As an Empath, if It’s Not True for Me Does That Mean It’s Not True for You?

It is an interesting question, isn’t it? If It’s Not True for Me Does That Mean It’s Not True for You?

If I experience something as an Empath, but you don’t, does that mean that you’re not an Empath?

If you have strong intuition, but I don’t, does that mean I’m a weak Empath?

If I can see your aura, but you can’t see mine, does that make me a more powerful Empath?

If you know the meaning of the emotions you feel in another, but another Empath doesn’t, does that mean they are unskilled or inauthentic?

Or what if I get incredibly fatigued when around a certain person, but another Empath doesn’t, does that mean I’m just bored of paying attention to that person, and the other Empath has got a greater attention span? Or is it they’re vibrational frequency or negativity is ‘sucking out my sunshine?’

I have said it before and I will say it again, as Empaths we are all diverse. Just like everyone else, we have different personalities, we have had different upbringings, we have different DNA, we have differing physical ailments, we have different beliefs and different abilities.

What works for one Empath won’t necessarily work for another.

Some Empaths are introvert. Some Empaths are extrovert. Some Empaths will be highly vocal in their beliefs, others will keep their opinions to themselves (often from learning that when someone is not ready for the information, they cannot hear).

However, we are so pushed into herd thinking, that it becomes difficult for us to accept that, even as Empaths, someone can have different abilities, outlooks or issues to deal with.

I have even seen written, within the Empath community, that an Empath having to ground or protect, from the emotional energy of others, is a ridiculous idea. The writer stated we simply need to learn to navigate the various energetic frequencies instead of ‘protecting’ from them.

Which could be classed as a very valid concept. Learning to navigate the energetic frequencies that surround people and our environment is an excellent idea. But it really isn’t that cut and dry.

Just because one Empath doesn’t need to take measures of protection/grounding, before spending time in public, or within certain energetic frequencies, does not mean that another won’t need to. Their energy sensitivity may be higher.

Humans Are All Different

There are some who need to take extra vitamin C and zinc, in the winter months, to protect from winter viruses. Others take no supplements and are fine. Some people need to use extra high factors of sun cream, to protect from sunburn, others don’t. One person may need to use earplugs to protect from sound frequencies, or music, another might not. And yes, some Empaths need to take protective measures, before going in public places, and some don’t. It really is that simple!

I have said before on this blog that the more I learn about life, the less I know. But something I do know, is that the human experience is supposed to be unique for each of us, as is the Empath experience.

It is just society that tries to convince us that we should all be the same box-tickers, living like robots, with no acceptance for anyone who has opposite beliefs or indeed ‘unusual abilities.’

Lack of Acceptance

Now, although this post may sound like I’m having a good old rant, I really wanted to point out the importance of acceptance, and how it can really change our outlook on life.

We see it all around us. People expect others to accept them, for their beliefs, feelings or ways of living, but they refuse to accept anyone who chooses not to adopt their views…

It is human nature to want to be accepted, but if someone is not willing to understand or accept that others experience life from a different perspective than themselves, how can it happen?

Acceptance is Bad for Business

Why do you think we are encouraged to attack each other constantly, instead of accepting each other?

We cannot stop hate with hate, we cannot stop racism with racism, we cannot stop discrimination with discrimination, and we cannot stop unacceptance with unacceptance. But that is so often the narrative pushed.

One thing is for sure, if the world can simply learn to accept others, and all their differences, then there would be no reason to fight. But I doubt that would ever be encouraged by the ‘mainstream’, because, let’s face it, acceptance of self and each other is bad for business.

Make The Changes You Can, Accept What You Can’t

When I advocate for acceptance of others, I am not saying we get to live happily ever after with someone we have no right to be with, or that we should put up with bad behaviour. But if we accept the fact that we are all supposed to be unique, it goes a long way towards a happier life.

I am also not trying to encourage anyone not to make changes in life or just to accept their lot. More that we should ‘change what we can change, and accept what we can’t’.

When we truly accept that we are all meant to be different, in our appearance, health, thoughts, beliefs and abilities, it is incredibly liberating.

Even by accepting that some people can be completely disagreeable and we will never get along with them, it frees up so much of our time wasted in frustration by them or their ways.

If It’s Not True for Me does That Mean It’s Not True for You?

So, going back to the title of this post: As Empaths, if It’s Not True for Me Does That Mean It’s Not True for You?

We can say that my life and your life or my truth and your truth may be poles apart, but if we can come to accept that, then the world will be a much brighter place to live.

Until next time,


©Diane Kathrine



All around us the power of distraction is being used against us in so many ways. As I’m sure you’re more than aware, for the past four to six years things have gotten pretty ridiculous.

From Brexit, Trump, Vaccinations, Lockdowns, Fuel Shortages, Food Shortages, Staff Shortages, Race Wars, Gender Wars, Celebrities Behaving Badly, etc, etc, etc, there has been a non-stop onslaught of hysteria to keep our minds engaged and trapped within a dark and destructive vibration.


As I mentioned in my last post, there could be several reasons why we are constantly being distracted, but one easy explanation is when our mind is preoccupied with doom and gloom not only are we attracting back more things to match this vibration, but we are not able to step into our own power. Our immune system becomes compromised, meaning we are more likely to get sick, and we generally feel low. We then become victims, dependent on ‘the system’ and unable to step into our own authority.

However, this post isn’t about the reasons behind the distract and divide techniques, enforced upon us, this post is about how you can use the power of distraction to your own advantage. And, in doing so, it will help take you away from any dark feelings of overwhelm or emotional angsts and into a place of self-empowerment, peace and comfort…


In many of my posts, I write about techniques that Empaths can used to protect themselves from the rigours of Empath life (here, here, here and here) What I probably haven’t mentioned, in many of these posts, is that several of these protection techniques also act as powerful forms of distraction that work in so many empowering ways.

Distracting the mind from pain, whether physical, spiritual or mental, is an incredible tool which we often forget about using to our advantage…


There are many occasions when we use techniques to distract the mind without necessarily realising.  When experiencing hunger pain, for example, if all you think about is food, you’ll remain hungry. If you engage your mind, with work or some tasks, your hunger quickly vanishes.

Another example can be seen in yoga: Whilst moving through the poses we might focus on ujjayi breath and holding bandhas (physical and energetic locks). By doing this, not only does it help direct prana, but the mind is focused and taken off the physical challenge of the pose. This also has the effect of taking the attention away from the stresses of everyday life. Which in turn contributes to a calm yet uplifted mindset after practise.

There are many other examples I could discuss, but, instead, let’s get straight to the easy distraction techniques you can use in your everyday life to stay empowered and on top:

1. Stay in Your Passions:

Doing what you love is so empowering during these challenging times. Not only does engaging in your passions work as a powerful distraction, but doing things that lighten your soul, and bring a sense of peace and joy to your life, will lift you up like nothing else.

If you don’t feel like you have anything to fit that bill, it is the perfect time to start experimenting with hobbies and pastimes, or just get creative.

In a world of rules, routine and restrictions, people seldom get time to be creative. But spending time creatively is one of the easiest ways to revel in the feel-good-factor. When you feel good you also feel grounded and centred. When creating from your passions, or interests, it has an uplifting effect and keeps the mind away from dark thoughts and feelings. A must for all Empaths.

2. Listen to Uplifting Music and Sing!:

Listening to the songs that move you in all the right ways can instil such a sense of joy and euphoria. If you know the words, sing along. It is incredible how much you can be uplifted by the music you love. It envelops your body and mind in the most powerful vibrations and distracts the attention in all the right ways. Singing along can itself be meditative. (Researcher, Gunter Kreutz, also discovered singing increases cortisol and other chemicals involved in healing.)

Music can go both ways. My advice would be to avoid music that encourages melancholy or brings back difficult memories, even if you enjoy the song.

3. Use Your Pen and Paper

This may sound strange. How can pen and paper help distract the mind? Well, when you write things down, for example with what you want to do going forward in life, you connect with your right brain which helps keep you in creative mode. There is something about handwriting, as opposed to tapping words out on a computer, that helps activate our creative mind. When the creative mind is activated, as opposed to the logical left mind, you also receive more revelations in regards to what is currently happening in your life, or in our world, and can help you see the ‘bigger picture’.

