The Shift And How It Begins

You have probably noticed that something strange is going on in the world: The unusual weather patterns, the natural disasters happening on a near weekly basis, corruption and lies being exposed in the media, which in years gone by would not have seen the light of day, affairs, fraud and sleaze.

More of us have lost faith in our ‘so-called’ world leaders, politics and religion and have stopped turning to them for the answers. Instead we can now see through the fear based lies they are established on. It is as though we feel they have had their chance and failed us.

There is an unprecedented planetary change upon us now and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Because of this change we have challenges to face ahead. When facing our challenges we will be given the opportunity to wipe our slate clean, start afresh and become who we truly are, whilst living free from control and manipulation.

How might you have seen these changes within your life and those around you?

There are many signs and symptoms to these changing times: some can manifest physically, mentally or externally.

From my experience, and seeing the change begin in others, the first telltale sign that the shift is taking place within you is unhappiness or depression with no apparent reason for it. When the shift really kicks in it results in disappearances from our life: relationships break down, money becomes scarce and a lot harder to come by. You may become unemployed, doors slam in your face and there is a distinct feeling that you are no longer running the show. The manner in which you used to conduct your affairs and approach to life, no longer works.

We’ve been led to believe that everything in life revolves around money and now, whatever you try, you cannot seem to make the money you did. Everything becomes an effort. It can feel like we are fighting to survive. You are exsisting yet not really living… These are all little telltale signs that your personal shift has begun.

Even if you have not experienced any of the above, you would have to be living in a cave to not be aware of the state of our planet. The economy is in meltdown, people are losing their livelihoods and homes. Friendships and families are breaking down. Cataclysms of nature are becoming of biblical proportions. Now, if you’re interested in prophesy, these earth changes have all been predicted by many philosophers over the centuries but the most well-known predictions have come from the Ancient Mayans.

It was the Mayans who prophesied, what some to believe to be, the end of the world in 2012. There are many big budget movies that have cashed in on this theory with apocalyptic scenarios.  However, from all my research on the subject I have come to the conclusion that the Mayan prophesies are not about the end of the world but about the end of a cycle and a change in human consciousness. This is why we and the earth are going through all this pain, disturbances and eruptions at this time… We are purging ourselves of the old to get ready for the new.

Most of the difficulties you are now faced with are just part of riding the wave to transformation, going through the rough to get to the smooth. At present, you are not consciously in control of the change nor can you stop it, it will happen… What you can do is transform yourself so that instead of the wave being one hundred feet high on a rough sea, it becomes a mere ripple on the ocean.

The process of these earth/human shifts that we’re experiencing go by many names. The most common being: ‘The Ascension Process.’ This could be interpreted in many ways but I like to think it as our vibration or frequency is rising.

There are many mental and physical disturbances that can be attributed to the ‘Ascension Process’. Here is a sampling of the most common maladies that are experienced by all and not just those who are Sensitive:

  • Anger and bitterness… you feel irate emotions festering within for no obvious reason.
  • Lethargy… experiencing extreme exhaustion and sluggishness after little or no exertion.
  • Weight gain… you find your waistband expanding no matter how healthily or little you eat. 
  • Palpitations… headaches, body aches and pains are all signature to the changes.
  • Agoraphobia… You find being in large groups of people uncomfortable and challenging (in shopping centres, restaurants, stadiums) when you never felt like this before.
  • Insecurity… your confidence may have taken a nose dive.
  • Memory Loss and time laspses… forgetting even the most simple things.

You may even feel like you are dying and to some extent you are or rather the old self is dying. I have suffered all the above at some point and the afflictions come and go. 

Knowing what you are up against is half the battle. And understanding that the bouts of anger, fear and general malaise are just part of the changes, makes dealing with them that much easier. The most distress will be born from your own resistance to them. You will make that discovery for yourself, along the way.

Information Overdrive

You can get overwhelmed by the information available on the earth changes we are experiencing and much of it can seem like utter jargon, contradicting, daunting or just plain ridiculous. The trick is to take what you need at that time and leave the rest. If a certain subject does not sit well with you, do not take it on board. You will find your thoughts constantly shifting, the way you think now will not be how you think in three years and the information you discarded three years ago may now resonate with you. We are constantly transforming and evolving and so your beliefs and life will change.

It may be easier to understand if you see yourself as a computer. We all have our own individual programmes running, which offers us our unique life experience, however, our life programmes are now outdated. The world has shifted a gear and so our systems need updating and new data needs downloading. The problem is if all the information was given to us at once we would crash (think of downloading data from your computer into your calculator). So the downloads are integrated within us gradually and when this happens it causes disruption, while our system reboots. Whilst we adapt to this new software, we get a time of respite (our lives seem to be back on track), then when we’re least expecting it more information is downloaded and the process begins again. Our circuits would be fried if we got all the information at once.

What is this information and what are the tell-tale signs that we are on download? The information that we have downloaded is part of re-structuring our DNA to help us adapt in the higher dimensions. For most, the signs and symptoms that you are enduring a download is incredible lethargy, which is always worse in the beginning stages. It can be so debilitating that you may believe something is seriously wrong. Then there’s the digestive system disturbance which can range from constipation to acid reflux. Another symptom is general aches and pains within the body that come and go. Once you have established that this is an ongoing and intermittent process (and you are not at death’s door), you will begin to recognise the maladies for what they are.

In the initial stages they last longer but the more adept you get at receiving the downloads, the duration of them becomes shorter.


Like anything in life when change happens it can cause a lot of discomfort in the beginning stages. Your life may seem to be moving in a new direction then suddenly stop. You may be moved in baby steps or feel like you’ve been thrown to the lions. The best and only advice I can offer is not to fight the changes that are happening to you. Fighting and digging your heels in will only make distress worse. This journey is like riding a wave, one minute you will be up and feeling happy, free and exhilarated, the next you will come crashing down and be filled with despair, depression or despondency.

I can guarantee you will want to blame these tidal waves of emotions and ailments on your life circumstances: age, work, financial status. Or you may be placing the blame on someone else; your boss or business partner, your husband/wife or even your children.

As everyone’s life is different there will be so many possibilities of blame. You may look at the world you live in and dislike everything you see because your negative (fear-based) emotions are now running the show. I want to help you recognize them for what they are and help you understand that it is up to you to take control of your emotions and the way you conduct your behaviour. This is your journey and any dark moods that may engulf you are yours to deal with, they are not anyone else’s fault nor will anyone else’s actions make them go away. The only answer to it is this…

If you want to change your world… change yourself!

And please don’t get me wrong here; I am not suggesting that you take on changing the world in its entirety, just your world… YOU!

Positive change has a knock on effect and when you change yourself or your responses to life, your world will change. 

Simply by reading a few articles will not make the changes happen; they have to come from within. Nothing will change unless we make an effort to change our thoughts and reactions to life. It is never too late to change, nor are we too old. What stops us all making a change is having to step out of our comfort zone  (fear). This is when our doubts become our greatest traitors. They are obstacles we throw on our own path and it is up to us to remove them.

We are here to experience life and create our own adventure and that will never happen when gripped by fearful thoughts, which in turn creates a routine life with no change from year to year.

We didn’t come here to stay in a prison but that’s what our routine lives have become and although you may believe you live in a free world, you are very far from it. We are unintentionally incarcerating ourselves. Before you set yourself free you have to recognise the imprisonment that you impose on yourself.

  • Live your life believing that karma exists.
  • Always look for the good in others.
  • Know that you are the co-creator of your life.
  • Unhappiness is your wake-up-call to change.
  • Death is a rebirth.
  • Our thoughts create our reality.
  • Strive for the truth in all your endeavours.

©Diane Kathrine…Just Be


31 thoughts on “The Shift And How It Begins

  1. The change you speak of is real but due to the breakdown of the capitalist system that throws up the most narcissistic and ruthless leaders during periods of crisis. This is why Hitler come to power when he did backed by finance capital who were ready to wage war for markets and resources, but needed to dupe the population in making it a war of ideology and the superior Aryan race. Hitler was a malignant narcissist as is Obama and the new PM of Australia Abbot.

    The causes of the war and the workers struggles that proceeded the 2nd world war have been falsified and buried. America was desperate to get into WW2 and declared war on Japan by putting an oil embargo upon them because they were at war with China and winning easily, something the US would no tolerate in the zone of influence. That’s why Japan struck Pearl harbor, to knock put the shipping enforcing the embargo, why else would they strike, they were hardly going to invade the US.

    I have realized over the last few years in particular that I have a level of empathy for others that is overwhelming and has played out in the worse possible way. I made a strong connection with a female who had BPD and she became my best friend. I knew the day she met her boyfriend (an ex from the past) that he was a parasite, to the point of warning police of the danger he presented to her. By law they were supposed to investigate such a claim but did not, and as a result my dearest most beautiful friend was murdered on the 4/4/2011.

    The police whitewashed the death to cover for their culpability, but I knew what they were up to and have the evidence to prove it, so they jailed me for four months on false charges to shut me up….fat chance.

    Music plays a major part in this as that is how I am going to expose the police. there is a website under construction at Sorry I can’t write for long as I am suffering severe eye fatigue from being on the computer so much.

    When I am up to it I will write more as I went to a psychologist today who mentioned this phenomenon, which is what has bought me here.


    David Dieni

    Melbourne Australia

  2. Thank you for sharing. I think what is most important out of all of this,is how do we use this gift,instead of feeling burdened by it.I used to work as a cashier in Walmart,and I was able to look at that job as a ministry,until I got fired. It was difficult at times,as I was sensitive to children,and I would know when they were being abused. Just a knowing. It can be very painful for us as empathetics. I have to learn how to release that pain.

  3. Finding this blog has been a blessing to me. I’ve been aware if a lot of this going on within me over the past several years. I never really knew how to approach the subject with others or even what to really call what I was experiencing. It’s exactly as you have described here, coming in waves and the highs and lows. I don’t know how long it will continue for me or what the end result really is or how I will know I’ve reached it, but it’s good to be able to read this and feel at least like I’m not crazy and that this is a real thing and not just me being odd. So thanks

  4. This article expresses everything I have been going through. Your words perfectly express everything I have wanted to say and sums it up perfectly. It has been a year almost to the day that I have felt things picking up at an accelerated pace more than ever before. There has been an avalanche of negativity bombarding me non-stop which is why I started searching the internet seeking support. I knew I had to get confirmation for what I was feeling. Maybe you or someone can relate to something I have recently experienced. Beginning last year, every so often, the words “the plates are shifting” comes to me. During these times I have observed people driving recklessly, not seeming to pay attention to what they are doing and erratic behavior. Sometimes I see two rectangles side by side alternating in a back and forth movement in a manner that resembles cross country skiing. I have assumed that this meant the earths plates because the first time this happened I was at the checkout at the grocery store and the clerk said, it is a crazy day and I blurted out “the plates are shifting”. The clerk looked at me surprised and said, yes they are, how long have you been studying, I have studied them for 20 yrs. I told him I had no idea why I said that or what it was related to. He asked how I was feeling and I told him I felt dizzy. To that he said that I must be highly sensitive as I most likely was feeling the shifting. He asked if I was physic and I told him no. I didn’t know what to think. When it happened several more times I started paying more attention. I looked it up on the internet and one day while changing channels on the tv there it was, the rectangle plates I saw and just described, exactly as I saw them and I found out it was a documentary on the shifting of the earths plates. Lots of weird stuff is happening but the one I want to also share here is the other night while reading the blog I started smelling brownies baking. It was so strong I actually got up and went into the kitchen to check. Of course nothing was there. I have not used my oven for over a week. In the past I have smelled flowers where there were none and other scents and believe me at the time this happened there were no scents in this house due to my allergies. I am just starting to use Pure Essential oil, peppermint, to relieve headaches and the lavender also as I can actually tolerate it without becoming ill. For some reason the combination actually takes care of my headaches and some are migraines. Today was a nightmare, I thought I was losing it for sure. Emotion Overload and I never left the house. Here in the USA it was the 12th anniversary of 9/11. I never linked it until my husband was listening to the 11p.m. local news and I overheard them say that one of the steel supports from one of the twin towers was now part of a monument not far from our house. I had him back up the tv and there I saw it and then I knew what had caused my overload today. Oddly enough, as soon as I saw it I was fine. Can anyone give me insight into all this?

