Is Your Empath Intuition a Superpower?

Most Empaths have a strong sense of intuition. It is part of who they are and serves them in many ways.

The Empath’s intuitive antenna is always ‘on,’ sensing what is right or wrong in their world. But understanding how to read these intuitive signals is important if they want to live a more peaceful and happy life… And, to discover how to do this, the Empath should become better acquainted with their gut sensations.

The “feelings” within the gut, or  solar plexus region, are coming from what is known as the second brain.

The sensations come from the enteric nervous system, a network of neurons lining the gut, and are responsible for the “butterflies” felt in the stomach area.

Science now recognizes what ancient yogis discovered hundreds of years ago: that emotions are influenced by the gut nerves.

Everyone feels excitement fear and nervousness in the gut area, but an Empath feels it so much more.

Your mind provides logic and the ability to figure out complex problems, but the gut offers intuitive responses.

These responses are felt around the solar plexus, which is also known as the seat of emotions.

Through its promptings, the gut alerts you when to take action or when not to take action. It guides you towards certain paths, and tries to keep you safe.  It does this through you emotional sensations..

When you understand and trust your ‘gut-feelings’, your intuition can guide you through life simply by the way something feels. So, yes, this makes Empath intuition a Superpower!

How to Read the Feelings

When it comes to decision-making, you can turn to your intuition for guidance.

If, for example, a certain choice causes a heavy sense of dread in the gut, that choice is likely not a good one. If a decision feels calm, peaceful or uplifting then that choice is probably safe.

Your ego-mind (or another person) may tell you otherwise, but the Empath’s feelings are nearly always spot-on once you ‘understand’ how to interpret them. I place extra emphasis on ‘understanding’ how to interpret them for a reason!

When learning to read their intuition, an Empath should become aware of  the discomfort caused by fear…

Fear of the unknown or a fear of stepping from one’s ‘comfort zone’ is often confused with the vibration of a bad choice.

Just because you have fear about a new path does not make it the wrong path. And this is why knowing how to discern between gut-sensations is imperative. It is often the first sensation you feel that is the correct one, after that is when doubt (fear) kicks in.

As the old saying goes: ‘doubt is your greatest traitor‘. If you start having doubts, after initially feeling positive about doing something, they often hold you back and prevent you from doing it.

That said, it is also easy to ignore your intuition’s warnings when you have a strong desire to do or try something your gut is telling you not to do.

You will look back on your life now and remember a time when you disregarded your intuition’s promptings not to do something and went ahead and did it anyway. I guarantee whatever it was you ignored it came back to bite you. And this is why you have such vivid memories of ignoring it.

The good thing is you can use that event, and gut sensation, as a point of reference for right or wrong decisions.

If something feels off in your gut area, about a situation, it is the time to start the questions. Because you don’t always get your answers as a worded message you have to provoke internal responses by questioning your Self.

Questions such as: ‘Is this the right path for me?’ or ‘Should I let this person into my life?’ will give you gut sensations you can then interpret.

You don’t always get the answers you want to hear but always trust your intuition!

Developing your intuition helps you better gauge your gut sensations. If you want to develop as an Empath and find your true superpower then understanding your intuition will help make this happen

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Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine