Develop Empath Intuition

Practicing meditation is essential for developing Empath intuition!

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools an Empath can use for their personal growth. A committed daily practice will serve in many ways. It will help strengthen the mind, body and spirit. It will build a powerful shield around the Empath and open up their intuition like nothing else. Strong intuition requires a clean and clear mind. A cluttered, thought-filled mind will do nothing to help us grow or develop our abilities. When we have clarity of thought and a lucid mind, magical things can happen. Thoughts are addictive and difficult to break free from. However, once we reset the mind through meditation we can switch them off far easier.


Not only does meditation build our intuition it also reprogrammes the brain into being able to better deal with negativity and enables us to deal with the onslaught of thoughts, energy and emotions we pick up from others.

Most Empaths find meditation incredibly difficult to get into because of their creative and over-active mind. Perseverance is all that is needed. Starting with a five-minute practice and building up into twenty to thirty minutes will reap incredible benefits.

Thoughts can be destructive to our health and wellbeing, especially when they are negative and repetitive. Empaths tend to spend a lot of time in their heads, which is great when thoughts are creative, happy or enlightening. However, spend too much time around certain people or in certain places and the happy thoughts can quickly turn into painful memories, anger or thoughts of being wronged. Being with certain other people can contribute to having repetitive dark thoughts. However, we don’t always make the connection because the over-whelming thoughts don’t always kick in till a day or two after being around those who triggered them. We can get so caught up and lost in these thoughts and the emotions they create that we do not question their origin. By stilling the mind in mediation it will help put a stop to any thought induced emotions.chibi_buddha_144332

I believe the best way to meditate is with an erect spine, either sitting in a straight-backed chair or in a comfy cross-legged or kneeling position on the floor. Keeping the spine straight and upright allows the energy to flow up and down and the breath to be calm. There are some who will say lying down is a perfectly acceptable way to meditate, but it is too easy to fall asleep when lying down and the opportunity to consciously quieten the mind is lost. Just make sure you feel comfortable before you start.

One of the best ways to quickly get out of the head is to focus our awareness outside of ourself, using a meditative technique called mindfulness. This can be done almost anywhere and involves focusing on something outside of your mind. You could gaze at a flickering candle or pay close attention to your scenery as you pass it by (obviously not to be done whilst driving). If you like walking in nature look up at the trees and notice all you can about the bark, branches and leaves, see the different cloud formations in the sky or inspect the wild flowers growing within the foliage.

We can engage mindfulness when walking through a busy shopping centre or peopled place. You can do this simply by paying close attention to your walking gait: notice how the heal and sole of your foot hit the floor as you walk, how this in turn carries on through the legs and up through the body, notice how your arms move, how your shoulders and head feel. Even if you do this for a matter of minutes it is a form of moving mindful meditation that will reap many benefits.

Regular meditation helps clear the mind of thoughts, fact! However, thoughts will put up a big fight to stay centre stage. When we try to quieten our mind the monkey living in our head is activated. Jumping from one random thought to another, the monkey mind can be a challenge to still and for some it will take much more effort than for others (my monkey mind is like a hyperactive sugar-driven wild child). It is at the point when they are about to make a breakthrough in meditation, that many people will give up, citing they just cannot do it because it’s too hard. Yes, it can be difficult in the initial stages but nothing good comes easily. Transformation does not happen over night, but it will not take long for you to see how a regular meditation practice can be totally transformative and a fast-tracked way to developing greater intuition.

February is the perfect month to set yourself a four week challenge. Being a leap year makes it an extra special time to set your intention. Why not use the four weeks to commit to a daily meditation practice that can transform your life and start on Monday?

To see what amazing transformations can be had by practicing meditation, set yourself a four-week challenge and allot an amount of time each day to practice. I find mornings are easiest. Get up ten to twenty minutes earlier and start with five minutes then gradually build up. If you are on a time limit set a gentle alarm. It is amazing how quickly time will go once you are enveloped in your private mind sanctuary.


If you find meditation difficult it is always best to use a guided meditation until you have more control of your mind and thoughts. There are hundreds to choose from on YouTube. I have included one above and one at the bottom of the post, just to get you started (using earphones is always best with the guided mediations).

Before you start any guided meditation make sure you are compatible with the narrator’s voice. If you do not find the voice soothing then you may get irritated by it during the meditation, which will then be a distraction. Oh an make sure you won’t be disturbed.

Also see: Understanding how diet impacts your Empath life.

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10 Ways Empaths can Protect Themselves from Other People’s Energy

For the Empath, being out in public can be a traumatizing time that can leave one feeling floored and out of sorts. Simply nipping to the shops can mean we end up wearing someone else’s energy for the rest of the day; which isn’t such a bad thing if the energy is positive and highly charged. However, more often than not, it is the not-so-nice energy that clings to us and follows us home.


I have found that the best way to protect myself when out in public is by taking preëmptive measures as well as having a few tactics to pull out of the bag when needed. I am sharing here with you some that I have found to be the most effective:

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How to Heal an Empath’s Emotions

Since I wrote my last post, Traits of the Sensitive, I decided to do a little research on the amygdala, the part of the brain which Dr. Elaine Aron, a research psychologist, found to be highly activated in Sensitives, when witnessing or being in situations that incite emotional responses. I wanted to know just what health implications it may have on us, by its constant activation. Here’s what I found:

The amygdala is a set of small almond-shaped clusters of nuclei, located deep within our brain’s temporal lobe, which plays a huge part in processing emotions. The more aggressive the emotion the more responsive the amygdala becomes, and is directly responsible for triggering the fight or flight response hormones.

Aron found, through a series of trials and research, when Sensitives were exposed to pictures of human suffering, the amygdala was activated, which in turn releases hormones into the body further enticing emotional responses.

[As Empaths, we know we don’t need to just watch another endure pain to experience suffering, simply being in the presence of someone carrying disturbed, vexed or negative emotions is enough to set off a huge reaction within us, whether the other person shows the emotions or not.]

The amygdala is not a thinking part of the brain; so to speak, it is more of a reacting part, which will activate when exposed to stimuli such as stress, fear or other strong emotions. It causes an automatic response known as the fight or flight response.

The fight or flight response is the body’s way of protecting us from dangerous situations. The process elevates hormones to give us the energy and strength to run away from danger or stay and fight for our life.

Two of the  hormones released into the body, by amygdala activation, are adrenalin and cortisol. These hormones increase heart rate, respiration and glucose levels, all essential for increased body activity. When these hormones are constantly activated by endocrine glands (courtesy of amygdala activation) and not used (by running away or fighting), it has a knock on effect and will put other organs out of whack, which can eventually lead to all sorts of illnesses such as heart disease, adrenal fatigue and diabetes, to name but a few.

Now, in normal situations, when a stressful situation is removed from the person experiencing it (a one-off stressful day at work for example), their stress levels return to normal and the amygdala stops activation. It is when the stress/emotional triggers do not decrease that causes problems within the body. This is where health complications can arise for the Empath.

Empaths don’t always get away from stressful emotions so easily, for not only do they have to deal with their own day-to-day stresses, but that of others too. When in a shopping centre or public place, one will stop feeling stranger’s emotions quite soon after leaving. However, when picking up another’s emotions, one is connected to via a family or friend relationship, these emotions do not leave so quickly and can last for anything from days, up to a week after exposure. This will also mean our amygdala is staying activated and thus a large amount of unnecessary hormones are getting dumped into our bodies which will not be used in the way they should be…

 So what can we do about it?

1. The first step we can take in preventing unnecessary amygdala activation is to avoid known triggers. The people we know who stimulate a heavy negative emotional response within us, see post here (lasting more than a day) will very likely always affect us this way and to protect our/yourself you should start doing a clear-out (if you haven’t already) of those people. Yes, I know, easier said that done for some, but it is essential for your health and wellbeing and in these cases you really do have to put yourself first. Think about your health and let go of guilt associated with releasing a family member or old friend from your life.

It is known that triggers related to past experience, memories etc, produce stronger reactions in the amygdala than more recent, non-past-related experiences, and this is all the more reason to avoid those who you have a bad history with (I know how difficult detachment is, but from my experience, with those who evoke negative emotional responses within, over time things get worse, not better. No matter how much you work on yourself).

People who bring nothing to your life but emotional pain will eventually bring disease too. As already noted the amygdala is a defence mechanism automatically activated by emotional responses, so even if you have trained the amygdala not to react to certain stimuli, it can be triggered by memory and being with someone who has caused you past emotional pain.

2. Control your mind and thoughts: Keep the mind quiet to stop unnecessary amygdala activation from thoughts, read post here

3. Avoid stimulants: Sensitives react to coffee and other stimulants more than most, so it is best to know your caffeine intake limits and stay within them (take note at which point you get a physical response – too much caffeine can cause shakiness, pounding heart, flushing, faster breathing and an aching chest – and stay under the that amount), otherwise you may activate the amygdala.

4. Exercise daily. Exercise has many redeeming benefits but in the case of amygdala activation, it can help disperse and use up excess glucose, adrenalin and cortisol in the bloodstream, caused by emotional responses off others (see final point).

5. Control glucose levels through diet: Emotions off others can result in extra glucose being dumped into our bloodstream (after the amygdala activates cortisol production), which plays havoc with our waistline and also messes with the hormones of the body. It is essential for good health that we create balance from the food we eat to prevent blood glucose spikes as we are already at risk of having spikes, just by being around others. I have already written posts regarding how wheat and sugar is dangerous to us Empaths, but this post, on how they affect our blood sugar levels, is worth a look at. And although it is explaining how high blood sugars make us overweight, it also explains how food triggers our glucose (blood sugar) levels.

