Listening to our Internal Guidance Systems

The summer has finally arrived in the UK…Only had to wait five years for it :). The Sun uplifts my spirits like nothing else. And it’s not just me it has a positive effect on, everywhere I go people have smiles on their faces and are so much friendlier than normal. Perhaps this is because we so seldom get nice weather in the North of England. Rain and grey clouds tends to be our weather staple. But, as I am not here to talk about the weather, I shall move swiftly on.

I haven’t been spending much time on the internet lately (too busy drenching myself in sunshine), but when I do visit the sites I normally frequent, it is very evident how difficult of a time people are having. To be fair, and I touch wood as I type, I have not been feeling bad at all recently, quite the opposite in fact. I have been upbeat, energised and getting giddier by the day. But knowing how this process unfolds, I realise this could be a temporary state and I’m slightly hesitant to make any claims regarding personal changes as I know how transient these ‘good times’ can be. However, I feel that much of the way I’m feeling is the direct result of lifestyle changes I’ve made by tuning into my Internal Guidance System (IGS), otherwise known as our higher self.

As I mentioned in my last post, sensitivities are on the increase for many, in the form of allergies, intolerances and negative emotional responses. It is very clear that these sensitivities are a reaction to those things that lower our vibration.

Not everyone will be having reactions, but I’m guessing much of the depression, anxiety and painful emotions that many are experiencing, are due to no longer being able to tolerate anything of a low vibration. Some may wrongly assume what they are experiencing are ascension symptoms, when in fact it is just their body trying to raise their awareness to the fact they need to clean themselves up.

For years, many Awakened people have endured varying ascension symptoms that come and go without any distinguishing triggers. These symptoms may have been part of the ‘planetary energetic changes’. However, the reactions that many are having, both physically and mentally, maybe being caused by that which is disturbing the natural balance of the body, mind and spirit!

As humans, we can tend to focus on the development and improvement of either the spiritual or the physical, but not always on both. We may pray, meditate or chant for hours each day, spend every waking moment wondering how we could help others, but do no exercise, smoke twenty cigarettes a day and eat nothing but processed food. Or we could go to the other extreme of exercising two to three hours a day and be fastidious over every morsel put into our mouths, but have no care for any type of spiritual practice and are driven purely by material gains and power.

Our body is home to and carries our spirit, or soul. Our spirit, which is our true eternal-self, carries all our life experiences and knowledge (the only things we get to take with us when we leave here). Whilst residing here on the earthly-plane, our spirit belongs to our body and vice-versa. If we fail to nurture or mistreat one, we in turn mistreat the other. It makes sense that we should look after and balance both.

For me, cutting out wheat and alcohol has had the most dramatic effect on rebalancing me physically and spiritually. Both alcohol and wheat had a vice-like grip on me, to what extent I was unaware of until I gave them up. And, ironically enough, both play a huge part in the lives of Westerners: wheat being a staple in our diet (for more info on the detrimental effects of modern wheat see: Wheat and The Empath) and alcohol in our social lives.

Being a teenager in the eighties, I grew up with the work hard, play harder mentality, along with the alcohol culture of drinking to get hammered. When I was younger it was fun playing drinking-games and doing silly things that I’d be too shy to do otherwise. However, I now realise that alcohol played a part in my life for too long.

Like many Sensitives, in social situations, I would drink to block out negative emotions coming from others and use it as a stimulant to keep me going after my energy had been drained. It took me an awful long time to figure out that those energies, I may have blocked out whilst under the influence, still seeped into my energy-field and still had to be dealt with the next day. And the stimulant-effect I gained from alcohol, only served in further draining my energy for days after consumption. Now in social situations, I still pick up the energies off others, but I manage to integrate them as and when they arrive. And I no longer worry about letting others down by having to leave early due to tiredness. I stay as long as my energy levels permit then bid farewell. When we borrow energy, via the use of stimulants and such, it only has to be paid back with lots and lots of interest added on.

I’ve always been an advocate for taking self-responsibility and lately I’ve been seeing many others saying the same thing. If we want to move forward, in any which way, in life we are the only ones who truly know how to make it happen. We have teachers and guides to show us the way or plant seeds within, but then it is up to us to figure the rest out for ourselves.

It is too easy to become dependant on another’s teachings or words of wisdom and easier still to take their words and thoughts on as our own. We are each as individual as a snowflake and our life journey should be a reflection of this. We have access to a wealth of information outside of ourselves but the real answers lie within. We hold the key to our own happiness and freedom but we will only find it by following our Internal Guidance Systems.

Our Internal Guidance Systems help us navigate the often hilly, and even mountainous, terrain of our lives. It can be seen in the quiet, guiding voice whispering within and inside the ‘Knowing’. However, our IGS’s can be severely distorted and manipulated by anything that lowers our vibration and in turn our consciousness: Generally anything of a chemical or stimulant nature will play havoc with our IGS’s. Please see last post for more info on effects of this.

If your body has been screaming at you with negative reactions, it is letting you know that for you to fully heal and move onwards and upwards, the time has come to let go of anything that does not promote a higher vibration. You and only you can make that change.

As per usual, I have gone off on a tangent and not written about what I had intended to. And, as time is ticking, if I don’t post this now it will sit in my computer without ever seeing the light of day. I just want to finish on what I had intended to write about: If you find yourself struggling emotionally, with no obvious trigger, and feel like you’ve lost your faith in everything, you may find it helpful to read up on Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) or Past Life Regression. There is lots of info out there on both, but I can recommend anything by Raymond Moody for NDE’s and Brian Weiss for Past Life Regression.

In times of being at my lowest ebb I have stumbled across books by the aforementioned authors (obviously not by chance), and by reading them I got an instant ‘faith lift’. In these trying times, it can be too easy to get distracted by the meaningless and forget what this game called ‘Life’ is really about. For me, reading this kind of material puts life back into perspective and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Until next time…


©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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5 thoughts on “Listening to our Internal Guidance Systems

  1. I had a similar experience when i was also “at my lowest ebb” i stumbled acros Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls & Destiny of Souls, both covering NDEs and PLR. It gave me the same “faith lift” you describe above. I became an atheist in college but Newtons books may have changed me overnight.

  2. This rings true for me. I am 31 one years old now and can barely stand alcohol. Looking back on my teenage years I use to drink at bars and night clubs to have “fun” but I have now realized throught lot’s of trial and error, that I would drink to block out the negative and vile energies that were around me. I am more aware of this now and instead of being afraid of crowds (pubs, shopping malls, grocery stores, concerts…etc) I force myself to go out and try to feel the negative energies but stay present with the people I am with, if ever the energy feels to crumbling I envision myself with white glowing light and that seems to block out much of the negative emotion I feel. Some times I even avoid eye contact with certain individuals….I do not like that I do this because I think I am acting fearful and using avoidance, but sometimes I feel the darker energies can see me and know who I am.

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