The Word is Spreading

This morning I was happy to find in my inbox a newsletter from the renowned Dr. Judith Orloff, stating she had recently gone gluten and sugar free, and she recommended this way of eating to other Empaths. I felt quite excited by the fact word is clearly spreading about the importance of addressing the diet to find complete balance, health and happiness as an Empath.

I have written about the benefits of changing the diet for some years now, after seeing the changes in myself when I removed certain foods from my diet. Not only in my health but to my Empath ways. What we eat can either bring us down or transform our life in the most amazing way. The more of us who discover the power our food has on our life, not just as an Empath but as a human, the more of us who can then spread the word to others.

I believe so much in the transformational benefits of the proper diet for those who are Sensitive that I have written a book about it called: ‘The Eating Plan for Empaths and HSPs – Change Your Diet Change Your Life!’ Here’s a snippet of what the book entails:

  • Why the wrong diet leaves the Empath life-weary, energetically open and overly receptive to the negative emotions of others.
  • What you don’t know about wheat. How it has been genetically altered and why this has impacted our health and Empath traits.
  • The destructive effect wheat and sugar has on the Sensitive person’s brain and the reason they are hidden in most processed foods.
  • Why Empaths and HSPs are hardwired into becoming addicted to drug-like foods and how this can be effortlessly corrected.
  • How strong emotions, coupled with poor diet, damage the gut and trigger anything from anxiety and excessive introversion to lower back pain and stomach disorders, and the approaches to rectify the damage.
  • Ways to soothe the seat of emotions through nutrition.
  • An easy-to-follow eating plan that will get you off wheat and sugar for good, reshape your life and lead to a more blissful existence.

the-eating-plan-for-empaths-and-hsps-pic-monkeyAs well as a 4-week elimination plan, the book includes at least 90 mouth-watering, easy-to-follow recipes to make the food transition a comfortable and effortless one.

I have amassed a wide selection of gluten and sugar-free recipes since I first eliminated wheat, back in 2012, after much trial and error (and mess) in the kitchen, and have included many of them in the book.

The path of the Empath is already challenging enough; we should not be brought further down by what we eat. We all want to attain balance and peace, but that will not happen without a change in our eating habits. The wrong diet will affect your spiritual awareness and prevent intuition from developing, it also heightens the impact of other people’s energy and emotions, and hinder one’s ability to find inner calm, happiness and health… something we all need to experience in our life now. The thing is, until you make the necessary changes to your diet you won’t see how foods, like wheat and sugar, are affecting you.

My life has transformed since changing my diet and I know yours can too. If you are interested and ready to change your diet and change your life, whilst losing some weight in the process, this book is for you!

Until next time


©Diane Kathrine


Surviving Christmas: A Guide for Empaths & HSPs

tree_2As you may have already noticed, it is getting ever closer to that dreaded time of year… Christmas!

For some of you, Christmas may be a much enjoyed time that you look forward to. I wish I could make that claim. Unfortunately, for many reasons, the festive season is one my least favourite times of the year.

When I was a younger (child to mid-twenties), I used to love Christmas and everything it stood for. But as the years passed the month of December became harder and harder for me to cope with.

Without fail, every year, at the end of November or beginning of December, I would start to feel low. My energy dropped; I would feel like I was coming down with a bug, I would be tense or harassed and just feel plain awful. On around December 28th I would strangely go back to feeling better.

In my mind I would always find a reason for feeling so bad: being extra busy at work, having an incredibly busy social life, eating unhealthily, drinking too much alcohol, not having enough sunlight, not doing enough exercise etc.… And so, over the years I tried many different approaches to make December more bearable for me: I made changes to my diet, I exercised, stopped going out, stopped drinking, went on a sunshine break, but nothing changed. I came to dislike Christmas so much (for many reasons and not just because I felt bad) that I simply opted out of the whole thing! But still, there was no change in the way I felt. Continue reading

Clear Negative Energy and Restore Health with Organic Salt

Sea SaltIt is said that the ‘father of medicine,’ Hippocrates, was amongst the first to discover the magical, healing ability of sea salt after noticing how quickly seawater would heal wounded fishermen’s hands.

