The Crossroads of Change: Unplugging from The Hysteria

You would have to live very deep underground to not have noticed the crazy happenings in society. Almost everyone has been affected, in some way, by the engulfing mass hysteria that has swept the world. It is easy to believe that most of it is politically fuelled but; it is my belief, the real reason goes much deeper than that.crossroads2

The world is not a happy place. The masses are angry and afraid. Either because there are changes afoot they do not agree with or they are scared to speak out about their true beliefs for the fear of being labelled as racist, sexist, stupid, a conspiracy theorist or not politically correct.

Dogmatism and cognitive dissonance is rife. Freedom of speech, freedom of thought and individuality are being supressed. And the energy of hate is skyrocketing. It certainly feels like all humans are being manipulated to turn on each other. This is not a recent thing it has been building for a while and affecting Empaths on many levels.

2016 was one of the most energetically chaotic years I can remember. Not so much from a personal perspective, but within the populace. There was so much shifting going on that no one could hide from the turbulently vexed energy being pumped out. I don’t know of anyone who did not face some type of challenge, pain or frustration during 2016 (even if it was just political frustrations). Empaths, the world over, were drawn into this tumultuous vibrational energy, if even indirectly, without realizing. Even those who considered themselves to be in a good vibrational space, were affected.

For me, I look back on 2016 and see it as a huge transitional year. A time of growth and empowerment. But it was not an easy year to live through and, it would seem, 2017 has started much the same.

We reside in a world going through the quickening of change. These changes are causing trauma, chaos, emotional pain, depression and more. Although trauma and upheaval may be considered as emotionally damaging, it actually leads to growth and spiritual awareness… if we allow it. Trauma is the first step we take across the tempestuous waters of awakening. Pain is a prelude to birth.

For some, the initial stages of awakening are seen in random behaviours. Two of these being: denial and blame. In the past couple of years, you will have seen this behaviour everywhere. People pointing the finger of blame and convincing themselves their problems lie in the hands of another. Most are so busy avoiding themselves, and instead lashing out at others, that they are miss a unique opportunity for transformation.

Suffering is part of the ‘wake-up call’. People far and wide are hearing the sirens of the awakening, and call to change, but it is their choice how the transition goes. The words of Tony Robbins spring to mind:

‘Change is inevitable. Evolution, however, is a choice

We can choose to wake-up, evolve and grow or we can choose to stay in denial. Denial is the comfortable, normally, safe passage. At least for a while. However, we can’t ignore evolution forever. If we try things will eventually become so bad that we are forced to change.

All humans are presently being fed fuel to stoke up raging emotions, such as anger, bitterness and hate. If we engage them, these types of emotions keep us trapped in mental conflict and away from finding peace and harmony.

Evil begets evil. Hate breeds hate. Anger feeds anger. Fear fuels fear. The more of this type of energy people put out into the world the more it grows.

We all have light and darkness within; both love and hate. Whichever we choose to give the most attention to will be the force that guides our feelings, thoughts and choices. Choose wisely. We are the creators of our own reality.

Strange Things Afoot

It is clear there are some seriously strange things happening in the world. (If you’ve read anything about the Mandela Effect or the flat Earth theory, you’ll know what I mean). There is a lot of positive change happening and many truths are being revealed. But we are also being distracted to prevent us from discovering our own power. Distraction is a powerful tool. When our mind is preoccupied with all the wrongs in the world, we don’t see what is right. And we don’t notice the powerful positive and uplifting energy that is all around us.

We are at the crossroads of change. Being a crossroads means we have a choice of which direction to take. We can choose the path of denial and despair or the one of love and gratitude. That choice is often determined by where we place our focus.

You would think it’s a no brainer for us to choose the positive, love energy. But the more people who focus and send out the hate/fear energy the more this builds and the harder it is not to become embroiled in. For anyone Sensitive, this low-level energy, that has swept the globe, is agonizing to experience. But it can also be perversely alluring; drawing us in without our realizing.

I too have been lured into engaging the distressing and emotionally provoking news, designed to distract, divide and enrage. And yes, I get wound up by it all. I keep having to remind myself to unplug and stay switched off from it. No good comes from occupying the mind with such negatively charged news.

Some might argue that we have a duty to stay informed, we should fight for our rights and silence is consent. And as much as I may agree with that, most of what we are being fed is shameful propaganda, which does nothing but feed our darkest emotions and pains the soul.

When we focus on the incredible force of gratitude and love it is a game changer. You see more and more positive come into your life. This amazing energy is all around us, we just need to take our eyes off the distractions and diversions to realize it.

By not giving our attention to anything which feeds negative emotions, we can free ourselves and then take our focus to the more positive. Choosing to stay unplugged is the best form of protection at this time. Especially if you are badly affected by all the hysterical energy.

Here are some excellent ways to stay unplugged:

  • Stay away from the media: Online news, social media and televised news reports can lure you into negative thinking, frustration and anger.
  • Avoid politics: Don’t get involved in dogmatic discussions and avoid those who seem to thrive when politically venting.
  • Steer clear of large groups of people or protests: Mass hysteria is contagious and drags everyone in, even those with the best intentions.
  • Pursue your passions: Do what you love and be creative as often as you can (your own form of distraction).
  • Express gratitude every day throughout the day: Be grateful for anything you can. A delicious meal, a good book, film or just the traffic lights being on green. Keep pumping this positive energy out.
  • Keep control of the mind: Meditate or perform moving meditations like yoga, Thai-chi or dance.
  • Get outdoors: Spend as much time in nature as possible and bask some natural sunlight.

Pain serves us in mysterious ways. We eventually come to a point when we understand why we endured all we have, and we recognize how our pain shaped and changed us for the better. But we don’t need to keep experiencing it over and over. We have a choice. Now is the time to start shaping your new reality by unplugging from the old.

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine

Summer Solstice, The Strawberry Moon and Empath Power

This Monday 20th June 2016 befalls a rather special occurrence… The summer solstice.

summer solstice

The summer solstice has long-since been noted as a magical day with a time-honored history of celebrations. This year’s solstice comes with an extra bonus of being a full moon. The last time this occurred was 70 years ago.

There are not many who have ever experienced a celestial event of this magnitude. Having a full Strawberry Moon on the same day as a summer solstice is a truly rare event.

The full moon in June is known as the Full Strawberry Moon because it is the time of year to harvest ripening fruit, which also coincides with the strawberry season.

full moon

If you are sensitive to the energy of full moons and/or solstices, this one will surely pack a magical punch. It is a great time to set your intentions for the year ahead and wonderful period to spend in contemplation and meditation (and to spend as much time as you can in nature) to experience the full magnificence of this occasion.

Empath Power

Empath Power, the book, has now been released. I timed the release to coincide with this magical solstice weekend. It is available in both paperback and eBook versions. Here is a snippet of what it entails:

Empat PowerThere are some major changes happening on the planet affecting Empaths on many levels. These changes bring pain, emotional disruptions, repetitive, negative thought patterns and physical distress. 

With any energy shift Empaths, and anyone of a Sensitive nature, get clobbered from all directions. Not only do they endure the discomfort of a shifting period in their own way, but they also pick up on how the populace are experiencing these ups and downs. If you often feel overwhelmed and overloaded by all you have to process during these turbulent times Empath Power is for you. 

As an Empath you are one of life’s game changers! It is imperative you stay grounded, protected and healthy during these testing periods and this book is your guide to show you how! 

You can go to the Kindle store here to read the first section for free and see if this book is what you might need at this present time.

Have a superb Strawberry Solstice weekend!

Until next time…


5 Ways to Make Your Spirit Soar

dove-wallpaper-13After I wrote the post, ‘Surviving Christmas’, I decided I wanted try to put myself in the frame of mind where I could align with the more positive aspect of Christmas, without getting involved in the commercial side, and hopefully make December a much more enjoyable month.

Although I have not been keen on the festive season these past years, I still enjoyed a good Christmas film. I realize that some may see them as being cheesy or fake, but I find there is something magical and uplifting about Christmas films. For some reason, I feel emotionally uplifted and motivated to be a better person after watching one.

It was after watching the film, Scrooged with Bill Murray, earlier in the month that I questioned as to why I like the films, but don’t care much for the season. And then it came to me, Xmas films are never about the stress, the debt or overindulgence that Christmas creates, but about doing good for others, forgiveness, turning one’s life around or finding love. So, with this in mind I had a little think about how I could reclaim my Christmas spirit without following ‘standard protocol’ and this is what I came up with:

Continue reading

Help Heal the World by Staying in our Heart Centre

heartHave you happened to notice recently that when you are in a really good place, maybe doing something that makes you feel happy and uplifted, you find yourself thrown off centre and being pulled down into a darker place?

You may receive a phone call, text or email off one of those people in your life who act as a trauma trigger, or a family member, who always manages to push your buttons, shows up.

Do you think this is by chance?

Those of us who have been working diligently on self-development, through balancing the mind, body or spirit, will have seen many, many positive changes in recent times. Our vibration is continually rising; our intuition has increased, as has our ability to manifest, and our moments of blissful clarity are getting bigger and better. And we are finally starting to understand what our roles here are. Yet, despite this, we still seem to be being targeted and, if we’re not aware, pulled down into a low vibrating space. Continue reading

Why Empaths Need Protection

umbrella-protection--logistics-symbol_318-36130You may have noticed that I have written about protection, healing or grounding methods, for the Empath, lately and there is a very good reason for this.

There are some major changes/shifts going on, energetically, that are affecting all of us (humans) on many levels and these changes are bringing about a lot of pain, emotional disruptions and repetitive, negative thought patterns.

Generally, when there are major energy shifts all Empaths, HSPs and anyone of a Sensitive nature get clobbered from all directions.

If you are feeling like you are going seriously cuckoo with all the energies and emotions you are processing it is probably a good time to pull out your ‘protective-tools arsenal’ and start experimenting with different techniques. Especially, if you have a daily protection ritual that you are finding isn’t working so well. Continue reading

Dark Thoughts and Moving into a New World

worldHave you found that you seem to be getting triggered in negative ways recently? You’re not alone. You will be especially noticing these triggers if, in the past years, you have significantly raised your vibration and have done lots of work on yourself.

You may find that for the much of the time you feel happy, even blissed out and then you receive a message off someone that automatically puts you into a negative place and changes your thoughts from being happy to angry or low vibrational.

To find yourself thinking negatively is not your fault, humans are hardwired into thinking more negative thoughts than positive, it’s called negativity bias and stems back to our survival instincts from caveman days. We can brood for hours on dark menacing thoughts whilst positive ones can often go unnoticed.

It only takes 17 seconds for a negative thought to take hold, which could then escalate into hours or days of dark thinking, which will affect both our emotions and our physical health.

The question you may ask is why are we getting triggered so much lately? I don’t tend to write about the ‘ Continue reading

Rewiring and Rebooting

Already more than half-way through 2014 and it has to be said, this year is proving to be a game-changer!

The changes happening around us are palpable in every way and becoming more so with each passing day! These shifts and changes are all about bringing in the new way of BEing.

Rewiring and rebooting are words used a lot within ascension circles as an expression of how we are being affected by the current energies/changes, but at this present time, I feel these two words could not be more appropriate.

We have seen some random days of intense energy bursts, which may have lifted you up or brought you crashing down.

These shifts in energy have brought in many changes. Emotionally, the themes I am seeing/feeling mostly in others (and on some days in myself), is anger, frustration and depression.

