What is the Empath Knowing?

Empaths just know stuff, without being told. It’s called the Knowing and can go way beyond simple intuition or gut feelings, even though that is how many would describe it.

The more attuned the Empath the stronger this gift of intuition becomes.

Intuition can come in many forms, foreseeing future events, being psychic, having the ability to read others etc. This intuition can be developed, if that’s what one wants, but the most important thing we should do is listen to the Knowing as it is both a guide and warning system.

Every Empath will have intuition to varying degrees. For most intuition will come as strong feelings within the gut area or as a hunch.

We often become most aware of our intuition when we first meet others.  On first introduction, we may get an overwhelming feeling that this person will be bad news in some way, and the stronger the feeling, the more stark the warning. We may then share this feeling with another, only to be told not to be silly, that our suspicions are unfounded and we should really like this person because they are fabulous. However, no matter how much someone may try to convince us otherwise, our first gut feelings will always be proven correct. It may take weeks, months or many years but the truth will be revealed.

There are some Empaths born with clairvoyant, mediumistic, medically intuitive or other abilities which also fall under the umbrella of Knowing. These gifts can be developed under the guidance of a good teacher or through various techniques. However, many Empaths may find they do not want to develop these traits simply because they do not want to take any more on than they already have.

This strong sense of Knowing within Empaths is a guide and way-shower and helps us discern what or who is right or wrong for us on our own unique journey’s.


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©Diane Kathrine

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