Summer Solstice, The Strawberry Moon and Empath Power

This Monday 20th June 2016 befalls a rather special occurrence… The summer solstice.

summer solstice

The summer solstice has long-since been noted as a magical day with a time-honored history of celebrations. This year’s solstice comes with an extra bonus of being a full moon. The last time this occurred was 70 years ago.

There are not many who have ever experienced a celestial event of this magnitude. Having a full Strawberry Moon on the same day as a summer solstice is a truly rare event.

The full moon in June is known as the Full Strawberry Moon because it is the time of year to harvest ripening fruit, which also coincides with the strawberry season.

full moon

If you are sensitive to the energy of full moons and/or solstices, this one will surely pack a magical punch. It is a great time to set your intentions for the year ahead and wonderful period to spend in contemplation and meditation (and to spend as much time as you can in nature) to experience the full magnificence of this occasion.

Empath Power

Empath Power, the book, has now been released. I timed the release to coincide with this magical solstice weekend. It is available in both paperback and eBook versions. Here is a snippet of what it entails:

Empat PowerThere are some major changes happening on the planet affecting Empaths on many levels. These changes bring pain, emotional disruptions, repetitive, negative thought patterns and physical distress. 

With any energy shift Empaths, and anyone of a Sensitive nature, get clobbered from all directions. Not only do they endure the discomfort of a shifting period in their own way, but they also pick up on how the populace are experiencing these ups and downs. If you often feel overwhelmed and overloaded by all you have to process during these turbulent times Empath Power is for you. 

As an Empath you are one of life’s game changers! It is imperative you stay grounded, protected and healthy during these testing periods and this book is your guide to show you how! 

You can go to the Kindle store here to read the first section for free and see if this book is what you might need at this present time.

Have a superb Strawberry Solstice weekend!

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Rewiring and Rebooting

Already more than half-way through 2014 and it has to be said, this year is proving to be a game-changer!

The changes happening around us are palpable in every way and becoming more so with each passing day! These shifts and changes are all about bringing in the new way of BEing.

Rewiring and rebooting are words used a lot within ascension circles as an expression of how we are being affected by the current energies/changes, but at this present time, I feel these two words could not be more appropriate.

We have seen some random days of intense energy bursts, which may have lifted you up or brought you crashing down.

These shifts in energy have brought in many changes. Emotionally, the themes I am seeing/feeling mostly in others (and on some days in myself), is anger, frustration and depression.

This video (which I very timely just came across) is a must watch/listen for these current times. If you have not yourself experienced depression, pass it on to those you know who have.

There are some other ways in which these energies may have affected you physically and emotionally and here’s a sampling:

Feeling energetically wired with an intense rush of power pulsing through your body:

This fizzy-type energy cannot be mistaken, it pretty much leaves you feeling like you have been charged up with electricity. And although you may feel mentally or physically tired, this buzzing energy can keep you awake at night.

Brain fog:

Poor memory recall and a fuzzy head seems to be the norm in recent years, but do not be surprised if you are feeling more scatty than normal.

Intense emotional ups and downs, very bi-polar in nature, or being hyper-sensitive:

It may seem like I’m stating the obvious here as, for Empaths, it is normal to feel strong emotions, yet these emotions/sensations are not like the normal ones we experience. They come out of nowhere and range from anger to blissful happiness. You may find yourself waking up in a bad mood, with no reason for it, or little things that would not normally bother you suddenly have you riled. Then you may find yourself feeling happier than you ever have.

We are also getting the backlash of other’s strong emotions. Many people are now being activated or effected by the rewire and, as I have said many times before, it can be very easy to lay claim to other’s emotions and build them into our own life-story.

Having zero tolerance for selfish or self-pitying behaviour and drawing a line under past dramas:

You may have previously been able to put up with another’s self-centred ways, but now find yourself quickly backing away from their dramas. You may now have come to a point where you will no longer put up with bad behaviour, nor allow others to pull you down into their self-perpetuating crisis’s. You have decided enough is enough!

This is not by chance. It’s as though we are disconnecting from all the irresolvable dramas, family or friendship feuds that we had in our past, not wanting them to have any part in our future.

And there are very good reasons for this:

You have very likely been on this path for many years and during this time dealt with your emotional wounds, whilst others around you looked on and/or had no idea what you were enduring. Now and in recent times, those others are now going through these changes. It is their turn to process/deal with their emotional wounds and if you have found yourself walking away or distancing yourself from family or lifelong friends past dramas, selfish behaviour or other, it is your internal knowing stopping you from getting involved.

You may have also found past issues have recently been stirred up. Painful memories that you had long since forgotten, or already dealt with, suddenly arise within. It may have left you baffled as to why you are experiencing this now and the reason is very likely because these (or other) memories have been triggered within a friend or family member, as part of the energetic shifts and you are feeling or picking up on them. This may have further pushed you away from them.

