The End of the World as We Know It?

Although I have dislike of watching strong violence on the TV, I do have a penchant for zombie and end of world catastrophe movies. One of my favourites being ‘World War Z’. It only recently dawned on me that these zombie films are almost like a metaphor for the world we live in today.


In a typical zombie film, a plague or virus wipes out the human host. It may look like the body is alive, but it is just going through the motions, whilst under the control of a parasitical hive-minded predator. The zombie is unable to show empathy, think for itself or express any emotion, other than rage, and all it seemingly can do is attack those not akin to it. Hmmm, sound familiar?

We are surrounded by what seems like many non-thinking sleepwalkers who are just going through the motions of life but aren’t really taking part in it. They follow the protocol of: consume, reproduce, sleep and obey (If you’ve ever seen the film ‘They Live’ you’ll know where I’m coming from) and don’t seem able to see, never mind question, the wrongdoings currently happening in the world.

Our reality has shifted, and the world is becoming more divided. We are seeing evidence of this everywhere we look. The polarities are so tangible now and it truly seems like there is a war between light and dark being played out. We are in the midst of some challenging, earth shifting times, that are affecting everyone in some way or other. The Empaths are feeling these changes in a pungently unpleasant way.

People are being played off against one another. With their minds distracted and preoccupied, it has kept them from waking up to the truth of themselves and the world. This is causing friction and frustration. There are a lot of unhappy folks out there, looking for ways to express their pain. They don’t know why they are feeling the way they are, they just want somewhere to offload their aggravations, and guess who frequently gets in the firing line…? yes, the Empaths and Sensitive.

What is Happening? Continue reading

Do Empaths Have Mediumistic Abilities?

pschic development imageBecause Empaths are an intuitive bunch it can arouse the question whether they also have psychic and mediumistic abilities.

Being mediumistic is not an attribute that falls under the ‘traits of an Empath’, but that is not to say they cannot have the gift.

Some Empaths have mediumistic abilities and some mediums have Empathic abilities. But whether you were born with mediumistic abilities or not, it is a gift that can be developed.

If it is something you are drawn to, and want to develop, most can work towards becoming gifted mediums. Empaths are highly intuitive and are aligned to most things of a metaphysical nature.

They often experience a strong pull towards mediumship in the ‘early days’ of awakening. However, it is not a subject one should take lightly and finding a good teacher is essential. The teacher has to know and understand all about the traits and sensitivities of an Empath. Continue reading

The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

I do love synchronicity and the way the law of attraction works!

After writing my last post, my mind has very much been on the power of the heart-centre and I have received all sorts of insights and information on ways we can build and project out our inner-heartlight (keep an eye out for future posts).

I believe we always get confirmation of the valid insights we receive intuitively as our proof and to tell us we are on the right track. For me, it is also a sign to continue along the same path as there is more to discover. Continue reading

What is an Empath’s Purpose in Life?


One of the most frequently asked questions by those on the path of awakening is: What is my purpose in life?

I know only too well how frustrating it is to have this question burning unanswered within.

For the Empath it is doubly frustrating because they have this incredible gift and most do not know what it is for or what they are supposed to do with it.

I have often been asked questions such as: ‘how can I be of service to others?’ or ‘I want to help others but how should I do it?’ 

It is an inbred trait for Empaths to want to help others, especially if they are suffering. However, many have tried and failed when attempting to help others help themselves. It is incredibly soul-destroying to see another suffering and not be able to help. Continue reading

Where Are We Now?

I decided to write a mini-post today because I am sensing a lot of confusion and, for want of a better word, flatness around me.

We all know there has been huge energetic shifts and changes of late, but shifts into what? We’ve certainly arrived somewhere in time and space but the question is where?

It seems the more we learn about this process of evolving the more we come to realise, just how little we know. The only thing we know for certain is nothing is certain. Even for those who once had a firm grasp on the true nature of reality and a good knowledge of the what’s, why’s and how’s of this process, are not truly sure where we are or where we are heading.

It feels like we’ve landed on a blank canvas with the equivalent of writer’s-block. We know we can create anything we want, but how and where do we start? What is holding us back? Is it fear or timing? If we do begin to create, will we finally be able to break free from the old ways of doing/being, or will it hook us back in when we step from its shadow? There are lots of questions and uncertainty now, without any real answers.

Some oddities happening  of late are crazy dream themes and sleep disturbances. If you have been experiencing this, you’ll know exactly what I mean. It is difficult to put into words.

I am seeing disorientation, confusion and forgetfulness in myself and others. It’s as though we are all suffering from some sort of neurological disorder. For me, it almost feels like I’ve got foam stuffed in my head, blocking and disallowing access to certain areas of my brain. It’s like a wire’s been cut and I’ve been disconnected, especially from my memory bank.

I am forgetting many little things and even having no recollection of carrying out tasks. For example, I may think I need to put the pots away and when I go to do it, I find I’ve already put them away. Also, chunks of time seem to be going missing. I wake up on a Monday, blink and then it’s Friday (at least it feels like that). I am seeing this in others too. In fact, most people I speak to are saying the same things, no matter what their age, gender or beliefs.

I was out with friends the other night, all of whom are very ‘mainstream’, and they were all relaying the same stories of memory-loss, time lapses, frustration and disorientation. One friend went to the ladies-room, only to forget where she was when she came out. This is all too common a theme and something you may be nodding your head at, having been in the same situation yourself.

If I’m, and most others around me are, experiencing time and memory lapses chances are, you will be too. I am sorry that I cannot offer any more insight into why this is happening. I guess we have to consider that our memories could be being wiped for a reason, all part of the ‘greater-plan’. I am sure all will be revealed soon enough. I feel there’s not much more we can do other than ride this phase out. And, like so many other phases on this journey, know it will pass when  its ready.

©Diane Kathrine…Just Be

Your Unfinished Business

Are you struggling to move on in life? Are you feeling trapped with no forward momentum? Do you feel you are in the same holding pattern that you were years ago? If the answer is yes to any of the above, chances are you may have some unfinished business that you are not facing, or indeed not wanting to face.

Humanity is ready to evolve, we know that, but many of us are still holding onto unresolved issues that are keeping us trapped in the old ways and in limbo. This is one of the, many, reasons there is so much pain in the world. We may be so wrapped up in our own emotional pain that we haven’t realized our unfinished business is keeping us on a perpetual treadmill.

As mentioned in past posts, there are millions who are now in emotional turmoil. Everyone will know at least two people (and that’s not including themselves) who are depressed or down in some which way, and that makes for a lot of unhappy people. This depression that many are experiencing is what’s known is ascension circles as: ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ and this is something we ALL go through, at some point, in order for us to face and release our demons. It is part of the Great Transition.

There are many who’ve been on the ascension path for ten, twenty years or more and, whilst they may have expected things to get better, in the past couple of years some have felt like they’ve been to hell and back. There has been one thing after another coming up for us to deal with: childhood, family, work, financial, security, insecurity, friend, foe, ego issues all vying for our attention. Now, however, many who have been on the spiritual/awakening path for some time, have gone through or are nearing the end of their ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, but, even so, there may still be a sense of lack of completion and this could be your Unfinished Business.

In many children’s ghost stories (and adult ones) the ghost in the story will normally be trapped on the earthly plane because of their unfinished business and the ghost will not cross over to the other side until they’ve resolved it. They don’t always know what the unfinished business is, but they are kept trapped in limbo (earth), unable to enter heaven, until they discover and resolve what was holding them back. Reminds me of what many of us are now enduring.

So how do we uncover what is holding us in limbo? To find out this we have to take a journey within, to our seat of emotions. Is there anything that, when you think about it, immediately makes you cringe, squirm or want to push it to the back of your mind? It could be something you’ve always wanted to do but feared to attempt? Have you started a project, which stemmed from a passion, but not completed it because you didn’t feel you were good enough? Are you hung up with your physical appearance? Do you harbour resentment to certain family members or friends? Is the fear of others judgement holding you back?

Whatever it is now is the time to face it. There is every chance you won’t realize there was an unresolved issue, until you look for it. When you make the realization you are already half way there. You will know when you’ve faced it because you will feel uplifted with a sense of accomplishment, and you will notice things start to go your way.

My past few posts have had the emphasis on much of the dark, sticky energies that have not yet been cleared by us, individually and collectively and the effects they’ve had on the body and mind. And although they may seem a bit doom and gloom, I’ve written them for those, myself included, who’ve been struggling with some of the wayward energies coming in and up, as well as, from what I now realize as, our Unfinished Business. But the great news is, more of us are now feeling (or starting to feel) the Good Vibrations of change that are finally making their presence known. There is so much lovely energy out there (yes, and the pockets of not so nice too) that we’ve all waited long enough to arrive. If you’ve found yourself singing and laughing a lot, more than you have in a long while, you’re experiencing it too. And do not despair if you are not yet sensing it, you will soon. The greatest news is that it is here, for us all, when we are ready for it. 

©Diane Kathrine…Empaths Empowered