In regards of to what to write about, either let your heart-mind guide you to what is right for you, or make notes on how you would like your future to be.

4. Get Near Trees:

This might sound like the hippiest statement ever, but spend as much time around trees as you can. Gaze upon them. Even go as far as hugging a tree. This not only has the effect of distracting the mind from the darkness in the world, but it takes you into a place of calm and healing. Let’s face it, we wouldn’t be alive if we didn’t have trees and greenery. There is so much wisdom and healing energy around trees (this post explains more), and that is exactly what many of us need right now to clear, rebalance and reset from the demands of Empath life.

5. Stop Doing Things That Bore You:

This isn’t so much a form of distraction. More a form of empowerment.  Feeling bored or unengaged by things that you used to enjoy, or were once an interest, is going to bring you down fast. If you are finding hobbies, lifestyles, or even people, you used to love, have stopped being pleasurable, maybe it’s time you stopped engaging in them, or at least have a break and see if you miss them. Perhaps try a new hobby instead.

6. Exercise:

Engaging in physical activity is a brilliant way to distract the mind from overwhelm or uncomfortable feelings. It’s also a fantastic way to keep the body and mind healthy. Depending on how you feel should depend on what is the best form of exercise to create balance within the body and mind.

If you are feeling lethargic and tired, some type of HIIT training (High intensity interval exercise) is super beneficial. It is also the best exercise for releasing human growth hormone.  HGH is a hormone that naturally elevates our moods, raises physical energy and keeps the mind in a more positive space. I have attached a link here to a 20-minute HIIT video on YouTube that can be done by most fitness levels (it is even beneficial to do if you suffer chronic fatigue). Just be sure to start slow, at your own level and don’t force your body into anything it’s not ready for.

If you are the opposite of being lethargic, and feel wired or hyper, then breath-and-bandha-focused yoga will help bring you back to a state of equilibrium, whilst also working as a distraction for the mind.

The reason I recommend breath-and-bandha-focused yoga is because, speaking from experience, it can be easy for the mind to wander and remain unfocused in yoga practice. When practising using the breath and bandhas simultaneously, however, it takes your yoga practice to another level. Here’s a couple of links to videos, of how to engage yogic breath and bandhas, on YouTube:

Breath and Bandhas

Yoga Breathing

Walking, whilst engaging your focus on your scenery/surroundings, is also fantastic for both high and low energy levels. Out near trees, even better!

The Biggest Obstacles

One of the biggest hurdles we face, when empowering the body and mind, is that when we are stressed or feel out of sorts, by the happenings in the world or indeed just Empath life, we often don’t feel like doing anything. We get so wrapped up in what we feel that we don’t think about anything else. But, when in a state of unease, this is the perfect time to use the power of distraction to engage the mind.

If you want to use clever distractions to your advantage, my advice would be to engage in them the moment you feel your mind wandering into ‘darker territory’ or, even better, find something you can do daily that keeps you in a state of empowerment…

Hope this helps you on your journey.

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine


How many of you out there are doing what you really want to be doing in your life? How many of you feel like you need to make a change, but you wouldn’t know where to start?

How many of you are feeling tired, overwhelmed or lost, with no forward momentum?

Are you one of the Empaths who is deeply affected by the darkness in the world? Or do you find you are putting everyone else’s needs, ideas or opinions above your own?

Without wanting to sound uncaring and cold, we have come to a stage where we need to stop worrying about how others are living their lives, what they are doing or not doing, believing or not believing, and instead start focusing on creating our new path and building a better brighter world.

This isn’t about turning our backs on those who are suffering, or those who ask for help. It is about stopping being controlled by the ‘old ways of being.’

The world is shifting into a new era and it is time for us to catch up.

It has become blatantly obvious that the old world is being deconstructed (whether that be by good forces or bad), and we are all being put in a position to let go of a life that no longer serves and start creating the new. And this isn’t something affecting only Sensitive people.

I cannot tell you how many people I have spoken to, in recent times, who are feeling overwhelmed with life, who are fed up with their work or the way the world is, and they feel stuck. 

Many are finally realising that they are doing jobs for the money, rather than enjoyment and sense of fulfilment, and are angry because they cannot see a way out.

Or, if it’s not people being unhappy in their careers, they are having their jobs or ways of life stripped away from them.

People don’t understand what is happening.


Nothing is making sense anymore, is it? Do you think this is for a reason?

To me, it’s as though life is being made so uncomfortable for people, either through feeling deeply unhappy in their current circumstances or by having familiar ways of living taken away, that it is forcing people to make changes.

We really do have to lose our old life in order to create the new.

So yes, we are in times of letting go and creating the new. But it is not coming easily.

For many of you, it probably seems like you are losing your old lives and freedoms and there is nothing to replace it other than darkness, gloom and fear. On the surface, this is all very true.


I’m not sure whether people are aware just how much external influences impact our lives. Our minds have been hijacked and our beliefs manipulated to make us feel helpless with no control over our lives.

When the mind is hijacked by external influences, such as a fearmongering media, or anything that keeps our focus in a ‘dark place’, it takes us away from the voice of our guiding higher self, and ensnares us in a mental trap where our thoughts and beliefs can easily be governed.

For the Empaths of the world, these are particularly trying times. Being connected to the emotional energy of the people means it can impact our thoughts and moods. So, when it comes to staying in a positive or creative mindset we are at a huge disadvantage. This post will help.


As mentioned in my last post, manifestation seems to be a current theme. If you missed it, I noted how when thinking or needing something, it has appeared in my life in record speed. I am not the only one experiencing this.

Generally, it is all good stuff.

But manifestation can go two ways, both good and bad.

If we keep our mind and focus ‘clean and positive’ we can draw in more of that.

If, however, we allow our focus to be taken into darker realms of fear or anger, which is being actively encouraged by our governments and media, we will start manifesting more things to match this energetic frequency.

It would appear that the dark rulers of the world are purposely keeping our minds engaged with fear, anger and unhappiness, so that we continue to keep the world in a ‘dark place’ through the law of attraction LOA. (When I say it would appear to be that way, it could also be being orchestrated by the light.)


I know many people dismiss the law of attraction (LOA) as airy-fairy nonsense. Which I totally understand (that’s why I wrote a book on the subject for Empaths).

Many people have tried working the law of attraction, by keeping their mind in a positive space and doing daily affirmations or meditations, but it didn’t make any difference to their lives. So, it is easy to understand why someone would write it off as gobbledygook.

But the fact is, we attract back into our lives experiences that match our energetic vibration. All of which is impacted by so much more than just our thoughts.

Our energetic vibration is affected by our history, by our diet and lifestyles, by the people we surround ourselves with, by our ingrained beliefs and where we keep our focus from moment to moment, day to day. (Why do you think so many narcissistic people attract such abundance in their life? They truly believe in their own sovereignty and importance. They vibrate at a frequency that attracts a life of abundance.)

So, although we are in times where we have the opportunity to create a new positive life, if our minds are kept focused on doom and gloom, we stay stuck on the shadowy treadmill of fear and frustration. Going nowhere fast.

We are now in new times where the old ways of being are crumbling away. This is the dawning of a new age. And we must adapt and change.

But because we are trapped by a system that controls our feelings, beliefs and opinions, it is difficult to shape life into anything we want.

The system’s programmes have been designed to become so embedded into our psyche that we struggle to switch them off. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be switched off.


Now, although I have painted a dark picture here, there is the brightest light shining at the end of the tunnel.

One thing we all need to ask ourselves is: Why would anyone work so hard to trap us in fear, anger and confusion if not for a reason?

Could it be the dark rulers are trying to keep us from finding our own divine light and inner power, by keeping us distracted and in fear?

Or is it some higher power trying to make life so uncomfortable for us that it awakens us to our true potential, divine power and sovereignty?

It is a subject that is certainly debatable. I choose to believe it is a bit of both.