    • I found this site,when someone I knew posted it on Facebook. It helps me to know what is going on. I started feeling so sick 2 months ago,and as I read this,I knew I am an empathetic. I have felt different my entire life and am very sensitive to people and animals. My headaches have become severe and have been running to the doctor,as I feel as if I’m dying,but now I get it. My son moved his furniture in my garage,and he is with his father,withdrawing from drugs. Do you think I am sick(before I even knew he was withdrawing) an picking up his energy,or do you think it is the process that is talked about above? I will try the salt and peppermint and lavender. I also beleive in the power of prayer.

  5. All my life I wondered why I felt different, not connected to the norm….. I went to a seminar yesterday at the Mind, Body festival in Brisbane and discovered I AM AN EMPATH!!!! Hallelujah. I have been given a key and my life can now begin (so to speak) its a great feeling to finally fit in.

  6. Hi, I’ve never done anything like this but need to know I’m not going mad.. I split with my ex partner 3 months ago after a painful relationship where he broke my heart time and time again then one day left with no explanation or goodbye. I’ve been through heart break anger, depression you name it every emotion going.
    The past few weeks ive begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel and have been a lot calmer, relaxed and accepting of the situation.
    Last night as I was getting ready to go to bed I suddenly felt this overwhelming sense of guilt that literally knocked the wind out of me, it just suddenly hit me for no apparent reason, It was physically and emotionally painful and the strange thing is that I knew these feeling weren’t mine, I’m not sure how I knew either I just knew, this lasted between 10- 15 mins then went. I’ve never experienced anything like this before and it shocked me.
    Prior to getting ready for bed I was calm and relaxed, casually flicking through a magazine.
    Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

  7. I am not a person who is up in the middle of the night on a regular basis. But, Lately, I have been having a lot of trouble staying asleep. 1. because I am diagnosed with a type of bipolar with paranoid schizophrenia and 2. because I have been digging deeper into my own spiritually. I only started reading your posts mere weeks before I was hospitalized after (for the sake of argument we’ll call it a…) “panic attack.” I was released from a “Recovery Center” Thursday afternoon. I have always felt a strong pull from the lunar cycle. So, I keep an eye on that on my wall calendar. I noticed Doreen Virtue’s post about the full moon today. Since, I have studied many things and have a pretty basic understanding of the lunar cycle I decided to pull that up to see if that had any relation to my most recent of 3 hospitalization stays. Turned out I found this page: And from what It is telling me, the moon cycle is supposed to be it’s fullest at my location on 5/25/2013 at 4:27AM. That will be Thursday, the day after my most recent return from the hospital. I find myself up writing this letter to you at about that same time the night before. I also believe that it is no coincidence that this is the time of the year when the full moon switches from a 4:27 “AM” time to a pivot of 21 hours over the course of 3 months. Therefore my full moon at my location was April 25. 2013 20:00, May May 25. 4:27, and June 23. 11:34. I guess my question to you lies in weather or not you feel the “spells” of paranoid panic ALWAYS coupled with sleeplessness may have somehow been tied to the lunar cycle since it is the time of year when the cycle almost flip flops from AM to PM to AM on that 21 hours cycle. I seemed to always be up a round that 4:00 hour. Then I began contributing my being up to getting 4:20 munchies in the middle of the night. But after reading this I feel I am hyper sensitive to the lunar cycle. What is your take on all of this and or could you refer me to someone who might be able to help me compare my previous dates to the dates of the lunar cycles at the time.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration,

