My Thoughts on Coronavirus

Since my last post on Monday, there have been some big changes here in the UK. The country has gone into near lockdown. Every day we are having freedoms taken away to stop a virus spreading. Did we see this coming?

To be honest, I didn’t. I knew the virus would cause a global economic crisis, but I didn’t think the lockdown would be to this extent.

As I said on Monday, the fear energy is getting out of control. Monday contained a similar energy note to when Princess Diana died. The announcement that there could be potentially months of self-isolation (imprisonment) sent out a wave of fear and grief that impacted most people. Just like the shockwave of Diana’s death.

Much about this virus and the way we have been put into lockdown doesn’t make sense. We are told, for the majority of the population, the virus will only cause mild cold or flu-like symptoms. It is those with pre-existing health conditions and those over 70 who are supposedly the most vulnerable and will be worst affected by the virus.

We are told that by isolating ourselves we are protecting the vulnerable, as well as preventing the health service from going into meltdown, which, on first glance, seems like the right thing to do. But when we look a little closer, questions arise…

For one thing, we may ask why aren’t we simply protecting those who are the most vulnerable? Why has the world gone into complete lockdown? I understand that by isolating ourselves we are protecting others, and that we have to work together to protect the vulnerable, but locking everyone away, to me, seems extreme.

We’ve all seen the figures of those who die annually from seasonal flu. Thousands are killed every year from respiratory diseases.  Disease and illness are part of life. But we have never before experienced these measures.

I’ve heard people say, ‘This virus is more deadly and more contagious than anything we’ve ever seen.’ I realise it’s still early days, but the stats we are shown for this don’t stack up. The Mail published these statistics last week.

Look at how many people died of TB, and we have a vaccine for that.

Because of the way the media has played this out, and every other virus threat, none of us can know for sure just how dangerous this pandemic is. And no one can know for sure the death rate of this virus because no one knows the figures for those who have survived it.

In the UK, no one is being tested. Half the population could have had the virus and had no symptoms, or assumed they had a mild bout of the flu.

When on a cruise in December, visiting Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam, my husband and I both had a weird dose of some flu-like thing. Cough and symptoms that match the current virus. I kept saying at the time I had never had an illness like it and I was convinced I had some strange virus. I had the illness worse than my husband and it lasted longer for me than for him. Could this have been a strain of Coronavirus? Maybe.

Another point is, with the exception of the high-profile people who we have seen on the news, no one seems to know anyone who has been diagnosed with the virus through testing (at least in my area). Suggesting, if people have had the virus, the symptoms were mild enough to not warrant a test or a hospital visit.

The Lockdown 

We have been told we need to slow the spread of the virus until a vaccine is formulated (which could take up to 18 months). Wanting the population to get the virus gradually, so that we can build immunity. But isn’t that hard to do when we are in isolation?

It is known the NHS (in the UK) cannot cope with a massive influx of people with breathing problems and other symptoms related to the virus. The NHS has had continuous cuts over the years. Many hospitals here have been closed due to lack of funding (despite the fact the population has greatly increased through immigration). We have been led to believe the governments didn’t have the money to give the NHS… But what about the 80% of the wages which is now being given to those affected by work closures? Where did this money come from?

The government is also promising millions (in loans) to bail out businesses affected by the lockdown. Could this money not have gone towards implementing protection for the vulnerable and ploughed into the health service? (Didn’t China build 2 hospitals within a matter of weeks or was it days?)

Also, the excuse that they are not prepared for the virus doesn’t wash. Every year we have been thrown a new virus to fear (SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, etc). Why weren’t measures put in place already, for when ‘disaster struck?’ They may not have had a vaccine, but couldn’t the money that they are now dishing out to the nation have been used to set up emergency medical centres and for pre-training of emergency carers and first-aiders? (like they do with the territorial army in case of wars.)

We have been threatened with the fear of a killer virus for years. But when it ‘finally arrives,’ there is no protection in place other than shutting down countries and imprisoning people to their homes.

As I write, the UK has not been put in complete lockdown. But we are expecting it. This week it was the most vulnerable who are self-isolating. We expect the second week it will be the rest of us.

After talking to people who are the most at risk from the virus (those over 70), I’ve heard repeatedly that they don’t know how they will cope staying indoors alone for a minimum of twelve weeks. Most said they would rather take their chances, risking getting the virus, and still be allowed their freedom. Which I completely understand. Freedom is a basic human right. Having it taken away, regardless of the circumstances, is a lot for people to swallow.

