15 Ways Empaths Can Stay Grounded & Protected

15 ways to stay grounded and protected

Nowadays, with the constant bombardment of negative energies, it is a challenge for the Empath to stay grounded.

Even when staying home, within their personal sanctuaries, their empathic antennas are constantly switched on, picking up emotional energy from the outside world. Because of this, they easily become drained, consumed with apathy, and distracted from their true Empath roles.

To combat the constant overwhelm, the modern world imprints on an Empath, they need to protect themselves and work to stay grounded.

Everyone is different and what works for one Empath will not always work for another. But, it has to be said, the best form of protection and way to stay grounded for any Empath is to create a resilient, healthy body, quiet mind and strong energy field.

Below are 15 of the best ways to achieve this:

1. Water

The body is made up of 75% water (some body tissue has 95%), so it should come as no surprise that this is way up there on the self-healing scale.

Many are unaware of just how dehydrated they are. An insufficient supply of water creates problems with the functioning of the energetic and physical bodies, affects general well-being and accelerates the ageing process.

Water is a powerful protector for the Empath and they need lots of it, both inside and outside of their bodies.

Most should be drinking at least 8 glasses of pure water a day just to replenish what the body loses naturally through sweating, urination, etc. The heavier you are the more water you need.

There is an old religious saying that: ‘Cleanliness is second to godliness.

I used to believe the saying was a ridiculous bully tactic to force young children to wash behind their ears (which in those days it probably was), but now I see it from another perspective. Water washes more than just dirt away; it has the power to cleanse the energetic body and clear negativity.

If you’re sceptical,  when you come home from a hard day at work try this: instead of reaching for the wine, jump straight in the shower and see what an uplifting and clearing effect it has. Or when feeling emotionally frazzled drink a pint of cool fresh water and see how it dilutes the impact.

2. Diet

One of the best things an Empath can do, not only for grounding but for all-round balance, is to include more grounding, nutritious foods to their diet and remove any drug-like foods. Wheat being one of the worst offenders.

The Eating Plan For Empaths

Cutting a long story short: wheat acts like a drug in the body. Empaths react more to drug-like foods than those not of a sensitive nature because they are highly reactive.

High reactives are sensitive to different vibrations of energy. Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies and that includes food, drugs or alcohol: the faster the vibration, the higher the frequency. Empaths are negatively affected by anything of a low vibration. Most drugs and alcohol have a low vibrational energy and bring the Empath down fast. Wheat is not classed as a drug, even though it acts like one, and therefore carries the same signature.

If you struggle to stay balanced, or grounded, even though you do much in the way of self-help: meditation and spiritual practice, exercise and eat a clean, nutritious diet, look to see if you are including wheat. You may not eat bread but still consume lots of wheat. It is hidden everywhere for the reason it keeps everyone consuming more of it.

If you want to learn more about grounding foods and transforming your Empath life, through diet, you may want to read this.

3. Sea Salt

It is said that the ‘father of medicine,’ Hippocrates, was amongst the first to discover the, almost magical, healing ability of sea salt, after noticing how quickly seawater would heal wounded fishermen’s hands.

Not only is sea salt a great medicinal healer, it is also deeply purifying. It has the power to draw out and dissolve negative energies from the emotional and physical body. This is especially helpful if your day involves interacting with others, where too often you end up picking their stressed or anxious energy. Salt is not only grounding, for the Empath, but a hugely beneficial energy clearing tool.

4. Balance Your Energy

By balancing your masculine and feminine energy it works exceedingly well to help keep you grounded and energetically stable. See this post for more information. Screenshot (269)

5. Smudge

Smudging helps clear your Empath energy field of unwanted energy and also offers incredible protection.

See post here

6. Exercise

In the Western world many turn to exercise for the benefits of weight loss and a toned body. However, exercise offers so much more, especially for the Empath. It releases pent-up emotions, removes impurities through sweat, enhances and uplifts moods, energizes, increases happiness, builds a powerful energy field, and is also grounding.

When it comes to exercise do what you love. If you don’t like rules, routines or set times then go freestyle. Make the rules yourself. Get the music cranked up and dance like nobody’s watching (which it’s probably best if no one is whilst throwing shapes out). Dance, stretch and jump your cares away and get a sweat on.

7. Meditation

This is a must if you have a busy head with endless mind-chatter and fearful thoughts, like most Empaths do. A busy chaotic mind is un-grounding. 

Meditation helps you deal with stressful situations and gives you clearer insight. There are many forms of meditation. It is just a case of finding what suits you.

8. Creativity

In a world of rules and routine, people seldom get time to be creative but this is one of the easiest ways to revel in the feel-good-factor. When you feel good you also feel grounded.

When you create from your passions, or interests, it has an uplifting effect on your psyche and when engaging in something you love it keeps the mind away from dark thoughts and feelings. A must for all Empaths.

9. Chakra Balancing

 You have 7 main chakras which are part of your energetic body. They are your centres of spiritual power that run the length of our body, from the lower torso to the crown of head.

The chakras are whirling vortices of energy aligned with the endocrine system (organs which secrete hormones such as adrenalin, cortisone and thyroxine into the body). When any chakra is out of balance it can create disease (dis-ease) within the body. Finding ways to balance the chakras works in being grounding as well as being incredibly beneficial to the health of the body and mind.

10. Yoga

Many people say yoga is not for them, but it’s the very people who turn away from yoga who are the ones that need it most.

Yoga is incredibly grounding. It works on the physical and energetic bodies and serves everyone, no matter what age or ability. Yoga should be a staple in every person’s life.

Learn the Secrets of an Empath here

There is a yogic saying that: ‘We are only as young as the spine is flexible.’ Because yoga works to create a supple spine it could be classed as an elixir of youth.

The very core of yoga is built on the breath. By breathing in and out of postures, it stills and calms the mind, and creates a strong supple body.

Yoga is also classed as a moving meditation.

11. Nature

Being outdoors in nature has a healing and grounding effect on every Empath.

As an Empath, if you spend little time in nature you will struggle to stay grounded or find balance.

If you work in a city, with no access to parkland, make sure you get out at weekends away from cars and air pollution.

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12. Laughter

As grown-ups we spend too much time being solemn and serious, and too little time having fun (especially in the current times). Do you remember the last time you had a proper belly laugh?

You don’t stop playing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop playing!

We hear children laugh all the time. They don’t know how to take life seriously, it’s all about play and fun, which helps keep them grounded.

Everyone should strive to stay childlike. To see the world in wonder and above all have fun and laugh. Anything that makes you laugh will make your spirits soar. It really is a therapy.

13. Crystals

The healing power of crystals has long been known in numerous cultures, from Atlantis to ancient Egypt.  It is believed that the ancients had crystal chambers they used to heal physical, spiritual or energetic ailments.

Crystals can be used in conjunction with the chakras to help balance them and remove blockages.

Sensing their natural healing vibration, many Empaths are instinctively drawn to crystals for their grounding and protective abilities.

14. Essential oils

As with crystals, the healing power of essential oils has been known through the ages.

It is through the olfactory senses that many of the benefits of essential oils are obtained.

There is an essential oil to suit every Empath for either: protection, grounding, re-balancing, relaxation, and more…

15. Earthing

Although this is a late addition to the list it is one of the most beneficial when it comes to Empath grounding.

Earthing involves placing naked feet on natural earth or, in other words, walking barefoot!

We often take for granted the extraordinary healing power of Mother Earth but connecting with her is one of the easiest ways for the Empath to find balance.

See this post for more information on Earthing…

So there you go my top 15 grounding tools. It should be pointed out that if you are suffering with a leaky aura you may not find many of the above techniques to be beneficial. You can read more about leaky aura syndrome here.

 As one goes through life one learns if you don’t paddle your own canoe, you don’t move’… Katherine Hepburn

Wishing you well on your Empath journey.


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152 thoughts on “15 Ways Empaths Can Stay Grounded & Protected

    • Ha! Thanks for that!

      When I read your comment I immediately thought, it doesn’t say Socrates as being the ‘father of medicine’. But sure enough it does!

      For years I have been claiming the great philosopher as being the man behind the Hippocratic Oath… Oops!

      Thanks again. :0 🙂 :0

  1. Hi Diane,

    I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the incredible information your posts… But I’m so glad I’ve found you!

    I’ve know for a while now that I’m an HSP, but only recently discovered I’m also an empath. Recently diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I’m on my way to understand how being an unbalanced/unprotected empath has contributed (if not fully), to my illness.

    I have one question I’d like ask you, although I have a gazillion more! As an empath (I work as a counsellor) I’m beginning to recognize I take on other’s emotions, but what I’m confused with is that I don’t feel distinct emotions, I recognize them just as a heaviness, a tiredness, not feeling well, and it’s as if the alarm of my nervous system has been tripped. Am I just inexperienced in not recognizing each individual emotion of the people who pass through my life (directly or indirectly) or is it usual to just an over all feeling?

    Thanks for helping me understand myself better, and thanks for your wealth of knowledge!


    • Hi Tanya,

      You have posed a really good question and is a subject I am covering in a future post.

      It is common for Empaths to sense other people’s energy as dull, heavy and sluggish feelings. Our body experiences it as an energy drain.

      There are not many who can identify with individual emotions. Most Empaths know things about others without being told and know the right words to say to help them, but feel frustrated they cannot always interpret their emotions.

      What we pick up from others emotionally is often behind the big bouts of Empath fatigue we suffer.

      Look out for my future post which will offer a greater explanation on the subject.

      Hope this helps and thanks for sharing.
      🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi just wanted to ask is it absolutely essential to eliminate wheat?? I used to be anorexic and it is hard enough for me to be normal around food, I tried being grain and gluten free and I just went all disordered again. Surely so many of our foods have been altered and homogenized so much now, from grains, nuts vegetables everything, that it can’t make much difference? I mean, I bought some bell peppers yesterday and they’re grown in Spain, with pesticides in a greenhouse and forced. They are pumped with water, packed in plastic and labelled “organic”. It is quite difficult to eliminate wheat and if I eliminated everything unwholesome from my diet, I probably wouldn’t eat anything! I am already basically vegan and always vegetarian. Can I just meditate and eat bread? 😀

    • Hi Xkale,

      I believe it is very important to remove wheat from the diet. Especially for the Empath. The reason being it acts like an opiate on our brain and disrupts its natural rhythms. Parts of the Empath’s brain is already hyper-reactive and we need to do what we can to keep it balanced. Eliminating wheat helps this. That said, If you know you have no ill-effect from eating wholegrain bread or wheat, you may be ok including it.

      There are lots of brilliant alternatives to wheat. I don’t eat nuts now (because of autoimmune) but I used to make some delicious breads and cakes with ground almonds and other non-wheat flours. Being wheat-free does involve more work in the kitchen but it is so worth it.

      Yes, there are lots of modified or hybridized food out there, and foods sprayed with pesticides, but I don’t believe our body will ever get used to them. This is evident in the fact there is so much disease, of the mind and body, in our world.