For Empaths, walking away from those in emotional turmoil is not something that would have previously come naturally, so it may feel somewhat alien if you are finding yourself doing it. You are not being harsh or brutal by drawing a line, and not engaging in ‘their stuff’, it is simply not yours to deal with and they have to do it for themselves. This is very much a DIY process!

Changing one’s diet and lifestyle:

Giving up people, foods, drinks and habits that do not promote all-round health, happiness and wellbeing is the way forward. Most people will have made gradual changes to their lifestyle over recent years, but now it is as though all the ‘health’ pieces are clicking together and you are finding a diet or exercise plan that works for you to heal your body, mind and spirit.

Ready to take the leap:

You may suddenly feel very ready to make big changes: in your career, social life or habitat. You may also find yourself finally doing things you have wanted to do, but put off for years. It’s as though the past self-doubts that previously held us back, no longer have the same hold. We know we’ve got to meet our new life half-way and that means stepping out into the world to bring it forth.

These are just some of the ways you may have experienced the new and I’m sure there will be many others too, not listed here, but one thing is for sure: if we are to truly move forward in life we cannot have the old dramas (people, jobs, lifestyles) dragging or keeping us back.

The new is ready for us when we are ready for the new…

I don’t know about you, but I for one am ready to move forward into the brilliant new way of BEing… We’ve waited long enough…

I came across this article which I found both synchronistic and serendipitous to this post.
And although not the full article (you have to purchase it if you want to read more) it offers a great explanation about why we are experiencing what we are.

Hope all’s well in your world…

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Discover Your Empath Internal Guidance

In recent times, it seems each passing day brings a new challenge for the Empath.

Many are finding it harder than ever to find balance, as one obstacle after another is thrown on their path.

But one way an Empath can better deal with the many ups and downs  of Empath life is by tuning into their Internal Guidance System

Your Internal Guidance Systems(IGS) helps you navigate the hilly terrain of Empath life. It is driven by your soul and is heard in the quiet, guiding voice that whispers to you when you’re troubled. It is sensed in your strong gut-sensations, that warns you of trouble. And when you listen, your IGS will guide you seamlessly through life.

When you are in tune with your IGS, Empath life becomes smoother sailing and filled with joy. Your intuition then guides you towards your dream life, and away from danger and the types of energy that bring you down.

The downside to an Empath’s guidance system is it can easily be manipulated by external energy or by internal chemical imbalances (caused by chakra or endocrine imbalance) . In particular, anything that lowers your energetic vibration, such as low-level energy, a poor diet, chemicals or stimulants, will affect the clarity of the IGSs messages.

To use and fully trust your IGS, it helps to have a quiet mind and a balanced body.

If your body has been screaming at you, with negative reactions, it is letting you know it is time to let go of anything that does not promote a higher vibration, and to start making necessary changes to your life

I mentioned in my last post that sensitivities are on the increase for many people (and not just the Empaths) in the form of allergies, intolerances and negative emotional responses. The depression, anxiety and painful emotions many are currently experiencing are also part of the inner-calling.

For years, many Awakened people have endured varying ascension symptoms, that come and go without any distinguishing triggers, but now things are different.  The reactions are becoming more intrusive, both physically and mentally, being caused by an imbalance in either the body, mind or spirit, and are a direct message from the IGS.

Most people, Empaths included, tend to focus on the development  of either their spiritual or physical self. They may pray, meditate or chant, for hours each day, and spend every waking moment wondering how they could serve others, but do no exercise, smoke twenty cigarettes a day and eat nothing but processed food. Or they may go to the other extreme of exercising two to three hours a day and are fastidious about what they eat, but have no ethical or spiritual practice.

If you are to find complete balance and harmony, and have full access to your IGS, you need to have the mind, body and spirit in unison.

The body is home to your spirit, or soul, which is your true eternal-self. The soul carries all your life experiences and knowledge and is the only thing we get to take with us when we leave this body. Generally, when you have found balance in your body and mind, and strive to live an honest life, your soul is at peace. Ignore its promptings, however, and life becomes more and more difficult.

If you read any or my posts you may have noticed I am a massive advocate for taking self-responsibility. It is my belief that if we want to see change we have to make change.


We all have teachers who plant seeds of knowledge and offer us clues about which direction we should be going but it is up to each of us to do it for ourselves, and to decide what is or isn’t right for us.

If you want to move forward in life and follow your destined path, you and your IGS are the only ones who know how to make it happen.

It is easy to become dependant on another’s teachings or words of wisdom. But everyone is as individual as a snowflake and your life journey should be a reflection of this. You may have access to a wealth of information outside of yourself but the real answers lie within. You hold the key to your own happiness and freedom but you only find it by following your Internal Guidance Systems.