This video (which I very timely just came across) is a must watch/listen for these current times. If you have not yourself experienced depression, pass it on to those you know who have.

There are some other ways in which these energies may have affected you physically and emotionally and here’s a sampling:

Feeling energetically wired with an intense rush of power pulsing through your body:

This fizzy-type energy cannot be mistaken, it pretty much leaves you feeling like you have been charged up with electricity. And although you may feel mentally or physically tired, this buzzing energy can keep you awake at night.

Brain fog:

Poor memory recall and a fuzzy head seems to be the norm in recent years, but do not be surprised if you are feeling more scatty than normal.

Intense emotional ups and downs, very bi-polar in nature, or being hyper-sensitive:

It may seem like I’m stating the obvious here as, for Empaths, it is normal to feel strong emotions, yet these emotions/sensations are not like the normal ones we experience. They come out of nowhere and range from anger to blissful happiness. You may find yourself waking up in a bad mood, with no reason for it, or little things that would not normally bother you suddenly have you riled. Then you may find yourself feeling happier than you ever have.

We are also getting the backlash of other’s strong emotions. Many people are now being activated or effected by the rewire and, as I have said many times before, it can be very easy to lay claim to other’s emotions and build them into our own life-story.

Having zero tolerance for selfish or self-pitying behaviour and drawing a line under past dramas:

You may have previously been able to put up with another’s self-centred ways, but now find yourself quickly backing away from their dramas. You may now have come to a point where you will no longer put up with bad behaviour, nor allow others to pull you down into their self-perpetuating crisis’s. You have decided enough is enough!

This is not by chance. It’s as though we are disconnecting from all the irresolvable dramas, family or friendship feuds that we had in our past, not wanting them to have any part in our future.

And there are very good reasons for this:

You have very likely been on this path for many years and during this time dealt with your emotional wounds, whilst others around you looked on and/or had no idea what you were enduring. Now and in recent times, those others are now going through these changes. It is their turn to process/deal with their emotional wounds and if you have found yourself walking away or distancing yourself from family or lifelong friends past dramas, selfish behaviour or other, it is your internal knowing stopping you from getting involved.

You may have also found past issues have recently been stirred up. Painful memories that you had long since forgotten, or already dealt with, suddenly arise within. It may have left you baffled as to why you are experiencing this now and the reason is very likely because these (or other) memories have been triggered within a friend or family member, as part of the energetic shifts and you are feeling or picking up on them. This may have further pushed you away from them.

For Empaths, walking away from those in emotional turmoil is not something that would have previously come naturally, so it may feel somewhat alien if you are finding yourself doing it. You are not being harsh or brutal by drawing a line, and not engaging in ‘their stuff’, it is simply not yours to deal with and they have to do it for themselves. This is very much a DIY process!

Changing one’s diet and lifestyle:

Giving up people, foods, drinks and habits that do not promote all-round health, happiness and wellbeing is the way forward. Most people will have made gradual changes to their lifestyle over recent years, but now it is as though all the ‘health’ pieces are clicking together and you are finding a diet or exercise plan that works for you to heal your body, mind and spirit.

Ready to take the leap:

You may suddenly feel very ready to make big changes: in your career, social life or habitat. You may also find yourself finally doing things you have wanted to do, but put off for years. It’s as though the past self-doubts that previously held us back, no longer have the same hold. We know we’ve got to meet our new life half-way and that means stepping out into the world to bring it forth.

These are just some of the ways you may have experienced the new and I’m sure there will be many others too, not listed here, but one thing is for sure: if we are to truly move forward in life we cannot have the old dramas (people, jobs, lifestyles) dragging or keeping us back.

The new is ready for us when we are ready for the new…

I don’t know about you, but I for one am ready to move forward into the brilliant new way of BEing… We’ve waited long enough…

I came across this article which I found both synchronistic and serendipitous to this post.
And although not the full article (you have to purchase it if you want to read more) it offers a great explanation about why we are experiencing what we are.

Hope all’s well in your world…

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Why an Empath’s Life Challenges are Truly Amazing Gifts!

Life is a series of linked events; each one leading to the next, like the spots on a child’s dot-to-dot puzzle. Yet, most are unaware that the seemingly random occurrences, of daily life, are in any way pivotal to the course of their destiny. A chance meeting that happened 10 years ago may have been a precursor for an incredible job offer tomorrow, or a difficult situation endured in our teens may have helped us deal with an incident in our forties. Our conscious mind is kept so busy trying to make sense of the world’s conundrums, that it can keep us from connecting all the little dots on our own cosmic mystery puzzle and from seeing just how amazing our lives really are.

The majority of us are working hard, trying to figure out life, wondering what our purpose or path is and where exactly we fit into this crazy old world. Sadly, much of our present life is missed because our mind’s have skipped off into the future, and are kept busy either making plans or insisting on finding one such thing there, that will make us feel happy or complete. It is as though our happiness lies in tomorrow’s achievements or is put on hold till some day in the future… That future day does not exist because the only day we can be happy is today.

Funny how often we tell ourselves that our plans or dreams for the future, will bring us our deserved and long sought after happiness, without realising just how many of those goals and visions we have already achieved. Most of which came and went without being enjoyed or celebrated, because they did not bring with them the feelings of completion or fulfilment we expected. Here is a sampling: passing exams, getting the dream job, new dress, car or home, travelling the world, finding the perfect partner, gaining financial stability, entering a marriage and having children… The list could be endless; but if you take a few minutes to note just how far you have come and what you have already achieved in life, it is probably safe to say, you have a lot to celebrate.