I expect stress and loneliness will harm more people than the virus, especially if this goes on for months. Loneliness is an extreme health risk. It’s known to be worse than smoking. Anyone living on their own, isolated and imprisoned, will suffer immeasurably.

Then we look at how it is going to affect everyone else. We are looking at a global economic meltdown of which we have never seen before. This could trigger suicides, depression and mental health issues. The implications of which will be felt many years into the future.

It is understandable why so many people are in fear. Not only are we facing an unknown virus and economic collapse, but we are also losing our freedom.

We have been told so many lies by the media and governments, over one thing or another, that it is difficult to know whether this lockdown really is to stop the spread of the virus or something more sinister…

Not all Doom and Gloom

I realise we will all have varying opinions on this traumatic subject, and these are just my thoughts. They are not facts. I also know I may have painted a very dark picture here, but I don’t actually believe it has to be all doom and gloom. In fact, I believe many positive things can come out of what we are experiencing.

Whatever the ‘real reason’ behind the current situation, we can use this ‘downtime’ to our own advantage. Difficult times can shape us in incredible ways. I can already see how this is bringing people closer together.

None of us can know for sure how the world will look after this. But we have the choice of how we see the world by taking back our power and by tuning into our own intuition. What is your gut telling you?

For me, underneath the layers of fear that are being projected on to us, there is a strong feeling of power and positivity.

It is quite normal to feel fear in these times. Being afraid of the unknown is common. It can seem like we have no power. But we do. We have the power to choose how to navigate this new journey. We rarely get given time to take a step back and evaluate life. And we rarely get time just to spend on ourselves. Now we do.

We have the time to free our mind, to get in touch with our true selves. We have the time to engage our creativity, to read good books and make plans for the future that we want to create.

It is my intention to send out posts with information I consider to be helpful for staying uplifted, healthy and at peace during these times.

If you come across anything inspirational, feel free to share it in the comments section below. We can get through this together…

Until next time, sending lots of love and positive vibes your way.


Here are a couple of videos that contain a different slant on the virus than you may have seen in the mainstream media…


18 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Coronavirus

  1. Thank you Dianne for this perspective. I am beginning to wonder if people have lost their individual thinking abilities.
    My parents escaped a Communist regime in the mid 80’s to seek freedom. This lockdown is reminiscent of Communist tactics and my parents and I are terrified at what is happening in the name of Covid. They left all their things behind in order to be free; and here we are – in a situation that is horrifyingly similar and worldwide. None of it makes any sense. Interestingly enough beginning of August, I found out my aunt (who immigrated same time as my parents) committed suicide by hanging. I agree mental health is going to suffer immensely and it is ridiculous our media and govt is not considering this. I guess I know why – they have a greater agenda; to take advantage of this situation. It’s just sad, the very reason we came here, for a better life with freedom is now throwing itself in our face – in the name of Covid. Except it’s worldwide. Is there another planet I can move to? As an empath, I’m in burnout mode over this.

    • Thank you for sharing your family’s story, and I am so sorry to hear about your Aunt.

      It certainly seems this is leading to global totalitarianism. Some people are walking into it willingly. And perhaps that is their journey.

      I am still holding onto the belief that things will get darker before the light can fully arrive (the darkest hour is before the dawn), and that we are in some sort of separation process. I can feel this world has changed, even within Nature. I am hoping to write a post about this soon.

      Thanks again for sharing. Take care.

  2. Dear Diane,

    Feeling enraged and highly agitated by the illogic and oppression of this lockdown here in New York State, I happened to find your site when I googled “empaths and coronavirus lockdown.” I appreciated your article very much and agree with your points. The lockdown is smothering and authoritarian. Like you, I see no logic in this panic. My letter to the editor in opposition to the lockdown more than a month ago was actually censored by the local paper for not being in conformity with Governor Cuomo’s dictates. My views on the best ways to achieve optimal health, which include attention to mental health, were considered too dangerous to print, apparently. I therefore wrote a lengthy, well-researched commentary, “Oppression Is Bad for Your Health,” which was kindly posted on one site: LA Progressive. This is the site: I am sending it to you in hopes that more people will read it, for voices of resistance are silenced – a move that creates even more anguish. The commentary is in accord with what you wrote and discusses freedom, power, holisitic health, mental health, war and peace, and the environment. Thank you very much for your article.

