Empaths and Inauthenticity

Have you noticed the World’s untruths, being revealed, have skyrocketed lately?

The strange thing is, instead of questioning them, people are accepting these untruths as if it is the normal thing to do.

But the Empaths are struggling with them. The countless pretences they face in daily life are bringing them down.

Empaths have a strong awareness of integrity. They know they shouldn’t lie for personal gain, or to manipulate others. And although they strive towards living their truth, it becomes increasingly difficult when the world is filled with such dishonesty and corruption.

In a world where silver-tongued fraudsters, who spin twisted webs of deceit, are rewarded for their outspoken dishonesty, and those who speak their truth get attacked, it is easy to understand why people are hesitant to live authentically. Truths are suppressed whilst lies snowball out of control.

Empaths feel the energy of a lie, even if they don’t know what the lie is, and are deeply affected by them. We are in a time where dishonesty is breeding and many are living in a state of cognitive dissonance.

cognitive dissonance meaning

Whilst the world is awash with hyped propaganda and disinformation, something will always feel off to the Empath. Continuous lies leave  them confused, anxious or drained, and causes conflict and chaos within their psyche. Global deception is a reason many are so out-of-balance.

It’s not just living under a disingenuous, power-corrupt establishment that creates imbalance within the Empath, simply being in the presence of inauthenticity will throw them into disarray.

When an Empath spends time with someone who is not vibrating truthfully it affects them on many levels.

When in the company of those whose words don’t match their vibrational energy, the Empath brain may scramble. So much so, they struggle to form a complete sentence.

This mind-numbing effect is caused by their Empathic antenna sensing all is not what it seems. It is detecting a person not showing the true reflection of who they are.

Empaths themselves often wear a mask of inauthenticity in certain situations, or find themselves unintentionally morphing, but more on that shortly.

In most cases, when someone creates a fake persona it is a way to hide a side they believe will be rejected. Every human wants to feel special and loved. But because they feel unworthy, many create a fictitious side in their bid to be accepted. Inauthenticity breeds and feeds. An initial quest to fit in can escalate over time into a manipulative personality.


When an Empath encounters inauthentic people they may assume it is their own shortcomings creating the ‘freeze‘. But what is really happening is a brain scramble caused by contradictory energy.

Brain scramble may cause: stumbling over words, memory and thought process being unpleasantly affected, nervousness, anxiety and even illness to occur.

I believe this ‘brain scrambling’ is a form of protection. The brain is alerting us to an inconsistency, or contradiction, with the energy connection. We don’t always know the nature of the contradiction but just that something is off (it is up to us to decipher our reactions).

Anyone who is not emanating truthful vibes will put an Empath on high alert. Even when they are not in imminent danger. Continue reading

It’s True! The Truth will Set you Free as an Empath!

Finding the truth of who you really are as an Empath is one of the hardest things you will face whilst on this path of awakening.

If you are struggling with the current shift happening in the world, or with being an Empath, I guarantee, one of the reasons is you are not facing your personal truth.

The person you see in the mirror is an accumulation of many fear-based emotions, untruths, rejections and painful events, built up from your personal history.

Ever heard the saying, ‘We’re not really upset about what we think we’re upset about?’ It means we’re not facing the true cause of our pain.

Finding your truth is not an overnight process. It can take years. At least it took me years and I’m still uncovering new stuff all the time.

It was part of my journey to go the long way round, perhaps, so I could share the information here.

So how did I make the discovery? That the truth really will set you free…? Through journaling.

When I was at my lowest ebb (part of my resistance to the a changing world and my Empath ways) I did not want to talk to anyone about what I was feeling inside. I believed it would make me appear weak and vulnerable. I felt frustrated that I was not in control of my emotions (When I discovered I was an Empath they made more sense) and, as I was not prepared to talk to anyone about it, I had to find a way to offload. I did this by journaling.

I came across journaling, quite by chance during a quest to improve my writing skills. In her book, Writing down the Bones, Natalie Goldberg explained: to hone one’s writing ability one should write every day. The idea was just to put pen to paper and see what came out. This is exactly what I did… Continue reading