A Note on Empath Power

Just a quickie. I forgot to mention in my last post that Empath Power is on a Kindle Countdown in the US and UK. For one week only it’s £0.99.

There is info below on the book with links to the Amazon store. So, if you have access to Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk and you’d like to know more, click on the links to read an excerpt.

If not I shall see you next post.


Empath Power

Empat PowerThere are some major changes happening on the planet affecting Empaths on many levels. These changes bring pain, emotional disruptions, repetitive, negative thought patterns and physical distress.

With any energy shift, Empaths, and anyone of a Sensitive nature, get clobbered from all directions. Not only do they endure the discomfort of a shifting period in their own way, but they also pick up on how the populace are experiencing these ups and downs. If you often feel overwhelmed and overloaded by all you have to process during these turbulent times, Empath Power is for you.

As an Empath you are one of life’s game changers! It is imperative you stay grounded, protected and healthy during these testing periods and this book is your guide to show you how!


Empath Power: A book full of grounding, rebalancing and repairing techniques. We all need reminders of what we should do to stay in balance. And, because we are constantly evolving and changing, we need to keep swapping and changing our techniques. This book gives fresh ideas and keeps you inspired. It is great to have on hand at any time. To read an excerpt from the book click on the links below to go to Amazon in US or UK.




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