This morning, in my inbox, I received a post from someone who I have been subscribed to for many years: Aluna Joy.

I have dipped in and out of Aluna’s messages over the years, depending on the draw of the message. Today, as I cast my eyes over the headline, it grabbed my attention straight away. And, as I went on to read her post, I knew the draw was for a reason. It was one of those synchronistic moments. (The post actually arrived Tuesday morning, but I didn’t get around to posting this until today.)

Basically, the post addressed an issue I had woken up with on my mind, but more importantly, it confirmed what I had been thinking and feeling for a while.

As you know, in recent times, this world has been kept in a state of absolute fear, anger, uncertainty, etc. Which has not only triggered doubts as to where we’re heading as a species, but it has also kept many people imprisoned within a matrix of destructive repetitive thoughts.

As Empaths, we have not only had to live through the same challenges everyone else has, we have also picked up on the collective emotions that have been particularly heightened for the last twelve months. All of which has impacted us in some strange ways.

You may have also noticed that your Empath intuition hasn’t been working the same, or is perhaps not as dependable as it was. Which may have pushed you to look outside of yourself for information or for confirmation of what you are experiencing.

This is only natural. Looking for answers is hardwired into our being. But when we look outside of ourselves too much, it means we open ourselves up to information we would not normally be open to. We become exposed to the kind of misinformation that is designed to create sides and cloud our judgement.

Anyway, this morning the first thing on my mind was how vulnerable we have all been to misinformation and how it has impacted us. When I opened my emails, and saw Aluna Joy’s message, I felt it was going to relate to my morning musings. And it was…

Her message was basically saying that we are in fragile times, where we are being exposed to many contradicting messages. It has got to the stage where we don’t know who or what to believe.

These are all distractions, designed to stop us from moving forward and keep us trapped in the old world. Which ultimately kept us stuck. But we are now in the process of letting it all go…

So, instead of me writing about a subject that has already been so eloquently discussed in her writings, I am leaving links to Aluna Joy’s post.  I feel you will all benefit from reading the message (if you haven’t already.)  Keeping Centered whilst Navigating Fragile Times

I hope it helps.

Until next time,


©Diane Kathrine

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  1. Hi Diane, thank you for your post and for the recommendation. I don’t know if you do post/article requests but I would love to hear some encouraging words about the proposed Vaccine Passports and what that will mean for those of us who are adamantly against vaccines. You kindly shared some of your thoughts on vaccines with me before which was very much appreciated. I’m a reader and my gut, my guides and my cards all say a big no for the vaccine. I know myself and I know I will not be influenced, pressured, or manipulated into getting one and I’m sure there are many people who feel the same way. But where does that leave us? On the fringes of society? Unable to travel, go to pubs, restaurants, theatres, classes, social gatherings?? It feels like the rest of the world will open up for everyone but us. Would love to read something about this situation from an Empaths perspective.

    • Hi Fish.

      I totally get your pain and frustration about what is happening.

      When it comes to the current situation with vaccines, there are a lot of could, should and maybes being documented in the media, especially in regards to vaccination passports. They put out information to see what the response is from the public. If there is a backlash, to a proposed idea, they pull back.

      Forcing vaccinations, upon anyone, is against human rights; as I’m sure is segregation of those who have been vaccinated from those who have not. There will be many people who cannot have the vaccine for whatever reason. Also, people’s health history is private and confidential, and should not have to be shared with strangers.

      When the media implants the idea that unless you have a vaccine you won’t be allowed to do something, many will voluntarily take the vaccine in order to keep their freedom. I have heard people say, ‘I don’t want the vaccine but if it means I can go on holiday I will have it.’

      But it won’t stop with vaccinations. More and more restrictions will be piled on and freedoms taken away.
      It appears that all we are now seeing are stepping stones towards totalitarianism. Its like a scene from George Orwell’s film: 1984

      People have to realise their own power and say no. But before they can do that, they have to see the ‘prison’ for what it is. They have to be taken down a dark road before they can see the light. Many are still in denial of what is happening. They are so trusting of governments. It is like a weird case of Stockholm Syndrome. Governments being the captor. Some will wake up to the truth. Some won’t.

      I am still of the mind that what we are seeing is part of the divide that Dolores Cannon spoke of. https://theknowing1.wordpress.com/2015/09/24/dark-thoughts-and-moving-into-a-new-world/

      There is no denying that the world we once knew has gone. It’s as though we are in some weird void or ‘in-between.’

      I have a backlog of posts that I need to get round to finishing. (I start them then get thrown off by all the weirdness going on.) Hopefully, I will get some info out on the above subject. Or add links to experts who are sharing a different narrative than the mainstream. Would you be ok if I shared your comment, in a post, or reference it?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on such an important subject.


      • Just watched it… It actually makes me emotional. This along with all the other information out there by Dr Buttar etc should be enough to at least make people question what is going on. Just the other day one of my really close friends told me he got the vaccine (and was feeling unwell) in spite of numerous prior discussions I had, had with him trying to get him to stop listening to lies.

        What can we do but keep strong.

        Thank you for this.

  2. Hi Diane. This is unrelated to your post but I didn’t see another way to contact you. Ive been following you for awhile now. I have been wondering if you have heard anything about the smell of lavender essential oil being repulsive. You’ve recommended it in previous posts. I know it’s supposed to be great and all, but the smell almost makes me physically sick. I can’t find anything online. Do you know of any metaphysical associations?

    • Hi Dragonfly,
      I don’t know of any metaphysical associations per se with your repulsion to lavender. That is not to say there is not one. I myself have an absolute revulsion to the scent of a certain purple wild flower that is in bloom in the UK from July to September (I don’t know of the flower’s name). Others cannot even smell the scent, but it makes me queasy just by passing by them. It’s a long story, but I have linked it to the scent of a person who I was around when I was feeling sick many years ago. It’s like my memory is triggering the nausea by association.
      Anyway, hope this helps.
      Thanks for sharing

  3. Thank you Diane. I have known of Aluna Joy for years too . Her post is great and helpful . I saw her from a distance many years ago when in Tintagel her pilgrimage Camelot and Merlin ?. Synchronicity indeed !!

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