Do Empaths Have Mediumistic Abilities?

pschic development imageBecause Empaths are an intuitive bunch it can arouse the question whether they also have psychic and mediumistic abilities. Being mediumistic is not a trait to fall under the ‘traits of an Empath’. However, there are some who do have this ability.

Some Empaths have mediumistic abilities and some mediums have Empathic abilities. But whether we were born with mediumistic abilities or not, it is a gift that can be developed. If it is something we are drawn to and want to develop most can work towards becoming gifted mediums. Empaths are highly intuitive and are aligned to most things of a metaphysical nature. We often experience a strong pull towards mediumship in the ‘early days’ of awakening. However, it is not a subject one should take lightly and finding a good teacher is essential. The teacher has to know and understand all about the traits and sensitivities of an Empath. Continue reading

Are You A Multipotentialite Empath?

careerMany people struggle finding their life purpose, especially the Empaths. Feeling confused as to whether we are walking the ‘right occupational path’ is all too common for the Sensitive. There are many reasons for this, but the way the world makes us ‘feel’ certainly contributes to our confusion. Because we get exhausted, depressed or overstimulated by spending too much time around others, it can lead us to feeling unfulfilled and often blaming our chosen profession.

This sense of unfulfillment can lead us to trying many different vocations, in a bid to find the work that feels a fit and we hope will put us on the path to our true-life-purpose.

Empaths are hardwired into learning, gaining knowledge and wisdom. We have active imaginations and are often looking for ways to fill our creative-mind-space. Many try different posts, college courses or careers and believe the reason for this is because we are searching for our true vocation, however, there maybe another reason… You could be a multipotentialite Empath! Continue reading

Trinity Healing for The Empath

Anyone who has read many of my posts may be aware that I am very much an advocate of taking responsibility for self-healing. I am a great believer (in most cases) that we are the ones who must do it for ourselves when it comes to realigning mind, body and spirit and we should not hand our power over to others, in the hopes that they will do the work for us.

I wasn’t always of this mind. When I was younger, I believed and hoped others would or could do it for me or just tell me what steps I should take to make it all better (I had sooo much to learn). I believed the best option was the easy option… Didn’t quite work out that way though…

I learnt most of the good stuff in life the best way…the hard way! What I write about here, at Just Be, I write from experience, research and self-trials. One of my great passions in life is to research all kinds of self-healing and then, if what I’ve researched resonates, put it to practise. I share what I have discovered in the hopes it may be of help to those on their own journey of self-discovery, healing and dot-connecting.

It was near 20 years ago when I started looking for answers to the mysteries of life. And although I wanted to have the answers immediately, it did not work out that way. I now realize, for very good reason. Life is a brilliant and amazing journey and a fast paced rollercoaster ride. If it were an easy, comfortable trip, we would never have to overcome so many obstacles and in turn accomplish and learn so much. We climb mountains, float on clouds and stumble into darkness, sometimes all in one day, and it is these experiences that make our journeys so worthwhile .

I have by no means got the answers to life’s mysteries, nor would I yet want to have. We have to leave something to learn on life’s path. However, the most important detail I have realized to date is: we will never find true health, peace or happiness until we heal the trinity of mind, body and spirit.

Mind = thoughts, ego and emotions.
Body =  physical vessel.
Spirit = the eternal, higher self or soul.

We come as a trinity package and when it comes to healing we normally have to work on all three. However, there are some who may find that simply working on one area, is enough to heal them in total. For example: one person may have emotional scars brought forward from previous lives, which are healed through past-life regression (spirit). Another may find blocked chakras, caused by a childhood trauma, dissolved after a series of crystal therapy sessions (spirit or mind). Another may have an incessantly busy and angry mind, causing health problems, cured by a daily meditation practise (mind). For another, a regular yoga practise may release stress held in muscles, healing a serious stress-related illness (body).

These kind of healings take place when only one or two areas of the trinity are imbalanced. It should be noted that not everyone has an imbalance in all three. However, if the body is out of alignment from the consumption of an unsuitable diet, chances are the mind and spirit will be out of balance too. It will not matter if all the chakras are balanced and the body is toned and athletic, if the body is being fed an allergen, anti-nutrient or sugar-rich foods the trinity will eventually be thrown out of unison. `

I had no idea that what we put in our mouths could have such a harmful effect on our all round physical and mental health, until I changed my diet. My transformation began when I gave up wheat [see post here ], but it did not end there. Once my mind was clear of the drug-like and mind-numbing effects of wheat, tuning into my body’s needs became easier and easier.

After wheat elimination came the removal of refined sugar and I could not believe the change again within me. Happiness became a staple.

I now realize that within the medical establishment, holistic and new-age arena they and we are being misled and misinformed. The root cause of most problems in both body and mind is what we feed ourselves. The low-fat, high grain/sugar diet we have been consuming these past thirty years is turning us into zombies and stopping us from reaching the enlightened state we are striving for.

Wheat and refined sugars strip the body of essential nutrients and enzymes. An imbalance of just one nutrient or enzyme in the body can cause untold misery in the mind. It can plunge you into the depths of despair mentally, cause chronic fatigue and sleepless nights, it can also fill your mind with negative and self-destructive thoughts and lead to a very low quality of life. I would not have believed this had I not witnessed such a transformational change within myself by eliminating certain foods and increasing enzymes and nutrients [see post here on supplements for Empaths].

Without enzymes we would cease to exist. They keep us alive, nourish our bodies and keep our mind healthy. As we age our enzyme production decreases. This, coupled with a bad diet, puts us on a fast-tracked-path to mental and physical illness. This is why it is so important to keep our enzyme consumption high and eliminate foods that strip them (first step: wheat and refined sugar). Enzymes are found in all raw foods and in supplement form.

Giving up much loved foods, such as wheat and sugar, is not easy, I know, but once out of the system you do not miss them and you will not believe just how amazing you can feel. For those who have suffered a lifelong battle with ailments, allergies, fatigue, illness, etc, you will be amazed just how well you can feel. In fact, just by eliminating them you will get a new lease of life, feel like you can take on the world and accomplish all your dreams.

Modern diets and lifestyles have taken too many Empaths and Sensitives down. Putting them out of action, without them realizing that what they eat is frying their circuits and stopping them from becoming who are they are meant to be.

It is essential for the health and sanity of Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) to eliminate all foods that have a drug-like effect as well as anything artificial, genetically modified or hybridised foods, if they want to heal themselves and discover what their true roles in life are.

HSPs are already at a huge disadvantage, when it comes to health and wellbeing, because of what they take on from others energetically and of all the populace, they are the ones who have to be extra vigilante with their diets… I know, it’s not fair 😦

Too often, these debilitating feelings many are experiencing (Sensitive or not), mentally and physically are blamed on ascension symptoms, past traumas and external energies. Believe me, they are not all caused by the shift, past traumas/lives or by others.

If you want to know what foods you need to eliminate, it’s the foods you think you cannot live without (mainly foods containing wheat and sugar). Once you embark on this journey of self-healing through diet, the information you need will present itself as and when needed.

You may already consider yourself to have a ‘healthy diet‘, but if you don’t feel amazing, then something you are eating does not agree with you. Many of the foods deemed to be healthy are in fact anti-nutrients, meaning they destroy nutrients from the good foods (GMOs are a biggie). And if you eat foods that you are intolerant to (nearly everyone is intolerant to modern wheat and sugar), it will hinder your body from absorbing the healthy nutrients it needs.

We tend to forget that the purpose for eating is to give the body the nutrients it cannot produce by itself; instead we see it as a way to banish hunger or a pleasurable pastime. Our lives can be ruined by what does or does not pass our lips.

If you want to see BIG changes in your life, change your diet!

Through trial and error I came to learn that we are not just what we eat, but that which our bodies can absorb. Modern diets, excess sugar and food allergies have made it so we are not able to absorb essential nutrients. So, even those who follow a healthy diet are far from being safe. We also have to consider that what is one man’s medicine is another man’s poison (nuts are highly nutritious for some, to others they are poison).

Your body may take a while to heal from a lifetime’s consumption of poison, but the good news is your mind heals very quickly and your intuition kicks up several notches (which is fun) also very quickly.

So, if you have worked on yourself mentally, spiritually and physically and still suffer bouts of depression, endless physical ailments and find you cannot be around others or in public places because it zaps your last shred of energy, it is time to address what you eat… Well, only if you want to transform your life in the most amazing way 😉

By changing your diet and tuning into your body’s needs it allows the light to grow within exponentially. The time has come for you to really start living, not just existing, and get doing what you came here to do. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain…

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©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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