Not only is organic sea or rock salt a great medicinal healer it is deeply purifying energetically. It has the power to draw out and dissolve negative energies from the emotional and physical body. This is especially helpful if your day involves interacting with others where too often we absorb stressed or anxious energy.

For Empaths unrefined rock or sea salt can be an amazing grounding and energy clearing tool that can be safely and effectively used daily, inside and outside the body. And not just for clearing negative energy. Continue reading

The Powerful Grounding, Protecting and Mirroring Properties of Haematite

haematite stonesMost Empaths and Sensitives will have a ‘thing’ for the crystal kingdom in some way or other. We can be drawn to crystals for many reasons, but especially for their beauty, texture, colour and the powerful vibrations they emit.

There are hundreds of different types of crystals all with countless healing properties but today I am focusing on one stone that, for very good reason, I’ve been drawn to lately…Haematite.

For the Empath, Haematite is a very powerful stone that has many helpful qualities. It is known as the grounding stone of grounding stones! It is also protecting and has a strong mirroring effect.

Haematite has the ability to both balance your energy and raise your vibration, lifting you up energetically, whilst still keeping you grounded. And one thing all Empaths need is to stay grounded! Continue reading

10 Essential Oils to Re-Balance the Empath

essential_oilsThe value of essential oils has been known for more than 6000 years, not only for their amazing healing properties but for their ability to bring energetic balance back to the body and mind, and promote emotional wellbeing.

Essential oils are composed of tiny molecules which can easily be penetrated by the body. When the essences are inhaled they enter the body, via the cells that line the nasal passages. These then send messages to the brain which directly affects the emotions by working on the limbic system, the limbic system controls the major functions of the body. Thus essential oils are able to heal and balance one’s physical and mental bodies at the same time.

Although the following essential oils have many therapeutic benefits, I will mainly be listing their energetic and emotional balancing qualities. These oils can also help remove the emotional energy, in the form of depression, low moods or anger, you may have picked up off others. Continue reading

How to Heal an Empath’s Emotions

Since I wrote my last post, Traits of the Sensitive, I decided to do a little research on the amygdala, the part of the brain which Dr. Elaine Aron, a research psychologist, found to be highly activated in Sensitives, when witnessing or being in situations that incite emotional responses. I wanted to know just what health implications it may have on us, by its constant activation. Here’s what I found:

The amygdala is a set of small almond-shaped clusters of nuclei, located deep within our brain’s temporal lobe, which plays a huge part in processing emotions. The more aggressive the emotion the more responsive the amygdala becomes, and is directly responsible for triggering the fight or flight response hormones.

Aron found, through a series of trials and research, when Sensitives were exposed to pictures of human suffering, the amygdala was activated, which in turn releases hormones into the body further enticing emotional responses.

[As Empaths, we know we don’t need to just watch another endure pain to experience suffering, simply being in the presence of someone carrying disturbed, vexed or negative emotions is enough to set off a huge reaction within us, whether the other person shows the emotions or not.]

The amygdala is not a thinking part of the brain; so to speak, it is more of a reacting part, which will activate when exposed to stimuli such as stress, fear or other strong emotions. It causes an automatic response known as the fight or flight response.

The fight or flight response is the body’s way of protecting us from dangerous situations. The process elevates hormones to give us the energy and strength to run away from danger or stay and fight for our life.

Two of the  hormones released into the body, by amygdala activation, are adrenalin and cortisol. These hormones increase heart rate, respiration and glucose levels, all essential for increased body activity. When these hormones are constantly activated by endocrine glands (courtesy of amygdala activation) and not used (by running away or fighting), it has a knock on effect and will put other organs out of whack, which can eventually lead to all sorts of illnesses such as heart disease, adrenal fatigue and diabetes, to name but a few.

