gain greater control you’ll find your experiences grow in richness and will be able to instinctively help people feel better, without hanging onto any negativity – It’s theirs NOT yours!
      Anyway, I hope you find this useful and I wish you the best of the very best on your journey back to you.

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  59. I have just learned that there is a name for my lifelong experiences! I got 29/30 (I like second-hand things). My husband and myself simply cannot believe how well this list describes me – everything from the higher connection with nature and creative talents to the confessions of strangers and my utter inability to understand cruelty.
    Thank you so much for your article; I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and that, actually, there is nothing wrong with me. I have been to therapists, hypnotherapists, naturopaths, homeopaths – you name it – in an attempt to change certain things about myself and/or discover why I’m always tired and emotional. I now realise that this is just how I am; I can’t help it any more than I can help having green eyes.

    • Hi you guys,
      I’ve read some of the threads below and I know exactly how you feel about the weight being lifted off your shoulders when finding out you’re an Empath. It happened for me about 15 years ago, and I struggled up until that point on a daily basis not knowing if I was coming or going emotionally!
      I was introduced to a set of self help books for Empaths by a lady called Rose Rosetree and haven’t looked back since. This lady has taught me how to switch off and be in control of my gifts so I can help others and myself in a much more productive and safer manner. I’ve pasted a link so you can see for yourselves, and highly recommend Empowered By Empathy………


      It’s a great comfort knowing I’m not on my own and I wish you all the best of the very best with your Empathy – It doesn’t have to be a curse, you have it for a reason, I hope you can all embrace it and turn it into something positive.
      Blessings and many happy thoughts to you all :o)

    • I too have constantly thought my whole life that there is something wrong with me! This weight off your shoulders is EXACTLY what I am feeling also! It’s one of the most enlightening things I have ever come across (besides discovering my love of massage therapy – a healing therapy, of course, about a year ago.) This is AMAZING and I am soooo finally happy I have an explanation for always holding my stomach, always being moody, always needing to know the unknown, constantly finding myself without energy, and so much more that I have never been able to explain. Most importnatnly I always wondered why I found used items just very weird! This is such an eye opening website and I am so thankful to have found it! I only wish I had found this so much sooner. Thank you so much!

    • I can relate to your post so very much. I like “certain” second-hand items too, but I do have to feel this sense of a good connection with them. I have picked up on bad vibes from some and have to stay aways from some, but there are many second-hand things that have good vibes and some I have to embrace those (which I always thought was odd and never really shared this before).

      I think that we felt there was something wrong with how we feel things because there are so few people out there that are like us and we try to discover why we are the way we are, but, I agree with your post ~ we cannot help how we are, anymore that we can help what eye color we have. (Thank you for writing your post!)

      I am so overwhelmed with joy to have found this list too ~ I am teary-eyed that there are so many people that have this connection.


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  61. 29/30 traits. Like many others, the only one that doesn’t fit is the antique/vintage – but I probably feel them out without even knowing it. I thought everybody was like me, until about 10 years ago. It was quite a shock to realize others can’t do what I can do. But I only recently learned of the term “empath” to describe my traits. I remember my favorite Star Trek episode when I was a kid (the original) was entitled “The Empath”. It just devastated me. I felt so bad for the empath! You fellow empaths might want to check it out, as I think you will completely relate to the empath (named Gem):


  62. I feel many of the things listed here. I’m 18, I have suffered greatly with panic attacks and IBS since I was very young (6). Other people simply fascinate me. I feel as if there is a constant amount of energy around me all the time, that I have trouble focusing on and reading. Alone time, especially in nature is very helpful. I want to become a nurse to help people. But as I have thought about this longer, I am unsure this is the proper path for me. The stress and the pain of others, it could overwhelm me. I would usually put myself second, but I cannot risk panic attacks on the job. When I see people, I see so much more than just their outward person. It’s like I see their feelings, experience their breathing and see through their eyes. People have always told me I give the appearance and behavior of someone who has everything under control, which I find amusing since I feel the exact opposite. I love nothing more than for people to talk about their feelings with me, it makes me feel relaxed and I can focus. It’s like I avoid the small talk and I am able to, well, empathize very directly. Am I an empath? and what do you think I can do to help with my anxiety? I have tried meditation but I’m not very good at it (and I don’t have a lot of time). I am very drawn to developing countries, it is where I want to work. Do you think nursing is the right path for me?
    I really enjoyed your article, it was very insightful.

    • Hi Maggie,

      The best thing I have found to combat anxiety is exercise. For me, all forms of yoga work. Also, avoiding stimulants, such as caffeine, social situations and certain people who can trigger anxiety. Keeping a journal helps with this and enables you to see a pattern between your anxiety and possible causes.

      When finding your chosen career path you should follow your heart, what feels right for you. There are some Empath’s who struggle being around pain and suffering and find they take too much of it on themselves. But that will not be the case for everyone, we are all unique in our own ways.

      Hope this helps and thanks for sharing.

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  64. I find all this very compelling, perhaps an answer to what im going through. I work as a home health care worker and work around many clients who are feeling poorly, physically and emotionally. I have always been very well liked by all my clients, they always welcome me and i find that many of them say the same thing to me; “Ive never shared that with anyone before.” It is very rewarding to hear that, but also sometimes i feel very drained by the what they share. I realized after taking a few months off that perhaps i am taking on these emotions of my clients. I have felt ok, being home, but now that I am back at work I have felt absolutely miserable and almost despondent. I have always dealt with depression, and all those traits seem to be me. Any insight on working in the health care industry and being an empath? Especially going into people’s homes, where their energy and aura is the strongest?

  65. no we are not at all like that or are we?If we (empaths) aren’t careful arrogance can sometimes sneak up on us and help us to be what we hate.Also the whole needing to be special thing I believe we all(mankind) want that.Some of us whether empath or not need ,almost require confirmation that we are special, different, unlike most others!Being an empath is special- especially difficult to figure it all out, to cope with all! With time and being patient, a lot of research, meditation it got easier to cope with but, the bad is always equal to the good- yes I am an empath, I am special, I do have talents and abilities(God given!) I do require constant confirmation and the need to feel special, wanted, needed and different- mostly stem from my childhood.All I know is being an empath is a constantly tiring, it takes a lot out of me and I am as bad as I am good-

    • Stephen, I hear what you are saying. I am 51 years old and I hope my life experience has given insight where being an empath has not. Everyone is special in their own way. If people take on airs that being an empath is more special than someone’s else’s gifts, then that is their ego speaking. I remember my mother asking me when I was a teenager, “Why can’t you be like your sisters?” The old soul in me then knew then that was an ignorant question. But being an empath, I understood the disconnect and didn’t blame her for how she felt. No parent wants the “odd-ball” child. If we need constant confirmation as adults, that is a result of parents not giving we as children the validation we needed as a child in order to be confident adults now. It’s hard for some parents to give validation to children whom the parents themselves think are odd. The need for validation has nothing to do with being an empath. We are as human as everyone else and can be afflicted with all the personality and behavior disorders as everyone else – some of which are listed in those 30 traits. I hate to say this, but I feel a lot of this in reading some of the posts on this page. There is a human need to be accepted – to be part of a group. Read Eckerd Tolle’s book, A New Earth and you will gain some understanding why you are tired.

  66. just learned that I am an empath, and appreciate now having all of you as guides to discovering what this means for me. So much has been “unexplained” until now…I get what I call “sensory overload” and feel things intensely…when others can’t. I have had experiences in cemeteries, old or historical places… which I am drawn to, that have been powerful, both positive and negative…and “know” things about what has happened there before being told.
    I have been in medical/Psych services most all of my life, and found that I had to leave certain jobs because of the intense drain I feel. I want to help, and am now on the path to finding what my calling is for the highest good. One of the things I love and am good at is writing, and have longed to pursue that since I was about six.
    I am now pursuing a separation and divorce, because I have felt strongly (and for many other reasons) that though my spouse is a wonderful person, he is not the right one for my soul. Oddly, it was he, who through a discussion about me with a friend, suggested that I am an Empath. I reconnected with an old friend months ago who may also be an empath, and our discussions have been at such a deep soul level, a gut-knowing honesty and truth, I can’t imagine ever being without this person in my life again.
    Do empaths draw to each other (they must! here we are!) and is that positive for two to be together?
    I thank you all for sharing and look forward to learning what this journey of light will bring… peace to all!

  67. Diana,
    I have always been a bit of an Empath but for the most part most of the physical stuff was dormant. This year it too a mind of its own and I can feel my friend’s pain clear across the country. From Florida to Calif. The pain varies by who is around me too. Sometimes it bugs me not knowing who I’m healing.

    I guess what bugs me the most is not being able to know who is using me and not being able to block it once it happens.

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  69. Hello everyone.

    In response to a few posts, there is an energy that we all carry inside and it goes by many different names. For me this is Chi. It is this energy that draws people to us or pushes people away. You feel it in others positive or negative, from near or far,  it connects us to all that is living. For me, it is by this energy I receive my strength, abilities and my protection. I spent time to feel it to move it to control it. This I use as a shield when I am becoming overwhelmed. Allows me to block out that around me along with being able to extend beyond my own body. Is what protects me when I am healing another or around pure negativity.

     Peace, Love & Harmony

  70. Every point besides one described my feelings and experiences other than eating meat is vital to my diet. Reading the posts on this page make me think I’m looking in the wrong place to find the answers I desire. I guess I’m writing this post as a hope to some answers. I want to learn a benefit or a way to subdue it other than substances.

    • Hi Confused,

      There are many posts and pages on this blog with techniques that are aimed at helping the Highly Sensitive deal with their gift. In fact, the many techniques written about/tried will be beneficial to most people, sensitive or not.

      I hope you have a look through and find something that may help. It all tends to be very much trial and error. What works for one won’t always for another.

    • Hello Confused,

      I just spent a couple hours reading information about Empaths at About.com in their Holistic Healing section. Many individuals have supplied suggestions there to center yourself using meditation, crystals, Reiki, chakra healing, visualization therapy – imagining a protective light. I have tried some of these. I have found that being out in nature has helped me – off the beaten path unpaved trails, forests or large gardens where few people go – but still where there is no pavement to walk on or have your feet on if you sit down. I tried local walking/biking/jogging trails but these feel to me to have residual energy even if I go at a time when I physically don’t see another human being. Sit out at night and look up at the stars. Go camping so you are outside for an extended period of time. Go to the beach. Being in or near water. Go swimming. Don’t spend any extended amount of time with people who don’t feel good to be around. I, too, will be looking for more strategies. I’m noticing my abilities are getting stronger as I get older.

      • everything much more consistent too? like the clairvoyance or the intensity of the heat flowing out of my hands? What about how at one time I would pull pain out of others using a pulling motion with my hands- that technique doesn’t work very well anymore- actually causes the pain to intensify! – now I take the pain away by giving the healing energy only instead of taking the negative and giving the positive.Anything like that? I hope you or someone else have very similar things happening so I know.

      • Hello Stephen,

        This is the second replay I’m writing to your response. If you get the first one, disregard, because I accidently posted it before I was done writing.

        I feel you have more of healing gift. Though we are told we all can heal. Research hands-on healing. When my son was a baby he was critically ill in the hospital and wasn’t getting any better. My neighbor was from England and she had been trained in various disciplines and could feel spirits. She told me to put my hand on his stomach and imagine a flow of light energy into him. I only did this for about 5 minutes. When I went in to visit him the next day he was out of intensive care and they were baffled as to why he had gotten well. I didn’t tell them what I had done. I think you are right, Instead of trying to rid pain from others, you need to send wellness. Pain is an effect of the illness and not the illness itself. Sending energy to others gives their body what it needs to heal itself.

        There is a Shumei center in my area that practices Jyorei, which is a healing art that uses the waving of hands to send healing light energy. I am going to look into this myself to see if it can get rid of some negative energy I have picked from others.

      • Thanks for your response and WOW! the waving of hands! I didn’t know there was a name for but I did notice(by accident) that I can wave my hands over where I hurt and the pain goes away almost instantly!And yes I have no problems believing what you did for your son.Thank you for direction- the info. you give me.Seems that all this is not too new to you.? How can someone like me make a difference- how can I help others? I just don’t know how to begin? afraid I guess.

  71. Well it seems that not only do I pick up what is around me but what is miles away from me! My lower back started hurting out of nowhere last night. It felt like I had been hit with a baseball bat. I texted 1 of my employees to see if they were having problems at home because my back hurt. She said no but she had just told her husband to move because he was watching TV with his head laying on the small of her back and it was hurting her. I don’t know why I am so connected with this person. She is in an abusive relationship and I have actually felt her pain in areas where she has been hit or slapped.
    Has anyone else experienced this with a particular person?

    • yes my mother got hep b from food and i had every symptom and I was no where around her nor did i know she was sick

    • Hello again Diana, yes I have had this experience often. I can’t speak for others but for me this is a sign that this is the person I am to help. The bond allows me to have knowledge of the other with out being told by them. Allows me to walk with them on their journey and assist, guide and sometimes lead them where they need to go. Gives us greater understand as we assist those we are called upon help.Talk to them and let your gift guide you. You will discover amazing things along the way. This gift we are granted and the path it takes us is a truly wondrous and remarkable blessing. Peace, Love & Harmony

    • yes. I feel the pain of those I’m close with – strangers also but I don’t usually feel physical right away – only if I am physically close to them for at least 2 or 3 minutes and I can always see the black negative energy right where they hurt or have medical issues in their body. Blows my mind every time! This is the needing confirmation I referred to in an earlier post.Just so hard to fathom the very idea that I can know something as personal as a woman that can’t have children- scares me sometimes!Sometimes this is all WAY too much to cope with!! Yes Diana I get it.

  72. This really explains a lot about how I feel when I’m around ppl, and so many other unexplained things that happen to me. It’s great to finially have something to explain I’m not crazy!!

  73. Thanks everyone for the well wishes! I’m so glad that I found this site. It is so good to be able to coverse with people who understand.

  74. I very recently discovered that I am an empath. I honestly didn’t know my weird behavior had a name and their are others just like me. I feel relieved after reading this article and scared to tell even those closest to me. Every single thing on here hit the nail on the head. I didn’t have to question anything. I kind of feel the need to completely embrace it, but it can be so heavy on my system. I’m glad there is a reason for this weight gain and it makes sense considering I’ve been noticing empathic qualities getting stronger and stronger.

  75. The universe is a magical place.
    My girlfriend told me she’s an empath and I had no real understanding what that was. I’m laying here in bed and was looking for an answer here you are
    And there’s a comment below from someone else with the same name.
    Thanks universe;)

  76. Wow i don’t know if it’s destiny that brought me to this or what, but 28 traits of this I feel perfectly bonded to, lately, when I had a urge or feel to find some answers, that now I’ve found, now I can see things a little bit better, clearly……

    As I read this and when I started to feel identified with this I felt dizzy, like moving from one side to the other, left, right, left, right, like an energy in my head craving to come out I don’t know and it didn’t feel bad necessarily why is that?

    Thank you so much you have no idea about how this made my day happy as I’m not longer that confused and feel more relaxed now!

    Greetings, love, peace, and positive vibes to you all!

  77. My gift was passed down through generations of women on my mothers side. I never new really what was happening while growing up. I was raised by my fathers’ parents and never knew my mother until I was grown. People have always been drawn to me like a magnet. Mostly needy people. These people would open up and tell me their life stories like they had known me for years even though we may be standing in line at the grocery store. I have never liked crowds and have had anxiety attacks in the middle of a crowded Walmart. I felt like I had to run and get away. I left my basket in the middle of the isle and fled to the safety of my car. The only time I
    am really at peace is when I’m alone with my animals. Not only do I feel the emotions of humans but I feel animal emotions too. Sick and injured animals seek me out and always find their way to my house. If I pass by an animal that is dead beside the road I will have pain in areas of my body. I can also feel emotions of objects and places (i. e. A house that is sad). I heal animals but only recently tried healing on a person. I took on their pain and disease and am currently under a Dr’s care for it. I am currently trying to learn to protect myself before I try to heal anyone again. It’s an interesting journey but not a pleasant one at times.

    • You may want to look at the chi healing done by Chinese Chi Masters. There is a process to be followed after. As a healer you need to purge out the bad energy so you willnot be affected by it.

      I am sad to hear that you are ill and I pray for your fast recovery.

      Peace, Love & Harmony

      • Thanks Al I am doing much better now. Its been almost 3 weeks since I did the healing. I am definitely reading everything I can about protecting myself. I’m a little afraid to try healing again but maybe this will pass after a while. I want to be able to help people.

      • I am so happy to hear you’re doing better and on the mend.
        Body, mind and soul. The 3 parts to all of us. We may not be able to heal the body at times but we can always do our best to try to heal the other two parts

  78. Thank you so much for this. I finally realized as to why I have gone through life on the chubbier side. My upper body and thighs and buttocks have never put on as much weight as my middle has and I could never really understand why. My Mother was an Empath throughout her life and so was my Grand Mother. The eldest of the eldest daughters have this ability in my family. The rest of our family doesn’t really know about this because they are too conformitive. So I have had to hide it for most of my life. Only telling friends and even then I know that less than half of them have actually believed me.

    I suffered from depression for five years from the age of 10 to 15, and this was because I did not know as to why I would suddenly be happy, sad or angry. This used to usually correspond with a person in the area. I thought I was Bi-Polar for the most part. I only started understanding the difference when I used to be by myself. That the emotions were not my own.

    On the creativity aspect of it, I completely agree. I sing, play the piano, guitar and violin and teach music as well. I write, read, explore and it never has to be about a particular subject either. I’m happy with whatever I get my hands on. I can just never face the propect of being bored. I graduated in Psychology this year beacuse I want to know what it is that makes the human being tick, in various facets.

    I also have thought many a time about going through life with no partner because it just doesn’t make any sense. How can you be with a person when you know their emotions towards you better than they do? This has happened on so many occasions. I have sensed the guy’s less-than-honourable intentions and have not hesitated to dump him. Other times, I have turned a blind eye towards the cheating aspect of it and ended up with a truckful of pain, anger and hurt, so much so, that I never want to get into another relationship again.

    When my GrandMother passed away, I was shattered. I had an immediate downward spiral. Went on a cutting spree so that by the end of each day, my legs would resemble bloodied ribbons. At the same time, I also went on a pill popping spree. Used to have about 6 or 8 pain killers a day, under the misguided attempt that it would stop the pain. This went on for about 6-8 months and my best friend finally got me out of it. After another 2 months, a new set of problems arose and I just thought to myself that I couldn’t do it anymore. I made 13 attempts to end my own life and not even one of them were successful. Looking back in retrospect, I think it was God’s Will that I made it out alive. The last attempt on my life I made on my Birthday. I had called up my Mom and told her that I loved her. She being an Empath knew immediately that I was going to take my life. She was in hysterics and told me that in no uncertain terms was I going to die. I had an entire bottle of pain killers and topped it off with a whole bottle of Jack Daniel’s. I woke up in the morning and puked out black gunk. I guess her stubborness saved me.

    When I touch people, I get something like a small shock at my fingertips that travels up my arm. I can immediately sense their emotions and what they are anticipating to do in the future. The first time it ever happened I started crying so badly and I couldn’t even explain what was going on. Over time I managed to control it by repeatedly telling myself that I was not touching people to get to know what they are feeling. I still use it sometimes, when I need to shake the hands of a person who I feel might have some dubious intentions or character traits.

    Strangers offload their problems on me, wanting me to understand and many a time I don’t even know what their names are. At one point of time, I resented it because I felt like everyone used me as their personal emotional dustbin. But now I am more understanding and I know what it is to just want to talk to someone to get the weight off your chest.

    Growing up, I thought that it was really cool being an Empath, like a super power or something. Like I had something that other people hadn’t and that made me special. Over time I identified it more as a curse and less as a gift because I ended up carrying so much emotional baggage around, it wasn’t even funny anymore. Then one day I had an epiphany and understood that being an Empath has it’s positives and negatives as with every other situation in life It’s not that great and it’s not that good either because as with everything, you have to strike a balance within.

    Nowadays, I’m always willing to help and emotionally be there for others but never at my own cost. Afterall, if I cannot take care of myself how can I expect to take care of others around me, known and unknown. I love to listen to people talk about themselves and their problems and I always lend a ear, but if I feel I’m taking too much on, then I cut myself off from the world and take the time to categorize my entire being. I can be by myself for days on end and not feel the need to interact with anyone. It’s not anti-social behaviour, it’s just re-grouping your thought and emotions before setting off to take care of another one of life’s challenges.

    I know that this isn’t much but I hope it helps with other budding Empaths who haven’t understood why they are the way they are, their entire lives. Remember, you are NEVER alone. If people feel that we have the inbuilt radar to listen to their problems, then why should we be alone ourselves?

    Love, Light and Peace to all

    • sometimes i think trying to help people and feeling too much can be as addictive as drugs or alcohol….sometimes i think there is an attachment to identifying oneself as an empath

      • This is a tricky one, indeed. I tend to agree with You,DJ. I like the idea that Justpassingthrough wrote in another article- we have to help ourselves first in order to be able to help others. By ignoring our own problems in life and “muting” them by devoting our time for “saving others”, we actually create more problems, I guess… It doesn’t mean we should become indifferent, not at all! 😀 I believe it’s very important to know the difference between when someone really asks for help and when we feel we “must” help. 😉

    • I haven’t been much of a an “energy” person in the past. I know that I can sense things. My mother can think of an outfit and I would show up wearing the outfit. This would happen daily when I was a kid. I would also have issues with my mom because I think she could sense what I was doing or feeling and would try to guide her agenda on me. My mother hates crowds of people. I feed off the energy if it is a good crowd.

      I have many interests and am happy trying to learn a variety of things. I was always one to be curious about the answer and was disciplined enough to become a physician. At times I have a hard time being a teacher as a physician because I can’t explain why I know what’s wrong with someone–I just know it. I think people perceive me to be really smart but I think I’m just sensing the energy of the patient. I take care of critically ill patients and ones that are often dying.

      I love the ocean and water. I hate clutter and it seems odd to some that I have to clear off counters completely and throw stuff away.

      I recently had an experience where I met someone who clearly had a strong energy. I am married with two kids and have a great life yet that person physically called to me. They didn’t even say much. I think they were like me. I was an eye opener. I have looked for answers to why this was the case and now I feel like I know more.

