The Importance of Swapping Grounding Techniques For an Empath

Are you one of the many Empaths who find your grounding methods stop being as effective after a while?

You are not alone.

Because your physical and energetic bodies get used to certain grounding techniques, you don’t always feel the benefit and therefore need to keep swapping and changing them.

Everyone is different and what works for one Empath will not always work for another, so having a few grounding techniques on hand will help keep you protected and in control.

The following are some grounding techniques you could use:

1. Drink Water

The body is made up of 75% water (some body tissue has 95%), so it should come as no surprise that this is way up there on the self-healing and grounding scale.

Many are unaware of just how dehydrated they are. An insufficient supply of water creates problems with the functioning of the energetic and physical bodies, it affects general well-being and accelerates the ageing process.

Water is a powerful protector for the Empath and they need lots of it, both inside and outside of their bodies.

When feeling emotionally frazzled or fired-up, drink a pint of cool fresh water and see how it changes the way you feel.

2. Use Sea Salt

Not only is sea salt a great medicinal healer, it is also great for protection and grounding. It has the power to draw out and dissolve negative energies from the emotional and physical body. This is especially helpful if your day involves interacting with others, where too often you end up picking their stressed or anxious energy. A twenty minute soak in salt water is a great grounding tool.

Salt is not only grounding, for the Empath, but a hugely beneficial energy clearing tool.

3. Balance Your Masculine and Feminine Energy

By balancing your masculine and feminine energy, it works exceedingly well to help keep you grounded and energetically stable. See this post for more information.

4. Smudge

Smudging helps clear your Empath energy field of unwanted energy, it also helps keep you grounded. It couldn’t be easier to do.

For more information on the techniques and benefits of smudging, see post here.

5. Exercise

In the Western world many turn to exercise for the benefits of weight loss and a toned body. However, exercise offers so much more, especially for the Empath. It releases pent-up emotions, removes impurities through sweat, enhances and uplifts moods, energizes, increases happiness, builds a powerful energy field, and is also grounding.

Swapping and changing your exercise routines also helps maximise grounding benefits.

6. Chakra Balancing

You have 7 main chakras which are part of your energetic body. They are your centres of spiritual power that run the length of the body, from the lower torso to the crown of head.

The chakras are whirling vortices of energy aligned with the endocrine system (organs which secrete hormones such as adrenalin, cortisone and thyroxine into the body). When any chakra is out of balance it can not only create disease (dis-ease) within the body, but it will also make you feel ungrounded.

Balancing the chakras not only works in being grounding but is also incredibly beneficial to the health of the body and mind. For more information click here.

7. Nature

Being outdoors in nature has a healing and grounding effect on every Empath.

If you spend little time in nature you will struggle to stay grounded or find balance.

If you work in a city, with no access to parkland, make sure you get out at weekends away from cars and air pollution.

8. Laughter

You obviously know that laughing makes you feel good, but did you know laughing can help keep you grounded?

As grown-ups we spend too much time being solemn and serious, and too little time having fun (especially in the current times). Do you remember the last time you had a proper belly laugh?

We hear children laugh all the time. They don’t know how to take life seriously, it’s all about play and fun, which helps keep them grounded.

Everyone should strive to stay childlike. To see the world in wonder and above all have fun and laugh. Anything that makes you laugh will help keep you grounded and protected. It really is a therapy.

9. Earthing

Although this is a last on the list it is one of the most beneficial when it comes to Empath grounding.

Earthing involves placing naked feet on natural earth or, in other words, walking barefoot!

We often take for granted the extraordinary healing power of Mother Earth, but connecting with her is one of the easiest ways for the Empath to find balance.

See this post for more information on Earthing…

So there you go. It should be pointed out that if you are suffering with a leaky aura, you may struggle to stay grounded, no matter what grounding technique you use; you may have to use several. Read more about leaky aura syndrome here.

Wishing you well on your Empath journey.


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