Living in this heavily populated world, Empaths face many challenges. If it’s not having others’ negativities  dumped on them, they get drained of vital energy just by spending too much time in public.

Learning to set energetic boundaries is, of course, a given for those of a Sensitive nature and many Empaths are hardwired into automatically doing this. However, sometimes life just gets in the way.

We all need gentle reminders, from time to time, about what we could be doing to protect ourselves and thus make life more enjoyable. And this is what I hope to present in this guide for the Empath.

For Empaths, wanting to block out all external emotions and energies would, no doubt, be a priority. But it is not always that cut and dry. For one thing, she might have already tried every energy-blocking technique known to man, without any success.

And then there are the questions: why is it Empaths feel and take on what they do, emotionally, is it not for a purpose? In taking on these negative energies are they not helping rid the world of them?

The answer to those question are debatable. But the fact is, all Empaths need to learn to protect themselves from wayward energies, and know how to stay grounded, so they can continue to function in everyday life.

Out and About

When an Empath is alone in people-congested places, they may soak up the highly charged energies no sooner than having stepped over the building’s threshold.

If you are one who finds being in public areas, such as shopping malls and cinemas, unbearable, to the point of avoiding them at all costs, there are some techniques you could try that may help:

Take a Friend: Being with another person acts as a buffer and helps diffuse external energies. This lessens the impact, when spending time in public places. It also serves as a pleasant distraction and takes your mind off what you are feeling.

Chances are, after the shopping trip or outing, you may still feel drained but your experience will have been a much more pleasant one.

If taking a friend, or family member, is not possible find a grounding technique, that works for you, and use it before going out. Below are some you could try:

Power Poses: A power pose is generally anything that opens up the body. They can be as simple as opening up one’s arms wide (so your body is in the shape of a cross) and taking long, slow breaths through the nose. Holding a gentle smile is further empowering.

If you are familiar with yoga, a Starfish pose (standing with wide legs and arms) is ideal, as is a Warrior pose with open arms.

Holding the power pose for a couple of minutes before leaving home, or entering an energy-hostile environment, serves in uplifting and expanding one’s energy field. This is opposed to how an Empath often goes out into the world, wanting to feel small and invisible.

Grounding visualizations: These could be anything from visualising roots coming from your feet, grounding you to the earth, to mentally building a halo of white light around your body and expanding it with your breath.

Take a couple of minutes to quieten the mind before attempting.

Affirmations: Positive mini-declarations repeated in the mind can serve in being uplifting, empowering and protective. Statements such as: ‘I am empowered ‘or ‘I am in control’, instantly, and positively, change your mind-set, and your vibration, and thus make you better equipped to handle excessive energies.

Find one that works for you, suitable for the time and place.

Music therapy: Taking your music and earphones is a huge help when out and about. Listening to music you love creates an inner-expansion. It uplifts your energy and creates a protective ‘bliss bubble’ around you. This energy expansion enables you to glide through public-places seemingly unaffected.

It is best to get into the ‘music zone’ before entering a peopled place.

Breath-work: There are many grounding and mind quietening methods available, such as meditation, that need a committed, daily practise to reap the full benefits.  However, the breathing methods, included in the post below are  meditative techniques and can be done in a hurry or when one is feeling out of sorts.

You may need to play around with different breathing techniques to find one which works for you. They can be used before entering or whilst in a busy place. 

Please see this post for  various breathing techniques.


If you are one who doesn’t like sleep-snuggling, or having to sleep close to your partner in bed, no matter how much you love them, you are not alone.

Having sleeping-space is essential for the Empath. 

Most Empaths loathe having anyone get in their ‘energy-space’, day or night, but as sleep-time is crucial for recharging, it is even more important they are allowed it.

If you share a bed, and it is not possible for you to have your own bedroom, opt for the largest size bed available, if space permits.

If you still struggle sleeping near your partner or wake-up feeling drained, use one of the above grounding techniques and adapt them to bedtime mode.


Know your food and how it affects you. Listen to what your body is telling you about what is and isn’t right for you. If, for example, you have a nagging feeling that dairy is causing you to have an allergic reaction, you could try the 30 day exclusion challenge, to see if it is.

This involves abstaining from all dairy (or whatever you suspect does not agree with you, be it chocolate, tomatoes, alcohol or GMOs) for 30 days. After that time, gradually introduce it back into your diet. If you have a big reaction to it, you know you are intolerant, allergic or energetically incompatible and  are best removing it from your diet.

Over a period of about 15 years, I’ve tried many eating and exercise plans. I have tried and trained in many holistic therapies and healing, and researched the benefits of nutrients. I always believed that the answers to my healing lay in the metaphysical, and if I made myself more ‘spiritual’ I would find life easier… I hadn’t taken into consideration that it didn’t matter how many hours I sat in meditation or doing yoga, or how many spiritual texts I read, if I was putting poison into my physical body, no amount of meditation or spiritual awareness was going to balance me.

Of everything I have tried over the years, holistically, spiritually and energetically, the most profound changes happened to me when I changed my diet!

I have written about benefits of changing the diet before (and will do again, and again), but as I consider it to be one of the best things you can do to aid physical healing and spiritual growth, especially for Empaths, I will keep spreading the word.

We may all be very different, with different spiritual, nutritional and physical requirements, but none of us will benefit from taking drugs or eating drug-like food…

Because they tend to be highly reactive, Empaths react more to drug-like foods than those not of a Sensitive nature. High reactive people taste the bitterness in lemons more than others, feel emotional and physical pain more, go red in the face easier and are affected by certain foods, drugs and alcohol worse than those who are not highly reactive.

High reactives are responsive to different vibrations of energy. Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies and that includes what we eat and drink: the faster the vibration, the higher the frequency. Empaths are negatively affected by anything of a low vibration. Certain foods, drugs and alcohol all have a low vibrational energy and bring the Empath down fast.

If you suspect your diet is impacting your health, and Empath ways, and are keen to learn of all the negative ways your diet can impact Empath life click here. 

It is also wise to take note how your food is prepared. Food made in an angry or unhappy environment will carry that energy and thus show up within you.

Most Empaths benefit from having mainly homemade food, so they know exactly what energy goes into their meals.

Socializing and Stimulants

Unfortunately, any kind of stimulant (alcohol, drugs, etc.) only serve in weakening the Empath (as they do any other human). Under the influence, it may feel like external energies are blocked but unfortunately this is not the case. They still seep in and still need to be dealt with.

When in company, other people’s emotions may show up in the Empath as aggression or an overly dominant ego on the evening of consumption or as a physical and emotional hangover from hell the day after.

If you don’t like the idea of giving up your favourite tipple, or social life, try using grounding techniques before an evening out and drink lots of water throughout the evening. Water has both a cleansing and grounding effect. Also include lots of alkalizing foods in your diet. By keeping your body in a more alkaline state it helps keep Empath balance and prevents alcohol doing as much damage.


The longer the Empath has known a friend, the more impact the friend can have on their energy. As you would imagine this could be a good or bad thing, depending on the relationship.

Knowing how to navigate your friendships serves in offering healthier and happier relationships.