But, whatever the reason and whomever is orchestrating these chaotic times, it is time to stop the insanity or complying with things that insult our soul.

What is the solution?


Basically, the more of us who can unplug from the system of control, the more we will see the light.

The more of us who can shift our vibration and focus, the more we can change the frequency of the world around us.

Working to stay in the moment will really help you now.

Just think of how the law of attraction works and use that principle. This post has more information.

There is no point trying to save the old world. That is finished. Over. This is about new beginnings.

Now, although there will still be ups and downs, during these challenging times, the more ‘unplugged’ we stay, and the more we work to keep our minds from the orchestrated distractions, the better we will fare and the more we will understand what it is we are supposed to be doing.

We have to remember our own power. We are not some helpless little organisms, incapable of mastering our feelings and thoughts. We are EMPATHS, and we have been in training for these times all our lives.

In my next post, which hopefully I will have out within the week, I will be sharing what has helped me in recent times and they are things that can help you too.

Until next time


©Diane Kathrine

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Being that we are in times of struggle, upheaval and transitions, I thought it would be good to address how internal conflict can drain our power and stop us from living a healthy, happy life.

Everyone experiences inner conflict at some point. Upheavals and mental struggles are all part of the ‘journey of life.’ For some, however, internal conflict is a reoccurring theme that never goes away, or has certainly become worse during these ‘dark days.’

Now, when I say conflict, I am not referring to the type that leads people into constant arguments or fights, although these are certainly still an issue. I am talking about the conflicts within the mind, that have been triggered either by the actions, words or energy of other people, or by media sources and governments.

I have written many posts on ways for Empaths to protect themselves from the energy of others, here are just a few: here, here and here. But for the purpose of this article, I would like to focus on the result of inner conflict that is happening now for many, and discuss how it could be controlling your mind, consuming your power and stopping you from ‘moving forward.’

How You Might See This

Everyone is being impacted in different ways by the current turbulent times. But some common themes are frustration and powerlessness at changes happening in the world, feelings of rage over injustices, and there is also a lot of shaming and blaming going on.

As an Empath, there are many ways you could be experiencing the knock-on effect of a shifting world in turmoil. But one such way is by certain people pushing your buttons in big ways.

For example, you may feel victimised or bullied by certain people, you may feel they don’t understand you or perhaps it seems they are always trying to undermine your beliefs or feelings. You may get frustrated that others can’t or won’t get on board with your way of thinking, you may lay awake at night pondering on what someone said or perhaps the way they said it.

Read more on Why Certain People Acts as a Trauma Trigger for An Empath

Let’s face it, part of being an Empath has been to overcome or understand the destructive thoughts and pained emotions we have endured throughout life from being a Sensitive soul. We are highly reactive people, which means things affect us in much bigger ways than most.

It is an inherent trait of an Empath to be empathetic and understanding. But during these current times it is getting harder to do. As the darkness is being revealed in the world, it can be exasperating to be aware of it whilst so many others are oblivious. This in itself is ungrounding and cuts us off from our instinctive traits and thus our true power.

When we have an inner conflict, caused by another’s opinions, words or actions, whether that be people or governments, we are allowing them to hold power over us.  They are, inadvertently, controlling our lives and how we feel. Thus, when we are in this situation, we get stuck in ‘no man’s land.’ And this is no longer the way to live!

It is time for that to change.

Time to Release

As I’m sure many of you are aware, we are in unique times of release and healing. Which also means letting go of, or making peace with, that which held our mind hostage and in conflict.

However, as we keep getting distracted by all the dark goings on in the world, we get trapped in old ways of being, thinking and feeling. Unable to move forward into the new.

Where to Start?

When it comes to release, realising what or who is impacting you, or causing inner conflict, is a good place to start.

If certain people are triggering you, friends or family perhaps, we have to question ourselves as to why we are reacting.

One of the first questions we can ask is: what is it, in the trigger’s personality, words or ways, that is acting as a conflict spark?

A lot of the time we don’t ask ourselves this question because we get so wrapped up in either their words, what was meant by them and why they said them, or why they are refusing to see things from our perspective, that we don’t look for the root of the issue.

Instead, it is so much more beneficial if we determine what button they are pressing within and why.

Many of you might have seen for yourself, in recent times, that fast manifestation is currently a big theme (Thinking of needing something and it arrives very soon after. A post for another time). So, when looking for answers now, they come quickly.

Once you understand what has been pressing your buttons, let it go. We don’t need to overanalyse, because that was part of the old way of living. It doesn’t need to come with us into the new.

Now, more than ever, it seems so important to be letting go, or taking our attention away from anything that brings us down and breaks our power. Which takes us to the most destructive force of self-power removal: The media…

External Sources

Another issue that I keep coming back to on this blog is how the media impacts the Empath.

If you are reacting or being triggered, negatively, by any online media sources, the simple answer is to switch off and stay away from them (sometimes even positive sites can trigger us in ways that is distracting and destructive.) I say simple, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

In its addictive nature, we don’t always know how attached we are to online media, or how it draws us in without us realising.

But know that switching off from the media sites, that create inner conflict or malaise of the liberated mind, is so unshackling. Besides, not always knowing what is going on in the outside world is a good thing. We are at a point where staying in control of our own world is so much more important.

Speaking from experience, ignorance really can be bliss.

That said, it is amazing how much you do get to know even without being switched on to the news and online media.

There is such a thing as having too much information. If you cannot do anything to change it, then why do you need to know about it?

Changing yourself and being in control of how you feel will impact the world in a more positive and productive way.

Remember: What we do to help ourselves now, in terms of self-healing, will in turn help the rest of humanity in a big way…

Mind Control

I have also spoken much about the power of meditating, or quieting the mind, for Empaths. Because it is so beneficial, I keep coming back to it.

Not only does being in a quiet or meditative state, help switch off the mind from the external, it is also revealing and liberating. Revealing in that you get to see/feel/hear insights that would have previously been hidden by the noise of fear and frustration in our world, and liberating in that it helps free our mind from the system that is currently crumbling all around us.

Because many Empath’s minds have been held hostage, by all that they have been feeling in recent months or years, meditation might be the last thing they want to do. But now, it can have more impact than ever.

If you are one Empath who would rather chop off your toes than sit in meditation, do not worry. There are many different techniques to get us into a meditative state, or higher mind, that don’t require the Buddha stance. See the following articles, here, here, and here.

Facing Your Truth

As an Empath you have a natural inner-drive to face your truth, which throughout your life has become louder and louder. But currently, we are being called towards freedom of the body, mind and spirit in a big way. In other words, now is time to take back your power.

You are a beautiful free being who’s about to embark on a whole new episode of life. The pain, the conflict and anything else that has been keeping you hostage and trapped in your mind is ready to be released.

Sending you all lots of love…




How Black Tourmaline can Help the Empath During These Unprecedented Times

During these times of mass change and turmoil, everyone is having to work extra hard to stay not only happy and healthy, but grounded and protected.

This is where Black Tourmaline can help.

But before we get to the benefits of this incredible crystal, let’s take a quick look at what is going on in the world, and how it is impacting the Empaths…

As I’m sure you’re more than aware, the world is currently a very confusing place to be.

Strange influxes of energy are not only affecting the Sensitive people, but also everyone else. That is why staying centred/grounded is so important right now.

Most awakened souls already know the importance of staying grounded and are constantly taking steps to stay balanced.

Sadly, there are too many people out there who aren’t working on themselves in any which way, and are instead taking their grievances out on others. Whether that be online or in person.

Which basically means they are spewing toxic energy out into the world with every rant and rave. And this is on top of everything else that is currently happening.

Ugly Energy

Picking up on this ugly energy means the Empaths are getting a double whammy of discomforts to deal with.

It really is one thing after another. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So much so, more and more are finding staying grounded so much harder to do.

There are levels of emotional frenzy around, which come and go like a raging tide, that I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced before…

So, if you are feeling like you are going slightly cuckoo, with how you feel from one day to the next, know that you are not alone.


What we really need right now is a mass healing. People need to come together and truly appreciate one another. Instead, what we are seeing is more distract and divide.

