Do Empaths Have Mediumistic Abilities?

pschic development imageBecause Empaths are an intuitive bunch it can arouse the question whether they also have psychic and mediumistic abilities. Being mediumistic is not a trait to fall under the ‘traits of an Empath’. However, there are some who do have this ability.

Some Empaths have mediumistic abilities and some mediums have Empathic abilities. But whether we were born with mediumistic abilities or not, it is a gift that can be developed. If it is something we are drawn to and want to develop most can work towards becoming gifted mediums. Empaths are highly intuitive and are aligned to most things of a metaphysical nature. We often experience a strong pull towards mediumship in the ‘early days’ of awakening. However, it is not a subject one should take lightly and finding a good teacher is essential. The teacher has to know and understand all about the traits and sensitivities of an Empath. Continue reading

The beginning…

Well, here it is my very first blog… How exciting and yet nerve-racking, knowing the entire world we be able to see my ramblings, opinions and beliefs.

As I sit fumbling with the key-board, typing a line and then deleting it, I wonder whether I’ve got what it takes to write an interesting yet enlightening blog (I hope so). We’ve all got to start somewhere and this is my first step. With this being my first post I don’t imagine there will be many, if anyone, who reads it, so I’m going to allow myself the luxury of waffling. For the purpose of practise of course.

So what’s my reason for blogging? Probably the same as many others… I have something, which I consider, important to share. I have written a book (still in manuscript form) on the subjects that I’ll be sharing, but we all know how hard it is to get published, so I’ll be using extracts from the book in blogs and pages, making it accessible to anyone with a computer. I’m a great believer in fate and if my blog can help just one person in the world, then that one person will fall across my posts… And who knows, the one person it may help could just be me.

I realise I’ve still not told you what it is I’m going to blog about, I’m still wondering how to word it, and as I said I’m allowing myself the luxury of waffling (I’m not one who normally goes round the houses). Ok, time to reveal. This blog/ site is about: The changes that are happening in the world and how they are affecting us all. I know, there’s probably gazillions of other blogs doing the same, but I’ve yet to find one that shares the type of information, I feel, is needed out there. Some are too spiritual, biased or unable to reach the type of person I mix with everyday (who are struggling to wake up).  

There are so many people suffering in the world today, and if your reading this you’re probably one of them, with no ‘real’ understanding of what or why we are in such a bad place. We’ve all got our own stories or something to blame our hardships on: lack of money, lack of freedom, lack of love… Yes, it all seems to centre on feelings of deficiency, many of us feel empty or in a void. I hear so many people say, ‘Is this all there is to life?’ And still, there are many others not saying it… Ego won’t let us all admit that our life is less than perfect, especially if perfection is the life image we want to portray to the world.

Well, there is a reason for it all, which I will be revealing in the coming days, weeks and months. But first and foremost, the most important message I can get across to you is, it will get better. You’ve got to believe it (I know, easier said than done). You maybe up one day and down the next, or you maybe continuously down. And you will almost certainly be blaming someone in your life for your unhappiness or the situation (rut) you’re now in: husband, wife, children, boss, parent… Just remember an external shift is affecting us internally. Our emotions are on a rollercoaster, but you have the power to control them. I am coming to the end of my post for today (can’t wait to get back tomorrow) but I will leave you with something to think about:

  • You can choose the way you’re feeling. If you’re sad, angry or unhappy change it to how you want to feel. You’re in charge you just don’t know it yet.
  • If you’re blaming someone else stop it now. Especially if it’s someone you love, don’t use them as your (metaphorical) punch-bag.
  • The darkest hour comes before the light. It will get better, much better.