Symptoms of Leaky Aura Syndrome

When you have leaky aura syndrome your energy field (aura or auric field) becomes overly porous and an excess of energy both leaks out and in. Here are some dominant traits that may indicate you are suffering with the condition:

  • Do you experience overwhelm after a short time spent in people’s presence?
  • Does being in busy places cause overwhelm, fatigue or other disagreeable complaints?
  • Do you pick up other people’s energy after very little time spent in their presence?
  • Is your energy constantly low, regardless of how well you eat or how rested you are?
  • Is your mind sluggish and foggy?
  • Do you have regular aches and pains with no apparent reason for them?
  • Would you describe your overall energy as being cloudy?
  • Is it difficult for you to get motivated?
  • Are you fatigued after relatively small amounts of exercise?
  • Do people ever complain of being tired after spending time in your presence?
  • Do you regularly pick up illnesses or disorders from others?
  • Are you affected by other people’s thoughts to the point they sway your opinions?
  • Do you consistently feel low and apathetic?
  • Do your moods regularly fluctuate?
  • Have you been to your GP for test after test but were told nothing was wrong?
  • Are your senses (sight, sound, smell,) more heightened than usual?
  • Have you been diagnosed with chakra imbalances?
  • Does it feel like you frequently carry around unfamiliar energy?
  • Do you suffer unusual sleep patterns and often wake up with strange emotional sensations?
  • Are your dreams more violent or erratic than normal?
  • Are you suffering with reoccurring ailments such as skin eruptions or stomach troubles?
  • Do you get easily irritated if others stand too close?
  • Would you say your energy field feels more open than normal?
  • Do you remember a time when you didn’t feel your Empath traits so uncomfortably?

Answering yes to several of the above questions strongly indicates you are suffering with leaky aura syndrome. (If you have been experiencing continuous health problems, it is advisable to visit a health practitioner to ensure there are no underlying issues).

If you have leaky aura syndrome you will be suffering unnecessarily as an Empath. The good news is there are easy ways to overcome the condition. It just takes a little work on your behalf…

Healing leaky aura syndrome makes the difference between an empowered and a disempowered Empath.

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