Friends’ energy and how it affects those of a Sensitive nature will change along with their age and life circumstances. If down or depressed, a friend can unintentionally take the Empath down with them.

In theses cases one has to learn to emotionally unplug. One can still listen and be there, but in a detached way.

Also, be very wary of an unwanted energy drain.

We all know people who drain energy, otherwise known as the ‘Energy Vampires’, but when a friend, who isn’t normally a drainer, is experiencing a tough time their energy-sucking tentacles may seek out an instant uplift from anywhere they can get it. (Please see here, here, here for more ways to stay protected).

To avoid being a friend’s ‘energy-replacement-meal’, watch for any drain and where it is coming from. It is normally be from one of four of the main energy centres (chakras): sacral (below belly), solar plexus (mid belly), heart (heart area) or throat (front of throat) and it may be felt by a pull or ache in that area.

Wherever you feel the drain, cover that area immediately with your hands or arms. It is not by chance that we cross our arms over our stomach or chest in social situations; we are subconsciously stopping an energy-drain.

Empaths tend to be very faithful to their friends and keep them in their life for the long-haul. For this reason, it is a good idea to choose friends wisely.

Discover the 7 secrets of an Empath


For the Empath finding their calling or vocation can be a challenge of epic proportions.

Living a lie, through having to pretend they like doing a job which they don’t, or sell a product they do not believe in, is nothing short of torture for the Empath.

As eighty percent of the workforce do not enjoy their job, this does not make for an energy-efficient or happy working environment (another obstacle for the Empath).

If you listen, your Internal Guidance System will continuously present you with vocational options, perhaps as interests or passions.

If searching for your dream job, or just a new direction in life, here are some questions that may ignite the answer:

  • What are your passions?
  • What do you love to do?
  • What do you believe in?
  • What would you wake up excited to do each day?
  • What can you not live without doing?
  • What engages you?
  • What interest keeps coming back to you?
  • If you could change the world for the better, how would you do it?


Roadblocks are what stop you going down your desired or chosen route in life. They can be seen through sickness, redundancy, depression, loss of money and social status or non-starting projects. They can unexpectedly pop up out of nowhere, take you off your current journey and bring your life to a standstill or send you off in a new direction.

When encountering roadblocks it may seem like they are purely an unfair punishment, but this comes down to your perspective. They are normally presented as a detour and a way to make changes to your life’s journey when refusing to listen to your IGS.

This detour may involve a long and winding scenic-route, which also happens to be an uncomfortable, seemingly never-ending, bumpy road. But again, this is down to your perspective. 

You have a choice: you can get wrapped up in the inconvenience and discomfort of the long ‘scenic-route’, focusing only on that, or you can concentrate on the ever-changing landscape as it passes and be grateful for being given a chance to change.

Everything presented to us in life is a gift, even roadblocks, and are something to learn and grow from… if only you allow yourselves to see it.


Exercise is essential to an Empath’s wellbeing. It works both the physical and energetic bodies, and helps clear stagnant or negative energy.

Sadly, we live in a society that promotes a ‘no-pain-no-gain’ philosophy towards exercise and a focus on sculpting the muscles instead of healing the body and mind. Exercise should be fun and liberating, not torturous or painful (unless you enjoy that ).

There are many ways to exercise and it doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. It can be as simple as turning on some funky music and shaking your hips around the kitchen. Dancing when no one is watching is unbelievably uplifting and you get to make your own moves with the beat of the music.

Running or walking in nature, freestyle dance, where there are no rules, or one of the many forms of yoga, are some of the best forms of exercise for the Empath. These could be done alone at home, and there is no need for a gym membership.

Swimming in the sea, or a lake, would also be great, if you’re fortunate enough to have one nearby.

A gym-class is not always the best environment for the Empath, especially if it has a very ego-driven or body-conscious atmosphere and adorned by lots of mirrors.

Some Empaths pick up negative residual energy left on mirrors. If there have been many insecure, or body conscious, people gazing into gym-mirrors (or mirrors in clothes shops, etc.) an Empath may feel the lingering energy of these insecurities and take them on as their own.


For the Empath, relationships often prove to be a complicated area of life. But also very rewarding when they find a compatible mate (who very likely won’t be an Empath but may still be sensitive).

Empaths are a greatly misunderstood bunch. If they seem aloof or disconnected (after suffering Empath overwhelm) it may take a while for their detachment, and need for time alone, not to be taken personally by a prospective partner.

When one is romantically connected to another, it can make the energetic connection complicated.

Reading someone, who holds no emotional ties, comes quite easily for the Empath. However, when there is a strong emotional bind it can distort one’s ability to read energies clearly. This can lead to confusion and frustration, especially in the early building, days of a relationship and even further down the road.

Not everyone is as inclined to be as honest as an Empath; especially if they have grown-up or worked in an environment where lying is ‘quietly’ seen as acceptable (it is surprising how often this is the case). This is a huge bugbear for the Empath because they feel the energy of a lie, but not always what the lie is. In some cases, this leads to paranoia which in turn leads to ungrounded accusations and arguments.

A whole book  could be dedicated to the relationship highs and lows of an Empath and how to handle every situation (see The Empath Awakening for more on Empath relationships). But in brief, it’s safe to say that the best way to be in any relationship is honest (unless the truth will cause unnecessary pain) and never be afraid to show your True-Self.

It’s always good to remember that every relationship, no matter how brief, offers valuable lessons. Even toxic relationships, filled with strife and arguments, can show areas of  life that need to be worked on or improved.

Comfort Zone 

Allowing yourself to step from your comfort zone, on a daily basis, allows for growth in all areas of your life.  It enables you to face your fears and, in facing them, it gives you a greater capacity to deal with any negative emotions you meet.

When we stay comfortable, we stay small and don’t expand. As the saying goes: 

‘If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you!’  

                                                                          – Fred Devito

Stepping from the comfort zone can be done by going further than you would like during exercise, by making a phone-call you’ve been putting off for months, by telling someone you love them, or anything that makes you squirm but which you know you should do. 

Getting Out of Your Head

Thoughts can be destructive to your health and wellbeing, especially when they are negative and repetitive. Empaths tend to spend a lot of time in their heads, which is great when thoughts are creative, happy or enlightening. But spend too much time around certain people, or places, and those happy thoughts can quickly turn into painful memories, anger or notions of being wronged or unfairly treated by another.

You may not realise those irrational thoughts, that are on a perpetual time-loop, were ignited by being around certain others, as they don’t always kick in till a day or two after exposure.

So, how do you stop them? It’s not easy but it can be done. The best techniques involves externalising your awareness or by distracting the mind.

Externalising Awareness: One of the best ways to get out of the head is to focus your awareness outside of yourself, using a meditative technique called mindfulness.

This can be done almost anywhere and involves focusing on something outside of your mind. You could gaze at a flickering candle or pay close attention to your scenery as you pass it by (obviously not to be done whilst driving).

If you like walking in nature look up at the trees and notice all you can about the bark, branches and leaves, see the different cloud formations in the sky or inspect the wild flowers growing within the foliage.

Thought Distraction: When your thoughts are on negative-overdrive, doing activities which allow you to indulge them is not advisable. You need to distract yourself. One of the quickest ways to do this is by stepping out of your comfort zone. 

