If you can see, quite clearly, the likely outcome of this global lockdown, but no one is listening to your concerns, what do you do?

You know how destructive this lockdown is to the physical and mental health of the populace, yet no one wants to hear. You can see that these measures could result in extreme poverty like we’ve never experienced, and you can see that everyone is so blinded by the fear of catching the virus (a virus that causes little more than cold symptoms for the majority), that they cannot see past their anxiety to where the world will end up afterwards.

(I urge you all to read this very well written and researched article about the true nature of the lockdown and its devastating impact, written by Kristen Young Christman)

If you were to ask someone what would they rather: catch a virus that will likely cause no worse than the flu or starve to death? What option do you think they would take? I know I would rather take my chances with the flu.

Starvation is a possible outcome of these lockdown measures that many will face. Extreme poverty, people losing their homes and living on the streets is another. Yes, a harsh reality.

That is not to mention the deaths of all our elderly citizens, locked away in their homes, away from their loved ones. Loneliness and isolation is a killer.


It beggars belief that the majority are still in favour of the current lockdown measures, whilst those who are trying to alert the world to its likely outcome are silenced.

When people are seen to defy the imposed lockdown, I have seen comments saying, ‘They don’t think they will catch the virus.’ Or, ‘They are putting everyone’s lives at risk.’ But by advocating the lockdown measures, enforced around the world, it shows that the majority are not looking beyond and are in fact themselves helping to sign death certificates.

A recession of catastrophic proportions is imminent. And recessions have a knock-on effect.

I know people are expecting to go back to the world we lived in before. They believe governments are protecting us all from a deadly virus. Some are receiving money to pay for lost earnings, but this will soon stop. Yet the authoritarian dictatorship will continue. Yes, another harsh reality.

People are refusing to see the illogicality of these lockdown measures. Measures that are both immoral and cruel.

We have a friend who has a brain tumour and is in his last weeks of life. He is in a hospice. No one can visit him. His wife and young son have to stand outside his window. He does not understand why people are not going to see him to say their goodbyes. What difference would it make if he caught the virus now?

My husband’s nan is 94 and went into hospital because she was disorientated. She then contracted Coronavirus. Her condition is deteriorating and no one can go and see her. She will likely die in hospital, surrounded by strangers.

There are hundreds of thousands of other stories like this. Yet people still believe the lockdown measures are the best option.


When no one is listening to our concerns it may feel like all is lost. But it’s not!

We still have the power to work on ourselves. To raise our frequency.

I discussed in this post how morphic resonance works. How the minority can change the majority. It only takes 1% of us to change the world.

We have to work to stay out of fear, out of anger and frustration. Because if we don’t, this is the energy we send out. We then become part of the problem and not the solution.

Fear is a human weakness. It is the easiest emotion to manipulate. Love may be more powerful, but it is hard to contain when immersed in fear.


Fear closes the rational mind and imprisons us. We then become our own enemy.

In 2018, I wrote a post (read it here) stating the reason I believe many Empaths have awoken in recent years is to help to raise the vibration of others. Shed light into the darkness. I know it is not easy to do. But festering in anger and frustration only weakens us and keeps the enemy within.

When others cannot think straight because they are shrouded in fear, the only thing we can do is to try and lift the dark energy that has gripped onto their hearts.

Tune into the positive energy that is around us. Believe me, it is there. But we can only access it when we switch off from the hive mind.

I have found chanting Om a fantastic way to do this. Another way is to allow the sunlight to hit your third eye (centre of forehead) for five to twenty-minutes a day.

We can do it. We can take our power back and change the world.


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  1. I’m so glad that you feel and see how this ends the same as I do.
    I wish I would have found your blog a lot sooner.
    I’ve pretty much given up on Facebook and Social Media because of what my empath gift is telling me.
    And more and more I see my fears being realized and yet no one is listening to me.
    There is so much unbalance and I do not even know where to start the healing.
    Thanks for sharing what I’ve been feeling for a few months now.

  2. Yes, I agree with you and others about the devastating effects of the Lock Down. It’s like amputating your leg when you stub your toe. Historians will look back in awe at this idiocy…And the grievous effects it will have on all of us and the world.

    I do not, however, really or necessarily agree fully with your ideas and perspectives on Empathy. I have yet to find the time to read one of your books but it looks like to me that you take a much too New Age approach to the topic (although who else is writing about this topic so where does anyone get their ideas and information from?) and don’t really go deep enough into the topic from my perspective.

    I am not trying to be contesting or combative here…Just stating my current perspective.

    I have a lot of writing to do…Until that time as I start publishing on this topic I don’t expect you to understand my position…As you won’t have the information and context in which to do so.

    And I haven’t yet read your blog and books fully yet.

    I do laud what you are doing however. In that you are working on raising awareness and trying to awaken a population that is stuck essentially in Zombie Land. And the Pandemic Panic and Fear will only strengthen this for far too many people. It is Very Sad.

    Perhaps, though, you could take this opportunity to write and teach about how locked down couples and parents and children can rediscover their connections and love instead of being glued to the TV …

    Perhaps that would be highly useful to some. And also promote and disseminate your Ideas…

    • Thank you for sharing and for your suggestions.

      It is entirely fine that you do not agree with all my ideas and perspectives. We are all different, have different ideas and paths to walk. I also understand that my writings may seem a little ‘woo woo’ or ‘out there’. I have my feet planted in two worlds.

      But whatever path we walk, I think we can all agree that this is a subject on which we should unite. Raising awareness is essential.
      Thanks again.

  3. Hi Diane,
    Thanks for your blog I share a lot of your concerns. If we even raise the topic that there is a “plandemic” or “scamdemic” the way society has been set up is that they look with disapproval at anyone who has a different opinion than the mainstream, they call us negative, conspiracy, whilst they hang on to their false beliefs because it’s easier than facing the truth. Head in the sand mentality. There are enough like minded thinkers out there when we look to Twitter etc some of the people are awake to this scam. I believe possibly a cover for an economic reset, moving away from the petrodollar, but this reset will be indiscriminate and the most vulnerable will get hurt the most. As empaths I think we need to continue spreading positive vibes in the face of all the darkness. I’m hoping for a greater spiritual awakening of mankind aswell and a rejection of darkness and the deception that had had its grip on our planet for too long now.
    Best wishes from The Netherlands

  4. My grandma dies on 13 april at 92 , and inly my damily and few relatives joined the funeral….. if there wasnn t this Virus craziness, i think it would be at least half of the village coming….but, people were in so great cowardice and so.much fright. Honestly,i disn t felt this funeral as an event at all. No one attendend,only the closest people. Thats a big fat shame! I hate and spite these moments that we live in! We became so estranged from.each other….😥😔
    But i m just trying to keep my faith high,as my grandmother used to do soo much in her life. She was a firm believer in God and his Great Power and especially His Love For humanity…..

    • I am so sorry to hear of your family’s loss during these difficult times of estrangement. It sounds like your grandmother was a very special and wise person.

      Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hello Diane! Thank u for the article! Yes,the fear does change the mind and become its own worst enemy…..is the easiest way to manipulate and turn into slaves. I m in a village right now, and my best friend lives just near me, it s afraid to come see me. I mean , she just came and stayesldn15 min. Thats seldom….. even the public bus doesn t run.until 15 of.may….

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