Now, this may seem like a strange topic for a blog that discusses ways for Empaths to find balance. The reason the above question came about is because I happened upon a YouTube clip with the heading: Is Trump a Lightworker… For all the obvious reasons, it stopped me in my tracks. So, of course, I felt obliged to watch it…

Whilst watching the video, it got me thinking about a post I had started writing a few weeks ago but never got around to finishing, about NCPs, which I will come to shortly.

Normally, I would never cover such a topic, because if there’s one thing that creates absolute anger and division in the masses, it is talking about the current president of the United Sates. However, because there is a purpose to it, I thought I would take my chances and put myself in the firing line.

Anyone who follows my blog regularly may know I’m not a big fan of politics. It is not something that has ever interested me. I find the whole business frustratingly deceitful and I’ve always been of the mind that all politicians are as bad as each other, in that they lie to serve an agenda and make laws that keep people in servitude of a corrupt system. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t observe what is going on and I still have opinions.

When It First Happened

When the candidates for the last USA election were announced, my friends were discussing the subject. They asked me what I thought about Trump. At the time, I didn’t know he was running for president or who he was running against. I was shocked. He was a business man not a politician. But I remember thinking it sounded like a good idea. A super-successful business tycoon who ran a lucrative global empire seemed like a great option for a president.

I could not say I was surprised when Trump got in, change is always a good thing, but I was surprised by how much hatred it stirred up. After all, there is always a loser in an election. Why was this one so different?

Mass Hysteria

Whatever part of the world you live in, you cannot help but see the effect Trump has had on people. He has everyone divided. His presence is triggering some people, putting them into a meltdown, and for others he is the shining light of hope. There has got to be a reason. Right?

The Lightworker Part

Anyone who has walked a spiritual path or has an understanding of energy healing and such, will consider a lightworker as someone who works to raise the vibration of the world, to intentionally spread love and light and to help others. They want to make the world a better place for everyone and work hard to do it. They also help people to help themselves if even inadvertently.

However, there are also people who work as lightworkers but not necessarily in a nice way. In fact, these lightworkers can trigger us in the most unpleasant ways. They ‘press our buttons’ and seemingly make life difficult. These are who I would class as being the unlikely lightworkers or NCPs.

If you have never heard of the term before, here is an online description of an NPC:

Short for non-player character, an NPC or vendor is a character or monster who is controlled by the computer and not a real person. An NPC helps add life to a game by creating artificial players, each with their own abilities or personalities.

Although the term NCP originated within the gaming industry, it is frequently used to describe certain living people. NCPs are the people whose main purpose is to act as an antagonist; they play the ‘role’ of making one person’s ‘life-game’ more challenging. For others, however, these people cause no problems and have no triggering effects.

Dolores Cannon called NCPs the backdrop people. Those who trigger us in uncomfortable ways. We may not even know why we don’t like them; they just repel us or give us obstacles to overcome. They make us question ourselves, cause hurt and pain or just make life tough. But they also serve another purpose.

Ultimately, the role of an NCP, helps us become wiser, stronger, more understanding and more determined to succeed. Even if that determination was not to turn out like them.

I have been aware of NPCs for some time, but it is only recently that I am acknowledging the parts they play in our evolvement.

NCPs are here more for our growth rather than for their own. They help us evolve and achieve what it is we came here to do. They often bring out our ‘shadow side’, which we then have to face.

It is interesting that Trump acts as an NCP for some, and yet for others he is seen as a beacon of light. People all over the earth paint him as either the saint or the sinner. Millions of people will argue about all the evil acts he has orchestrated, and then there are millions who will argue about all the good he does, believing he is part of the solution to building a brighter new world.

So, whatever your opinion on Trump and whether he is a lightworker or not, his presence is certainly triggering people in profoundly mysterious ways. This clearly has a higher purpose which is certainly worth pondering on.

I urge you to watch the video for yourself. See what you think.

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17 thoughts on “IS TRUMP A LIGHTWORKER?