    • Hiya hkestler,

      Yes, I can be sensitive to the lunar cycles. First noticed the ‘funk’ of a full moon many years ago and in recent times also noticed the effect of a new moon, in that it seemed like a time of release. I suppose it’s not by coincidence that many women’s monthly cycle ties in with the lunar cycle.

      I’m afraid it is not something I have done much research into and off the top of my head can’t think of anyone I could refer you to. Hopefully, another reader on this blog may be able to point you in the right direction.

      Thanks for sharing and good luck.

  8. I can feel it strongly, the clash of ideals is interesting. The air feels rather heavy to be honest, and I’ve been swept up…I feel as though I’m stuck in the mud. I’m only 19 and I hope to make a difference…somehow…using my empathy to help others and get the message out there. Despite the current fog I have a lot of faith in the Age of Aquarius, but now is a pivotal time. My main idea is the concept of how thoughts, as they scientifically are processed in the brain as energy and neurological pulses, are also waves of energy and have different wavelength vibrations. For example, the word and thought of ‘hate’ has a very different vibration than ‘love’ does. Very different! They lead to different energies. I really want a brain scan to prove this.

    As long as the collective consciousness puts out ‘fear’ and ‘anger’, the more the societal and physical state of the world will darken. That’s how powerful I believe thoughts and emotions are – I mean there are billions of people on the world, we all have this energy, and we all feed into it and in turn feed off that energy in prayer and unconscious reaching.
    Making a conscious effort to think positivity; courage and faith and Love…can make a huge difference on a large scale. People will react differently to each other, and if many people pour out love into the “consciousness pool” from which we all drink, the means by which we are spiritually connected will elevate to a higher, better vibration.

    As an empath (I feel that I am one, and a psychic confirmed it before I knew the word) I hold this to be so true, because I can feel the negative thoughts coming from a person, I can see through their bad intentions. Unfortunately on the flip side I can see the inherent goodness of most people who don’t deserve this recognition, and indeed they don’t end up following who they could be and I end up looking like a fool for putting an ounce of faith into them. …Anyway, since empaths do exist, minimalizing the power of words and emotions on those around us seems illogical to deny…So yeah it really is all about attitude…. 🙂 I’ve even made a video on Youtube called “hope is possible” on this.

  9. Hi. Your information is great!! I am going through the shift since the fall of last year and it has been the most challenging time in my life. What you have written is so so relevant for me. Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. Thank you so much for your article. It certainly explains a lot. I have always known certain things but never could explain, even to myself, how I knew. After reading your article I won’t question myself or try to justify my feeling or opinion based on outside observations that can be explained.

  11. This has been tremendously helpful to me, as well as a few other posts I’ve come upon here. I’ve bookmarked this site on both my PC and my cell phone browser (to take the truth with me as I go about my business). Thank you so much for the information here. I now have a much better understanding of not only who and what I am (Empath), but also of what’s happening with me physically with regards to the shift. If I were to tell you about everything I’ve gone through in the last 6 years, I doubt you’d believe it. However, because of what I’ve read here, I now understand why I went through what I did. You’re never too old to learn something new. Thanks again! xoxo

  12. Thank you for sharing this beautiful article, dear friend. I’ve resonated with everything you mentioned, and i am holding the love.

  13. Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.
    ~ Happiness never decreases by being shared. -The Buddha
    Thank you for sharing, awakening is not an easy path……..Love and light!

