Dark Thoughts and Moving into a New World

worldHave you found that you seem to be getting triggered in negative ways recently? You’re not alone. You will be especially noticing these triggers if, in the past years, you have significantly raised your vibration and have done lots of work on yourself.

You may find that for the much of the time you feel happy, even blissed out and then you receive a message off someone that automatically puts you into a negative place and changes your thoughts from being happy to angry or low vibrational.

To find yourself thinking negatively is not your fault, humans are hardwired into thinking more negative thoughts than positive, it’s called negativity bias and stems back to our survival instincts from caveman days. We can brood for hours on dark menacing thoughts whilst positive ones can often go unnoticed.

It only takes 17 seconds for a negative thought to take hold, which could then escalate into hours or days of dark thinking, which will affect both our emotions and our physical health.

The question you may ask is why are we getting triggered so much lately? I don’t tend to write about the ‘dark energies’ of our planet, as it is not something I wish to focus on. But we all know there are both dark and light forces at work here. I choose to believe the dark is on its way out, but it is not going without a fight!

What I am seeing/feeling now is that those of us who have worked hard to change ourselves and raise our vibration are getting distracted and pushed out of alignment by the dark energy and they are doing it by activating our trauma triggers or by psychic attack. If you are one who has already disconnected from the media and other outlets that promote highly charged negative vibrations, the only way to get at you is through other people.

Gloom Feeds Gloom

We all know that our thoughts create our reality and when we are being distracted or triggered, it can swiftly take us out of a lovely light, happy place and into a dark marauding angry or painful place. This is a place of fear and a place we do not belong!

Earlier in the week, when I was pondering as to why this dark energy has ramped up and why we are being triggered, distracted and attacked like this now, my mind went to what I had learnt some years ago off Dolores Cannon about the separating of the worlds, light from dark.

I don’t expect she will be everyone’s cup of tea, but I really resonate with Dolores’ teachings. Through her work as a past-life hypnotherapist, Dolores learnt that at some point our world will be splitting in two, becoming high and low vibrational worlds.

The video below explains all about Dolores’ work and findings. It is easy to understand and follow. You will also see from the video just what a sweetheart she was.

Sadly, Dolores Cannon passed away last year but she has left an amazing legacy and a wealth of information in books and videos to help us on our path.

I will continue to write about this subject soon as I believe it to be an important one right now but to learn how to stay grounded and protected click here.


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10 thoughts on “Dark Thoughts and Moving into a New World

  1. Interesting, as I have been wondering what the hell is going on and especially the last few weeks. Random and negative thoughts that seem to have no definitive trigger at times. And, this is highly noticeable due to the phase I just went through for a few months.

    Thank you for your insights.

  2. Thank you Diane – this article is spot on! Ive been feeling such strong reactions to “same ole” triggers for last 1-2 years now, and feel its recently ramped up a gear this last couple of days, more intense, taking longer to recover. Ive done so much inner work but clearly not enough on days its particularly uncomfortable (today!). My head/thoughts just looping and can’t seem to “get out of my head” / switch off. I want to say that reading your words are comforting and helpful. Sending love

  3. You are so right on, I have been experiencing this negativity trying to pull me down very strongly, both by psychic attack and trauma triggers. I understand that my vibration of love and peace is rising and so the negative forces are tryign to trigger me. I have also been feeling intense connection to spirit and incredible divine love stronger than I have ever before. Thank you for sharing and just know what you are feeling and sensing is true for many of us.

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