People are attacking each other on the strength of what the governments, media or social media says. No one knows who or what to believe.

The thing is, and as I’ve discussed many times before, we are shifting into a new era, and nothing is set in stone. Even the most intuitive of people are struggling to predict anything. I don’t think anyone can say with 100% certainty where we are heading.

My personal belief is that things are becoming so uncomfortable for people, that it is pushing many into ‘an awakening’ (others, however, are going further the opposite way).

The Sensitive

Empaths are very sensitive not only to any shift in energy, but also to the collective energy of the masses and what they are experiencing.

The problem is, we so often get caught up in these energy shifts and emotional fluctuations of the populace, that we forget our own traits, and what we should be doing to stay in a higher vibrating space.

And what I mean by this is, we forget that, as Empaths, we over-feel everything, and how this impacts the way we think and feel, and generally how we show up in the world.

For example, one Empath might currently be experiencing excess anxiety or overwhelm, another may be undergoing digestive issues, whilst another may experience headaches or brain fog.

Yes, and that is just from picking up energy from others (not to mention how shifting energy impacts us).LEARN THE SECRETS OF AN EMPATH

We can get so wrapped up in our symptoms or feelings, that we forget to do our protection and grounding routines.

That’s not to say we can blame all our ailments on over-feeling everything. Sometimes we have simply got physical issues that need addressing. But that is a subject for another occasion.

Today, I want to share with you the benefits of Black Tourmaline, and why it is super helpful during these times for an Empath…

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a great stone for an Empath; not only because it is the go-to stone for protection, it is also empowering for when enduring challenging times.

Tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone, that connects the base chakra to the Earth. It is a stone that helps with the unpredictability of Empath life.

In appearance, Black Tourmaline is usually glossy and black and sometimes has veins of grey or beige running through.

It is electrical in nature and has a pulsating energy that helps align the chakras of the body.

Interestingly, Black Tourmaline has the ability to become electrically charged just by heating or rubbing it. When charged, one end becomes positive and the other end negative, allowing it to attract or repel particles of dust.

Black Tourmaline is known as a radiation blocker and shields against toxins, electromagnetic pollution, and radiation related to mobile phones, PCs, and other electronic devices.

The stone itself doesn’t so much hinder the EMF exposure; but, instead enhances the body’s electrical field. Thus, creating a grounded shield against harmful electromagnetic radiation.

With all the radiation we are experiencing, as well as 5G towers that are going up everywhere, this stone is super important right now.

As mentioned, Black Tourmaline is an excellent grounding crystal for the Empath. It offers a protective shield which also makes it perfect to use when out and about in busy peopled places.

It is known that Black Tourmaline helps soothe panic attacks, especially those caused by energy overload. Something many are currently experiencing. It also helps soothe the irrational fears that cause anxiety.

This crystal is good to wear for protection, especially against:

  • Energy vampires
  • Anyone who is overly angry
  • The complainers of the world
  • The people who like to burden you with their problems but have no intentions of improving their situations by making lifestyle changes
  • Dark or repetitive thoughts
  • Negative emotional energy

When carried by an Empath, Black Tourmaline acts like an ‘invisibility cloak’ against those who use them as an ‘emotional dumping ground.’

It is also a good crystal for improving concentration, especially when suffering brain fog.

By balancing the base chakra, it is believed to be beneficial for relieving problems with elimination in the bowels, and assists the body in removing heavy metal toxins and environmental pollutants.

Black Tourmaline is often used for aligning the right/left hemispheres of the brain (feminine and masculine), which often become imbalanced by the stresses of Empath life.

How to Use

Obviously, there are many ways you can use this crystal in different layouts.

I personally find the best way to use this is the easiest way:

Either hold the stone in your hand and focus on its protective energy, or, when lying down, pop it in the centre of your forehead (third eye) and allow it to work from there (especially good to use if your mind won’t shut up or if you’re under thought/psychic attack).

Natural Therapies

It is a shame that more people don’t turn to natural therapies for healing, because they really do make a lot of difference to our health and wellbeing.

Herbs, natural food, exercise, aromatherapy oils and crystals can work wonders for our health, and are great to use during these difficult times.

Whoever it was who put humans here on this earth plane, gave us all we needed to heal ourselves, including Black Tourmaline.

Read this post to see how Black Tourmaline can protect you from invisible energy.

If you have used this crystal yourself, please feel free to share your success stories below.

Hope you are all keeping happy and healthy in whatever corner of the world you live.

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine

21 Ways for Empaths to Find Safety and Prevent Anxiety

Going through life over-feeling emotions and the emotional energy of others can create the perception of being unsafe, especially when out in public or around certain people. Feeling unsafe can put the body into fight-or-flight mode, which is a response of the sympathetic nervous system.

When the body is in fight-or-flight it is in a constant state of stress, which is heavily damaging to the body and mind, and can trigger anxiety and panic attacks.

Having knowledge of what we can do if we start to suffer with anxiety or panic attacks, even when they have been triggered by other people’s energy, can ensure we don’t needlessly suffer.

The following are some simple steps that can help keep you to ‘feel safe’, which in turn will help with or prevent anxiety and panic attacks…

1. Keep away from people who make you feel unsafe:

If you don’t feel safe, or have trust issues with certain friends or family members, or if you don’t feel they have your best interest at heart, it can cause emotional trauma. It is wise to avoid those who create safety issues for you.

2. Check your diet:

Are you eating chemical-laden foods, or foods that are known to trigger autoimmune conditions? Anxiety can sometimes be a warning from your body, telling you to pay attention. If you suspect your diet is activating anxiety or panic attacks, keeping a food diary can help you pinpoint the triggers. Read more on this post.

The Eating Plan For Empaths

3. Supplement wisely:

Even with the healthiest of diets it is difficult to know we are getting, or absorbing, a full range of nutrients. We often eat anti-nutrient foods without realising (foods that block or hinder nutrient absorption), which means the good stuff we do take in doesn’t get chance to do its job. Vitamin and mineral deficiency can be a big trigger for anxiety. A basic supplementation regime can help in regards to anxiety and panic attacks. This post gives more info.

4. Take Valerian Root:

Valerian root is a natural herb used for treating anxiety and insomnia. Similar to melatonin, valerian root puts you in relaxed sleepy state. Valerian contains a neurotransmitter called GABA, that is known to have a powerfully calming effect on the mind.

5. Do therapeutic exercise:

Yoga and walking are probably two of the most therapeutic forms of exercise. There is a type of yoga to suit everyone, but it has to be practised regularly to see results. Walking is easy and super beneficial for the body and mind. Also, high intensity exercise, which helps release human growth hormone, can be beneficial for stopping anxiety.

6. Use crystals:

There are many different types of crystals that can help with anxiety. Rose Quartz in particular is a lovely stone to help with panic attacks. It is a love stone that helps calm the emotions. When choosing crystals for anxiety it is best to see them in person (instead of ordering online). If gazing on a certain stone makes you feel calm inside it is generally a good choice.

7. Salt therapy:

Taking salt baths, especially Epsom Salts, can be incredibly calming and soothing for the body and mind. Even better, if you live near an ocean taking a daily dip can work wonders for soothing anxiety. This post gives more details.

8. Check your water levels:

If you are dehydrated, even just a little, it can trigger anxiety and panic attacks. This post gives more information.

9. Reduce wireless air time:

More research is coming to light showing how WIFI is a major cause of anxiety and panic attacks, especially when spending a lot of time wirelessly downloading on the internet (YouTube, etc.). Give yourself a few days away from WIFI and see what effect it has. Switch your phone to aeroplane mode when not in use and limit your time on the internet. This post explains more.

10. Keep your bedroom as a calm zone:

Quality sleep is important for preventing anxiety and panic attacks. Don’t keep electrical gadgets, especially WIFI gadgets, in the bedroom. Keep your bedroom well aired and clean. Use black out curtains to ensure a solid night’s sleep.

11. Use essential oils:

Essential oils are perfect for instilling calm. Lavender being one of the best allrounders, but other good ones are Basil, Chamomile or Geranium. You can normally feel the calming effects of these essential oils within ten minutes of application. Simply massage a few drops, mixed with a teaspoon of oil, into the soles of your feet. Or use them in your bath, add them to your body oils or put a few drops on your pillow before sleep time. Check this post out for more essential oils and their benefits.

