Balancing of Masculine and Feminine Energy… Notes for The Empath

Did you know that random, or unexplained, sinus pressure or blocked sinuses can be an indication of an imbalance within one’s masculine and feminine energy? 

There is clear evidence that a sift is happening within the balance of, what was, an overly dominant masculine world. The feminine certainly seems to be rising. So, it is hardly surprising that we are seeing many people suffering with nasal problems such as a blocked or runny nose, sinus headaches and nasal pressure (even out of the hay fever season). 

All this nasal pressure, amongst the Sensitives of the world, could be a sign that a re-balance is indeed in the process of happening. But let me explain why…

Whilst studying in India for my yoga teaching, we learnt how pranayama (ancient breathing techniques) rebalances the physical and energetic bodies, which includes the chakras and nadis. And how, by regular practise, one could balance their masculine and feminine energy. 

Before we go any further, for those of you who are not familiar with chakras and nadis, I shall give  a brief overview of the energy body: 

leaky aura5

As well as the physical body, we have an energy body known as the pranic sheath. Within our pranic sheath there are over 72,000 spiritual currents or energy nerves called the nadis which correlate with the nerves in the physical body (in acupuncture they are known as meridians). To get an idea of what the nadis look like visualise a huge plate of cooked spaghetti, with strands running in and out and overlapping.

A point where many nadis accumulate is known as a chakra.

It is said, we have 14 main nadis, of which I’m going to cover 2: the Ida nadi and the Pingala nadi.

The Ida nadi governs the feminine, left side of the body, which in turn activates the right (visual, intuitive and creative) side of the brain.

The Pingala nadi governs the masculine, right side of the body and activates the left (logical) side of the brain.

Signs you have a poor functioning Ida nadi (femine energy) are: extreme coldness, depression, low mental energy, sluggish digestion, and a blocked left nostril.

Signs of a poor functioning Pingala nadi (masculine energy): excessive body heat, quick temper, itching body, dry skin and throat, excessive appetite, excessive physical or sexual energy, blocked right nostril.

When the left nostril is dominant (more airflow passing through nostril) it means the right side of the brain is more active and when the right nostril is dominant, the left side of the brain is more active. The dominance of each nostril should change throughout the day.

Now, here is where things get confusing:  Although the left hemisphere of the brain is masculine the left side of the body is feminine, and the right hemisphere of the brain is feminine but the right side of the body is masculine. So when you are classed as being left-brained the right side of your body is usually dominant and vice versa… Phew! Explaining that just gave me brain-ache!

You may have heard the saying that when someone is known to be left-brained (masculine) they tend to be logical, driven, analytical and fast-paced. The left side of the brain is associated with aggression, physical strength, control and ego.

And with the right brain being associated with creativity, inner-strength and intuition, those who are right-brained (feminine) tend to be are artsy, sensitive, nurturing and easy-going.

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People tend to be right-brained.

Here’s a quick check to see which side of your brain is more dominant:

Block your right nostril with your thumb and breath through the left, now swap over and block the the left nostril and breath through the right.

Which side was the dominant?

If your left nostril was dominant it means the right hemisphere of your brain is more active.

If it was the right nostril, that was dominant, then your left brain is more active.

Dependant on which side is active/dominant will depend on how well you fare in  certain tasks.

If your right nostril is dominant it’s a good time to do physically challenging activities, when the left nostril is activated it’s a good time to be creative, meditate or reflective.

If you find your nostrils are often blocked or painful, without any apparent cause (i.e. cold, allergies or other irritants), it could be a sign that your masculine and feminine energy is off-balance or that you are reacting to the ‘shifting energy of the world’. It might also indicate that you have problems within your energy body (read more here to see if your energy body is weak or damaged).

As an Empath, it is interesting to observe  how the sinuses are affected by those around you. Because Empaths are often overly-affected by other people’s energy it can also affect their masculine and feminine energies. Notice what happens to your sinuses when around certain people, especially those who are overly masculine or feminine.

To help balance your masculine and feminine energy, there is an excellent breathing technique you can use, called Nadi Shodhana. Otherwise known as alternate-nostril breathing, when practised regularly this breathing technique helps balance the ida and pingala nadis : Click here for instructions

If you have an imbalance within your masculine and feminine energy you may also be suffering with a damaged energy field and leaky aura. Learn more about this condition here. If this is the case, you will always struggle to spend time around others, until you work to repair it.

Hope this post may help you on your Empath journey.1 Leaky Aura Syndrome

Until next time.


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21 thoughts on “Balancing of Masculine and Feminine Energy… Notes for The Empath

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you could clarify this for me. I’ve always been told by psychic readers that I have dominant masculine energy, yet two years ago my right ear blocked and has never healed. If I’m understanding your article correctly, doesn’t that mean that I have dominant female energy? In regards to my ear, I have been told that I need to heal my masculine energy as I’ve been in protective mode for much of my life and have neglected my feminine energy. After reading your take on it I’m confused. Any help, clarity or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • There is the fact to consider that when we have imbalances in any part of the body, the pain or problem may not be where the issue originated. For example you could experience pain in the left lower back, but the problem originated in the right shoulder, or you could have pain in the right hip and the real issue stemmed from the left hamstring. Headaches can be caused, for example, by skeletal imbalances, they can also be caused by stress or vision problems.

      Finding the roots of physical imbalance often takes investigation. That’s why working holistically with the body, mind and spirit often helps heal the ‘whole’.

      Hope this helps…

  2. So if I keep getting I juries and health issues on left side of body , what is the message.. I’m a striving artist but been told I’m meant to be a healer. Please help

    • Perhaps you are doubting your creativity and/or your ability to heal and this is how it is being manifested by your higher self?

      Try using the alternate nostril breathing technique before your meditation practice and see what message comes through. 🙂

      • Yes I believe this may be the case, I will do the meditation and have more faith and try to get more serious about healing others , I will admit when I am helping others and going with the flow, there’s minimal if any pain

  3. So after reading this it seemes to me I was trying too much to force air through my left (blocked) nostril but I have pain and fuzzy mental sight on my left side of my body. But letting myself breath freely through my right (dominant) nostril is giving me clarity and relaxing my nerves, I do have pain on my right side but its mostly frome using in too much amd on my left side the pain is nervous and in my solar plexus and my chest… Iv done the breathing before but it seemes like whenever I focused on my breath my mind is like my left side is blocked it needs more air, but dosent it make sense that your body is saying it needs more air on the opposite side? It all makes sense now 🙂

  4. I’ve always felt an energy around me since I could remember, and it used to drive me crazy because sometimes I would feel like the energy was on the right too much and I would try to move an invisible flowing thing with my hand, but then when I would manage, it would be too much on the left and I couldn’t split it into half and distribute it evenly on each sides (which is something I tried to do a lot as a child). And it was the stupidest things; I would be sitting in the middle of my bed and notice the sheets were on my right, and it would remind me of the energy and I would start feeling it again. I had spoken to my parents about this and both of them weren’t strictly against… how do I say it? stuff like this (I’m only starting to learn about this now) but neither of them understood me anyway because neither of them felt it. No one I’ve ever met has felt it. And I’ve actually spoken to a doctor too, guess what kind of reaction I got. I’m lucky I didn’t go to a therapist about it.

    It used to be a huge part of my life and it would (repeating) drive me crazy but as years went by it started to not be a huge problem because I got more and more distracted as I grew up. When I don’t remember I can feel it, I don’t feel it but when I do(like while typing this comment right now) it still annoys me and throughout my life, NO ONE could give me an explanation so this is a big deal for me. Thank you for making this blog post (even though it’s been 4 years). And if you’ve read this far then have a good day!

    • I cannot believe I am reading this, because I have been trying to find someone who could, if not explain, tell me that they have experienced the same or at least something similar to what I have been experiencing recently.
      I have been meditating for 2-3 years now and I’ve been more and more apprehensive about the flow of energy around me. But the last year or so, I’ve been starting to feel my left side of the body and everything it is experiencing (through contact with the mundane world, just like you described sitting on the bed and feeling the sheets more with one side of the body) much more than my right. Whenever I meditate nowdays, I cannot imagine a line that goes through the middle of my body, as if to divide your body mentally in two, I sense my left side of body is shrouding, overtaking or spilling onto the right side. It is as if my pranic sheath is slanted to the left.
      It has been driving me crazy too, but lately I’ve been trying to accept it (still comes hard sometimes).
      Coincidentally enough (but I don’t believe in coincidences:), just before reading this blog I came across an article that is talking about neuromeditation exercises (
      The last exercise, called The Divided Body, talks about imagining dividing your body in twos. If feel one part of the body more, or more relaxed than the other, you “Imagine that your breath has the power to pump the texture of the side that feels best to the other side. As you exhale, imagine that your breath is pushing the feeling of relaxation from the more relaxed side into the the less relaxed side.” But you can read the whole article, it’s quite interesting.

      Who knows, it might work with little practice. I will definitely try it. And start doing alternate nostril breathing more often, because it did occasionally elevate the inability to be able to feel my halves evenly.

      Thank you so much for sharing this experience! I hope you manage to split into halves again, no matter how strange that sounds 😀

  5. thank u , i have cold and blocked at right side of nose, is it means my energy is low at feminine side?? and by born i have little weak sight at right eye, where as my left eye is normal. So i use spectacles. I am born female. Well i do meditate but not often and i think soo much even at nights. I can even remember my dreams consciously at sleep after 4 itself, though i sleep up-to 7:00. But I can live in wake up state at mid-nights too, any suggestions please thank u in advance

  6. Alternate nostril breathing or nadi shuddhi works great and can be practiced by anyone and everyone. This is real yoga how it was designed originally. This is the way to self realization. Balancing your energies and chakras through breath and thought control. The postures are like going to pre-school to learn how to practice yoga

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  8. Thank you! I’ve had issues with sinuses my whole life, particularly on right side. Recently, I’ve had severe hip, abdominal, and leg pain on right side. My friend does Reiki and worked on me. Long story short, she opened me up to balancing the masculine and feminine. Tonight, I started a new yoga routine and my balance on the left side is terrible. I know that I’m stronger on my right side, but the flexibility and balance are quite different. I looked up information and it brought me here.
    Here’s where I need guidance: I did the nasal meditation you described. My right nasal passage is more blocked (and right ear for over a month, after antibiotics), so my right hemisphere should receive more oxygen and my left side of body should be more active. Is this correct? is this why I have problems with my right side?
    But if this is true, why am I having balance issues with the left side of my body? Now I’m befuddled!

    • Hi Melissa,

      Sorry, I’ve only just seen this message because someone else commented on it.

      When it comes to the body and pain, things can get very complicated. We can feel pain in the right side of the body when the problem is on the left and vice versa.

      For example: there may be a problem with your left in-step, of your foot, and you may feel the pain and imbalance in your right hip or shoulder. For this reason it can be difficult to discern where the imbalance is.

      From day to day our masculine and feminine energy can shift and change. If you have too much of one or the other you will normally see it in your own behaviour. Being overly emotional, weepy or touchy can be a sign of too much feminine energy(especially if it is out of character) and being overly aggressive, controlling or logical can be too much masculine.

      The Nadi Shodhana breathing technique above is great for bringing about masculine/feminine balance. It is also brilliant for stilling the mind, bringing clarity of thought and focus, and is excellent to do if you suffer insomnia or find your mind jumps into action when you are trying to fall asleep.

      Thanks for sharing.

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  10. This post was truly absolutely amazing. Wow. In search or masculine and feminine balance I came across your blog on google, this was fait. Thank you so much for sharing you opened up my mind and I gained knowledge from reading. You are an inspiration. Also I reblogged this post as I thought it was absolutely necessary to support aswell as promote. Love xxx

  11. This was a great post, very informative information. I will definitely start trying this out to help balance my energies. I’d always wondered why one nostril was more dominant, thanks for shedding some light. Peace & Love

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