Now, in normal situations, when a stressful situation is removed from the person experiencing it (a one-off stressful day at work for example), their stress levels return to normal and the amygdala stops activation. It is when the stress/emotional triggers do not decrease that causes problems within the body. This is where health complications can arise for the Empath.

Empaths don’t always get away from stressful emotions so easily, for not only do they have to deal with their own day-to-day stresses, but that of others too. When in a shopping centre or public place, one will stop feeling stranger’s emotions quite soon after leaving. However, when picking up another’s emotions, one is connected to via a family or friend relationship, these emotions do not leave so quickly and can last for anything from days, up to a week after exposure. This will also mean our amygdala is staying activated and thus a large amount of unnecessary hormones are getting dumped into our bodies which will not be used in the way they should be…

 So what can we do about it?

1. The first step we can take in preventing unnecessary amygdala activation is to avoid known triggers. The people we know who stimulate a heavy negative emotional response within us, see post here (lasting more than a day) will very likely always affect us this way and to protect our/yourself you should start doing a clear-out (if you haven’t already) of those people. Yes, I know, easier said that done for some, but it is essential for your health and wellbeing and in these cases you really do have to put yourself first. Think about your health and let go of guilt associated with releasing a family member or old friend from your life.

It is known that triggers related to past experience, memories etc, produce stronger reactions in the amygdala than more recent, non-past-related experiences, and this is all the more reason to avoid those who you have a bad history with (I know how difficult detachment is, but from my experience, with those who evoke negative emotional responses within, over time things get worse, not better. No matter how much you work on yourself).

People who bring nothing to your life but emotional pain will eventually bring disease too. As already noted the amygdala is a defence mechanism automatically activated by emotional responses, so even if you have trained the amygdala not to react to certain stimuli, it can be triggered by memory and being with someone who has caused you past emotional pain.

2. Control your mind and thoughts: Keep the mind quiet to stop unnecessary amygdala activation from thoughts, read post here

3. Avoid stimulants: Sensitives react to coffee and other stimulants more than most, so it is best to know your caffeine intake limits and stay within them (take note at which point you get a physical response – too much caffeine can cause shakiness, pounding heart, flushing, faster breathing and an aching chest – and stay under the that amount), otherwise you may activate the amygdala.

4. Exercise daily. Exercise has many redeeming benefits but in the case of amygdala activation, it can help disperse and use up excess glucose, adrenalin and cortisol in the bloodstream, caused by emotional responses off others (see final point).

5. Control glucose levels through diet: Emotions off others can result in extra glucose being dumped into our bloodstream (after the amygdala activates cortisol production), which plays havoc with our waistline and also messes with the hormones of the body. It is essential for good health that we create balance from the food we eat to prevent blood glucose spikes as we are already at risk of having spikes, just by being around others. I have already written posts regarding how wheat and sugar is dangerous to us Empaths, but this post, on how they affect our blood sugar levels, is worth a look at. And although it is explaining how high blood sugars make us overweight, it also explains how food triggers our glucose (blood sugar) levels.

 6. Cover all bases: As we never really know when we may be in a situation that will cause an amygdala activation, through being peopled or other, it is best to have all bases covered. This post will help.

Hope all is keeping really well in your world…

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Rules of Life for The Empath

When we are in the midst of some trying times which can affect our attitude and mind-set in a negative way.

Our attitude reflects in all areas of our life. We draw to ourselves anything on the same level of our vibration. When our moods are low it is difficult to stay in a positive head-space. Our thoughts darken and it is easy to become entangled in low-level thinking. When we become embroiled in a stream of dark repetitive thoughts we start to draw more situations that match this frequency, which only serves in keeping us stuck in a dark mind-set.

If anyone can manifest more of their thoughts, opinions and ways it is the Empaths. For this reason, it is a good idea to reprogram our way of thinking and approach towards life. We draw back to us what we send out. If we get pushed into a low-level viewpoint, by picking up the negative opinions of others, overtime it will alter our attitudes and outlook on life.

We attract into our life who and what we are. To draw more magnificence, we need adopt a more magnificent outlook on life. The following are 50 ways of being to adopt into your life which will allow you to see positive changes.