When your mind becomes preoccupied by anything which causes discomfort it stops engaging dark or repetitive thoughts. A few minutes exercising usually does the trick:

If you practise yoga do a pose you find challenging or which requires stamina or concentration, such as the Plank, Warrior, Tree or Crow.  

Do some on the spot exercise: march, jog, star jumps, twist jumps, etc.

Just be wary of injury before doing any on the spot exercise. When your muscles, or joints, are cold they are not as pliable and are more prone to injury. Start slowly and build up the intensity.


As we are all here on our own journey with learning experiences unique to us, not all the tips and advice offered here will be helpful to everyone. But until you try them for yourself you will not know what works or what doesn’t. 

As an Empath, you may have come into life purely to gain experience of feeling others’ emotions. And because of this, it is important to remember that just because one Sensitive has learnt how to deal with external energies and you haven’t, even after trying every technique in the book, doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong or being punished. It may simply mean you have not yet achieved a certain lesson from a certain experience.

It could also be that you are capable of enduring more hardships in life and your mountains are higher and harder to climb than most and in turn you will be learning more.

Hope this helps on your Empath journey.

Until next time…

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 If you regularly suffer with emotional overwhelm see this post: 5 Ways to Stop Empath Overwhelm

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  1. Thank you so much for this article. I’m an empath and I’m very sensitive to other’s emotions. I cry when I see someone else cry and all my life random people open up about their issues to me. I’ve been trying to find answers to why I act the way I do. I went through a bad phase in my life and now I’m learning about myself. This article helped me soooo much.

  2. Found this page. Really appreciate it. Thank you for sharing what you have learned about living life as an empath in this helpful article. Thank you!

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  4. Thank you for this gift. I appreciate your mater-of-factness. Thank you for not sugar coating the situation. Other articles I’ve read on the subject make empaths seem like martyrs.
    Thank you for providing techniques on how to set boundaries for emotional absorption and for emotional dissemination. Some empaths don’t even realize that they have the power to not only absorb but to influence others’ emotions.
    So many of your points were dead on.
    I really appreciate your wisdom & I will definitely bookmark this page for when I need to be grounded or need a quick reset.

    With Great Appreciation,

  5. Reblogged this on lifeisbeautiful800's Blog and commented:
    Wow… Im finally coming to realization that I am an Empathy and trying to figure out how to not let my self get drained like I do. All of the time. Especially not getting any much to.e to myself to recharge or gather my own thoughts and how to feel my own emotions. Its crazy. I’m just now learning a few things about empaths and myself. IRS very overwhelming. Also tryif to slow down in helping people who take advantage of me and dont care. Its real draini g. Learning also why I freze up and as well get sick when I’m around certain people. That’s crucial. Thanks .

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  7. Hi all,

    I just found I might be an empath – meaning that I found a name to that list of feelings, thoughts and experiences that I remember to have (and at a point, as a teenager, wished not to have) since a child. Through a medium who is a customer something just clicked last week.

    First, I have a massive barrier when it comes to relationships. The guy I love is giving me such a hard time and makes me so unstable that I have been feeling really bad lately. I am trying to trust my gut feeling that he truly loves me but all of these barriers and hard times because he behaves as being emotionally unattached to me are making me wonder if my reading is correct.

    Also, I think there is something big happening this weekend – am I the only one? Last time I felt this there was a moon phenomena happening at that time that only take place every 30 years if I am not wrong.

    Met a colleague who is a medium and just found out too.

    Should I be worried? I am scared with the spiritual world so I wonder if I can calm down. And I am from a scientific field of knowledge plus a Catholic so there are just too many questions running in my head right now…

    Would like to share this and discuss with whoever is reading my post and has similar experiences.

    Thank you for the chance to share this.
    Wishing all the best with good energy.

    • Hi Julie,
      I’m where you are for the second time in my life. The first started when I was a teenager (14) and the second now, 2 decades later (34) 🙂 This time around I’m getting through it more smoothly than the first 🙂
      I know how you feel that there is so much you need/want to learn, but trust that it will happen in due time and you don’t have to learn it all at once. The answers will unfold when they’re meant to and you’re going to be okay 🙂
      Everything happens for a reason, you are fine just the way you are, and everything is constantly changing 🙂
      Feel free to connect with me on FB or simply reply here cuz I’ll get an email notification.
      Here’s a great community for seeing that you are not alone in what you are going through:

      • I recently me a women and we hit it off. Although we see one another only once or twice in a given week. She can be very present and also very absent. She is an empath. Something I heard her say but we don’t really discuss much. I also joke with her about my ability to recognize very small things about people etc. I can feel her move towards me then away from me as I sense her being unsure. Since looking the word empath up I definitely am one. Just now have a name for it. My question is do you believe I might alarm her if I inform her of this? Would it be hard for two empaths to have a relationship? Might she know I am without saying so? Does not seem so. This is new to me. May it help her to know that I understand and can relate to certain behaviors that others may not understand. Any advice on two people like this meeting would be appreciated as I am sure I am talking in circles here as this is very new to me.


      • Hi Brad,

        If anyone is going to understand you being an Empath it is another one. Perhaps let her know that you think you may be an Empath because you have the traits and ask her opinion on it. She may or may not already know that you are Sensitive. If you don’t discuss the subject much, it may not have come up. Because others don’t often understand our gifts we tend not to talk about them much.

        Empaths can have very strong, happy relationships together. Just let it unfold naturally. You don’t need to rush or push it.

        Good luck and thanks for sharing 😀

      • Hi Diane

        Thank You for your reply. She seems to be one that feels smothered if she senses any seriousness to whatever it is we have but we are draw to one another at the same time. I feel her move towards me then try to withdraw. I think I understand this to a degree. I am much more expressive and can speak in detail about my feelings. She seems more protected with serious feeling while being outgoing at the same time. Is her moving towards and withdrawing typical of an empath or perhaps more indicative of perhaps her plain feelings about us? With this uneasiness I feel I hesitate to rock the boat and toss this into the ring. Little confused with all this at the moment. Coming to the realization for myself at this time isn’t helping lol. Maybe we met so I would come to this realization and that is the only purpose of us meeting. Is this sounding too hokey ? Lol. Realizing this is not bringing me a calm feeling

      • Hi Brad,

        The blowing hot and cold thing is very much an Empath trait. We can seem aloof and distant one day and then the next open and forthcoming. It all depends on how much energy we take on, what type of a day we’ve had etc. Do not take this aloofness personally. It is simply a reflection of one’s ability to process energy. She may also be cautious of getting hurt. Empath’s feel any kind of pain more than most and will go out of their way to avoid it. This means being overly cautious when entering any relationship.

        In the early days (weeks and months) of a relationship many Empaths need to take it slow. If we feel smothered it can literally make us feel choked and our initial reaction will be to flee. If you can, let the relationship blossom gradually. This will allow trust to build whilst getting to know each other. Believe me, it will be well worth the wait. Empaths make very loyal and caring partners.

        Hope this helps…

      • Thanks Diane

        I find your comments very helpful. Guess my confusion must lie in realizing what I may be and trying to sort out the feelings that come with it. Add to that the normal signals given off by a non empath regarding how they view a new person. Communication flows usually indicate interest as ebbs indicate disinterest. Merging those life experiences and trying to deal with those same ebbs and flow with an empathy is leading to uneasyness. Nobody wants to stick around if they are being given a hint to beat it lol. Understand this quality and this specific empathy not being great at expressing herself has created confusion for me and a state of not feeling great. Do I do what is best for myself, leave the confusion and possibly someone that might be great or do I continue to wait it out and wunder. Not my first instinct to leave. It’s not even possible for me to date others as that feels disengenuous to me. i could go on and on lol. I do know I am very very drawn to her.

        Thanks again for your help

      • Follow your heart, Brad and your intuition as to what feels right. You obviously think a lot of her. Don’t allow a ‘fear of rejection’ to make the decision for you.

        Relationships are difficult to navigate even when you’ve been in them for years and years. I believe with matters of the heart you should listen to the heart and what it is telling you. If it is meant to be it will be.

        Good luck

      • Hi,Brad. My experience has been great with other empaths..neither of you can hide much from eachother..which some ordinary people can’t stand..for obvious reasons..i however think its also leads to a deeper friendship/partnership…i would open up to her and be honest on how you did your homework and realized you fit the picture that the description of an empath drew for you, during your research..choice is yours.. go with your gut!

      • Thanks again. Going with my gut I need to work on after years of my gut telling me what to do and my head disagreeing lol. Confusing times confusing times lol. Put me in the ignorant empath catagory lol

      • Hi,

        Thank you for writing this article. I identify whole heartedly with being an empath and I wasn’t aware that there was such a thing until very recently.
        I feel that pull in my back whenever I have taken on someone’s negative energy, an I work in a very busy sales office, so as you can imagine I feel it a lot. I also find that people I know and those I don’t seem to open up around me, even without my prompt. I was recently on a business trip and I was talking the the founder of a really successful company, so I was being very professional as it was my first meeting. He looked into my eyes and spent the evening baring his soul, this is something that happens often with me.

        My question for you, is that if this is something I have always been and I haven’t used any of these techniques regularly (odd meditation and breathing techniques) would this all build up? Could the fuzzy feeling in my head and the pull in my back transition into something more? I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 3 years ago, but there is something in me that says this pain is just my body trying to tell me to pay attention. Have you had any experience/got any knowledge on this?
        Thank you.

      • Hi,

        Meditation and breathing techniques will really help develop your intuition and the more positive Empath attributes. It will also help protect us against the negativity and barrage of emotions we have to deal with.

        Pain is very much a way of your body telling you to pay attention and make changes. Developing our intuition helps us better understand the body’s many signals and to recognise what changes we need to make.

        Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  9. I found some very interesting information on prople like us in Dorene Virtue’s book “Earth Angels” – different look on Empaths I guess – her theory is that Sensitive people did not originate from Earth people,but came from past lives as Angels,Faries, Knights, Mermaids, Dolphins. She presents a lot of features of each realm – both physical and psychological. I came across this book long before this post – greatful to find out
    a more scintific term for what I am – “Empath”
    In this post today. I

  10. I found some very interesting information on prople like us in Dorene Virtue’s book “Earth Angels” – different look on Empaths I guess – her theory is that Sensitive people did not originate from Earth people,but came from past lives as Angels,Faries, Knights, Mermaids, Dolphins. She presents a lot of features of each realm – both physical and psychological. I came across this book long before this post – greatful to find out
    a more scintific term for what I am – “Empath”
    In this post today. I saw some highly rated
    books for empaths at amazon – will share here the techniques if anything works..

  11. I am also a hairstylist . I love my clients . They say your clients are a reflection of yourself and that is so true. While in a bad marriage , my work was my salvation . It’s like going to art class and chatting with friends while making beautiful canvases shine . I’m really in one of the last buissness where you touch people with out gloves . I enjoy giving s scalp massage as much as my clients race about them . There is so much energy that is passed through human touch. There are weeds I have pulled from my garden , they were not good for me . If someone’s energy is really vile , I can vomit , heartburn , and need to use the bathroom . I don’t go out besides to work really . I will help anyone , but I have learned to guard my energy . If it gets violated , I could be in bed for days with unreal pain and sadness . I’ve seen auras since a chid I can sense someone’s energy over the phone , or just eye contact . I can see the outcomes , it is my choice how I decide to deal with it. I don’t talk about this ever , I know I’m a very old soul . My divorce , has broken a cycle . Next time , if I come back , I will not end up in the same situation with the same person . I am free to fly . Thankyou so much for this article. Blessings and prayers to all 🙂

    • Hi. I just read your post. Im very empathetic. Recently started to accept this. Been empathetic since being a child. The more i read the more i realize that alot of thingd will just drain me. Im in bad health. Which doesnt help. Going shopping. Try to keep negatively out of my life. Mainly want to find grounding techniques. And how to help others

      • Me too, have been using shopping as a distruction, but don’t want to do it anymore. Glad I just found out the word for myself – empath- in this post. Went to Amazon. Found some interesting books for Empath self help. Hope to find some helpful techniques.

    • You sound like such a wonderfully kind person. So loving! I know exactly what it feels like to be so sensitive. You deserve to find joy and happiness in your life — and I hope you have been able to put your divorce behind you and begin the search for bliss.

      I wish you all the luck in the world.

      *BIG hug!*

  12. Greetings

    To all those on the path, i have recently come to terms with empathy and has evolved my perception of who i am and i would appreciate advice and techniques from others on how to deal with

    being too absorbant of energies

    feeling a bit crazy in certain spaces

    feeling as if you are naked or is it only a though

    why does music, chocolate, open spaces in nature and places with a large body of water seem to bring a sense of inner stillness

    feel or think that you walked around talking alone when none of that was real

    why i feel at ease alone or at home with family

    these flu like symptoms after being in public spaces for a period of time

    i would appreciate responses from those currently experiencing life as an empath or have been through it, and find it in your heart to no respond with insults or narcissistic comments

    Love & Peace To All

    • Hi! One thing that comes to my mind while reading your comment is a thing I started to do each day after school/work/whatever you do every day ;), is that I lay down on the floor (on my yogamat) and just breathe, as soon as I get home!!, lay still for a couple of minutes,(sometimes halv hour) to pause the day, and then go on with the evening. This is good for me after I’ve been in public spaces, at work etc.
      And I try to shield myself in the morning, if you believe in that. Put my hands in front of me and think/say to myself that I am protected around my aura/body by a white/pink/whatever color 😉 light troughout the day.
      I think it works.
      I totally feel at peace when near the ocean. Just sitting, watching, listening, preferably alone.
      Good luck! Love & light!