      I understand how difficult it is for you being vegan and how limited you are with your food choices. If you feel healthier with wheat in your diet then you should include it.

      Hope this helps and thanks for sharing 🙂

      • I’ve been vegan for 15 years and I eat everything in sight my blood work is perfect I’m 57 years old have no health issues no immune issues I am an empath I do agree with eating to balance the body I am also a teacher of holistic wellness you have to love yourself first

  3. I def appreciate this— I am seeing there is all types of empaths. I don’t think you have to exhibit every last quality to be one or apart of one we are each our own. For me I’ve always been lost in a dream. Life has sort of been a full on acid trip for me before I ever tried a drug. I look at the world and easily see frames all around every object and everything super easily, I will get completely lost in daydreaming and like wow my imagination has always been insane and quite overwhelming ever since I can remember. Sometimes I swear I’ll see small floating circles kinda almost going in little circles at random or I see an faint outline of a person when no one is there then see it go away fast then come back or quick movements. I have always kinda shaken it off like ok your being crazy again- but no, maybe I’m not. I can have some vivid dreams about people I don’t even know at all or be walking randomly and then a feeling just hits my stomach and my heart and I feel overwhelmed and upset, I’ve always been really strong in trying to correct it right away as apart of my denial of your being crazy again but it’s beautiful to see the posts here and hey you know what maybe I’m not making up scenarios in my head maybe something is actually happening to me! Anyways I’m not sure if what I am is an empath or just a visionary but I know the more I bury this the more overwhelmed I will become even tho this is overwhelming coming out about it. I just want to stop being overwhelmed and hiding in helping others who are unwilling to change and just do something with me for once! Does anyone else identify? Thank u if I read –

    • hi, i stumble upon your comments, may be this could help a bit. perhaps you are empath, or if you are still not sure, read about highly sensitive person (HSP) or clairvoyance. even i am my self cannot categorize my self into one specific label. but i don’t see any problem with that. the most important thing is that you channel out your “plus ability” for good, or for a better world. but first and foremost you have to protect yourself. as for me i cope with my overthinking, overcritical to my self, with mild ignorance. as long as my decision did not harm or disadvantage someone, sometimes it’s ok not to get involved. or i ask my self “am i able to handle his/her stress load?” if yes, and it do not bother my life&professional work, i would help him/her in any way i could. but you have to know very well how much you can handle. sometimes you have to save your self.
      or about external disturbance, you can read about grounding in this site. hope it helps!
      nevertheless, it’s really enlightening to embrace it rather than denying it all this time 🙂

    • hi, i stumble upon your comments, may be this could help a bit. perhaps you are empath, or if you are still not sure, read about highly sensitive person (HSP) or clairvoyance. even i am my self cannot categorize my self into one specific label. but i don’t see any problem with that. the most important thing is that you channel out your “plus ability” for good, or for a better world. but first and foremost you have to protect yourself. as for me i cope with my overthinking, overcritical to my self, with mild ignorance. as long as my decision did not harm or disadvantage someone, sometimes it’s ok not to get involved. or i ask my self “am i able to handle his/her stress load?” if yes, and it do not bother my life&professional work, i would help him/her in any way i could. but you have to know very well how much you can handle. sometimes you have to save your self.
      or about external disturbance, you can practice one of the grounding technique. i my self wear an item just to help balance my energy. hope it helps!
      nevertheless, it’s really enlightening to embrace it rather than denying it all this time 🙂

    • Wow WOw WOW Can’t believe I’m reading this : ) Until now I never heard/read somebody say/write what I expermiment. I was looking on the net to find a way to stop “leaving” . My happy/magic world and my energetic connection to the univers is bringing me a bit to much out of the material/physical reality and it’s a bit of a fight for me. If you read my answer you dear Anonymous and want to contact me PLease do I really need somebody to talk about the way you manage all this 🙂 My E-mail is stelie_en_ligne@hotmail.com,Thank You 🙂

  4. Amazing that I found this blog. It just popped up. I really needed it. I’m not going to say what I feel or been through because it seems we all feel the same way. Ive opened a blog called empath69blog just for ppl like us who now know were not insane but enlightened. Like I said, I just opened it so comment on how you feel, ways that made you feel better, anything that it seems only us would understand. I’m truly interested in hearing from everyone. my site is not to take away from this one. This one popped out at me and has more info on empathetics than I know. Its just a blog to get off your mind and heart what you are dealing with. I hope to meet you there.

  5. Recently, I have learned that I am an empath. I have also had a situation in my life that I have been under psychic attack. I would frequently have very negative and dark thoughts about a certain individual who feels I have harmed him in some way. One way I have learned to deal with these feelings is through EFT. The Energy Field Tapping technique. There are several web sites that give instructions on the EFT “basic recipe” so i won’t bore you with a description here. However, once I start having negative and dark thoughts about this person and the situation, I go through a quick EFT “ritual” to eliminate the thoughts and feelings. Seems to work consistently. If you have any other techniques or “tricks” to eliminate negative thoughts, please share.

  6. Hello,
    Your website has been a revelation to me today!!! I am almost crying! My god everything 100% described and explains my life and my struggles! My Mum was a powerful non-professional (non-charging, not fully self-controlled) medium with schizophrenia too and many mental health problems (I am a scientist and a sceptic but I cannot deny what I grew up seeing happen again and again, and I am not so arrogant as to deny my own eyes and ears) and because I inherited neither Mum’s mediumship nor schizophrenia, I have always ignored my abilities. But my god everything EVERYTHING 100% fits… since I was a small child! I am so so blown away. I physically feel other people’s and animal’s feelings, often it is like a sense of taste or smell (so hard to describe this). Even the chakra stuff fits. I had auro soma at a tiny rural festival I was teaching slackline at and even then they brought up how unusual coral over coral choice is, they said sacral chakra, unconditional love and care, uncontrolled healer, that I needed to protect myself, death being so important (I was at that time caring for my terminally in Grandma and had just lost my Mum a few weeks beforehand). And all your write about empathy and how I have read elsewhere this can link to being an uncontrolled healer rings 100% true, it is actually a little frightening. Even my boyfriend, time and again, when I have had physically sick responses to people for no apparent reason (and hidden it from them but confided in him after) every… single… time it has proven true, I have predicted peoples behaviour so often as well, it is uncanny and he has been alarmed and time and thought I was psychic but I have assured him again and again I am not (I know what that means from growing up with Mum). I would actually appreciate emailing directly about this if you will entertain the idea and might be able to see my email address which I have filled in about the post. I would be interested if you could kindly recommend some books or similar. I don’t want to just ‘library dip’ and potentially read rubbish. I have been diagnosed with atypical female asperger’s since I have many aspie traits but a very high empathy (rather than low). This is largely because I have become almost housebound at times between the stress of caring for Mum and Grandma and all the emotional weight I carry and am exposed to around the wrong people etc. I definitely need to find acceptance and coping mechanisms and any good books/resources/tips would be highly appreciated. The diet stuff even I have worked out that wheat, sugar, caffeine, dairy all make me ill, and I have been unable to stomach animal flesh since age of 8 due to guilt at suffering and I have to force myself to eat some pole and line caught fish as I have terrible IBS and hyperthyroidism tendancies as did Mum and Grandma so I need the healthy fat and calories in the fish unlike many lucky people whose constitutions allow full vegetarianism/veganism.

    • Hi Anya,

      Are you looking for books to read about Empaths? Of all the many books I’ve read on metaphysical matters and health, I haven’t read one about Empaths (I choose to write about it instead 😉). I am as it happens writing some books on the subject now, which I’m hoping to get released soon.

      Judith Orloff has written books on the subject, perhaps you could look her up. Or let me know if there is any other subject you are interested in.

      Hope this helps.

      Diane 😀

  7. Hi, I was wondering if there is any chakra balancing CD’s you would recommend? I saw the one by Deepak Chopra, but wasnt sure if it was a good one….

    • Hi Janine,

      I have not used a guided meditation CD for a long time and cannot remember those I used for chakra balancing. I do my own chakra balancing meditation now, which hopefully I will get to share on here soon. What I will say before purchasing a cd, is to make sure you are comfortable with the narrators voice. It can prove to be a huge distraction if not. Have a look on YouTube to see if there is anything on there you could try too.

      Hope this helps

      Diane 😀

  8. The eating well without wheat is the next thing I will try. Can’t say I won’t eat chicken or fajitas but, I’ll start with the wheat. Being an empath as a man, how do I let this out? How do I let this in? I love meditating but I mostly keep meditations private as I can. I’m shy/embarrassed to say that I meditate and hard to try and help others that I know would benefit from meditating. I don’t want to seem like a hippie, I believe I still care too much of what others think of me and it’s something I’m still trying to come at peace with. I believe I found the root of that reason, as a child my parents would constantly use the phrase “Que va pensar la gente de ti?” Spanish for, what will people think of you. I think I might’ve gone off subject here a bit, my bad. Point is, I need some pointers on how to put my self doubt/self critic aside and let me out.

    • Hi Cesar,

      You’ve posed a very good question there and one many Sensitive people struggle with… ‘The Judgement of Others!’

      One of the problems Empaths have is that we can feel when we are being judged. For this reason many of us keep our practices and beliefs to ourselves.

      I will be writing about this subject soon so keep an eye out.

      Thanks for sharing

  9. Hi I have been considering that I may be an empath. I’m able to read people’s emotions and how they feel like a book and it’s only getting worse as I get older. I figure my sensitivity to people comes from my ability to understand and relate with people who have had trauma like I have as well as justhe naturally fwelding lIke im meant to help people lIke the counselorsong I had did for me growing up. I grew up in foster care and experienced severe childhood trauma and even married an abuser when I was 18 and am now divorced. Well I’ve noticed I have unintentionally stayed away from people and tried not to get close to them or reveal too much of my own life. I do find it easy to talk about My feelings with others as a way to get rid of the negative energy and feelings I have and going home or being alone has always been an escape I need. Well now I recently moved in with my fiance who is experiencing depression and anxiety amongst many other struggles…how do I separate myself from these negative feelings I am taking on as my own while still being a supporting loving partner? How do I balance myself and stay healthy? because I’m starting to become depressed as I exhaust all my resources to help my fiance recover. I’m exhausted and I feel like running away but I’m finally in a loving relationship and my kids love him. I feel it’s not his fault for how I feel. I just notice I’m spending hours in my head thinking negative thoughts that blame my fiance for what is happening but I know better. I want to be happy and healthy! I want to feel strong again! I need an outlet but I live in a new town where all I know is my fiance who is in the military. I also suffer from PTSD and have ADD. I’m trying to find a way to relieve this stress and to get away from the feelings I’m unintentionally taking on. I’ve thought of going on a walk or even running because I feel frustrated as well. Please help!

    • Another symptom I am having is everything seems so unreal right now… like this life is just a dream but I so desperately want to wake up and see this is my reality. I want to live outside my head and love the moment I am in. I really need an escape from how overwhelmed I am.