      I think that I have learned to develop a block to people in order to protect myself. Now that I have figured out that I can do this it is interesting when I talk to family members of critiically ill patients because I can relax them and get them to open up about their family member. I can then walk away from it and get rid of the energy–sometimes.

      I have a friend with mental illness. I love her as a person but avoid getting together with her I guess because she is not someone I want to be around.

    • Happy Child,

      I read the article “30 Traits of an empath” several months ago and it changed my life.
      I never noticed there were comments at the bottom of the article until now.

      Thank you for what you wrote here. I identified with SO much of the specific detail you shared (sensations in my fingertips that allow me
      to feel others feelings, wondering if it’s possible to have one life-long partner whose emotions you understand better than them, and I’m also about to go back to school for Counseling soon!)

      You are a kindred soul. We all are. I hope you will write more here, you’ve got great things to share 🙂

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  80. Reading back my comment I didn’t word some of that well…
    I meant I often feel others pain worse than they *show* it but I can feel it from them.

    My sister often asks why I care so much about others, even those I don’t ‘know’ particularly well. I don’t need to know them inside and out, I still pick up their moods and feelings.

    I wouldn’t like to be so closed off that I have no empathy!

    Its the way I was meant to be xxx

  81. Wow. I could have written this as a list of my traits! I knew I was an Empath – others feelings hurt me more than they do the person involved – BUT I didn’t know these were all part and parcel!
    Its also confirmed what I suspected already – my two eldest son’s (14 and nearly 12) are Empath also.

    Oddly, my eldest son has ADHD and I was *finally* diagnosed with combined ADD/ADHD – I’d say a good few of these traits are found in ADDers (although supposedly taking others feelings on board is hard – not so!)

    I know when people are thinking bad things about me, can feel a lie at a 1,000 paces and wow do I need my space outdoors wherever possible.
    I’m single as I find taking on another’s emotions too much.

    Not *one* of those traits doesn’t apply to me! So glad a friend posted this on my Fb wall – cemented what I already knew but supplemented it as well.

    TY for this amazing blog! I must ground myself more, I know that, and stop taking on so much from others…

    I am proud to be an Empath! L&L x

  82. while reading this, i felt goosebumps all over my body. :O the black is like describing me. all those emotional things, symptoms like ulcers, hyper acidity and back pain, i read further and its like REALLY DESCRIBING ME. my round tummy even though im not fat at all. me being paranoid at some times, knowing that other people talks about me, having heavy thoughts of what they say about me, feeling my peers emotion as if im in the same place as them. while reading this continuously its like digging deep into my personality.this is like an eye opener for me. my lady boss once told me that iam an empath, i did not took it seriously. i mean i researched for the meaning but did not focus, but as days go by. more and more of this said symptoms persist. this is all so weird and all so freaky but if so, ill embrace it

  83. Would you recommend that a child of 12 years old be told he is likely an empathy? Our youngest son is the combination of TWO very empathic parents, we both scored 29 out of 30. He is so obviously affected by others moods and energy. But how do we broach the subject with him, without freaking him out and making him feel like he “has something” like a disease.

    BTW thanks for keeping this thread going.. Great information.

    • Hi Robert,

      Not having had children, I may not be the best one to advise on this subject. However, by both his parents talking about what life is like as an Empath, maybe even using the traits as a guideline, will help make the subject less taboo and more acceptable for him. Also including him in on the Empath conversations will give him chance to express what he feels and picks up from others etc.

      In my opinion, the younger we learn of our empathic traits, the better we are at coming to accept and control them, which also means we will emit and absorb less of the lower vibrations.

      Hope this helps…

      • I like your response to this question the best. I feel that it important not to “label” the child, right off. Rather, allowing him/her to become aware of what they experience, by Mom and Dad talking openly, leaves it up to the child to consider the experience. If I had known, way back then, that my experience was that of an Empath, and what that all entailed, a great deal of my life and life’s experience would have made sense, and I may have been more able to deal with it, rather than feeling like an oddball. Still, being an Empath, while making it difficult to have a greater number of friends, has brought me some very special friends, who I would not trade for the world. 😉 Thank you for sharing this post. It’s led to an even greater understanding of the, “you’re not alone”, factor. Kudos.

    • Approach him first with the idea of it. Ask him what he thinks about the supernatural, if he has an idea of what empathy is, get his opinion on how he feels. If he responds appropriately, meaning that he believes in such things and likes the idea of being involved in such, then tell him. If he doesn’t answer like that, then you will have to work him into it. He is at an age where he won’t be seriously affected by it. Within the next couple years, he will need to be told everything you can tell him. With proper knowledge ame training, he can become very powerful and good at being what he is.

    • umm i don’t know if the 30 traits is an actual diagnostic tool. There are a lot of reasons why a 12 year boy could be obviously affected by others moods and energy. maybe you could just talk to him and ask his take on reality before diagnosing him with a ‘disease’ he may or may not have.

    • Currently having just turned 14, I just found out I am an empath very recently, about a week ago. It was a lot to take in, but I totally understood once I did some research. I think that I you sit your child down and tell him he is an empath and then explain into further detail what it means to be an empath, it will help a lot 🙂

    • We will be talking about children and parents who are Empaths Oct 1st tomorrow night on The Star Children Show because so many of our listeners have been asking and identifying with these traits of an Empath as the blog circulated on facebook.

      Many of the adults now realize the difficulties they might have had in childhood were due to being highly sensitive and highly empathic, including myself. Learning the positive benefits has helped me understand my childhood better too!

      Thank you JustPassingThrough for writing this blog post! It has been enlightening and empowering to so many to give a name to the things people are feeling! Appreciate you!

  84. I hope that most are using this list of traits as a guideline, instead of a “How to” guide. Believe me, I don’t want to be negative — I am passionately against negativity, but there are some very bad vibes coming from some of the replies here. To anyone that is seemingly “excited” or “thrilled” about being an Empath, please do not let this get to your head.

    Yes, there are common grounds listed here that many of you may relate to but you have to realize that empathic abilities are not things that you learn how to use, but more of learn how to recognize and control. If you’re not careful you will be tapping into the negative side of being an Empath… the side that will leave you haunted. You cannot use your ability to read others for your own personal gain, especially since manipulation becomes part of your artillery once you become more attuned to your senses. Because you are so in-tune with others, taking control of their thoughts and manipulating people is a very real thing and you must understand that tampering with that will get you into serious trouble.

    Also, try not to let your negative energy follow you home. You’re more prone to things that many people don’t understand. Stay positive and try to keep a very clear and clean outlook when you walk in the door. Sometimes you just might drag in something you can’t just “push” out, and you’ll be in for one hell of a ride.

    As for those who ask why I randomly posted such a very targeted post on a seemingly random website — I have my reasons, I just hope those reasons pan out. If not, then I apologize for not posting sooner.

    • Martem,

      Thanks for your post. It is appropriate. Everyone needs to keep in mind that being an empath can involve more than feeling someone else’s feelings to help them out. There is a negative side too.

      Last year I was in a training class for work. A woman had asked a question just as we were breaking for lunch. I went over to her to ask her a question as most of the participants left for lunch. Instead of answering my question, she stated, “You know this is why no one wants to work with you.” I guess I ask too many questions. But nothing prepared me for what happened at that moment. Her negativity towards me was so great that it felt like when people say “a ghost walked right thru me” or a “wave” of negative emotion had hit me. I suddenly felt ill and was so sad like I had just found out someone had died. I started to tear up. It was all involuntary. A guy who was standing with us who had seen what had happened, asked me if I was alright. It was a very odd feeling because I knew I was not upset from what she said. I absorbed all of her negative energy. I couldn’t shake it off quickly either. I was okay in a couple hours.

      Recently, my mother was in the hospital with COPD. I went to the emergency room with her and was there for hours. I went in healthy. I came out with asthma for 5 days.

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  86. I didn’t know what an empath really was, my friends just always called me one. I couldn’t sleep and started thinking about it… This makes so much more sense now… I kind of felt like something was wrong with me and I was crazy and it was all in my head trying to figure out how to stop it all… I have been like this ever since I can remember… I hate it most times… Being so sensitive to everything around me sucks…

  87. I can feel an ex boyfriends intense sadness. Brings me to tears. Depresses me. I have to take anxiety meds to calm me. He gets like this before he is about to call

  88. I knew it all along, just didnt know I was an Empath. It’s 100% bang on, when it says, ‘ that we know things’

  89. Hi, you mentioned a Facebook group supporting Empaths does this still exist? are there other support networks that anyone has used and trusts? It seems so valuable to be able to share all this with each other…. life is not easy for an Empath, newly discovered or spiritually advanced, and its great to be able to offer each other help and advice – we spend so much time doing this for others that it seems so important to do the same for ourselves and each other….. I wish love and happiness to every one of you… be strong and most importantly be kind to yourself xxxxxxxxxxx

      • Hmmm – I think I will avoid social networking. I would never “label” myself, but I am seriously starting to “know” that this is my label. These 30 traits are so accurate, with the exception of the clutter thing and being chubby – it completely described me. Caution on the social networking site. Can you imagine? For every one empath on the facebook page you would have to include all their “attachments”. It seems like a lot to deal with. I would add this to the social isolation trait: Desires to be part of a collective or group, but often ends up isolated instead. This is what I want to know: How do we learn to close the door – and only open it “at will”? This IS possible. I just KNOW it.

  90. 30 out of 30. I was just talking to a friend tonight about “feeling someone else’s feelings” & I thought he thought I was insane. No one ever gets it. Then he sent me a link to this page. I never knew there was a word for it. Glad I’m not alone.

  91. I am an emapth have bee n since I was a little girl my grandma would always tell me I was special because I’ve been kissed by God. I would like to learn how to heal others.

    • I like that your grandma would tell you you’ve been kissed by God. That’s a nice way of describing us. I would like to learn how to heal others also. If we can feel, we should be able to heal, right?

    • Please make sure you can heal YOU, first. For me – I seemed to transition from empathizing emotions out of others and into receiving their illnesses. This caused me to lose about 7 years of my life to absolute misery. I suffered from several illnesses, most were diagnosed. Suddenly about a week ago, after praying to know (yes, this is my compulsion too – I MUST know) – it hit me: each of my diagnoses (with the exception to two) links directly to someone I opened my heart to. I took one woman’s fibromyalgia. She was in a roll-over accident. It was a miracle she was alive. For a long time paralyzed. Then I met her, opened my heart to her (she was my friend and neighbor). Next thing I know (within a few weeks) I am in excruciating pain and she’s playing tennis! This was years ago. I only came to know about this 5 or 6 days ago. It took 3 years before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. At this point I no longer have chronic pain. I am blown away and scared. I would suggest that anyone who wants to heal first learn to care for themselves and learn to PROTECT oneself as well. Blessings

      • Read my post. I need to clarify a few things: My friend was no longer paralyzed when I met her. She was ambulatory, but in debilitating pain. She rarely left the house.

        Also, when I said “blown away and scared” – I was referring to this empathic “ability”.

        Can I also add to the list of traits: RAPID HEALING ABILITY? I have always healed much faster than doctors expected whenever I have had surgery or injury, etc.

        I am 37 years old. I have had 3 surgeries. The first was a heart operation when I was 8 years old.

        Its a nice ideal that we can heal others, but we are also no good to others if we are wide open to receiving and then don’t know how to manage, contain or dispel WHAT we have received. If the healer is getting sicker and sicker, it seems to me a transfer has occurred, but no one truly benefitted because whatever is transferred hasn’t been neutralized. It still has power-over the empath. It still exists. That isn’t healing. Right?

      • I’m sorry to hear that you have gone through so much when your intent was pure. It seems very unfair & I can relate. However, only you can control your empathic ability. It’s not the fact that you opened your heart to them, it’s more about the size of your energy store compared to the magnitude of energy the healing required. You are only so big, and at the moment you’re are still human. If you want to heal someone who has had a serious car accident & you have the ability too, you need a greater power source than the limit of your aura and your physical body.

        You need to ground the negative energy into the earth, plug into a source of nature large enough to do the job.. and thirdly, raise your vibration. Learning how to raise your vibrational frequency I suspect is the lesson you are on now. It’s not a punishment, and I am sorry that you have suffered.

        Some of us are born like the phoenix. We swallow density into our bodies until the weight of it threatens our very existence. At some point the pain becomes too great and the scream of the phoenix releases us. The phoenix burns and then rises reborn.

        When you recover you will be stronger than you ever have been before.

  92. I’m not sure how specific these points are to the title ’empath’ but I ticked off 28 of them, which creeped me out a little

    • I had 28 of them also. Until a couple years ago, I though an empath was a fictional thing. Then when I was researching for my book, I found that they were real. It explained so much of who I am. I love that this site helped me.

  93. I also wanted to ask others, this…. when i am with people and picking up their energy strongly, I also see one or many blue lights around them. this has been happening of 5 years and i see them daily everywhere, different sized. I’ve had MRI and eye doctors say they are baffled, I got it checked cause i thought it was a eye disorder or brain, but i’m all clear. I have also seen spirits and can sense them….. I don’t like it at all! How can I turn this all off! Thanks again, As I said in my last post, i had a NDE (near death experience as a child, where i was close to death and came out of my body many times). I am also a christian and have a strong faith in god. Arouna

    • Dear Arouna ,

      I am 37 years old , male from india. I first came to know about being an empath around 2 years ago . The internet has grown on articles since then . Would love to know your remedies , precautions and shall share mine too.



  94. Wow at last I have a reason and answer and that i’m not ‘weird’! I have every single one of these and more and very very strongly. I was diagnosed with ME yet i knew it was emotional burn out from being an E. I find it gets stonger and stronger the older I get too. I can walk past a stranger and know they are sick or not going to live long and have proved this in the past. it scares me as sometimes i can hear loud an clear the thoughts of others at their denial only to find out i was right. I can in a split second know someones personality and life history just by seeing them even if they’re in another room. My family always said ‘why’ are you so sensitive etc etc but now i know. I would love to be in contact with people like me as it makes me feel more ‘normal’ but i too realise i’ve been blessed with a special gift from god. I had a NDE as a child, could this be why i’m an Empath? im 39 now and it keeps just getting stronger. Love and light to you all. Arouna x

  95. Does anyone else here find themselves so easily moved that they cry at the drop of a hat? I cry so easily it embarrasses me.

    • CONSTANTLY. doesn’t matter if I am alone, or if I am in a crowd. worse thing is I most often don’t know why. I used to think it was hormonal. HA! I suspect there is so much more to it.

    • all the tme, at music, at tv, at other peoples stories. If I am wth soneone who is or has been upset then sometimes it starts without warning… tears just rolling down my cheeks (which is embarassing at work!) It really is great to find people like me – I think some of my friends think I am nuts and sometimes I freak them out without meaning to. I am lucky though as my Mum is the same so she understands. Does anyone else suffer from Depression or mental illness? x

  96. Reblogged this on holistic hummingbird and commented:
    (Personal) I just discovered this in a search about ADD/ADHD which I was told that I have. Another possible diagnosis is that I am an Empath.

  97. I like what stephen said about antiques, especially with old trinkets and instruments. I feel the energy that was poured in and around good or bad. I can not lool at old found photos much . Now I know why. My therapist in our second session told me I was an empath and that with out properly defining boundaries that it was a dangerous and destructive tool and that’s most likely why people see me as overbearing and controlling. Of course never at first but then later there is a switch because Ive been inside them, altering, rearranging and fixing and neglecting myself and they never gave me permission to get in their private energy field. It’s interesting. I definitely scored high on this list but I need to know more. So many things make sense. I’m embracing it all. Also I eat fine and am quiet over weight. I am three weeks out of a difficult relationship . The knot is gone and so are 25 lbs.

    • I have the opposite response to antiques, old photos, old buildings, etc. About a year ago, I was with a friend a we were exploring a historic archway. I told her to wait for me while I felt this history of the building. I’ve done that before but never gave it thought until I had to explain it. I love touching old things and getting the feelings. I had no idea why until very recently when I started searching for reasons as to why my daughter seemed to contol my moods. I’m naturally skeptical but almost everything I’ve read about empaths feels right.

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  99. Thank you for this post. I have always wondered what was “wrong” with me. I cannot abide watching torture or rape on TV programs or in films. I have always been chided by my husband I am over/reacting as “It’s only a movie.” Since I was a child, even going through Passion Week, the week leading to Great & Holy Friday, the day Orthodox Christians believe Christ was crucified, hearing on Great Thursday, the 12 Gospels: the accounts of Christ’s betrayal, trial, scourging, condemnation by Pontius Pilate, the details of the crucifixion: I always felt it most personally. Please don’t judge me a heretic; I am certainly not trying to compare myself to Jesus Christ. I am only relating I felt these things in my soul and they would rip me apart; year after year. Having been raped myself, even though I have worked through this issue for over a decade with the aid of several psychotherapists who were specialists in the field, and forgiven my perpatrator face-to-face, even though I regard his actions as those of a sick person and can separate the sin, as it were, from the sinner, so to speak, I still undergo this feeling it’s happening to me NOW when I witness rape scenes on any visual media. Maybe now I have an explanation. I was a drinker, now sober 5 years. Yes, I used substances to cover up my feelings. J know when someone is lying. I know when someone is in trouble–my friends or family. It’s dreadful. 9X out of 10, I call at the precise right time they need me. I used to think this all was coincidence. Or serendipity. I see the Hand of God directing me to do many things or to warn me NOT to go further. I have had dreams I was sick with cancer, awakened, and was able to put my fingers on the tumor 4X out of the 5X, I had thyroid cancer. I felt despondent and lethargic for months; I even had to end a friendship because I could not accommodate her needs for me NEVER to cancel a luncheon date: only to discover I had kidney cancer. I experienced a strange sensation in my side and saw a TV program about kidney cancer two years ago, and KNEW my cancer had returned. I was so sick and tired of being labeled a “Drama Queen” when I would have these sensations particularly with friends and family when I was cued something was wrong in the relationship, only to be told I was imagining it. Bullsh#>! I always KNEW it. Sometimes, this is a horrible curse. It reminds me of that old-fashioned Children’s game: “The Farmer in the Dell”. Many of you are too young to remember this game now banished as being politically incorrect as it hurts the child left in the middle at the end of the game, The Cheese. The Cheese stands alone. This is precisely how I feel very often. Alone. I am grateful to the writer of this marvelous Blog for introducing this concept. I am very grateful to my brother, Michael, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, for posting it on his Facebook wall to share with his world that I am so blessed to be part of. He is my hero.

  100. I’ve known that I’m an Empath for a couple of years, but never really researched it. Didn’t seem important. But this really hit me. I meet all but 2 of these. It’s very comforting to know that there are others out there like me.

  101. Well, this is so me…everything..like verbatim. Ahhh, but hey #24 made me feel better 🙂 another question answered. It always makes me smile when that happens. But I did figure out I was an empath long ago when I had to first learn to deal with my husband’s PTSD. That was like whoa! Even when he was quiet and not yelling it was like he was still yelling. It’s like a tuning fork and the vibrations spread and are acutely felt. I do better with it now but it’s always nice to see validation.

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  103. As an empath, I just cried through the whole blog…. Being able to cry allows me to release. I just need to embrace and learn. this was an oasis in a sea of confusion. I am looking forward to spending a lot of time reading more about this gift I have tried so valiantly to suppress for so many years. despite being told on many occasions that I possess a gift.
    thank you to everyone for sharing your stories. Mine is echoed in all of yours….

  104. I feel like you have known me all my life. How can you know me so well? This is who I am and must embrace my gifts. Even with the way I eat, I hate eating beef and chicken. I just think how they died when prepared. I was unsuccessful with being a vegetarian ( for health reasons). I want to cry because this is truly what I am. An empathy!

  105. I am most definitely an Empath and I have known these things for years. I scored 29/30. I actually enjoy vintage and antique. Except for when it comes to places I sleep in/on. A new bed is most essential. Thank you and I shared via FB. 🙂

    • I’m the same way, I didn’t score on that one either. I’m actually quite drawn to most antiques. They can hold a lot of happiness.

  106. I guess my story might be a little too intense for a community of empaths. So anyways I just want to say thank you. I am finally at peace after a hectic ride.

  107. I am so thankful I ran across this article!!! Literally it has saved my life. About a year and a half ago I had figured out I was gay and in love with my best friend who was seeing someone else. Long story short she led me on for 6 months, through songs and stuff on Facebook that we went back and forth with each other with, but she would never talk directly to me about it. One problem was I could see it so clearly that we had been in love with each other, it kind of drove me nuts that she couldn’t see it too. I would get angry at her for pretending like she wasn’t flirting with me and then I would immediately apologize and make excuses for her doing this. It really is a complicated situation because of the gay factor and both of our families being very religious. Anyways, so one day I finally just went off on her about it, and she blocked me from her Facebook. I went into extreme meltdown, but it only got worse. I kept apologizing to her. I tried to tell her it was ok if she was confused or if she had changed her mind or if she didn’t know, but she never responded, and eventually blocked my number. So about 6 months later I met this guy. I was at my bottom and he could smell it on me. He was a sociopath for sure. Lied all the time, tried to use me for a baby and when I lost it he made me feel like crap about it—which I already did becasue I knew his chance of having kids was slim to none. He played the movie TED, making me think having a baby was his wish and that I had killed it. It was horrible. I already felt bad enough. Then I just felt like I had to get away from him. I ran away as fast as I could, but my empath side just couldn’t let him go. I just felt so bad for him. Then he called me crazy and said horrible things to me, and I called him a sociopath. Let me tell you folks, do NOT try and take on the pain of being a sociopath. On the night of the Supermoon is when I had started thinking I might be a sociopath, but now I realize it was because I had used my powers for bad with my girl friend. I am very “in tune” with the universe, and signs just show up at my door–which happened a lot when I was pursuing my girl friend, which is another reason it drove me crazy. I didn’t know if this kind of stuff was happening to her. I couldn’t understand why I got all of these signs to keep going and it ended up being nothing. But anyways, the universe basically started SCREAMING at me. Tv, Music, Magazines, everything. I felt like I was going psychotic. I had read this article about God abandoning us, and it was like the universe was agreeing with it. I panicked. I was also into Tarot cards, which became a horrible addiction, because I completely lost trust in myself and my own thoughts. Of course it was almost always right, until I started using it wayyyyyy too much. I started having nightmares of me screaming out for God, evil things were all around me in my dreams, and I would feel as though I was being smothered and it felt like it took all I had to wake up. I slept probably 10 hours max in 4 days. I have always believed in God, but this experience made it concrete for me. The ONLY thing that stopped my nightmares was going to church and having someone pray over me. Suddenly I had felt full, almost like pregnant. I had one more weird dream. Literally I was battling the bad side out of me. It was telling me that the Sociopath was a false god, and when I woke up the first thing the TV said was that the root of all evil is selfishness and greed. It was an intense experience and this is really only just a little bit of it. After that I was still kind of wondering if I was a sociopath, because I knew I was different, but that title didn’t really fit. I HATE watching scary, violent movies. It hit me to look up what the opposite of a sociopath was, and I found this article. This makes so much more sense, however I had to learn the hard way not to use my powers for selfish reasons. This post is really long, sorry guys but if anything know NOT to use your powers for selfishness it WILL come back to bite you. HARD. Honestly I was close to offing myself before I saw this. Thank you all so much for the article and responding.