 6. Cover all bases: As we never really know when we may be in a situation that will cause an amygdala activation, through being peopled or other, it is best to have all bases covered. This post will help.

Hope all is keeping really well in your world…

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‘Drug-Like’ Food and The Empath

Here at Just Be I write about life as an Empath and about the various tried and tested techniques, I’ve found to work for me in dealing with ‘the rigours of life’. I do this in the hope to help anyone who is searching for answers, or looking for ways to heal or deal with the energies that show up in our everyday life.

Over the years, I have tried many forms of holistic healing and through this, made many discoveries. One of the biggest realisations I’ve made from observing life and all my research, is how different we are in mind, body and spirit and what each of us should do to balance ourselves can differ greatly. Sadly, we live in a world where we are all expected to be the same, in the way we behave, look, think and live. We are all encouraged to have the same goals (wealth, power and fame), respond and benefit from the same educational programmes, nutritional and medical advice. Even in the ‘New Age’ arena it can be a one-size-fits-all and an ‘it worked for me so it should work for you’ approach.

Some people need speeding up, some need slowing down. Some will benefit from a high protein diet, some a high carbohydrate diet. Some need to get out of their heads, some need to get inside their heads. Some need routine and rules, others need space and freedom to create their life . Because we are different in so many ways, the path for us to connect our mind, body and spirit is unique to us and we will get shown what we need to see when we are ready to see it

At some point in our lives, we have probably all handed money over to another, hoping they will be able to tell us our future or what we should do to find happiness and enlightenment or wanting them to take away our pain. I have found, in most cases, we are not supposed to have our emotional pain taken away by another and we certainly aren’t supposed to be given the answers to our tests or given a fast-track-pass to enlightenment. Our emotional pain is there for a reason, it is there as part of our life experience and it is there for us to figure out how to remove or merge it into our lives, and we are the only ones responsible to make the changes needed.

We have to work at making changes to free our mind, heal our body and engage our spirit. We may think we want the easy path but, as you will probably have already found in life, the easy path rarely ends up being easy. Great, amazing and valuable lessons can be learnt from enduring difficult and challenging times. That said, we can only find true freedom from pain, mentally and physically, by fully bringing into balance our body, mind and spirit. They are connected and we have to have work on all three of them to find equilibrium.

Over a period of about 15 years, I’ve tried many eating and exercise plans. I have tried and trained in many holistic therapies and healing, and researched the benefits of nutrients. I always believed that the answers to my healing lay in the metaphysical, and if I made myself more ‘spiritual’ I would find life easier… I hadn’t taken into consideration that it didn’t matter how many hours I sat in meditation or doing yoga or how many spiritual texts I read, if I was putting poison into my physical body, no amount of meditation or spiritual awareness was going to balance me. Of everything I have tried over the years, holistically, spiritually and energetically, the most profound changes happened to me when I eliminated wheat!

I have written about benefits of wheat elimination before (and will no doubt again), but as I consider it to be one of the best things we can do to aid physical healing and spiritual growth, especially for Sensitives, I will keep spreading the word. We may all be very different, with different spiritual, nutritional and physical requirements, but none of us will benefit from taking drugs or eating drug-like food…

Although wheat is hailed as a health food, it acts like a drug and has been scientifically proven to have a drug-like effect on the brain. It is being linked with hundreds of mental and physical illnesses. Click here to check any of your symptoms against those found to be caused by wheat.

Sensitive people will react more to drug-like foods than those not of a sensitive nature, because we tend to be highly reactive. High reactive people will taste the bitterness in lemons more than others, feel emotional and physical pain more, go red in the face easier and be affected by drugs and alcohol worse than those who are not highly reactive.

High reactives are very responsive to different vibrations of energy. Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies and that includes food, drugs or alcohol: the faster the vibration, the higher the frequency. Empaths can be negatively affected by anything of a low vibration. Most drugs and alcohol have a low vibrational energy and will bring the Empath down fast. Wheat is not seen or classed as a drug, even though it very much acts like one and therefore carries the same signature.

When wheat was genetically altered, by man, back in the sixties, its protein structure was changed. Now, when digested, wheat breaks down into many small proteins that have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and attach themselves to the opiate receptors of the brain. This has the effect of a narcotic, but without the pleasurable high; it has been shown to encourage overeating and trigger or worsen mental illnesses.

Like everything in life, some will be affected worse than others by modern wheat. If you are one who tries many things in the way of self-help: meditation and spiritual practice (mind, spirit), exercise and balanced diet (body), and you still find yourself struggling with health issues, low moods or depression, look to see if you are including wheat. You may not eat bread but still consume lots of wheat. It is hidden everywhere, obviously for the reason that it keeps us consuming more of it.

When I explain to others about the amazing changes to happen in my life, just by eliminating wheat, I see their eyes glaze over and I can feel them go within themselves. I realise that they do not want to hear the benefits of wheat elimination because they do not want to give it up. They do not realise that being a drug, they are addicted to wheat and it is actually their addiction creating the resistance. If told eliminating apples would turn one’s life around, most wouldn’t think twice about ditching them… because apples aren’t addictive…

Many of us have been under the impression that most of our mental and physical maladies, of recent times, are due to absorbing too much negative energies or are caused by ascension symptoms, when in fact, some are caused by what we consume. I have found some, but not all, of my ‘ascension symptoms’ and ‘Empath stuff’ were actually caused by wheat proteins. That is not to say I/we have not been getting ascension symptoms, I was just blaming more than I should on them. I still have ‘those days’, I still get bowled over by energy shifts, I am still affected by solar activity and I still get ‘peopled’, but now, I bounce back quicker after I’ve been knocked down.

I do appreciate that others may not have the same benefits as me from wheat elimination, we are all different, but it is so worth trying just to see. Humans are ready to evolve and raise their vibration, which involves uniting mind, body and spirit and removing from one’s life anything of a low vibration. This generally means eliminating what affects the mind and the mood, and that which nature did not create. When you remove from your life what was harmfully affecting your mind and your natural rhythms, such as wheat, you can plug back into your innate intuition, this will help clear your vision and allow your true path to become more obvious.

If you want to try going wheat-free click here for some tips

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Benefits of Meditation for The Empath

chibi_buddha_144332For an Empath, learning to control the mind is prerequisite to a happy, healthy life. It is after all our thoughts that create our outlook on reality. The way we think about anything is how we feel about it, as our thoughts and feelings are interconnected.

Our thoughts are a catalyst to building feelings of anger, fear, sadness etc. Yet, what some don’t realise is we do have a choice over our thoughts, but only when one is in control of them.

A busy mind has one thought after another flowing through. It is said that the average person has about 35 thoughts a minute. Our thoughts can keep us up at night and wake us in the morning. They take over our mind when we are driving (how often have you got somewhere without remembering the journey?) and they stop us from seeing what is going on around us. They distract us from life.

Being able to still the mind takes time and effort, but in doing so, you are allowing time for you. It does not mean you will never have thoughts again; you will simply be able to stop the thoughts that create painful emotions. This is essential to an Empath, who soaks up other people’s emotions like a sponge. Once a thought becomes attached to the emotions absorbed off others, you claim full ownership of them.

The best thing for stilling an overly busy mind and gaining control of your thoughts is some type of meditation.

There are many types of meditation you can try, that don’t always involve sitting on the floor in lotus position, and there will always be a type to suit the person: chanting, breath-work, visualisation, trance etc.

You don’t have to stay in doors either, you can do a walking meditation, where you externalise your awareness and really focus on everything around you, e.g.: your feet on the grass as you walk or the trees and clouds in the sky above you.

When practised with awareness, yoga is a moving meditation which unites body, mind and spirit and is a good option for those who do not like to sit still ;).

Unlike in relaxation, you don’t want to fall asleep in meditation. This is the time to control a busy mind; if you fall asleep, you lose that opportunity.

Our ego will always put up a fight to stay in control of the mind. When you first sit down to meditate, you will find that the world and his wife have taken up residence in your mind, all fighting to say their bit. This is entirely normal, albeit somewhat frustrating. This is just like turbulence on a plane, if you push through, you will climb above it and then all will become calm, smooth and serene.

A regular meditation practise is essential if you want to reap the full benefits because, as with anything in life, good things don’t happen overnight. Great things take time to develop.

Not only is meditation a must for gaining control of the mind, it is also anti-ageing, de-stressing to the body and an aid to sleep, especially when done in darkness.


Meditating in darkness is a precursor to the release of melatonin. Melatonin is known as the anti-ageing hormone and is produced by the pineal gland (area of third eye) in the darkness.

What Does Melatonin Do?

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that regulates the sleep cycle. It is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and helps prevent, and treat, many illnesses including cancer. Those suffering insomnia and with sleeping difficulties are thought to have a melatonin deficiency.

The immune system does most of its work at night and is believed to be interlinked with production of melatonin. When melatonin levels are suppressed, illness  occurs.

As we age our melatonin production decreases. Scientists believe this reduction is interrelated to ageing and age-related disorders.

To produce more melatonin we need spend more time in complete darkness. However, these days there is so much light pollution that sleeping in darkness is not so easy to do anymore. Because of the street lights, even with the curtains closed, our bedrooms tend to stay on the light side. This will hinder the production of melatonin and lead to a less than restful night’s sleep.

Studies have shown that meditation, done in complete darkness, before bedtime increases production of melatonin and produces enough to last the night. This can be further aided by focusing on the third eye (centre of forehead) during meditation; this will stimulate the pineal gland (melatonin producer) and allows the body to be filled with melatonin.

