The Eating Plan for Empaths & HSPs

We really are what we eat! Creating a strong, healthy body is essential if we want to find complete balance as an Empath.  It may seem tedious to be told the importance of improving diet, but it is an essential component to finding balance for the Sensitive person.

The majority only attempt to change their diet as a last resort after trying everything else. Which is understandable. Most do not want to know just how destructive certain foods are to their health because those foods have such a powerful emotional hold.

If we don’t eliminate drug-like foods our bodies become more and more out-of-balance and Empath life becomes unbearable!

Eating food that debilitates the body and mind will take everyone down, and not just the Sensitive.

It is widely believed that if there is no ill-effect shortly after eating a certain food it is safe to consume. This is not true. Adverse food reactions may not show up in the body, or mind, for up to forty-eight hours after consumption. And even then, the symptoms may seem minor.

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Drug-like, processed food, filled with chemicals, and foods to which we are intolerant, not only deplete the body but affect the hormones and endocrine glands, lower moods and, in some cases, cause severe mental disorders.

It is essential that anyone who is Sensitive gets to grip with their diet. Whatever goes into the body, via the mouth, affects the mind, body and energy field. Wheat and sugar being the worst offenders. Poor food choices heighten all negative emotional responses and cause unnecessary heartache. Here are just some of the reactions certain foods cause:

  • Paranoia
  • Increased emotional sensitivities
  • Depression and low moods
  • Mood swings
  • Overreacting to other people’s energy
  • Irrational fears and phobias
  • Excessive introversion
  • Disruption in hormones

Your intuition is always at work, behind the scenes, trying to get your attention about how to care for your-self. But, too often, these promptings go unnoticed for the simple reason you are unaware of their importance.

Foods that don’t agree with your genetic codes are mostly the ones you become addicted to and are destructive to wellbeing.

The quiet voice of your inner-guardian is always guiding you. When your intuition wants to make you aware of much needed changes, the subject will keep popping into your mind.

You may find yourself being drawn to certain websites, books or magazines, that contain information on nutritional health and wellbeing. For example: you may have had thoughts about eliminating refined sugar, and when you walk past a newsstand, you notice all the magazines with articles relating to sugar elimination, you may go into a bookshop and the books that, jump out at you, all relate to sugar-free lifestyles, or when surfing the internet, you come across posts on the hazards of consuming refined sugar. These little pointers are your intuition’s way of getting your attention and it is sensible to listen.

Most Empaths already have an inkling of what they should or shouldn’t consume to stay healthy because their inner Knowing is constantly talking to them. Those nagging feelings, that something is not a fit, is their intuition at work trying to get the attention. But humans have a weakness for the forbidden fruit and don’t always want to listen to the inner-guidance’s recommendations.

If you want to see real magic happen within your life change your diet and get rid of what holds you back!

You may tell yourself the reason you do not progress in life is because you are not confident, fear change or failure, but you have to ask the question why do you feel that way?

Oddly enough, many of your insecurities are born from chemical reactions within the body directly caused by the foods you eat.

Once you embark on the journey of self-healing through changing your diet you will be astounded at how your life shifts gears. Your happiness increases, your energy levels rise, your sense of purpose becomes defined, and much more. Yes, all from making some simple changes to your diet!

If you want to see life transformations then work at making changes to what you eat. I guarantee your mind will tell you otherwise, but the easiest way to experience this transformation is by overhauling your diet.

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the-eating-plan-for-empaths-and-hsps-pic-monkeyThe Easy Permanent Path to Emotional Freedom, Weight-Loss, Health and Happiness!

Modern diets and lifestyles have taken too many Sensitive people down without them realizing. Most have no idea how food hinders their happiness or how making a couple of changes could transform their life.


The Eating Plan for Empaths & HSPs:

  • Exposes the true nature of drug-like food on your Sensitive traits
  • Reveals the easy-to-follow steps to overhaul your diet
  • Enables you to take back control of what you feel, think and absorb
  • Sets you up for a life of joy and emotional freedom
  • Shows you how to suppress and soothe Sensitivity stress
  • Promotes weight-loss and wellbeing

The secret to any self-improvement lies in having knowledge and a willingness to change. Until you make changes to your diet, you will never understand how it affects you as a Sensitive Person.

If you want to see an amazing transformation in the way you look, feel and think you need to read this book!