If you want to find ways to help you tune into your IGS you may want to read this

As a side note: if you are struggling emotionally, with no obvious trigger, if you feel like you’ve lost your faith in everything, or if you are completely frustrated with everything going on in the world, you may find it helpful to read up on Near Death Experiences (NDEs) or Past Life Regression. This kind of material gives you a much-needed reality check and puts life back into perspective. I recommend anything by Raymond Moody for NDE’s and Brian Weiss for Past Life Regression.

In these trying times it is too easy to get distracted by the craziness of the world and forget what this game of ‘Life’ is really all about.

Hope this helps on Your Empath journey.

Life Changing Books for the Empath!

Until next time…


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Just Be

Phew! What a ride these first months of 2012 have been. So much seems to have happened in such a short space of time (not much of which has been good). The highs have been uplifting and energizing, the lows have been well, really difficult. And hasn’t the time just whizzed by? 

Many of us are now wondering (and have been for some time) what on earth did we sign up for when we took on this role in life. Did we really expect it be this challenging…? I don’t think so.

I see many messages these days about the importance of staying out of fear, anger et cetera. And when I read these messages my first thought is… ARGGHHHH! Why? Well, when we get pounded by all the wayward energies of the shift, whether from within or without, we don’t really have a choice of how we feel, because the negative emotions are just so all encompassing that choice really doesn’t come into it. The feelings of fear, anxiety, anger and depression are not something any of us would consciously choose to experience, but alas, they are a by product of these crazy times and if anything, our main goal is to accept and just let them be, instead of fighting them or pretending they don’t exist (yes, easier said than done). In my opinion, warnings to stay away from fear could be in themselves detrimental: we just end up fearing feeling fear. 

Most of us, who have travelled this path for many years, worked on releasing fear in the beginning stages of our awakening. We did it by understanding where the fear came from. We discovered which fear was real and healthy, kept us safe from harm, and that which was senseless, derived from the control system and not serving (fear of judgement, fear of failure, fear of not fitting in or being different etc). Then there was the fear which stemmed from childhood trauma, which for many, proved to be a huge challenge in itself. Over time, we came to understand fear and tried not to allow it to control us. We nurtured our inner child and tried to accept ourselves for who we were. It wasn’t easy, but we did it. So it’s incredibly frustrating for us now to be getting pounded by the fear frequency over and over! However, this time we have no real place to put these feelings (as I’ve covered in earlier posts) but as we have an inbuilt need to categorise all our emotions and understand where they came from we can easily start pointing the finger of blame.

Unfortunately, these fear based emotions are controlling our thoughts and we can end up attaching them to life circumstances and blaming someone or something for our depression, anger, fear, lack of money, lack of energy, loneliness (you get the picture). We can easily blame our life situation for being our source of unhappiness ( in those who aren’t yet awake, the blame game is rife). And maybe having something to blame these bloody awful emotions on isn’t such a bad thing… as long as we’re not hurting anyone in the process. But I personally think it’s better if we just accept them as they come up and try to stay as detached from them as possible. I have found drinking lots of water and staying active by doing something physically demanding also really helps.

Many of us have had our lives completely turned upside down in these times. We’ve either had taken or pushed away: family members, friends, jobs, partners and lifestyles. Only to find, after the dust has settled, that we still feel like the same person experiencing the same old, same old. And, it can sometimes seem that we are not that much better from all the upheaval we’ve endured. But if you look back and compare yourself to the you of 10 years ago, the change is phenomenal in a very positive way. We have all shifted so much fear and so many programmed insecurities, but because they’ve been so gradual, we don’t always see them happening. Just like when we don’t notice the changes in our reflection in the mirror day by day, year by year, but when we look at old photos, we certainly see the changes.  It shows in the fact we won’t buy in to any of the BS the media puts out. Even having a conversation with one who’s still deeply under the veil of illusion, can feel like we’re acting out a part in a play, we’re just playing along.

I know many of us are feeling disheartened with the ascension process. We are, after all, in 2012 and anyone who has been on this path for years fully expected to have witnessed, by now, more people awake and aware. It seems the populace have gone farther into denial, even those who looked like they were on the verge of awakening have slipped back, deeper under the veil of illusion.  We were led to believe 2012 would be the year of transformation for everyone. And all those years ago, when things weren’t that bad, we thought it would be do-able… But now we’re being told it might not happen till 2016 or 2030 when we’ll see the change??????

‘Excuse me, did you just say 2030? No, I didn’t sign up for that… Seriously, you can’t expect us to go through this for 10-20 years more…? No Way!’

Well, at least those were my thoughts when I first heard that information. But just because things won’t change for others till 2016 or 2030 doesn’t necessarily mean it wont have changed for us. We’re all on our own journey and have our own timelines.

The thing is, many of us are or have been so caught up in how bad we’re feeling, or focusing on certain dates expecting change, that we’re missing much of this unique journey as it unfolds. Now is the time to surrender all those expectations of the future and let go of the beliefs that on a certain date we will see huge transformation in our world. Instead, allow each day to unfold as it will and watch the rise and fall of our erratic emotions with complete detachment. They are what they are and wont last forever.