To begin a meditation practise it is best to plan a set time everyday. Perhaps start with 10 minutes and then build to twenty or thirty. Having no distractions is important. If you think someone will walk in and disturb you, that’s all you’ll think about when you’re supposed to be meditating. If there is a lot of external noise, pop some earphones in and play some gentle music, or listen to a guided meditation… It’s all good…

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Navigating Psychic Attack for The Empath

There are many forms of psychic attack, the one I’m making reference to here is the negatively charged energetic vibrations sent from one person to another through dark thought forms.

It can be tricky to discern between the emotions our own thoughts have created, by pondering a painful subject from the past, and that when we are under psychic attack.

Most people would not feel the dark thoughts others have about them. However, this is not the case for those of a Sensitive nature. If another is having reoccurring bad thoughts towards the Empath, it turns into a full-blown psychic attack.

The times we are in are creating many imbalances within humans, mentally and physically, and it is those of us who are Sensitive getting the backlash.

Who will it be coming from? Generally, a psychic attack will come from family members, not necessarily blood related, friends who are close or once used to be, or work colleagues.

How can you tell when being attacked? When under psychic attack the telltale signs are repeating negative thought patterns surrounding one person. For example: a certain friend (the one thinking and thus sending bad thoughts) will keep popping in your mind along with negatively charged feelings, throughout the course of the day or days. You may wake up thinking angry thoughts towards this person, when you have had no recent contact with them or reason to be feeling angry with them. However, one will always manage to link the negatively charged feelings to an unhappy past situation and therefore falsely believe one is responsible for creating the angry thoughts.

When under attack, the one thinking/sending the dark thoughts does not necessarily know that you are on the receiving end of their menacing musings. The most likely explanation is that the said person is going through a difficult time in life and is filled with turbulently vexed emotions. Instead of taking responsibility and finding the true cause for their troubles, they lash out and project blame onto others for their unhappiness, through their thoughts. (You will probably not be the only one the thoughts are directed at, but you will probably be the only one feeling them.)

What should you do when you sense a psychic attack? You have to nip it in the bud straight away and this means not indulging in any of the dark thoughts or emotions you are experiencing, which has to be said, is not easy to do. By engaging the thoughts you then become part of the problem.

The Empath has the power to project angry thoughts back to the source without even realising it and in doing so, can unintentionally open a two-way psychic battleground with angry thoughts flying back and forth. It can go on for days and in these cases, the Empath will always come off worse.

More than any other, Empaths have to be cautious of what they project out into the world in the way of gloomy, angry or irrational thought forms. What goes out, will have the tendency to come back amplified. (The positive flip side to this is the return of projecting positive, happy, love-filled thoughts out into the world).

You may have noticed that your moods can be projected onto others. If feeling happy you can lift others up and if feeling sad, you can see it wash over others. Even your tiredness or stumbling over words can be projected onto another. So yes, Empaths take on negative, energetic vibrations from others, but they can also powerfully, project them back out.

How do we stop ourselves engaging in dark thoughts? The easiest way is to do this is distract yourself the moment you notice dark thought forms repeatedly going back to the same person. You may have already discovered your own way to do this but making noise in your head can really help: singing, humming, chanting etc. Just like plugging in your ears and singing loudly blocks out external sounds, I’ve found this helps with outside thoughts too.

How can we protect ourselves from psychic attack? Build up a strong energy-field (aura or energetic body). Being weak, physically or mentally, will automatically weaken your energy-field. Our energy-field is our ‘invisible’ shield which helps to protect us from outside ‘invisible’ influences, such as negative thoughts and emotions.

Suppressed emotions, poor diet, lack of exercise, a busy head, illness and emotional pain can all contribute to weakening our energetic body. If you suspect you have been on the receiving end of psychic attack it may be a good time to reevaluate your lifestyle. By strengthening the body and mind will in turn strengthen our energy-field and thus help ward off psychic attack.

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 Living in this heavily populated world, Empaths are faced with many energetic challenges. If it is not having others dump their negative energies on them, they are being drained of their vital energy. Simply being out in public places can be enough to suck their life-force dry, or just by being in the presence of a certain family member can be the reason behind a weeks worth of energy and emotional clearing.

Learning to set energetic boundaries is, of course, a given for those of a Sensitive nature and for many Empaths they are hardwired into automatically doing this. However, sometimes life just gets in the way and we may need gentle reminders as to what we could be doing to protect ourselves and thus make life more enjoyable. Then there are the newly learned Empaths, who have only just discovered of their birthright and are in search of as much information as they can get feast their eyes upon, to help them deal with the rigours of life.

To Block or Not to Block That is The Question.

For Empaths wanting to block out all external emotions and energies would no doubt be a priority. However, it is not always that cut and dry. For one thing, she might have already tried every energy-blocking technique known to man, without any success. And then there is the question of why is it Empaths feel and take on what they do, emotionally, is it not for a purpose? In taking on these negative energies are they not helping rid the world of them? The answer to that question is debatable and it may well be that there is no answer, or can only be answered by opinions. However, Empaths need to learn how to protect themselves from wayward energies so that they can continue to function in everyday life.

Out and About

If you are one who finds being in public areas, such as shopping malls and cinemas, unbearable, to the point of avoiding them at all costs, there are some techniques you could try that may help when you venture into people-packed-places.

When an Empath is alone in people-congested areas, they can soak up the any negatively charged energies no sooner than having stepped over the building’s threshold. Being with another person (of whom you are energetically compatible) will act as a buffer and help diffuse the energies and lessen the incoming impact. It will also serve as a pleasant distraction and take your mind off what you are feeling. Chances are, after the shopping trip or outing, you may still feel drained but your experience will have been a much more pleasant one.

If taking a friend or family member is not possible, finding a grounding technique that works for you and using it before going out is essential. Below are some you could try:

Power Poses

A power pose is generally anything that fully opens the body and can be as simple as opening up one’s arms wide (so your body is in the shape of a cross) and taking long slow breaths through the nose. Holding a gentle smile is further empowering.

If you are familiar with yoga, a Starfish pose (standing with wide legs and arms) is ideal, as is a Warrior pose with open arms. Holding the power pose for a couple of minutes prior to leaving home or entering an energy-hostile environment will serve in uplifting and expanding one’s energy field. This is opposed to how an Empath would normally go out into the world, wanting to be small and invisible.

Grounding Visualisations

These can be anything from visualising roots coming from your feet grounding you to the earth to mentally building a halo of white light around your body and expanding it with your breath. Take a couple of minutes to quieten the mind before attempting.


Positive mini-declarations repeated in the mind can serve in being uplifting, empowering and protective. Statements such as: I can do it, I will do it, can instantly and positively change your mindset and thus make one better equipped to handle incoming energies. Find one that works for you, suitable for the time and place.

Music Therapy

Taking your music and earphones can be a huge help when out and about. Listening to music you love creates an inner-expansion, uplifts and creates a ‘bliss bubble’ around you. It can enable you to glide through public-places seemingly unaffected. However, it is best to get into the ‘music zone’ before entering a peopled place.


Please see this post for  various breathing techniques.

There are many other grounding and mind quietening methods available, such as meditation, that require a committed, daily practise to reap the full benefits.  The above methods are what can be done in a hurry or simply when one is feeling out of sorts. You may need to play around with different techniques to find that which works for you. For example, there is no point visualising yourself engulfed in a halo of white light if you do not believe it really works.


If you are one who doesn’t like sleep-snuggling or having to sleep close to your partner in bed, no matter how much you love them, you are not alone. Having sleeping-space is essential for the Empath.  Most Empaths will loathe having anyone get in their ‘energy-space’, day or night, but as sleep-time is crucial for recharging, it is even more important that they are allowed it.

If you share a bed, and it is not possible for you to have your own bedroom, opt for the largest size bed available, if space permits.

If you still struggle sleeping near your partner or wake-up feeling drained, use one of the above grounding techniques and adapt them to bedtime mode.


Know your food and how it affects you. Listen to what your body is telling you as to what is and isn’t right for you. If, for example, you have a nagging feeling that dairy is causing you to have an allergic reaction, you could try the 30 day exclusion challenge, to see if it is. This involves abstaining from all dairy (or whatever you suspect does not agree with you, be it wheat, sugar, alcohol or meat) for 30 days. Then, after that time, gradually introduce it back into your diet. If you have a big reaction to it, you know that you are intolerant, allergic or energetically incompatible and probably best removing it from your diet.

Over a period of about 15 years, I’ve tried many eating and exercise plans. I have tried and trained in many holistic therapies and healing, and researched the benefits of nutrients. I always believed that the answers to my healing lay in the metaphysical, and if I made myself more ‘spiritual’ I would find life easier… I hadn’t taken into consideration that it didn’t matter how many hours I sat in meditation or doing yoga or how many spiritual texts I read, if I was putting poison into my physical body, no amount of meditation or spiritual awareness was going to balance me. Of everything I have tried over the years, holistically, spiritually and energetically, the most profound changes happened to me when I changed my diet!

I have written about benefits of changing the diet before (and will no doubt again), but as I consider it to be one of the best things we can do to aid physical healing and spiritual growth, especially for Sensitives, I will keep spreading the word. We may all be very different, with different spiritual, nutritional and physical requirements, but none of us will benefit from taking drugs or eating drug-like food…

Empaths will react more to drug-like foods than those not of a sensitive nature, because we tend to be highly reactive. High reactive people will taste the bitterness in lemons more than others, feel emotional and physical pain more, go red in the face easier and be affected by drugs and alcohol worse than those who are not highly reactive.

