Incredible Benefits of Relaxation for The Empath

The majority of us have no idea how much tension we hold within our body. Even without exercise and sports, our muscles are constantly stimulated, either through the stresses of modern life or from taking on the emotional energy of others. All of which impacts our emotional wellbeing. Even the TV programs we watch of […]

Incredible & Essential Benefits of Meditation for The Empath

For an Empath, learning to control the mind is prerequisite to a happy, healthy life. It is after all thoughts that create our outlook on reality. As thoughts and feelings are interconnected, the way we think about anything is how we feel about it. Thoughts trigger emotions both positive and negative. Negative thoughts are catalyst […]

16 Effortless Ways for Empaths to Block the Emotions of Others

As I was nosing through some of my older posts, I realised I have written many ways for Empaths to block the emotional energy of others, but I have not got one post that is specifically dedicated to just that. So, today, I present you with some of the top ways to block the emotions […]


Before I get into today’s post, I just want to let you all know that I have set up a YouTube channel. I realise a lot of people like to listen to posts, instead of reading them. Hence the channel. The video uploads are short and are different from the ones here are my blog. […]


As you know, here on my blog, I like to write articles about how to make life easier for an Empath, and how to combat the emotions they often have to deal with. One of those ways is by sipping a lovely cup of healing char. Teas that calm your soul and soothe your emotions […]

Top 10 Ways for Empaths to Overcome Viral Emotions

Our surroundings may be quieter than usual, but at times the ‘noise’ of viral emotions can be almost deafening. In a world overcome with worry and fear, we all benefit from diving into the soothing ‘waters of silence.’ Not only as a retreat from the noise of fear but to reset within ourselves. Staying in […]

The Reason This One Thing Is So Important For An Empath

  Do you know one of the worst things for your Empath health…? Stress! Most Empaths know when they are experiencing stress, but they may have no idea how much of this stress is held within their muscles. Which, over time, becomes incredibly problematic to the way you show up in the world. Our muscles […]

A Guide to Surviving Christmas for the Empath

As I was nosing through some of my older posts, I came across one I had posted two Christmases ago (read it here). The post made me smile because I remembered how much I disliked the month of December and how bad I always felt when it came to the ‘Silly Season’. But this year, […]

Surviving Christmas: A Guide for Empaths

It is getting ever closer to that dreaded time of year… Christmas! For some, Christmas is a much loved time. I wish I could make the same claim. For many reasons, the festive season is one my least favourite times of year. When I was a younger (child to mid-twenties), I loved everything about Christmas. […]

11 Essential Oils to Re-Balance the Empath

For the Empath, having a variety of quick-fix-pick-me-ups is vital for their continuous health and happiness. After spending time in public places and around draining people, or just when the stresses of life bring us down, the last thing we may want to do is sit in meditation or do energy clearing techniques to realign […]

Discover Your Inner Empath Guidance

Modern life often brings daily challenges for an Empath. If it’s not dealing with their own ‘issues’, it’s picking up on the pained emotions of the people around them or the stressed collective energy of the masses.  Sometimes it can look like there is no way to get away from the many challenges that life […]

Breathing Techniques to Empower the Empath Mind

When you don’t have control of your thoughts, your thoughts can shape your life into something you don’t want. In other words, your thoughts create your reality.  Thoughts are so powerful that they can be the root cause of illness. And because Empaths are ‘big thinkers’ they tend to be at a higher risk of […]

15 Ways Empaths Can Stay Grounded & Protected

Nowadays, with the constant bombardment of negative energies, it is a challenge for the Empath to stay grounded. Even when staying home, within their personal sanctuaries, their empathic antennas are constantly switched on, picking up emotional energy from the outside world. Because of this, they easily become drained, consumed with apathy, and distracted from their true Empath roles. To combat the constant overwhelm, the modern world imprints on an […]