You don’t need to force change. If something is meant to end or leave your life, it will and you will deal with that if/when it happens. We’re really all in this together, we’re not on our own and never have been. These blogs that we write are here to prove that to ourselves and to others.

Look at the challenges as blessings in disguise, they are here to help us, even if we don’t see it yet. Those who cause us pain, anger and frustration are, at higher levels, doing it for a reason. It’s better to think of them helping us instead of hurting us

I believe the best advice we could all have now is to JUST BE!  Follow the heart to wherever it takes you. If you’re urged to get out in the community, get out there. If you feel you should stay in your sanctuary, stay. What feels good is what is right for you.  We are being tried, tested, pushed and pulled in every which way, but all is being revealed, we just need to be detached enough to notice.


Have you been noticing any synchronistic events happening in your life lately? For example thinking/dreaming of someone or something only to see them/it the next day, or having an ‘aha’ moment confirmed within hours/days. I certainly have. And haven’t we been suffering a lot lately with very random ailments? Every week there’s another list of maladies.

I like to look around the web to see how others are faring during these times and it’s amazing how many of us are enduring the same things emotionally and physically, no doubt accelerated by the solar activity.

I write nearly every day in a journal, where I offload all my thoughts, troubles and theories. To me, my journal is a lifesaver, especially with not having anyone to talk to, in the physical, about what we are enduring, its like a best friend who I share my secrets with, knowing they wont go any further. And when I ask questions, I will always get an answer. I find it so amazing when what I’ve written in my journal, gets confirmed from other external sources. I wrote, just the other day, about how suppressed I’ve been throughout my life: always trying to fit into a world where I don’t feel I’ve ever really fitted into, either through thought, action or deed. And within days of writing that entry in my journal I came across an article stating, that we’re all waking up to the fact of how suppressed we’ve been. So much so, that it is now glaringly obvious that which before we could not see. 

To me (as I’m sure it is to you), it feels like what we stuffed down is now bubbling up to the surface, with a vengeance, to be either released and or accepted, both good and bad. We may have even buried character traits, that came with the body, passed down from parent to child, because we didn’t want to deal with or acknowledge them. One such trait within me is anger. I have never wanted to accept that I have anger within me because I know how destructive it is, I learnt that from an early age, from my father’s anger. Unfortunately, my father’s anger was passed down to me, as I’m sure it was to him. Anger didn’t suit me, it was a gift I did not want,  so I chose to bury it. However, this anger wasn’t something that grew in me because of life circumstances, it was part of me, implanted in my cells and it didn’t go away just because I chose to suppress it.

In my last post, The Joys of Solar Flares… I made reference to not believing that the emotions coming up lately were from my past unresolved issues. I can see now that they are, in fact, unresolved issues from our parents, grandparents etc (passed down). It’s as if it’s now our job to transmute them…(will it ever end…?) because they didn’t get to resolve them in their lifetime. 

This is all-powerful stuff and as I’ve already said, in the last post, the normal anecdotes (deep breathing, yoga, meditation, positive thinking) haven’t been working in the way they used to (well, at least not for me) in dealing with the onslaught of mixed emotions. And there’s no doubt a reason for that, but I have discovered a way to ease these afflictions, many of us are now enduring, and that is to… scream them out…Yes, you read that right, scream them out of your system. But before you start flailing and wailing like a banshee, a word of warning, have a very large cushion or two on hand before you start, unless you want to get carted off to an asylum. Scream, sob and howl into the cushion, punch, hit and stamp on it and release all the toxic emotions out of your system… Ahhhh isn’t that better. It certainly helped me and it’s worth a try.

At this time, many of us are looking for answers or confirmation on what’s happening in the world and indeed happening to us. And it’s my intention to update a little more on my blog, especially on ailment related issues, one in particular being nasal pressure, pain and blockage. Whilst in India, I learnt something interesting on the subject which I intend to cover in the next post within the next day or two, after I’ve read over my notes.

So much is amping up now, we really are in the midst of ‘The Quickening’. Every day, week and month is so changeable. It feels like there’s only 10 hours in a day and it passes by within the blink of an eye (wasn’t it just Christmas yesterday…?) This is going to be very interesting and challenging year for us, so take your seats and get ready for the ride…

Digestive Disturbances

Last night I was having a conversation with a friend about digestive disturbances and how many people seem to be suffering with them, especially sensitives and Empaths. I believe that for  many they are simply just another ascension symptom (AS) which relate to our emotional body. I’ve found that it doesn’t seem to matter how healthy our diet is or how much we exercise, if we’re prone to digestive problems of either the upper or lower tract, we will still get them. But please don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating that a healthy diet isn’t worth sticking to, devouring a diet of refined and processed foods will most definitely lead to more problems. What I’m saying is, if the digestive difficulties are tied into emotions (either yours or coming from others) or ascension symptoms, then you will get them regardless of your eating habits. However, that does not mean there is nothing we can do to help ease them.