      • Hi, its a bit overwhelming. I know for a couple of years that I am a sensitive person, Today a friend postet a link on her wall and I read it, I study this now for some hours. I am an empath. My last relationsip was almost killing my spirit but i was strong enough to end it and let him go. Its amost year gone but I am still struggeling about find my happiness back. I dont know how. I guess I will find some of these great ideas who will work for myseld. I will find myself back, my true me. No hiding anymore. Thanks for this and peace for you guys here. Greetings from ieland ♥

    • I found out today that for my entire life, I have been an empath. It started when I was in the grocery store and I got within about 2 feet of a customer talking to an employee and felt bad energy and moved away and came back when she moved from that area. I then seen her in another part of the store yelling at an employee because she could not find an aisle. I then said to the employee ” She has bad energy” He said, “I know I am an empath”. I said, “What’s that”? He said I was one too. So when I got home an googled it, I was so relieved to find a name for me. Now I can learn how to protect myself by learning to block. My friend told me I looked tired the other day. I told him I had just come from shopping and that it makes me tired. Now I have a better explanation why it makes me tired. Thank you all for this information I am learning from.

    • Wow Godspeed! I don’t have any answers; I am just discovering what I am and trying to learn about it too. I was struck by your list of things that bring you inner peace. I have always felt drawn to the ocean to heal, but now that you mention it music- especially singing and dancing (even though I am actually a brass player), chocolate and being in natural settings like a forest leave me feeling recharged. Being at the beach has relieved both physical and emotional pain on many occasions. I have felt all of the things you listed, but I just don’t know if I know the why’s and hows. I am finding when I read about these things that I already knew; it feels like more of a reminder than a learning experience although I sort of thought I was loony because I believed all of these things about myself.

  13. I want to thank justpassing for all the wonderful information that is provided. You have assisted so many in so many ways, I just wanted to say Thank You and keep up the wonderful work.

    Peace ,Love & Harmony

  14. Living among those that differ

    As I walk through crowded places I feel like I am surrounded by all that is yet I am alone. I see all these people going about their business and yet I am not part of the environment that I am standing in. I wonder do they see me, do they know I am here or is it just in my mind that I am out of place. Why cant I be part of this environment, why cant I be normal like all those that surround me, why do I only feel NORMAL when I am away from people, surrounded by nature and/or animals, why why why …….. am I Different.

    This is a common occurrence among Empaths and I run across this train of thinking often and to be honest I have, in the past, asked myself these same questions. Then one day I discovered that I was not being alienated, rather I was alienating Myself. I stopped and thought, then found that everything I thought others were doing to me I actually was doing it to myself. This realization was a start to a very big change in my life.

    I am Different and I am happy I am. My life is filled with oh so much more than those that I used to want to be like. Now when I stand in a crowd I feel, I sense, I watch ….. everyone and everything. I am Blessed for that which has been given to me, I am privileged to be different, greatful for the insight I am granted and I would not have it any other way.

    I am not alone, out of place or without purpose, it is those around me that are. Not many can stand still in a crowd, do nothing, say nothing and be noticed by all because we shine brighter than all those around us. I am One with the earth and all that exists upon it, I am at Peace.

    • Wow you literally just described what I went through. All of my childhood and from 18 to a few months ago. I learned this while being in the U.S. Army. Being stuck in something that Is for the most part a almost total opposite of who I am, brought me to realize who I am, was and the path that I am on is the right one (Getting out of the Army). I’m going to be out in September of 2015 and idk how to explain it but my home is calling me. I feel this unknown force larger then anything I’ve ever felt before pulling me back to where I need and want to go. The connection I feel with the sutter buttes in marysville, ca are none like I’ve ever felt anywhere else and I’ve been to a lot of places. I just thank the gods and goddesses that I have a mother who is spiritual just like me. I feel I am needed to show her where she left off with her spirituality. I just have this amazing feeling when I get out of the Army that I’m going to be doing great things to either help my family or other or something idk. But 5 years of feeling this “calling” I can’t stand it anymore I need to be home. I think I lived there in a past life or something I’m not sure. Anyways what you said was awesome to bad I’m two years to late on this post lol

  15. I’ll be honest….I am a skeptic. I don’t want to believe that I am an Empath. I show all the symptoms and been having them since I was little. I’ve been doing so much research and so far all the results lead me back to being an Empath. I am trying to find explanations to debunk being an Empath, and to tell you the truth, it’s very overwhelming, especially finding out all in one day. I finally decided to google “why do I feel other people’s emotions”….and that question opened up the floodgates. I’ve been researching all day long and I’m still trying to accept it, or even figure out if this is real. After reading all day about Empaths, it really does answer so many questions. I was so confused growing up and I thought I was alone; I was too scared to tell anyone because I didn’t want them to think I’m crazy, but I’m glad I’m not alone out here and I’m thankful for all those people taking the time to write about Empaths and helping me and other’s like me understand it. Thank you. When the time is right, hopefully I can finally admit to being one if I really am one.

    • When the time is right for You all that shall be will be. As cryptic as that sounds its just the truth. Don’t fight it just allow to happen what is to happen. It is a wonderful gift that we are given even though it makes us differ from those around us. Fighting what we are, denying it, ignoring it is a hard lonely life only when we accept, embrace and nurture it does our lives become full. This I know from experience and to borrow a quote “Be all you can Be”

      • Thank you very much. It’s been a couple of days since I’ve found an explanation for my feelings. I’ve finally come to terms with it and accepted it. It really is easier, but I have no way of controlling anything. I think my next step is to reach out. I told my husband, but he truly doesn’t understand and I honestly feel like I’m crazy when I’m trying to explain to him the severity of my gift….now that I think about it, I think it’s HIM that thinks I’m crazy lol

        I’ve read somewhere that a good way to practice is to ask a friend to show you a picture of someone you don’t know (but the friend knows) and try to know the person just by looking at the picture and see with your friend if what you think is right. My husband recorded one of his professors’ lectures (we’re both psychology majors–so you can see where the skepticism comes from) on an audio device (so no video) and let me hear it. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to see if I really AM gifted. So I close my eyes and try to live my life as a student in his class. I was able to describe how he looks (white male about late 40s early 50s, beard, glasses, usually wears jeans and button ups), describe the classroom, and his demeanor. He thought, “lucky guess”. I had such a vivid image of him and I thought he looked like someone I’ve seen before, so I showed him a picture of Steven Spielberg and asked if he looked almost exactly like him………and he agreed….he was actually really impressed. BOOM!!!! I knew I wasn’t crazy.

        The only thing left is to truly learn about my gift and controlling it instead of it controlling me. Fighting it, denying it, and ignoring it really is a hard and lonely life. I feel so free now that I told someone about it. I haven’t told anyone but my husband, but that will be another step taken on another day;)

  16. Another day, Another Adventure

    I find myself, once again, in the forefront where I prefer not to be as Tyson (my student, my teacher, my son) can verify. I only mention this due to recent events surrounding me have caused me to step forward and guide from in front instead of guide from the background. I will be honest and say I do not require, desire or want recognition, I do what I do because I am guided to do so. That being said ……

    This last week there has been an extremely strong negative shift in our worlds energy and a huge drain on those of us who have strong positive energy. We are being bombarded at such a rate that it’s causing difficulty among us. We are tired, short tempered, clouded, loss of concentration and lack of patience just to mention a few of the symptoms. To those that are dealing with similar, I want you to know that you are not alone. Many of us are experiencing this same thing, all be it some more so than others. This will pass soon so just hang on and fight back, the worst is almost over.

    We are being tested, weaknesses being probed, defences being analyzed and partitions placed between us that are alike. As this is being done to us, we should also be doing this to ourselves, and making stronger the areas in which we are weak.

    Together we shall stand, apart we shall fall.

    • I absolutely must hear more of your thoughts on this, Energy is the only thing that makes our heartbeat, energy is really mass at a hight rate of speed (of light to be exact as we all know) per the world favorite Einstein, the energies oozing from people is like tiny nuclear facilites constantly being expelled for us to smell, but why are we being seemingly herded? What is the mission, why would an organic decomposable structure be a facility for what makes up the universe???? And how are you soooo aware of the nearing of our seeming test? I feel as though I shall lead and invisible war in the future its always on my mind my chest swells with thoughts of victory but I dont know what?

  17. I have a question….I am new to the whole metaphysical world of things, which is one reason why your blog is so inspiring and comforting. The more I talk to like-minded spiritual people and research the more accepting I am of the fact that I believe I am an empath. It would be really nice if someone could just tell me yes or no for a fact and then give me a step by step fool proof guide on how ‘to be’. I find your blog to be the closest thing to that so far! My question is: I seem to more likely than not, be affected by just negative energy. I moments where out of the blue I am overwhelmed by fear or anxiety and ultimately end up questioning my sanity. Is anyone else or has anyone else experienced this? It is difficult to sort through what is mine and what is not because also a lot of the time it affects me when I am trying to sleep (no distractions) or days later..Its exhausting, scary and I need to be in better tune with myself.. Thoughts?

    • This is a very common thing among Empaths. When negative energy is encountered it remains within us for a time. Until we learn to block, protect, purge this is a struggle we all have encountered. I will post more of an answer when time permits, I just wanted you to know your not alone and this is common.

    • Hello again Lacey. My name is Al and I do my best to guide Empaths on their journey. There are a lot of things I could write down here but I will do my best to keep this short and straight to the point. First off I would like to say that this is of course just my point of view and in no way is it the only point of view. I completely encourage all points to be voiced and presented as we are all different.

      The negative energies are what are the strongest and I believe are what we are ment to deal with. Take negative and make it positive. So that being said this is what you will feel the most, the negative all around you when near or dealing with people especially. If you have and instant emotion or one that is overwhelming, comes out of no where for no reason …. this emotion is not yours! The sooner you know it’s not yours the easier it is to not have it affect you.

      We all carry energy and we all MUST be in tune with it. This way we know which is ours when we are flooded with others. Stay with what is yours, hold it, embrace it, FEEL it run through you. This is one way to protect yourself. Through the energy that runs inside you is where you will find a lot of answers you seek. Trust it completely.

      I will stop here as I could go on and on lol. I hope this has helped you some.

      • Hi Al,
        Thank you so much for your replies. Unfortunately in being new to this area makes it difficult to find guidance or answers simply because I do not know where to look. The common denominator I seem to be getting is to simply feel it, and sort it. I have been working on this a lot lately and have been making some headway but then again begin to feel overwhelmed, so it is a process; however, I will keep working at it :). I truly do appreciate your input, and I welcome insight!

  18. After 27 years of psychiatry and therapy, attempts at feeling connected through spiritual encounters in sweat lodges, churches, temples, beaches, mountain tops, forests and pools, and after reading every spiritual and self-help book on the market, something has finally hit home. I knew I had an extremely high level of empathy, but you have just validated me. I swear you are my doppelganger! Brava!

  19. I’m only young but I’ve known I was ‘Different” for a very long time. My Grandfather researched this difference in religions, cults, theories and many other materials. I was born three months premature but I am as healthy as any other, if not more so. I have had gifts of dream determining, knowing a person even if i just met them. a kind of ‘just knowing’ in every situation. I’m only 18 but never had a name or knew there were others like me. I thought I was just ‘different’. So thank you for giving me a name.

  20. I am so grateful to have found this page… I was led here for just this time… Now things make a whole lot more sense to me… And explains a lot of what I have been feeling and what has taken place in my life… My life has forever been changed…. And so glad to know there are others… Thank you so much!!!

  21. Can I ask a question please … how are Empaths affected by having the experience of having a close person pass on in their arms? Has anyone experienced this?

    • Bronwyn,

      I have not had the experience of having a close person pass on in my arms. But, recently I had a dear and extremely close friend pass. And I can tell you with that experience now under my belt, I felt the pain of her sickness, but, I felt the calmness in her spirit. She was not afraid, she was hopeful. And knowing and being able to share that with her has given me a tremendous sense of peace in my grieving…

  22. Wonderful article! As an empath I have always had these traits but not until my 40’s did I understand them. This is not to say I have it all figured out Boy oh boy I don’t! One of the things that happen to me so very frequently is total strangers “dump” on me. This is why I won’t block. I feel this is my purpose to be the sounding board to the world. It is draining. along with fibromyalgia I have lots of fatigue so rest is imperative
    My “cross” to bear is relationships. I seem to attract the “walking wounded by love” or as often as not they just don’t get what I am or totally disbelieve me. That is extremely painful as I feel my very identity’s being questioned. Do any of you have these experiences and how do you deal with them besides just walking away.

    • hello 🙂 well you have to give urself in order to give people, try and treat urself as you would treat another person that crossed your path for help..
      as for u attracting the “walking wounded by love” try asking urself if ur attracting this, maybe a part of u hides something by having someone to take care of… its ok to say no if ur hurting urself more than helping… i have been there i can relate and i still find my self empty sometimes because of the burden i took off my shoulder,, now i give only when im asked to, and only with what i can give,and don’t forget every one’s happiness depends on one’s self 🙂
      and as for people disbelieving you,, you are what u are, why do they need to believe u in the first place ? try and see if you have the feeling of needing to be believed so u can approve urself,, dont be afraid to shine 🙂
      i dont know better..u do, its just how i saw this,, 🙂
      peace and love

    • I absolutely understand you! I too am surrounded by the “walking wounded by love”. I find that with meditation and trusting myself I get over the painful feeling of my identity being questioned. It does get hard at times to control and strangers completely drain me as well. I just found this page and information as I’m dealing with a strong gut pain and intense emotion from someone in the past.

  23. THANK YOU! This is literally the most comprehensive piece I have ever read about empaths of which I am one. Boy do we have a rough road in life but the biggest hurdle is over when we have all come to this place to read this. It is being aware of who we are so that we can recognize where we need to create balance and boundaries. I believe we are shifting in consciousness in the world now and in 2014 there is a major major shift. The empaths of the world are the ones who are the angels so to speak for this time. It is so important to gain balance right now and it’s happening to us rapidly. For instance with me, I can’t eat meat. It was making me gag. I can only drink water and not really any other beverage. I have been working with my thoughts. I can communicate in the spirit world so my thoughts are really changing. I am learning which thoughts are mine and which are others’. I don’t feel so different from everybody now or weird or strange. I understand my moods. I don;t feel so lonely. I have learned to love myself and not just love everybody else with this insane amount of love I have that never seems to go away and I give it away. Now I understand an empath is a special person who has to do things to take care of themselves so they are not depressed, addicted, and unhappy. There is light at the end of the tunnel. You can survive this life as an empath. This article is AWESOME!

