Want to Know One of the Worst Things for an Empath?

Here at Empaths Empowered I write about life as an Empath, and about the various tried and tested techniques I’ve found to work in dealing with ‘the rigours of life’. I do this in the hope to help anyone who is searching for answers, or looking for ways to heal or deal with that which shows up in everyday Empath life.

Over the years, I have tried and studied many forms of holistic healing and through this, made many discoveries. One of the biggest realizations I’ve made, from observing life and all my research, is how different we are in mind, body and spirit, and what each of us should do to balance ourselves can differ greatly.

Sadly, we live in a world where we are all expected to be the same, in the way we behave, look, think and live. We are encouraged to have the same goals, respond and benefit from the same educational programmes, nutritional and medical advice. Even in the ‘New Age’ arena it can be a one-size-fits-all and an ‘it worked for me so it should work for you’ approach. But this is not how life works.

Some Empaths need speeding up, some need slowing down, some will benefit from a high protein diet, some a high carbohydrate diet, some need to get out of their heads, some need to get inside their heads, and some need routine and rules, others need space and freedom. Because we are different in so many ways, the path for us to connect our mind, body and spirit is unique to us.

We have to work at making changes to free our mind, heal our body and engage our spirit. We may think we want the easy path but, as you will probably have already found in life, the easy path rarely ends up being easy. Great, amazing and valuable lessons can be learnt from enduring difficult and challenging times.

Over a period of about 15 to 20 years, I tried many eating and exercise plans. I trained in many holistic therapies and healing, and did vast research on the benefits of nutrients and because of that made many valuable discoveries. I had always believed that the answers to my healing as an Empath lay in the metaphysical, and if I made myself more ‘spiritual’ I would find life easier… I hadn’t taken into consideration that it didn’t matter how many hours I sat in meditation, doing yoga or how many spiritual texts I read, if I was putting poison into my body, no amount of meditation or spiritual awareness was going to balance me.

Of everything I tried over the years, holistically, spiritually and energetically, the most profound changes happened to me when I eliminated wheat and changed my diet!

I have written about benefits of wheat elimination before and will no doubt again. But as I know it is vital for Empath wellbeing, I will keep spreading the word. We may all be very different, as Empaths, but we will all be affected, positively or negatively, by what we eat.

Many Empaths are under the impression that most of their mental and physical maladies are caused from absorbing too much negative energy when, in fact, many are caused and worsened by what they consume, especially drug-like food.

None of us will benefit from eating drug-like food… and do you know what one of the worst drug-like foods are… Wheat!

Although wheat is hailed as a health food, it acts like a drug and has been scientifically proven to have a drug-like effect on the brain. Wheat has been linked with hundreds of mental and physical illnesses, Click here to check any of your symptoms against those found to be caused by wheat. and it heightens the more ‘negative’ Empath traits.

Empaths react more to drug-like foods because we are highly reactive. High reactive people taste the bitterness in lemons more than others, feel emotional and physical pain more, go red in the face easier and are affected by drugs and alcohol worse than those who are not highly reactive.

High reactive Empaths are very responsive to different vibrations of energy. Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies and that includes food, drugs or alcohol: the faster the vibration the higher the frequency. Empaths are negatively affected by anything of a low vibration. Most chemical drugs, alcohol and drug-like food have a low vibrational energy and will bring the Empath down fast.

Wheat is not seen or classed as a drug but, as it acts like one, carries the same energy signature.

Many Empaths become vegetarian, because they feel the energy of an animal when they consume its meat (read this post for more info), and because of that may end up including more wheat in their diet.

You may not be aware but wheat has been genetically altered and its protein structure changed. Now, when digested, wheat breaks down into many small proteins that have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and attach themselves to the opiate receptors of the brain. This has the effect of a narcotic, but without the high. Wheat has been shown to encourage overeating and trigger or worsen mental illnesses.

Not only is wheat destructive to physical health, by in its consumption we can damage our energy field (causing leaky aura) and disrupt the balance of the chakras and endocrine glands. (The following post explains more on how unbalanced chakras can destroy the Empath.)

Like everything in life, some will be affected worse than others by modern wheat. If you are one who tries many things in the way of Empath self-help such as: grounding and protective techniques, meditation and spiritual practice, exercise, and eat a balanced or vegetarian diet, and you still find yourself struggling with health issues, low moods or depression, look to see if you are including wheat. You may not eat bread but still consume lots of wheat. It is hidden everywhere! (See here for a more comprehensive explanation on the changes to wheat)


I appreciate others may not have the same benefits as me from wheat elimination. We are all different. But  humans are ready to evolve and raise their vibration which involves removing anything of a low vibration from one’s life .

When you remove that which harmfully affects your mind, body and energy body you will naturally evolve and find balance as an Empath.

If you want to try going wheat-free or if you want to transform your life as an Empath, The Eating Plan For Empaths and HSPs will take you there.

Hope this helps on your Empath journey.

Until next time




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