As well as our major achievements, there are the events we did not plan for and would not include in our wish lists for the future, but happened all the same: failing exams, not getting the dream job or a job-loss, weight-gain, relationship breakdown, divorce, lack of income, children leaving home, getting older, death of a loved one and illnesses…. All those seemingly bad events did more for us than we could ever imagine, they have built strength in ways we may not yet realise. We sometimes need to remind ourselves that it’s not all bad, it is simply our observations and opinions that determine what an experience means to us. All our events, both good and bad, have played a part in our unique stellar dot-to-dot.

You have already found your chosen path, you are walking it everyday, you are working on it everyday and you are learning from it everyday. Our life adventures started a long time ago and have been unfolding day-by-day, week-by-week and year-by-year.

Yes, the path of the Sensitive one is a challenging path to walk. It is strenuous, painful, overly emotional and can be lonely, but it is also enlightening, invigorating and electrically charged and, when we allow ourselves to see it: freakin’ fantastic!

We have already learnt what we need to do to keep us safe and sane on our journey’s, but at times we choose to ignore that. The information was always there for us to find, when we were ready. We don’t always want to do what we know we should, because we are purposely making life more challenging for ourselves, without realising. We are at the helm of our own ships on a vast ocean, steering it through rough seas, riding the choppy waves and navigating through storms. Yet there are many times when we sail blissfully through still waters.

Peace and deep fulfilment are there for us when we want them, when the time is right. If you are not currently experiencing them it is because you are not choosing them right now. No one is having it harder or easier than you or I, we are all just having life experiences. Appreciate yourself and those in your life today, even those who have caused you much pain… we learn the most from those ‘so-called’ bad people and experiences in life.

We are in these bodies for such a short time we need to be reminded not to miss a moment. Remember your journey is happening for you today and everyday, be part of it and enjoy because we do not know when it will end.

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Rules of Life for The Empath

When we are in the midst of some trying times which can affect our attitude and mind-set in a negative way.

Our attitude reflects in all areas of our life. We draw to ourselves anything on the same level of our vibration. When our moods are low it is difficult to stay in a positive head-space. Our thoughts darken and it is easy to become entangled in low-level thinking. When we become embroiled in a stream of dark repetitive thoughts we start to draw more situations that match this frequency, which only serves in keeping us stuck in a dark mind-set.

If anyone can manifest more of their thoughts, opinions and ways it is the Empaths. For this reason, it is a good idea to reprogram our way of thinking and approach towards life. We draw back to us what we send out. If we get pushed into a low-level viewpoint, by picking up the negative opinions of others, overtime it will alter our attitudes and outlook on life.

We attract into our life who and what we are. To draw more magnificence, we need adopt a more magnificent outlook on life. The following are 50 ways of being to adopt into your life which will allow you to see positive changes.

1. Let Go of Expectations

Our expectations can cause us untold pain and frustration. When we let them go,  it will free us from disappointment.

2. Learn to Accept

We cannot and should not control everything in life. Acceptance of self, others and life situations is essential if we want to live a happy, healthy life.

3. Release Dependency on Others

When we depend on another to make us feel happy or to give our life meaning, we miss out on our own unique journey.

4. Control your Thoughts

Most of our stress is born, not from our life situations but the way we think about them. Choose your thoughts wisely.

5. Judge Not

Judging another will only serve in making you fearful of others judgements towards you; which in turn will make you afraid of doing, saying or being your true-self.

6. Stop Procrastinating

Don’t put off today what you can do tomorrow. Time goes by too quickly. Don’t waste life thinking about what you could be doing and just do it.

7. Be at Peace with Criticism

Trying to go through life avoiding criticism will only stop you from doing what you are meant to do and becoming who you are meant to be.

8. Change not Another nor let Another Change You

Allow yourself or others to be who they truly are. Trying to mould another into being the person you want them to be, or changing oneself to please another takes away life’s opportunities.

9. Don’t Take it Personally

If another judges, criticises or treats you badly, it is not a reflection on you but on them.

10. Stay Unique

With everyone trying to fit in originality is rare. Give yourself the gift of being a one-off original.

11. Never Give Up

Good things aren’t meant to arrive overnight and we have little appreciation of that which comes easy. If you want something and believe in it keep striving towards it, no matter what your age.

12. Leave the Crowd Behind

We are each here to enjoy our own exclusive life experience; following the crowd stops you from having it.

13. Collect Experiences not Treasures

The only thing we get to take with us when we leave this body is our knowledge and experience. Our possessions stay behind.

14. Abandon the Fear of Failure

A failure is simply a learning experience to teach us how not to do something in the future. When we learn something, through failure, it is a valuable gift that only we can give ourselves.

15. Believe in Yourself

Believe in what you want to do, not what family or society expects you to do. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.

16. Embrace Success

Have confidence in the fact you are successful and you always will be!

17. Love What You Do and Do What You love

When you are happy in your work, success will follow.

18. Don’t Place Your Worth on Your Appearance

Youthful looks will fade in time but the beauty within continues to grow. Embrace who you are and not how you look.

19. Take Responsibility For Your Actions

Live life believing karma exists.

20. Create The Change You Want To See

Don’t wait for someone else to do it first. Be the answer you’ve been waiting for.

21. Treat Everyone as an Equal

No one is better than another, no matter what their wealth or status. Believing we are better or lesser than another leads to grandiosity or lack of self-worth.

22. Listen to Others

Most are not listening, they are simply waiting for their chance to speak. When we allow ourselves to really hear what others are saying, we expand our own consciousness.

23. Take Not Revenge

It is not up to us to punish others for what we consider bad behaviour. When we treat others badly, or push them away, to teach them a lesson, it will always backfire!

24. Remember You Have Freewill

It is your life, you do not have to do anything you do not want or choose.

25. Allow Yourself to Give and Receive Love

Opening your heart is not a sign of weakness, it’s a show of strength.