High reactives are very responsive to different vibrations of energy. Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies and that includes food, drugs or alcohol: the faster the vibration, the higher the frequency. Empaths can be negatively affected by anything of a low vibration. Most drugs and alcohol have a low vibrational energy and will bring the Empath down fast.

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It is also wise to take note how your food is prepared. Food prepared in an angry or unhappy environment will carry that energy and thus show up within you. Most Empaths will benefit from having mainly homemade food, so they know exactly what energy goes into their meals.

Socialising and Stimulants

Unfortunately, any kind of stimulant (alcohol, drugs, etc) will only serve in weakening the Empath (as they do any other human). Under the influence, it may feel like external energies are being blocked out but unfortunately this is not the case. They still seep in and still need to be dealt with.

When in company, other people’s emotions may show up in the Empath as aggression or an overly dominant ego on the evening of consumption or as a physical and emotional hangover from hell the day after.

If you don’t like the idea of giving up your favourite tipple or social life, try using grounding techniques prior to an evening out and drink lots of water throughout the evening, it has a cleansing effect. Also keeping your body in a more alkaline state will help keep you balanced and stop alcohol doing as much damage.


The longer the Empath has known a friend, the more impact the friend can have on their energy. And, as you would imagine, this could be either a good or bad thing, depending on the relationship. Knowing how to navigate your friendships can serve in offering healthier and happier relationships.

Have you noticed that friends may act differently depending on who they are with? For example: you may have two very good friends whom when you spend one-to-one time alone, there is no ill effect. However, put those two friends together and the energy dynamic shifts in such a way that one can feel drained, angered or even bullied in their collective presence. If this has been a friendship, or even family, experience of yours it may be advisable to see certain friends on a one-to-one basis only.

Friends’ energy and how it affects those of a Sensitive nature will change along with their age and life circumstances. If down or depressed, a friend can unintentionally take the Empath down with them. In theses cases one has to learn to emotionally unplug. One can still listen and be there, but in a detached way.

Also, be very wary of an unwanted energy drain. We all know people who drain energy, otherwise known as the ‘Energy Vampires’, but when a friend, who isn’t normally a drainer, is experiencing a tough time their energy-sucking tentacles may seek out an instant uplift, from anywhere they can get it. To avoid being a friend’s ‘energy-replacement-meal’, watch for any drain and where it is coming from. It will normally be from one of four of the main energy centres (chakras): sacral (below belly), solar plexus (mid belly), heart (heart area) or throat (front of throat) and it can be felt by a pull or ache in that area. Wherever you feel it, cover that area immediately with your hands or arms. It is not by chance that we cross our arms over our stomach or chest in social situations; we are subconsciously stopping an energy-drain.

Empaths tend to be very faithful to their friends and keep them in their life for the long-haul. For this reason, it is a good idea to choose friends wisely.

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For the Empath finding their calling or vocation can be a challenge of epic proportions. As living a lie through having to pretend they like doing a job which they don’t, or sell a product they do not believe in, is nothing short of torture for them. Also, as eighty percent of the workforce do not enjoy their job, this is not conducive to an energy-efficient or happy working environment (another obstacle for the Empath).

If we listen, our Internal Guidance System will continuously present us with vocational options, perhaps as interests or passions. If searching for your dream job, or just a new direction in life, here are some questions that may ignite the answer:

What are your passions?

What do you love to do?

What do you believe in?

What would you wake up excited to do each day?

What can you not live without doing?

What engages you?

What interest keeps coming back to you?

If you could change the world for the better, how would you do it?


Roadblocks are what stop you going down your desired or chosen route in life. They can be seen through sickness, redundancy, depression, loss of money and social status or non-starting projects. They can unexpectedly pop up out of nowhere, take you off your current journey and bring your life to a standstill or send you off in a new direction.

When encountering roadblocks it may seem like they are purely an unfair punishment, but this comes down to our perspective of them. They are normally presented as a detour and a way to make changes to our life’s journey when we are refusing to listen to our Internal Guidance Systems. This detour may involve a long and winding scenic-route, which also happens to be an uncomfortable, seemingly never-ending, bumpy road. But again, this is down to our perspective. We have a choice: we can get wrapped up in the inconvenience and discomfort of the long ‘scenic-route’, focusing only on that, or we can concentrate on the ever-changing landscape as it passes and be grateful for being given a chance to slow down.

We can get so caught up in arriving at our destination that we miss most of the journey.

Everything presented to us in life is a gift and is something we can learn from, good or bad, if only we allow ourselves to see it.


Exercise is essential to an Empath’s wellbeing. It works not only the physical but energetic bodies and can help clear stagnant or negative energy. Sadly, we live in a society that promotes a ‘no-pain-no-gain’ philosophy towards exercise and a focus on sculpting the muscles rather than healing the body and mind. Exercise should be fun and liberating, not torturous or painful (unless you enjoy that ).

There are so many ways to exercise and it doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. It can be as simple as turning on some funky music and shaking your hips around the kitchen. Dancing when no one is watching is unbelievably uplifting and you get to make your own moves with the beat of the music.

Running or walking in nature, freestyle dance, where there are no rules, or one of the many forms of yoga, are probably some of the best forms of exercise for the Empath. These can be done alone and at home, and there is no need for a gym membership. Swimming in the sea or a lake would also be great, if you’re fortunate enough to have one nearby.

A gym-class is not always the best environment for an Empath, especially if it has a very ego-driven or body-conscious atmosphere and adorned by lots of mirrors. There are some who can pick up negative energies from mirrors. If there have been many insecure, or body conscious, people gazing into gym-mirrors, an Empath may feel that residual energy (this can also be the case in clothes stores) and take it on as their own.


For the Empath, relationships can prove to be a complicated area of life, but also very rewarding when one has found a compatible mate (who very likely won’t be an Empath).

Empaths can be greatly misunderstood and seem aloof and disconnected to a new or prospective partner and it may take a while for their detachment and need for time alone, to be not taken personally by their partner.

When one is romantically connected to another, it can make the energetic connection complicated. Reading someone, who holds no emotional ties, normally comes quite easily for the Empath. However, when there is a strong emotional bind it can distort one’s ability to read energies clearly. This can lead to confusion and frustration, especially in the early building, days of a relationship and even further down the road. Not everyone is as inclined to be as honest as an Empath; especially if they have grown-up or worked in an environment that lying is ‘quietly’ seen as acceptable (it is surprising how often this is the case). This is a huge bugbear for the Empath because they can feel the energy of a lie, but not always what the lie is. In some cases ,this can lead to paranoia which in turn leads to ungrounded accusations and arguments.

A whole book  could be dedicated to the relationship highs and lows of an Empath and how to handle each and every situation (see The Empath Awakening for more on Empath relationships). But in brief, it’s safe to say that the best way to be in any relationship is honest (unless the truth will cause unnecessary pain) and never be afraid to show your True-Self.

It’s always good to remember that every relationship no matter how brief can offer a valuable lesson. Even toxic relationships, which are filled with strife and arguments, can show us areas of our life that need to be worked on or improved.

Comfort Zone 

Allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone, on a daily basis, allows for growth in all areas of your life.  It enables you to face your fears and in facing them it gives you a greater capacity to deal with negative emotions. When we stay comfortable, we stay small and don’t expand. As the saying goes: 

‘If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you!’  

                                                                          – Fred Devito

We can step out of our comfort zone by going further than we would like during exercise, by making a phone-call we’ve been putting off for months, telling someone you love them or anything that makes you squirm or feel uncomfortable at the thought of doing. 

Getting Out of Your Head

Thoughts can be destructive to our health and wellbeing, especially when they are negative and repetitive. Empaths tend to spend a lot of time in their heads, which is great when thoughts are creative, happy or enlightening. However, spend too much time around certain people or places and the happy thoughts can quickly turn into painful memories, anger or thoughts of being wronged or unfairly treated by another.

You may not even realise that these irrational thoughts, that are on a perpetual time-loop, have been ignited by being around certain others, as they don’t always kick in till a day or two after exposure.

So, how do we stop them? It’s not easy but it can be done. The best techniques to try involve externalising one’s awareness or distracting the mind.

Externalising Awareness

One of the best ways to get out of the head is to focus your awareness outside of yourself, using a meditative technique called mindfulness. This can be done almost anywhere and involves focusing on something outside of your mind. You could gaze at a flickering candle or pay close attention to your scenery as you pass it by (obviously not to be done whilst driving ;)). If you like walking in nature look up at the trees and notice all you can about the bark, branches and leaves, see the different cloud formations in the sky or inspect the wild flowers growing within the foliage.

Thought Distraction

When your thoughts are in negative-overdrive doing activities which allow you to indulge them is not advisable. You really need to be distracted and this normally involves stepping out of your comfort zone. The easiest way to do this is through exercise. If you practise yoga do a pose you find challenging or which requires stamina or concentration, such as the Plank, Warrior, Tree or Crow (the Asthanga yoga sequence is great because you have to focus on sequence, breath and bandhas).  If you like to run, swim or cycle try doing it in intervals: power up for 30 seconds to a minute, slow it down for 30 seconds to a minute. If you like to dance or do aerobics do a routine which you have to memorize, this is great at keeping the mind distracted. Put on an exercise DVD or check out YouTube for exercise routines that will challenge you without being injurious. 


As we are all here on our own journey with learning experiences unique to us, not all the tips and advice offered here will be helpful to everyone, but you will never know until you try them for yourself. 

As an Empath, you may have come into life purely to gain experience of feeling others emotions. And because of this, it is important to remember that just because one Sensitive seems to have learnt how to deal with the external energies and you haven’t, even after trying every technique in the book and attending every self-help seminar, doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong or even being punished. It may simply mean you have not yet achieved a certain lesson from a certain experience. It could also be that you are capable of enduring more hardships in life and your mountains are higher and harder to climb than most and in turn you will be learning more.

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Listening to our Internal Guidance Systems

The summer has finally arrived in the UK…Only had to wait five years for it :). The Sun uplifts my spirits like nothing else. And it’s not just me it has a positive effect on, everywhere I go people have smiles on their faces and are so much friendlier than normal. Perhaps this is because we so seldom get nice weather in the North of England. Rain and grey clouds tends to be our weather staple. But, as I am not here to talk about the weather, I shall move swiftly on.

I haven’t been spending much time on the internet lately (too busy drenching myself in sunshine), but when I do visit the sites I normally frequent, it is very evident how difficult of a time people are having. To be fair, and I touch wood as I type, I have not been feeling bad at all recently, quite the opposite in fact. I have been upbeat, energised and getting giddier by the day. But knowing how this process unfolds, I realise this could be a temporary state and I’m slightly hesitant to make any claims regarding personal changes as I know how transient these ‘good times’ can be. However, I feel that much of the way I’m feeling is the direct result of lifestyle changes I’ve made by tuning into my Internal Guidance System (IGS), otherwise known as our higher self.

As I mentioned in my last post, sensitivities are on the increase for many, in the form of allergies, intolerances and negative emotional responses. It is very clear that these sensitivities are a reaction to those things that lower our vibration.

Not everyone will be having reactions, but I’m guessing much of the depression, anxiety and painful emotions that many are experiencing, are due to no longer being able to tolerate anything of a low vibration. Some may wrongly assume what they are experiencing are ascension symptoms, when in fact it is just their body trying to raise their awareness to the fact they need to clean themselves up.

For years, many Awakened people have endured varying ascension symptoms that come and go without any distinguishing triggers. These symptoms may have been part of the ‘planetary energetic changes’. However, the reactions that many are having, both physically and mentally, maybe being caused by that which is disturbing the natural balance of the body, mind and spirit!

As humans, we can tend to focus on the development and improvement of either the spiritual or the physical, but not always on both. We may pray, meditate or chant for hours each day, spend every waking moment wondering how we could help others, but do no exercise, smoke twenty cigarettes a day and eat nothing but processed food. Or we could go to the other extreme of exercising two to three hours a day and be fastidious over every morsel put into our mouths, but have no care for any type of spiritual practice and are driven purely by material gains and power.

Our body is home to and carries our spirit, or soul. Our spirit, which is our true eternal-self, carries all our life experiences and knowledge (the only things we get to take with us when we leave here). Whilst residing here on the earthly-plane, our spirit belongs to our body and vice-versa. If we fail to nurture or mistreat one, we in turn mistreat the other. It makes sense that we should look after and balance both.

For me, cutting out wheat and alcohol has had the most dramatic effect on rebalancing me physically and spiritually. Both alcohol and wheat had a vice-like grip on me, to what extent I was unaware of until I gave them up. And, ironically enough, both play a huge part in the lives of Westerners: wheat being a staple in our diet (for more info on the detrimental effects of modern wheat see: Wheat and The Empath) and alcohol in our social lives.

Being a teenager in the eighties, I grew up with the work hard, play harder mentality, along with the alcohol culture of drinking to get hammered. When I was younger it was fun playing drinking-games and doing silly things that I’d be too shy to do otherwise. However, I now realise that alcohol played a part in my life for too long.

Like many Sensitives, in social situations, I would drink to block out negative emotions coming from others and use it as a stimulant to keep me going after my energy had been drained. It took me an awful long time to figure out that those energies, I may have blocked out whilst under the influence, still seeped into my energy-field and still had to be dealt with the next day. And the stimulant-effect I gained from alcohol, only served in further draining my energy for days after consumption. Now in social situations, I still pick up the energies off others, but I manage to integrate them as and when they arrive. And I no longer worry about letting others down by having to leave early due to tiredness. I stay as long as my energy levels permit then bid farewell. When we borrow energy, via the use of stimulants and such, it only has to be paid back with lots and lots of interest added on.

I’ve always been an advocate for taking self-responsibility and lately I’ve been seeing many others saying the same thing. If we want to move forward, in any which way, in life we are the only ones who truly know how to make it happen. We have teachers and guides to show us the way or plant seeds within, but then it is up to us to figure the rest out for ourselves.

It is too easy to become dependant on another’s teachings or words of wisdom and easier still to take their words and thoughts on as our own. We are each as individual as a snowflake and our life journey should be a reflection of this. We have access to a wealth of information outside of ourselves but the real answers lie within. We hold the key to our own happiness and freedom but we will only find it by following our Internal Guidance Systems.

Our Internal Guidance Systems help us navigate the often hilly, and even mountainous, terrain of our lives. It can be seen in the quiet, guiding voice whispering within and inside the ‘Knowing’. However, our IGS’s can be severely distorted and manipulated by anything that lowers our vibration and in turn our consciousness: Generally anything of a chemical or stimulant nature will play havoc with our IGS’s. Please see last post for more info on effects of this.

If your body has been screaming at you with negative reactions, it is letting you know that for you to fully heal and move onwards and upwards, the time has come to let go of anything that does not promote a higher vibration. You and only you can make that change.

As per usual, I have gone off on a tangent and not written about what I had intended to. And, as time is ticking, if I don’t post this now it will sit in my computer without ever seeing the light of day. I just want to finish on what I had intended to write about: If you find yourself struggling emotionally, with no obvious trigger, and feel like you’ve lost your faith in everything, you may find it helpful to read up on Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) or Past Life Regression. There is lots of info out there on both, but I can recommend anything by Raymond Moody for NDE’s and Brian Weiss for Past Life Regression.

In times of being at my lowest ebb I have stumbled across books by the aforementioned authors (obviously not by chance), and by reading them I got an instant ‘faith lift’. In these trying times, it can be too easy to get distracted by the meaningless and forget what this game called ‘Life’ is really about. For me, reading this kind of material puts life back into perspective and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Until next time…


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Sensitivities of an Empath

If you are an Empath or Sensitive you will be more than used to not handling anything of a low vibration, but lately you may have noticed those sensitivities amping up.

Many Empaths suffer allergies in some shape or form. However, you may be allergic or intolerant and not even be aware of it. If you are in contact with something on a daily basis that you are allergic to, you tend to have a continuous, albeit sometimes minor, reaction. For example: you may suffer with a constant stuffy nose, itchy eyes, muscle or joint discomfort, headaches or constipation, but because you’ve had the symptoms for as long as you can remember, you give little thought to them, but any one of them could be a sign of an allergy.

Normally, the way to determine an allergy is a process of elimination: To withdraw from your diet, for a time, the suspected allergy inducing item and then reintroduce it. If you are allergic you will normally have a big reaction to it. However, you may now be finding that your own body is giving you spontaneous allergic reactions, to things you have come into daily contact with, for most of your life.

The thing is, most of us already know what we should or shouldn’t consume. We all have the internal Knowing. We get that nagging feeling that something is not a fit for us. However, as humans we have also wanted to indulge in the forbidden fruit. But now, it would seem, we are getting put on track and our own bodies are guiding us, and in some cases rather abruptly, to make the change.

Here is a little list of some types of reactions you may have been experiencing:

  • If you use alcohol to help get you through social situations, you find yourself getting intoxicated ridiculously easily and feeling so ill after consumption that you believe you’re literally going to die. Hangovers last for days or even a week.
  • After eating meat, poultry or fish you feel more depressed than normal and your energy levels plummet.
  • You may find that the kick start coffee in the morning is giving you the jitters, making you feel anxious and/or nauseous.
  • When coming into contact with air fresheners, cleaning products, perfumes or garden chemicals, your nose starts streaming and you develop cold-like symptoms.
  • Consuming anything genetically modified triggers a whole host of uncomfortable symptoms.
  • White sugar (or anything refined) makes your body instantly lethargic and your mind race.
  • TV and internet (that you have previously been ok with) gives you brain fog and makes you feel restless or irritable.

When you take heed of your body’s warning signals, in the shape of instant negative reactions, and remove whatever it is lowering your vibration, you effectively release yourself from its control. Although touted as much desired pleasures, the contents of the list above are mostly energy draining and toxic to us. And if your body/mind/intuition is telling you its time to give them up, it is probably wise to listen. In return you will have more energy, feel happier, freer and will have to deal with less of the dark stuff within.

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Benefits of Relaxation for the Empath

The majority of us have no idea how much tension we continuously hold within our muscles. In today’s society we have unknowingly trained our muscles to stay in a perpetual state of contraction and because of this, even in sleep, they don’t fully relax.chibi_buddha_144332

Our muscles are constantly stimulated either through the stresses of modern life or through vigorous sports and exercise. Even TV programmes, that we may watch of an evening to relax, have an effect of firing up the mind which can in turn stimulate the muscles, further tensing them. Also, painful emotions can be stored within the muscles, leading to greater muscle fatigue.

Even now, whilst reading this, you will probably be holding tension somewhere in your body. If you take your awareness to your face you may notice that your forehead, jaw or eyes are not relaxed. But until this was pointed out to you, you were unaware of it. If you travel further into the body you may find your shoulders are hunched or your wrists may be extended back, all creating pressure in the muscles and joints. We could go through the entire body, but I think it’s safe to say that you will be, unwittingly, holding tension somewhere.

When our muscles are constantly contracted and alert they are fuelling the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and not only is this depleting the body of vital energy, that those of us who have low energy cannot afford to lose, but it is also prematurely ageing, can raise blood pressure and lower our immune system.