12. Avoid caffeine:

Caffeine is one of the worst things for triggering panic attacks and anxiety. It is found in coffee, tea, chocolate and colas. Avoidance will go a long way to keeping anxiety and panic attacks at bay.

13. Avoid stimulants:

Alcohol and recreational drugs can be another big trigger of anxiety. Many people assume alcohol is a relaxant, but it is when the effects wear off that the problems start.

14. Avoid chemicals:

If you are Sensitive, it often means you will be sensitive to chemicals in products and scents, which can trigger many unusual physical reactions and stress within the body. Keep your products as natural as possible, including laundry detergent, household cleaning products and personal hygiene products.

15. Listen to soothing sounds:

There are some incredibly soothing sounds that can help reduce anxiety. Ocean sounds, angelic harmonies, thunderstorms, gentle chimes, etc. are incredibly calming to the body and mind. Try to avoid live music downloads (such as on YouTube) as the WIFI can trigger more anxiety. Perhaps buy a CD and listen through headphones.

16. Don’t eat late at night:

Eating late at night can be the trigger for sleep anxiety and panic attacks. Try to have your last meal at least three hours before bedtime to ensure it is digested. If you do need to eat close to bedtime, try to make sure it is low sugar/carb food.

17. Get out in Nature:

This is a perfect remedy for anxiety and panic disorder. Even listening to the birds singing is beneficial. Read more here on the benefits of nature for an Empath.

18. Massage and reflexology:

Massaging body treatments work wonders for helping with anxiety, especially reflexology, which works on the reflex points on your feet. Schedule in time for yourself and book in a weekly treatment to help soothe your body and mind.

19. Use meditation and breathing exercises:

Breathing and meditation practices help cultivate more positive thoughts, help balance the stress hormones and instil calm. However, some people find meditation too stressful to perform when experiencing panic attacks or anxiety. The stillness can become unnerving. In these cases, moving meditations, such as yoga with the breath, or deep breathing is massively beneficial.

The Whisky Breath is a quick breathing exercise which can offer instant relief. Simply inhale for a count of four and then exhale for a count of eight. Continue for as long as you need. This exercise switches on the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps to prevent or stop panic attacks.  The three-minute meditation performed daily, after doing the Whisky Breath breathing, will help keep the mind positive and anxiety at bay.

There’s more information on breathing exercises and yoga here and here.

20. Talk to a specialist:

If you know you have supressed past trauma such as a bereavement, emotional or physical abuse, or unresolved issues, it might help to talk to a trained therapist. Supressed trauma is often reignited in times of stress, which often triggers panic attacks.

21. Have your hormones checked:

This is a big one, especially for women. If you are going through any kind of hormonal transition, such as perimenopause or menopause, it can be a big trigger for anxiety, fearful emotions and panic attacks. Perimenopause often starts from the late thirties onwards and can create many unusual and uncomfortable physical and mental symptoms. (I will be writing more about this in the future).

So, there you go. Hopefully, you will have found something on the list that will help if you have been feeling unsafe, suffering with fear, anxiety or panic attacks.

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine


Have you ever been with a group of people, where everyone is talking about a subject that you don’t necessarily agree with but go along with their narrative, just to keep the peace?

If you answered yes, you are certainly not the only one. It is human nature to want to stay in harmony with our inner circle, family and friends, even if that means going against our beliefs.

The 10th Man Rule, which we will look at closer shortly, is a way of challenging our innate character of wanting to ‘keep the peace’ and, instead of sitting with what is easy or comfortable, it challenges us to look at things from another perspective.

So how can this help?

The fact that humans are pack animals, tending to travel through life in herds, following in the footsteps of the one in front, even when the herd are going in the opposite direction to the desired route, is a reason to apply the rule…

Following the pack may seem the safest option, it is after all when we step away from the herd that we become vulnerable to attack. Yet, if we simply follow along with the rest, in regards to rules, regulations and ideas, without question, are we living in alignment with our truth? And where will it lead us?

Question Everything

When we don’t question the official narrative and don’t think for ourselves, we are not really living, but simply existing. We are living by someone else’s opinion of how our reality should be and following rules that don’t always make sense or feel right.

Not only that, too many people are blindsided to the fact that those who make decisions for the rest of us, otherwise known as ‘the powers that be,’ might not have our best interests at heart. And decisions they make on our behalf, are not only infringing on our freedoms, but may actually be putting us in danger and taking away the experiences we were destined to have.

I completely understand why people follow rules without question. For one thing it is instinctual and, the sad truth is, those who query ‘the official narrative,’ or the accounts of the mainstream media, often get attacked, ridiculed or accused of spouting conspiracy theories.

It is often easier to stay quiet than to share an opposite opinion.

Then there is the fact that when we suggest, to certain people, a differing opinion to their own, we come up against their ego. A strong egoic mind doesn’t like to listen to another person’s opinion, if it crosses theirs, because the ego always knows best.

We also have to battle against many cases of cognitive dissonance. See below for an explanation…

The simple fact is too many people are choosing to ignore the hypocrisy not only of the mainstream media but also of those ruling the world. Generally, because it is either the safer or easier option.

Yet, as you have probably found out yourself in life, the easy option rarely turns out to be the best choice in the long run.

The Wrong Solution

Take the situation that is currently happening in the world. It is becoming increasingly obvious, in regards to lockdowns, etc, that the solution, to preventing the spread of a virus, is causing more harm to the human race than the initial problem (suicides, unemployment, a huge decline in mental health, to name of a few examples…).

But how does anyone speak out, against the official narrative, when they are viciously attacked for holding a different opinion to the media or governments and the people who are trusting of them?

We are supposed to live in a democracy and have freewill, but it is amazing how many freedoms people happily give away if they believe they are keeping themselves, and their families, safe.

Several months ago, in a post, I advised against arguing with others or trying to get them to see your point of view, if they are not willing to listen. It just leads to frustration and anger, often from both parties. However, as things in this world are becoming darker, more freedoms are being taken away and lives endangered, it might be time to try a different approach.


If you want to start a conversation, with friends or family, about the current state of the world, or any other issue, and you don’t want to be put down or attacked for your views, why not try using the concept of the 10th Man Rule?

A good way to use this is by explaining that some groups/countries use the 10th Man concept as a way to keep people safe and stop them from following their intrinsic herd nature.

I came across a good explanation online:

The 10th Man discipline is one where the group intentionally appoints at least one person to serve as the loyal dissenter. “Loyal” because their underlying motive is to arrive at the best decision for the organization. And, as the dissenter, they not only have permission but a duty to disagree and ‘poke holes’ in assumptions being made by the group. This technique forces you to slow down and re-consider the wisdom of the decision and whether contingency planning or other risk mitigation might be worthwhile.

Read the full article here The 10th Man Rule (

What we are seeing in the world today is a direct consequence of people following the herd, not asking questions, or using their own initiative. As well as people being too afraid to speak out against those who have differing opinions.

But by playing the part of the 10th Man, it could help those following the dictated narrative to see from another perspective…

It might also help people understand that it is not a bad thing to have our beliefs challenged, especially in regards to the current tyranny we are seeing in the world.

Ok, I shall leave it at that for today.

Hope all is keeping well in your world.

Until next time,


©Diane Kathrine


This morning, in my inbox, I received a post from someone who I have been subscribed to for many years: Aluna Joy.

I have dipped in and out of Aluna’s messages over the years, depending on the draw of the message. Today, as I cast my eyes over the headline, it grabbed my attention straight away. And, as I went on to read her post, I knew the draw was for a reason. It was one of those synchronistic moments. (The post actually arrived Tuesday morning, but I didn’t get around to posting this until today.)

Basically, the post addressed an issue I had woken up with on my mind, but more importantly, it confirmed what I had been thinking and feeling for a while.