    • You are most welcome, Kristin. And thank you for sharing, and for adding the link to your article. The more of us who speak out, the more chance there is to get the message across about the real danger of locking people up in their homes and silencing voices of reason.
      I will also post your article on my Facebook page.
      Thanks again. 🙂

  3. Hi, I’ve been reading some of your posts regarding the coronavirus, and I’m sorry but by denying the severity of the virus, you are unknowingly projecting your own fears about the situation onto your readers, and it seems that your own fear may be affecting your ability to stay grounded in the facts.

    The fact that you refer to stay-at-home government orders as “imprisonment” indicates to me that you have some fear about the prospect of staying home for long periods of time. I understand. You are a human being, and staying home is not easy for everyone. But please do not equate these measures as anything other than a means to prevent the virus from spreading.

    By saying this, I am not trying to imply that you should be afraid. I am an Empath too and I 100% see the value in avoiding the news in order to protect our energy and so that we do not unnecessarily get sucked into fearful energy that helps no one. But avoiding the news to stay out of fearful energy is completely different than implying that what we are seeing in the news isn’t actually happening (and sharing videos that say as much).

    I am in the U.S., in Ohio where we haven’t been hit by the virus too hard (thanks to our governor’s early orders to practice social distancing) but I have friends in New York and know of people who have left their home states to help at hospitals in New York, who are reporting terrible things. (I am not trying to scare you. I am trying to show you that implying to your readers that the virus is not as serious as it’s being portrayed is misleading, even if you don’t realize that you’re doing it, even though you believe that this is a belief coming from your gut).

    Healthcare workers in New York have reported that there are refrigerated trucks outside of hospitals on standby in order to load in the bodies of the dead. (I am not saying this to scare you. I am trying to show you that denying the reality of how serious this virus is is misleading to your readers).

    You asked someone in a comment what news sources they recommended. While I view many of the mainstream newsources as trustworthy enough to get your news, such as the BBC, CNN etc., if you have a concern about the media as a whole, skip the news if you want and watch videos of what healthcare workers themselves are reporting in their “vlogs” (video blogs). Go on or and type in “healthcare worker vlogs corona virus” and you will see healthcare workers reporting what is happening with the coronavirus every day, in order to help people understand the severity of what is happening. (If you are on social media; you can find a large amount of these healthcare workers on Instagram and Twitter.)

    (Also, if you do view the media as a whole as untrustworthy then I would urge you to look within and ask yourself where this mistrust might be coming from. Of course there are always some crazies out there. Of course there are always some crazies in authority. But to believe that the collective thousands of people involved in the mainstream media sources that most people consume, all the way down to the lowest-level journalists who are reporting and fact-checking every day in order to ensure that what they report is correct, are people who are somehow all involved together in a conspiracy to report news that is untrue, is unrealistic and again, misleading to your readers.)

    Because I fear that what I am typing here might propel you into fear mode and thereby cause you to automatically reject what I am saying, I will say one more time that I am not trying to scare you or spread fear. I am simply clarifying that denying the reality of the severity this virus is misleading to your readers.

    I am not one of these people who is going to say, “wake up, the world is going to hell, people are dying, everyone should be afraid, everyone should watch the news no matter how upsetting it is etc.” Again, I am an Empath as well, and know that this type of talk spreads fear and helps nothing.

    But please do not imply to your readers that what is happening around them, and being told to them by trustworthy sources, is not actually happening. Please do not let your own fears shape others’ understanding of this virus. Please do not imply that something “sinister” is going on, because it can lead your readers to dismiss what is actually happening with this virus.

    I know that staying at home can be difficult, especially for those suffering from anxiety and depression. But I know that you know deep down that the lens through which you choose to view this situation makes a HUGE difference in how you will feel about it. You can view social distancing as being “imprisoned.” Or you can look at it a different way. You are protecting those who are most vulnerable from potentially contracting the virus from those are are carriers of the virus but asymptomatic. You can be grateful that you are still permitted to take walks outside and go out to get groceries. I just read that in the U.K. you can still go out grocery shopping and not required to have authorization of some sort in order to leave your house. We still have unbelievable amounts of freedom, if you choose to see it that way, and we are able to stay connected to loved ones via virtual calls and other amazing technologies that we are blessed to have today.

