The Easy Empath Elixir

Are you one of the many Empaths who struggles to stay in  control of how they feel?

You are not alone. The stresses of ‘Empath life’ certainly takes its toll on emotional and physical wellbeing. But did you know that just by drinking more water you can become healthier as an Empath, both emotionally and physically?

Sound too good to be true…? Read on…

The body consists of up to 75% water (some body tissue has 95%), so it will come as no surprise that we need to drink lots of water to stay in balance physically and mentally.

When out-of-sorts, we can turn to water as our primary holistic care. Not only will it help keep the body functioning properly but it also helps in dealing with Empath overwhelm and emotional energy.

Most are unaware just how dehydrated they are because they regularly drink fluids throughout the day. But as the body uses so much water, just to function, it is quickly being used and in constant need of replenishment.

Breathing alone loses a quarter of the body’s water, on a daily basis, and that’s without any physical exertion.

Dehydration affects well-being, appearance and accelerates the aging process. Being well-hydrated is essential to keep the body functioning optimally and one’s energy preserved.

We could not survive more than a few days without fluid and this should make it clear how important it is.

But not only does an insufficient supply of water create problems with the functioning of the body and mind, it can also influence how an Empath interprets and experiences the energy of others.

Because they are often on overload, from experiencing too much emotional energy, the Empath’s filtering system does not always work as efficiently as it could and toxins stay in the body longer than they should. And due to the fact, the body is fighting with an excess of toxins, the body’s equilibrium is affected.

By drinking lots of lovely water, it will help flush out anything that doesn’t get removed by the body being on ‘high alert’ –or on emotional overload –and thus aids in keeping the energy body strong.

A strong energy body helps keep you protected from the emotional energy of others. It also helps keep the physical body strong, which in turn acts as a shield to any external unpleasantries.

Water not only feeds all the body’s cells but acts as a buffer and cleanser of negativity.

If as an Empath, you allow yourself to get dehydrated you may be prone to suffering unnecessary anxiety and panic attacks, especially after spending time in busy places or around pessimistic people.

A lack of water shows up in many ways: externally as wrinkly or tissue-like skin, dry mouth, lips and eyes. Internally as headaches, dizziness, brain fog and fatigue. It can also lead to muscle weakness and a lack of stamina.

Dehydration also contributes to excess emotional stress; a problem Empaths already suffer too much with. Drinking plenty of water, whilst enduring any type of stress, significantly reduces its negative effect on the body and mind. Try it and see.

There is an old religious quote that ‘Cleanliness is Second to Godliness.’ I used to believe the saying was a ridiculous bully tactic for making young children wash behind their ears. I now see it from another perspective. Water washes more than just dirt away; it has the power to cleanse the aura and clear negative energy.

Apart from staying well hydrated, one of the easiest ways to see water’s powerful cleansing effect is to jump in the shower straight after coming home from work or after time spent in peopled places, and see the uplifting effect it has. For maximum energy cleansing benefits, make sure the crown of your head goes under the shower (which means getting your hair wet). If you’re not a shower person, a bath works equally well..

You should also aim to drink at least ten glasses of pure water each day to replenish what your body loses naturally.

Water really is an easy elixir for the Empaths. We need lots of the stuff to help us stay healthy, happy and grounded.  

During stressful periods or times of change, it is even more important to keep your water levels high. Doing so will help keep you balanced and grounded and build a stronger defence against the overwhelming ‘people energies’ you may encounter.

NB: if you drink a lot of water be sure to be supplementing your diet with a high trace mineral salt. Consuming high volumes of water can flush out important minerals (see this post on salt for Empaths), which need to be topped up.

Hope this helps on your Empath journey.

Until next time…


©Diane Kathrine


5 thoughts on “The Easy Empath Elixir

  1. I recently made crystal water. Grab two glasses one to fit into other. Boil water. Pour in one glass. In other glass place a crystal. Place glass slowly into one with the boiled water in it.
    Cover with cling film.
    Place in sunlight for a while. All of boiled water to cool.
    Remove inner glass after removing cling film.
    Crystal water . Keep in fridge. One sip daily

    • Solarized water with a crystal… Great idea! I used to use coloured glass to solarize water (similar method to yours). The water had an incredible vibe and taste. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Hello. I must drink more water. I went through a time where my treat was very expensive Italian mineral water. The label has Venus on the front.
    I should buy some again. Thanks

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