Why do Empaths Attract Certain People and Life Situations?

I’m sure you have already heard about the ways of the law of attraction. It’s certainly no secret. The premise is that like attracts like. What we put out into the world, in the way of energy, comes back to us. We draw into our life what we think about or focus on… All thoughts eventually turn into things. But there is more to it than that for an Empath.

We are told that for the law of attraction to work, we should change our thoughts, eradicate old limiting beliefs, use affirmations and choose to stay in a positive love-filled energy. We have also been told that if we have the utmost faith in ourself, we can manifest our desires. But for many Empaths, who applied these principles, this just wasn’t the case. I made it my mission to find out why.

Over the years, I read many books on the subject of the law of attraction (LOA), by all the greats: Louise Hay, Esther and Jerry Hicks, and Wayne Dyer, to name a few. All of whom know their stuff and are experts in this field. After researching all the material, I could get my hands on, I put into practise the teachings of the law, yet, I didn’t get the desired results. What was I doing wrong? I certainly wasn’t manifesting what I thought was my dream life.

I was later to discover that being an Empath played a huge part in the way the law of attraction works. I also realised that, although there are hundreds of books and videos available on the subject, there was not enough information on the reasons why the law doesn’t work, when you apply the correct principles, and especially not written with the Empath in mind.

The theory of the law of attraction may seem like a relatively new concept, only being talked about for the past thirty years or so, but it has actually been around for a long time. It is believed the law was first demonstrated by Buddha, in that he taught you become what you think. However, evidence has been found of its teachings, in many ancient civilisations and religious texts. The proof is certainly there that the law of attraction works, not least by its many ‘celebrity advocates’, who credit its power with their success. 

Understanding how the law of attraction works is so important, not only for an Empath’s health, happiness and success, but for the situations they draw into life. Unfortunately, there are several other factors, most people don’t have to deal with, that have to be taken into consideration. The law of attraction works. Very well in fact. And within ‘The Super-Empowered Empath‘ I reveal the main reasons why, as an Empath, it may have worked against you, and then show you the ways in which to master it.

So, if you have been fed up with the way your life is and are sick of not being in control of how you feel, know that you are on the cusp of an incredible transformation. Why? Because the information you need to transform, is all in the book. Within the pages, you not only learn why you have attracted certain situations into your life, but you also discover what has been holding you back and keeping you down. You will learn ways to get back in control of your life and start manifesting true magic.

Become the Super-Empowered Empath You Were Born to be was released on 30th December 2018.  I truly hope you enjoy and benefit from my new offering to the Empath community.


Becoming a Super-Empowered Empath is all about becoming the best version of yourself, it’s about being the authority within your own life. Truly living instead of simply existing. It’s about manifesting what makes you happy and staying in charge of your Empath traits. All of which involves mastering the law of attraction.

Diane x




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