  1. I actually wonder the same, it’s entirely possible that he was sent to shake the world up. Many of the ridiculous things he promised didn’t actually happen – maybe he was just mirroring people to show them how ridiculous certain things they proclaimed to want were 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  3. A long time reader and highly sensitive empath doing the hard and uncomfortable shadow, grief and ancestral healing work.

    I find this deeply, deeply problematic and gives power to the wrong person. There were always folks doing work to shift consciousness towards the light, and the energy flowing through the president is what shows up as a result because darkness is attracted to light. He and what he brings with him is the large barrier to the larger shift happening, and holistic minded white people (I am one of them) who are running away from their own shadow work are attracted to these conspiracy theories because it allows them to continue not doing their own work. It’s why Qanon is spreading like wild fire, which is how a dictatorship is being formed and great darkness and hatred spread in this country.

    The video you shared is by a Qanon follower:

    I feel strongly that if people just took the next year or so to focus solely on their own shadows and what work can be done to heal their own wounds, the energy of this administration would dissipate immensely. Instead, spreading ideas like this without looking into who is making them and what they believe in is the biggest problem of our time. If you knowingly shared Qanon conspiracy to your large audience, I ask you what are you running away from in your own psyche and how can you spend some time to honor and heal it?

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. And in response I would just like to say:

      We are free sovereign beings.

      Free to make our own mind up about information presented.

      When our freedoms to make choices or share our views are taken away it is then that we are in a DICTATORSHIP.

      Thank you for sharing information on Qanon. I shall now use my freedom of choice to do some research.

      Sending you love.

    • wow, a smart comment for once! I cannot believe this person thinks they are an empath and support a psychopath like Trump. A light worker…are you kidding me??True empaths can see through tRump and QAnon. what a joke!
      I cannot tell you how insulting this is. This guy has been misguided by the trump cult. I am a social behaviorist and have studied cults, conspiracy theories, and dark psychology for many years. How has do many so-called lightworkers and empaths been so misled? Well, I know the answer and if they go into deep self reflection, they know the answer too.
      I have gotten out of all spiritual groups and empath groups now because of people like this person. a soul operating from a higher state of consciousness knows the truth.
      We have watched our country become divided by lines, manipulation. and deceit. Trump is a narcissist and he has been abusing this entire country and world! please STOP!
      its time to wake up low-minded and self-interest folks

  4. Thank you
    I’ve been slowly awakening to most of this.

    PS. Obama did speak out against human trafficking, he even declared a “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month”

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  6. Yes, agreed! I subscribed to Lorie months ago and love her. We’re just watching a movie play out and people need to be patient. I feel confident the entire world will turn around soon and we will have much love and abundance on the planet once again. We, as lightworkers……..keep spreading light and love!

  7. Thank you for this! My friends and I had a great discussion about this back in 2016. I mean, he is NAILING his role, no matter what “side” of the fence we are on. NAILING IT! I think it’s one of the deepest soul lessons we can learn to understand that, as Timber Hawkeye said, “The opposite of what we know is also true.” If we don’t like Trump, we can be thankful for him shining such a big, bright light on really, really important things and waking up feelings in people who were probably comfortable and disconnected. If we like Trump, then we can be thankful that he is doing the things he is doing to further us in whatever way we feel we are being furthered, seen, heard and understood. Arguing about rightness/wrongness does no good. We can champion and support the people and missions who are helping to promote and advance whatever things feel good to us, either “side” (I don’t like that divisive word but am failing at finding another). There are times when we HAVE TO make noise about something, but once we have made the noise and gotten the attention of whoever isn’t be affected directly by whatever it is, it’s a great time to take action. Standing around making more noise can go so far- POSITIVE action speaks louder than words. Although I see that really negative actions get attention also, but cause more upsetness and anger and distraction from the original *thing*.
    Such a complicated, complex place, Earth. Until it’s not. 😀
    Great post. Thank you!!!

  8. Thank you for this,
    If we remove our emotional attachments to him, we will see that at a core level he is initiating profound change in the world.
    Love your writings!

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