I have suffered greatly with one kind of tummy trouble or the other over the years and I have found them to be mostly transient although reoccurring. So, I decided to dedicate a post here to the natural remedies I’ve found most helpful in treating my stomach complaints… and believe me, I’ve tried a lot.

The most common forms of digestive disturbances seem to be: excessive acid – causing heart burn, sour stomach and ulcers – constipation – which can eventually lead to hemorrhoids- diarrhoea, difficulty digesting certain foods, then there’s the stomach cramps which could be attributed to any or none of the above.

The list below is what I have found most helpful in easing certain digestive symptoms and can be acquired at any good health store or supermarket (with exception of the yoga). As with any information you read on the internet, you should always do your own research into anything health related before trying or investing money on a remedy.

  • Pysllium Husk: is an incredibly high source of natural, soluble fibre and normally comes in powder form or capsules and is excellent for constipation. It works like an intestinal broom, sweeping out years worth of compacted faeces from the colon and will soften hard to pass stools. It is safe to take on a daily basis and unlike laxatives, will not lead to dependency. It is essential to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day if taking pysllium, otherwise it will have the opposite, desired effect and lead to severe constipation and stomach cramps (I learnt from experience). It can also be useful if you suffer from diarrhoea, in that it will help bulk out very loose stools and slow down the elimination process.
  • Slimmer Tea: is a gentle laxative tea with senna and liquorice. If drank before bedtime it works overnight. It is not for prolonged use (no more than 2 weeks in any 2 month period) but it is an excellent, natural faeces eliminator.
Sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydrogencarbonate, ...

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  • Bicarbonate of Soda: has many, many benefits from being a baking product, domestic cleaning agent, teeth whitener, to being a natural deodorizer. It can also neutralise excessive acid in the stomach. One way to test if your stomach pain is caused by excessive acid (as opposed to too little, both have similar symptoms) is to dissolve half a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda into a glass of water and drink it down. If you belch within ten minutes and the pain subsides then you are suffering hyperacidity. (I have taken bicarbonate of soda instead of medication such as Ranitidine. Strong antacids stop the production of stomach acid completely, which in turn leads to a whole lot of other problems. Stomach acid helps break down food ready to pass into the colon. If the acid isn’t there, the stomach will just dump the food into the intestine, partially or undigested, leading to painful constipation.)Be careful if using Bicarbonate of Soda as an antacid if you’re watching your salt levels  because it is sodium. Drink plenty of water with it.
Fruit stall in a market in Barcelona, Spain.

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  • Digestive Enzymes: if you are struggling with bloating or stomach discomfort soon after eating, chances are, you could be lacking in digestive enzymes. We can get enzymes from our food, but most of them come from raw food which we generally don’t eat enough of. Our body will also produce enzymes but as we get older, that production becomes less and less. Many of our diets lack enough enzymes to efficiently break down the foods we eat, especially meat, potatoes and flour products. Also if you take antacids, you will no doubt need them to help you digest your food. You can buy Digestive Enzymes from all good health shops and I’ve learnt from experience that the more expensive ones tend to be the most effective.
Mineral water being poured from a bottle into ...

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  • Water: dehydration causes many digestive disturbances, so make sure you are adequately hydrated, drinking 4 to 6 pints a day, depending on your size (the bigger you are the more water needed). You must be careful of drinking too much water without balancing your electrolytes and minerals within the body. Yes, you can drink too much water. For more information on drinking water, safely, to help heal the body, please visit Dr F. Batmanghelidj’s, M.D.. website
yoga book

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  • Yoga: heals the body and mind and should be a staple in everyone’s life, but in particular any yoga postures which involve twisting or lying on your stomach will help massage and tone the digestive tract, helping with elimination, cramping and many other digestive disorders.

  • Liquorice root: (not the sweet/candy form) is excellent for hyper-acidity and stomach ulcers and is also a gentle laxative. Can be taken as a tea, in capsule form or stick.

    Sliver of liquorice root

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The Eve of Change

So here we are on the eve of 11/11/11 wondering what tomorrow will bring. For those of us who are sensitive, there has still been lots of ascension symptoms to deal with of late. The most prominent being lethargy or chronic fatigue. Then there’s the strange things happening during sleep-time. Could perhaps, our dreams be trying to tell us something? 

Cotton candy brazil

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Are you making simple mistakes and feel like your brain is made from candy floss? Or do you have incredible muscle weakness and stiff bones…? Join the club. Many of you will, no doubt, have a range of symptoms not listed here but whatever maladies you maybe suffering you can guarantee our rational mind’s will try to find a reason for these ailments, sending us out to find remedies or a cure. In some cases, holistic treatments, extra vitamins or a tonic may help, but as has always been the case with ascension symptoms, they will leave in their own time.