As you know, in recent times, this world has been kept in a state of absolute fear, anger, uncertainty, etc. Which has not only triggered doubts as to where we’re heading as a species, but it has also kept many people imprisoned within a matrix of destructive repetitive thoughts.

As Empaths, we have not only had to live through the same challenges everyone else has, we have also picked up on the collective emotions that have been particularly heightened for the last twelve months. All of which has impacted us in some strange ways.

You may have also noticed that your Empath intuition hasn’t been working the same, or is perhaps not as dependable as it was. Which may have pushed you to look outside of yourself for information or for confirmation of what you are experiencing.

This is only natural. Looking for answers is hardwired into our being. But when we look outside of ourselves too much, it means we open ourselves up to information we would not normally be open to. We become exposed to the kind of misinformation that is designed to create sides and cloud our judgement.

Anyway, this morning the first thing on my mind was how vulnerable we have all been to misinformation and how it has impacted us. When I opened my emails, and saw Aluna Joy’s message, I felt it was going to relate to my morning musings. And it was…

Her message was basically saying that we are in fragile times, where we are being exposed to many contradicting messages. It has got to the stage where we don’t know who or what to believe.

These are all distractions, designed to stop us from moving forward and keep us trapped in the old world. Which ultimately kept us stuck. But we are now in the process of letting it all go…

So, instead of me writing about a subject that has already been so eloquently discussed in her writings, I am leaving links to Aluna Joy’s post.  I feel you will all benefit from reading the message (if you haven’t already.)  Keeping Centered whilst Navigating Fragile Times

I hope it helps.

Until next time,


©Diane Kathrine

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How Do You Know If You’re Really An Empath?

Over the years, I have often been asked the question: ‘How do I know for sure if I’m an Empath?’

My answer always tends to be the same: Generally, if you’re an Empath when you discover the term, and the traits it encompasses, you just know whether it applies to you or not. It is like a light bulb moment. You finally have an explanation for all that you feel and have experienced throughout your life… But, there are always exceptions.

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Why Are So Many Empaths Unable to Connect With Others?

Today I decided to share another older post. It is something that is as relevant today as when I first wrote it. However, this inability to find real connections is something in the process of changing…

If you are one of the many Empaths who feel unable to make real connections with people, or with life itself, know that you are not alone and that there is a reason for it.

We don’t always realize, but life is a series of linked events; each one leading to the next, like the spots on a dot-to-dot puzzle. Yet, most are unaware that the seemingly random occurrences of life and a feeling of ‘disconnect’ are in any way pivotal to the course of our destiny…

Because the mind is kept so busy trying to make sense of life’s conundrums,  we are often kept from connecting the dots on our unique and mysterious life puzzle. Our Empath sensitivities may also prevent us from seeing how amazing our lives are, or how this sense of ‘disconnectedness’ serves us.


The majority of us work hard trying to figure out life. We may wonder where our true purpose lies or we may constantly find ourselves looking at ways to better fit in with others. It may even feel like we are not on the ‘right path’.

Why do so many Empaths feel disconnected?


It may certainly seem that the Empath is destined to go through life feeling off-course, unfulfilled, overwhelmed, or unable to connect. There are many things that come with being an Empath that makes them push people away: getting hurt easily, feeling others’ emotional pain, and being a beacon for other people’s problems being but a few. This in itself can lead to feelings of being disconnected.

It is easy to forget that we came here for a reason: to experience life as an Empath, and the many challenges that go with it, because we get distracted by the obstacles we face.

Empath life is often strenuous, painful, overly emotional, sometimes lonely and often comes with a huge sense of disconnect from others. Which is ironic considering we feel the energy of people so powerfully. But, when we allow ourselves to see it, Empath life is also enlightening, invigorating, electrically charged and a true gift.

Empaths can boast of life experiences few can expect to have. We feel things others don’t and we have a strong sense of intuition that will take us to all the right places, if we believe in it and follow its guidance.


Sometimes, we purposely make life more difficult for ourselves, without realizing. And sometimes we allow ourselves to wallow in self-pity or we get stuck in victim mentality. We may also subconsciously choose to ignore what we need to do to keep us safe and sane on our journey. But the keys to our happiness and ‘reconnection’ are always there for us to find, when we are ready.

So, to get to the reason for not feeling connected to others: Being disconnected keeps us moving forward, looking for ways to better ourself or find the answers. If we were to feel extremely contented and comfortable in life, we would not look for ways to become empowered.

As an Empath, it is easy to see dark or challenging times as punishments, but when we come through the other side we always find an incredible gift inside the experience.

The experiences we have, really are unique, and every difficulty we have endured and overcome has catapulted us forward, shaping the course of our life.

When we connect the dots of our past, we  see a bigger picture emerge. Everything happens for a reason.  Even feeling disconnected shapes and changes us, pushing us towards evolvement.

Listen to your soul, tune into your intuition and don’t be afraid to make the changes you know that will reconnect you to your truth, purpose and happiness, and in turn others.

You may also find this post helpful: Why do Empaths have such a strong sense of not belonging?

Hope this helps on your journey… books for empath

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine

7 Ways to Treat Empath Burnout

For those of us who are Empaths, it is getting increasingly difficult to hide from everyone else’s low emotions and loss of optimism. Which isn’t helped by all the weird energy influxes we are being bombarded with. The Schumann Resonance, that I talked about in my last post, being one.

These global lockdowns have impacted people’s health in so many ways. Both mentally and physically. You may yourself have noticed the light seems to be dimming, not only in people’s eyes but also in their energy.

I have already discussed my theories on why we’ve been experiencing what we have, in previous posts, so I won’t go over them again (you can read some of them here, here and here). But what we all need, during these difficult days, is reminders of what we can be doing to lift ourselves up, and raise our vibration. Ways to keep us strong and empowered.

During trying times, what is easy and instinctual is not always right or what our body needs. It really helps to shake up the system and throw in some challenges. Mix things up. To lift us higher we must light the inner fire.

Although the following is written with the Empath in mind, the techniques can work for anyone. Sensitive or not. So, without further ado, here are my 7 recommendations to deal with lockdown burnout.

1. Get Reenergised:

Spending a lot of time locked up in our homes makes us sedentary and lazy. We get into mundane routines, which can make us feel blah. One of the best ways to get out of this is to reenergise ourselves and activate our human growth hormone (HGH).

HGH is a hormone that naturally elevates our moods, raises physical energy and keeps our mind in a more positive space. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the easiest ways to help the body release HGH.

I have attached a link here to a 20-minute HIIT video on YouTube that can be done by most fitness levels. Just be sure to start slow, at your own level, and build up.

2. Try Intermittent Fasting:

Fasting has many proven health benefits. It has been used for centuries as a way to heal the body and mind, and as a way to raise spiritual consciousness and kundalini.

When fasting, the energy normally used to digest food can be used to heal your body and raise your vibration. It is also a great way to reset your body and lose weight if that’s what you need.

Intermittent fasting is a more approachable way of doing fasting. Of which you could try the 5:2 method (fast for two days of the week, eat normally for the rest of the time), the one meal a day method, or the 16:8 method (have an 8-hour eating window then fast for 16 hours of the day). There are several other types you could try.

Fasting is not only a great way to do a health reset, but it also helps raise your food awareness. It makes you more intuitive about your food choices as well as how much your body needs. When you only have one or two meals a day, you really appreciate them. It also gives you something to look forward to. Which is something we all need nowadays.

There is a wealth of information on fasting, by doctors and health specialists, on the internet and YouTube. I fully recommend doing your research before trying.

3. Get Outdoors and Have a Change of Scenery:

Being outdoors is so important for our mental health. It helps increase Vitamin D levels, it helps our moods and sleeping patterns, and is even known to improve our gut microbiome. (Read more here.)

If you are regularly getting outdoors, but still feel a bit low, why not try changing your scenery. Lookup different walks or take a drive to a new park, beach or woodland.

Having a change of scenery reinstates a sense of freedom within; freedoms that these lockdowns have taken away, and is a great way to lift your spirits.

4. Up Your Vitamin and Minerals:

Another symptom of lockdown burnout is vitamin depletion.