  24. The article had a lot of hand tips and the information is really spot on!However the essential part of learning to use the gift of being an empath is missing. It’s the ability to know what your essence or what your energy as an empath feels like, because it is only when you do that that you can set boundaries and can essentially use the energetic information received to your benefit. Being an empath is not a negative, illness or a curse, it is in fact the opportunity to evolve. The more you know yourself the easier life will be as an empath. I spent most of my life doubting so many of my abilities as an empath, getting to work on getting a solid sense of who I am as a person has made all the difference. But there is a lot of work ahead. However for me it is clear the challenge of being able to be sensitive to everything around me, means my main source of protection is the ability to know myself so well that this will allow me the opportunity to hone this gift instead of constantly having to find ways of others not being able to drain me.

  25. Thank you so much for this, I have just become aware that all the weird things I feel etc are due to me being an empath, and a week in I just keep wanting to cry. This information has given me hope .

  26. After years of “feeling” as though I can sense others emotions and knowing that I have always been an “emotional sponge” it is nice to know I am not going too crazy. I recently went on vacation to Las Vegas and my husband had a really hard time understanding why in the world I wanted to go up to the room and be alone most of the time, heck I was wondering why. I hated the feeling of not being myself! I just didn’t feel right at all. So overwhelmed and in pain it was crazy. All I wanted to do was cry and leave. I have had many experiences in life where I have been able to talk with people about what they are feeling, without them even telling me what is going on in their lives. Recently however this has gotten stronger! to the point of me thinking I am going crazy. It’s like I can see emotions and tell people about things that are private and important to them. I can’t even tell you how or when it is going to happen. I thought/think I am going crazy at times.

    • Mandy,

      No, please, please don’t give in to those paranoid feelings… That is the tool of negativity only to knock you off balance…. YOU are not crazy or going crazy, you have born for such a time as this ….. And you will play an important role in those people’s lives, they just don’t know it yet…..Take special care of yourself….

      Godspeed…. T.

      • I keep getting that “knowing” I am being prepared by the challenges that I have gone through for this time…as we all are… it seems to me that finding balance is something that we are all seeking as empaths… if we haven’t found it… we are getting closer

  27. Brilliant insight … do you think its possible for a Empath to be around a person, and when they are in physical pain, then can just hold the persons hand and pull the pain or some of the pain out of their body?

      • Yes this is possible. I have done so and released the energy. Make sure that you channel it out and away from you so that it does not do you harm. Be the channel… the pain flows through you and out… like a tube. You have to be open. Let the love flow through – you will KNOW what to do, however ask person first… or you interfere with the others journey…

    • Yes!! It happened emotionally for me. I just realized this past weekend that I’m an empath. I have a former lover who may also be an empath he said years ago about feeling energy, now the pieces are falling together. We seem to have a gravitational pull even after being apart for years. Very complicated feeling. A few weeks ago I felt overwhelmed, I asked him to hold my hand and I could feel his energy, when I walked away I was able to cry and release. He definitely absorbed it for me and let it go. Amazing!!

    • Yes LearningDaily! Everyone is a little different though, which to me is the beauty of it. For me, I flow OUT healing energy through my hands as opposed to trying to pull out the illness as you described.

  28. YES. After weeks of struggle, finally identifying who I am is a blessing. Thank you so much for this. I’m only 20 years old and going through a crucial time in college, trying to find out who I am and why I’m in this world. Going through a tough time of depression has really made me self aware.

    One way that I find helps me restore my energy is to dance around my room NAKED! And looking at yourself in the mirror while doing it. You become very aware and it makes you confident with how you move. You see yourself happy from dancing and you feel very uplifted. Another way is to fix your posture if you ever find yourself feeling upset or depressed. I’ve noticed that people’s energies are reflected in the way they hold themselves and their spine. So if you ever have unsettling feelings, while you deep breath try readjusting your own spine till it feels comfortable.

  29. I just found this and I am so grateful for it. I recently had a friend help me define what I have felt most of my life. Now I am hungry to understand and feel safe that I am not alone. I have struggled to feel understood for a long time and I am young, only 33. In the last year, something monumental has shifted for me. The people who are being attracted to my life have shown me a very clear path of understanding. They “see” me and all because I let myself be seen. After a toxic relationship helped to bust down some big walls I put up to protect myself from the outside pain. I had been happy living without it for a long time and then one day, I didn’t feel fulfilled or like myself. I could not understand why I thought and looked at the world different, but I kept trying. I have a friend who finds it insane that no matter how much I get knocked down by a romantic relationship, I continue to jump right back into them full force. I tell her, I’m not scared, eventually someone won’t get scared as long as I stay True and honest.

    I am excited to move forward and find my tribe of people. Its nice to know I am not alone, because I have spent a huge portion of my life thinking I must just be “weird”.

    • Wow you sound like me! I’m also 33.. I just went through a rebirth of some sort, it feels… I keep longing for a place I belong(not sure if the place exists) and people who will understand me. I can’t connect with anyone I know anymore! I want to move so bad but I have no idea where to.. it sounds like I want to run away, but I want to run to something, rather..if that makes any sense.

      • I’m 32 and just put this all together. Everyone has said I’m an old soul, as a child I was a mirror of others moods. I’ve been told I’m dramatic, sensitive and have poor coping skills. I find that all quite amusing right now. When I was 10 I told my mother not to marry my sisters father because he gave me a stomachache. It turned out he’s an alcoholic who we suspect is bipolar. You can imagine how bad that was energy-wise. Everything has become clearer I feel AWAKE since I split from my own alcoholic husband in February. Wow.

      • I have been on the verge of replying to everypost with loud “ME TOO’S!” I am also 33 and have recently met a person who opened up thoughts to me I never knew existed and I am already a believer of everything from Star children to lost soul energies roaming the earths and beyond. And in my own head from no where, and not until I was at work in basic isolation alone in my head a word followed me all night….empath, I’ve never studied the meaning never thought much of telepathy as being real and I have heard the word empathy so much its almost the same as hamburger and held no real meaning just a vague “oh they look mad, or I can almost smell your hate of me” knowledge, this word that followed me all night led me to google search that I feel will ultimately change my life, All the words of this forum mirror all of the others and the common thread is we are being guided? For what ultimate reason/end? And almost like we are being herded for a common goal? Its just so INVIGORATING holding this thought and tasting what it could be. I also am on another level from almost everyone I know that I have drifted to this world of there she is, she seems alright and can hold a great conversation and listen so well and have a good answer to the problem, but yet why does she never come around. I’ve realized its the constant bombardment of every 30 seconds of having another pointless emotion of yay someone texted me about something mundane or just the clear fakeness on 99 percent of the people I know, that I can barely fake a conversation with people I’ve known for years and know all about, but just feel like its utterly pointless to absorb the language and useless emotions drug with it. I also want to move constant, I have lived in apartments my whole life since 18 and always always always have this underlying need to move, find new areas, not necessarily nature focused but have to absolutely have WATER, my attatchment to water is another mystery that I can’t understand, and that also being a rare trait in an empath per google forum search, as well as not caring if in a city environment, which is also rare for empaths, but it has slightly led me to believe that somehow I’ve managed to be a midlevel controller of this “trait” “gift”,being able to block or at least ignore the energies all around, with out even knowing I was doing it, My ability to talk to anyone and instantly relate and become best friends but could care less if I ever saw them again when I was done absorbing what ever I was subconciously looking for is a common theme in my daily life, And the looks on peoples face when they take a ride around my head is priceless. But with all this being said I have to express that this is lifechanging for all of us and please if anyone has any idea what is going on, WHY WE ARE BEING HERDED AND FINE TUNED AT THIS TIME IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT AND IS THE KEY TO ANY PEACE THAT ANY OF US MAY EVER HAVE AGAIN INSIDE OUR OWN MINDS