    I know that as empaths it is important for us to protect ourselves from being immersed in fearful energy. It is possible to do this while staying grounded in reality and while choosing to view things in a positive light and taking the steps needed to take care of one’s own mental health (going out for a walk, going out to get food, talking to a loved one, etc.). You can choose to accept what is happening, do your part to prevent the virus, and continue to give advice to your readers that does not imply that they cannot trust what is being reported. Your posts about meditation and raising the vibration of the earth are helpful and important, but phrases such as “whatever your beliefs are about the situation,” are not. There is nothing to have an opinion on here. People are dying, and by staying home as much as we can (and wearing masks out in public) we are simply preventing more people from dying. It is possible to to view what healthcare workers and people who are experiencing the virus are reporting, or even what regular journalists are reporting, with trust and without implying that it is fake.

    If viewing what healthcare workers are saying creates a lot of fear in you and puts you in a negative space, then limit it. You don’t have to force yourself to be in distress. But as a writer and Empath educator it is your responsibility to understand and be willing to the trust the basic, well-reported facts so that you do not mislead your readers. This world can be scary but in order to stay grounded in reality, you have to be willing to have a degree of trust. Of course everything in life should be taken with some sort of a grain of salt, but speaking in gross generalities by saying things like the media (AKA the thousands of people who make up the media, including every reporter out there) distorts the truth, in itself breeds fear by implying that people cannot trust reality.

    Lastly, the Center for Disease Control has recommended that those going out in public wear masks. If you don’t have one, there are many still available on homemade websites like Etsy that you can order, or you can easily make one with a cloth and a couple of hair ties (there are many videos that show you how to do this on You do not have to feel “imprisoned” and you do not have to project that idea onto your readers. You still have freedom, and you can still exercise it, even within the current limits of social distancing.

    Thank you for your posts about meditation and doing what we can to help transform the collective energy of fear; they are very helpful.

    • Thank you for Your viewpoint.

      And, I would like to point out that you are incorrect in both your assessment and assumptions of me and of the virus, and the way that it is being handled.

      Firstly, I am not in a fearful state. I have remained incredibly positive throughout this whole escapade, and I have really quite enjoyed this ‘downtime’ that has been imposed. Many positive things have happened for me. At times, however, I do get a little angry that people are being so misled by the media, and I know there are many struggling with the isolation. The fear of which is causing a lot of damage to people’s immune systems (our natural protection against the virus).

      I have been following the government guidelines. Not because I am in fear of the virus but because I respect other people’s fears and beliefs.

      I still believe good things will come from this ‘disaster’ as people ‘wake up’ to the reality of the world they live in and discover their true power!

      Secondly, I too have friends who work in healthcare in the UK. And I have two very different pictures painted of what is really happening, and that which is being portrayed by the mainstream! (The many, many pre-choreographed Tiktok videos of dancing nurses kind of gives it away.)

      I have also been studying experts, silenced by the mainstream, who are adamant the lockdown measures are the wrong course of action.

      Too many people in power are making decisions based on knowledge but not wisdom! (Computer predictions being one.)

      We have been urged to place our faith in science instead of Nature, which I believe is wrong. As well as giving us what we need to survive: air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat, Nature also gave us immune systems to battle off viruses and such. Our immune systems are there to help us survive virus and disease! This is normally done by herd immunity.

      If those of us at lowest risk from the virus had not all been locked away in our homes (yes, it is being imprisoned) we could have developed immunity. By having this herd immunity to the virus, we could have protected the most vulnerable.

      When enough people become immune, a virus generally disappears (just like the herd becomes immune to the many different strains of the common cold that spread across the world each year). By being locked away in our homes, however, the virus is free to not only grow but also mutate.

      Because of this, these lockdown measures might go on indefinitely or until a vaccine is produced.

      Every day we are at risk from death, injury or illness. When we walk down the stairs, cross a road, drive a car, eat and drink unhealthy food, and expose ourselves to others there is a risk. It doesn’t mean we should avoid living and lock ourselves away for ‘protection’.

      As I pointed out in my post, I believe the approach we have been following will have devastating results for some that will last many years into the future. Long after the virus has become a distant memory.

      (If you do not believe that the mainstream media could have the whole world fooled, or get away with lying and exaggerating, I would suggest doing some research on how many corporations actually own the entire world’s media.)

      I know my viewpoint will in no way alter yours. But what is most important is that everyone is exposed to more than one view. We are all adults, free sovereign beings who are more than capable of making our own minds up.

      Again, thank you for your views. It is important that we have them and don’t try and silence anyone whose opinion is different to our own.

