7 Ways to Develop Empath Intuition

Having strong intuition you can trust is a huge help when navigating the turbulent journey of Empath life!

Luckily, those who are Sensitive are born with a strong sense of intuition. It is an intuition they can continue to build over the course of their lives.

Being able to follow your intuition, and trust its promptings, not only guides you towards the life you may dream to live, but also helps when discerning the emotional energy belonging to others.

Many Empaths wrongly interpret the emotional energy belonging to another; often claiming it as their own. By developing a strong sense of intuition it helps to prevent this from happening. Here we will take a look at the best ways to do it:

1. Practice meditation daily.  If only for a short time. Five minutes a day is better than no minutes. Stilling the mind, through meditation, is one of the best ways to develop intuition.

It is not an overnight process. Some have to work harder than others. It is in meditation you receive the answers to the questions, you may have asked. These answers come through messages and visions.

2. Know your visions are real. The visions you see in meditation often have significant meaning… you just need to decipher them.  Many of your messages come through symbolism or code and are unique to each one of us. For example: one person may see a red rose in their mind’s eye and interpret it as a message of love; another may see the same vision, but interpret the thorns and color red as a sign of danger.

Your visions and messages are exclusive to you and that is why it is important to recognize their meanings.

3. Keep a meditation diary. After each meditation, quickly write what you saw and felt, even if it wasn’t much. This goes a long way to helping you decipher your visions. If you don’t write what you saw you will soon forget.

You often get messages, during meditation, that may make no sense for days, weeks, even months after you received them. If you’ve made notes, one day you will come to understand what your message was trying to tell you.

A meditation diary will also help you interpret and understand any repetitive imagery.

4. Listen to your solar intuition. Your solar plexus is your seat of emotions. It is here you get to experience your intuitive feelings. For decision-making, always tune into the solar intuition. If a certain choice causes feelings of distress or discomfort then that choice is not a good one. If however, the decision feels calm, peaceful or uplifting then that choice is usually safe.

5. Take intuition development or meditation classes. A supportive group environment is a perfect place to increase intuition and the sixth-sense. The power of the like-minded working collectively in meditation can enhance intuitive awareness. But always listen to your solar intuition when choosing a class. It has to feel completely safe and hopefully be an ego-free-zone.

6. Note the intuitive events you experience each day. This can be done in your meditation diary.  Examples of intuitive events are: when you think of a person and they suddenly call, or you follow a hunch that proves to be correct. There are many more. However small or insignificant they seem, your intuition is at work guiding you. Too often these occurrences are brushed off as coincidence. Writing them down is confirmation of how your sixth-sense is increasing. The more you develop, the more you will notice these goings-on.

7. Stay in balance, mentally and physically. Looking after the body, through good food and exercise, helps intuition develop. An unhealthy out-of-balance body is a very poor conductor of psychic energy. When you have a sluggish body, you will have slow-moving energy centers and a foggy mind. Visions then have no clarity or focus, and the inclination to progress is stalled.

So there you have it, seven ways to help develop your intuition.

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12 thoughts on “7 Ways to Develop Empath Intuition

  1. Hi Ms Diane!

    Thank you v much for this post.

    I have just recently come to understand that I am an Empath, and your tips and guidance in your post are really a big help and easy to understand.

    Hope to read more about your thoughts, insights and self care tips for Empaths.

    Have a great day!
    Ariel H

  2. I have been a very sensitive person all my 42 years of life,recently i am coming to know that i am an empath with frequent mood changes,i dream about things that really happen and mainly these are related to incidents in my or my relations lives,i.e.births and deaths.I use to regularly feel that i am a misfit in this world.But now i am able to slowly discover myself reading the experiences of my fellow Empaths. Thank you all.

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  4. I write an Angel Numbers article every month for an e-magazine that a friend publishes. And it just makes me giggle when after I have written and submitted my article and I find other blogs etc that offer the same advice! I love synchronicity! Blessings and Light!

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  6. I absolutely can NOT wait till your book is released!! I have been waiting!! xo Bravo to you!! I appreciated your knowledge so much! So excited!! 🙂

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