  14. I have so many questions and so many different answers to the same questions like I’m constantly arguing with myself! I get this feeling inside my gut and I feel like I know the truth like when and why some one lies and it frustrates me because my instincs can’t prove it and if I speak it they always seem to justify and it makes me feel like maybe I’m reading wrong or wonder why I’m not worthy of the truth why do they continue to lie if I’ve voiced it and why and I know with all my heart I’m right! Could I be reading wrong and justifying my own hearts battle of distrust or explaining my own reasoning and if I lied this would be why? I feel almost this calm like quiet emotionless environment around the time everyone sleeps. Leaving me with sleepless nights so I can try to define all these unanswered and unexplained ways we live and act and why and if I’m crazy. Trying to define my partner and why I stay when its so frustrating the way he is so lost yet so defined almost like he can read my mind or I can read his! I can’t figure out who’s lost and why! I’m so mean to him and I don’t understand ! He loves me for who I am but he lies ! All this is part of my struggle daily please email me I need more direction than this site can give me thanks so much
    Samantha d hadley

    • Hi Samantha,

      For an Empath, knowing when another is lying to them is very difficult to deal with. For one thing when you confront the person, who is lying, they will always deny it (after all what’s another lie on top of the one told). And you will not be able to change this, the only thing you can do is accept it (I know, I know, a lot easier said than done) and not give them chance to spin another yarn. An Empath will feel the vibration of an untruth, but won’t necessarily know what the untruth is. And because some people are so good at lying to themselves, they don’t always realize that they are lying to you. Lies always come from the ego, not the true self.

      As Empaths we tend to over analyse most things and have a need to know the answers to everything, especially about others. It is soooo frustrating and irritating when others show us their fake personas, which we know to be a front, but again this is where acceptance comes in. We have to respect that each of us is on our journey (even if we are in a relationship) and we all have our own lessons to learn in life. It took me a long time to get my head round this, as I’m sure is the case for many.

      Empaths pick up other peoples emotions and pain, all the time, and take it on as their own. And, as we have incredibly creative imaginations, we can turn them in to stories personal to us (I’m hoping to write a post on this soon), it is then easy for us to start blaming those closest to us and then create more stories (vicious circle). This is where we can start to question our sanity. It can be difficult to block incoming emotions from others and if this is the case we have to learn to protect ourselves from them. Please see the page: Grounding Techniques for Empaths and Sensitives. The most important thing is to quieten the mind, because it’s the overbearing thoughts that create the hell, and when the mind is still you can then hear your own inner guidance and get the answers you need.

      Hope this helps

      • How do I explain this to people or do I just keep it inside and bymyself make sence of this ! Its so amazing to me on a personal note does a drug habbit have any affect it seems to help but maybe I’ve just convinced myself but I feel better …. my partner doesn’t understand and won’t accept it makes me kinda feel like I have no support or no one to vent to like I’m stuck inside mi head and noone will understand me. Or even give the chance to listen

      • Others, who don’t experience or feel what Empaths do, find it very hard to believe what they don’t understand. That’s why most Empaths keep their ‘stuff’ to themselves. And yes, it can feel very isolating not being able to talk freely about the strange anomalies experienced.

        Many Empaths turn to alcohol and drugs to try and block out all the incoming energies or even to give an energy lift. Sadly, they don’t really work in the long run.

        I am not on Facebook, but there is a support group there which has Empaths from all over the world, sharing their stories. You may find it helpful. Just type in Empath support group into the Facebook search bar.

  15. Thank you for this information. You have no idea how many volumes of information I have had to dig through in order to under to understand what you explain here so simply. It is also amazing you can explain it like that, I still can’t explain any of this in a way that make sense. I also wanted to thank you for your post on “Are you an Empah?”. I already knew I am one but this information makes it a lot easier to explain to others why I am so strange. Though I thought most of those were just personal quirks.

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