Image by AlwaysSmileInTheSun via Flickr

Our pets are feeling them too. Have you noticed your furry friend needing more sleep than normal? Or being slow to get up in the morning? I guess it’s not too difficult for our pets though, for them to sleep all day is no big deal… it would be great if we could say the same.

The date 11/11/11 is holding hope for many that it will see an end to our ascension symptoms and allow us to come into realization of what our future paths will hold. Many of us have lived in the void for too long, feeling like we’re floating without direction. It has taken much faith on our parts to keep going, but we have because we believe what we’ve endured has been for a purpose. It’s been a lonely path, with many of us having no one to talk to about what we’ve experienced or what we believe is really going on… and it’s not for want of trying. But then, this was our journey, our own unique experience through life.

As I wrote in my last post I finally understand how privileged we’ve been to have had lived in these amazing times and have had this life experience. We’ve been be able to live half in and half out of the 3D world, having a knowing that others didn’t. We’ve weathered much and seen the full spectrum of the rainbow and now, as we step over the next threshold, it’s time to receive our ‘pots of gold’.

How will you spend your 11th day? Working? In prayer or meditation? At an organised gathering? I hope that however you chose to spend your day and evening you will do it in celebration. Celebration of what is over and what is to come. And as I’ve said before, even though what we’ve been through has been tough, very, very tough, many of you would not wish to change one  single aspect of you life since your awakening, whether that be 10 days, 10 months or 10 years ago. Happy 11/11/11.

Stepping into the New

When I woke this morning to the usual dizziness, light-headedness and internal heat, I got to wondering when these ascension symptoms, that we’ve all been enduring, will end. Over the years there have been so many, I couldn’t even begin to list them here. If I had been unaware of ascension and gone to the doctors with my many ailments I could have been diagnosed with anything from bi-polar to hypochondria. I can’t imagine what kinds of medication I’d have been given, if it hadn’t been for the information available on the internet and in books regarding to the ascension and it’s effects on us physically and mentally.

The symptoms have been likened to those women suffer in the peri-menopausal stages and if men hadn’t been suffering with the same, I’m sure that’s what they would have been attributed to. So when the transition is complete and we finally, fully, arrive in our new and permanent spaces, the symptoms will stop. Just like when a woman has passed through the menopause, all her menopausal ailments end.

We have been so lucky to have been privy to what is really happening to us and our world. I have a dear friend who is suffering greatly with the same afflictions as me, but as her mind is still firmly planted in 3D she fears she’s either losing her marbles or having an early menopause. I have tried the gentle nudges and advising her as to what’s really going on, to no avail. She will awaken when she’s ready.

I used to get frustrated with my family and friends  that they would not listen to me or see what is really happening in life. I now understand it was not their path to awaken, they are still having their 3D experiences for their own growth and development and when the time is right it will happen for them. No, one, person was responsible for my awakening, I always had an interest in the esoteric and searched out all the answers for myself. Everything gradually unfolded, step by step, piece by piece and it will be the same for others when they are triggered they will find their own answers, although I would imagine it will happen over weeks and months as opposed to years.

As we step into our new realities I realise what a magical, albeit frustrating, experience it’s been and looking back I wouldn’t change a single experience. And even though there have been some dark, dark times, I feel so fortunate to have been able to participate in this game of ascending life!

Grounding Techniques for Empaths

For Empaths and Sensitives, in these trying times, it is a challenge for us to stay grounded as we are constantly being bombarded with a real mix of negative, external emotions. Even if we stay home and don’t venture out of our personal sanctuaries, our empathic antennas are picking up so much of the pain from the outside world. Because of this we can easily become consumed with depression, listlessness and apathy and lose sight of what our roles here are to do.

All of the following techniques have been tried and tested by yours truly and I can attest to the benefits of them. Although I have to say on the darker days,  even these techniques don’t always clear the emotional debris.

As one goes through life one learns if you don’t paddle your own canoe, you don’t move’. Katherine Hepburn

Change your thoughts: Many of us help create our life situations with the thoughts we keep, especially dark, repetitive ones. From the second a negative thought pops into our head we only have a matter of moments before its settles in and changes our mindset from positive to negative, once this happens, one bad thought after another keeps rolling in. The best way to avoid it is not to indulge in them in the first place. When a dark thought pounces, change it, immediately, to a good one. Sounds simple, it’s not. It’s difficult, but we do have a choice about what we think (and feel). We can allow our thoughts to rule us or we can rule our thoughts… Change your thoughts change your life!

Water: The body is made up of 75% water (some body tissue even contains 95%), so it will come as no surprise that this is way up there on the self-healing scale. Many of us are unaware of just how dehydrated we are. An insufficient supply of water creates problems with the functioning of our body, affects our well-being, appearance and accelerates the ageing process.

Most of us should be drinking at least 8 glasses of pure water a day, just to replenish what our body loses naturally through sweating, urination etc. The heavier we are the more water we need.

