Emotional Freedom…Can Tapping Clear Your Empath Emotions?

You may have read or seen a clip on YouTube about the emotional freedom technique (EFT) known as Tapping. The premise is by tapping certain acupressure/meridian points on the face and body it can help release blocked energy and suppressed emotions. It also helps with addictions, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety and persistent thoughts.

The origins of Tapping lie in Eastern medicinal techniques such as acupuncture and acupressure, both of which use the body’s meridian points to aid in healing. It is claimed by tapping these points with your fingertips it activates the body’s own healing power.

Although many people trust in Tapping for its potential to release physical and emotional pain from the body and mind, I have not used the technique, other than the odd time, because it did not feel a fit for me. So I cannot lay claim to receiving the stated benefits. But after studying Ayurveda and yoga I know how powerful the energy lines of our body are for healing and restoring balance, and because of this I felt it an important subject to cover.

The repetitious practice of Tapping is meditative and any meditative practice is perfect for the Empath. I get the impression, like meditation, Tapping is a practice one has to build to see lasting benefits. I know some Empaths struggle with keeping up a meditation practice and this may be a good alternative for those who find it difficult. Anything that reduces the overwhelm of emotions endured by the Empath is worth trying. We are all different and we all know what works for one does not always work for another. We have to keep trying new ways to stay in balance and keep control of our thoughts and emotions so we can live happily and healthily in this world. Continue reading