In training the muscles to soften and loosen-up through relaxation, it will switch on the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn will slow our breathing, lower the blood pressure, initiate deep relaxation of body and mind, and allows healing to occur.

In yoga, it is known that the relaxation, at the end of a class, is the most beneficial part of the practice. Not only is it time for the body to rest but it’s the time that the benefits of practise are fully integrated.

To fully relax the body we need to be in a supine position, lying on the floor or on a bed, with our whole body weight being supported (for anyone suffering back problems: a bolster or cushion under knees is helpful). The best way to get a muscle to relax is to tense it first, for five to ten seconds. Start at the feet and work up through limbs, torso and face, tensing and relaxing each body part in turn (great one to do if you can’t sleep) and then stay for a while in this deep state of stillness. If time is short, you could do the lower part of body first, then upper half, finishing on the face. Not only does this exercise promote relaxation but it will also aid in stilling the mind.

You may not always feel the benefits of relaxation directly after (hence us not always realising what a benefit it is). In some, the valuable results may not be felt till the day after.

Relaxation can be done anytime, but the best time is after exercise when the muscles have been stretched and strengthened and the mind is quieter.

If you are Highly Sensitive (Empath) or suffer from any kind of chronic fatigue doing full-body muscle resting will be of great help to your overall well-being.

Quick Recap of Relaxation Benefits

  • Reduces fatigue
  • Anti-ageing
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Boosts immune system
  • Induces restful sleep
  • Allows for muscle regeneration
  • Switches on parasympathetic nervous system
  • Promotes mind stillness
  • Aides in general well-being.

©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

Still the Empath Mind with Ancient Yoga Techniques

I recently watched a television programme where the discussion was about overcoming pre-performance nerves. One of the presenters was talking about how she had learnt to deal with her debilitating stage-fright:  She explained that a wise mentor had given her the advice to change her emotions. He had told her: when she felt fear and nervousness prior to a performance, to focus her mind and change her nervousness into excitement. To her amazement, she found the technique worked and although she still suffered from the jitters before a stage entrance she knew she could turn those emotions into enthusiasm, with the intentional direction of her mind.

The programme got me thinking of how easy (or not) it is to change our emotions from negative to positive and although I understand that we have a choice as to how we interpret our emotions, I really don’t believe it’s that cut and dry. There are so many other factors to consider, none more so than the stimuli that triggered the emotion and our state of mind.

The mind is an incredibly powerful tool. The unfortunate thing is it generally runs rings around most and the majority of us do not know how to control it.

Many illnesses start in the mind in the shape of stress/fear/anger etc. and the mind has the power to heal those ailments, in some cases in, an instant. We’ve seen evidence of this in the placebo effect. For example:  when testing the effectiveness of new pharmaceutical drugs, test subjects are normally divided into two groups. One group will be given the real drug, being tested, and others will be given a fake (placebo). There have been many cases where those given the placebo have healed from their ailments, because their mind believed they were given the drug. There have also been cases where groups of volunteers have been given operations, for things such as knee or hip injuries, some of the subjects were given bona fide operations and some were given dummy ops (where the volunteer was anaesthetised but only an incision was made and nothing more, giving the patient the belief that they had had the procedure). Some of the the volunteers who’d had the dummy op (placebo), healed from their injury, just because they believed they had had the intended medical procedure. The placebo effect is a simple case of just how powerful the mind is, in that it was the mind’s belief that healed the body.

We all know the mind is capable of creating emotional turmoil, especially when the thoughts have gone into overdrive. We can speed up the heart rate just by envisaging a scary scenario or we can make ourselves angry by imagining an injustice against us. The more innovative the mind the more possibilities there are. One can only imagine what damage could be done within the body by those who have creative imaginations. Guess who have amazingly creative imaginations…? Yup, Empaths.

Empaths can sit for hours, happily staring into space with just their thoughts for company and entertainment, and whilst this is a lovely past time when the thoughts are happy and positive, it is not so much when they are dark or brooding. Happy thoughts uplift, inspire, balance and nourish the body and mind. The opposite is true for turbulently-vexed thoughts. They impact the body in the form of painful and angry emotions that burn within one’s solar plexus (mid stomach area) and it becomes a vicious cycle: thoughts feeding emotions and emotions feeding thoughts.

When Empaths feel the emotions of those around them, they can turn into their thoughts without them even realizing it and before they know what’s hit them, the Empath can be caught up in a tornado of torrid, angry thoughts that didn’t stem from their own circumstances.

It has to be noted that when in public, Empaths won’t always know where or from whom the emotions come from, because not everyone shows on the surface what is going on within and not everyone carries pain.

When I was younger and worked as a hairdresser, I spent my days surrounded by people of all ages, and all of whom I worked very closely with. In the time before I knew anything about being an Empath, I could never understand why I felt so uncomfortable around certain people. But what used to baffle me the most was why I felt most uncomfortable around those who came across as being really sweet and lovely. But when I was around those who were first-class grumps or those who may have been direct, rude or obnoxious, I never used to feel very much, well, other than the obvious, surface, negativity. I now know that those sweet and lovely people, who I felt uncomfortable with, were sensitive beings who held a lot of emotional pain within them and this is what I was picking up. Those who were grumpy or obnoxious didn’t hold much pain within them; it was all on the surface level and not hidden away.

The mind has its own way of interpreting energy. Sometimes it will make it into a story and sometimes it will make one feel physically ill or drained. Our programmes will normally determine how we read energy and when I say programmes, I mean our lineage and history. One may be very different from our grandparents, parents and siblings but we are made from the same stuff as them, so there is a strong likelihood that what was carried within them, will be carried within us. We inherit more than just our physical appearance. Our history is made up from the events that happened to us through our lives, good and bad. The factors between our lineage and history can greatly determine how we operate within the world and how our personal programmes come into being. If one finds negative emotions continuously arising in certain situations, it could be time to get re-programmed and this means taking control of the mind and changing the mindset. If this is something you are looking for then my recommendation is in the practice of yoga.

In my quest to quieten the mind and heal my body over the years, I have tried many different things, but the one constant, and something I have always come back to, is yoga and the many branches thereof. It is only now, after years of study and practice, that I have a greater insight into the roots of yoga and an understanding as to why it is and has been such a help to me as a Sensitive.

Sadly, in much of the Western World, the focus of yoga (and in facts most forms of exercise) has had a strong emphasis on the effect it has on the physical appearance, or getting the body into ‘pretzel-shaped’, advanced postures (that most western bodies are not designed for). But yoga goes so much deeper than that.

Yoga has been around for thousands of years and originated in India. For all the many benefits yoga has to offer the body, it was primarily designed to still the mind. It is only when we have a quiet mind that we can truly find peace. The ancient yogis knew that to have a quiet mind you could not have a body in pain so the yoga poses (asana) were designed to strengthen,  heal and soothe the body of ailments and in turn, make it so one could sit comfortably, for hours on end, in deep meditation. The poses were also created as a challenge for the mind, for when the mind is focused on overcoming an obstacle it can not be filled with riotous thoughts.

Within yoga we are also trained to control the breath, either through dynamic yoga (flowing in and out of postures) or through pranayama (regulation of breath though certain techniques and exercises). It is through control of the breath that we control the mind. I have done yoga for nearly 20 years and it is only relatively recently that I have been making a conscious effort to regularly practice the breathing techniques (I used to dip in and out). Not only can the different breathing techniques be energising and uplifting, but they are also calming, relaxing and rejuvenating. Another huge benefit I have found from practising pranyama is that certain techniques can alleviate and even remove negative, incoming emotions from others. It is just a case of finding the correct pranayama technique for the specific problem.

I have written about yoga and the breathing systems before and will, no doubt, again, but in these challenging times we find ourselves in, I see them as an essential part of an Empaths protection.

Below is a list of breathing exercises and links to demonstrations on Youtube. You don’t have to sit cross-legged on the floor when practising, you can sit in a normal chair as long as  your back is straight.

Nadi Shodhana (alternate nostril breathing).

This technique quietens the mind and blisses you out. It is great to do before bedtime especially if you’ve got a wired, monkey mind. It also balances the masculine and feminine energies within the body.

Kapalbhati (bellows breath).

 This is an all round brilliant, breathing technique, it also works out and strengthen the core stomach muscles. It is beneficial to do in the morning as it is energising (to be done on an empty stomach), or when one needs a quick energy boost. It is fabulous to do if you are feeling a lot of emotion around the solar plexus area, which it quickly eliminates. After performing this breathing technique, you are left with a quiet, yet energised, mind.

Ujayi (victorious breath) 

 This is commonly used within yogic asana practise to create heat within the body, keep the mind focused and help eliminate toxins. It really helps quieten the mind as it is kept focused on the breath. I have recently found this one great to do when in places such as supermarkets, where there’s lots of people and a rush of emotions swirling round. It helps block out the incoming, keeps you centred and it is doubly effective if you lightly contract the stomach muscles.

Dynamic Asana Practice.

This is yoga asana, but instead of holding poses static for a certain length of time, you move in and out with the breath. Again brilliant for quietening the mind but also great for alleviating tension in the body as well as creating strength and flexibility. (I have not attached a link to this as it’s probably best to first practise under a qualified instructor).

To reap maximum benefits you should try to practise pranayama everyday, if only for 5 minutes. It is best to practice in a quiet, comfortable and warm place. However, the breathing techniques can be taken out with you, Ujayi is best for this. You can do them whilst sitting in a traffic jam, whilst walking in a shopping centre or anywhere else where  and when needed.

All yogic breathing systems should be approached gradually. When first attempted they can make you dizzy or sometimes anxious, with persistence these will pass so don’t be put off.

Clear Your Clutter Transform Your Life!

How many of us hold onto things long after they’ve outlived their use?

Have you kept old clothes believing they may come back in fashion one day, or in case you lose or gain weight?

Have you been given a gift that you didn’t really like, but kept it to avoid hurting another’s feelings?

I think it’s safe to say most of us could say yes to at least one of the above questions. But hoarding, even just a little bit, will soon see our homes overloaded with junk. Bad news for Empaths or those of a sensitive nature.

An overly cluttered house leads to an overly cluttered mind and energy field. Clutter equates to stagnated energy and is extremely draining to the body and mind. Even clutter that the eye cannot see, still has a debilitating effect on the psyche and creates an overcrowded feeling within. This can lead to the Empath feeling drained and lethargic!

If you have a crowded house (and I don’t mean with people) you may not realize how much it can deplete your energy, leading to feelings of sluggishness, apathy and an uninspired mind.

Empaths tend to have an inbuilt loathing of clutter, whether they are aware of their gift or not, and this is because they can feel it dragging them down, energetically. They will tend to opt for more of an uncomplicated decor, without too much fuss in the way of ornaments etc., for the simple reason that all objects hold energy. But over the years clutter can unintentionally build and we can find ourselves with all sorts of bric-a-brac, that were probably gifts, strewn around the house, which only serve in being draining.

Many years ago, before I was even aware of the term Empath, I read a book by Karen Kingston called: ‘Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui’ (unfortunately, I no longer have the book, and don’t have a photographic memory, so am unable to paraphrase), it really resonated with me and inspired me to have a full-on house detox. I hatched a plan to rid the home of all unwanted, unused and unhelpful items we had hoarded. My husband and I ploughed through the house, room by room, and cleared tonnes of stuff (slight exaggeration there but you will be surprised how much can be crammed into the smallest draw). I have a minimalistic decor-style and have never liked visual clutter, so everything that was removed came out of cupboards, draws and wardrobes. It was amazing how clean, fresh and liberated we both felt afterwards.

The first thing we all need to summon, when it comes to de-cluttering, is bravery. It may sound silly to suggest being brave when it comes to clearing the house, but in a way that’s exactly what we need. Fear will always rear its ugly head when making any changes in one’s life and when de-cluttering it will be there to tell you how much you need those unneeded items.

In the current economic climate it is an ideal environment for hoarding to thrive. We may hold onto possessions because we fear we won’t be able to replace them with something better or of equal value. You can probably look around any room in your house now and count at least 5 items that serve no purpose. Hoarding is born from the fear of lack and in clearing the clutter you are also facing, and in turn clearing, that fear.

To find out whether you really need something in your life simply ask this question: How will this item improve or make my life better? If you can’t come up with an answer (other than it won’t) it’s probably time to ditch or give it to charity.

When your home is full there is no room for anything new to come into your life. In making space, you are sending out a message that you are open to receive (but hopefully not more clutter).

Clearing the clutter doesn’t just have to be of your external environment, you can also have an internal-clutter-clearing session. Disposing of old beliefs, traits or thought patterns is both liberating and rejuvenating. Granted, they’re not as easy to be rid of as belongings, but probably ten times more beneficial.

A trait that will do you the world of good to eliminate is overly judgemental behaviour of self or others.

Being judgemental is so imprisoning and it causes untold harm to the bearer. It doesn’t have to be vindictive in nature to be damaging: it can be as simple as feeling another is more worthy than ourselves, thinking we are not good enough or believing our opinions are better than others.

Being judgemental catches us all unaware, but when we are conscious of it we are one step closer to removing it (for an Empath, if we are being judgemental, or indeed being judged, it can hold a heavy dark and anxious feeling/energy).

If you are in doubt of what you should or shouldn’t keep in your life, see the following questions:

Clutter Clearing Check List for the Internal and External:

  • Does this serve me today?
  • Will this serve me in the foreseeable future?
  • Can this serve anyone else?
  • Why am I holding onto this?
  • Will keeping/holding onto this make me happy?

A word of warning: you can guarantee that within days of having a clear-out your mind will play tricks on you, finding use for anything and everything you threw/gave away (even though you may not have worn/used it for five years, or previously forgotten of its existence). Just know that this is part of the de-cluttering process and it will pass.

Hope this post helps you on your path


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The Developing Traits of an Empath 2… The Knowing

I love the energy of a Saturday morning. It’s so calm and peaceful and when the sun is shining, like it is today, it all seems so extra special.

One of the many gifts an Empath has, is the ability to feel the energy of the days of the week. Friday afternoon and Saturday mornings are my favourite-feeling-days. Sunday evening and Monday morning are not so much.

Empaths can take for granted all that we feel energetically, that others cannot, because it just happens so naturally. For the most part of our life we may have assumed everyone could feel the same things as us. I remember as a child being able to see the energy/aura around the inanimate and the animate. I used to love lying on the grass on a warm summer’s day and just stare at the hazy energy around the lush, green trees swaying gently in the breeze. This I also assumed was something everyone else could see/do. It was only in adulthood when I reminisced about it with family and friends that I discovered they didn’t see the auras of objects or anything else for that matter. Sadly, that natural ability faded with time. Now if I want to see auras, I have to really focus and work at it.

It is not uncommon for children, whether they are an Empath or not, to have metaphysical gifts: seeing and being able to communicate with spirits and non physical beings is a common one, as is intuition. Unfortunately, many children tend to forget, grow out of or consciously close down these abilities when they become adults, for fear of being different. For the Empath, intuition is not something one tends to grow out of, but it is something that can go largely ignored in adulthood.

Intuition (the Knowing) can come in many forms, foreseeing future events, being psychic, having the ability to read others etc. This intuition can be developed, if that’s what one wants, and enhanced, but I believe the most important thing we should start doing is just to listen to that which we already have.

Every Empath will have intuition to varying degrees. For most it will come as strong feelings within the gut area in regard to certain stimuli. For example: when we first meet someone we may get the overwhelming feeling that this person will be bad news in some way, and the stronger the feeling, the more stark the warning. We may then share this feeling with another, only to be told not to be silly, that our suspicions are unfounded and we should really like this person because they are fabulous. So we may tell ourselves we were wrong and the feeling fades, only for the memory of it to come back to haunt us when they do something bad to us, or a loved one in the future.

Another example is: on a visit to the bank we are advised, by the bank manager, where to invest our money for the greatest yield, we then experience that gut-burning dread in our solar plexus. We ignore it, thinking the bank manager knows more than we do and he wouldn’t advise us to invest if it wasn’t a good idea (I think you know where this is heading), only to find out, months or years down the line, that investment was the worst thing we could have done. I could go on and on with examples but I’m sure you get the picture.

Many of us ignore these gut-feelings (Knowing) for many reasons, maybe because we want to see the best in others or we don’t believe in ourselves as much as we should, or even that they just don’t fit in with our plans or desires. Those gut-feelings are there to warn, serve and protect us from experiencing anything we don’t need to (we already take on enough as it is). This strong sense of Knowing that Empaths have is a guide and way-shower for us and it also helps us discern what is right or wrong for us individually. We may question it, especially if it does not fit in with the ethics of society (but then let’s face it, with all the corruption going on in the world, society, as a whole, does not seem the best for advising anyone on ethics).

I will relay a situation that happened to me, many years ago, involving me ignoring my intuition: In the days when I had my own business, I was interviewing for a junior place and one girl, who seemed pleasant but came with extra baggage and a sob-story, came in. During the interview, my solar plexus was screaming and my head was yelling at me, not to take her on. But a side of me decided to be morally-correct and not to listen to these warnings. I told myself, everyone deserved a chance to prove themselves. That decision came back to haunt me: the girl in question was constantly taking time off and when she did come in she was always late and she brought with her a very negative, draining energy, that all could feel (not just me). If we tried explaining anything or reprimanding her on her behavior she would argue back. Basically, she was hell on legs and in her short time with us, did a lot of damage. So, the moral of the story is, in my ignoring my intuition and opting to take the moral-high-road, I subjected myself to a lot of unnecessary pain that could have been avoided, had I listened.

When we get these strong urges, feelings, premonitions or notions in any shape or form, it is in our best interest to listen to them (this is when it also helps to have a quiet mind). The reason behind them may not be revealed for days, weeks, months or even years but they will normally always be explained.

My post today is a follow on from the last and further dipping into the meaning of the Knowing. I find that if I don’t post what I’ve written on the same day I write it, it doesn’t get posted. Either because I don’t get round to finishing it off or the energies, which I may have been referring to in the post, change and what was relevant one day is no longer so. For this reason I end up missing or forget to include information.

Until next time 🙂

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Modern Wheat and the Empath

I don’t k now about you but I have found these past several months to have been such a challenge, both mentally and physically, through the energies bombarding us. I never tend to fare well in the dark, winter months anyway so lately it’s a double whammy. It has been my intention to write a post for months now but, unfortunately, I have not had the energy or focus for it.

One of the main problems I’ve had, as I’m sure many of you will too, is having extreme brain fog and debilitating fatigue. It’s been, well, nothing short of ridiculous really and has made just stringing a sentence together an ordeal, never mind writing a post. Many of the symptoms we’ve been dealing with could tally in with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (many Empaths and Sensitives get diagnosed with this illness) and have not been at all pleasant. Here is a sampling of them:

  • Extreme lethargy and/or fatigue
  • Cold/flu-like symptoms without actually having cold or flu
  • Sensitivity to noise/bright lights
  • Nausea
  • Muscle/joint pain, especially the back area
  • Headaches
  • Brain fog and bad memory
  • Stomach pain, digestive disturbances
  • Depression/sadness/emotional pain
  • Insomnia, even though exhausted

The energies we have experienced lately have been seriously intense and debilitating. The usual tools and techniques that may have worked in the past, for uplifting energy levels and focus just don’t seem to work the same lately…or at least that’s been the case for me. So I’ve had no choice but to lay low and take the energetic poundings as they come.