1. Let Go of Expectations

Our expectations can cause us untold pain and frustration. When we let them go,  it will free us from disappointment.

2. Learn to Accept

We cannot and should not control everything in life. Acceptance of self, others and life situations is essential if we want to live a happy, healthy life.

3. Release Dependency on Others

When we depend on another to make us feel happy or to give our life meaning, we miss out on our own unique journey.

4. Control your Thoughts

Most of our stress is born, not from our life situations but the way we think about them. Choose your thoughts wisely.

5. Judge Not

Judging another will only serve in making you fearful of others judgements towards you; which in turn will make you afraid of doing, saying or being your true-self.

6. Stop Procrastinating

Don’t put off today what you can do tomorrow. Time goes by too quickly. Don’t waste life thinking about what you could be doing and just do it.

7. Be at Peace with Criticism

Trying to go through life avoiding criticism will only stop you from doing what you are meant to do and becoming who you are meant to be.

8. Change not Another nor let Another Change You

Allow yourself or others to be who they truly are. Trying to mould another into being the person you want them to be, or changing oneself to please another takes away life’s opportunities.

9. Don’t Take it Personally

If another judges, criticises or treats you badly, it is not a reflection on you but on them.

10. Stay Unique

With everyone trying to fit in originality is rare. Give yourself the gift of being a one-off original.

11. Never Give Up

Good things aren’t meant to arrive overnight and we have little appreciation of that which comes easy. If you want something and believe in it keep striving towards it, no matter what your age.

12. Leave the Crowd Behind

We are each here to enjoy our own exclusive life experience; following the crowd stops you from having it.

13. Collect Experiences not Treasures

The only thing we get to take with us when we leave this body is our knowledge and experience. Our possessions stay behind.

14. Abandon the Fear of Failure

A failure is simply a learning experience to teach us how not to do something in the future. When we learn something, through failure, it is a valuable gift that only we can give ourselves.

15. Believe in Yourself

Believe in what you want to do, not what family or society expects you to do. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.

16. Embrace Success

Have confidence in the fact you are successful and you always will be!

17. Love What You Do and Do What You love

When you are happy in your work, success will follow.

18. Don’t Place Your Worth on Your Appearance

Youthful looks will fade in time but the beauty within continues to grow. Embrace who you are and not how you look.

19. Take Responsibility For Your Actions

Live life believing karma exists.

20. Create The Change You Want To See

Don’t wait for someone else to do it first. Be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

21. Treat Everyone as an Equal

No one is better than another, no matter what their wealth or status. Believing we are better or lesser than another leads to grandiosity or lack of self-worth.

22. Listen to Others

Most are not listening, they are simply waiting for their chance to speak. When we allow ourselves to really hear what others are saying, we expand our own consciousness.

23. Take Not Revenge

It is not up to us to punish others for what we consider bad behaviour. When we treat others badly, or push them away, to teach them a lesson, it will always backfire!

24. Remember You Have Freewill

It is your life, you do not have to do anything you do not want or choose.

25. Allow Yourself to Give and Receive Love

Opening your heart is not a sign of weakness, it’s a show of strength.

26. Let Go of Pain

We wouldn’t hold on to a burning coal, so why allow painful emotions to burn within our body.

27. Don’t Allow Rules to Stifle Creativity

Rules should be seen as guidelines, be a rebel and break a few.

28. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone Daily

If you want to see life changes do something each day that makes you uncomfortable.

29. Stop Waiting for Another to Complete You

The only person who can make you complete is you.

30. Learn to Be on Your Own

Learning to like one’s own company makes the journey of life into an extraordinary expedition.

31. Love Yourself

If you don’t like yourself, you won’t respect yourself and if you don’t respect yourself, no one else will!

32. Keep Your Self-Talk Positive

It is the key to a happy, productive life.

33. Eat What Nature Intended

Genetically modified and chemically laden foods have no right being inside the human body. For lasting health and happiness keep your diet clean.

34. Nurture Body Mind and Spirit

They are connected and only when all three are balanced can we find harmony in life.

35. Free Your Voice and Learn to Say No

If others do not want to respect your right to choose, that is their problem. No matter what you do, you will never please others most of the time, so you may as well please yourself all of the time.

36. Remember Your Friends

One of the biggest regret of those on their deathbed is losing touch with old friends. You cannot make new ‘old friends’. You will rarely make friends like the ones who have been in your life for the long hall, don’t forget them.

37. Free Yourself from Childhood Issues

The child in you lived and got through those difficult times; don’t let the adult now be punished by them.

38. Let Go of Resentment

Why let another’s actions blight your life? Being filled with resentment towards others makes you bitter. Let it go.

39. Control Anger

Our anger only serves in punishing us, not the ones we are angry with.

40. Help Others to Help Themselves

Instead of telling others how to do it, show them by example.

41. Lose The Need to be Right

Wanting to be right, just makes others wrong. Value others opinions.

42. Question Everything

Don’t believe everything you read, hear or see. If it doesn’t feel right, chances are it isn’t.

43. Give Without Expect of Return

Doing nice things for others without expecting anything back, sets the spirit soaring.

44. Stop Throwing Pity Parties

Talk and think like a victim and be a victim.

45. Strive for Many Life Experiences

Keep your life energised with new experiences every day.

46. Why Wait? Go and Get It

If you want something, find a way to get it. Don’t die with your dreams still inside. Step out there and create them.

47. Respect the Elderly

We will all be old one day.

48. Find Your Passions

How will you know what they are if you don’t seek them out?

49. Select Acquaintances Wisely

You become who you spend most time around.

50. Choose Happiness

We have a choice how to feel. For a joyful  life make the decision to feel happy each and everyday!

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©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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Listening to our Internal Guidance Systems

The summer has finally arrived in the UK…Only had to wait five years for it :). The Sun uplifts my spirits like nothing else. And it’s not just me it has a positive effect on, everywhere I go people have smiles on their faces and are so much friendlier than normal. Perhaps this is because we so seldom get nice weather in the North of England. Rain and grey clouds tends to be our weather staple. But, as I am not here to talk about the weather, I shall move swiftly on.

I haven’t been spending much time on the internet lately (too busy drenching myself in sunshine), but when I do visit the sites I normally frequent, it is very evident how difficult of a time people are having. To be fair, and I touch wood as I type, I have not been feeling bad at all recently, quite the opposite in fact. I have been upbeat, energised and getting giddier by the day. But knowing how this process unfolds, I realise this could be a temporary state and I’m slightly hesitant to make any claims regarding personal changes as I know how transient these ‘good times’ can be. However, I feel that much of the way I’m feeling is the direct result of lifestyle changes I’ve made by tuning into my Internal Guidance System (IGS), otherwise known as our higher self.

As I mentioned in my last post, sensitivities are on the increase for many, in the form of allergies, intolerances and negative emotional responses. It is very clear that these sensitivities are a reaction to those things that lower our vibration.

Not everyone will be having reactions, but I’m guessing much of the depression, anxiety and painful emotions that many are experiencing, are due to no longer being able to tolerate anything of a low vibration. Some may wrongly assume what they are experiencing are ascension symptoms, when in fact it is just their body trying to raise their awareness to the fact they need to clean themselves up.

For years, many Awakened people have endured varying ascension symptoms that come and go without any distinguishing triggers. These symptoms may have been part of the ‘planetary energetic changes’. However, the reactions that many are having, both physically and mentally, maybe being caused by that which is disturbing the natural balance of the body, mind and spirit!

As humans, we can tend to focus on the development and improvement of either the spiritual or the physical, but not always on both. We may pray, meditate or chant for hours each day, spend every waking moment wondering how we could help others, but do no exercise, smoke twenty cigarettes a day and eat nothing but processed food. Or we could go to the other extreme of exercising two to three hours a day and be fastidious over every morsel put into our mouths, but have no care for any type of spiritual practice and are driven purely by material gains and power.