A stressed body uses more vitamins and minerals than an unstressed one. The B vitamins in particular get depleted. Also, poor diets, and heavy alcohol consumption, are major contributors to vitamin imbalances. Another hazard of long lockdowns.

Nutrient imbalances have a knock-on effect in the way we feel both physically and emotionally. If you suspect stress, or your diet, has impacted your wellbeing, read this post on how certain nutrient supplementation can help.

5. Start a New Project:

If you feel flat and mentally unchallenged, now is the perfect time to try a new project. Something that keeps your mind positively active. For example, learning a language, or trying new hobbies.

You will be amazed at how keeping your mind engaged with something new, that you enjoy, lifts your spirits. It also keeps your mind distracted from the emotions of those around you.

I do understand that when feeling low, having the inclination to do anything can be a big challenge, but giving yourself that extra push is so worth the effort.

6. Spend Time Away from the Internet & Electrical Gadgets:

This is super-important. Having breaks from the internet, laptops and phones will in itself make you feel better.

Too much electrical energy or EMF is not good for the brain. (I have written about it here.) Nor is taking on too much information from too many sources. Which is another outcome of internet scrolling. It just leaves our minds in a jumble.

If you spend too much time on the internet, for work purposes, it is a good idea to regularly ground yourself throughout the day. Which takes us to our last way to deal with lockdown burnout.

7. Get Grounded and Raise Your Energy:

Getting grounded and raising your energy are super tools to use right now. Raising your energy is effectively raising your vibration. Being out in Nature is, of course, one of the easiest and most effective forms of grounding.

Grounding practices are something we all learn as a ‘newly awakened’ Empath. But they are exercises we tend to let slip, especially when life gets in the way.

Interestingly, the grounding practices we have learnt over the years are what will really serve us now. I have written a lot about different approaches of grounding for the Empath. This post will serve as a reminder.

So, there you go. I do hope this post helps. We are in trying times where we are constantly having to work to stay ‘on top’. Feel free to share any tips or techniques that may have helped you get ahead of lockdown burnout in the comments below.

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine.

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Have you been having some weird experiences lately? Strange things happening like timeline shifts or weird changes in your life?

In my last post, I mentioned how what is true one day is not necessarily true the next. It’s as though reality is constantly shifting, altering things day by day. I’m not talking about major transformations, although for some they certainly are, just the things you might brush off as a fluke, or thinking your memory is playing tricks on you.

The changes could be slight spelling alterations of names or places. You may notice things in the world around you, such as landscapes, looking oddly different, but you can’t quite put your finger on what has changed. You may become aware of plants or wildlife that you have never known before. Or you may find friends or family members with new personality traits. The odd thing is you may be the only one noticing these changes.


To give you a couple of examples, here’s some changes that happened for me, and my husband, within the past week or so:

My husband’s nan has recently gone into care. Because of this, he has been helping his mum fill in some official forms. It was when doing the paperwork that he discovered his nan’s surname is not spelt how we thought it was (his mum’s maiden name). It is only a small change, by one letter, but it is a change that had us scratching our heads.

Now, some would argue that this was just a mistake on our behalf, that we just had the spelling of her name wrong. Which is indeed a fair argument, except for the fact my husband’s nan is not the type of person who would not have mentioned her name was spelt wrong on the birthday or Xmas cards we sent to her over the years. If we had been spelling her name wrong, she would have most definitely told us.

Another example is a change that happened near to where I live. In a local woodland, where I used to play as a child and, as an adult, have regularly taken walks, I recently discovered there was a very old stone bridge, crossing the stream that ran through the wood. What is strange about that you may wonder? Well, this is a bridge that in all my life, I have never seen or heard of. It isn’t a small bridge either. The stream, that the bridge crossed, was where I played in and around when I was little. If there had been a bridge there, I would have most certainly known about it.

I could go on and on with examples of changes that I have seen around me but others haven’t. They have happened for several years, but seem to be getting more and more frequent. My only explanation is they could be due to timeline shifts, moving from one reality to the next. I realise I have no proof for this, other than my own observations, but I know many other Sensitives are also experiencing this phenomena. Are you one of them?

Time Jumps

Another thing I have noticed happening recently is large jumps in time.

Many people experience time jumps without really realising. For example, you may look at the clock and see the time. When you look back at the clock, what feels like only a minute or two later, you find an hour or more has gone by. For some, it can be many hours.

Time jumps are another thing we tend to brush off, thinking we were distracted by work or something, but could they be being caused by something else…?

Schumann Resonance

For one thing, the Schuman Resonance measurement has lately been going off the charts; which in itself is very telling.

There is a much more technical explanation for the Schumann Resonance, but basically it is the measurement of the electromagnetic frequency of the earth.

When talking about energy shifts Empaths, and those who are sensitive to energy, are often brushed off as being ‘woo-woo’, by those with their feet planted firmly in the material world. However, in recent times, the massive energetic waves coming in are getting to the stage of being undeniable in the way they are impacting humans. The Schumann Resonance could offer an explanation for this.

Apparently, for the past 40 years the Schumann Resonance has been gradually increasing, but over the past months, there have been several crazy spikes.

Several factors are known to trigger a fluctuation of the Schumann Resonance, such as changes in our weather or solar activity, but an explanation for what is causing the huge spikes in recent times is not readily available.

It is known that the Schumann frequency vibrates in harmony with the alpha waves of our brain. Therefore, any changes in the way we feel, when there is a frequency spike, are not imagined. It has been scientifically noted to cause discomfort in humans, such as mood shifts, fatigue and even dizziness. I also expect that it will cause many other changes not observed or noted by science.

The Schumann Resonance is also known to alter the way time moves. This I find very interesting, considering the time jumps many of us have been experiencing.

Some believe that when the Schumann Resonance shifts it impacts human evolvement and leads to our entry into the Fifth Dimension, 5D.

So, if you are too experiencing any strange phenomena, rest assured you are not the only one.

Hope this helps on your journey.

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine

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What is Happening?

The question that is on so many minds right now is what is happening in the world?

I truly don’t think anyone has the answer. But one thing is for sure, something big is unfolding. Our reality is no longer what it was, and there is no going back to the old way of life.

The Changes

For the past year, a large chunk of the world has been locked away from the life we once knew. Each month that passes, we are seeing more of our rights and freedoms taken away. Most are either living in fear or are in a state of confusion as to where we are heading. Nothing makes sense anymore.

We are being given so much contradictory information. The mainstream media is pumping out one narrative. The alternative media is giving out another. But whatever side of the fence we sit, in our beliefs, no one seems to know for sure the destination of the collective. The finish line is moving further and further away. And the fear mongering is like nothing we have ever experienced.

In my last post, I noted how important it is for Empaths to stay out of the stirred-up propaganda. However, those who are still ‘deeply asleep’ may benefit from experiencing the intense levels of fear or anger. For one reason, it helps trigger ‘an awakening’, and for another, they need to become aware of the truth of the world we live in.

Darkness Revealed

This past year, the ‘shadowy darkness,’ that has been controlling this world for many years, has been revealed for everyone to see. The lies and deceptions are on show. Their evil has risen to the surface and is exposed. There is no hiding from it and no flushing it away.

But just because the truth of our reality is being revealed, on a massive scale, doesn’t mean people will instantly wake up to it. In fact, some are clearly going deeper into denial. Which is only to be expected. Discovering that your whole reality has been built on lies is not easy to face or deal with.

Those who remain in ‘slumber’, however, are not the only ones struggling…

There are many ‘awake and aware’ people who wish they were still asleep to the truth of our world. Because, let’s face it, ‘knowing’ has not made this journey any easier. If anything, in recent times, it has caused more troubles, especially when no one wants to hear your truth, when your words fall on deaf ears, or if you are ridiculed for your ideas and opinions.

But those who are ‘asleep’, or unaware, will become the newly awakened, and they will, in time, need your guidance. They just don’t know it yet.

Confusing Times

During these confusing times, we are all looking for a little light to be shone on our path. We want to know what is really happening and where we are heading. There seems to be no one holding the answers. The positive predictions, from those who are gifted, are either not coming to fruition or are not offering the support needed. This, I also believe, is for a reason…

If you are a long-time awakened, you will find those you listened to, to find solace, might not be offering you the comfort they once did. You might feel more alone and isolated than ever, and are scratching around, looking for someone else to fill the void or to give you answers. If this is the case, it is unlikely you will find anyone.


Because you have evolved beyond that. You already have what you need within. You are just not trusting yourself and your own inner-guidance.

Looking to another for verification of your intuition is beneficial (I know many Empaths come here to my blog as a back-up to what they already feel inside.), but constantly looking outside yourself for answers will probably cause more confusion. It’s called having ‘too much information’. 😉

That said, our intuition may appear to be playing games with us. Telling us one thing one week and another the next. I’ve certainly been having this experience. Because everything is in flux, truths can shift. What I mean by this is, and as bonkers as it may sound, what is true one day might not be true the next. (The Mandela Effect is an example.)

The old world has gone forever; and that includes how we operate within our reality. We have to be adaptive to variations and fluctuations in our perceptions. Everything is changing and nothing is set in stone.

Trust the Process

We have to ride this one out. This really is a time for faith. Trust the process.

Many of the uncomfortable things that are occurring are not only part of a shifting world, they are a trigger for the un-awakened to wake up. A chance for them to see the truth. Even those of us who are awakened will have disturbing truths revealed. However, the longer we have been ‘on the path’, the less impact these shocks will have.

Take Control

Now is the time to take control of what we can. It’s a time to control not only where our attention goes, but also our reactions. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be dragged into unnecessary fear mongering, nor should we pin our hopes on someone or something to save us.

We need to remember our light and supremacy; really remember it. Feel the power within. Know that what we have been witnessing is an illusion of the highest order. Fear is what has controlled humans for many years. And recently, this fear and confusion has been amped up to record levels to keep us from living within our own supremacy.

Sitting within the energy of confusion and despair, just keeps us trapped. It blocks prosperity, abundance and any of the ‘good stuff’ from unfolding in our reality.

New Beginnings

The world outside might appear to be crazy, and going from bad to worse, but that doesn’t mean we have to join in with the madness. We are our own superpower.

This isn’t just about endings; it is about new beginnings. Where we are going, no one knows for sure. But trust in your own power. You are not alone. We are all in this together!

Hope this helps during these uncertain times.

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine

The Problem with Fake Positivity and Supressing Our Truth

A few weeks ago, I received a very good comment from a fellow Empath, regarding my urging of readers to try to remain in a positive space. The reader rightly pointed out that when we supress our feelings, by ‘pretending’ to be positive, it could cause more harm than good.

I am very grateful for the comment, because it not only got me pondering the importance of not supressing true feelings of pain or frustration, but it also made me realise that I may not have fully explained the reason why I encourage Empaths to stay in a positive mental space within my posts.

The reason I put emphasis on staying in a positive mindset is because I know how much damage both fear and anger causes the physical and energetic bodies.

I also know that, as Sensitives, if we allow our minds to be regularly engaged within pained emotions, we can get stuck in a very dark place, emotionally.

However, ‘acting’ positive, when we have a very valid reason for feeling upset or angry, could be classed as suppressing our truth, which ultimately keeps pain and grief trapped inside.

This is something I do not recommend. I wrote about this subject in my article: ‘What is Really Making You Angry?’.

Unfortunately, in recent times, many of the emotions we are experiencing have been activated by such things as shifting energy, EMF and solar activity, political dramas, as well as ‘dark sources’ that are purposely keeping our minds engaged in turmoil.

Sadly, it is much easier for humans to go into a space of fear or anger than it is for us to stay in an optimistic mental space.

As I’ve discussed before many times, the mainstream media has been playing on our fear in order to distract and divide the population. Keeping us not only in a weakened state, but also making us easily controllable.

So, when I write about being positive, it is more about staying in alignment with our ‘true self’ and keeping the mind from getting wrapped up in the propaganda being intentionally stirred up by ‘the powers that be.’

The Damage Caused by Supressed Feelings

But getting back to suppressing our true feelings:

As a species, we have often found it necessary to supress ourselves and our truth. Especially when it comes to grief or true emotional pain.

This type of suppression is incredibly destructive.

I know only too well the damage caused by burying emotional pain.

When I was 16 my dad died suddenly of a heart attack. At the time, I did not know how to deal with the anguish, so I buried it. Put on a fake smile and ignored the grief. Nearly a year to the day after my dad passed away, I started having panic attacks. Which were awful. I didn’t know it at the time, as they were happening, but it was because I had suppressed my grief. This containment had impacted my nervous system and eventually showed up as panic attacks.

Western Society doesn’t have a place for the grieving.

Grief makes people uncomfortable. We don’t know how to handle it.

After experiencing a loss of a loved one, most are ‘given’ a week or two to mourn. Then we are expected to come back to ‘normal.’

But the thing is, for most people, the mourning process takes a lot longer.

In many cases, the grieving period lasts a year or more (depending on circumstances). If we do not allow for this, and suppress our sorrow, it comes back to haunt us. In my case it was as panic attacks.

Having experienced the effect of burying grief, I would never encourage anyone to deny genuine feelings of pain and this includes anger.

However, nor would I recommend that we spend too much time festering on negative emotions, such as rage or hate, especially when we don’t know the trigger or origin, or when these emotions have been artificially stimulated, to keep the mind controlled.

Do not take ownership of that which has been intentionally stirred up to trap your mind.

Anther Explanation for Shifting Moods

Sometimes, however, we need to be given reasons for the erratic emotions we may experience, that are triggered by powerful external sources.

And what I mean by this is, certain phenomena of the natural world can massively Impact the human mind and body, especially of Empaths. Altering our moods, thinking process, and more.

At a ‘higher level,’ we are given ‘stories’ to explain these experiences. Or in other words, we are given circumstances or reasons that will explain excessive feelings of anger, frustration, etc. aroused by energetic shifts.

Keeping it Real

As I mentioned in a past post (The Purpose of your Frustration), much of the pain we have experienced, over the years, has served a purpose. The reasons for which have been revealed, for many, in recent times.

But staying out of manufactured propaganda is so important now, as is bringing your mind back to its true positive state.

This time is not about being ‘fake positive.’ It’s about being at one with self, and finding your rightful optimism and joy within.

Because, believe me, it is there. We just have to stay tuned into its frequency.

Hope all is keeping well in your world.

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine


2021: Ending or New Beginning?

I just wanted to leave a quick message with you all as we begin the year 2021. I had intended to post this on New Year’s Eve, but, as is so often the case these days, my focus was taken elsewhere.

What a year 2020 was. It was so bonkers and surreal that I sometimes questioned whether I had actually died at the beginning of 2020, and this experience was some kind of strange purgatory or limbo. 😊

We expected these types of transitions back in 2012, as predicted by the Mayans. But, as I explained in this post, many moons ago months were added to the calendar year (10 months became 12), meaning 2020 could have actually been 2012.

Yet, wherever we are in the Mayan calendar, I’m sure you are more than aware, as a species, we are clearly being taken in a new direction. None of us knows where this direction will take us. Even the most awake and aware, those who could read the pulse of world transitions, are struggling to foresee the collective’s destination.

Although it seems as though nothing is set in stone, the dividing world is more apparent than ever. 2020 was certainly a year of ‘catch up’ for some, a way for them to ‘wake up’ and see the truth of the world we have been living in, it also appears to have been a ‘close down’ year for others. And when I say ‘close down,’ I mean that some people have put more barriers up and refuse to question what is currently happening. However, this, I feel, is all for a reason.

If you have done any research on Dolores Cannon, she predicted that the world would divide or split, which also tied in with the 2012 prophesies. Now, whether this is happening or not, one thing that has become blatantly obvious this past year is we are not all walking the same path.

To say the last year was testing would be an understatement. But as you will also know, testing times are precursor to big changes and transitions.

So, my wish for all my fellow Empaths is that these transitioning times take you to all the right places. I hope that 2021 brings you a kind of love and light like you have never experienced before.

Sending you all much love.


©Diane Kathrine



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