10 Ways Empaths can Protect Themselves from Other People’s Energy

For the Empath, being in public places is often a traumatizing time that may leave them floored and out of sorts.

Simply nipping to the shopping mall can mean they end up wearing someone else’s energy for the rest of the day. Which isn’t such a bad thing if the energy is positive and highly charged. However, it is mostly the not-so-nice energy that follows them home.

I have found that the best way to stay protected when in public is either to take preëmptive measures, before leaving home, or know some useful, energy balancing techniques to use as and when needed.

Here are some effective protective techniques:

1. Salt:

Most already know of the amazing healing properties of salt. It clears negative energies and helps protect you from absorbing them (see here). Add it to you bath or use as a body scrub before and after venturing into peopled places. Chose unrefined organic salt. Pink Himalayan rock salt is best.

2. Crystals:

Crystals offer protection from all types of negative or unstable energy and have the ability to speed up the auric field. They also protect from electro-magnetic energy. Use the ones you most resonate with, carry them with you when you go out: pop them in your pocket, in your socks or carry them in your bag (make sure you connect with their energy first and that they have been cleansed). Some good choices are any of the quartz crystals or the dark grounding stones. (read more)

3. Yoga:

A short daily practice is a powerful protective tool for the Empath. Amongst many other amazing benefits, yoga helps balance and build the energy body which in turn acts as an invisible shield. A strong energy field (aura) helps keep other people’s energy out.

4. Singing:

Yes, this may seem bonkers but it works! Sound affects us on many levels energetically. Yogis have used sound for thousands of years (chanting/song) because they know the power of it. Singing raises your frequency, making negative energy bounce off. Try it when you feel an incoming energy storm and see how it changes your vibration.

5. Mirrored Energy Ball of Light:

Every day, see yourself engulfed in a huge vibrant mirrored ball of protection. Do it before you plan to go out in public. Believe it is there and know it is protecting you from other’s energy (great when used in conjunction with crystals).

6. Avoid Caffeine:

Any kind of stimulant leaves the Empath wide open energetically. Too much coffee, for example, can leave you vulnerable to other people’s energy. If you cannot go without your coffee, drink decaf before, during and after being in people-packed places.

7. Breath-work:

Certain breathing techniques work wonders for energy protection, both pre and post exposure to people. (For some fantastic techniques Click Here)

8. Essential Oils:

The power of essential oils has been known through the ages. As well as their amazing healing qualities, essential oils help build a powerful energetic armor and have the ability to keep one relaxed and grounded when in peopled places (Read more here on some different oils and their benefits). As with crystals, chose the oil to resonate most. (My favourites are lavender, basil and frankincense.)

9. Close Your Eyes:

(For obvious reasons, this should only be done when it is safe to do.) In noisy, highly charged places closing your eyes may protect you from the wayward energies you normally find seeping into your energy field. It is doubly effective if you practice a breathing technique at the same time. When you open your eyes again, you will find those energies that had been previously pounding you, seem to bounce off.

10. Balance Your Hormones:

This is possibly the most important and most effective of all these techniques. And yes, this also applies to men. Your hormones are directly linked to your chakras (see here), meaning they affect both your physical and energetic bodies.

If your hormones are out of whack you will not be able to balance your own energy, never mind that of others.  ‘7 Secrets of the Sensitive‘ goes into detail on how you can easily balance your hormones and chakras and thus enjoy total transformation and harmony in your life. The book shows Empaths how to live happier, healthier lives and enables you to see this life for the amazing gift it really is…

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15 Sept 2015

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12 thoughts on “10 Ways Empaths can Protect Themselves from Other People’s Energy

  1. I am a very sensitive Empath and have discovered Black Tourmaline works excellent for me as an absorber of negative energy. If you decide to use crystals be sure to cleanse them weekly as they will absorb the negative energy you would have taken on yourself. I cleanse my Black Tourmaline simply by running under cold water for a few minutes. Try it and you will be rewarded. Crystal Blessing & Courage to All.

  2. One of my chores that I hate is grocery shopping. People always feel rushed and agitated just being there. They’re aggressive and they put off an energy that is angry and irritated. I have a huge line up of low tempo classical music on my phone. Before I even walk in the door and grab a cart, my earbuds are in and Ode to Joy is playing. It offers a remarkable shield for me.

  3. Thank you for this post. I have been doing large scale battle with bad energy and I need to scrub myself of all of the poison That I have absorbed. It is to the point where it is affecting my marriage and my day to day life. Winishi. If anyone has any other advice for my case please share. Bless you all and may you all be well. Much love.

  4. The Merkaba star shielding. I find no protection method works for me as I have so little faith, so full of fear & my aura is fragile & broken & I am terrible at visualising! 😦 But the Merkaba star does the best job. You can find more info on YouTube

    Another powerful method is invoking the Christ Light. You simply say:
    “I invoke the Gold ray of Christ for my total protection” X3 times & then say it is done. Archangel Michael’s (this one is highly effective a lot of times for me): ask AA Michael to put his dark blue cloak of protection around you. Then imagine the cloak being placed on you, zip it up (or ask AA Michael’s angels to do this for you) from under your feet to your lower lip, & pull the hood over your head, covering your third-eye.
    Whatever you believe in & FEEL working is the best method for you right now.
    Please note we can always call on our guides & Angels to protect & guide us. They’ll ALWAYS do so no matter who asks but we must surrender to our highest good with harmlessness.

  5. Hi
    I just wanted to say the mirror ball of Light is fab. I use it at night too as I end up badly affected by my partner’s energies. Thank you for the info!

  6. Oh I love this, thank you!
    If I do my morning yoga the day is soooo much easier. And the mirror around me works really well.
    Very good tools.
    love and light!

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