  30. Thank God that I have found this website. I wrote yesterday but no response yet. I have been aware of being an Empath for only a short time. I always knew there was something wrong or different with me. Lately a deceased love has been in my dreams. I usually wake up feeling good. But today I feel drained and sad. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • Hi Fiona,

      From your last comment, sounds like you’re already doing well at keeping in balance with yoga etc.

      If you haven’t already, check through posts and pages on this blog to see if there’s any other techniques you could try to help with the drain and sadness. Being Sensitive means we are always on a roller coaster with our emotions, which is difficult because most of the time they aren’t even ours.

      Hope you feel better soon.

      • I feel like a big ray of sunshine is beaming on me right now…I thought I was crazy as well because I didn’t know what I was dealing with as far as the energy draining part of being an empath…to be honest I didn’t know there was a name for it…I always knew I could feel what other people feel and think, and I also knew that I could feel a certain energy when people lie to me…but just knowing im not alone feels great…I feel like everyone here posting is like my long lost family or something….I’m so sensitive that my belly will hurt at times and my breathing will get fast and I feel out of breath and when this particular thing happens the most has been when relatives have been in the process of passing on from this world or just being sick…I don’t like being out around a bunch of people either but when my wife and I are I’m usually always mentally drained…I think I’m starting to figure this out little by little for sure…I’m glad to have stumbled upon this article and all the wonderful posts…oh an by the way I am 37 yrs old but I had always felt this way my whole life but it is getting stronger and stronger…wow this great and exhausting.

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  34. So happy I found this site. Confirming many self found things about myself. I am very lucky to have a partner who actually re-energises me, as well as two very close friends who also protect, encourage me. One of them also grounds me somehow and helps me to grow. I actually was concerned I was ring an energy vampire with him, but he assured me that I do not drain him at all. I told him he is my “Roomba home”…lol.. So glad I found this!!

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  37. I’m not sure what I may be. I believe I am sensitive to some of my surroundings…I feel the emotional history. I also dislike crowds. I would like to develop and build on these abilities. Thank you for this wonderful information.

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  39. I have been reading all of this with much interest, I have always been very empathic and psychic, picking up moods and atmospheres as soon as I enter a room to the point where it can be unbearable and I have to leave. I also am very sensitive to peoples needs and feelings and always manage to say the thing they need to hear without knowng it. answered yes to over 25 of the Are you an Empath questions… so guess I know now. I have also suffered my whole lfe with bouts of debilitating Depression and have had various other guises of this too such as Bulimia and problems with alchohol. I am currently taking anti-depressants but this does not really help. I am becomng more nad more convinced that the ‘depression’ is actually linked to being an Empath. Has anyone else experienced this? I would imagine its not uncommon in the Empath/Sensitive arena for people to struggle with what doctors call ‘depression’??

    • Hi Jessi,

      Yes, depression is a very common theme for the Sensitives of the world. It is certainly not helped with the huge energetic shifts happening, in recent years, on the planet. There are so many people, not of a Sensitive nature, having a tough time with the shift who are emanating quite dark and dense energies, which the Empaths are mopping up.

      There are a number of posts on this blog covering this subject which you may find helpful.

      Thanks for sharing.

  40. Thank you so much for this post. It had all of the tips and information I was looking for to deal with life as a “sensitive” (which is a very new thing to me even though I have been this way my whole life). I found it extremely liberating and helpful. I am especially glad that I subscribed to your blog. Keep writing because I will absolutely keep reading and am looking forward to your next post.

  41. It occurs to me that, as as an empath, I often see my family reacting to MY moods and emotions. Have you written any posts exploring the concept that empaths not only absorb energy, but also transmit energy to those around them?

    This is just a random thought I’ve just had, but it’s energetically charged, so I feel compelled to follow it up.

    If it’s true that empaths both receive and transmit energies, then an unconscious empath is a conductor and may even be an amplifier for everything she experiences – positive and negative. If this is so, then it is critical for the empath to learn consciousness. And if this is so, then even more, is it possible to learn to absorb and transmute negative energies, or to block negative energies and focus on the creation of positive energies, so that the empath becomes a continual transmitter of positive energy source in the world?


    • Hi Shivers,

      I’m not sure whether I have written about an Empath’s ability to transmit energies, moods etc. other than the odd line. But it is certainly something that many Empaths will probably have noticed they do. It can be seen when one is in a group of people, but especially with those of whom they are energetically compatible, close friends and family. One, of the many, examples of this is: when suffering with a fuzzy head day and struggle to form a sentence or even get words out, you find others around you, who had been perfectly fine before, suddenly start stumbling over words.

      So yes, thank you, you have made a very valid point there about how important it is for us get a handle on our emotions and energy, so we can be the change we want to see in the world.

      Thanks for sharing

    • You can transmit your energy onto others even to a point of making everyone around you feel what you want them to feel.
      The way you can start learning to do this is to get yourself into a mood that you feel is positive by doing something you really enjoy.
      e.g before you go to the supermarket, put on some music on at home that will hype you up around 1 hour beforehand and even in the car on the way there. Then visualize yourself in a big ball of light that only the energy you want to feel can penetrate, as you pass people around you give them a smile and imagine that your light would bump into them and then consume them. You should notice a change within seconds.

      Please do start by trying this at stores at low peak times as not to overwhelm yourself.

      Music is what works for me, it might not be music it could be a soothing bath or time out in the sun etc, anything you know that will put you in a space that you are comfortable with will work fine.

      • Yes, that’s exactly what I’m getting at. It seems to me that it’s almost a responsibility, really, once we wake up to the possibility. Thanks for the practical suggestions!

    • Hello Shivers,

      It is possible for empaths to transmit energies. But then everyone has the ability to transmit energies. Other people are “transmitting” their energy all the time and that’s what we feel. Non-empaths just don’t feel it like we feel theirs. As Just Passing Through stated, it is more possible to affect others if you already have compatible energy and this can be done from afar. For example, I noticed over the years that my son did better in school on days he had tests, presentations, etc., if I believed he would do well – even on those days I knew he didn’t study. On the days he was worried, as long as I still believed throughout the day he would do well, he did well. On days I was so caught up with work or my own stuff and didn’t take the time to think about him doing well, he wouldn’t do so well. I did all this without telling him. He is out of school now, and I think well of him on his job everyday.

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