To The Negatives With Love ♥♥♥

Some time ago, I remember watching one of the Lee Harris energy forecasts where he made reference to negative comments, he said something to effect of: ‘When you’ve got your first negative comment, it could be said that you’ve officially made it.’  Well, this morning I got my first negative comment.

I must say, when I initially read the comment I felt it as a bit of a blow (probably the desired intention of the commenter), why was someone attacking me when my only intention was to be of service?  And then I remembered that getting attacked just goes with the territory of being a Lightworker. Funnily enough, my ‘internal Knowing’ had already prepped me for this ‘negative comment’ prior to reading, I had literally written this post in my mind, whilst enjoying my morning pot of café noir in bed, before laying eyes on the offending item.

In my morning musings, I was thinking of a negative comment I’d seen on Denise Le Fey’s blog yesterday. (I have much respect for Denise’s work and the information she tirelessly puts out to help others). You only need to read the comments of her many readers to know Denise has helped thousands of people over the years in sharing what she knows, but she gets a lot of negative feedback off, what she labels, the Consciousness Police. It is incredibly disrespectful that she is attacked, with such distasteful comments, in the space she has created to help others. I felt the negative comments were an attack and an attempt to disempower not just Denise but her readers as well.

One of the first lessons we learn on our path of awakening is that of discernment: to take from books, teachers and way-showers the information that resonates with us and discard the rest without judgement. We live in an ever-changing world and the information we may have resonated with ten years ago may no longer serve and likewise, that which did not serve us in the past may now be of use. But we can be grateful for it all as it serves in being a stepping stone on our path of evolution. We have to be mindful enough to know that just because we do not agree with what another has written, it does not make it wrong and if it serves only one, then it is a gift to that person. Being critical, judgemental or making others wrong only serves in weakening us.

I have chosen not to publish my ‘first negative comment’ (I sent it straight to the trash, although maybe I should have framed it 😉 ) because, as we all know, negative comments hold negative energy and that is not something I wish to willingly project from my blog. I have no plan of intentionally publishing any negative comments here, because I feel that would be being a great disservice to myself and those who come to this blog in search of answers.

The information I share here is that which I know would have been a help to me in my past years of searching to understand what I was feeling and going through. I do not, nor will ever proclaim to have all the answers, I can only share that which I have learnt and come to understand on my journey, and I give it with an open heart.

We have to respect each other and the journeys we are all on. No one person holds all the answers (and if they did they would not share them because they would know that we are here to learn and we do that through our life experiences. No-one can take our life-lessons away from us). We may all be connected and carry many similar traits, but we are each unique and on our own amazing paths of self-realization. That which works for one will not always work for another and it is up to each individual to make those discoveries for themselves.

Those who attack others verbally, within the written word or other, carry a lot of pain and sadly, whether they realise it or not, have a natural attraction towards the negative. So, to all the commenters out there who feel compelled to leave demeaning, hurtful, or spiteful comments on Lightworkers blogs and websites I wish you well and send to you LOVE, lots and lots of LOVE ♥♥♥.