It is frustrating though to feel as bad as this and not be able to do much to help ourselves. After enduring months and years of these symptoms, that just seem to escalate, many of us may be at the stage where we are tempted to pop a pill in hope of getting rid of the ailments. But, as any Sensitive who’s tried will tell you, medication will not get rid of our maladies, especially if they are energetically related (it is always a good idea to get checked out at the doctors though, the above symptoms can also tie in with many physical illnesses). Medication may mask some of the symptoms but that’s it.

It makes sense that if an Empath is extra sensitive to external energies we will be sensitive to anything we ingest and for this reason we should try to be extra vigilante with what we consume. It has long since been my belief that Nature will always offer an antidote to the many illnesses/ailments that all humans endure. The problem that we face today is that our water contains dangerous chemicals and many of our ‘so-called’ healthy-foods have been altered genetically and are no longer a product of Nature, but that of science/man. One of the foods, labelled as a health-food, that I have recently discovered to be incredibly toxic, is wheat!

I was lucky enough to come across the website of Dr William Davies:  He has written extensively about his research into the damaging and detrimental affects of modern wheat on both body and mind, and how it is predominantly responsible for the obesity epidemic which has swept the globe in the past few decades.

Little did I know that wheat was genetically modified back in the seventies, basically for profit, to give a greater yield to the wheat crop, and is no longer a natural food. After reading Dr Davies’s research I decided to abstain from wheat for just a month and see if it made any difference to my well-being…  it did. One of the first things I noticed was my appetite reducing and my craving for wheat-based products disappearing, which resulted in weight-loss. I also found myself feeling much happier. Others, to whom I suggested dropping wheat, reported the same and more: better digestion, more energy, acne clearing up, etc. For years I had a nagging feeling that wheat did not agree with me but the thought of giving it up filled me with dread. I did not think I could live without bread and pastries, but this was just my wheat-addiction talking.

The scary thing is wheat is a staple in the western diet.  A supposedly healthy diet could consist of: toast/wheat cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta for evening meal, but in that way of eating we are destroying our health. Wheat is addictive, stimulates appetite and is a depressant, to name but a few of its shortcomings.

Highly sensitive people and Empaths have enough to contend with, without having to deal with the drug-like effects of wheat. I urge you to visit Dr Davis’s site/blog  and read all the information offered, especially the testimonials given by those who have given up wheat. Try it yourself, if only for a few weeks. But to really reap the benefits of wheat-elimination you have to give it up completely, which means no breadcrumbs/batters, sausages, sauces thickened with wheat, soy sauces, beer/larger, etc. Always read the label, you will be amazed where it is hidden.

I am in the process of experimenting with adding raw coconut oil and higher levels of omega 3, essential fatty-acids, into my diet to see if there is any improvement with my energy levels. I will keep you posted if it works.

Ayurveda for an Empath

I have always been fascinated and had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge on anything to do with healing, as is typical of an Empath. I have constantly searched out different healing modalities in the quest for salvation from my Empathic traits and have always been on the lookout for that miracle cure…

In the days before I learnt of my being an Empath, I would get frustrated by the fact that I didn’t get the desired, expected or promised results from the many holistic treatments, I tried and even learnt; that others had sworn by. It was only after I discovered of my being an Empath, that I realised most of my maladies were coming from external sources (other peoples’ emotions) and the therapies that were beneficial to some, in dealing with stresses and other emotional states, were of no use to me. But that did not stop me from searching for an antidote. Unfortunately, I can not lay claim to having found the solution to impede or quash the barrage of unwelcome, incoming energies, I have, however, found ways to tolerate and lessen the symptoms.

What I have learnt and continue to learn is that knowledge is the key to safeguarding our wellbeing. We are ultimately responsible for the health of our body, mind and spirit. I always had an inkling and then later a knowing, that this life is a DIY (do it yourself) job/journey and that, after childhood, relying too much on others, to take away our pain or make our life easier, is not the answer. We are answerable to ourselves and it is up to us to discover what will help and/or hinder our wellbeing, mentally and physically.

Empaths tend to be hardwired for learning and are constantly on the lookout for therapeutic techniques, not just for themselves but for others too. Just the act of reading this or any other similar blog, is in the quest of healing knowledge and a way of looking for the answers. I’m sure we would all love to find a quick fix or miracle pill to take our, and others, woes and pains away, but then if everything came easily, there would be no sense of accomplishment in life. And that is not to say I believe life should be a struggle and a constant uphill battle, we just need challenges and lessons to help us grow and we can do that through taking self-responsibility.

As we are all so very different, what works for one, does not always work for another and because of this it can prove difficult to find out what is best for our personal healing. Bearing this in mind, I would suggest that finding out one’s individual body type is a must in the interest of our health and sanity, and we can do this through the healing art of Ayurveda.

I have long been an advocate of the healing powers of yoga on the physical body and mind (hence becoming a yoga teacher) but I never seemed to get it quite right with diet and digestion and it is only recently that I have made the connection with diet and our body types.

A part of my yoga teacher-training was devoted to the study of Ayurveda, an ancient healing practice, thousands of years old and a sister science to yoga, in which we discovered our body constitutions or prakruti known as the doshas.

The meaning behind Ayurveda can roughly translate to the science of life and its aim is to bring balance and health to both body and mind. This is achieved through various Ayurvedic methods, but one essential element that firstly needs addressing is what we put into our mouths, whether that be hot/cold, wet/dry, sweet/sour, bitter or pungent. Before we can find what to eat for optimum health, we need to discover our dosha type.

There is much free information out there on the net in regards to Ayurveda and dosha types but to explain in brief: it is said that we are all born with one basic constitution (dosha) which are known as, Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. 80% of us are born with one primary dosha and the other 20% will have a dual-dosha or even tri-doshic type. Dependant on your type will depend on what foods to enjoy in abundance and those to avoid or eat in small amounts. For example, a Kapha type who tends to be on the heavier side, dislikes the cold, puts weight on easily, is sluggish, can have oily skin, suffer from excess mucus and in general be very laid back in life, a diet consisting of low-fat, low-sugar, low-wheat products and plenty of spicy food should be consumed. Then for a Vata type who, among other traits, tends to have dry skin, fluctuating energy levels, an ever whirring, restless mind, be of slim build, quick to anger and quick for anger to subside; a diet consisting of sweet, warm, moist and oily foods is followed (not processed food). It goes against the grain of what  the Western world has promoted, in that a healthy diet is beneficial to all. An incredibly healthy food, which is great for one dosha type, may not be so good for another.

The three dosha's and the 5 great elements the...

The three dosha’s and the 5 great elements they are composed from (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To determine the dosha type you were born with, visit:  or  and do the dosha test. When answering the questions it is best to cast your mind back to late childhood, early adulthood, because this is when you were most likely your true dosha type, before you got imbalanced from a stressful lifestyle, wrong diet and exercise et-cetera.

There is a wealth of information on both websites about your dosha type and what foods to eat, or to avoid, to balance it/them. You can also discover how much exercise is beneficial to your type and whether eating your food hot or cold is a consideration. It is always best, if you get chance, to visit an Ayurvedic practitioner, who will give you a reliable diagnosis of your dosha. If this subject is of interest, you will no doubt find yourself perusing the web for hours searching more information on Ayurveda and the doshas.

So how does this information help out an Empath? Finding your dosha certainly won’t take away the difficulties we have to endure, but if we balance our dosha types it is just another step towards overall balance. Empaths take on so much from others and can spend much of the time feeling exhausted just from dealing with external influences. Sometimes it can be hard to tell what belongs to us and that which belongs to another, but if we know that we have balanced our body, mind and spirit through eating, drinking and exercising according to our type, being in balance will help us discern the energies and then use the tools that we have found helpful in dealing with toxic energy overloads. We have to remember that as humans we will still suffer from our own range of emotions, anger, anxiety and fear (finding your dosha will also determine whether your type is more prone to certain emotions than another) caused by life situations.

These days we can not afford to get ourselves any more out of balance than we already are. If we are not physically in good shape, through healthy exercise, good nutrition and mind stilling exercises, then we will be vulnerable to a whole host of illnesses ready to knock us out of our groove (stressful emotions lead to illness, whether they are ours or not). I know on some days just putting one foot in front of another can be a real effort and even just thinking about exercising is hard work, so it is my advice that on these, low energy, days you should think of doing some passive stretching and restorative yoga. Basically, it is putting your body in certain poses and let gravity do all the stretching work, whilst allowing your breath to rejuvenate the body. When it comes to Empaths and exercise, a little is always better than none.

We are currently in the throes of a huge transitional shift and there are a lot of fearful and heightened emotions out there. If it’s not the energies of other peoples’ pain bodies we’re dealing with, we’re being floored by the many solar flares that are pounding the planet. Now, more than ever, we need to look after ourselves. If you haven’t already, check out  Grounding Techniques for Empaths and Sensitives, you may find some useful tips. I have also found supplements quite helpful too. As they say, ‘every little helps…’

If you are an Empath, I empathise with you for what you will probably be going through or have already been through. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we wouldn’t have agreed to take on all that we do if there wasn’t a very good reason for it. So, chin up, smile and keep plodding on…