      • Hello again,

        There is some very strange planetary energy whizzing round at the moment, that can make it feel like we’re in a dream-like state or just detached from reality. I am hoping to get a post out on it soon. 🙂

      • Hello! I wanted to know if you are feeling better. Your post got to me. I have been aware of my being an Empath for only a few years. I have the most horrific family problems going on in my life now. It has taken a few days but I was able to put them on shelves in my mind. My suggestions to u would be to meditate using a positive one, walk, if you have a dog sit with it and pet slowly. Also do the Warrior Pose in yoga. This helps me get through the problematic times. My positive thoughts are with you.

      • Pattie thanks for asking about me :-). I am feeling much better since it’s like once I expressed what I was going through I kind of snapped out of it and now spend my time thinking about things in a more positive light and I found focusing on the present moment has also helped. Also since my fiance is feeling better I haven’t been carrying around his burdens like I was before. Things are looking up. The only thing going on is my fiance is in the military and has gone for training for 2 and half months so I kind of miss him even though he only just left yesterday.

      • Hello Christy, I experienced same as u had. This all ways about meditation and exercises helping me too. Have a good life enjoy..

    • Hi Christy,

      Exercise really helps to clear other people’s emotions and energy, especially running or power walking out in nature..

      Take a look at my last bog post Hopefully, you’ll be able to find some techniques to help protect you on there.

      If you haven’t already, read through the posts on this blog. There is lots of info on ways to stay grounded and sane 😉

      Hope this helps

  10. Ok so im new to this. But most of these things described on this website sound like me. So im pretty sure im an empath, i guess i would just like some confirmation. Ive always knew i had some kind of 6th sense but i could never really figure out what it was. People like unload their problems on me, friemds and strangers. Like just the other day at work i was being trained since im a new employee, and instead of the woman training me she just kind of rambled about her life and usually when this happens i dont get as frustrated, but i started to get a little agitated because i wanted to learn what i had to do to do my job well. Usually my friends come to me and unload all their problems onto me and i consider myself a sponge, i just take everything in and usually ill get really sad or mad depending on the situation. Oh in highschool shit would really hit the fan if a stundent passed away, even if i didnt know the person, i would get extremely sad and id still want to go to their funeral or talk to people about the deceased person because i felt that it was the right thing to do. A lot of people would get mad at me telling me i didnt know them so i shouldnt be upset but i couldnt help it. I dont know, im a little lost right now i guess. I was just at the doctors the other day and he wamts to put me on an anxiety medicine because i build eceryrhing up because i typically dont talk about my problems, i let everyone use me as a sponge and eventually it all builds up and i have a breakdown. Crying, hyperventaling, i even used to scratch myself because the physical pain seemed to take away and distract me from the mental pain and feeling of being overwhelmed. On another note, i just moved into my boyfriends house, and they told me it was haunted, i had a weird sense about the house but its bearable. The one day i was in the bathroom and my eyes kept being drawn to the closet and it made me feel really uncomfortable. I told my boyfriends mom the one day how i didnt like to be in the bathroom causr it always felt like someone was staring at me from the closet, shes like its funny you say that because rumor has it, the prwvious owner used to lock their children in the closet amd under the kitchen sink and their are a bunch of crayon marks. I was set back a little because 1: she’s never told me thar before and 2: i never actually went into the closet because there are a bunch of clothes piled up so theres no way to get in there. Anyway sorry for rambling but this website seems like a safe way to explain things.

  11. I am a extremely sencitive empath, I am also a ptsd war vet, my main concern is feeling tethered to those around me. Distance is not a factor to these tetheres but inside they just keep multiplying it feels as if a strong rubberband connects to me from those I’ve encountered, the rubber bands then pull downward and make me feel physically heavy I’ve not found a way to detach them and I feel as if I am about to overload. I love all life and stayed indoors for as long as a year at a time yet when Ido leave the most random people come to me and unload personal info my reaction of course is to listen, I don’t even get greeting such as a hello my name is ……. ppl just come I try to not look at it as a burden for I may have made that person feel better but it would be nice to not feel so drained and to have a carefree attitude, to find a way to break the teathers of others, the constant wheght and attachment I feel is biological I feel anywhere from 10 to 20 tethers any given day, when I see others argue I automaticly get tethered and feel as if I am the one being sent to the principals office even though I don’t know them. Plz help

    • Dallas, I have a strong sense in reading your post, that you’re at a real turning point. The fact that you’ve recognized that being an empath is a real thing, speaks volumes about your own personal journey. The ‘tethering’ you describe is something I think most empaths can relate to. How strongly different empaths feel that sensation is unique to each person, I believe. Your ptsd is also playing a huge role in these feelings, as you have already recognized, no doubt. If you had empathic abilities and tendencies before your experiences in the service, then it stands to reason that your time in the service could have created a conflict deep down with your empathic side. I personally believe that empathic abilities are born out of love. Experiences in war are often in direct opposition to love, with some exceptions (like love for your ‘brothers in arms’). Your job as a soldier, after all, is to take the fight to the enemy in a most extreme way. Therein lies the conflict. Even your enemy is still part of humanity, for there are good and bad in humanity, as in all of creation. So in a sense you might say you are ‘tethered’ to your enemy, whether you want to be or not. All of this may have heightened your empathic abilities and tendencies so that now it has become a problem for you. This website is a great place to start getting better. I would encourage you to explore some of the techniques described on the site to help you manage your empathic abilities, and perhaps turn them into a positive thing for you. Above all, keep the lines of communication open. Talking about it always seems to help, in my experience. And thank you sincerely for sharing with all of us other empaths. We are all part of an exclusive club, after all. Please let us know how you’re doing.

      • I’ve researched some techniques such as putting up walls and releasing the tethers. after learning the shield its making things easier. i watched a video of a lady that explained putting up a fence or mesh and picture a shape around you kind of like a shield wall, i tried a few different shapes and one stuck out for me, the thinking of a physical fence didn’t do much it seems more like a spiritual fence i keep rotating around my body the color is a light sky blue and the shape is kinda like a helix. when i start to feel overwhelmed i amp up the spiritual thickness of my shield, this gives me a cpl things 1. having the shield in place gives me the security i get from staying at home but out in public, it is my space in my shield and mine alone so (comfort) 2. being alone in my shield allows me to look inward, sounds sound different, when around people i listen more intensely because the shield stills my mind, in turn allowing me to see and hear on a completely different level. I am still learning everyday, and i intend to get control over this and stop feeling like a dumping ground sad all day and worthless, today is day 3 of me using this technique, as far as the shield anyways, the tethers seem to still be there the only way i can feel relief is showering, i like the ladies idea of releasing the tethers in the light of love to heal. i tried this while in the shower and it did make me feel better, but on the other hand after a day they come back, i will continue to research learn and control this, being a empath i don’t doubt myself, may the stars shine bright and the constellations radiate. i will keep updating if needed in hopes to help others or maybe just as a diary from a empath.

      • Dallas, Thanks for the update. I find your description of your protective wall interesting, especially when you mentioned it’s shape as a helix. I use a similar technique and the shape I gravitate to is a spiral. It’s helped me tremendously, I’m glad it’s helping you too. The description of the tethers also sounds familiar. After a year or so of dealing with it proactively, I’ve come to realize that there was one tether (more like a string or cord) emanating from around the crown of my head that I could not control or lose, or even temporarily shake. Personally, I think I’m dealing with a tether to creation (or a Creator) and that when I’m in close physical proximity to others, it becomes entwined with other’s tethers to the Creator. Just my own personal feelings/observations. Thanks again for sharing your experiences, and thanks for your service. Best wishes.

      • Hi , I am sorry to post this on a main page but I didn’t see any type of personal email address so I’m hoping to hopefully ask for some advice here..
        I’m am a 25 year old empath and medium.. I have gone through extreme trauma and depression the last 2 years and was basically because of financial reasons left stuck in a very toxic house hold with my parents. They do not only not believe me when I tell them this stuff but they are abusive and act like I’m a spoiled brat because of it. Unfortunately I have no more close friends that share a similar nature as most of them were also drinkers or smokers and I couldn’t stand to hang out with them anymore.
        I have just moved to California because I was hoping to have a better start but I can’t see to find people that I can stand living with, it seems as though u leave with the energy of one place it almost attracts similar people in other. I spent almost a year working with someone who helped me wit this and I feel I was the most healthy but unfortunately my trauma had a lot to do with this person and then seeking help became me pretending empath and sensitivity wasn’t real. I understands this does nothing to help me but it’s. Complex situation and I figured I would so if you had any advice on the subject.


      • Hi Jill,

        Pretending we are not Sensitive will certainly not make it go away, but I understand why you would try. We can help ourselves by getting in balance. When out-of-balance, as an Empath, it can cause energetic trauma and make living in the world and with others a nightmare. All emotions and sensitivities are heightened and we absorb negativity like a sponge. My new book, 7 Secrets of the Sensitive, goes into great detail on how to find balance as an Empath, as well as uncovering the cause for many of our pains and insecurities. Not wanting to do a book plug but it certainly sounds like you need the information within the book. It is still available as a special pre-order ebook price and will go to full list on the day of its release next week. Also available in print.

        Hope this helps.

        Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. I don’t know if I’m an empath. Empathetic, yes, tremendously so, which has made my writing all the more vivid and realistic, especially in introspective parts. But to claim to be an empath…I’m not sure I can make that call.

    That being said, I exhibit most of the signs, many of which I’d written off as heightened introversion or attention to detail, since I have an analytical personality; but intuition is strong in my family, on my dad’s side, and emotional sensitivity seems strong on my mom’s. I can’t count the number of times I knew someone was sick before they themselves did, before their body displayed any symptoms. Or how, looking at someone, I can automatically tell if something’s wrong emotionally or familiarly, even if they outwardly look and behave normally.

    I have a habit – an impulse, really – of getting others to share their burdens with me because the extra weight won’t bother me and they need some help shouldering it all.

    Despite the recipe for a seeming social butterfly, I much prefer being by myself with my dogs (their calmness keeps me calm, and I likewise inspire a tranquility that only my twin brother and dad can match) or with two or three extremely close people. Even then, solitude with my animals is the best remedy for an emotionally overwhelming day.

    I was insanely sickly as a kid, always tired and fretful but never overly ill. Still am to some extent.

    I also spent a few months letting an energy vampire hang around and visit me in my sleep to calm me down when I get too overwhelmed and let them have a mostly-reliable source without any sort of guilt.

    So I guess I’ll turn to the masses: what do you think? Based on this, am I, in your learned and experienced opinions, an empath?

    • Hi sam, i differ not too much from you and i’m not 100% sure i am an empath either. some people say it’s Clairsentience, some say its HSP (highly sensitive person), whatever the title is, we have it in our self and only us who know it the best. and with your new knowledge, i hope it helps to shift to your higher self and emphasize your ability for good! 🙂 also feel free if you want more discussion with me

      • I am realizing im an empath. Everything is making sense for me as well. Im scared because no one is responding that maybe im not? Im reaching out for help and no one awnsers so lucky me i go find them. Still reeling from understanding what i am and would sure love some sort of validation other than being able to relate to articles or take quizzes. Im scared as hell my boyfriend gonna reject me especially if i don’t fully. I took some notes from this article to help ground me. Maybe im scarring every one off but it would sure be nice to have some verbal or physical validation!! I am an empath now what lol!!

    • Hi Sam

      I can associate with just about everything you’ve said, and from my perspective I’d say to have the ability to connect to another and to read and feel their emotional energy does make you an empath. That said, the added skill that you have is your innate intuitive ability, you have internal insight alongside external sensing so it wouldn’t surprise me if you were an INFJ. The combination of these qualities could actually mean that you have more than one psychic ability going on, hence the overwhelm. If you choose to explore your abilities more you may find it leads you down the path of intuitive healing, your inner insight is what defines you and makes you different, in a good way i may add, lol. From what you have said you have already described, Clairempathy, and Clairsentience, enjoy your gifts whatever they are, and enjoy the journey 🙂 http://www.quantumpossibilities.biz/clairs.htm

  13. I have a quick question. I recently realized that I am an empath and everything’s in my life is starting to make sense and click into place. The only thing I haven’t yet found an answer for is this feeling that I’ve been having mainly at the base of my skull. It feels like energy just builds up, flowing from my fingertips to my palms, up the bottomos/backs of my arms, from my tailbone, and all ending at this sensation of energy at the base of my skull. It is almost akin to wearing a battery pack on my back and when I channel that energy I feel as if I can do anything. I am not sure how I do it but so far I have started being able to control it and concentrate it to different areas of my body. No matter what I feel it stem from the base of my skull though. Is there any explanation for this?

    Just as clarification I have no oils, crystals, drugs or anything of that sort on or in my body during these times and it is happening with more and more frequency As the days go on.

    • Tyler, It sounds alot like you may be experiencing a sensation related to your chakras, as described in eastern philosophies/religions. You may get some answers by doing a little research on the subject of chakras as it specifically relates to empathic abilities. I can’t recall exactly, but I seem to remember one of the chakra points is related to empathic abilities. Perhaps your recent awareness of empathic abilities has opened up an energy flow to this point, which may or may not be close to the base of the skull. Good luck in your search and thanks for sharing your experience!

  14. I came across your site, because I’m an empath, knewly discovered, and I’m looking for all the info I can get to carry myself through life. When you follow the signs it will lead you to where you need to be, and the universe will pass along little signs to you to convey that you’re on the right path.

    I received a sign tonight after reading your blog post. I found you blog by googling “grounding empath”. Yours was the first link I clicked on.

    Dr. Fereydoon’s Batmanghelidj is my grandfather. He passed in 2004. His legacy was to teach others about the importance of drinking water. Thank you for mentioning him, and I’m so glad I found your blog.

  15. fair play to you my dear lady!im walking the wounded healers path barefoot in rushhour on broken glass paved streets and i am glad i found a wordpress with some soul and gusto!

  16. It seems I’m one. But I really don’t want to get affected by moodswings.
    long before I figured out about this (being an empath) I had already come up with reading the book “power of your subconscious mind” by Joseph Murphy. It deals about constructing thought patterns for almost any situation in life. So I now am feeling relieved that it should be possible to control ‘any’ situation for the better. Guys you may read it atleast as a last option for those who feel difficulty with emotions.
    much love! 🙂

  17. Super sorry about the additional comment! Not trying to spam or anything, I just have one more question. Does deja vu have anything to do with empathy? Because I experience it quite frequently, in brief flashes of simple things like walking down a corridor in a set, specific area (even if I have never walked it before). I’m wondering if this may link to past dreams that I’d forgotten about?

    So sorry, and thanks again!!

  18. First of all, I want to say thank you so much for this article! I am only 15 years old, but I’ve always been told that I was ‘an old soul’ and ‘wise for my years’, and that I was very insightful. Lately I’ve been having some medical problems, suffering from moderately severe POTS. But even though I nearly always feel on the verge of collapse from a day-to-day basis, I worry so much more about others than I do about myself. I try to keep an optimistic outlook on the world, and for a while this has been working well for me, but the negative energies I keep picking up from other people has made this extremely difficult, especially in these times.

    A few times before in the past, I’ve felt bouts of extreme, overwhelming sadness for reasons I could not pinpoint. When someone else is suffering, even if they do not tell me about it, I feel it vividly to the point where it is nearly unbearable. For example, when my sister was clearly upset about something, yet insisted she wasn’t, I felt a sensation I couldn’t exactly describe, but it was extremely painful, and quite literally unbearable. I screamed at her to tell me what was wrong, but she still refused, and the feeling wouldn’t subside until her sadness dissipated.

    In the past week, I have cried for my friend’s anxiety and pessimism on life, the next day experiencing an episode of extreme sadness I could not explain; my boyfriend was sick, I could sense him coming down with the illness but he denied it, and I got a funny feeling in my gut, then the next day he complained of his stomach hurting and the look of misery on his face was enough to make me worry so much (as if he was going to die, which I knew he wasn’t) and sent a painful, sickening feeling to my stomach. Every time I thought about him that day, my stomach (or my chest) would hurt. That night, I consulted the internet with this burning question: Why do I literally feel pain when other people are in pain? Why does it affect me so much? I found some articles about empaths, and discovered that nearly every trait listed described me perfectly. If I really was an empath, it would explain EVERYTHING.

    Thank you so much! I’m going to try some of the things in this article and see if it helps with my emotional imbalance. But I think that now I know what it is, I’m already going to start feeling a lot better (and maybe even start taking care of myself for a change!)

    Oh yes, and one other thing. I realize that a lot of this information is geared towards a slightly older audience. Seeing as how I’m only 15, I don’t know how much of this actually applies to me. Do you have any advice for younger/adolescent-aged empaths like me?

    Thanks again (and sorry for the super-long comment!) Xoxo~

    • Hello beautiful!! I believe all of these things apply to your soul, no matter how old your physical shell is. Being an empath is something we are born with, and we never outgrow it. Try envisioning two flows of energy between you and any other person you come into contact with. Allow your positive energy to flow into them from you, as a direct connection with the energy of the universe. Then imagine cutting the negative flow from them to you, and visualize bending the flow straight up to be sky, and tell the person, aloud or to yourself, “I do not allow this negative energy to enter my space. Send your hurt to the universe.” It is literally immediate that your peace and calm comes whooshing back. I think it is amazing you are finding your strength at such a young age. Try not to be overwhelmed or let the world convince you that you aren’t something that you feel so deeply. You have a huge network of support. ❤️

      • I’m only 15 as well and I just got the information that I was an empath and I’ve always known I’m empathetic but not this.. I’ve felt the pains of others and in crowds I get really uneasy like I’m being watched or I get super jittery like I’m angry or sad or hyper.. I just want to find out how I haven’t like been completely overwhelmed by peoples emotions yet.. I’m scared its only because I didn’t know who I was and now that I do its gonna get worse.. I have school starting up soon and I don’t want to deal with any pain or the emotions from others.. any ideas to help me?

  19. Thank you for this post. I have always called myself, empathetic, but not an empath. After reading your site, I can finally start to understand myself a bit more, and realize I’m not going crazy. Recently, there’s been so much loss, close to me personally and in my greater community. The pain of it all has been overwhelming me to the point of my becoming a total hermit, constantly on the edge of tears, and occasionally full blown ugly cry. I normally heal from loss much more quickly, but so much in this short time is taking a toll. I think the majority (over 22 or the 30) applied to me, so I’ll going to adopt several of the grounding suggestions and see if I can’t get some much needed peace back into my soul. It gave me great relief to read this. Thank you.

  20. What a wonderful and helpful article… and how kind you all are.. it gives me great hope. I have always known that I was an empath…and can channel some energy when I talk to people for a short timd.. I can “sum them up”..if you will.. Hence I found my calling working in the world of Human Resources with a passion for psychology combined with the heart of a native Califirnian..lol..but i dont really know how to handle stress and get overly emotional, worriesome, slightly saddened (i cant claim depression) and isolate myself at times.. I am hopeful…no..i know this article will help me…
    Ive made the biggest mistake.. I am a pices and I NEED to be near water… but I moved to texas for a “richer life”.. you guessed it i get to see the gulf..but its way different than California.. its mucky. I divorced my husband for abusing drugs and fell into a marriage with an aggressive narcissist.. and cant bear to “fail him”.. out of the frying pan into the fire i guess. I’ve been out of work for four years partly due to my lack of a college degree, even though I am a certified Human Resource Professional .. i cant actually put “empath” under my recruiting skills.. LOL.. In any case .. thanks for the vent, thanks for sharing, and thanks for this article.. i cant tell you how lost I’ve felt by not feeding my true self.. i feel like I am in a fog and slowly dying..

    I do have a question for all… has any other empath had a near death experience.. ? When I was two, i was frightened by a large dog and stopped breathing.. my lips turned blue..my mom blew air into me and saved me.. my mom is not an empath.. neither is my dad.. but I dont know him well.. he left for some 30 years of my life. Just curious if my “gift..or curse” has roots.

    Ps.. also, anyone have spiritual dreams?

    Much love and acceptance to all…

    • hello jennifer. i never had what you went through but i hope you will find a way and your current condition will get better, i also believe you are a hopeful person. i have strong relation with spiritual dreams. most of my dreams consist human in their afterlife take me to visit them and communicate via my empath ability to receive information. so yeah i guess empath don’t just receive information from human, and living things but also from entities, what do you think? and neither of my parents are empath but i knew my father’s family has spiritual ability history in it. i don’t have any idea that empath have roots. but now that you mention it, i’m kinda curious lol

      • ( sorry if this is a repost, I wasn’t logged in the first time )
        I’m a Pisces and empath and been in a relationship with a narcissist for the past 13.
        I truly feel that empaths and narcissists don’t
        have a peaceful relationship.
        Or there are very few out of the many.
        I need to get out of mine. They say that you forget or not even know what a healthy relationship is like.
        Yes I feel that when I find my soul mate
        our connection will be too good to be true 🙂
        There will be many instances where I will say:
        “You’re not blaming me?”
        “It’s been a year and you are still as affectionate with me as you were when we met. ”
        “You are letting me decide with no
        complaints?” …etc

        I’m also getting synchronicities with the
        word narcissist.
        This is the 3rd one in 3 days 🙂

    • I’m a Pisces and empath and been in a relationship with a narcissist for the past 13.
      I truly feel that empaths and narcissists don’t
      have a peaceful relationship.
      Or there are very few out of the many.
      I need to get out of mine. They say that you forget or not even know what a healthy relationship is like.
      Yes I feel that when I find my soul mate
      our connection will be too good to be true 🙂
      There will be many instances where I will say:
      “You’re not blaming me?”
      “It’s been a year and you are still as affectionate with me as you were when we met. ”
      “You are letting me decide with no
      complaints?” …etc

      I’m also getting synchronicities with the
      word narcissist.
      This is the 3rd one in 3 days 🙂