Our body is home to and carries our spirit, or soul. Our spirit, which is our true eternal-self, carries all our life experiences and knowledge (the only things we get to take with us when we leave here). Whilst residing here on the earthly-plane, our spirit belongs to our body and vice-versa. If we fail to nurture or mistreat one, we in turn mistreat the other. It makes sense that we should look after and balance both.

For me, cutting out wheat and alcohol has had the most dramatic effect on rebalancing me physically and spiritually. Both alcohol and wheat had a vice-like grip on me, to what extent I was unaware of until I gave them up. And, ironically enough, both play a huge part in the lives of Westerners: wheat being a staple in our diet (for more info on the detrimental effects of modern wheat see: Wheat and The Empath) and alcohol in our social lives.

Being a teenager in the eighties, I grew up with the work hard, play harder mentality, along with the alcohol culture of drinking to get hammered. When I was younger it was fun playing drinking-games and doing silly things that I’d be too shy to do otherwise. However, I now realise that alcohol played a part in my life for too long.

Like many Sensitives, in social situations, I would drink to block out negative emotions coming from others and use it as a stimulant to keep me going after my energy had been drained. It took me an awful long time to figure out that those energies, I may have blocked out whilst under the influence, still seeped into my energy-field and still had to be dealt with the next day. And the stimulant-effect I gained from alcohol, only served in further draining my energy for days after consumption. Now in social situations, I still pick up the energies off others, but I manage to integrate them as and when they arrive. And I no longer worry about letting others down by having to leave early due to tiredness. I stay as long as my energy levels permit then bid farewell. When we borrow energy, via the use of stimulants and such, it only has to be paid back with lots and lots of interest added on.

I’ve always been an advocate for taking self-responsibility and lately I’ve been seeing many others saying the same thing. If we want to move forward, in any which way, in life we are the only ones who truly know how to make it happen. We have teachers and guides to show us the way or plant seeds within, but then it is up to us to figure the rest out for ourselves.

It is too easy to become dependant on another’s teachings or words of wisdom and easier still to take their words and thoughts on as our own. We are each as individual as a snowflake and our life journey should be a reflection of this. We have access to a wealth of information outside of ourselves but the real answers lie within. We hold the key to our own happiness and freedom but we will only find it by following our Internal Guidance Systems.

Our Internal Guidance Systems help us navigate the often hilly, and even mountainous, terrain of our lives. It can be seen in the quiet, guiding voice whispering within and inside the ‘Knowing’. However, our IGS’s can be severely distorted and manipulated by anything that lowers our vibration and in turn our consciousness: Generally anything of a chemical or stimulant nature will play havoc with our IGS’s. Please see last post for more info on effects of this.

If your body has been screaming at you with negative reactions, it is letting you know that for you to fully heal and move onwards and upwards, the time has come to let go of anything that does not promote a higher vibration. You and only you can make that change.

As per usual, I have gone off on a tangent and not written about what I had intended to. And, as time is ticking, if I don’t post this now it will sit in my computer without ever seeing the light of day. I just want to finish on what I had intended to write about: If you find yourself struggling emotionally, with no obvious trigger, and feel like you’ve lost your faith in everything, you may find it helpful to read up on Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) or Past Life Regression. There is lots of info out there on both, but I can recommend anything by Raymond Moody for NDE’s and Brian Weiss for Past Life Regression.

In times of being at my lowest ebb I have stumbled across books by the aforementioned authors (obviously not by chance), and by reading them I got an instant ‘faith lift’. In these trying times, it can be too easy to get distracted by the meaningless and forget what this game called ‘Life’ is really about. For me, reading this kind of material puts life back into perspective and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Until next time…


©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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Supplements And The Empath

If you are an Empath or Sensitive, you will know only too well how easy it is to pick up coughs, colds and the like on a regular basis. Most Sensitive people will tend to get twice as many ailments as those not predisposed to the condition.

