What Has Happened To The World?

This is a post I wrote at the beginning of ‘the madness.’

I now feel like we are coming close to reaching ‘the other side.’

Empaths Empowered

Although I dislike watching strong violence, I do have a penchant for zombie and end of the world catastrophe movies. One of my favourites being ‘World War Z’. It only recently dawned on me that these zombie films are almost like a metaphor for the world today.

In a typical zombie film, a virus attacks the human host, whilst keeping the body alive. The body is then under the control of a parasitical hive-minded predator. The zombie is unable to show empathy, think for itself or express any emotion, other than rage, all it seemingly does is attack those not akin to itself.

Hmmm, sound familiar?

We are surrounded by people acting like zombies. Too many people are going through the motions of life, whilst following the protocol of consume, reproduce, sleep and obey (If you’ve ever seen the film ‘They Live’ you’ll know where I’m coming from)…

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4 thoughts on “What Has Happened To The World?

  1. Hi Diane,

    I like reading all your posts and like your honest opinions- when I look around today I don’t really see an end – i agree with all you other posts about people buying into a deadly disease and governments making more and more baffling decisions – and for this reason the majority of people are comply without asking questions everywhere I look – in another post you mentioned the destruction of the current system which is not very good agree aswell however it seems that another system under the guise of progress is replacing it and is more totalitarian and controlling -(my analogy of knocking down the dilapidated old stone wall and then building a 50 foot wall instead saying it’s for our safety but it’s actually to contain everyone )

    Having said all of that I am wondering your take and how you are coming to the conclusion that we are near the end as opposed to the start of an even worse phase)

    • Hi Freedom.

      Although I feel we are getting towards the end of ‘the madness’, reaching a precipice, I do sense it will get ‘darker’ before that happens. This unrest has been playing out for a long time, creating more division between the masses with each passing year. But now it feels like we are in ‘a quickening.’

      Although it sounds a bit ‘out there,’ I have long since been drawn to the concept that the world will divide into two timelines (I have written about this before). And, from what I am observing, this certainly seems to be the case now. In one timeline people are experiencing/seeing one thing and the other timeline people are experiencing another.

      In truth, I don’t think anyone knows for sure how this is all going to play out. The best we can all do is work to keep our vibration raised and focus on the world we want to create.

      Thanks for sharing.

  2. every so often I go into a depression mode seemingly out of the blue. I feel sad, disturbed, etc. It last from a few moments to longer and vanishes as quickly as it appeared. now I understand that I am probably picking up someone’s vibe. so how do I deal with this?

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