26. Let Go of Pain

We wouldn’t hold on to a burning coal, so why allow painful emotions to burn within our body.

27. Don’t Allow Rules to Stifle Creativity

Rules should be seen as guidelines, be a rebel and break a few.

28. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone Daily

If you want to see life changes do something each day that makes you uncomfortable.

29. Stop Waiting for Another to Complete You

The only person who can make you complete is you.

30. Learn to Be on Your Own

Learning to like one’s own company makes the journey of life into an extraordinary expedition.

31. Love Yourself

If you don’t like yourself, you won’t respect yourself and if you don’t respect yourself, no one else will!

32. Keep Your Self-Talk Positive

It is the key to a happy, productive life.

33. Eat What Nature Intended

Genetically modified and chemically laden foods have no right being inside the human body. For lasting health and happiness keep your diet clean.

34. Nurture Body Mind and Spirit

They are connected and only when all three are balanced can we find harmony in life.

35. Free Your Voice and Learn to Say No

If others do not want to respect your right to choose, that is their problem. No matter what you do, you will never please others most of the time, so you may as well please yourself all of the time.

36. Remember Your Friends

One of the biggest regret of those on their deathbed is losing touch with old friends. You cannot make new ‘old friends’. You will rarely make friends like the ones who have been in your life for the long hall, don’t forget them.

37. Free Yourself from Childhood Issues

The child in you lived and got through those difficult times; don’t let the adult now be punished by them.

38. Let Go of Resentment

Why let another’s actions blight your life? Being filled with resentment towards others makes you bitter. Let it go.

39. Control Anger

Our anger only serves in punishing us, not the ones we are angry with.

40. Help Others to Help Themselves

Instead of telling others how to do it, show them by example.

41. Lose The Need to be Right

Wanting to be right, just makes others wrong. Value others opinions.

42. Question Everything

Don’t believe everything you read, hear or see. If it doesn’t feel right, chances are it isn’t.

43. Give Without Expect of Return

Doing nice things for others without expecting anything back, sets the spirit soaring.

44. Stop Throwing Pity Parties

Talk and think like a victim and be a victim.

45. Strive for Many Life Experiences

Keep your life energised with new experiences every day.

46. Why Wait? Go and Get It

If you want something, find a way to get it. Don’t die with your dreams still inside. Step out there and create them.

47. Respect the Elderly

We will all be old one day.

48. Find Your Passions

How will you know what they are if you don’t seek them out?

49. Select Acquaintances Wisely

You become who you spend most time around.

50. Choose Happiness

We have a choice how to feel. For a joyful  life make the decision to feel happy each and everyday!

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©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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New Beginnings

 A Very Belated Happy New Year to You All

After checking the date of my last post I realise it has been a while since I last wrote. Having been kept incredibly busy working on other projects, I have not had much time to come over to ‘Just Be’, my little place in cyberspace, to write a post or even reply to comments. So thanks to all of you who have taken the time to respond to any questions posted.

As we power through 2014, I think it’s safe to say this year is very different; it feels good and incredibly powerful. I doubt many were sad to see the back of 2013, as it certainly wasn’t an easy year. The disappointment most felt when 21 December 2012 came and went without the predicated or expected fanfare, meant 2013 was entered with many people feeling lost, uncertain and let down… The flip side to that is it was the perfect setting for a release of the pre-conceived ideas, we may have had imbedded in regard to that ‘certain date’, which, in turn, led to a greater shift in consciousness.

For me, 2013 was a year of revelations, breakthroughs and realisations and because of this, I entered 2014 with an optimism I’d never before experienced. One of my biggest epiphanies came when I saw how liberating true acceptance is. I knew the importance of acceptance but never truly embodied it. My ‘aha moment’ came after I read a certain yoga article. I do not remember who the article was by but if referred to a yoga teacher’s explanation on how to change one’s practice. In brief, he explained: the moment one’s yoga practise will improve, exponentially, is when one accepts the body’s natural restrictions and limitations. This acceptance stops the mind (ego) fighting and or punishing the body for its perceived shortcomings. When I pondered this I realised this wasn’t just about yoga this applied to all of life, in that when we fully accept our so-called shortcomings we can stop doing battle with them and focus on our more positive attributes.

It’s only in the dark that we see the brightness of the light

We are all made up of light and dark and we all have a dark side that we don’t like to acknowledge and traits we’d rather not own up to: anger, fear, resentment, jealousy and insecurity, to name but a handful. Yet it’s though facing and accepting the dark within us that we become free of its hold.

I have spent much of my adult life trying to release or block inbuilt personality traits that I didn’t particularly like or felt were ‘bad’, through one technique or another. But I now realise, these traits are part of me and were put in place to contribute to my unique life experience and to help me learn valuable lessons. Without these personality traits and insecurities, I would not have become the person I am today and in their acceptance, I can finally feel grateful for all they have offered me. I now see how the darkness within served me in so many ways. Had I not feared the dark I would not have sought out the light.

From the onset of my awakening, I feel I was encouraged to deny the darkness within, seeing it as a bad thing. I tried so hard to release or ignore it, instead of trying to accept or balance it. There is a saying that we give power to that which we give attention to, but by ignoring something will not make it go away. Some of our so-called ‘negative’ personality traits came with the body, just like our physical attributes, and are there purposely for this life experience. Claiming full ownership of these ‘negative traits’ will give you much more power over them than denying them.

So, as I said at the beginning of the post, 2014 feels like it is the start of something very new and powerful. It’s as though we’ve come to the end of a project and are ready to start a new one. Last year was about completion, this year is about beginnings… for those who are ready. And I hope it has been and will continue to be the most amazing year for you all.

It had been my intention to write about an entirely different subject today but, yet again, I was taken off in another direction. Hopefully, I will get back soon to write about what I had initially intended.