An out of balance Empath/Sensitive (especially one who has absorbed external stresses as well as having their own to deal with) need only briefly be in the presence of someone with the beginnings of a sniffle to pick up a full-blown dose. Of which, the ensuing symptoms will tend to be worse than those of the original carrier. (Click here to find a quick way to alkalise and rebalance body).

One of the problems an E/S has is not always being aware of an imbalance within as they can quickly creep up, if not be a constant state. From my own experience I have discovered that the best way to stay in balance is to have all bases covered. And what I mean by that is to take care of our physical, mental and energetic bodies (body, mind and spirit). In this post I am focusing on balance of the body (immune system) in the way of supplements.

Heard of the saying: ‘like attracts like’ or ‘like increases like?’ Well, it works in all areas of our life. Generally those picking up on negative emotions will feel like (for want of a better word) crap. When you feel crap you want to eat crap (fast food, stodgy and sugary food) and that type of food does not tend to have much in the way of nutritional value. So basically, we feel rubbish, eat rubbish, feel more rubbish… and get no nutrients. Nutrients are our safeguard against illness because they keep the immune system strong. There would be no point for me to say, ‘Avoid all nutrient devoid foods’, because we all already know they are no good for us. We also know that on our darker days after being bombarded by the world and his wife’s emotions, that family size block of chocolate has a billion times more appeal than a leafy lettuce, crunchy carrot and tangy tomato salad. And this is where supplements come in.

I came to realise, firsthand, the importance of supplements through unintentional trial and error over the years. In my haphazard approach to taking vitamins and minerals (taking them for 6 months then non for the next), I found that when taking supplements I have far less immune system related illnesses and ailments than when not taking them.

There is much controversy over the effectiveness of supplements, especially synthetic ones, and whether they actually work. Many experts say that a healthy, balanced diet is all we need for optimum nutritive levels, but even with the healthiest of diets do we really know how nutritiously balanced our food is? It is well-known that our soil is no longer as rich in minerals as it once was, which ultimately affects the mineral content of the fruit and vegetables grown in it. The ripe and brightly coloured fruits that we see on our supermarket shelves may have travelled half way round the world, and already be months old, before they even get into our kitchens, meaning a much lower vitamin count than if delivered to the supermarkets within hours of being harvested.

It is easy to get reliable information on the web about supplements and their benefits and it is well worth doing the research and reading up on comments people have made in regards to certain brands/types before spending money. Depending on your areas of weakness will depend on which supplement you could/should be taking, but I have found the following to be a good all-round elixir:

  • A good multi-vitamin and mineral.
  • Extra Vitamin C and Zinc (especially if you get many colds).
  • Omega 3, found, for example, in fish oils or organic coconut oil (a diet consisting of a ratio 3-1 of Omega 6 to Omega 3 is a good balance. However, the average Western diet consists of a ratio of approximately 15-1 or more, through the high usage of vegetable oils in processed foods).
  • A  really good Multi-B vitamin.
  • Acidophilus (especially if you suffer from a sensitive digestive tract).
  • Vitamin D3 (more for the darker, winter months).
  • Digestive Enzymes, to be taken with meals, which will help break down food and extract the nutrients. Especially beneficial to those who suffer with indigestion or low stomach acid

I write these posts with the intention of helping others in passing on what I consider to be useful information, especially during these trying times. As I’ve said before, we do need to take responsibility for self and, if nothing else, this is just to take away or ease some of the pain we have. I also feel that it can just be good to know that we are not alone in our suffering and although you may not know anyone close by who is enduring what you are, many others around the globe are going though the same or similar.

I don’t believe that any one of us holds all the answers (we probably wouldn’t be here if we did) and what works for one won’t always work for another. So in that respect take what feels right to you and discard the rest. As an Empath/Sensitive you will always get that ‘gut feeling’ (the knowing) when something is not a fit for you, but you will also know only too well that you don’t always listen to the ‘gut feeling’, instead, preferring to listen to the mind (we can sometimes be our own worst enemies). We are eternal optimists and may want to believe something because we wish it to be true, as opposed to ‘knowing’ it’s true…

Until next time.

©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered