Guided Meditation and Breathing Techniques Suitable for an Empath

In my posts and books, I often discuss the importance of meditation and breathing techniques for an Empath. Not only as a way to gain a greater insight in life and build intuition, but to get in charge of the emotions we experience, both our own and those we pick up from others. They are the simplest techniques to empower the mind, and to tune us into our Empathic abilities.

As Empaths, we experience a life that is not only based on our own thoughts and emotions, but on those triggered by another person’s energy. So, preventing repetitive thoughts, especially those that ignite pained emotions, makes a good recipe for a happier, healthier life.

The best ways to do this is by disengaging from any emotion-fuelling thoughts the second they arise, as well as developing a calmer mind that empowers the brain not to be activated at the slightest thing. And this is where meditation comes in.

Unfortunately, many Empaths struggle with meditation, for the reason they have active creative minds. In these cases, breathing techniques work exceptionally well. Not only do breathing techniques calm the body and mind, instilling a gentle sense of euphoria, they are also excellent to use as a prelude to meditation.

So, what I have done for you is put together a selection of YouTube videos on meditation and breathing techniques that are suitable for empowering the Empath mind.

Click on them and see which one you resonate with.


Basic meditation

Meditation for anxiety and panic attacks


Meditation music for sleep


Calming breathing techniques

Bumble bee breath for calming the mind

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