Take care


©Diane Kathrine…Just Be

Navigating Psychic Attack for The Empath

There are many forms of psychic attack, the one I’m making reference to here is the negatively charged energetic vibrations sent from one person to another through dark thought forms.

It can be tricky to discern between the emotions our own thoughts have created, by pondering a painful subject from the past, and that when we are under psychic attack.

Most people would not feel the dark thoughts others have about them. However, this is not the case for those of a Sensitive nature. If another is having reoccurring bad thoughts towards the Empath, it turns into a full-blown psychic attack.

The times we are in are creating many imbalances within humans, mentally and physically, and it is those of us who are Sensitive getting the backlash.

Who will it be coming from? Generally, a psychic attack will come from family members, not necessarily blood related, friends who are close or once used to be, or work colleagues.

How can you tell when being attacked? When under psychic attack the telltale signs are repeating negative thought patterns surrounding one person. For example: a certain friend (the one thinking and thus sending bad thoughts) will keep popping in your mind along with negatively charged feelings, throughout the course of the day or days. You may wake up thinking angry thoughts towards this person, when you have had no recent contact with them or reason to be feeling angry with them. However, one will always manage to link the negatively charged feelings to an unhappy past situation and therefore falsely believe one is responsible for creating the angry thoughts.

When under attack, the one thinking/sending the dark thoughts does not necessarily know that you are on the receiving end of their menacing musings. The most likely explanation is that the said person is going through a difficult time in life and is filled with turbulently vexed emotions. Instead of taking responsibility and finding the true cause for their troubles, they lash out and project blame onto others for their unhappiness, through their thoughts. (You will probably not be the only one the thoughts are directed at, but you will probably be the only one feeling them.)

What should you do when you sense a psychic attack? You have to nip it in the bud straight away and this means not indulging in any of the dark thoughts or emotions you are experiencing, which has to be said, is not easy to do. By engaging the thoughts you then become part of the problem.

The Empath has the power to project angry thoughts back to the source without even realising it and in doing so, can unintentionally open a two-way psychic battleground with angry thoughts flying back and forth. It can go on for days and in these cases, the Empath will always come off worse.

More than any other, Empaths have to be cautious of what they project out into the world in the way of gloomy, angry or irrational thought forms. What goes out, will have the tendency to come back amplified. (The positive flip side to this is the return of projecting positive, happy, love-filled thoughts out into the world).

You may have noticed that your moods can be projected onto others. If feeling happy you can lift others up and if feeling sad, you can see it wash over others. Even your tiredness or stumbling over words can be projected onto another. So yes, Empaths take on negative, energetic vibrations from others, but they can also powerfully, project them back out.

How do we stop ourselves engaging in dark thoughts? The easiest way is to do this is distract yourself the moment you notice dark thought forms repeatedly going back to the same person. You may have already discovered your own way to do this but making noise in your head can really help: singing, humming, chanting etc. Just like plugging in your ears and singing loudly blocks out external sounds, I’ve found this helps with outside thoughts too.

How can we protect ourselves from psychic attack? Build up a strong energy-field (aura or energetic body). Being weak, physically or mentally, will automatically weaken your energy-field. Our energy-field is our ‘invisible’ shield which helps to protect us from outside ‘invisible’ influences, such as negative thoughts and emotions.

Suppressed emotions, poor diet, lack of exercise, a busy head, illness and emotional pain can all contribute to weakening our energetic body. If you suspect you have been on the receiving end of psychic attack it may be a good time to reevaluate your lifestyle. By strengthening the body and mind will in turn strengthen our energy-field and thus help ward off psychic attack.

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Where Are We Now?

I decided to write a mini-post today because I am sensing a lot of confusion and, for want of a better word, flatness around me.

We all know there has been huge energetic shifts and changes of late, but shifts into what? We’ve certainly arrived somewhere in time and space but the question is where?

It seems the more we learn about this process of evolving the more we come to realise, just how little we know. The only thing we know for certain is nothing is certain. Even for those who once had a firm grasp on the true nature of reality and a good knowledge of the what’s, why’s and how’s of this process, are not truly sure where we are or where we are heading.

It feels like we’ve landed on a blank canvas with the equivalent of writer’s-block. We know we can create anything we want, but how and where do we start? What is holding us back? Is it fear or timing? If we do begin to create, will we finally be able to break free from the old ways of doing/being, or will it hook us back in when we step from its shadow? There are lots of questions and uncertainty now, without any real answers.

Some oddities happening  of late are crazy dream themes and sleep disturbances. If you have been experiencing this, you’ll know exactly what I mean. It is difficult to put into words.

I am seeing disorientation, confusion and forgetfulness in myself and others. It’s as though we are all suffering from some sort of neurological disorder. For me, it almost feels like I’ve got foam stuffed in my head, blocking and disallowing access to certain areas of my brain. It’s like a wire’s been cut and I’ve been disconnected, especially from my memory bank.

I am forgetting many little things and even having no recollection of carrying out tasks. For example, I may think I need to put the pots away and when I go to do it, I find I’ve already put them away. Also, chunks of time seem to be going missing. I wake up on a Monday, blink and then it’s Friday (at least it feels like that). I am seeing this in others too. In fact, most people I speak to are saying the same things, no matter what their age, gender or beliefs.

I was out with friends the other night, all of whom are very ‘mainstream’, and they were all relaying the same stories of memory-loss, time lapses, frustration and disorientation. One friend went to the ladies-room, only to forget where she was when she came out. This is all too common a theme and something you may be nodding your head at, having been in the same situation yourself.

If I’m, and most others around me are, experiencing time and memory lapses chances are, you will be too. I am sorry that I cannot offer any more insight into why this is happening. I guess we have to consider that our memories could be being wiped for a reason, all part of the ‘greater-plan’. I am sure all will be revealed soon enough. I feel there’s not much more we can do other than ride this phase out. And, like so many other phases on this journey, know it will pass when  its ready.