      I also believe something incredibly positive is on the horizon for those who choose it. Working to stay out of the ‘fear energy’ not only protects us but also takes us a step closer to this revealing…

      This might be worth reading if you would like another experts opinion

      • Thank you for explaining more of your point of view, and I appreciate your calm and civil response. 🙏 I am still curious about the following: aren’t you still able to go to the grocery store and walk outside? And go for drives? If that is the case, I don’t really see how the term “locked up” applies. Also, are you saying that you believe all videos of healthcare workers on personal accounts social media are fake? That’s a loooooot of fake accounts….and when you said in your original post that you felt “something more sinister was going on,” can you clarify what you think that is? Is it that corporations are hiring actors to pretend that they have been affected by the coronavirus when they haven’t – and that actors have been hired to portray nurses dancing in Tik Tok videos? I promise I won’t keep debating back and forth. I really just want to make sure I understand exactly what you believe. Thanks 🙏

    • Thank you, Susie. I was hoping someone out there had a more realistic approach to the handling of ourselves during this pandemic.

  4. Interestingly. Most of the highly infected countries are all western cultures. With the close proximity of people in a lot of third world countries why are their numbers so low even with the volume of international travel. This is speaking from the point that I flew to and from South Africa via Abu Dhabi between Feb and March.

  5. Forgot to add – 500,000 is just the maximum deaths. Far more are likely to require intensive hospital treatment but will recover. This number of people undergoing treatment for Coronavirus will also have a knock on effect on all other normal hospital admissions.

  6. QUOTE
    ‘ In total, in an unmitigated epidemic, we would predict approximately 510,000 deaths in GB and 2.2 million in the US, not accounting for the potential negative effects of health systems being overwhelmed on mortality. ‘

    ‘Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID-19 mortality and healthcare demand’

    imperial (dot) ac (dot) uk/media/imperial-college/medicine/sph/ide/gida-fellowships/Imperial-College-COVID19-NPI-modelling-16-03-2020.pdf

  7. Once again your thoughts mirror my own. Something is going on. The actions currently being taken seam very extreme for something that most people will deal with and move on. You can feel the panic in the air. I think Icke’s viewpoint explains a lot but I hope he isn’t right.

  8. I hardly think that Icke is a reputable source. Though I agree that reptilians (psychopaths) probably control the planet.

    The Spanish flu of 1918, killing perhaps 50 million people worldwide, is estimated to have killed 2-3% of those infected but the death toll is believed to have been mainly due to malnourishment and poor hygiene. (And probably ignorance)

    The so-called Swine flu of 2009 is estimated to have killed about 0.01% of those infected. Travel restrictions from Europe to the USA and Mexico were advised.

    The Coronavirus death rate is believed to be about 4% of those infected (all sourced from Wikipedia, take that as you will).

    We’re in potential lockdown because without it vast numbers would die (according to the news, 250,000 in the UK). 100 years ago such a number of deaths might have been brushed aside or even ignored by the authorities. In an age of social media and human rights that’s difficult.

    I don’t trust many of our ‘leaders’ or the probable hidden psychopaths behind them. And maybe the zero conscience individuals (psychopaths) created this situation. Who knows? On the plus side many of us are being forced to look in the mirror (at our selfish actions) and there are shoots of empathy sprouting. Glass half full or glass half empty? Chaos and change allow for new growth.

    • Thanks for sharing, Paul.

      I am not on board with everything David Icke says. However, he does have some very valid points on this London Real interview that are worth listening to. If only for a different perspective. It is a good idea for all of us to hear more than one side of what is currently happening.

      Just out of curiosity, who would you consider to be a good source of information during these times?

      • With regard to CoronaVirus I try to have a variety of sources. AlJazeera takes a broad world view and definitely isn’t Western-centric, questioning the European narrative; NewMatilda questions the mainstream; the BBC is in it’s own little bubble but does have some good foundations. Wikipedia can have some credibility and usually points to research that can be assessed and either verified or dismissed. There are also some anti-establishment websites that verge into conspiracy theories that I used to consult but after a while I found they were too over-the-top too many times. At a certain point it’s easy to get sucked down a rabbit hole.

        I try to maintain ‘psychological hygiene’, a concept from ‘Political Ponerology’. That basically means keeping away from other-the-top emotionalism, misinformation, disinformation and pollution from pathologicals. I switch channels whenever Trump and various others are on T.V. I use a healthy cynicism and skepticism to maintain a boundary between me and the information that I’m exposed to.

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