    • I guess I should add, I have always thought that God is love, quite literally. So, the psycho/sociopath has no love in them. In my dreams I think I was screaming out for love because I was burnt out on helping everyone around me. I even tried loving the Sociopath who made me crazy. However, I still can’t bring myself to hate the guy I was seeing. Some people think sociopathy is an acquired trait and some are born with it. Either way those are NOT people empaths should be dealing with, romantically at least. No matter how bad people are to me I can always make an excuse for them. But, I would much rather have the fault of caring too much than getting sucked intot he black hole of not caring at all.

  108. What can u tell me about…. Predictions? I have been able to tell predict random things. For example.
    I have predicted many bids being awarded to me. I have been able to predict bad news. I have been able to predict different events that have already passed. I have been also feeling the nature of people’s business. I can look at a person and immediately I can predict their intents. Also I h r been able to recognize a streak of good luck. And this luck is also predictable. What is this feeling. My wife always says “act on your guy feeling ” and when I do not act on my gut feeling… That’s when I fail I loose. Please reply. I have tons of questions. I can feel what others are feeling. I can tell when others are lying. I can tell when others are gonna start problems. Please please please reply. I really need help or direction with this.

    • Hi Jr,

      Predictions or intuition comes down to the ‘Knowing’ in most Empaths. As in all traits, it is stronger in some than others. I have written about this in other posts. I think the most recent being, ‘The Developing Traits of an Empath’. Have a read through the posts and see if anything helps or resonates.

      Thanks for sharing.

      • K. I have intuition. Now what????? How can It be used efficiently and productive ????? Please reply.

        Sent from my iPhone

      • The best way to get the answer to that question is to listen to your own intuition. You could quieten the mind through breathing techniques or meditation, ask your questions, and then, simply listen.The answers always lie within. As frustrating as it is, no one knows better than you. If you struggle to still your mind, there are many meditation or spiritual groups out there, in all corners of the globe, which can help you in this and thus develop your gift.

        Good luck

  109. I’ve scored 28 out of 30. This is all very new to me, I mean seeing myself in this light, although the symptoms have been affecting my life forever. Now will start learning about this stuff. Thank you.

  110. I scored….much higher than expected. 30/30. Ive gotten close to someone over the past year or two, and she is the kind of person that attracts tragedy after tragedy….each time, no matter how far from her I am, five to ten minutes prior to something bad happening to her I get horribly paranoid…it never fails.
    Also, I dislike going in public very much. It gives me an overwhelming anxiety that I cannot explain.
    The last few months have been harder on me. I am having more physical symptoms going on in my lower back region, which I did not expect to see on this list. Also, I have been constantly tired, and nothing fixes it.
    From the day I first had heard about empaths, I was drawn to the subject. It was something I knew I had to look into.
    I wish I could say that it hadnt occurred to me, but it did long ago.
    If the shoe fits, I am an empath.

  111. Wow, I never thought we have this many empaths around, and I am not feeling lonely anymore. However, I cannot tolerate these symptoms and tried to fight back. No use.

    When someone had bad feeling or strong will against or toward to me even in a different city, my head start burning, itching, or shocked by electricity. It happens several times in a day and resolved after I contacted with them, or they called me a few minutes later, or they forgot about me. I even sense the pattern of burning or itching feeling, so I can expect who is trying to contact with me. In few case, the symptom stays all day and knock me down, feeling so tired and sleepy, eventually lose consciousness like switching off my brain. Now, I know it was an energy vampire.

    Anyone who hold strong energy or power approach toward me with intention far from me, then I develops urge to go bathroom.

    I am Ok to live with above difficulties, but if someone know, I wonder how to avoid receiving transmission from an energy vampire. Anyone?

    • Research! You must learn how to ground yourself- shield yourself.It’s going to take research.Youtube- check youtube and google on how to ground yourself.Good luck and take care of yourself- this will all get easier with time but,it will take some work and patience with yourself.A sea salt bath works wonders- start there. Your friend in Spirit- Stephen

  112. So I have even more to say now that I have an idea of what I may be able to do and hope u can shed some light. I’m not over weight by the way but yes I do feel energies in things especially houses I can feel people’s energies as soon as I walk into a place and I hate it because then I take on their energies it’s bad whenever there is anger or fear. I become uneasy and overwhelmed then I feel like I did something to make them mad even when I know I did nothing or its nothing to do with me. Old things fascinate me. I am very unique and creative. But I think there is more to me things with the human body just make sense even though I had never gone to medical school. I can explain an illness like I have studied it for yrs. I can’t even tell u what a femer is! But I can tell u that pressure somewhere on u can relieve where u hurt! It’s so strange. Once a friend was telling me that her friends daughter was just having seizures and I was able to explain that it was her nervous system and she looked at me and said that the the drs r saying the same thing I said. It kind of scares me sometimes that I just know things. I keep myself sane by saying its common sense! I don’t know how I know things especially with the human body but I do. I don’t know how I can make a man with cancer feel relief from his symptoms but I have done that also. I don’t know how I can take on people’s sickness and shake it off with my hand but I do. I can hear a song in my boyfriends head and not know he wasn’t singing it out loud but to himself but I do . Am I a freak? Some people even think I’m a witch because I can go outside with a knife and motion cutting clouds and it will rain! My grandfather taught me to cut the clouds when there was a drought and every time I do it almost I. Hopes that it won’t rain to prove to myself that it’s all b s but then it’ll rain for like 3 days! I live I. West tx where it never rains I mean really rains but when I cut the clouds it will. Typing all this stuff makes me look insane but only those that have seen it believe me yet I don’t wanna believe I have it In me to do all this!

    • Hi Nicolette,

      No, you’re not a freak, just Gifted 🙂

      If you haven’t already, Google ‘medical intuitive’. You may get some light shed on your incredible ability.

      Thanks for sharing.

  113. Wow. Thats me. I go nuts uds. I feel too many vibrations.
    I am a teacher of metaphysics. Reiki and deeksa blessing giver. I feel sometimes I am talking and even acting out of character and while I hear myself saying it. I’m also saying to myself. Why am I saying this. Its not me.
    Ppl also know I don’t go out. And those that don’t know me think I don’t like ppl very much. Which .. well is rue. It makes me feel pins and needles sticking in my skin and inside my flesh when I’m around ppl that are negative projecters and thinkers. I feel it. It . kills me. I sometimes scream out profanatiies while driving even though I’m chanting mantras. . My thought always is.
    : did I pick up someone’s vibrations ?
    Fruit. Food really of any kind speaks to me. I will hear something like (yes pick me ) or (no no negative )
    And meat. I always bless it because I sense a horrble deqth sometimes. So to a ghost oid feeling it. I bless the meat as I cook it.
    And now that my vibrations are getting higher. I stopped eating beef. Altogether.
    I know when ppl are telling t he truth as they r talking to me. Not that I’m reaeing their body actions. I just sense it.
    I know things like that. Things I could have not know. I some how know.

  114. I’ve known all my life I have a gift. Being raised Jehovah’s witness I kept it from my family and ignored my instincts cause I was raised to believe it was Satan playing his tricks. Well I left that religion for my own reasons. Then one day I just stopped caring, I didn’t care if I died, and as I was laying down from exhaustion it happened. I astral projected. That’s when I started accepting I was different. I have a lot of the traits posted, but think my gift is beyond being empathic. I have a lot of work finding my true talents and path in life. The one thing I know is I form bonds with people and have a hard time giving into true love. Least to say my soulmate betrayed me and definitely left a deep wound. It’s along story. But I was at work and could feel her see her and hear cheating on me. It was like our minds were one and it took two years after I dumped her to sever that connection. Her litterally living directly across the street from me with the dirt bag she was fucking in my bed made it more difficult to break that bond. Well least to say I’ve learns how to shield myself better. Just wanna say to all the other gifted people be careful with these talents cause it can wound you in ways you might not understand.

  115. Wow. I’m all but the non meat eating empath. I like antiques but I’ve come to realize I have too many second hand items in my house. Some were family heirlooms, some are things I purchased because I liked the style, and my mom brings me A LOT of garage sale and thrift store things. I just recently thought some of these items must have negative energy associated with them and I should start purging.
    Sometimes I wonder if I’m a narcissist? Although I cannot stand self righteous or loud people. Phony people bug me most. I lost 4 good friends. Last month because I had to speak up. I usually let people say whatever makes them feel good and try to ignore my feelings. I’m either wrong all the time or I just chose the wrong friends?

    • Ana, Anna here writing as PBishgr8. I got a LOT of assistance sorting out my friendships after I read a book my therapist at a oncology care center gave to me. I loved it so much by the 1st chapter, I returned her copy and purchased my own, a used hardcover as I usually do when I know a book will become a part of my permanent library, through Amazon. The book is entitled, “Toxic Friends” by Susan Barash Shapiro, PhD. As a psychologist, Dr. Shapiro focused on women’s relationships particularly with other women. In her book, she categorizes the various types of friends one has: The Misery Lover, The Doormat, The Leader, The Trophy Friend, etc. She describes in detail the characteristics of these types of women which are quite dangerous to have in one’s life. After reading it, I was able to I.d. 2 relationships I had to let go of. And I did. Doing that, gave me back so much power and released me from this grasp they had in me that was simply so exhausting. I would end events with them thinking, “Well, the place was nice, the food was good, but I feel so drained by the battering of personal questions and the constant stream of unasked for advice delivered in the barely-disguised form of opinion without any facts to back up her presumptions of my next Steps, or How to Conduct My Life in a Better Way (Her Way). I’m sorry but I’m just not built like that. Can’t I just be me?
      Apparently not. After reading that book, there was a series of incidents that occurred when I didn’t return her phone message quickly enough for her taste. Her opinion was phone messages of “call me” must be returned as soon as they are received, not when it’s convenient for the other person within a period of 24 hours. 24 hours is about how long in this area’s culture one has to return a call. That is considered good manners. That was never good enough for her. So because I did not phone her back as soon as my husband gave me the message, she came over unannounced. Which is a no-no. Also, I had a mobile and I asked her to always use that number because my home number is used for business and I don’t answer it when it rings, because I cannot answer any questions they may have, and I don’t listen to the phone messages because everyone has my mobile number: my doctors, etc. but she refused to use it. Even though I would only return her calls from that number and she could have saved it in her contacts or simply pressed my number to call back. therefore, a delay in getting her messages always occurred because she refused to play by the rules. That day when she came over, I answered the door in my robe as I had not been well that day. She immediately criticized me for not dressing for the day. Then I told her I was ending the friendship because we just weren’t on the same page and I felt I just could not please her and the results of not pleasing her were so awful, I did not want to go through it anymore. I was a sick woman and needed to care for herself in the way I deemed best for myself without constant negative judgment by someone who called themselves my friend. I had had enough, please don’t call any of my numbers or stop by again. I need peace right now and I cannot keep up with her pace. Voilà! She was gone. She looked back, but I only waved. I sent a letter thanking her for all of her gifts and the time we spent together; wishing her all God’s blessings in the future for continued good health, prosperity and a long, happy life with her husband. The End

  116. I scored an 18/30. My Mom and I were talking the other day because I had a very odd dream that a psychic medium told her I could see things. I don’t believe I can see things, but I did used to see my Great Grandfather whom I had never met. I described him perfectly and the things I told them matched his personality. Anyways, my mom said she definitely thought I could be an empath or something similar, and that supposedly some kind of psychic abilities run in my family.

    I am new to this though and I have been reading a lot about empaths trying to decide if I am one or not. I identify well with a sense of knowing and being able to know if someone is “good” or “bad” just by looking at them. I am extremely creative and musically inclined. I also can tell by walking into a room if it is “good” or “bad,” is that normal? If anyone I am with starts to bleed or has some sort of injury, such as a broken bone, I often get twinges of pain in that place. This is not the case with animals. I think I have sympathy for animals but probably that of a normal human. I do eat meat and it doesn’t bother me. Crowds do sometimes overwhelm me and I get very anxious, sometimes sick feeling, but other times I am okay. It used to be much worse than it is now. I also don’t seem to be as introverted as it sounds like many who are empaths tend to be.Everyone I know, includig people I just met and sometimes random strangers, tell me their stories and ask me for advice. Could someone give me some guidance? I can explain in even more detail if necessary. Many of these things apply to me but aren’t as strong as they sound like they should be. Is it because I am only now discovering I am one, or because I’m not? THANKS in advance!

    • Sounds to me that you def. are an empath- give it time, it will develop.I scored 28 of 30- we are individuals so, this gift/talent is like any other and varies with each person.Be patient.With time, I strongly feel that you will discover that you too have more than one psychic ability.Stop doubting- connect with yourself.Meditation is good, and seems that I need to tell you about saltwater baths to help with your stress and feeling run down- low energy. I’m Steve- I don’t have all the answers and as I said we’re individuals so, what works for one won’t always work for the other but, if there’s anything I may be able to help with please let me know.

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  118. This might seem self-centered but I just kept thinking of examples from my own life and I wanted to post these. Maybe someone else feels the same as me. I have no one else to talk about and share these with:

    1. I seem to know when the phone rings that it’s going to be bad news. Partly why I have almost a phobia for ringing phones now.

    2. I hate shopping, festivals busy restaurants and big parties. ’nuff said.

    3. We went to my boyfriend’s uncle’s funeral. I hadn’t known the deceased, and didn’t know anyone of his family. During the eulogies I started crying, sobbing uncontrollably, more than most people in there. I was embarrassed, I knew that my boyfriend’s family was confused, especially as I am not very open about my feelings usually and because I didn’t know the deceased. I just couldn’t stop.

    4. already mentioned this in my previous post.

    5.I knew my boyfriend had cheated on me. He had been abroad, came home, and I just knew… something. I cried and tried to make him to tell me what had changed and he kept denying it until I felt like I was going mental. I was so confused and frustrated and I didn’t really know why. Then one evening he just started crying and confessed to sleeping with someone because he was so drunk. I forgave him, eventually, which I thought was odd, because I am intolerant towards cheating. I just knew how he didn’t meant to do that and how bad he felt so bad about it. I forgave him and we are still together 9 years later and he has never given me a reason to doubt him again, while other people have disappointed and broken my trust again and again.


    I always get same or similar aches and pains as my bf, so much so that it’s started to annoy him a bit. He feels like I’m making fun of him or that I’m ‘stealing his thunder’. I honestly feel those things, but I have noticed that if I concentrate to NOT feel those pains, they go away.

    7.I have both problems.

    8.Always. I was being bullied in school, and I never did anything about it, just suffered in silence. But when I noticed that the same boy who bullied me started bullying another girl, I got angry and let him know how wrong he was to do so. He never bullied me again.

    9. Yes. I have had strangers, homeless people and drug addicts, to sit on my table in cafe’s and tell me their sad life stories. I couldn’t have left even if I wanted, because I felt so bad for them.

    10. Yes. Always tired, no reason. Feels tied to my emotions, certainly.

    11. Yes. My father’s an alcoholic. I got very, very drunk in my youth, but stopped when I felt like I was becoming addicted. Now I am afraid to drink or smoke because I know I have it in me to get addicted. I am addicted to other things, like fan fiction and fandoms…

    12. My mother and both sisters are nurses and I’ve always been told to go into nursing. I’ve always answered that I couldn’t watch the suffering people go through. I am still looking for my path.

    13. Writing, painting, arts and crafts..

    14. Always loved hiking. Always done it alone. We have 3 rescue cats at the moment. I have had pets all my life, with strong bonds. I still mourn the loss of my first cats and dogs, years after they died of old age.

    15. Yes. I need to have the house for myself at times and I feel so much better afterwards. As a kid I used to take a solitary walk to a nearby lonely beach to watch the sunset. My parents thought it adorable, to me it was a nessecity.

    16. I was good and smart in school, but I was constantly told to stop daydreaming. I didn’t do homework or study, but I read a lot outside of school work as it was more interesting and did very well in the subjects I was interested in.

    17.Yes. I still haven’t got a steady career as I cannot do what I would like (work from home, be creative) and I cannot build a career in something I have no interest in. I am frequently told I’m lazy and lack ambition. I should be earning money, not daydream about fulfilling myself creatively someday.

    18. As above.

    19. yes. Why I read a lot.

    20. I was always told my adventurous travelling was because I am the middle child, trying to find my identity. 🙂

    21. I guess this is true, except I am still quite messy. I does seem to affect my mind, as my mind does seem clearer few days after a good clean out.

    22. YES. Friends have trouble understanding how I can go to the park for example, without anything to do, even a book. I can just sit and daydream and spend hours happily doing so.

    23. Yes. I don’t like making ANY definite plans. Not even for things I want and like to do. I don’t like feeling forced. At all. I don’t even like the idea of marrying. I’d prefer to just stay girlfriend and boyfriend until I’m 90.

    24. Yes. Unfortunately so. I seem to not be able to lose weight after a certain point. Ever. I eat super healthy and am vegetarian.

    25. Yes. I have actually started to fight this, as I feel all my friendships have become unfair as I’m always the one listening, not being listened to. I didn’t used to mind, but now I feel like being taken advantage off.

    26.YES. mentioned in previous post.

    27. Yes. Sunday mornings are the kindest.

    28. Mentioned in previous post.

    29. Yes. I’m a vegetarian.

    30. Yes. I work in service industry, but behind the scenes as everyone knows that I can’t deal with customers without getting anxious.

  119. I’ve actually never considered being an empath, until my boyfriend and I were watching Hannibal and he remarked that I’m like Will Graham (the empath character) in many ways. Found this and scored 30/30… I think. I do feel a little bit different about couple of items on the list, like, I have no problem watching violent tv/film when I know it’s fiction. I love Tarantino’s films, for example. But I have to leave a room if there’s slaughtering of animals in a cooking show or actual deaths in medical shows, for example. I also love antiques and vintage etc. Maybe I have only come across, or just get attracted to and pick items with positive energy…? I actually feel love and fondness towards certain vintage items I own. I once picked a bag that every one of my friends thought was hideous, but I felt such love towards it, for how little and odd and discarded it seemed. I also own an old child’s plush toy that I absolutely had to ‘save’ from the fleemarket I found it in.

    Everything else on this list is so me. Especially the bit about intolereance to narcissims. I am currently withdrawn from my friend’s circle completely because one of my friends has turned very egotistical and everyone else tolerates it and don’t call her on it, pretending that nothing has changed. I couldn’t stay and be her sycophant, so I had to disconnect from them all. I am lonely, but happier, in a way.

  120. It would be awesome to actually meet up with other people like myself. Sometimes I feel really alone with this…

  121. My little brother showed me this, it fits me fairly well and is nice to put everything together. And now that I know some of what makes an Empath, I’ve noticed that I have attuned myself more.

    Great write up very enlightening.

  122. Alright, this just made my life!
    I used to think I’m some kind of a weirdo,for how can I “feel” someone’s feelings and so many other things?!?
    My friends and not only will tell you that it’s me they come to when they are hurt or confused.
    Well, I scored 30/30 but I’d add if I may – think this can explain my tendency to dress all in black and even colour my blonde hair for 20 years in black. No, I am not a goth – I think it’s to do with black being an universal energy absorbent. I don’t like black interiors or anything else, just clothes and my black cat :)))
    One more strange thing is I’m prone to faint a lot and there’s no medical explanation in so far, plus I have experienced 4 clinical deaths.
    I’ve recently gone through a lot of drama, mainly my friends issues and finally it all worked out for them – they call me a lucky charm. My personal life however….
    But my question is – there’s this particular person I NEED to help, but I can’t! And it’s killing me, he’s my housemate and I see his drama nearly everyday. He’s also someone I have strong feelings towards. How exactly do I transform this energy and help him?!? He’s pushing away any attention when in pain and while I do know that I am helping him generally in dealing with this, but I’d like to be more precise.
    Thank you!!!
    I feel like a super hero today with a life purpose, finally.

  123. humans dont understand things such as empathy. thus we create frameworks to work within, to try and explain things that are most probably outside(without out frame) our capabilities of understanding… so far

  124. number #10 says “diagnosed with ME”………what is ME? (by the way great list…very interesting)

  125. Is it possible to be both empathic and be able to change the emotion in the room in minutes, no matter the emotion before, simply because you are there? I don’t know a name for the latter ability. I have 25-27 of these traits but I realize I don’t just receive emotions of others but affect them on some level as well.

  126. I have to say thank you for posting this, it is the best description of being an empath I have come across! reading this brought me to tears because even though I have known a little about empathy this nailed it for me, almost every bit of this is me, I have reread it several times and shared with a few people I am close too, told them if they want to understand me better this would help, My husband smiled and said yep, that’s you 🙂 I became aware of my gift of empathy about 8 years ago when I met another empath and she gave me a short explanation of what being an empath was, my world changed as I became more aware of why I was the way I was and remembering parts of my past that suddenly made more sense. Throughout my life people have told me Im just overly sensitive and I never understood why people weren’t as sensitive as I was. I wish I had understood this years ago, but I am ever so grateful that I understand it better now. THANK YOU again for sharing this, it has been inspiring and even freeing because I realize there is nothing wrong with me but that I have been blessed with something not many have and am consciously aware of it so that I can develop and use it for the betterment of life, mine and those around me.