©Diane Kathrine…Just Be

Listening to our Internal Guidance Systems

The summer has finally arrived in the UK…Only had to wait five years for it :). The Sun uplifts my spirits like nothing else. And it’s not just me it has a positive effect on, everywhere I go people have smiles on their faces and are so much friendlier than normal. Perhaps this is because we so seldom get nice weather in the North of England. Rain and grey clouds tends to be our weather staple. But, as I am not here to talk about the weather, I shall move swiftly on.

I haven’t been spending much time on the internet lately (too busy drenching myself in sunshine), but when I do visit the sites I normally frequent, it is very evident how difficult of a time people are having. To be fair, and I touch wood as I type, I have not been feeling bad at all recently, quite the opposite in fact. I have been upbeat, energised and getting giddier by the day. But knowing how this process unfolds, I realise this could be a temporary state and I’m slightly hesitant to make any claims regarding personal changes as I know how transient these ‘good times’ can be. However, I feel that much of the way I’m feeling is the direct result of lifestyle changes I’ve made by tuning into my Internal Guidance System (IGS), otherwise known as our higher self.

As I mentioned in my last post, sensitivities are on the increase for many, in the form of allergies, intolerances and negative emotional responses. It is very clear that these sensitivities are a reaction to those things that lower our vibration.

Not everyone will be having reactions, but I’m guessing much of the depression, anxiety and painful emotions that many are experiencing, are due to no longer being able to tolerate anything of a low vibration. Some may wrongly assume what they are experiencing are ascension symptoms, when in fact it is just their body trying to raise their awareness to the fact they need to clean themselves up.

For years, many Awakened people have endured varying ascension symptoms that come and go without any distinguishing triggers. These symptoms may have been part of the ‘planetary energetic changes’. However, the reactions that many are having, both physically and mentally, maybe being caused by that which is disturbing the natural balance of the body, mind and spirit!

As humans, we can tend to focus on the development and improvement of either the spiritual or the physical, but not always on both. We may pray, meditate or chant for hours each day, spend every waking moment wondering how we could help others, but do no exercise, smoke twenty cigarettes a day and eat nothing but processed food. Or we could go to the other extreme of exercising two to three hours a day and be fastidious over every morsel put into our mouths, but have no care for any type of spiritual practice and are driven purely by material gains and power.

Our body is home to and carries our spirit, or soul. Our spirit, which is our true eternal-self, carries all our life experiences and knowledge (the only things we get to take with us when we leave here). Whilst residing here on the earthly-plane, our spirit belongs to our body and vice-versa. If we fail to nurture or mistreat one, we in turn mistreat the other. It makes sense that we should look after and balance both.

For me, cutting out wheat and alcohol has had the most dramatic effect on rebalancing me physically and spiritually. Both alcohol and wheat had a vice-like grip on me, to what extent I was unaware of until I gave them up. And, ironically enough, both play a huge part in the lives of Westerners: wheat being a staple in our diet (for more info on the detrimental effects of modern wheat see: Wheat and The Empath) and alcohol in our social lives.

Being a teenager in the eighties, I grew up with the work hard, play harder mentality, along with the alcohol culture of drinking to get hammered. When I was younger it was fun playing drinking-games and doing silly things that I’d be too shy to do otherwise. However, I now realise that alcohol played a part in my life for too long.

Like many Sensitives, in social situations, I would drink to block out negative emotions coming from others and use it as a stimulant to keep me going after my energy had been drained. It took me an awful long time to figure out that those energies, I may have blocked out whilst under the influence, still seeped into my energy-field and still had to be dealt with the next day. And the stimulant-effect I gained from alcohol, only served in further draining my energy for days after consumption. Now in social situations, I still pick up the energies off others, but I manage to integrate them as and when they arrive. And I no longer worry about letting others down by having to leave early due to tiredness. I stay as long as my energy levels permit then bid farewell. When we borrow energy, via the use of stimulants and such, it only has to be paid back with lots and lots of interest added on.

I’ve always been an advocate for taking self-responsibility and lately I’ve been seeing many others saying the same thing. If we want to move forward, in any which way, in life we are the only ones who truly know how to make it happen. We have teachers and guides to show us the way or plant seeds within, but then it is up to us to figure the rest out for ourselves.

It is too easy to become dependant on another’s teachings or words of wisdom and easier still to take their words and thoughts on as our own. We are each as individual as a snowflake and our life journey should be a reflection of this. We have access to a wealth of information outside of ourselves but the real answers lie within. We hold the key to our own happiness and freedom but we will only find it by following our Internal Guidance Systems.

Our Internal Guidance Systems help us navigate the often hilly, and even mountainous, terrain of our lives. It can be seen in the quiet, guiding voice whispering within and inside the ‘Knowing’. However, our IGS’s can be severely distorted and manipulated by anything that lowers our vibration and in turn our consciousness: Generally anything of a chemical or stimulant nature will play havoc with our IGS’s. Please see last post for more info on effects of this.

If your body has been screaming at you with negative reactions, it is letting you know that for you to fully heal and move onwards and upwards, the time has come to let go of anything that does not promote a higher vibration. You and only you can make that change.

As per usual, I have gone off on a tangent and not written about what I had intended to. And, as time is ticking, if I don’t post this now it will sit in my computer without ever seeing the light of day. I just want to finish on what I had intended to write about: If you find yourself struggling emotionally, with no obvious trigger, and feel like you’ve lost your faith in everything, you may find it helpful to read up on Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) or Past Life Regression. There is lots of info out there on both, but I can recommend anything by Raymond Moody for NDE’s and Brian Weiss for Past Life Regression.

In times of being at my lowest ebb I have stumbled across books by the aforementioned authors (obviously not by chance), and by reading them I got an instant ‘faith lift’. In these trying times, it can be too easy to get distracted by the meaningless and forget what this game called ‘Life’ is really about. For me, reading this kind of material puts life back into perspective and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Until next time…


©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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Sensitivities of an Empath

If you are an Empath or Sensitive you will be more than used to not handling anything of a low vibration, but lately you may have noticed those sensitivities amping up.

Many Empaths suffer allergies in some shape or form. However, you may be allergic or intolerant and not even be aware of it. If you are in contact with something on a daily basis that you are allergic to, you tend to have a continuous, albeit sometimes minor, reaction. For example: you may suffer with a constant stuffy nose, itchy eyes, muscle or joint discomfort, headaches or constipation, but because you’ve had the symptoms for as long as you can remember, you give little thought to them, but any one of them could be a sign of an allergy.

Normally, the way to determine an allergy is a process of elimination: To withdraw from your diet, for a time, the suspected allergy inducing item and then reintroduce it. If you are allergic you will normally have a big reaction to it. However, you may now be finding that your own body is giving you spontaneous allergic reactions, to things you have come into daily contact with, for most of your life.

The thing is, most of us already know what we should or shouldn’t consume. We all have the internal Knowing. We get that nagging feeling that something is not a fit for us. However, as humans we have also wanted to indulge in the forbidden fruit. But now, it would seem, we are getting put on track and our own bodies are guiding us, and in some cases rather abruptly, to make the change.

Here is a little list of some types of reactions you may have been experiencing:

  • If you use alcohol to help get you through social situations, you find yourself getting intoxicated ridiculously easily and feeling so ill after consumption that you believe you’re literally going to die. Hangovers last for days or even a week.
  • After eating meat, poultry or fish you feel more depressed than normal and your energy levels plummet.
  • You may find that the kick start coffee in the morning is giving you the jitters, making you feel anxious and/or nauseous.
  • When coming into contact with air fresheners, cleaning products, perfumes or garden chemicals, your nose starts streaming and you develop cold-like symptoms.
  • Consuming anything genetically modified triggers a whole host of uncomfortable symptoms.
  • White sugar (or anything refined) makes your body instantly lethargic and your mind race.
  • TV and internet (that you have previously been ok with) gives you brain fog and makes you feel restless or irritable.

When you take heed of your body’s warning signals, in the shape of instant negative reactions, and remove whatever it is lowering your vibration, you effectively release yourself from its control. Although touted as much desired pleasures, the contents of the list above are mostly energy draining and toxic to us. And if your body/mind/intuition is telling you its time to give them up, it is probably wise to listen. In return you will have more energy, feel happier, freer and will have to deal with less of the dark stuff within.

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To The Negatives With Love ♥♥♥

Some time ago, I remember watching one of the Lee Harris energy forecasts where he made reference to negative comments, he said something to effect of: ‘When you’ve got your first negative comment, it could be said that you’ve officially made it.’  Well, this morning I got my first negative comment.

I must say, when I initially read the comment I felt it as a bit of a blow (probably the desired intention of the commenter), why was someone attacking me when my only intention was to be of service?  And then I remembered that getting attacked just goes with the territory of being a Lightworker. Funnily enough, my ‘internal Knowing’ had already prepped me for this ‘negative comment’ prior to reading, I had literally written this post in my mind, whilst enjoying my morning pot of café noir in bed, before laying eyes on the offending item.

In my morning musings, I was thinking of a negative comment I’d seen on Denise Le Fey’s blog yesterday. (I have much respect for Denise’s work and the information she tirelessly puts out to help others). You only need to read the comments of her many readers to know Denise has helped thousands of people over the years in sharing what she knows, but she gets a lot of negative feedback off, what she labels, the Consciousness Police. It is incredibly disrespectful that she is attacked, with such distasteful comments, in the space she has created to help others. I felt the negative comments were an attack and an attempt to disempower not just Denise but her readers as well.

One of the first lessons we learn on our path of awakening is that of discernment: to take from books, teachers and way-showers the information that resonates with us and discard the rest without judgement. We live in an ever-changing world and the information we may have resonated with ten years ago may no longer serve and likewise, that which did not serve us in the past may now be of use. But we can be grateful for it all as it serves in being a stepping stone on our path of evolution. We have to be mindful enough to know that just because we do not agree with what another has written, it does not make it wrong and if it serves only one, then it is a gift to that person. Being critical, judgemental or making others wrong only serves in weakening us.

I have chosen not to publish my ‘first negative comment’ (I sent it straight to the trash, although maybe I should have framed it 😉 ) because, as we all know, negative comments hold negative energy and that is not something I wish to willingly project from my blog. I have no plan of intentionally publishing any negative comments here, because I feel that would be being a great disservice to myself and those who come to this blog in search of answers.

The information I share here is that which I know would have been a help to me in my past years of searching to understand what I was feeling and going through. I do not, nor will ever proclaim to have all the answers, I can only share that which I have learnt and come to understand on my journey, and I give it with an open heart.

We have to respect each other and the journeys we are all on. No one person holds all the answers (and if they did they would not share them because they would know that we are here to learn and we do that through our life experiences. No-one can take our life-lessons away from us). We may all be connected and carry many similar traits, but we are each unique and on our own amazing paths of self-realization. That which works for one will not always work for another and it is up to each individual to make those discoveries for themselves.

Those who attack others verbally, within the written word or other, carry a lot of pain and sadly, whether they realise it or not, have a natural attraction towards the negative. So, to all the commenters out there who feel compelled to leave demeaning, hurtful, or spiteful comments on Lightworkers blogs and websites I wish you well and send to you LOVE, lots and lots of LOVE ♥♥♥.