    • Hello, my name is Julie & while looking for grounding techniques for myself because I am also empathic I read your comment & thought I’d reply…yes, I also at 2 yrs old almost died when I fell into a pool & almost died I ended up with pneumonia & almost died but they got me to pull thru but I’ve been plagued with lung issues ever since. I don’t know what else you wanted to know, but you are welcome to contact me if you want to ask me any questions…maybe we can help each other out a little. I wish you well, sincerely, Julie

  21. Been an empath for decades- Years of ignoring it- I want it back- working it . you believe that I see you and you don’t believe me.. believe, see, too bad we can’t really change anything. Damn

  22. Thank you, for this information. A year and a half ago my life spun wildly out of control. The doctors say i experienced a mental break, much like when people have a bleed in the brain (but brought on by emotions). I was intensely sensitive to energies, vibrations, sounds, and the like, but i felt i could also see connections between all things. I would hear people not even in my party or who knew me, but in the same restaurant as me say things that seemed loudly and as if i was supposed to hear it. Most of the time it was a helpful hint i heard, but once it was incredibly aggressive and attacking and then the people came near to me while i was trying to pay for my family, butted in and made the hostess take their’s instead all while looking at me and not apologizing or anything. Things like this were happening for a while, it was very scary and i often feared for my life, thinking someone was out to get me (this was after i was released from the mental ward where i stayed for three weeks). It took me a year to recover to a point where i am “normal”, but part of me thinks of this “Empath” thing. No one really knows what happened to me and to be honest i did spin wildly out of control (though i did seem to have an almost endless stream of Deja Vu). I just want to know what happened, to prevent it from happening again, but also to know if i am some kind of empath or if there is something wrong with me (along with depression and anxiety) or if i can somehow help others or even put my own self to rest. Any help you guys could give me would be so nice and i would so appreciate it. Thank you

    • hi hello jasmine. i thought i had similar experience to you. i had people’s mind attacking me though not as intense as yours. i think so that you are an empath, but then i’m in no place to diagnose. this site provide things about grounding to help “blocking”, but in my experience only few applied to me. or at in my case, i tried to be more ignorant in public, just to reduce my sensitivity, and save my self from my anxiety and depression, and only “opening” my senses to certain group of people that are dear to me. the blocking i do is like… i try to think less and process less about anything that are there (in public), i don’t really observe. in public place when my block is collapsing, i don’t look at people’s face and eyes to prevent unnecessary “information”. but in good days when things are good, you could enjoy being in public 🙂 i hope you could get your protection and felt better

  23. I’ve known and have been told by others for years that I am an Empath. But I have brushed that off for as many years as nonsense and mystical hooey. I stumbled across this article while looking for reasons for my particular “issues” concerning my emotions. I’m going through some very challenging times right now caring for my mother and my son, both of which have tremendous challenges of their own. I do this with very little assistance and yet find it extremely difficult to ask for help for fear of being a burden to others. Though I do not live on the water, I am always in desperate need to be near a large body of water and even prefer the ocean to all else. I’m constantly tired, always worn out, yet I could never imagine not taking the full duties of my responsibilities to as close to perfectly executed as possible.

    This article was pointedly accurate in describing me, so much so that I was unable to complete reading it except in pieces because it held the mirror very sharply to my face and overwhelmed me emotionally.

    I am a person with a scientific mind, so climbing aboard the holistic bandwagon is difficult for me to sustain for a long period of time. And yet, I cannot deny that nature is, to me, the all encompassing energy of the Universe. My mind and heart are almost always at odds, yet I admit that I “feel” so much more than I think and more often than not it’s my feelings that prove correct.

    Though I still don’t know that being labeled an Empath has any benefit for me, or if chakras and healing crystals are anything more than concepts and wishful thinking, it’s nice to know that I’m not alone or foolish for realizing that what I’ve been experiencing since my earliest remembered childhood is not without merit or without validity.

    Thank You for this article.

    • Laura, If your scientific side has a hard time coming to grips with your feelings as an empath, I can truly relate to your situation. I dismissed and repressed my empathic side for years in the name of science and reason, only to find that my empathic nature would manifest itself regardless…in decisions and choices I made, in health issues. I finally came to the conclusion that it all was related, the science and the new-age ‘hooey’, that is; based on current cutting edge work in physics, particularly string theory. The idea that seemingly solid objects could have more space between individual atoms, than the atoms themselves, was the key for me. It was easy for me at that point, to reason that my physical body was constantly being bombarded by all manner of matter, day in and day out. Whose to say that other’s thoughts and emotions don’t set up waves of some type of matter that travel through us and around us constantly. The idea of using crystals or other objects to shield yourself is really symbolic, in my opinion, for your own intention and will, to counteract negative energies coming your way. Some energies are very positive, such as love, and the love you have for your family and their love for you, will sustain you and give you the strength to carry on. Let the positive energies wash over you, and will your body to absorb that good energy deep into your soul. Yet use your will and intention to shield yourself from the negative. Good luck and all blessings to you on your spiritual journey, and thank you for sharing your experiences with the rest of us empaths. We get strength just from knowing we’re not alone. Mark

  24. Chloe Rae,
    I too, am blessed/burdened with the journey of the empath. Like you, I’ve only recently discovered that it had a name and that there were other people in the world who were experiencing the same thing. Also, I am a musician – and I frequently became overcome with emotion when playing for others, especially during certain circumstances. Unfortunately I don’t have any magic answers, I wish I did. But I can tell you that for me, just knowing what was going on was a huge relief for me, because then I knew I could search for answers and I wasn’t alone in my search. Everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. But I can tell you that what has helped me, is a simple pendant made from turquoise that was a gift from my grandmother. I wear it on a chain and whenever I feel overwhelmed or ‘overloaded’, I touch the stone and remember her courage and things she taught me when I was a boy. i use it as an imaginary ‘shield’ to help me remember that I am in control of my own thoughts and emotions. If you care to try this, remember that your choice of object ( it could be a cross, or a crystal, or whatever has meaning for you) is not nearly as important as your own will and intention that this object will represent for you. Take heart, and know that others are struggling with the same thing you are. All blessings to you, and good luck with your journey.

  25. Well I’m sorta of new at finding out what I am. My mother has been keep this a secret from me, I only found out because my friends mother is also an empath and she relized it some how. My mother is a empth for sure. I have a very creative outlet, I’ve always had been emotionally connected with music sense I was a child. But now (sense I’ve found out) when I play in front of people I get chocked up. Also if I spend so much time with one person if they get hurt I feel there pain, almost more then they can. I try taking ibuprofen to stop it but I won’t go away. One more thing, I’ve always kind of knew how people where feeling but now that I found out, I can’t anymore it’s all just physical no emotional. I’d sure like someone’s help to answer my few questions it’d mean the world to me. Thank you 🙂

    • Dear Chloe-

      You are going to be ok. Sometimes you do have to slow down and not let it all in at once. You should protect yourself when you feel threatened. I would suggest that you try yoga or breathing exercises or even as my daughter says- crank it up and shake youre booty! I think it can be very easy to be weighed down by this. To a certain extent you can control this, but you need to practice that like anything else you want to be proficient in. The only thing you can control in the Universe is yourself. So allow yourself to understand what and who you are. There is strength and power in that. A good friend is also incredible to have when you feel lost or too full of emotion to go it alone. Do good things for yourself and realize it’s ok to feel. Modern society makes people feel bad that they cry or are sad when something happens. Who would want to be so closed off? God gave us emotions to make our lives richer and they are when we feel deply as you do.Find a positive way to express yourself via painting or rock climbing whatever you need to feel better. Sometimes I feel like I am a volcanoe from everyone elses energy and I cannot allow that to happen and I send it away from myself by running or cycling or writing. Energy can be changed and you can do that when you learn more about this gift you have. I cannot express to you how much I understand what you speak of and you will figure this out with practice and the allowance and accpetance of yourself. This knowlege you seek will come in time and you will will find your balance.

  26. All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! but what the hell am I going to do without bread?? I don’t eat meat, I am vegetarian about 12 years now. But bread has been part of my diet in every sense of the word haha, suppose I’m just going to have to eliminate it no matter what. I know I feel brutal after eating it, and I go through spurts of eating really badly, and I mean really really badly. I have started to drink Complan to just start me off on being strong and healthy. The rest please god will follow 🙂

    • I was thinking the same thing!! I loved bread then switched to only eating wraps which now i see are wheat, maybe even more of it. I am still trying to figure out how to eliminate meat, especially since Im raising 2 kids of growing age. I am so happy I was able to read this tonight. Thank you!!!!

    • Im the same, I have been veggie for 28yrs n am verging on vegan again, n am really wanting to eliminate wheat. It really is in sooooo many foods though. Good luck with urs! I have complan some days as my appetite has been very reduced the last few months. It all ties in though with the fibro flare im in, n another stage of spiritual awakening. Love n light to all xx

  27. Wow! I wish I had known all of this years ago about myself, but ‘better late than never’, huh? Anyway, here’s a question I have for my fellow empaths: I sometimes provide music for healing ceremonies and gatherings, by playing my guitar and sometimes singing. Often I become overwhelmed by the severity of the illness or affliction others are experiencing, and I get all choked up and cannot continue playing and especially singing. Has anyone else experienced this and what can be done to counteract these feelings (at least temporarily), so I can continue the musical offerings that so clearly help those folks in need? Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences with everyone. It helps to make the empathic ‘gift’ more bearable, for lack of a better word.

    • Hi, i love that you are sharing healing with people through music. I participated in a drum circle at my kids school for the first time a few months ago and I felt like something opened up in me and its just waiting on me to guide it. I also am the type to get all choked up when there is just so much emotion and just natural human thoughts and unspoken issues around me. After enduring my narcissistic ex for almost 10years off and on (thought i could heal him) i unfortunately have blocked the tears and now it is so hard for me to cry. I don’t know what to do about it.

  28. just found i’m an empath.mind blowing.really.
    anw about crystals, aside crystal is it possible for metal? i’ve always been drawn to chrome (or shiny/clear/reflective metal. not mirror) and i have one bracelet (and i’m physically attached to it) unreasonably it makes me feel secure, shielded and safer when i wear that bracelet.
    is it possible that metal gave me the same effect as stones??
    like reflective metal replaces the stone role for me?
    i would be really glad if i can know the answer/opinion. anyone please?? thank you so much! 🙂

    • Hi Mima, just read your comment and thought maybe this article would interest you 🙂


      I’ve always liked crystals and whilst technically not a crystal hematite still has beneficial properties and I have bought pieces of it before to add to my collection when needed. It could be looked as a cross between the crystals and your metal attraction perhaps.

      There are other minerals that have a metallic lustre

      Metallic (or splendent) minerals have the lustre of polished metal, and with ideal surfaces will work as a reflective surface. Examples include galena, pyrite and magnetite.

  29. just found i’m an empath.mind blowing.really.
    anw about crystals, aside crystal is it possible for metal? i’ve always been drawn to chrome (or shiny/clear/reflective metal. not mirror ) and i have one bracelet (and i’m physically attached to it) it makes me feel secure, shielded and safer when i wear that bracelet.
    is it possible that metal gave me the same effect as stones? like reflective metal replaces the stone role for me.
    i would be really glad if i can know the answer/opinion. thank you so much 🙂

    • Hi Mima! I have been following JPT’s blog for almost a year now and haven’t responded too much and when I saw your comment I was taken aback a bit. Lost in thought. It wasn’t until well after finding out that I was an Empath that I began an interest in crystals…less than a year ago now.
      It had been since Feb 2010 that I had a guest in my body. Titanium. Two surgeries, the last as a plate with eight screws in the left humerus. It was kind of funny. After my 2013 Shift, eventual moving to San Antonio that I crossed paths with a Feng Shui Master. HIGHLY intuitive and told me that I needed to avoid metal. I am a water/wood person (based on birth year etc). I told her I had no choice. The titanium is here to stay in my body. I cannot escape it anymore than I could myself. So she said, I make Peace? Absolutely. Metal is my friend. I Am Titanium. I have a meditation where I embody it. I eventually bought a Seiko titanium watch. To know what it feels like. I have some radical thoughts on metal. Like the times in my life where I should have been horribly scarred, disfigured. Times that I look back on in This Moment, the only moment that exists…Protection.
      There is not a moment that goes by in this Now that I do not think about Being Titanium.
      There is not a day that goes by where I forget an 18mo old baby toddler was walking in the kitchen, saw a handle, and pulled the boiling water down on him. I had this horrible scar on my left arm my whole life. The burn. Over time the scar started to fade and by the late 30s it was almost gone, until the next arm…titanium
      This Moment is pretty cool, pretty confusing, and it is the only one we will ever know. Did I save myself, the little baby that was horribly burned as he poured scalding water on his face and down his arm and the doctors (the best in Warren, OH in 1970) were able to save his face and not the horrible scar on his arm…………..? Maybe. Who knows with these things.
      Look within. The Answer is there. Whatever answer it is in this Moment.

      • dear bengi111 i really appreciate your reply, thank you 🙂 i found it funny too since you should avoid metal (based on feng shui) but you found protection in titanium. i hope if one day i find the same on my fengshui reading, at least i know i’m not the only one 🙂 i think you’re right the answer is in the moment. i just don’t want to be driven by my mind suggestion about metal but they are here for good in the case, right now.
        i’m sorry to hear that your surgery left some scars but at least i’m glad the doctor could heal the scars on the face that time.hmm but well, to me scars make men look more manly, so it looks okay in my opinion. sorry i just have a weird liking for scars.. hope that doesn’t offend you. again thank you for your reply

      • Hey Mima! Now worries. I had a former boss that suggested I tell people I was bit by a shark…which it does look eerily similar to haha. It’s interesting though. I remember thinking a few years ago how my burn scar was fading away over all these years. It’s like the Universe found A Way to scar me again. To Remember. Remember something that I almost forgot. Who I Am. Alright, take care!

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  31. It has been a CRAZY weekend, and I virtually never have a response to any response I have made. I thank you for this, my friend. Change. It is Essential. Grow, react (good/bad)…Just GROW. You are your own Garden.You know what the most difficult part of being an Empath for me is? Nothing. Surrender. This weekend has been the most uplifting (in the moment as I type) moment. Now. This Moment. I Feel my lungs fill my body with what It needs. There is Something Else I think I may defer it to another locale in your Spectrum, JPT. A Feeling

  32. This article has brought me to tears. The comments brought me to the floor – Recently I’ve been feeling so alone and confused. I know what I am but at times I lose control of the bigger picture.

    For as long as I can remember people and animals have been drawn to me, even if I gave them no attention at all. It was only recently I truly accepted my gift because I have been blocking it for the last few years (something many others with gifts have seen, I have been told that I have no reading but in fact I knew exactly what I was doing subconsciously).

    I recently fell in love with my best friend after years of friendship and my wall was broken down. The issue is he was experiencing a heart break of his own even after 9 months of being single, the feeling have been too much for me to bare. I have tried to assist but I keep carrying this poison and my empath ability is growing at a rate I cannot control. I keep having outbursts of extreme psychometry when ever I let my mind wander. It’s not like I am feeling it… It’s like I have lived it. I recently touched a photo frame in passing at a mutual friends house and in the time of around 60 seconds I felt 7-8 years of their relationship breaking down (including the good and bad memories). I am 25 years old and I don’t know what I can do. I’m trying to create a shield but I want to be able to accept and understand these emotions without it taking over me.

  33. I have a question regarding medication. If you read the about section of my blog (there may be a link to my first blog which goes into more depth) but I had a cerebral artery aneurysm rupture in 2012 and have had another un-ruptured one preventatively coiled. (which may have to be recoiled sometime soon), but all that to say, that it SEEMS that I have empath attributes ever since there has been damage to the hippocampus of my brain. I am on anti-seizure medicine and medicine for major depression. And they are working!!! So although I would love to be medicine free, I fear it, because when there were times I couldn’t get my meds and I had a seizure and also tried to harm myself…so I dunno, I meditate, I write, and right now (the reason I looked this up is that I have this horrible pain in my hip, I KNOW I didn’t hurt my hip, do I am pretty sure, I am feeling my “soulmate’s” pain. I have felt his pain before. The only time he felt mine was when I had the rupture, he recalled having a horrible headache. I rambled, my apologies. But I guess my question is can do I have to be COMPLETELY medication free??? Can you give me advice? I dunno. Anything you can write, say, do, will be a huge help.


    • Hi Star,

      Empaths definately take on the pain of others both physical and emotional. Physical pain from others does not tend to last very long, perhaps a day or two, and comes and goes of its own accord.

      I am not medically trained and would never give advice on taking medication. The only advice I could offer is, if you haven’t already, do as much research as you can on your condition from a holistic point of view, remove any foods that have a drug like affect, like wheat and gluten, from your diet, find an exercise that you love and can do, and do it daily, and continue to still your mind with meditation.

      As Empaths, we have to work hard to stay in balance and that involves balancing the mind, body and spirit. Unfortunately, what works for one does not always work for another. We have to put a lot of effort into finding our own personal remedies.

      Hope this helps and good luck to you.

  34. I don’t want this. Never have. It’s not as bad as it was when I was a kid, but it’s not a whole lot better either. In truth, it’s often made my life a living hell. My plate gets full and the cracks appear in my wall. Crack soon becomes a breach, and the breach widens until it tears the wall down. Lol, then I’m a hot mess until I could build em up again.
    I have, for the most part, come to terms with large crowds. But when the walls fall, I’m like an exposed nerve–I feel everything. And it’s hell. Because of my job, I have to work around a lot of people It’s like…drowning in a whirlwind.
    I’ll try the labradorite, if I can find it. And the sea water.
    Hope it works.

    • I have recently came to terms with the fact that i am an e mm path. Not sure how I feel about it. I had a teacher years ago tell me he thought i may be one. And i decided to look into it more when i had to quit my job because of the overwhelming feeling that i was drowning in negativity sometimes. I worked with the public. I did it for 4 years. It finally got me so down i was physically sick. I think i will look at this as a gift. And try to make the best of it. Going to buy a yoga mat now.

    • wow..this is really amazing to find this blog. I’m not sure how I even found it. It just came up. for the past few months ive tried meditation< the chakra thing, smudging, ect. I wont go into how I feel because I feel the same way all of you do. All I can say is that it is so overwhelming!! I have chronic insomnia and the stress at work, with all the people, is unbearable. Ive tried antidepressants for years. The doc would constantly change the dose then the med. Nothing worked, so he determined that my body resists these meds. I really don't know what to do anymore cause even the meditation doesn't help me sleep anymore. Just know that you all are definatley Not alone. And if anybody finds anything to help cope and stay sane through all of this please email me at freebird2k0@gmail.com. Even if you want to just talk, cause believe me, ive been there. God Bless

  35. As an Empath myself, I very much appreciate this post. A reminder is always a good thing, & you keep reminding me about the important things I need to remember to keep myself healthy.

  36. This evening, I found your article after looking for information on empaths. I had read an article about empaths on Facebook and had to find out more details. I want to tell you that your blog has helped me immensely to figure out what I am feeling and have been experiencing. It’s helped me to understand why I have turned into a hermit and have a difficult time being around people. I am always complaining to my husband how some people just suck the energy out of me and I don;t know why. The same holds for television. I can’t watch the news or look at pictures of abused animals on Facebook or other forms of media, that for sure will throw me into a spin. Well, now I know why I feel as I do. This all explains why I eat, and drink too much. Moreover, now I know why I procrastinate with some tasks. I get things done, but have a heck of a time focusing.

    I appreciate you listing a series of suggestions on how to clear negative energy. I like doing a lot of these activities and enjoy some of the remedies that you suggest. Now, I know that I will have to do a combination or all of these in order to feel better. Thank you so much for setting me straight. Your blog is a blessing.

  37. can i stop being an empath then? i honestly am sick of picking up others peoples feelings. you mentioned self-healing so how i do heal this empath “gift”?

  38. I cried when I read this because I thought someone had jumped in my head and read my mind. … Only two things out of the entire list didn’t describe me to a T. Then, I read the comments and cried again because everyone was so excited and in awe and feeling like me. Now, my friend is mad at me because I got distracted and forgot to reply to his text. That’s not unusual but I always feel like I need to apologize a thousand times. I definitely need to learn more about this. .. Thank you for writing this and opening my eyes!

  39. I always knew there was something different about me and always thought I was not like other people. I have been struggling my whole life not really not knowing why I could see the things I could and at times just thought I must of been crazy! I only recently crossed paths with a healer (acupuncturist) and she knew who I was straight away and the abilities I held, when I spoke to her about things she would get goose bumps all over her body. I went to her because my body was breaking down – I don’t know if this is true but she told me the reason why I kept getting electric shocks was because I chose to turn off my abilities and this was causing a disruption in my body. I explained to her that I did this because the pain and confusion got to much for me and I just wanted it to stop. She said that it was a gift and that I have to speak my truth or it would only get worse. After the first few treatments, I felt great like I had been renewed but as I suspected a few weeks later and I am feeling broken again. I am not to sure why I have so much trouble and I hate that my mind doesn’t stop ( so it was interesting reading about how empaths can have addictions to help compensate for it) I have to admit I have an addiction that slows down my mind. I think at times I am scared, because I think my ability is very powerful and it consumes me. I think what has happened is that once I knew I wasn’t crazy I started embracing it and now I have a sensory overload. ( I tried meditation one day and when I touched inbetween my eyes on my forehead I had this very clear vision of me looking through an eye but from behind the iris – I even remember going is this really happening it felt so real, I then freaked out and took my hand away which stopped the vision.) At times I just feel lost. Knowing there are other people going through this helps me to know I am not alone. I am happy to have come across this site and reading other peoples stories has given me some peace and guidance. Thanks for listening – sending you all love – If anyone has any advice please feel free to share with me

    • Hey Till! Benjamin here. Usually keep quiet here as it is JPT’s blog site but the Voice in my head said go ahead and respond, soooooo here it is. I’ll try to be brief. I do not write much but when I do it can be a little long winded and off on a tangent ( <— Just like that haha). First off, Happy New Year! It had taken me 43 1/2 years to finally discover my true nature (going on 44 in a few days, Yay!) and it started a year ago (literally). The Shift I call it. A "change" in thought. The Voice in my head. Long story BUT it wasn't till this past August I found out. Empath. What did I do to get to where I am now in this past year that has brought me to a blissful serenity in my Soul? Intuition. Just "listening" to that Voice that was always there whispering but my ego mind telling him to sit back in the corner with the lights out. The intuition led me to work on three very important things………who we are actually. Mind/Body/Spirit. Daily positive affirmations for my mind (Started with the works by Christian D. Larson and went on from there). Intuitive eating for the Body (which ALSO is a DIRECT correlation to the mind and how we think! We get all gunked up with crappy processed foods in the ole cerebellum). Synchronicity led me to discover……Super Foods. Spirulina, chlorella, chia seeds to name a few. Stopped eating meat and chicken. Not a true vegetarian I don't think. Love salmon. Back to what I love. Running. Plus a monthly massage. The Voice (my Body Voice) was like, ok I am keeping you in shape, what are you doing for me? Gotta spoil the body (for me at least) All those things: Super foods, semi-veggie, working out (everyday except Sunday), massage…..All for the Body. The Spirit. Daily meditation and prayer (15-20min ish). Religion has taken a new meaning for me. It's…….different. Can't explain how without an enormous book but it's something I came to call the Deep Faith. Not just a belief in God. A knowing that I am a part of God. We all are One. Something to that effect. So with all of this what have I created in myself? This what I called an experiment to be the Best Me I can be? I have created Harmony. This body we dwell in is so much more, and to keep ourselves in tune with who we are………..it needs balance. Mind+Body+Spirit, Balanced Together=Harmony. I can tell you already that it is going to be a Great New Year! Love and Light to you, Till, and to All!

      • Hey Benjamin:) my name is James…I appreciated your post…how did you discover you were an empath? I’ve been hoping to hear some experiences from other guys, but it turns out we “sensitives” are not so common…I am 39 years old, and have been a functioning empath, healer and intuitive guide since the age if 23…there are many things I could share, but I thought it would be nice to say hi and connect…no pressure if you are very busy…,have a great night….James

      • Hey James! I guess “busy” is relative. I feel like I could write…a lot. I’ve been holding back. Waiting. Who knows why. How I came to find out I was an Empath…Yes well, interesting stuff of sorts. A psychic/medium. Long story how I ended up at her door but bottom-line was that I did end up there June of last year. I had this one thing that I kept a secret from everyone for just over two months. No one knew and no one would be able to tell what was wrong with me. I had this strange knee injury that I ended up with during my first marathon in six years. It really kind of blew me away in its “where the hell did this come from”ness. So after the marathon, I couldn’t run more than three miles without this thing flaring up. So I didn’t run any more than 2.5mi. I was fine. Walked normal, no limp. Didn’t say anything to anyone because I turned into “Mr. Positive Thinking” guy months before that. But in comes Jane. We are about halfway through this tarot reading (which she was spot on with) when all of the sudden she looks up at me and says, What’s wrong with your knee? I was like, Jane…You’re good and laughed. She told me that it wasn’t mine, let it go. I was like, Huh? She said to LET IT GO, and I was like, OK. The next weekend as you can imagine, I ran more than three miles and the pain was gone. Like that *snap*. This Empath thing was still really not sinking in with me though and she kind of hinted around it but my mind was focused on other things she said. It wasn’t until a couple months later that “IT” happened. That would take way too long to cover, but the Cliff’s Notes version would be, a woman I met on a flight coming back from Vegas. We hit it off, great connection, and she was sharing very private things with me about her life and then she mentioned something about her twin sister dying when she was 18, 20yrs ago (at the time). Something “turned on”, like a light switch, and the really weird part is this thing that I came to call like a “warble effect”. It was like I was staring into her eyes and then this wave of energy (?), this ripple like a pebble thrown in a pond but around her face. So strange and I didn’t bat an eyelash and pretended all was well as she was talking (but thinking this is really freaking weird). After the flight, connecting flights, we couldn’t stop hanging out with each other and……….here’s where I would go on and on but the end result was the next day I was in a…”State”. So intensely Happy/Sad, so confusing, like I was trapped in this perpetual state and I couldn’t snap out of it. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. The Voice in my head told me It’s OK, you’re OK, you’ll be better tomorrow. And with that I had Faith that the Voice was right, and it was. Much better, but with lingering effects of What the Heck Happened!?!?! I knew I needed to see Jane and did a couple weeks later. That’s when she laid it on me like matter of fact…You’re an Empath. She said I was fully open now. She said I couldn’t trust her (the woman I met) and I needed to let her go. I’m like trust? Like How? Like she isn’t who she appears to be. She has mental issues. Then everything fell into place…My entire life. What was “wrong” with me. Every time my ex-wife and I would go to some party or an event or an anything and she would always be like, What’s wrong with you!?!?! I can hear her saying it now in my mind. She would get so mad at me for acting like a weirdo by either clamming up, or saying something off the wall, or take your pick…I was trying to adjust to all the people. As a child.. Anyway…another book there as I am sure you have as well. I left Jane’s that night and went home, googled Empath and found………This Sacred Place. Oh and I had contact with the woman from the flight. Email, then texting, then phone calls, then….nothing. I let it go. I told her about Jane, and told her what Jane said, and the first thing out of her mouth was…That bitch! I laughed. It was funny in the moment the way she said it. The long and short though was that she was (is?) on medication for manic depression; which was me that one fateful day last August… manic depressive AT THE SAME TIME. So bizarre. Now I use my skills to my advantage and think of it as a Gift, not a curse. It IS a gift. And we use it for the Betterment of everyone we come in contact with. Okie doke. I guess that was maybe a little more than what I was going to say, but who knows with these things once they start flowing. This is a safe place for Empaths to meet and greet. I extend my Greetings to you James, and to All!

      • I want to say thank you. I’m 29 male who hasn’t figured out how to channel anything. Literally I found out what I was and it has been eating at me since my accident when I was 20. I’ve been different since then. Its weird yes, but I’m trying to deal with this myself and its been a struggle and a half. It sucks but I’m just glad I’m not the only one.

  40. what do you do if you’ve tried all of these things and it doesnt help? im extremely sensitive and i am ok if i dont see or talk to anyone, but if i go around people. its all a downhill spiral. im attempting to build a shield but so far its been unsuccessful. peace.

    • Hi Jericho,

      Thanks for sharing. This is an important point that many others will also be contemplating.

      If you are a highly Sensitive (Empath) and a high reactive person (introvert) you will get still ‘peopled’ when in busy places. Going to a party, for example, can knock you out of your groove for days. There is every likelihood that you have tried every trick in the book, been to the ‘self-help’ seminars and although certain techniques, like the ones above, may last for a while, they soon get overridden.

      The best thing you can do for yourself is to keep your body and mind as strong and healthy as you can. Avoid all stimulants, not just drugs and alcohol but foods and drinks that have a drug-like effect such as: coffee, wheat and unrefined sugar. Ensure you get a nutrient rich diet. And doing a combination of vigorous exercise and a slow meditative yoga practise will strengthen the body and still the mind. Doing these won’t stop you getting ‘peopled’ but they will lessen the impact and stop you from getting ‘energy-overload-illnesses’.

      If you haven’t already check out An Empath’s Guide to Living in The World:

      Hope this helps.

      • Hello friend. I’ve actually become a vegatarian and thats awesome because meat and dairy was for sure holding down my frequency. Also, when out in public I have changed my focus. No longer am I focusing on the energy I may feel but rather I focus on the energy I’m putting out.

        I bought some bogi stones which are really helping in many areas. they have grounded me and they also build a shield. i’m doing meditation and visualization as well now. another tool i’m using is the law of attraction and i use the affirmation “i am always shielded from all negative energy.” what we think we become and we always believe what we tell ourselves. i thank you for your insight and i will build a shield which cannot be penetrated.

        in the future, i will be speaking in front of millions so i have no choice but to build the best shield possible. peace to you my friend.

    • Hi Jericho,
      If you need additional shielding when you are out amongst ppl, try labradorite. It’s a shileding stone that strengthens your aura, and keeps ppl from sucking your energy.

    • I don’t know a lot… but I’m very sensitive as well and I’ve been reading a little about it. My fantasy has always been, even long before I discovered what we are, a sanctuary far away from the noise, the hurt, the disappointment, and the pain. The dream has developed over time into my exact idea of what that sanctuary is. For myself; it’s my design of house that rests on a mountain side, away from everything and everyone, only trees, water, the wildlife, and the sky can be seen. All the beauty that the earth has to offer outside my windows. They say we seek nature to calm and find ourselves again, to escape the constant weight of everyone else’s baggage. I find that to be very true for myself. I focus on that dream so I can find the path to make it reality. I can’t handle this weight all the time, I want to run away from my reality sometimes so I can finally be free from the misery that bombards me constantly. But I want to doit

    • I know this is an older post, but for others reading your question and have the same question, here are some things I do that help:

      First of all, since everything is energy, so are we. We have our auras, meridians, chakras, etc., and it is very essential to work with your energy if you are at all ill, sensitive, or “unbalanced.”

      Here are some simple exercises that should help:

      – Do Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine 1 or 2 times per day (see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gffKhttrRw4)
      – Trace the governing meridian as many times per day as you wish (demonstrated in the video.) The governing meridian protects you when it is flowing properly, and properly zipped up. As you are “zipping up”, repeat any affirmation that you’d like to seal in, such as “I am always protected”, “I am safe”, “I love me”, or whatever you’d like.
      – Any time you are in the presence of negativity, choose to feel compassion for whatever is the cause of the negativity RATHER than fear for yourself. Allow the negativity to pass through you, and leave your body at the bottom of your spine. Imagine a spigot there, and as the negativity passes through you, it is released from the spigot and flows into the ground. Imagine Mother Earth loving that as fertilizer, and sucking it up and away from you happily. I know this may sound strange, but it really helps.

      If there was one single book I would recommend to anyone, it is Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book. So amazing, and so interesting!

      Good day!

  41. ‘the healing power of crystal’ – this is what crystals (as in human) do. They heal. Without knowing, without intention. They just do. I can see this through my son. It is amazing. He doesn’t have to do a thing. He isn’t even aware of it. Now being a teenager he starts getting an idea cause everybody turns to him for solving problems… but still he doesn´t really know why. It’s just cool for now!

  42. May i say not sure how but somehow i came to read this article and welll..just when i needed it the most..i am not totally crazzie..lol always had this somhow learned to deal with it, humm no i havnt been dealing with it like now i am starting. I have never heard of Empath was torn between so many things, you NAILED IT..thankyou

  43. im at the very beginning of discovering my empathic needs and it feels like a relief to find that there are others out there and im not actually alone, this page helped so much and i will give some grounding techniques a try..

  44. Thank you so much for this!
    I work in a professional kitchen- a very high stress environment where everyone nearly everyday is ready to flip their lid. And this has obviously been a problem for me and now I know how to make it better. My mom has been having the same problems as me, so this has been very helpful and I can’t wait to share this with her. You have no idea how much this will help me.

  45. This is amazing I can’t really say thank you enough, even reading over the comments, I just feel like… I’m not alone I guess haha.. I hate to be selfish in feeling that way but sometimes I just get stuck in all my sponged up feelings from others… It’s insane. Tension makes me feel ill and sadness makes me want to fix the wrongs causing it. Then I start to question why it doesn’t happen back, why don’t others feel what I feel? Why don’t they respond then I just go into a guilty dark place where I might just explode.. which I’d hate to do…sorry for the rambles.. thank you!!! xxx

  46. I have been looking for grounding techniques that could help me to stabilize my energies and the energies that I happen to absorb from others as I go about my business. This has given me some really good, doable techniques. Thank you.

  47. Thank you so much for the time and thought you put into this, as well as to the “30 Traits of an Empath” (of which the first 28 remind me of myself. Help!) which led me here to this post. I can see that this compendium of energy clearing techniques is going to be an invaluable resource for me.

  48. Thank you for his little article. I really appreciate it! I’m a really … I don’t know what to call it… and Empath that really feels every thing, every earth quake, loss, mental illness, lots n lots of … really devastating stuff but your article is a wonderful reminder on staying positive and taking the time to stay healthy and grounded. Staying toned to the earth helps me try to tune out all the people. Thank you again 🙂

    • Hi Lollypop,

      If you check out the comments on these pages there are links to a couple of different Empath support groups, where you can chat to others in the same boat. Which will hopefully help you not feel so alone and isolated.

      Thanks for sharing

      • Today is the beginning of a new way of thinking, reacting, breathing and bathing.. lol. Like all of you, I knew I was different and am going through the shift. So hard to explain to my husband that I’ve found this website or blog and that thing’s will change for us. Facing some pretty rough waves the past six year’s I’ve alway’s known we were going through health issue’s and money problems for a reason, nothing else made sense. I to am an Empath.. Thank you Thank you!!

      • I feel compelled to once again mention that social networking with other empaths should be done with caution. While we want to be part of a group (a strong internal drive to “fit in”, as it is sometimes interpreted), it seems to me that socializing with others who have “attachments” – and probably commiserating – is risky. I think we need to fight the urge to pity ourselves too. Look, I am really shaken up by this too, but I think filtering in a helper at a time feels safer to me. So far I have told my husband, a friend and my oldest son. I only learned about this – as an “answer” – a few days ago, so I’m no expert. This is a GUT FEELING: that I need to use caution socializing with other sponges. 🙂 Maybe some of you should be cautious too…

  49. A true inspiration! I turn 39 next month, life has always been excruciating. I have searched for all of my life to find an answer for my ‘strange’ behaviour and feelings. My family history is that of mental and emotional turmoil. After a lifetime of seeking and researching any way to answer my questions, I finally came upon this page. Wow. Thank you so much. I suffer from clinical depression due to a lifetime of inability to meet expectations. How elevating to come across such valuable information. Now I know that I am an empath it seems possible to explain to myself the reasons for the years of my distress. Again, thank you.

  50. I do add sea salt to my wash cycle, to wash off the residual energy from my day. I do feel that it somehow helps. I have been also strangely drawn to indoor plants lately and am filling my house with them. Thank you for your great articles you have put names to the feelings I have been having all my life.

  51. Hooray now I know my deep wish to be at home with those beings understanding me and without judgement of who I am…as you said Cherrylipgloss we all have a kind soul…each one of us on this Earth…but I believe we, the empaths, were made that way to create balance, inspire and empower others who forgot about their own kindness…
    And I agree completely that we want to meet and share but if we see the big picture, this is exactly what we are doing right now…we all know that we are connected by the souls, and that the soul is spaceless, timeless and limitless…and above all we are free spirited, meaning our spirit is travelling most of the time…that why finally we empaths are writing and communicating with each other through this site…
    Anyway this is very uplifting, empowering for me to connect with you all…
    And yes you can use as much as you want this mantra because it comes from the Source itself…and it is free to use…LOVE is FREE, just like us all…
    I am happy this will help you to fulfill your mission on Earth…spreading as much love, joy and peace by just BEING it…
    Pure Love Energies to you my sister and to all of you

  52. @ Cherrylipsgloss, thank you so much for your encouragement and support…I can feel it!!!
    Agree completely about greediness and materialism, sometimes it creates confusion in the mind, cause most of the time we know that the way the world functions is not true, but that we also ‘have’ to do it (which empaths hate to do)…particularly for having financial support. I am still working on a balanced lifestyle that will fit to who I am.
    Of course I respond to all the traits and when one of those traits take over, it is overwhelming…
    I know also soon it will change and yes we have to be patience, love, joy and peace…actually that why we are here, to share all those with people…I am doing it with sending Pure Love Energies by thought all day long…
    My mantra : May each beat of my heart be a Love beat to the world…I love it…and each time I do it, there’s a tremendous sense of purpose and joy filling me…
    Blessings blessings to you all
    Pure Love Energies

  53. Thank you for these tips. Actually my daughter and I seem to have intuitively discovered most of them. But reading them has helped confirm that we are empaths. My daughter soaks in the tub 2-3times a day, so I will be buying some sea salt for her. I am constantly nagging her to drink more, because that helps me incredibly.

  54. Thank you so much to respond to my sharing…
    Indeed I believe those techniques is very important for us to calm our emotions and heart…
    I have lately been attracted by crystals and believe that will be my next step towards deepening my grounding…
    I think also that we are here to heal people who need to and they come to us naturally…I mean so far after analyzing my connections with people, most of them came to me to heal them (conversations, sharing, advice…)
    Anyway even though sometimes being that way is very overwhelming, I love who I am…
    And I want also to thank you to giving ‘us’ a space to share and express…
    Looking froward to share more with you all…
    Pure Love Energies

  55. Hi everybody, this article is just great to be reminded again of who I am. Discovered some years ago about being an empath (even though I knew this since I was small, but not being able to put a name on) and at the same time an Indigo.
    Now my perpetual question is still; What is my role as Empath/Indigo?
    As I am having loads of difficulty in keeping on track with today’s world and it’s functioning.
    I am just know that I want to go back ‘home’. None of the human activities are interesting for me and I have no real attachment with earthly achievement as most people are running after.
    Daydreaming more and more about a place where beings will communicate with the thought only, beings will be able to go where they need to go to evolve without the limitations that the human conditioning has…we move freely…
    Anyway here it is a little, I hope that I may have some insights of how to cope being with being the way I am…
    Thank you all who will respond…
    Pure Love Energies

    • Hi Danielle,

      That is a question many Empath’s, Indigos, Starseeds, Lightworkers etc. are or have been asking over the years: What is my role? Most feel plain redundant or like they don’t fit into this world, as it all seems so wrong. I’m afraid I can’t say I have an answer to that question, as those answers lay within you, but a good place to start is to become the change you wish to see in the world. If you haven’t already, have a mooch through the different posts and pages on this blog for techniques to try that may help you deal with the onslaught of external energies. Having a still mind really helps in keeping you grounded.

      Hope this helps and thanks for sharing.

    • I think we all have contemplated these same questions @leojazz. We are always in motion and perhaps the best that we can do is try to be in the moment and encompass truth, honesty, integrity, love and kindness in each moment.
      I have children who no longer live with me and it is a challenge for me to fill the spaces between our time together. When I’m with them I’m very aware of my purpose, but without them I have to work to find fulfillment. I know exactly what you mean about finding earthly achievement unfulfilling. It seems that most are motivated by greed and materialism and I don’t fit that category. I find moments in my day to be still and connect with all that is good within my realm. I find moments to practice communicating by thought alone. All will be revealed soon. Be still…be patient…be love. Peace be with you, my friend.

    • I have felt that way for a long time. I thought I was going to end up a hermet and for a long time walked around with my emotions cut off almost completely. I feel way too much. And know things I feel I shouldnt about others. I daydream way too much and I hate the “human limitations” I feel Im capable of an extreme amount more ability, but im sufficating here on the earth plane. I cant wait to try the salt bath!

    • Your post mirrors that of my heart and the feelings of ” Searching ” for those of my own kind, feeling as if I do not truly deeply connect with others who seem to seek a material existence and I often feel on the outside of this life, observing those around me, it seems and feels as though they do not get it, or understand my depth of expression. I spend most of my time with my animals and plants, being blessed by the sun and sky and awaiting my purpose to unfold.. I know there is meaning and great purpose in our being here on Earth, collective healing, love and that which we are not yet to see, yet at times it can be a challenge, a lonely journey…home seems a long way away..
      Thank you for this wonderful space..

  56. Lovely blog ~ thank you. Very grateful for your link to that wonderful water site ~ read the book a few years back and now I can reconnect with a website.
    Your blogs about empaths are truly heart felt for me ❤ Love to you x

  57. I’ve always known that there is something special about my family. We have individual gifts that we have grown to accept and trust. My Love and I are connected in a way that is unexplainable to most and our daughter has displayed traits of an empath from birth. We never searched to explain our special family, in seeing a Facebook post…I realized we are a family of empaths. Even more interesting, the grounding techniques mentioned in this blog are all things we have been doing out of natural preference, things that make us feel good. It was refreshing to learn that we are indeed a healthy family of empaths. Thank you for the knowledge.

    • I agree. I found it very interesting and will add this as a bookmark too. Stumbling upon this came at the right time.

  58. Many of these things I discovered accidentally. Last summer I made my own salt water tub out of a large inflatable pool. It is so helpful. Everyone told me I could just do a salt water soak in my tub but something is always ‘off’ when I try that indoors. I instinctively had to do it outdoors. Does that make sense?

    • Nothing is accidentally. My family has used nearly all of these techniques without being aware that they were grounding. We did these things Because they eased our emotions and brought us a calm heart. It has always been Natural for us to do these things.

      • If this is the Marie I know…after reading this, I thought the same thing! I know her family and the techniques mentioned seem to be their way of life. So interesting! Marie, if its you, I have been researching and reading and this site definitely brought light and deeper understanding.

  59. Im really enjoying your blog, I just found it this evening. Thank you. I have searched for YEARS for those like me or at least someone to tell me I was normal and just in the past year or so I have been finding more and more. Your blog is very insightful and I love the above ideas on cleansing. I have been taking daily salt baths for several years and find it amazingly beneficial.

  60. This was very helpful. I have been searching for techniques to try out for a while now, and many of these appealed to me. Most sites talk about going through intense meditations or performing very vivid visualizations. I have done both of these but always felt there was an easier, more gentle and fun way to clear my energy, and you have provided many ways for me to do that now.

    These have helped me a lot. Thank you.

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