Access the Second Brain for Greater Intuition

Empaths have a strong sense of intuition. Their Empathic antenna is on often high alert sensing all that is right or wrong in the world as a form of protection. Understanding how our intuition works is the best way to use this gift. To know this we need to become better acquainted with our feelings.


The “feelings” within our solar plexus region are coming from what is known as our second brain, the gut. The sensations come from the enteric nervous system, a network of neurons lining our gut and responsible for the “butterflies” felt in the stomach area.

Science is now recognizing what ancient yogis discovered hundreds of years ago: that our emotions are influenced by our gut nerves. Everyone feels excitement, fear and nervousness in the gut area, but as Sensitives, we feel it so much more.

Our mind provides logic and the ability to figure out complex problems but our gut offers us the intuition when to act or whether to take a certain path in life. It does this as our emotional sensations, which I will refer to as our solar-intuition.

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When we learn to understand and trust these feelings, our inner Knowing will guide us through life simply by the way something feels. The more attuned we become the more adept we are at differentiating between these feelings. But one thing we need to do is take heed of them.

When it comes to decision-making, always tune into the solar-intuition. If a certain choice causes feelings of distress or discomfort then that choice is not a good one. But if the decision feels calm, peaceful or uplifting then that choice is safe for us. Our mind or ego (or another person) may tell us otherwise but our feelings are nearly always correct once we understand how to interpret them.

We need to learn to differentiate between nervous or excitable feelings to those which act as a warning. Nervousness can turn into fear but it is a very different sensation to a warning. A warning will often be experienced as dread or trepidation in the gut.

You will look back on your life now and remember a time when you disregarded your solar-intuition’s promptings not to do something and went ahead and did it anyway. I guarantee whatever it was you ignored it came back to bite you. This is why you have such vivid memories of ignoring it.

If something feels off in your gut area, this is the time to start the questions. Because we don’t always get the information as a worded message we have to provoke internal responses by questioning our Self.

Questions such as: ‘Is this the right path for me?’ or ‘Should I let this person into my life?’ will give you gut sensations. If the choice is wrong it will feel bad. If it feels calm and pleasing it is the correct path.

We don’t always get the answers we want to hear but always trust your solar intuition. Your gut will give you an uncomfortable dread-like sensation when something is off or not a good idea. If you ignore those bad gut-feelings there will be future repercussions you may live to regret.

Developing your intuition helps you better gauge your solar intuition. Unfortunately there is no fast-track-path to do this. It takes time and effort. But, it is worth it.

Keep an eye out for my next post ‘7 Steps to Develop Intuition’.

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5 thoughts on “Access the Second Brain for Greater Intuition

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  2. Spot on :D. I remember a couple years ago hearing about how the heart has a much more dynamic role to play when it comes to how we translate feelings into thought. A more intricate web of neurons in the heart than was previously believed was discovered where the heart sends more information to the brain than vice versa. It was incredibly interesting to hear the similar situation when it comes to the gut as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if most vital organs in this physical body had a similar relationship. What a great post to read!

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