If you type, ‘the healing powers of water,’ into any search engine you will get hundreds of pages worth of information on the subject, but by far the best I have so far come across is the site of Dr F. Batmanghelidj M.D. who is a pioneer in the discoveries of the healing power of water. He has written many books on the subject, the most renowned being, The Body’s Many Cries for Water.  He reveals many of his findings on his website  Here you will find an abundance of well-researched-data on how water can heal the body and how to consume it safely, without flushing our necessary minerals from the body.  And, unlike many other sites, he does not charge for the information.

His mantra is, ‘You’re not sick; you’re thirsty. Don’t treat thirst with medication’. And it has been his life’s mission to get this word out to the world.

There is an old religious saying (or at least it was used by many God-fearing Christians in yesteryear), ‘Cleanliness is second to godliness.’ I used to believe the saying was a ridiculous, bully-tactic for making young children clean behind their ears (which in those days it probably was), but now I can see it from another point of view. Water washes more than just dirt away; it has the power to cleanse our energetic body and clear negative energies. If you’re sceptical, try this when you come home from a hard day at work: Instead of reaching for the wine, jump straight in the shower and see what a lifting effect it has on you. Combine it with the healing power of salt and you’re onto a winner.

To find out more on how you can get medicinal benefits from taking sea salt with water (the correct quantities), please refer to Dr F Bamaghelidji’s website

Sea Salt: It is said that the ‘father of medicine,’ Hippocrates, was amongst the first to discover the, almost magical, healing ability of sea salt, after noticing how quickly seawater would heal wounded fishermen’s hands.

Sea Salt Not only is sea salt a great medicinal healer, it is deeply purifying. It has the power to draw out and dissolve negative energies from the emotional and physical body. This is especially helpful if your day involves interacting with others, where too often you end up picking their stressed or anxious energy.

The best way to get an external, daily, salt cleanse (if you don’t live near the ocean) is in a salt bath. Immersing the body for at least 20 minutes in salt water will get rid of any negative emotions picked up during the day. This is especially important for empaths who absorb negative energies like a sponge. For best results add 1 to 2 cups of sea salt to a warm bath (along with your favourite essential oil or a crystal. See below). If you don’t have time for a soak then another great option is a salt-scrub prior to showering. (You can easily make this from fine milled sea salt and oil).  Not only will the salt clear unwanted energies, it will also leave your skin silky smooth and glowing.

Nadi Shodhana/Alternate Nostril Breathing: Balance your inner masculine and feminine energy (which easily gets out of balance in these times) by doing alternate nostril breathing:

Sit comfortably with your back straight and eyes closed. Place the tip of the right thumb on the edge of the right nostril and the right, ring finger hovering over the left nostril. Closing off the right nostril inhale through the left for a count of 3. Close the left nostril then exhale through the right for a count of 3, inhale through the right for a count of 3. Close the right nostril and exhale through the left… this was 1 round of Nadi Shodhana, do 9 more then build up to at least 20. (If you are more of a visual learner there are lots of videos on Youtube for alternate-nostril breathing)

It is normal when beginning Pranyama (breathing exercises) to get a little dizzy, if this happens just resume normal breathing until it passes.

Exercise and play: In the western world many of us turn to exercise for the benefits of weight loss and a toned body. However, exercise offers so much more: it can release pent-up emotions, remove impurities through sweat, enhances and uplifts moods, energizes and allows us to have fun. Instead of referring to it as workout-time, we should call it playtime.

When it comes to playtime do what you love. Some of you maybe stuck in a boring exercise routine that you do out of necessity rather than play. If this is the case, find something you love. What did you love to do as a child? Being out on your bike? Skipping? Hula-Hooping? Bouncing up and down on a trampoline? Horse-riding? All excellent forms of play (exercise). If you detested running and were no good at it, chances are it will probably be the same now. If you loved gymnastics then yoga will definitely be a great one for you to try.

If you don’t like rules, routines or set times then go freestyle. Make the rules yourself. Get the music cranked up and dance like nobody’s watching (which it’s probably best if no one is whilst throwing your shapes out). Dance, stretch and jump your cares away and get a sweat on. All you need is 10 minutes a day, but I guarantee if you’re doing something you love those 10 minutes will easily turn into 20, 30 or 40… Who needs a gym or a class?

Meditation: This is a must if you have a busy head with endless mind-chatter and fearful thoughts. It will help you deal with stressful situations and give you clearer insight. There are many forms of meditation out there; it’s just a case of finding what suits you. If you’ve never attempted it here’s one to try:

Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight, close your eyes and, breathing through your nose, focus on your breath. Inhale for 3 seconds and exhale for 3 seconds. On the inhale feel your tummy expand and on the exhale feel it deflate (Note: when you first try this it is common to get dizzy or feel anxious). You will find, at first, your mind turns into a monkey and starts jumping all over the place, from one thought to the next, but just keep coming back to your breath. Start with a few minutes and build it up to whatever suits you.

Creativity: In a world of rules and routine, we seldom get time to be creative but this is one of the easiest ways to revel in the feel-good-factor. When we create, from our passions or interests, it has an uplifting effect on our psyche and because we’re engaging in something we love it keeps our minds away from dark thoughts and feelings.

Many will say that they’re not creative because they don’t see themselves as artistic. But you don’t have to be a master crafter or award-winning composer to indulge in creative outlets. Simply making a dance routine, writing a story or poem, arranging flowers or devising a menu, are forms of creativity. We all have a way to be creative, it maybe that you’ve just not discovered yours yet.

Chakra balancing: We have 7 main chakras which are part of our energetic body. They are our centres of spiritual power that run the length of our body, from our root chakra (lower torso) to our crown chakra (crown of head). The chakras are whirling vortices of energy that are aligned with our endocrine system (organs which secrete hormones such as adrenalin, cortisone and thyroxine into the body), which if out of whack can create disease (dis-ease) within the body. The 3 best ways to self-balance our chakras is through: meditation, yoga or using crystals:

Yoga: The Five Tibetan rites is one form of yoga specifically designed to balance the chakras as well as short (10 to 20 mins max), kick-ass workout for body and mind.

Meditation: through doing either a guided, chakra meditation or just focusing positively on each one in turn will help keep them balanced. You can get guided meditation CD’s at

Crystals(see below).

Yoga: Many people say yoga is not for them, but it’s the very people who turn away from yoga that are the ones who need it most. Yoga will serve anyone and everyone no matter what age or ability and it should be a staple in every person’s life.

YogaThere is a yogic saying that, ‘We’re only young as the spine is flexible.’ And because yoga works to create a supple spine it could be classed as an elixir of youth.

The very core of yoga is built on our breath. We breathe our way in and out of postures and for this reason yoga can be classed as a moving meditation. It stills and calms an overworked mind (which is why many will say it’s not for them because they fear the stillness) and creates a strong supple body.

There are many forms of yoga and there will be a fit for everyone. For those sporty types who love to work hard and build a sweat there’s Ashtanga or Bikram yoga. For those who need a gentler pace there’s Iyengar or Dru yoga.

The hardest part of yoga is getting on the mat, once there your body will flow gracefully through the poses and thank you for it after.

Nature: Being outdoors in nature will have a healing and uplifting effect on all. If you work in a city with no access to parkland make sure you get out at weekends away from cars and air pollution.

Laughter: As grown-ups we spend too much time being solemn and serious, and too little time having fun (especially in the current times). Do you remember the last time you had a proper belly laugh?

You don’t stop playing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop playing!

We hear children laugh all the time. They don’t know how to take life seriously, it’s all about play and fun. We should all strive to stay childlike. To see the world in wonder and above all have fun and laugh. Anything that makes us laugh will make our spirits soar. It really is a therapy.

Crystals: The healing power of crystals has long been known in many cultures, from Atlantis to ancient Egypt.  Many ancients had crystal chambers that would be used to heal many an ailment.

Blue Purple Red: Amethyst Crystals

Crystals can be used in conjunction with the chakras to help balance them and remove blockages. This can be done by matching the colour of the chakra with the colour of a crystal. For example: the solar plexus chakra is yellow so a good choice would be Citrine. The sacral chakra is orange so Amber could be used. And the throat chakra is blue so Blue-Lace Agate would work to balance it. Place the crystal on the body, inline with the chakra. It is best to do this whilst lying down (crystals fall off otherwise) and perhaps do a meditation or listen to soothing music for as long as you feel require. (Click here for best grounding stone)

Red Base/root chakra: Red Jasper

Orange Sacral chakra: Amber

Yellow Solar Plexus chakra: Citrine

Green/pink Heart chakra: Rose quartz/Aventurine

Blue Throat Chakra: Blue-Lace Agate

Indigo Third eye chakra: Sodalite

Violet Crown chakra: Amethyst

Depending on your need (and on the crystal), you can put crystals in your bath, under your pillow, in your socks and use them in your meditations or just as a visual aide.

Essential oils: As with crystals the healing power of essential oils has been known through the ages. It is through the olfactory senses that much benefit is derived from the oils. The best all round essential oil is Lavender because, unlike all other oils, it can be used without a carrier-oil and applied directly to the skin or put straight into your bath water (other oils can irratate the skin if used neat). Amongst its many benefits, it is an antidepressant antiseptic, antifungal, it can even be used as a sleep aid. See the best oils for the Empath here

Love: The most important self-healing tool we have is love… it makes the world go round. Doing what you love will uplift you more than anything else. The Beatles were onto something when they sang, ‘All you need is love!’Unfortunately, we are humans, having a human experience, in a human body and love is one of the last emotions we tend to bathe ourselves in.

Truth: Truth is an all encompassing liberator and once you become an advocate your eyes will be opened to another world.

©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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