Crystals and the Empath

The healing power of crystals has long been known in many cultures, from Atlantis to ancient Egypt.  Many ancients had crystal chambers that would be used to heal many an ailment and restore energetic balance to both the physical and energetic bodies.

Crystals can raise your vibration and help protect the Empath from external energy. They can also be used to rebalance one’s energy after being ‘peopled’. Crystals should be part of every Empath’s home and working environment.

Blue Purple Red: Amethyst Crystals

Image by cobalt123 via Flickr

Crystals can be used in conjunction with the chakras to help balance them and remove blockages. This can be done by matching the colour of the chakra with the colour of a crystal.

For example: the solar plexus chakra is yellow so a good choice would be Citrine. The sacral chakra is orange so Amber could be used. And the throat chakra is blue so Blue-Lace Agate would work to balance it.

Place the crystal on the body, inline with the chakra. It is best to do this whilst lying down (crystals fall off otherwise) and perhaps do a meditation or listen to soothing music for as long as you feel you need to rebalance.

Chakras and Crystals to Use for Balance

Red base/root chakra: Red Jasper

Orange sacral chakra: Amber

Yellow solar plexus chakra: Citrine

Green/pink heart chakra: Rose quartz/Aventurine

Blue throat chakra: Blue-Lace Agate

Indigo third eye chakra: Sodalite

Violet crown chakra: Amethyst

Depending on your need (and on the crystal), you can put crystals in your bath, under your pillow, in your socks and use them in your meditations or just as a visual aide.

Diane Kathrine at Just Be