  127. I have for many years have had a gut feeling, when I would meet someone I would instantly get this strong energy feeling, and know if they where dark or light. The stronger the energy/magnetic the darker or lighter, I could tell if they where a good or bad person. Some of the energy I get is very overwhelming. I scored 27/30. Just trying to understand and learn what I can. For the last 3 months I have become secluded. I spend most of the day alone at home. But I have for the last 3 weeks been drawn outdoors, taking very long walks. I feel complete walking down a wooded path, I’m not one to exercise, but I’m being pulled to it. I can’t stand being around a lot of people, anxiety sets in, then I feel i have to get away. Almost like I’m getting hit with energy from all sides.

    • Cheryl, my name is Kathie. I didn’t figure out I was an empath until my late 20`s. I am now 60 & I’ve learned a lot over the years. Especially how to block it when it feels like it’s going to throw me into overload. I know things before they happen, freaks out my hubby. But he’s kinda gotten used to it. It would be nice to have someone to talk with that understands. I can sometimes hear peoples thoughts. This is not always easy to deal with, but the stress can be managed.

  128. WOW! This was really eye opening for me. I am one who has always known I was sensitive to energy but never put two and two together. I scored a 26 out of 30 on your list. Although that may not be totally accurate.

    #4 – violence on tv etc. – I don’t mind violence in tv shows or movies but I have never really watched the news or read the newspaper and in general I don’t like violence, in real life.

    #21 – abhores clutter – it is true I don’t like it but I am surrounded by it. I get so overwhelmed that I just let things clutter up.

    #28 – no vintage or second hand – If I were financially set then I would probably not worry about vintage or second hand stuff but I have never been in that situation. I have grown up my entire life with second hand stuff.

    #29 – senses food energy – I don’t have this at all. I enjoy meat period.

    I have been told many times over that years that I am a very intense person and that I feel things very intensely. My best friend says it takes a strong person to handle me because of how intense I can be.

    I can walk into an empty room and get dizzy because of all the residual energy there. That happens all the time. I also have issues in really crowded places.

    I have been going through a bit of a spiritual awakening recently and one thing I have realized is that as soon as I can afford it I have to get a house by the Verde River in Cottonwood, AZ or maybe Sedona. I have always loved rivers and my meditation special place has always been a special spot under a tree right next to a small river or stream.

    There is so much coming to light for me lately and your article has just brought another one to light. Simply amazing. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  129. Wow…I always knew I was an extremely empathetic person but I had no idea that there was this type of term for it. 21,28, 29 are the only three that don’t apply fully. However, depending on how you look at 21 it might. I’m kind of a cluttered person…clothes every etc but I reach a point where it’s unacceptable and have to clean it up. Not only that but I don’t collect things…I barely have any useless knickknacks or the like. 28-29 : I eat meat but I try to go for organic, cage free stuff and stay away from the really horrible things like baby cow. Most things I buy are new, but I do have a used car and it doesn’t bother me and sometimes buy vintage jewelry or furniture but not clothes…never used clothes. I would though if I had to financially.
    I find it strange that I never really came across this in my psychology ventures. It must be because I’m generally always focused on the opposite type of thing when I’m learning about disorders etc.

    Now I feel like I need to find a support group! lol Thanks so much for the telling information.

    • Tara, if you stop eating meat you will be more empathic due to a higher vibration (and with it, more sensitivity). take the intuition to the gym, use it daily consciously and that will help too make it spin up 🙂 m

  130. Ok, so I read this and I still need further help…..I am not going to categorize myself, or list things that “make me an empath”…….lets just say I am in desperate need of guidance, a teacher, someone who can tell me what the hell is going on……………do you know of any support groups, (non-religious, let me specify, not traditionally religious)….I’m not going against anyone else’s beliefs, just simply that I prefer a “broader” approach to my situation……….Thank you so much in advance

    • Hi Jane,

      If you are on Facebook, there is a support group on there. Just type: Empath Support Group, into the search bar. Also, I’m not too well up on good teachers out there, but one that springs to mind is Judith Orloff. I know she does seminars/workshops etc. to help Empaths understand and better deal with their gifts.

      Best of luck to you. Hope you find what you’re looking for. 🙂

    • there is a website and group online and it’s extremely helpful….empath community…just google empath groups online. The information on how to buffer yourself in public is really helpful, check it out. good luck:)

  131. This is exactly like me! Even the weird stuff like just knowing things and being aware when people are lying around me. I tend to be addicted to things as my parents were sent to jail because of drugs and my foster parents abuse me frequently under the influence of liquor. I have seen people die from this sort of thing, and I guess sometimes I lose my 14 year old self and just fall apart. I refuse to drink and have drugs and made an oath so I dont fall in the same shoes as my relatives and family have from it.

    but this helped me find myself and look at life a lil bit differently, thanks so much! 🙂

  132. “Sense the energy of the food” – so true! Forget turning vegetarian but sometimes certain restaurants “emit” a vibe… all I have to do is think that restaurant and the energy speaks about that food. Sometimes it works positively as well… names jump up from the menu in a brand new restaurant too that inevitably turn out to be the best choices! Though I still have fish occasionally, sometimes after I get served, the information pops up on how the fish was killed. Sometimes also messages such as the fish was not happy living where it was. It just turns me off then.
    Thanks for posting this. Much love. 🙂

  133. This is incredible! I’m fourteen years old and I scored a 30 out of 30. Can being an Empath be genetic? My mom is obviously one and so am I. My sisters aren’t though. I always felt like people trusted me way more with their problems than I trusted them with my life issues. This explains everything. I had no clue I was an Empath. This brings me so much closer to who I really am. I just need to discover the rest of myself.

  134. Aquila,
    No I really do not go into a mute phase, but I’m more concerned about your being bullied, and I’m sorry to hear that there may be a Bullying issue with you.

    For what it’s worth and this is only based only upon my experience.

    Bullies act much like a predator they will normally seek out the weak, as like any predatory animal, the weak are probably one of the greatest attractions for bullies, in the same fashion that a weak member in a deer in a herd is an easy dinner for a predatory animal.

    Much like the animal kingdom, in the bullies mind, the weak become a part of the “natural Selection” that only the strong survive and bullies are constantly on the lookout for the easiest target possible and they will often cue in on these weak members of the human herd.

    However a healthy, strong and outgoing person, who holds their head high, has a strong level of situational awareness and walks with a purpose in life is more often than not of little attraction to the bully.

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  136. Thank you! I scored 29 out of 30; #24 I do just the opposite – I tend to burn off calories faster when overwhelmed, and I have no appetite. I had to leave my husband of 20 years because in the last few years of our marriage, his energies became so very dark I couldn’t stand to be around him. It’s been 3 years, and to this day I have to ask for spiritual protection; a shield, whenever I have to be around him. My daughter is just as sensitive to it as I am, and it really bothers her.

  137. This ability makes me hard to make a friend, i can’t go to mall or crowded place, and it feels painfull when i near people who going to die (the combination feelings of sad, pain and other feelings i can’t explain are so unbearable). beside that this ability gives me ability to see bad things that not happen yet about people around me, so sometimes i counter it with yell so loud till picture on my head disappear. i always hope that this ability is just a Syndrome Asperger rather than Empath so drugs or theraphy can cure me, but i know it is not.

  138. That’s wonderful, you sound very talented and in touch. It must be difficult to transfer the images and feeling in the mind into an image on paper. Perfecting each line, value, shadow, shade, tone, negative space & positive space is truly a gift that you can enjoy and treasure your entire life.

    • yep i do my best work when my depression is worst or when people at school try to bully me or just ignore me like they usually do. I do quick sketches an then go back an draw the real pics later but yeah you are right sometimes its very difficult to get it exactly right cause im so angry or emotional but that what the sketch is for so when im cool i can do it right 🙂 an when im drawing or sketching i done see anything else but what im drawing…everything else just kinda goes on mute an done exist to me until im finish with it. Do u ever focus like that when u boxing or cooking?

  139. Absolutly, you don’t necessarily have do any activity because you need a release, just do it because it’s what you love in life, the release is just one of many benefits of doing it.

    For me aside from my love to cook for others and creating new recipes, I still train and box…I started boxing in 1969 at the age of 11; some 44 years later I’m still doing what I love.

    • That’s very interesting I started cooking in foster group homes an at shelters after I was abandon an put in foster system. I was always very depressed an confused but helping to cook released all that negative energy when I help serve it up too. I always draw n paint but never realized that is also a release with it too cause its what I always do no matter what…kinda like u boxing 🙂 enjoy ur cooking!!

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  141. wow, thank you for this. so many things make sense now. (i scored 27/30) i have always been an empath, but… i had a narcissistic mother, so spent most of my early years very angry, depressed and supressed… yet i knew i was very loving, but reflecting any feeling put on me immediately back before stopping it from happening.

    everyone else has always been into recycling etc, but somehow i have always felt so uncomfortable around flea markets and recycling centres. now i know why 🙂 and i studied homeopathy, was the best in class, yet decided couldn’t work all day with ‘sick’ energies. now i spend most of my free time alone with my dog walking in nature.

    what can i do to somehow protect myself from other people? how can i stop myself from getting confused with their feelings, really thinking they are my feelings? do i need to live the rest of my life alone? is there anything else than alcohol that would make me feel comfortable in public events and places? (normally i escape to the dance floor, which i enjoy very much, and stay there all night!) how do i get to know myself better? how to move the focus from outside to inside?

    • Hi SG,

      Music and dance is a great release and healer for an Empath and it can be incredibly uplifting. So I can see why you spend your evenings on the dance floor. 🙂

      I have written posts about techniques, on this blog, that have been beneficial to me over the years in dealing with the feelings and emotions of others. Have a toot through and see if there’s anything that resonates with you or answers your questions.

      Thanks for sharing.

  142. I am so very new to this. I mean the things like knowing stuff already, de ja vu, intense emotions…that has all been for most of my life…I am 40 yrs old now and remember my first experiences back around 9 yrs old. So yes, literally most of my life I have had paranormal and metaphysical experiences. Still…until May 9, 2013 I had never known the actual name for what I am. I have referred to my abilities or Empathism (?) as emotionally energized by other people.
    I was looking at a page on Facebook last week when I came across this post that had been shared on the page.
    As I read through the 30 traits a real strange feeling came over me…still can’t describe it clearly, have nnot felt it since then either. But I do believe this is exactly what I am. Exactly what I was supposed to read, considering just days before, I had starred into mirrors and begged “whatever is in there” to please tell me, show me, teach me about what I am.
    Well damn it if I didn’t find this article within 72 hrs.
    My recent life has been a roller coaster of Epic status…I ned and want desperately to get off the damn ride, but no one has hit the Stop button, until now. BUT….
    1. how do i find others close to me?
    2. why am i like this?
    3. exactly what catagory is Empath in? (psychic, metaphysical, paranormal)
    since reading the “30 traits” I have hardly slept, when I do sleep…it is plagued with intense dreams and detailed nightmares…I am headed towards a breakdown, not breakthough…If you can help, please…I know I need it.

    • Regarding those nightmares- try to look in Judith Orloff’s book “Emotional freedom” (page 80). While on the “journey”, I find her book very helpful. As well as Elaine La Joie’s books. You can easily find them all in amazon.com. Good luck! 🙂

    • Hi April,

      We are in the midst of some incredibly challenging times, which even those not of a Sensitive nature are struggling with, emotionally and physically.

      Please see other posts and pages on this blog to find techniques that may help you deal with what you are having to deal with. What works for one wont necessarily work for another, so it will be trial and error.

      Discovering you are an Empath is just the start of your journey. You will probably find (as many others have) that the information you need will start to unfold, gradually, as and when needed.

      Thanks for sharing

  143. Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. I always thought I was more aware of people’s feelings and emotions and have never really experienced life any other way. Now I have a name for it. I thought I was becoming a hypochondriac as I would feel other people symptoms if they were unwell. People also tend to just talk to me about their issues and I find myself just completely understanding and feeling their emotions. I thought I was crazy. Thank you so much again.

  144. More stuff would be feeling vibes off people. I quit a few jobs. because of the intense feelings of misery I felt from coworkers. Anyone experience the eye contact problem. Looking someone in the eye for too long brings on a strong hypnotizing connection for me. I look away before it gets too intense .its like I’m about to feel an aura or more info come to me

  145. To continue my story. … one person killed his family. I barely knew him and he was my bosses husband who acted weird around everyone but started treating me nicely coming out of his shell.One coworker of mine thought he was possessed by Satan who as telling him to kill me and I calmed him down and got him help.friends, coworkers and aquaintences will confess suicidal thoughts to me . One coworker in the same workplace my bosses famiily was killed confessed to having thoughts of killing people. The satan one was actually next door in the next place I worked.I attracted a full blown narcissist and ended up in a traumatic relationship knowing he was fake but being so codependant and compassionate. I have had about five stalkers,two right now, in my life. Lol I could write a book!

  146. Can empaths be sensitive to the death of loved ones or spirits. I think I am empath through several experiences. One most important to me is when my father died. I had a dream the night before that I was helping a spirit go into the light . When I woke up I remembered the dream and then forgot about it as the phone started to ring. It was my brother calling and I was so scared to pick it up . I refused to because of the uneasy feeling I had that it was bad news. It turned out my father had died:(. Other stories would be that a several mentally unstable people have reached out to me. From narcissists,suicidal to homicidal. One went through with it,one I stopped

  147. In my experience, it really does not matter if the object is an antique, or relatively new, there are times, be it rare, that any object will just carry an “or ghost energy”.
    An event or events may be imprinted on the object. This may become active during electrical storms, or in areas of electro-magnetic fields that may energize the object and begin to play the event more often it happens at random (almost like a loop recording, the electrical activity can act like flipping the switch and supplying a power source to the object). However, it should be pointed out that playing the event may or may not be visual; it can be unexplained sounds, knocking, footsteps, voices, etc.

    Some classic objects that can carry more residual energy than others are items of wood and marble or quartz. Such as pendulum clocks, items that once held the persons clothing or personal items such as dressers or Highboys, Anwar’s, these seem to have a greater storage capacity for this imprint of residual energy. Rocking chairs (grandma’s rocking chair) and desks sometimes, (more depending on the prior owner’s occupation, use and the owner’s attachment) will sometimes carry this energy.

    But, often (and most of you will disagree), those objects are of great sentimental value to a family, and they’ve been passed down from the deceased, often very a loved and deeply missed family member; their “ghost energy” that is attached to the object may only be a fond loving memory in the new family member’s mind.

    Personally, I stay clear of someone else’s furniture; it’s just not something I want deal with.

  148. Also my ex-boyfriend I believe is what you call a psychic vampire. Last year I went completely insane due to being around him (we lived together.) But despite how much hurt I felt or despite what he would do I would always forgive him. In a way, I felt as though he needed me. That I was strong enough to help – but back then I wasn’t. Now we are rekindling our relationship in a way but it’s different.. and the change started once I begin to see life in a new perspective. I no longer let temporary emotions reign supreme and am better at dissociating myself or understanding/loving him enough to understand why he is doing the things he does. Also I no longer take anything personally and realize others actions are just a product of their perception. Now I see that people need to live their lives and follow their paths for a reason. Their perception is entirely due to their individual path & I shouldn’t get upset over that. It is important to love them no matter what. Sometimes you must distance yourself from them or step in if serious harm is being done but it is crucial to understand their reasoning and love them for the core of who they are regardless.

  149. My entire mother’s side is very spiritually intuitive and my mother is definitely an empath. Every single one of these traits fit me. Minus the antique furniture; I was very drawn to my antique bedroom set but it’s possible it retains positive energy? Anyway, it’s such a relief to understand why.. I am the way I am. I always knew I was more spirituality “in tune” that most & have just recently decided to major in Metaphysics. I’m always daydreaming & all I tend to do is contemplate/research/write essays on spirituality/God and ideal ways of living. With my ultimate goal being to start a free-thinking revolution. People would always say “I’m drawn to you” which I found peculiar due to the wording they used, especially in this day and age. Other random people have always opened up to me or made remarks that I would be an “excellent mother,” even my teachers which is also odd seeing as I’m only 19. I have been tested for everything in the book to no avail when it comes to my chronic fatigue but it always sets in when I am particularly stressed. Sometimes I completely shutdown or as I call it “hibernate” for a few days. I really noticed my nature at age 17 and it was beyond overwhelming. I’m glad I have better insight as to why I am feeling these things now. Thank you.

    • Hi Janelle,

      Yes, absolutely, antiques can most definitely carry positive energy and be a beauty to behold. However, they do hold residual energy (same goes for anything that has been pre-owned) that an Empath can pick up on, whether positive or negative, that can have a kind of crowded feeling which, especially for the unknowing Empath, can can be uncomfortable to be around.

      Thanks for sharing.

  150. Thank you for this post. You’ve helped me bring some things into perspective. I’m very empathic and have been for as long as I can remember. Now to educate myself 🙂

  151. The ONLY way to supersede the psychopath is to approach empathy with intellectual rationalism. To do so, you must step out of yourself & analyze things from a third person perspective. You take on the emotion, you recognize your boundaries with regard to what you are capable of processing, you stop when your tank is full, and meditate, or process, not from your own localized self, but from a detached and logical place where you can sort, analyze & then process in order to send it back out. Take the chaos, and comprise order from it. Baby steps, & then naturally you will need no more of these grounding techniques, for you will be a properly grounded circuit.

    • A psychopath will always want to jam up your signals, too. And this is difficult when we find that they are drawn to us because they are psychic vampires. To be the vanquisher of vampires is a very skilled and exacting art. Become familiar with the definition of a psychopath & this will help you greatly.

  152. Do not question your own reality, for that is just what the world is imposing upon you, what the overbearing psychopathic world wants you to do so you are not truly free from it. A psychopath needs slaves to serve its ego & the ego motives. The empath needs no slaves for the universe will provide ALWAYS & it serves no ego, only truth.

  153. Let me just tell you that do not be afraid of death, for everything has it’s time in this world. It is a natural part of the cycle of life. I only learned this lesson the hard way, December 10th, 2011, (12/10/11), when after FORCING myself to go out to a club that night so I did not have to contend with the overwhelming barrage of negative & confusing energies I was receiving (for a number of reasons), I came home only minutes after my good friend & roommate had been shot in the chest twice & lay dead on the floor. But he was not dead, really, until maybe an hour or more afterwards. 17 hours later I was also hospitalized, quite close to death & completely coincidental. When I woke up 2 days later, IV’s hanging out of my arms, quite dazed & confused, I was in shock, but could not go home. I spent a total of 4 days in the hospital before going back to my home that had been ransacked, my dogs locked in the bathroom, no food or water. What is interesting is that I ask NO ONE to pity or feel sorry for me as I now can see after much spiritual breaking & difficult re-awakening, that the fact of the matter was that I was FEELING the whole incident; & although I beat myself up about being moments to late, I can hear the universe telling me that it was not my time, & that was why it felt like the cosmos ground to a halt that night. My friend would have had it no other way. What would I have done? What could I have done? Death is a very beautiful thing that teaches us the beauty of life & the importance of respecting ourselves throughout our lives, as we are all just energy passing through one another. You forget, time is not really linear, except to US.

  154. I absolutely have to disagree with trait number 28. Quite the contrary, a highly empathetic individual will WANT things imbued with the presence of others if those items were particularly the source of the former owners joy or fixation. A hundred & twenty year old silver dollar, for example, worn down by its owners nervous tendency to roll it between their fingers in their pocket. Empaths have a tendency to be quite excellent second hand shoppers, picking up on the energy of particular items & always being the ones to find those gems that others tend to pass over. They are the same individuals who have collections of “neat stuff” that others find fond memories in. They also tend to “procure” things that fit perfectly into something else, i.e., the missing piece. A highly attuned empath will more often than not have the critical object that another is needing, sometimes for great lengths of time, until it finds its proper home. They have no problem coming into things nor giving them away freely, as it is the nature of the universe to provide “everything at the right time, all the time, for all the right reasons.” Also, a highly attenuated empath will want something that was crafted with sincere devotion to the craft & not just machined in China. Once you have reached the level of empathy where you begin to break out of the cycle of “collecting” ALL energies & are able to open the flow of energies in a positive manner, you will find that suddenly, things stop breaking down, or things are not so chaotic as you once thought. This is a very difficult obstacle for many Empaths to overcome, however, your success is COMPLETELY dependent upon LETTING GO of the restrictive boundaries placed upon us by the “white noise” of media & social politics. In this day & age, you will notice that despite the advancements in our communication technologies, EVERYONE is ALONE & DISTANT from one another. The best way to get in touch with this truly beautiful side of Empathetic prowess is to begin to get out more into the world & FEEL, SHARE with others. Take the bus. Walk the city. Talk to strangers. Force not only yourself out of the antisocial & terrifying collapse of your sanity by being highly empathetic, but also concomitantly BREAKING THROUGH the distorting barrage of EVERYTHING that you feel. Soon, after FEELING AS MUCH AS YOU CAn, you will start to relax that side of your finely sensible nature & become what you are truly seeking to be. An empath that allows the flow of energy to be freely directed THROUGH themselves & has the distinct ability to channel it accordingly. One of the hardest things to contend with is what I like to call “danger signs” or “warning signs” where sometimes you are riding too high on all frequencies to notice the small telltale signs saying STOP, LOOK, LISTEN – PUMP THE BRAKES. Shhhh… just listen. Not to what is going on in front of you, but all around you. Of course, it will seem like AGES go by before your gift begins to affect YOU directly, but that is probably one of the higher teachings of most of our spiritual guides & teachers, where we must find others before we can truly find ourselves.

    • Rita, I absolutely agree with your disagreement. I’m a great second-hand shopper, I enjoy it, and I do see it as another form of empathy. I fit every other empath point and was quite surprised to read #28. It seems to imply that second-hand goods all have negative energy. Why would an empath not want something with positive energy? Or even negative? I had a situation when I was a young woman (mid-twenties) and an elderly lady friend of my mother’s was dying. She had 3 children, but was estranged from all of them. She had a TON of craft items to part with. Well my mom hooked me up with her and over a few weeks, I got to hear her life’s story. She’d lost her sight and the use of her hands, devastating for a “crafter”. Eventually I agreed to take all her craft stuff, nothing of real monetary value, just lawn-garbage bags FULL of half-made stuffed animals (horses, bunnies!), quilted Christmas tree rugs, and ornaments, etc., promising I’d complete them and/or find them good homes. Time was of the essence, and the day I agreed (not really sure what I was doing–I’d just graduated from college and didn’t even have a permanent address!), her relief was palpable, not just that day, but for years after she’d passed. In the following years, though tempted at times to drop it all at a Goodwill (or dump!) I instead carted her stuff with me from residence to residence. Her sad relationship with her children, aggravated by the fact that she was a spitfire (refusing to quit smoking cigs while attached to a ventilator machine right up till her death) imparted everything with a bizarre, stressful energy. Though I had no relation to her and only knew her for a few weeks, I felt compelled to complete her work. I believed her intentions were pure–making toys for kids! Maybe i almost felt like I was defending her to her children, who i never met! I don’t know. But the day I finally finished the stuffed animals and took them to a grateful daycare, about 5 years after our meeting, I felt such great contentment and even a little pride for both of us! I actually still have one little quilted Christmas tree rug that I kept in her memory. Anyway, as early as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed seeing other people’s stuff at garage sales, thrift stores, etc! Maybe b/c even though it may feel negative or positive, it’s not as capable of deception, and is therefore easier for me to read/deal with.
      Pls forgive the angry little blue face!

      • Hi Kelly.

        I feel it’s time that trait number 28 gets addressed. This attribute seems to have caused some confusion amongst commenter’s here. But it is for a very important reason this trait is on the list. It is not unusual for antiques to be revered and popular with most people. Even those not of a Sensitive nature will love to feel the energy and sense the history behind an antique. However, antiques and pre-owned items carry energies of their previous owners in the way of residual energy and it does not have to be negative. To some Empaths this energy can feel crowded or cluttered and as many Empaths abhor clutter and crowding, they can feel a natural aversion to an antique, used car or any second hand item, without knowing why.

        This list (and blog) has been devised primarily as a stepping stone for the unknowing or newly awakened Empath as a way to understand some of their unfathomable quirks. Once aware, it becomes much easier to accept and deal with what we may have once considered an oddity.

        Thanks for sharing and thus allowing me to explain the reason behind trait number 28. Oh and I think the angry blue face is funny. 😉

      • @JustPassingThrough: You’re welcome and thanks for your reply. Sure, antiques are appealing to a lot of people, for reasons that go beyond their practical, aesthetic, historic or even sentimental value (i.e. $$). In fact, the lady (Sue 🙂 ) I mentioned in my first post gave my sister a nice set of dishes and flatware, which at the time I had absolutely no interest in. In my post, I was thinking more of thrift/repurposed items (practical or aesthetic items). I agree completely with the clutter/ crowding point and in hindsight I couldn’t wait to get rid of all the stuff she gave me! It did feel like a weight, literally and figuratively. Just knowing she trusted me, I felt like I had to see it through. Thank you for sharing a great, concise and helpful list. Like I said, that one just surprised me. ps. i didn’t realize happy blue face was just a different email address away.

    • i can kind of get why the antiques trait is in there. I don’t have anything pre-loved that I can’t put through the washing machine. i have marvelled at the beauty of some antiques, and I have felt their energy, good & bad. But I think even if the object had boundless positive energy I wouldn’t have it in my room because I would find it a distraction. Maybe in the beginning I could have a few pre-loved objects in my room, but as I grew and my aura kept expanding my need for clean energetic space became too great. I would happily live in the middle of the desert with only living things baked in the sun around me for miles if i had a choice. It’s the process of becoming lighter or ‘less dense’ that created the aversion to antique objects for me.

  155. My visions and “knowing” has been getting stronger and stronger. I see vivid thoughts of someones stuff so much I wish I could draw. Also, I have been getting visions of people who want to talk to me and am a little scared to talk back as I don’t want to see dead people. Also, seeing death is another thing I don’t really want to see. But it seems deaths of people come to me in my dreams when it seems I have no control. So, I was wondering if you have any feedback on talking to the dead or these entities or beings or whatever I call them. Sometimes they want to touch me also..which I definitely do not allow. It freaks me out a bit.

    • Draw it then. EVERYONE can draw, trust me, I “teach” children all the time. Actually, THEY teach ME. Nothing except your self-conciousness can stop you from putting your emotions, thoughts creams into one form of media or another. Do not be self conscious, it is not about what others think, but about you contending with what you are seeing or feeling. Just stop thinking about it & do it & you will feel much,much, much better. Nothing says you have to go to the arts & crafts store & work with a prescribed media. How clinically depressing that is. I use ANYTHING I can get my hands on, house paint & crayons & ANYTHING I WANT TO USE, because long gone are the days I spent in art school where I listened & prescribed to the confined regimentations of people trying to keep other people from actually DOING something so that they could keep their position a mystical & superior one. If people made things easy for others, then people would not make money selling books & videos that “teach” you how to do something that is inherently available as a gift to us all. Let me tell you, those individuals are the direct OPPOSITE of an Empath. Steer away from the restraints of our Psychopathic socially acceptable world and into the freely empathetic world of knowing & doing & being. Do spiders take a course on building webs? no. Are there other spiders grading the webs that others have built? no. I have VOLUMES & THOUSANDS of pounds of sketches & doodles & horrid artwork that I burn sometimes in the end, but at least I purge. 🙂 I also have dreams of people that are dead, but let me remind you, they are only dead in the MOMENT, as we perceive time to be linear, which it is not. You will be dead one day too, so have more faith oin yourself while you are alive, know that to be empathetic is a much more powerful gift bestowed upon you than you give credit for. And while you are alive, you must retain the presence of the living & let these things pass around or through you as needed. Do not overcomplicate, or over-think, or second guess, which it sounds like you are doing, for that goes AGAINST your inherently empathetic nature. Young grasshopper, smile at life & kiss death, for it so wishes life. 🙂

  156. So glad I was browsing a forum and found a link to this so much fell into place reading that list.
    At times I feel an emotional wreck and as someone above stated now I wonder how much is actually me.
    It seems to me like I pick up on so much sadness and depression and I can’t cope with it myself.
    Do all Empaths struggle with identity in this manner ?
    And how easy is it to deal with once you know how ? I know it will differ from person to person though.
    Took an empathy test on a website and got the following was a lot of text also will only post that though if someone actually wants to see it and maybe give me some pointers/advice.
    You are: The Atlas Empath (Planetary Healer)

    Your Total Score: 73 out of 80
    Your Out of Control Healer Score: 9 out of 10
    Your Protection Tools Score: 23 out of 25
    How Much You Mirror Others Unconsciously Score: 15 out of 15
    Your Appreciation for Nature Score: 10 out of 10

    You scored extremely high on the overall results. You are definitely an empath.

  157. Tyner,
    Wow, for what it’s worth; our emotions are the glue that holds us together, we connect to other people and we find meaning to our lives.

    Since emotions are the glue that enables all of us think with clarity, look for creative ways to accomplish tasks, handle our stress and find ways to step up and handle life’s challenges. You may want to rethink this, by suppressing or denying emotions, your life will become unglued, and little-by- little and piece-by-piece, you’ll lose the ability to clearly communicate with others and likely you’ll end up isolated living in a world of darkness saturated in negativity. Others, friends and family will lose trust in you and you’ll become more and more distant the deeper you fall into this dark world. This psychological decay may well place you into a self-induced state of mental illness.

    The key is to develop your power of emotional awareness and balance in every aspect of life. You may even want to seek professional help to assist you in your journey to accomplish this.

  158. Could you please tell me what happens when an empath shuts down all of their emotions?
    There had been times when I had been tempted to do this because I was overwhelmed with the negativity of the people surrounding me and the energy which emanates in the place im working in.

    • Empaths discover that they can control their emotions not the other way round. Congratulations! Once we discover this we are able to realise that we don’t have to take things or people personally. The greatest gift to grounding and working through and becoming who you are meant to be talent wise to serve in this lifetime is daily meditation.
      Without such practice we are forever at the mercy of outside garbage.
      We don’t have to own it, just see it, feel it, know it, whatever…..and in turn know ourselves well enough not to buy into it.
      Sympathy is where an empath is, not empathy, when they feel slogged by the outside stuff. The difference…sympathy is finding someone in a hole and getting in there with them, empathy is throwing them a rope to climb out. The climb is their choice and responsibility not ours.
      We are here to empower those seeking self activation, not until their hand until or if they decide to grasp life and live it to their full potential.
      An empath is here to learn the difference between sympathy and empathy and serve as an empowered or move on with love and light allowing others to find their own way when they are good and ready. No judgement, just discernment and detachment.
      I hope this helps those in turmoil, it has been the greatest earning curve but worth every step for when Westland in our own light we area beacon for others searching.

    • Hey Tyner,
      it’s ok to shut off all emotions. It can be scary because it can feel like being cut off from the world around you. Those people who are connected to you may even fight you, or lash out at you once you have cut those bonds. But it’s only temporary. I was advised (by a dear healer friend of mine) to learn how to turn my ability off and on at will.

      At first I was perplexed as to how to turn it off, then there was the oddness of being separate from all the drama around me. It means that I may ‘drop a few balls’, people may stumble, or events happen that I could have prevented for the time that I am disengaged. But it’s not my job to feed the hungry masses around me 24/7. Part of the empath’s journey is to figure that out.

      Then, when I was ready, I plugged back in & turned on my empathic ability again. I can’t remember how many times I turned my empathic ability on and off before it started to feel more ‘natural’. It was a difficult process for me because turning it off was a bit like trying to put the brakes on in a semi-trailer without knowing how to gear down.

      I encourage you to take on the same task.. learn how to turn your empathic sense off and then back on again.

      Once mastered, this technique can be used to detach negative and especially predatory people from your energy. Learning to be indifferent can be honed to particular people’s frequency & it’s possible to neutralise their effect on you. But that my be a lesson further down the road.

      luv n light

      • Sierra…

        Thank you for your response to Tyner!

        I have been working on this same issue since being enlightened about my “gift” in 2011. Turning off my “empathic ability” has been my greatest challenge until about 3 months ago. I am now more able to recognize when certain “energy” doesn’t belong to me and what I have to do to “DUMP IT”! I have gone from “perplexed to oddness” and am now in the realm of becoming a “light switch” in order to take my gift to it’s intended purpose (healing).

        I am TOTALLY relieved that there are more than I (NOT that I thought I was unique – truly didn’t KNOW what to think or feel my entire life until 2011). I was born in 1965 and NEVER thought that I was the ONLY one!!!

  159. Hi, im tara and 3.5 years Go i lost everything i love and asked for truth. I wanted to know why this world is the way it is, why am i here. Soon i realized im not bipolar, im spirit sensitive. Whatever is around me i picked up m took on as myself. Ive learned alot, basically comes down to this…all the flesh problems need to be dealt with on spiritual levels. Now comes the learning on how the zpiritual world works. Developing and learning how my gifts worm isnt easy but it is interesting. When im grounded and operating more in Spirit sometimes my face will feel on fire around someone. Im already around people n someone else will cpme around n my face burns. Havent figurex out what it means yet. I definantly hears peoples thoughts ot just sounds like its my own thought.

  160. Wonderful article! I’m a psychic empath. All of your ‘traits’ are spot on, with the exception of #28 (for me). I actually owned an antiques store just for the fact of being so drawn to the energy of certain items. Of course there would be many items that held negative energy that I would steer clear of, but many items held a positive/loving energy that I was definitely drawn to. Your description is a very interesting perspective for me. Thank you for sharing.

  161. Forgotten Orchard
    Sitting silently in the typical California rolling hills off of an Old Stage Coach Road in the upper reaches of Northern California is a plot of 6000 acres. The area once thrived as a pony express and a stage coach route, the land was filled with cattle and old ranch homes. However, the land now sits quietly; most of the homes from the 1800’s have long passed due to a barnburner in the 1930’s, the arson burned more homes than barns in the area.

    As a young man I would walk the two or so miles up the rolling hills and down into a holler where an old orchard stood. It truly amazed me that after all those years; this long forgotten orchard still stood and could produce peaches, apples and apricots; even though it never had any fresh pruning, it always appeared as if it was being tended to. There in the holler near the orchard once stood a grand ranch house it also fell victim to the barnburner; anyway, near the house covered in the star thistles are the remnants of a well and over yonder, near a group of ancient locus trees and black berry bushes are the skeletal remains of an old model-T Ford slowly being consumed by time.

    The locus trees were home to magpies, black birds and tree squirrel, the land around the orchard was pocked with ground squirrel holes, tumble weeds and star thistles, but not in the actual orchard. At one time, near where the home rested, was a small pond that was feed by a natural spring, over time I watched the pond dry-up due years of drought.

    At times, during the early morning hours of late autumn a fog would settle into the holler, as I’d walked into the holler I would see the silhouettes of three or four figures in the orchard and two along the upper fence line near the apple trees. On a few occasions I would hear very faint voices, as I watched the figures milling around the orchard. Once I walked towards the figures, but as I grew closer the figures slowly vanished.

    Some 20 years have passed and I’ve not been back to the holler, sometimes as the feeling of late autumn sets in, I find myself sitting and wondering if the tenders of that orchard are still at work.

  162. Love the article – I was wondering if I may reprint this in my free metaphysical-related pdf e newsletter? I provide active links to the writer’s blog/website. Please let me know – and thank you. (I couldn’t find a “contact” button to email you, so had to do so through your comment space)

  163. Isabel,
    If the medical community cannot determine if you have a demonstrable health issue, you may be looking at changing your diet and exercise to level out your cortisol production.

    You may be having an increase in your stress levels, especially if there is a lot of change in your life, this will have a direct effect on the Cortisol Levels, resulting in Blood Sugar Imbalance, Immune System Suppression, Gastrointestinal Problems, Weight gain (the list goes on and on).

    However, an Anti-Inflammatory Diet and could be an option for you. Boosting your consumption of whole plant foods and maximize your intake of fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients: with vegetables, fruits, whole intact grains, nuts, seeds, and beans; intake of omega-3 fatty acids, Balancing Fast Carbohydrates, Slow Carbohydrates and your proteins will help keep Blood Sugar level and may improve your overall wellness.

    I wish you well.

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  165. hello, i read this list this morning and it was super helpful. i am currently undergoing neurological exams due to having on and off tingling sensations in my body, and especially the left side of my body. from a traditional medical perspective, this could be a sign of trouble. yet, i am noticing that i am becoming more sensitive to electromagnetic energies, including my computer, and have been working for several months on healing some “feminine” wounds i have carried for almost my entired life. i know that the left side of the body represents femininity, and think that my symptoms are about my becoming more aware of these wounds and trying to heal them. today, i have noticed myself having a stronger reaction to technologies including computers, printers, fluorescent lighting and such. i read the list & i hit 30 out of 30, but am thinking that something is happening that i am getting even more sensitive than usual. i need to figure this out, as the sensitivity around energies is at times becoming outright painful. i am eager to explore this website to help myself achieve a better balance in my life. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR WORK!!

  166. For all my life i didn’t understand why i was the way i am. Finally i know and it is rather overwhelming atm. But thank you so much for this. Now i can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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  168. WOW! i was asking about being completely drained of energy when around big crowds or lots of people on a social networking site and one person asked a few other questions (in your list) an said i might be an empath. i looked at your list an its like someones been watching me taking notes….unbelieveable really! thank you so much for posting this list an explaining it too. i never heard of this before but i fit it almost 100% (im athletic build an workout alot, so not fat lol) but it gave me goosebumps when i read some of them. especially about absorbing the moods/feelings of others around me, being drained, IBS, and just knowing stuff without knowing how you know it. thanks for the list, i appreciate it!!

    • I’m glad you found it. I just found this list too and was so grateful to know I’m not alone. It’s nice to finally have some answers, isn’t it. Good luck to you.

      • yep IKR! but i done know how to fix being drained when I’m around lots of people at school its the most aggravating one to me. but yeah its very nice to finally get a reason why stuff like this happens…its kinda weird to me when i just know stuff an when i feel other people ‘s emotions…i hate that sometimes cause if they depressed it really brings me down fast an ruins my life fast. I think that’s why I like my new family’s dogs they got…they’re always happy 🙂 (but idk if it works with dogs, but it makes me happy haha)

  169. I got 29/30. For a few years now i’ve been getting wierd things happen like this. It answers all of my questions and wierd happenings such as just knowing things and feeling others’ emotions (first experience was when my biology teacher got angry and i felt her anger, and slammed my fist on the desk, and started breathing really heavy, second was when i woke up in the night uncontrolably crying, then the next day i found out someone i really loved had a loved one of theirs had died that night.) , strangers suddenly telling me their life stories and worst secrets, people a good 20-30 years older than me asking for advise and coming to me in times of trouble, even though i’m still a teen, absolutly hating clutter and my grandma’s house, that is made intirely of antiques, even though i think antiques are nice in themselves, i just dont like physically being near them. My mother told me she’s long had suspitions about this sort of thing, and not only this but she says in areas of telepathy too. I feel i’ve turned off a switch inside to stop a lot of this stuff, and i need to learn how to balence myself, though it’s hard as i’m equally vata-pitta-kapha,but i’m going to try my best, many thanks. – H

    • I have things like that happen to me, even with strangers telling me some really personal stuff, as if I’m their best friend. But I’m 46 years old, not a teenager. I hope you find a way to block it out so it doesn’t hurt you. I just recently found this blog site and I’m so glad I did. Maybe it’ll help you too.

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  171. A lot of those traits match what I feel on a daily basis. I do however hold down a steady career, I don’t make the most money in the world, but it keeps me able to do what I enjoy which is always in my mind while working, these thoughts make an 8 hour work day feel like 30 minutes. I believe my intelligence and imagination have gotten me to a place where I would say about 90% of the time I am in total relaxation mentally. I have taken all negative people out of my life, I have a small close knit group of friends, but I have no need for a romantic relationship with someone. Sometimes I think about having a wife and kids, etc. but when I go into my mind and imagine all of what that comes with, I realize it’s not for me. I do like children and it’s nice to see a family happy together so don’t get me wrong though. I enjoy anything nature, my personal favorite is Summer, late at night on the balcony, alone, watching the rain and lightning, hearing the thunder. At times like that I am in absolute mental relaxation and can explore my mind the best. I do feel other people’s feelings, I can feel their pain, even if I have never experienced what they are experiencing, it’s like I’m right there. One of my other main relaxation techniques is movies, I know that might sound strange, but when I sit and watch any kind of movie, it’s like I’m in the movie, right there with all the feelings, emotions, even the smells sometimes. It’s the strangest feeling, it’s like I can project my mind into the movie. I know most are works of fiction, and you might think that’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard, but it’s like a release, I just let go of everything and disappear into it. Anyway, I have enjoyed reading others experiences and feelings on here and thought I should share some of my own.

  172. Wow, I scored 28 out of 30… I’ve been looking into this sort of thing for a few years now, and I know that I am an Empath, it’s just that I haven’t found a good balance for myself. I’m always exhausted and find myself taking on other’s emotions so much that I sometimes lose myself. It’s a scary thing, and I’ve been trying to find some way to help myself while still being able to help others as well… Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

    • Hi Lynzee,

      Have a look through the different pages and posts on this blog, especially Grounding Techniques for Empaths & Sensitives. You may find some helpful info there. Lately, the best things that have been working for me is exercise (especially yoga) and breathing exercises (pranayama) every morning, although I still get floored from time to time, depending on where I’ve been or who I’ve been with.

      Hope you find something that helps and thanks for sharing.

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  174. A tree for all its wonderful ability can yield fruit, provide shade from the hot summer sun, give itself as way to stabilize soil and freely offers shelter for wild life.

    The tree absorbs its nutrients from the sun and earth. However the tree is undiscerning – it will equally absorb all that it comes in touch with, even the poison that would kill it.

    Empathic people can learn much from the tree.

  175. I can feel “death” coming for days sometimes weeks before someone dies. The only problem is that I never know who but it is always someone I know. It is like a chest pain with allot of sadness and desperation attached to it. I also sometimes know what is going to happen in the future, normally about a year to 2 years in advance. I also have allot of “I have already seen this”. It is very disturbing for me.

  176. To quote Sebastyne Young

    “We all want to be extraordinary and we all just want to fit in.
    Unfortunately, extraordinary people rarely fit in.”

    Just food for thought.

  177. I can relate to 16 and numbers 7&10 I experience. Quite frequently. I’m 24 and I can remember my life from 2. I have also had a cpl en counters with spirits I saw full body apperitions heard voices… then when I was 18 I was walking home at night heard a woman crying pleading I got so emotionally overwhelmed. With fear and cried unexplainably…. I don’t know ifthese expierencez are or can be related to this but either way I’m looking for answers … I been for so long I can still to this day feel presence but sometimes I fond myself blocking it because I’m scared and as much I would truley lo e to help .

  178. I am thirteen years old.
    I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was in third grade and I’ve always been extremely creative.
    Lately I have developed severe depression and I realized that I know things that no one really CAN know just by looking at something, or not looking at something, for that matter. Without looking, I can tell whether I’m alone or not. I can sense when somebody is walking up behind me. I can look at an animal and tell whether it’s a boy or a girl, or if it’s going to die soon.
    My friends don’t find me exactly ‘trust-worthy’; however, they always come to me with their problems instead of their other friends. I used to text my ex-boyfriend all day, and I realized that I could tell his mood or his emotions through a one-word text message.
    I’ve been really wondering what was wrong with me lately, and this morning I looked up ‘can people have supernatural abilities?’. I found a list and the description of an Empath described me perfectly. I always knew I’d probably have some sort of ‘power’, since my mom’s dreams come true. While I don’t have Precognition like her, knowing that I’m an Empath really clears my mind so I can focus on my writing. My depression has been getting a lot better lately, and I just want to thank you for helping clear some things up for me. I said yes to at least 25 of these traits.
    Thank you.

  179. I am an empath. I’ve always been, but never thought it was an actual thing until someone told me I was. But I never thought about it too much until I had these terrible pains in my stomach. Test after test showed that absolutely nothing was wrong with me. Then one day, my husband passed a stone. Usually no big deal, but he decided to get checked anyway. He ended up having full-blown bladder cancer – 2/3rds of his bladder was covered in tumor. As soon as he was diagnosed, my stomach pains just disappeared. I haven’t had them since. He is cured now, but that incident made me more aware of the pains I feel everyday (I have fibromyalgia, so I have LOTS of pain), but sometimes I’ll have something that isn’t a trait of fibro and I will find out not too long later that a friend or family member had something wrong where I had the pain. One time I even passed out for no apparent reason at a restaurant and was taken to the hospital, again to find out after three days of staying there and getting tests done, that I had not one thing wrong with me. Well my sister ended up in a different hospital the same night I was admitted, because she had suddenly had a major heart issue. I’ve since learned a lot about being an empath and even wrote a paranormal fictional story about a seventeen year old female empath. It’s a trilogy and I just love writing it, because I think we empaths ARE paranormal/supernatural beings and why not have a story about us, right?
    I hope you all are feeling pain-free today.

  180. Hi everyone. I have known all my life that I was “Different” but not really truly sure how and why I was. I work in a public service area where I am constantly in contact with the public and many tourists. The people I come into contact with have always been open and at ease with me, I had the pleasure one day of meeting a gentleman named Al and he was able to help me understand why people are drawn to me and how to ground and re-energize myself to be able to help people. I look to him as my teacher and helper as well as a a wonderful and great friend. He is a wonderful source of knowledge and a great support to me. He posted a comment on here in March and I know that if any of you have questions he is an incredible source of knowledge and would answer any questions you have no matter how trivial you may think it is. After a year I am now refereed to at work as “Mom” by everyone including my boss and all the co-workers who are older than me. I truly believe this to be a gift and am thankful that I have been chosen to receive this gift. Thank You to Al for helping me you are a wonderful friend, and I hope you all here find the answers you need and come to realize what an amazing gift this is.


  181. My real first encounter was back in 1968 while in grammar school living in the bay area. The Main building of the grammar school had 4 wings the butted up against the main building, each one of the wings had outside concrete steps (about 5 or 6) with a single round metal railing that we kids would perch on during recess or lunch time. These steps took you from the class room wings into the main building. Every time I used one particular set of steps I would get a sharp pain in the back of my head and neck and feel sick to my stomach. One day the pain was so bad I went to the nurse’s office, I remember telling the nurse what had always happened when I used those particular steps, and told the nurse how really bad I was feeling that day. I then remember her calling the principle into her office and they stepped out into the hallway to speak in private.

    Shortly after their meeting, my mother was then called and she came to the school. The principal, nurse and my mother met and I was then taken home. That night after my father came home from work they sat down with me and explained that I was not to use those steps ever again, I was to go around the wing and use another set of steps and that I was never to sit on any of the railings ever again. When I asked why, I was told that this day, five years ago, a 4th grade girl named Judy had died when she fell backwards off the railing striking her head and breaking her neck.

    • Hi Tim,

      Sorry for lateness of posting your comment.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. All the comments left here really help others who happen across the site looking for answers.

  182. I’ve had sensitivity as far back as I can remember, but it was really exacerbated in the spring of 1985, I had died as a result of an anaphylaxis. What I had experienced during the time of my death was an endless field filled with brightly colored fragrant flowers, there was one tree off in the distance, and there was no sun, no shadows only a white light that filled the field. I was not standing in the flowers, I was standing over them. In the distance was a faint, almost chanted like singing. As far as I could tell, I was alone, than I my attention turned to a man saying my name. When I turned to see who was calling me I saw a Man, this man was about 7 or 8 feet tall and dressed in a white gown with a golden belt around his waist and stomach. He was completely engulfed in a white light, he literally glowed white. I had no fear of this person, as he came closer I could make out more details about him. Then he knelt down on one knee, even though he knelt he was still taller than I was. At that point he placed this massive hand on my shoulder and told me that ‘my name had not been called and I had to go back’. This man had piercing blue eyes, curly shoulder length blond (almost golden) colored hair and a chiseled face with high cheekbones. This white light was still very intense.
    I then returned to the emergency room table there someone was stroking my forehead. At that time, I don’t remember saying this; but I uttered something to the effect of “Tom wants you to know he made it home and you’re not to worry anymore”. When I opened my eyes, every person in the room was glowing in an aura mostly blue and green, however someone was glowing a very bright reddish aura, and it looked like it was changing its color to a bluish purple, I later discovered that person was my wife.
    For about two hours I literally could not see details only figures that were glowing different auras. I was admitted to the hospital for observations and asked a lot of questions on what had happened. I said very little out of fear of being labeled as a nut case… The next morning the person that was stroking my forehead, in the emergency room, came into my room. She introduced herself a nurse and asked me what I meant about Tom making it home. It took a second or two but I then remembered that I had uttered this and had no idea why I said it. The Nurse told me that her husband Tom was killed about a year ago, and because of his life style she was constantly depressed and feared for his soul. I was floored and out of the blue I began weeping almost uncontrollably.
    Shortly after this experience I started to see more things, like shadow people (mainly in hospitals and at funerals) lurking around the patients and grieving family members and they know I can see them. I still see auras surrounding people, although not quite as intense. Only sometime will I see what appears like shadow people but are more intense looking, following behind people that I perceive as evil. And what really disturbs me most is I can tell when a person is going to die; sometimes I know how it will happen.
    Every day, I try my best to block this out, if something is going to happen it becomes too overwhelming to suppress.

  183. Hey I wanna talk to the host of this site I’m always on here so please leave a follow up comment so I know I will be answered thank you

  184. Lots of questions/comments….

    **Do many of you have problems with sex drive? I am very disturbed by this one, so I will ask it first. I love women and love looking at them and thinking about sex.. But lately(like the past 4 or 5 years) the urge to have sex has seemed more and more a burden.. I really want to , but transitioning from wanting to, to actually doing it is becoming an issue in my marriage.. I can feel(emapathy thing) that my wife wants to have sex more(though she doesn’t engage first most of the time) but I have a VERY hard time seperating all the stuff that is going on.. She is the guardian of her father(she lost her mother 2 years ago), she is a teacher in the inner city, she always is taking on more than she should… All of this just weighs on me to the point that I get sick if she gets sick(she makes fun of this, thinking I am just making it up)… But all this empathy just sucks any sexual feelings I have…. HOW DO I BLOCK IT… I know sex would be a great outlet for both of us, but I have problems blocking out the negative stuff that she is feeling.. I probably feel it more than she does, if that makes sense…

    **Do many of you find(after you realize what you are) that you have been using your abilities to your benefit?? This ties so many things together for me it is just staggering.. Like most, I hate working a job. But am fairly lucky that I got into computers, which means that things change alot and things are always in motion.. But lately as I the computer industry has settled down. More and more of my job is paper work and following rules and ISO 9000 regulations and all the stuff I HATE ABOUT WORK!!! But I am really damn good at what I do(the computer stuff).. I have found myself since the 2008 recession, bouncing from job to job.. Mostly I am being head hunted by job contractors to jump from one job to another.. I found that I am good at knowing what they want to hear and I am very convincing.. Once I am in a new job I have a hard time opening up to any one at work, but I have gotten VERY GOOD at getting to know the people I work with. They instinctually open up to me and I feel I am using this to my advantage… Since I HATE MY JOB I use this good will to keep myself from getting fired in many cases. The people genuinely like me and I am using this to extend my job longer than I should have been given… Only to find another head hunter who offers me a better paying job, and I repeat the process.. I have increased my pay by nearly double in 2 1/2 years this way.. I rarely stay at a job for more than 6 to 9 months before I bolt for the door…

    I am not proud of this by any stretch.. But at least now it makes sense to me.. Not sure if this resonates with anyone??

    **For those that have realized what you are and have started down the road of balancing and grounding yourselves.. What kind of changes have you made? Its obvious I hate my job, but i am trapped by the money.. My wife works as a teacher and makes an OK amount of money. But we’ve built a life that requires us to make a certain monetary level… Hence my depression and my self destructive behaviors… Over eating is a HUGE one for me…

    I will leave it there and await replies.. Thank you in advance for your help.


    • Hi Robert,

      Sorry for lateness of mediating your comment. Being Easter weekend this is the first chance I’ve had to get on here.

      If you don’t get many replies through here there is an Empath support group on Facebook where Empaths from all over the world share their stories. If you type in ’empath support group’ on Facebook search bar it should take you there.

      Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Robert, my name is Al. As to your questions in this post I have had same issues up until a few years ago. Using for my own benifit n about the sex.

      I truly hope that what happened to me does not to you. I believe this is a GIFT ment for others not help ourselves, carma is a real bitch sometimes lol. Our purpose is to help and aid others in need unselfishly, without question. But as I did at first using for my own benefit, profit and self gratification worked very well until I was taught a very large lesson. My whole world came crashing down around me and I was powerless to stop it. I took it as a sign to smarten up and do/use my gift for what it was truly ment for. Anytime, anywhere, anyone. I through away my old life completely for m new one and I havenever been happier, at peace, and fulfilled.

      As for the sex remember as an Empath we derive satisfaction i from deep within from all that’s around us, in a far greater way then sex ever could. As you, I have nill to none for a sex drive, I find greater satisfaction from holding n feeling n pleasing my wife than from the act. When she’s at peace I am in heaven. My wife n I have discussed this in great length so she understands when I can’t . But I do try and when can great but when can’t I tell her I just can’t and try to tell her why n what I am feeling.

      Just wanted you to know you’re not alone

      Peace, Love and Harmony

    • hello Robert,

      Read Catherine Ponder’s books about prosperity. You will not be disappointed. Reading her books has helped me attract situations and people that have been extremely helpful at the social, health, spiritual, and prosperity areas of my life. She has several books on prosperity including one by the title of “The prospering power of love,” which integrates prosperity issues and relationships. Give her books a try, you have nothing to lose!

  185. serendipity.. That is the only word I can use. I was on a peak oil forum that I frequent often and someone used the term EMPATH. .Actually they used the term Anti-Empath in regards to how some politicians and businessmen act. Like the polar opposite of an empath.

    Not knowing the term, I googled it and ended up here… I scored 28/30 and like the person futher up the comment chain I like meat and the other was buying 2nd hand.. But I DO NOT like antiques.. I can appreciate them, but having them in my house or collecting them has never been something I like.

    I made it about 1/2 way through the comments here and have found them to be as illuminating as the article itself. I thought I would share my story first.. And then follow up with a few questions to the group or to the person who created this site.

    I have always been called sensitive.. Hell my nickname given to me at age 22 or 23 by some of my friends was S.S. Which always embarrased the crap out of me.. It means.. Sensitive Section.. I remember as a child always crying and always getting my feelings hurt.. ALL THE TIME.

    I say serendipity above because on my way to work today I heard this song… http://www.lyrster.com/come-back/she-flies-down-to-the-motherland-makes-love-to-another-man/www.lyricsfreak.com/e/ed+sheeran/the+a+team_20902815.html

    If you read the lyrics it is a song about a young woman addicted to Crack or Meth.. But were you to just listen to the song and not really hear it, it is a pretty little song. I’ve heard it before but never really dwelled on the lyrics.. On the way to work I really listened and was overwhelmed to the point of tears at what the song was saying…. An 18 year old pretty girl is destroyed by taking meth and has to sell herself into prostitution. As a father of two boys(11 and 12) I just couldn’t help but feel the overwhelming sadness of the song.. And as i dwelled on the thought a bit longer I realized it wasn’t the song, it was my kids I was thinking about.. Are they happy/sad/confused.. Will they end up like the girl in this song?

    And then I snapped out of it and wondered what the fuck is wrong with me!! Two hours later I am writting this reply… As I take what I have learned here and apply it to what I was thinking about this morning it is obvious to me.. I feel my kids are unhappy.. Even though they say they are happy, I have a deep sense they are not and it is killing me inside… I need to listen to my empathy and really reach out to them to see why they are unhappy..

    I plan to spend the rest of my day reading up on this site and Dr Orlov’s(which i saw before yours, but I find yours more accesible and friendly) to get a better handle on what this all means to me.

    I have a lot of questions and I would love to hear what you all think… Following up in next post.

    Robert age 45…

  186. So today I was folding laundry and as I was folding I grabbed my wife’s farthers sweater who has passed away from CHF. When I grabbed it I felt a heavynis in my chest like it was hard to breath. But when I put it down it went away. It kinda freaked me out because this was the first time I can remember this happening. I have had severel things wierd happen to me before but that was the first time that happend.

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  188. I scored all of them…Im beginning to learn about this. I had a very close friend that helped me through a lot and he must have known what I was. All I knew was that he was like me and he knew exactly what I was talking about. I called it sensitive. I didnt know there was a name for “It”. He is a professional at what he does and basically broke it down to ” You aint crazy…theres alot of people like you and dont know it” Im so thankful for his insight. I think it saved myself and children alot of grief. I was diagnosed this and that and told I was unstabble and to take meds. After he taught me how to handle the information in his own unique way…I got better. Like Im happier, stonger, and am off all those meds meant to numb and block information. So Im learning how to recognize what is mine and what is not. Im speaking in emotional absorption terms. I have lower back problems have since I was about 12. I seclude myself when the pain is unbearable to get refocused. When i was about that age I started to hate crowds and was diagnosed with a phobia of crowds and Aghorraphobia. I was told I was mentaly ill…I thought I was too. Because I knew awful things about people that I didnt want to and no one would believe. Now Im 35 and will teach my kids how to manage the emotions and feelings they feel. I have a girl who is sensitive to the point where she says that the reason why we see and hear things in our apartment is because of the building we live in. She said with her own words” Momma its all the people here and we all live together”. She is the only one who wants to be alone and does better and is happier by herself. She needs that time or else we deal with her unbearable irritabilty. I need that time as well. We are a Christian family and I know that this a gift from God. Ive heard Him since i was 6 years old. I know He guided me along the way. When I started to ask questions about what we were to Him. People started giving me answers. We are real, at times I feel like its a curse rather than a gift. I hated it as a teen. I have peace now and am making arrangements to get my girl the counseling she needs from the same man who helped me. Be blessed everyone. You are always in my prayers :)!

  189. I scored 27 out of 30.

    Thank you…Thank you so very much for posting this. For years, I was trying to figure out what “gift” I possessed seeing I was so highly sensitive and I found it.

  190. My mind has been offically blown. 28 out of 30.

    I’m 40, and grew up being told I was a “sensitive”.
    I’ve always been able to feel a few close people, and when they’re emotionally stressed. Other times, I’ve felt things I couldn’t explain until much later.

    It’s only been in the last 15 years that I’ve begun to “listen” to what I’m feeling and see if I can connect it with anyone I know. It’s a hit and miss. Alas this site has given me some valuable tools and education. Makes sense that malls, and negative people at work, on transit etc can affect my well being.

    Everything just clicked. Wasn’t until about 5 years ago when I hadn’t talked to my best friend living in another province and could feel her in my stomach, that something wasn’t right? She was injured from an abusive relationship that had come to a head. She replied, “It’s always amazing how you can feel when I’m not well”.

    Since then, I’ve been paying attention. Trying not to let too much bad engery get to mee.

    Thanks again for this site. It’s doing a great service.

  191. I just discovered what has going on with me all my life. I’ll be 60 in a month. I’ve been through drug rehab and major back surgery and lately, been experiencing a deep disillusionment. When I was a kid my bouts of crying were interpreted as manipulation for sympathy. The thing
    is, I was embarrased by them. For much of my life I’ve expected others
    to feel like me. Now I know that most
    don’t. The thing is that I’m so
    unwilling to hurt others feelings that I
    get paralyzed and unassertive. Thank you for this blog.

  192. 30/30! I can’t believe it! What will happen to me now? I don’t even know how I got here I just clicked a link about 6th sense and stuff like that. I was just looking for someone to talk to! *insert something stupid here*

  193. YEP! that’s me. I found this blog trying to explain to someone how I just know things. They think I am delusional and pretentious, of course, I know its only because they feel threatened. I have not learned to somehow reign in my mouth? it’s very sub conscious for me and before I know it I will say something that strikes a nerve in someone and they become extremely upset. Anyone else experience this?

  194. A great resource is Yvonne Perry at WeAre1inSpirit. If you are just discovering that you may be a true empath (an most people do have these traits) and want to learn more about how to work with this energy (not to be taken for granted!). Perry works with empaths and writes great articles on the subject. 🙂

  195. This list is really impressive. My girlfriend sent this page to me in an email that said, ‘Look, it’s you’.. I was half-heartedly reading it, but then it really started striking a chord. I have a strong 30 out of 30. The list is so specific, and addresses issues that I have struggled with my entire life. The back pain, fatigue, etc has made life difficult and played a big role in becoming addicted to amphetamines (not any more), knowing when people are lying is definitely a mixed blessing. Also, the 2nd hand items, very interesting. I do enjoy some antiques but will not wear second hand clothes, or sleep in other peoples beds. I had an experience 20 years ago when a friend ingherited a garage FULL of a lifetime of stuff, it belonged to an old couple and the wife had just died. I was picking up objects and would get what I described as a brain shock, powerful zaps that would pulse through my brain and body, I could hear it as well. Years later, I found a reference to something very similar that is experienced by people who stop taking SSRIs too quickly, something to do with serotonin overload.

    At any rate – your list is very, very impressive. It’s unfortunate that many people would never accept this as a reason for certain behaviors, luckily my girlfriend believes in the metaphysical, and she is fairly empathic as well. It seems like some of this fits well with Astrology. I am a triple water sign, Pisces, Cancer, Aquarious and she is a Cancer / Pisces – so we fit well, but I suspect if we are both having a dark day, it could get kind of dangerous.

    Thanks again for your list. I will continue to explore this path and see what turns up

  196. Oh and among the 25 it was quite insteresting to especially see #29 and #21
    #29… sense the energy of food. Now while I never identified it as such I’ve never been a big meat lover from childhood.. I would waste the meat on the dinner plate.. however no matter how well cooked it is there have been several occassions where I felt I was eating raw meat even though it clearly wasnt!! So I’m not sure if that’s just me or if that applies to #29
    #21 .. Abhors clutter – Now I understand why clutter drives me up the wall!!!

  197. I look at these traits and have identified with certainty that my traits cover 25 of these. I’ve never seen a list this extensive regarding empathethic traits. It is great to know that some of my traits aren’t just paranoia or something. Trait #1 is one that I began to notice over 10 years ago and of course as the description states, we generally think this is intuition or gut feeling when its really much more than that. In an instant I’ve “known” things about people, places, things and situations and had no clue why such a thought would come to me so strongly and not leave me. After several incidents that manifested to verify that initial thought I realized I must have had a special gift. Earlier on, however, I didn’t know it was associated with being an empath.

    One of the biggest ones was my son’s daycare. I’d just returned to Atlanta with my new husband (married about a year) and I passed a daycare that was in process of being built. Immediately as I was passing it I thought that if i ever had a baby I would not be taking him/her there. Not knowing why that sudden feeling came upon me. Of course I got pregnant not long after we returned here and close to delivery date I started my search for a daycare. I visited that very place as a last resort. Was still skeptical but I hoodwinked myself into deciding to use them. After his 2nd birthday (and i know i waited too long) I pulled him out. Many incidents were occurring. He started crying alot, certain actions were making me feel as if the teacher was doing something to him and the other kids. With each new elevation to a new class things seemed to get worse. I found out that one of the teachers in his pre-1 year old class was under investigation for corporal punishment. By his 2 year old class I caught both teachers doing things. What i saw was probably small compared to what they did all day long. One day they thought I’d left and I came back in the room to soothe my crying, screaming child… I caught the head teacher yanking on him and at the very same time the assistant teacher was clapping and shouting at him to be quiet. I was STEAMING… and I marched right out to the director almost going into her office without getting permission first.

    The daycare was very militant like in my opinion.

  198. Having read this I thought it was rather informative. I appreciate you finding
    the time and energy to put this article together. I once again
    find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting.
    But so what, it was still worth it!

  199. I’ve just recently accepted I’m an empath…it can be very difficult at times because people do not understand. For instance, my husband does not like how sometimes when I meet new people that I instantly dislike him. I’ll tell him no, don’t hang out with that person they don’t feel right…whenever I am around a person that is up to know good or is not a well intentional individual, the air around me feels heavy and dense. I will have a hard time breathing and I do not want to be around that person. But my husband says I can’t judge someone based on a feeling. Although I am correct most of the time…also it is hard being romantically involved because my husband doesn’t understand me. My life is sometimes based around how it is going to make a certain person feel, and it is something I subconsciously do. I try to explain to my husband how he should try feeling what someone else feels, he doesn’t understand. Also, when I moved into my new apartment it felt heavy and dense. I was finding it difficult to get comfortable in my new apartment. It just felt, strange. Than I started to see things in my peripheral vision often, to the point I would get up and check to make sure no one was in my house! Than one night I woke up suddenly from sleep and saw someone standing over me! I was too scared to move, than I heard a whisper say, “I am sorry…” Suddenly I could move again! I rolled over and yelled to my husband that someone was in the apartment. He got up and checked and told me it was nothing…since than the heavy feeling in the apartment has gone some.

    Since I was a child I have suffered with an anxiety disorder. I would feel things that weren’t there and would try to tell my mom, but didn’t know how to explain myself. As I got older I resorted to alcohol to numb my nerves. I would drink every night just to numb myself and feel normal. I started to see a doctor, I thought I was crazy. She told me no, I was just a very anxious person and my nerves were always ready for action. I’ve learned breathing techniques that help a lot, but life is still hard. I still prefer not to talk to people much and be alone. My sister is the only one who understands me and will often ask me if a person is lying to her or not. I get angry a lot because people seem so fake. While they are talking to me I can sense if they really like me or not…it has all been so difficult, but this article helped me realize I’m not crazy and what I go through is real. Thank you!

    • Christina so sorry that you had to go through that in your life. It’s great you can finally identify who you really are and where it all comes from and I hope that ynow ou find some answers in how to contain your empathic feelings. God bless you!

  200. Followed this link thru a friend on facebooK. From what I have read this describes me to a T, although I dont do the food thing- sensing that is! For years I have put all my symptoms down to suffering with depression, but this explains a whole lot more. Thank you xx

  201. Im empathic,I’ve known since i was little.according to my mother so is my aunt Wendy. Now, in fortunate because i am extremely sensitive. I know how people feel from a distance. Sometimes blocks away if i am placed in an empty room 99 % of the times i can tell how many people were in the room is and what the collective emotion were and to what extreme a person my friends want me to go to a place where their mother died to see if i can feel what was going on in her life before the suicide since i can do thus at a distance i was wondering if it will work withthe dead.also i want to know if this would be dangerous for my health

    • Hi Derrick,

      Sorry, I don’t feel I can advise on this subject as it’s not an area I have ventured in to. But I will say, don’t feel pressured into doing it. Empaths hate to let others down, even if it comes at a price to them. Follow your inner guidance as to what to do, it’s the best you’ll get.

      Thanks for sharing

  202. So just an hour or so ago I was feeling really drained of energy and anxious when I was sitting next to my wife on the couch. I told my wife I was feeling this way and she told me she was anxious her self. Now I had no reason to feel like this. After reading this list I can relate to a lot of it. Like sometimes people that I have just met will tell me there life story’s and I will listen but be very confused as to why they are telling me all these personal things but it makes sense now.

  203. Hi I have left this question on many other empath sites but I cant seem to get an answer.
    I have found out I am a universal empath/implicate.I have no idea what this means and can find no further reading.Do you have any idea what this is or where I can find out more?

    • Sorry, Kelly, I have never heard of that term before and unfortunately I don’t tend to visit many other Empath sites to be able to recommend them. The main one we all know of is Judith Orloff’s. I have been told there is an Empath support group on Facebook (search: empath support group) that you may be interested in, where you may find some more answers, or indeed find others who are experiencing the same as you.

  204. Wow I scored on almost all of them. The meat thing wow i cannot bear to eat pork because when i smell it even though it smells like roast pork i can smell the animal it came from i can smell pig crap and the mud i get images in my mind of it rolling in the mud eating rotten food. I cant eat red meat to me a cow is more refined and demure i see a cow as a victim bred for the killing it makes me feel sad i cannot digest red meat my body literally rejects it. I can eat chicken i see them as animals that help the earth its a recycling process and i can eat them knowing that the circle is complete.

    It weird ive never admitted this to anyone before its freeing. I love fresh fruits and vegies i feel the energy from them its like being given a gift. I LOVE animals they are like people i had a cat who i called my sister when i was little i knew what she wanted. When my younger siblings were born before they could talk i knew exactly what they wanted and would tell my mother what their needs were. I lived in a big city and was sick all the time even in the quiet suburbs i felt this pressure in my spirit all the time like a constant buzzing i couldn’t handle it.

    I moved to the country and its like the pressure went but i had to be near water i feel weird if i am not with water i feel stranded away from the water but i dont really like being in it not the sea i love being right next to it. I can sit and stare at the ocean for hours and i feel free i never knew why the ocean made me feel free same with the stars i can stare at them for hours and not get bored. I realised my son is an empath too we cannot watch violence on tv we both bawl our eyes out when we see someone hurting even happy. Smells wow i smell things that others cant i can hear things others cant and i can see things others cant i was always called weird or freak but i know now i am not! I dont like people being too close to me that i dont know its like electricity feeling buzzing i feel dizzy when someone comes and talks really close to me. I have learned over the years to calm myself in crowds i used to freak out feel like i cant breathe etc.

    But now i can handle it as long as i have a mission or plan of where i want to go and do my son hates going to the mall i think he is more sensitive than me because ive had 32 years to learn to deal with it. He feels dizzy in malls and we are both light sensitive but love the light the other day my son complained that his wrist hurt and on the third complaint i got a sore wrist in the exact same place on the opposite hand it was so weird! My son cries when others are sad and wants to heal their pain. I know he is a healer i dont think i am but i am a writer i communicate through words and pictures and help others to put into picture format using their imaginations how they feel to get through their woes.

    Random strangers when i first meet them like a store clerk often tell me their life stories and then look confused at why they just did that it used to freak me out but now i know why. People always think they know me it happens all the time when i have never been there or seen them before. Sometimes i just have to step away from everyone and just be alone with no noise at all living in the country helps i can hear the animals and how happy they are i love that. I am trying to figure out if i should go into tourism because i love travel LOVE IT and love telling people about it or community services. On one hand i love helping others but i really do get bogged down by other peoples emotions and i fancied myself a counsellor but i think its going to be too heavy for me so i think tourism is great i wont be in the office all day ill be out and about and free.

    My ex’s three of them used to say to me why are you crying this is my problem im going through this not you why do you hurt they got offended because they are narcs and wanted it to be all about them i was helping them carry their burdens i was helping them solve their problems they did not want that. I was raised by two narc parents and most of my relationships have been with narcs they are attracted to me because i take their problems on board literally my last relationship made my physically ill. I want relationships but i have to be careful do you know the traits that a empath should look for in a potential partner?

    • Hi Yes,

      Thanks for sharing.

      I don’t think I could tell you what traits to look for in a potential partner because each of us is so different when it comes to affairs of the heart. The best I could offer is to feel it out. You will generally tend to get that ‘feeling’ when it comes to meeting someone new, good or bad. The only problem is, when it comes to Empaths and relationships, heads can tend to rule the heart. In other words your heart maybe telling you this person is no good for you but your mind will be telling you another story.

      Good Luck

  205. Hi,
    This is one of the most informative articles I have ever read. I am 34 and have search from a small child to find out why i am different.
    I score a spot on 28 .the other traits I understand these, are the dislike of clutter,I cant stand other peoples but my home could be seen as cluttered, but it is full of stuff i feel has a positive energy( photos of loved ones,spiritual ornaments,mementos from my travels,crystals,stones from the beach/wood)

    With vintage/second hand I love to buy old items of furniture/clothing but I know(don’t ask how) which are happy items.I have a lovely second hand desk that i would say was made 1930/40 .I feel so much love in this I know a man made it for his wife/children and they wrote many happy letters to him full of love and hope.when he went to war.On the other side of the scale I was given a painting from a homeless man I chatted with,although I wanted to cherish the gift,once it was in my house the negative energy was overwhelming it had to go.
    I became vegetarian at 7 no one else in the house was but I felt so sad for the animals and could almost taste their pain,I would think about being put in to a truck and knowing it was my last journey watching other animals go before me to be slaughtered .I would feel sheer panic.

    AT a young age 3 until 14 I could sense spirits and saw 3 ,2 of which were grandparents.
    AT 3 when my mother and father divorced ,I remember it being dads birthday and my mam being so sad,I took her to the shops on the pretense of buying sweets(I got a small cake and candles and told her we didn’t need daddy to have a happy us party that we were together and that was the main thing.(At that young age I almost knew that was what she needed to hear)

    At 7 we were took out of school one day and i knew my granda had died. When i got home the house was so sad,I remember saying(don’t be so sad granda is still hear you just cant see him,its like hes just gone in to another room)

    All through my life i have felt or sensed things others don’t, One i have that is not on your list is the ability to smell things,I smell pregnancy and can smell if a man is sexually attracted to me( I thought everybody could until a few month back)

    I used to read tarot but felt I was not being honest as the cards were of no use as I was just reading the people( everything I said came true pregnancy ,splits in a relationship,illness that would be over come)
    I can tell when someone has been bullied,sexually abused etc on a first time meeting

    I have traveled from the age of 18,always to a place near the sea, mountains,forest I recently married a man who has the tendency to become depressed and have suicidal thoughts we moved to the city I became almost agoraphobic ,I began thinking of suicide(something i have never done as i love life) and could not understand why as i would be happy one minute then so sad the next .I was starting to dread his key in the door when he came home from work,as i would begin to feel so down even if i had had a great day.This man loves me with all his heart and i him but has been making me feel sad with nothing that he has said or done.since living with and marrying my partner I have put a lot of weight on around the middle(not from over eating) and have terrible back pain.
    It seems to me if I can learn how to block him when hes down our marriage will work.

    There are many other things that make sense to me and not to others.
    I guess i wrote this to get a second opinion Do you think I could well be an Empath?
    If I am is there a way to bloke/cleanse myself when my partner has bouts of depresion?
    Does anyone else smell strange things ie pregnancy?

    • Hi Kelly,

      Thanks for sharing. I’m sure your story will help many others that read it, who may have experienced the same.

      In response to finding ways to block your husband’s moods, it will be a case of trial and error. What works for one will not always work for another. There are many that find visualization exercises work (not so much for me). One such exercise is: go into a semi-meditative state, through breathing exercises or other, and visualize yourself being in a large ball of brilliant white light, then see this ball of light form an external mirror completely encasing the ball. This mirror helps reflect away negative energy. It’s worth a try, do it at least twice a day. Also check out other pages on this blog for different grounding techniques.

      Good luck 🙂

  206. Hello again

    I want to unblock my emphatic senses i blocked some of it years ago, but i want to unblock it. Something is blocking me i feel it but i dont know how to unblock it. Does some one know how i can unblock it?

  207. i have some that isnt on your list. i can see, feel, smell, and sence ghosts. for example my junior year of high school it was during the end of first period. i was in the restroom washing my hands i had art first class. i looked in the mirror and saw a boy that went to my school i asked what are you doing here he said he hung himself and i turned to look at him. he was gone. an hour later the schools intercoms went off and the principal said this student had killed himself an hour before school. i asked a girl in my class if she could describe the boy they were talking about she describe the boy i saw in the restroom. they didnt find out he hung himself until the next day. then i have horrid mood swings uncontrolable anger i feel insane. i want to control it and be stable. iv had this since i was little i remeber reading and feeling all the kids and adults in my sunday school class when i was 4 years old. id sit in the corner and just watch them i was very quiet. i never had friends, i feel no compasion for my family i never had a mother daughter bond with my mother. i knew she wasnt a completely good person and she doesnt understand and iv explained it to her and she is now a poor lazy ass drunk. she yells at anything that moves. shes constently pissed. i never viewed her as a mom. my grandma thinks what i have envolves satin. im sorry i must sound like a whiney nutcase but my brain is like a sloppy tangled mess.

    • Hey,

      My friend can give u some advice cuz she can see things too. If u like some one to talk to that also can tell there experience u can send me an email and i will tell my friend. I am sorry how your family thinks about it, what u have is a gift and with that gift u can help many people. U remind me of when i was little i was also quiet and watched everyone and didnt had friends also. But i knew how they felt and everything.

    • Hi Lindz,

      It is very common for Empaths to be able to see, sense and feel the presence of spirits especially as children. Many will block this ability out when they are young.

      Learning to know what emotions belong to you and which belongs to others is one of the biggest hurdles an Empath will overcome. We take on so much from others and this can be responsible for the many mood swings we have to endure. We could be picking up a family member, friend or neighbor’s anger and taking it on as our own. For this reason we have to find ways to protect ourselves from them. Here are a couple of posts that maybe of help to you

      Thanks for sharing

  208. Wow. About 27 are dead on and 3 are relatable to some extent. Honestly I always thought it had a lot to do with my Libra nature with which I identify pretty solidly with but things like having an addictive personality while still being infatuated with holistic healing, inexplainable fatigue, feeling physical pain when I witness it, digestive/lower back problems and the little pooch of fat I have never not had around my Sacral Chakra despite being a vegan runner for two years of high school, the severe difficulty in doing things I don’t enjoy as in working at Wendy’s I would honestly sit there and feel disgusting for trading an hour of my life for 7 dollars before tax to feed people food that yes I could feel the pain in and knew the pain it was doing to their bodies.

    This list is nuts and so noticeable as I’ve recently returned to Chicago from Ohio after winter break and can definitely feel the weight of the jump in population around me. The excitement of all my peers is fueling me through my classes and has me super positive during that time but the sheer mass of people walking around has me needing to be in my room alone and laying down/sleeping the whole rest of the day. My Taurus boyfriend has become my battery through his support and care and I feel his energy constantly despite him being back in Ohio. Today he was telling me through the phone about how the scab on his finger (which I’d seen the past week and already felt then) had been ripped off by his glove when he took it off after work and my eyes watered uncontrollably for a minute and I felt that pain and begged him to be more careful with his hands, I swear I can feel it when his feet are wet and cold or his back is strained, he does heavy labor.

    I’ve gained a reputation for giving very good back rubs that actually relieve a good amount of tension and pain despite having no formal training, I focus on that person and their muscles and the tightness and try to build up healing energy and love inside myself to project while kneading their bodies and it seems to work so well. I feel as though my energy has a stronger effect on those around me than it should, I came back to a research class after smoking weed and that whole second half of the day everyone in that class and the teacher was acting goofy and extroverted out of nowhere, seriously like I’d never seen them before, while I was pretty silent myself and felt like a ghost watching a sitcom. Instances like that have happened pretty frequently where I feel an energy I’m carrying influence a room more than my actual person, and I myself feel almost weightless and transparent.

    I definitely catch a lot of negative and it has put me into a depressioned state many times that I’ve felt I couldn’t control, I can hardly be around my parents because of the way they heighten or repress their emotions and how tired and short-tempered it makes me, family members are the ONLY people that have ever brought out any real anger in me, normally it’s translated into melancholy. I used to lie to them constantly to avoid feeling their emotions, I have always been able to see truth or fiction in a person but very young I turned this around and mastered it a little bit out of practice, though stopped lying when I was about 16 after it became apparent that was not healthy in any way. I feel as though when negative sticks to me, it hangs in the air and weighs lightly on those around while when I stay as positive and uplifted as I can maybe that negativity gets cancelled out by the positive all together and I see a way greater change in the people around me and how happy they are. I feel as though I’m an amplifier for the people around me, and though very quiet and shy unless drunk and dancing I have a huge amount of people that just like me in their homes hanging out because of the vibe it creates.

    My recommendation to keep this stuff in the positive and make it less of a weight and more of a light would be surroundings and health. Being in love, live music/dancing, outdoors, and sharing my art charges me back up, along with occasional yoga and meditation workshops and definitely the vitamins I started few months ago-one big multivitamin with B12, then fish oil capsules and capsules of St. John’s Wart-which help level out the mood swings and keep away the depression a whole lot. While I’ve never given it a name, like empath, I’ve always felt this weird level of reality that I’m sensitive to and often at the mercy of, and positivity is the key.

  209. Since i was little i knew i was different i knew i could make people do stuff because i knew things of them like emotions. When i was little i wasnt aware of it that much and thought it was normal. I had memories of places that seemed familiar to me but i could never know from where. I once dreamed the future i dreamed what would happen the next day and it cames out maybe it was a coincidence. When i was in my early teens i felt many emotions taking over me i didnt know where they cane from i didnt feel like i belong in this world and i still dont. No one understood and still dont understand me. I can remember that i cried with out knowing why i cried, feeling lonely and sad and i didnt understand all the emotions. When i was 15 i shut it off and i didnt felt all that anymore but i could still feel other people their emotions when i focused on them. Am i an empath? And how can i unlock my skills how can i practice? I also know stuff without knowing how i know it i just know it. I want to control it and practice till the max

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    • Hi Tanisha,

      From what you say and the fact you got 28/29 out of 30 of the traits, it certainly seems like you are an Empath.

      The traits of an Empath (and there are more than on my list of 30) can increase and/or decrease over the passing years depending on your life situation. For example: if your were living in the wilderness/country with not many others around you you would feel less of the strong emotional energies coming off others and probably live a peaceful life. Move to a city and things would soon change. Or, another example, at Christmas time when those, living in areas which celebrate it, are extra stressed and running round like headless chickens, just sticking your head out of the front door can prove to be a challenge for an Empath (many Empaths get run down and exhausted over the festive period).

      Being an Empath means you are constantly absorbing and transmuting negative energies. You may feel like you should be doing more, but believe me, you are already doing more than enough. In just visiting a shopping center you are constantly working. The best thing you can do is keep the mind quiet, through meditation techniques, and the body active, through forms of exercise, movement or dance that you really enjoy. In keeping the body active it will help your body deal with the emotions coming off others and by keeping the mind quiet, it will stop those emotions turning into negative thoughts which will then feed the emotions and it turns into a vicious circle. Please seen other pages and posts on this blog, especially Grounding Techniques for Empaths and Sensitives.

      Thanks for sharing and hope this helps.

      • Thank you very much for the advices. I want to practice how i can comunicate with some ones mind also as in make them see pictures on their head or hearing a echoa

  210. 28 or 29 out of 30 i try to unlock it more so i can practice more i can control it a bit but i need to control it fully so it wont take over me its hard at times

  211. Thank you for this list and your work that you share here. I try not to get to tied to labels, but for those like yourself that have the mind to quantify these things into something that can be verbalized and reflected on is very helpful. I might add public speaking to the list. Not just fear of, but the challenge of both disconnecting and connecting to a group of people. I’ve learned to do it through a long process and there is definitely a recovery time. I’ve also found that when I end up at large gatherings, it helps to find a spot I feel comfortable in, away from the main area and connect with people one on one that wonder by. I have found some good friends this way and enjoy the experience of being out among people.

    Although I have felt very different and isolated from people at times, I think one of the best things I’ve gained from reading your work is that it’s not so much that I am different, but that many other people are. The difference is subtle, but important to me. Although I knew there were many differences between people, I never really thought that so many people lacked empathic qualities, which made me wonder why I felt so different from other people. I don’t expect them to feel what I do now. They have other qualities that are important that I lack, but I’m glad to be me. I bring emotional healing, understanding and acceptance to the people I have the pleasure of connecting with. I can sit down with someone who feels lost or that their life is out of control and I can slow down time and help them find some peace and hope or clarity. Not by changing them to be like me, but by being an emotional sanctuary where they can get back in touch with who they are. I (we) can do this because I can understand them. I can experience their feelings with them and even help them understand them in a way they may not be able to. When someone is understood, they feel validated and from there, they can heal. It is a wonderful gift to be able connect with people in this way. Just writing this I feel the waves of emotions from a thousand conversations while attuned (because we are always connected) to someones soul. But you must learn to manage your energy, you can be no good to anyone or yourself if you allow others to dictate how you live your life. Think of a sailboat. With it’s sail properly positioned, it glides over the water toward it’s destination, no matter which way the wind blows. If the sails are not right the ride is chaotic and off course. No one else will take the responsibility to keep your sails right but you and many, though not out of malice, will take advantage of your abilities.

    Thank you again for your work here, I am happy to have found and connect with you.


  212. I will be 48 this year. I had a traumatic situation in the year 2000 that led me to alcohol in a devastating way. I’ve been fighting for the past 11 years (because I drank for 2 … wanting to die) to get sober and stay sober.

    In May of 2011, I admitted myself (for the 3rd time) into a treatment facility. This one was for 90 days because I knew I needed at least that much time (to be behind safe walls) in order to have sufficient time to address … “what ever IT was”. During a group therapy session there was this intern sitting in. I was explaining to one patient that when he described what he was going through/how he was feeling, it truly felt as if I were INSIDE him, feeling EXACTLY what he was describing, not just “feeling bad for him and his circumstances”. After the session, the intern asked to speak with me alone. When I met with her she told me I was an Empath (and an Indigo baby). She went on to explain what an Empath was and how, IF I could master the gift, I could help others in ways that many could not. As she was talking I watched my entire life flash before me from early childhood on. So much began to make sense (in a scary way because I still was trying to grasp onto the concept she offered me) that I almost felt a tremendous amount of relief. I had the TRUE thought that I wasn’t crazy, screwed up, etc.

    Since that time I have really worked diligently, on paying attention to validating what she “labeled me,” because I am not one (and never have been) to accept anything “just because someone said so”. I have also come to realize (rather quickly) that my son is an Empath and my yearning to grasp mastering ways of having this gift benefit my “serenity” in this lifetime … is wanting to save him from 46 years of UTTER misery/insanity!!!

    I was googling Autism, Empath and other avenues (not really knowing what I was looking for or where it would lead me). It is wanting to find material for my son to read and consider, wanting to arm myself with facts about him, that has brought me to this website. Please, if there’s anything you could lead me to that would help me bring him peace sooner I would love to engage in it. I’m still trying to master this for my own peace and serenity … saving him most from most of his adult life in constant chaos is of the utmost importance to me.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Cyndy,

      Thanks for sharing and sorry to hear what a tough time you’ve had of it in your life.

      It is difficult to say what and where to send you for information for your son as all Empaths are unique in our own way and what may work or resonate with one will not always for another. And, as we are all at varying stages on our journey we may not be ready for certain knowledge. It is a case of sifting and searching, but from what I’ve found, once you start looking, the information you need will present itself.

      It is very likely that you have been through what you have in order to help your son. Empaths are way-showers, even if in a very quiet way.

      I don’t know whether you’ve come across Judith Orloff in your searches, but her site is definitely worth a visit as is Christel Broederlow’s. Just Google their name and the word Empath and you should easily find their sites.

      I hope this helps and good luck.

      • I have been looking for your response in my email for some time now. Never got there; however, I decided to check here and “lo’ and behold” 🙂

        Thank your for your reply. I will continue to pay attention to “me” and help my son out (whether outwardly or inwardly).

  213. 28/30 Pretty much describes me except I’m not creative and I love meat. I can’t count the number of times I got scolded and or grounded (when I was younger) for avoiding and refusing to go to family gatherings. A few of them I really do have a bigger more constant problem with, that being 6, 7, 15, 17, 19, 26, 28 (except used books and video games) and 30. I am not sure if I’m a hypochondriac and making myself sick or just feeling everyone else’s pain but it’s really bothering me. I used to live with my grandmother for years, she’s very moody, depressing and always complaining about something, I finally moved in with my mom and have felt noticeably better however still not completely as she fights with my step father a lot and I notice that whenever I go back to stay with my grandmother for the day I feel just terrible and want to go home or leave the house, I dread going over there. My mother cleans my room with sage and lemon grass, I feel at peace and calm for usually the rest of the day until, I assume when the emotions start coming back the next day but that’s just my thought. I do have a question though, I heard sage and or lemon grass is calming and helps remove negative energies, would that help empaths or is it just some sort of mental placebo I have with it? Thanks for the great article!

    • Hi Shatto,

      Sage has long since been used to remove negative energies. Many healers will burn a sage-brush in their treatment room, between clients, to cleanse the area of any residual energies. And lemon grass has a soothing yet uplifting effect. So yes, both brilliant for empaths.

      Thanks for sharing.

  214. reading this was like looking into the mirror. so me. i’ve been darted by everything, everywhere, all my life. being an empath is a gift but also a prison. but thanks to this blog. it’s a powerful reminder.

  215. I connected to your blog in a serendipitous journey. I have never heard of Empaths until the other day,. After watching the news all day about the shooting st the CT school, I have cried all day and had to turn the TV off, as it was overwhelming. I found the article I had read the other day and found your blog. I am about 28/30….This is me defined…. and it gives me insight to how I feel so many times. People look at me crazy when I have declined invitations where there are large gatherings of people as it wears me out. Watching violence, it is completely out of the question. Great blog,, and thank you for sharing….

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  217. Very coo, I always knew I sensed things differently than other people i know. Now I have a name for it. I actually discoverd this while researching info on narcissism. I recently ended 15 yr relationship with best friend/sister in law. I allowed a stupidly ridiculous amount of bs to go on knowing full well she wasnt quite right mentally. Smart as she was she was also crazy definatelty. I didnt know anything about narcissism either. I have been submering myself into learning about things like crazy!
    Heres a question, may or may not be related,just throwin it out there, have any of my fellow empaths experienced things like waking up suddenly and seeing “ghost” like figures and such?? Really interested to see if this is common with others.

    • Yes I scored about 20 out of 30 as an empath. When we moved to a new home (. Not brand new ) about 6 years ago, I started waking up at night with an “apparition” standing over me, really close. Scared the day lights out of me and I would scream , turn on the light and it would dissolve away. This has never happened to me before and it only happened in our home, not if I was away for holidays etc. I am a born again Christian, finally, at someone’s suggestion, O prayed and bound that thing up and sent it back to Jesus, told it, it was never to come near me again. This worked, it has never reappeared .

    • I used to frequently as a kid, probably 3rd grade and younger though my memory as a straight time line doesn’t function well that far back. I remember being put to sleep by my mom and laying in bed looking up at her figure in the dark for probably ten minutes quietly before I said mom, and with no reply raised my volume only to have my mom yell back “go to sleep” from her room next door, the figure then appeared to walk to and dissolve through my window. I had a couple other instances with different figures as I was younger but haven’t actually seen one fully defined or in the daylight, and while maybe spooked looking back I never came across one that scared me.

  218. Hi Everybody, I wanted to suggest being a nanny as a work option. If you find the right family it can be great because the kids are usually very straight forward and easy to be around. Babies and kids under 6 yrs are great! The pay is better than min wage and you are pretty much on your own most of the time.

  219. I have just recently been told by a person that I may be an empath. I have NEVER in my life heard of an empath and have been doing some research on it. All but 2 in this list describes me perfectly. However, what I really want to know is if empaths are sensitive to the spirit world? Growing up 5 houses away from a cemetary I have always had these “knowings” and “feelings” but couldnt describe my feelings to others bc I just idk knew.I can walk into an empty room and have it feel “free and clean” or walk into an empty room and feel a heavy creepy atmosphere. Its the wierdest feeling. I have also grown up with spiritual happenings and still expirience some today. I however, have never seen an aparition or heard them talk to me. My dad is a lot like this as well but he has had them speak once to him. Growing up in my house my dad mom younger brother and I have all seen things move and have had personal expiriences while being alone in the house. Can being an empath attract spirits?

    • Hi Stacy,

      Thanks for sharing. In answer to your question, I couldn’t say that Empaths necessarily attract spirits but some, more than others, can be very receptive and sensitive to them in feeling and seeing their energy. There are Empaths who are clairaudient, clairvoyant or mediumistic but more than anything we tend to feel/absorb energies.

      I understand about the feelings you get when you walk in certain rooms. When I was younger, and before I knew or understood about my empathy, if I felt dark or dense energy in a room or building I used to assume the place was haunted. I now know that it’s not always the case. Sometimes we are picking up on residual energy. For example: if a home has been filled with anger and negativity off the people/person who reside there, that energy can remain in the house long after they’ve gone, likewise when a home is filled with love and happiness. It is difficult to explain to others what you are sensing/picking up on because if they can’t feel it they don’t understand it.

      Hope this helps.

    • I recently learned about empaths and truly believe i am. I responded to your comment because I have had experiences with spirits, ghosts, whatever they are. Would love to exchange some stories about that some time if you are interested? : )

      • Hello there,

        I wanted to reply in full yesterday but a combination of having no energy and a big bout of brain fog prevented me from doing so.

        If you are anything like me, discovering you are an Empath will be a huge relief, and even cause for celebration, in that you’ve finally found out why we are the way we are. Hurray!

        In response to your question I would say as a Sensitive it is very normal to feel and see energies, ghost or shadowlike and it is common for this to happen after waking suddenly. It is also very common to see things within your peripheral vision in full waking hours.

        Thanks for sharing.


  220. Thank you for this list! It really opened my eyes. I answered big YES to almost all, too. I do own some used things, but they mainly come from passed relatives. Anyway, my question is since I can’t stand to be around people, although I do enjoy helping people, I’ve never been able to hold on to a job very long. For the last ten years, I’ve been a happy stay at home mom. Now that my “baby” is in school, everyone expects me to get a job. This is extremely distressing, and I’m starting to get depressed. I do want to earn money, I just don’t want a “job,” if that makes sense. So what types of work would you recommend for an empath with pretty much no valid work history (experience)?

    • Hi Sarah,

      Very tricky one for Empaths, earning an income. Many Empaths are struggling on so many levels at present: not being able to spend much time round others is obviously a big one but also having very low or fluctuating energy levels is another huge hurdle when it comes to earning. Because there is so much chaotic energy out there, which we absorb like a sponge, it makes any kind of work challenging, even if we want to do it. Unfortunately, this is not something you can explain off to others as only another Empath would really know just how debilitating being around others or absorbing energies can be.

      So, the types of work I would recommend for an Empath is, ideally, anything which allows you to be creative, especially if it can be done from home and/ or perhaps sold from the internet. Making you your own boss. Or if you have to go out to work, a job which would involve making others happy without it being too taxing for yourself. Something like working a couple of hours, daily, in a small tea-room, cafe or delicatessen could be do-able.

      There’s nothing worse than feeling like you are being pressured into doing a job just to appease others expectations, so if you’re going to do anything make sure it’s what you want to do otherwise you will get really down. Try spending a little quiet time and see whether, you get any ideas or feelings for what your vocation could be. You may already have something at the back of your mind, however, we can easily put ourselves off a job idea if we’ve never done it before, but there’s nothing wrong with exploring the idea and seeing where it takes you.

      Good luck and I really hope it all works out for you.

      • Thank you. Those are the exact issues I was concerned about, plus my constant lower back pain. In my job search I’ve found that jobs that don’t require spending a lot of time with people do involve a lot of driving and/or physical labor, I’ve had jobs before where I give my whole check to my chiropractor, it’s not worth it. Anyway, thank you again!

      • I scored 30/30. My sis-in-law directed me to your site to learn of empaths. Im partly terrified realizing the intensity of life is always going to be a current that i feel acutely. Its been a lifestyle moderating my time in interfacing w life…. which has a direct affect to my income. Some seasons are easier than others….sometimes I find myself needing to let people go or cut out performing in order to feel productive. I’m a piano teacher and I appreciate that I am able to choose my students and study dance (it’s been therapeutic learning how to feel comfortable within my own skin though I may feel overwhelmed within)

      • I am so glad that its not just me, I had a ‘nervous breakdown’ 2 years ago whilst doing a very high pressured job that I HATED…. I have been fortunate enough to have been working for myself recently and my Husband is great but am starting a ‘proper’ job in 2 weeks and I am dreading it!! I hate everything about it – I am trying to be positive but I just keep crying everytime I think about it. What if I cant cope, how can I work full tme when I have no energy, what about my dog (we have had Joey since Feb and he s a rescue), I feel his pain when he s left alone and that upsets me even more. I even feel his pain from far away so thats worse. I have asked the universe for some help on this one and infact the very next day I met a lady walking my dog and we got talking… she is coming round to discuss some work possibilities… so you never know. Really in the end the universe usually works it out for us hey xxx

    • wow I thought that was only me that experiences the job thing!It is a relief but at the same time sad to know that there are others feeling the sting of the emotions that are brought on by not knowing where and how to fit in! all I want is to help others- but don’t know how(without feeling guilty) to make money doing so.????? What do we do?? Anyone.?

  221. I said yes to all 30. Years ago I bought an antique necklace and when I got home, the negative energy was so horrible that I couldn’t stand it! I’m surprised I didn’t pick up on the energy in the store, but it was hectic there. I tried clearing the energy with incense, sage and finally left the necklace in a bowl of salt for days. Nothing worked, so I threw it away because I didn’t want to give anyone else that energy.
    I volunteer at an animal shelter and do Reiki for the cats. I do a clearing for myself after each time I’m there, because the cats are in pain & afraid. My reiki practitioner said my heart is wide open and I need to protect myself. I’m having a hard time doing that…not sure what to do that will work. I am constantly experiencing fatigue, have fibromyalgia and a very low tolerance to pain.
    Any feedback would be sooooo appreciated. Thanks for the info on empath traits.

    • Hi Lori,

      Sorry to hear about your constant symptoms. We are in the midst of some very challenging times and as Empaths, we are having a particularly hard time of it. Everyday seems to pose a different challenge for us. We don’t even have to leave our home to get bombarded with all the wayward energies out there. Not only are we having to deal with the current economic global crisis (and how it’s affecting the populace) but also the solar flares are frying our circuits too.

      I have written a post with some tools for Empaths. It’s basically a list of techniques that I’ve found helpful. But the best thing I do for me, and I can’t recommend it highly enough, is yoga/meditation/pranyama. It has been a lifesaver. If you haven’t tried it already, it’s certainly worth giving it a go and it would definately help out with your fibromyalgia. Here’s an article from Yoga Journal If you find class enviroments a challenge, there are some great instructional DVD’s out there and on Youtube (always choose the beginners). If you don’t have the energy to exercise, pranyama breathing techniques also really, really help.

      Unfortunately, even with yoga, meditation and other techniques I use, I still have days when I am floored by the incoming energies and I have discovered the only thing I can do is surrender and accept, and if I’m able to, have a duvet day.

      I am currently writing a post on Ayurveda and how it can be helpful to Empaths, so keep a look out for it.

      D x

      • Thank you so much D……I will read your post of tools for Empaths and am going to try the yoga/meditation/pranyama. Thanks for your reply…..having your support is really wonderful! Thank you, thank you……Lori

      • Hi my name is Al and I am an empath + as my friends say lol. I am and always have been but only 3 years ago did I embrace and accept my gift, thus making me even more than I was or thought I could ever be. I agree we are needed MORE now than ever. Embrace your gift and share it with all who need it. Do not seek them out as its ment for them to seek us out and believe me, they WILL find you.

        Not only do I feel, absorb, and am affected by energies/emotions i also can some how filter them, remove the negative and leave positive. I feel all those around me taking my positive n leaving their negative. Even other empaths i know recharge off me in this way. Once n a while I must remove the negative energy n recharge. To do this I, as strange as it sounds, sit quietly in a graveyard and watch grass grow.

        I find great peace, love and harmony there as so many were lay to rest with love and respect. As with everything, this works for me but may not for you. Then again never hurts to try something new.

        Feel free to edit this as you wish. I am Truly Honored to meet all of you and wish you the best in your adventures down this WONDERFUL path.

        Peace, Love, Harmony and Life to all.

    • Imagine the most beautiful brightest blue light that you’ve never seen- see it in your minds eye- all around you.It should be so bright that you almost have to stop focusing on it- I promise it will help.Another very helpful thing to do is- ask for help/guidance(PRAY)

  222. O wow I’m an empath I have been for quite a while I hate it because I work at a call center and sometimes it can be overwhelming I would love to control it so I wouldnt need to use drugs to turn it off

  223. wow all fit me except I’m not overweight. and I also do love vintage things and antiques. those things calm my soul. especially really old things. I think because modern day society seems to overwhelm me, and being born long ago without technology, malls, people everywhere, etc may have been easier on me as an empath. so I get lost in antiques day dreaming of a quieter life so to speak.

  224. Amazing!!!! I scored 19 outta 30 but i’m gonna get my boyfriend to score me see what he gets. There are so many things that are like a big YESSSSSS. The meat thing, i could never expalin why i hate it so much! I can eat some, but other meats yuck! I couldnt say i am a vegetarian because i am not, but now its like holy crap! numbers 6, 7, 8, 28 & 29 were like HELLO KIM SMITH THIS IS YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! LOL thanks for sharing this! Can’t wait to show my family! 🙂

    • Kim Smith- my sister-in law?? This is Stephen. And yes I’m an empath.Let me know please if i can somehow help.Been dealing with this rollercoaster ride for a long time- it;s helped with my wife divorcing me twice and my children finding it impossible to understand me and why i have such a difficult time dealing with everything-

  225. i am an empath but not with human, i have that healing gift and i can turn pain into light but i cannot relate to animals mostly people

    • Just seeing others can have the same issues its a mixed bag of emotions im happy im not alone but oh you poor other people , its hard and overwhelming in the process of figuring this out and then it grows bigger on you! One step up 2 steps down. Learning to trust yourself is the hardest part. You would believe someone else telling you these issues because ” tada” you just know they are genuine but we doubt ourselves, because i think it is a huge responsibility . Especially when its such an effort to feel responsiblity for your own self when your always by some magnetic force to be responsible for others , since it has become injected into you. I apolgize im not wearing my glasses typos ect.. But one image came to mind from the world is round reference , not being fully aware of being an empath is like living in a flat world , recognizing you are – you graduate to being the turtle that the flat earth rests on his shell in early art. Hopefully the next stage is being part of the round world that i know is there or find my real purpose in it fully. I cant really help others until i have helped myself . Its been shoved in my face ,alot at once i have such an urgency to deal with it . Oh i do collect vintage things and antiques tho… I actuall dont like new things , has no soul to me or something , seems cold like bringing home dead things , vintage has life to it . So i found that item on the list odd. Any thing i can find to identify with helps. Thank you!

      • The destination justifies the journey. I am not sure where I am on the journey, but the key for me, Robin, is in your comment above. I could have spoken the same sentiments that you expressed – instead of it feeling negative, i felt comfort and compelled to reply – out of character for me. There is such a driving sense of urgency. Learning so much so fast is overwhelming, while researching i had my deep rooted skepticism beaten , yet I retain a reluctance to let go of skepticism – I understand emotional disbelief, and a more difficult issue is my worthiness and trusting myself. How come if I know now that I have known all my life, didn’t I know before now? I have always known that I had a higher purpose – and now I think I get to learn what it is.
        I send gratitude to all the contributors for sharing their journeys – thank you.

      • Hi Robin, understand so much of what people are trying to say on here… I collect vintage and old stuff too for the same reason – new has no soul. Although I have found that a few things have brought into the house have had a heavy feeling but with a little cleansing in the house this goes away. These old things mean something to me… I can feel their importance and how someone once loved them… I know a little far fetched but I have the same problem if I pick up anything in a shop with eyes (teddy bears, ornaments etc) I cant put them back incase they feel the pain – this may be getting too werd now x

  226. I scored 30 out of 30, I have been looking to understand myself for many many years and had heard about empaths. But now the more I awaken within the more gifts are coming out in me.
    Thanks for giving the list, it is confirmed within me and in my knowing that I am a empath. Now I must develope my other gifts, been a empath most all my life but didn’t know it until recently.
    Thank you

    • You’re very welcome, Roger.

      One of the reasons I created this blog was to share what I know with others who are seeking information or confirmation. Being an Empath is a challenging path to walk and although we have a deep inner-knowing, it’s always great to receive confirmation on what feels right to us.

      Wishing you all the best on your journey.

      • After reading your post. A lot of things are making sense. But, not until way after the fact. I too have been feeling an urgency in learning how to know more about the things that are happening to me. I spent 2 years after my drug recovery (12 years now) trying to put myself in crowds or even driving in the city gave me such headaches. The headaches are mostly gone, but I am now experiencing things I can’t explain, or understand. maybe that is not the right word. But all of a sudden i am able to feel, almost see the feelings and emotions of my neighbors coming thru the windows into my house. I really need help. I also feel the almost BUZZ of what ever is coming. I feel it will be more a beginning not the end. Maybe the beginning of the end, HA, I spend so much time alone I cant imagine why I cant seem to shake all the S–t I am feeling. And how much is really my pain, not someone else’s. Thanks

      • Hi Empathyjo,

        Thanks for sharing and sorry to hear all that you’re going though. Empaths have been having a really, really tough time of late. It feels like we are constantly being energetically attacked. And as much as we may want to be around others, it is sometimes, just too much and can easily fry our brain and body…hence many of us spending much of our time alone.

        There is a saying that, if another took on all the emotions/feelings that an Empath processes/transmutes it would be enough to put them in an institution.

        If you’ve not already, check out Grounding Techniques for Empaths and Sensitives on my blog. You may find some useful tips. We really need to be looking after ourselves, now more than ever (I know, easier said than done!) Try not to indulge in the external emotions coming in (again, easier said than done), as we tend to latch them onto our old wounds and pains (even those we’ve already dealt with), leading to confusion as to whether they are ours or not. The trick is catching the emotions as they come in and then distract yourself and try not to allow your mind to get involved. Crank the music up and do something energetic.


      • Hi im new to this, i left a comment and its says waiting moderation. Is there something i need to do or is it meaning for the website creator to do?

      • hi,
        i had a crazy dream last night and the word empath was projected into my thoughts. i woke up, Google’d, and was led to this post. i scored myself 27/30. I’ve always had a level of intuit that has defied logic, a knowing so discerning i could predict a person’s moves step by step. i’ve also always known the intentions of others towards me. In the past few months, maybe longer but at least in the past few months, i’ve had physical reactions to the negative energy of those in my company. i developed an ulcer about a yr ago and it now works as an alarm of sorts for tension,anger,hatred..basically,discontent. Further, i have in the past few wks experienced physical ailments that have been coupled w dreams and word associations, that have precipitated death/illness in the friends of friends, practical strangers to me. The thing is my family is really religious.
        I’m an atheist. I dl not believe in the ‘metaphysical’ in the conventional sense..but i cannot deny the validity of my experience.
        i cannot say that i consider thia gift but i do see it as an ability. moreover, i can’t deal with not being able to control my energy or moods when i’m rubbing elbows w others. I don’t want to become even more agoraphobic.
        I’m much too young to live the life of a recluse.
        I don’t know who to talk to about these experience and what i’d consider crazy talk. i don’t know what i’m supposed to be looking for or what the purpose of this ability is, truly.
        I guess, i’m not sure what i’m looking for here either.
        Affirmation, perhaps?

      • Hi Jaye,

        I don’t know whether you’ve seen it on some other comments on this blog but there is an Empath support group on Facebook. If you are on it, it may be worth checking out. It always helps to know we are not alone and there are many others out there who know exactly what it feels like to live life as an Empath.

        Thanks for sharing.

      • I can’t thank you enough:) I have always know that I was different, but it is so sweet to finally know why. I scored 28 of 30 and now I look forward to further reading on this and finding ways to strength myself and benefit others in the process.
        God Bless,

      • I had been told by my grandmother that I was a sensitive I always just took it as a nice way for her telling me that I’m emotional and too sensitive but I then realized I can make ppl sick as well as heal them or like I like to say I can take on someone’s sickness I have always known I had this ability and to even relieve pain or symptoms. I feel it deep inside and then ill realize that it’s just crazy and unbelievable for little ol me to be able to do it and ill say to myself that it was just coincidence but then I find myself able to do it again and again. Once my boyfriend made me mad and I told him he was gonna have some diarrhea and vomiting and I firmly pressed my fingers on his forehead and he woke up with just that hours later! I felt so bad that I took my fingers and pressed them to the back of his neck at the base of his brain and went In circular motion and told him I would take it away that I was just playing when I did it to make him sick then I ended up sick with the same thing he felt fine as soon as I got sick. Is it possible for me to have done that? Also another story when I was 14 my best friend passed and I had no idea till the next day but the night she passed I couldn’t stop crying…. I felt as though my heart was breaking my mom was so concerned and kept askin me why I was crying and I truly didn’t know at the time all I could sob was that I felt as though my heart was breaking! Then all of a sudden it went away and I fell asleep. I got up and went to school the next morning and my teacher came up to me and took me away telling me he was sorry that my Morgan had passed away. I felt as though my world had ended. I stayed in a daze for weeks but she came to visit me every night In my dreams until one day I told her I was ok that she didn’t have to look after me anymore and since then occasionally I hear her laugh but I haven’t had a dream of her since

      • Yesssssss.

        Me too. 24/30.

        Oddly, my biggest blindspot is a serious inability to tell when I shouldnt trust someone. You would think that I’d have a clue, but i tend to get burned fairly often. I chalk it up to having been raised by an utterly malevolent but sneaky sociopath of a mother. She seemed so sweet, you had no idea she was really trying to destroy you. I learned to love and trust the wrong people, and even now Its hard for me to sense danger. Sometimes, after the fact, i realize what i felt was their pain, which brought out a desire to soothe and nurture. Makes me an easy target.

        Anyone else here raised in an abusive situation?
        Do others find they are too trusting despite having all these empath traits?
        Any ideas to cope?

    • How does an empath find a rewarding career/job? I scored 30/30 too and struggle to find work I can: 1) relate to, 2) stick at without getting frustrated and 3) find rewarding at a deep soul level. Anyone got any input??

      • Hi Kate,

        Here are some questions, lifted from a post I’m working on, that may help you find your true vocation:

        What are your passions?
        What do you love to do?
        What do you believe in?
        What would you wake up excited to do each day?
        What can you not live without doing?
        What engages you?
        What interest keeps coming back to you?
        If you could change the world for the better, how would you do it?

        Hope it helps.

      • Thank you for those questions and your prompt response.

        I think the key to it is for me to live fully and authentically with the knowledge I am an empath and to not expect myself to be different to fit someone else’s version of normal and productive. I think I get clouded by the white noise of societal expectations, which I am failed to fulfill, if the above are anything to go by. Some time alone might get me in touch with what I may like to try next in order to discover the answers to the questions you pose.

      • There is an unexplained acronym used to describe a disease in the description above (#10) — “ME”. What is this?

      • Perhaps what you need then is a less ‘main stream’ approach. Have you considered hand-crafted works from home? Art? Music? In a small town, most artists can sell their craft well, and in tourist season you could do even better if you put passion into it. If your not based in a small town, find one (preferably with a farmers market or something of the sort). Of course, its not for every one, but personally I think going so far as furthering your education through collage or that sort is a waste of time… good job’s are becoming scarce, and as a drifter, its my experience that if you can do a job no one else is willing to or can, you have a hole world of opportunity, regardless of ‘formal accreditation’, to find both rewarding work and a decent pay. Don’t forget, as an empath, you can connect with people… find out what people around you like, draw on the emotions and make work of it.

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