30 Ways to Unleash Your Empath Power!

Sometimes we all need gentle reminders of ways we can help ourselves to live a happier, more empowered life.

But it’s also important to remember, we attract who and what we are. To draw more magnificence into your Empath life, it helps to develop a more magnificent way of being.

Here are 30 quick ways of being that can bring about incredible changes to your life, and unleash your hidden power, just by applying them:

1. Let Go of the Expectations You Have of Others

Expectations of others can cause untold frustration. Let them go and it will free you from disappointment. You cannot and should not control everything in life. Acceptance is essential if you want to live a happy, healthy life.

2. Release Resentment or Anger

Why let another’s actions blight your life? Resentment makes you bitter. Let it go. Anger only punishes the bearer. Breathe through and release it.

3. Select Relationships With Prudence

As an Empath, you can become who you spend most time with. Choose your friends wisely.

4. Still Chaotic Thoughts

Stress and unhappiness are often born from chaotic Empath musings. By quietening your thoughts it will help free you from any unnecessary pain they cause.

5. Judge Not

Judging makes you fearful of judgements. Choosing not to judge, yourself or others, helps you find emotional freedom.

6. Stop Procrastinating

Don’t put off today what you can do tomorrow. Why waste life thinking about what you could be doing? It’s time to do it!

7. Be at Peace with Criticism

People will always criticise. Trying to avoid criticism prevents you from doing what you are meant to do and becoming who you are meant to be.

8. Chase Your Dreams

Don’t die with your dreams unrealised. Step out there and create them. Keep your Empath life energised with new experiences every day.

9. Don’t Take it Personally

If another treats you badly, it is a reflection on them. Not you!

10. Get Out in Nature

Spending time in nature is grounding and uplifting and will soothe your Empath soul.

11. Never Give Up

If you have goals, believe in yourself and continue striving towards them (no matter what your age). Good things don’t happen overnight, but if you keep plugging away at your goals they will eventually show up.

12. Trust Your Intuition

Your Empath Knowing has more power than you may realise. Let it guide you and learn to trust it.

13. Collect Experiences not Treasures

When you leave your body, you only take your knowledge and experiences with you. Make as many of them as you can.

14. Abandon the Fear of Failure

A failure is an experience that simply teaches you how not to do something. Whatever you choose to do as an Empath you will learn. Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back from trying.

15. Stay Protected

By staying away from negative, draining energy it will keep you empowered as an Empath. But if you cannot avoid it, remember to stay protected.

16. Question Everything

Don’t believe everything you read, hear or see. Trust your Empath gut. If it doesn’t feel right chances are it’s not.

17. Love What You Do and Do What You love

Follow your passions. When happy in your work you are also successful. Life is too short to do work you don’t enjoy.

18. Free Your Voice and Learn to Say No

No is a complete sentence! Only do something because you want to. By constantly giving in to the expectations of others means they just expect more.

19. Take Responsibility For Your Energy

You receive back what you give out. By projecting powerful, uplifting energy into the world you will collect the reward of receiving it back.

20. Create The Change You Want To See

Don’t wait. Be the change and see the change.

21. Know Your Worth

No man is better than another. Putting someone on a pedestal instills the idea of unworthiness. Believe in your own brilliant Empath-self!

22. Learn to Listen at the Right Times 

Listening comes naturally to an Empath. By listening generously, to those who truly need to be heard, it is healing to them and you. But continuously listening to self-serving people benefits no one.

23. Nurture Body, Mind and Spirit

Your body, mind and spirit are connected. Only when all three are balanced will you find harmony as an Empath.

24. Remember You Have Freewill

It is your journey! Choose the life you want to live and use your freewill to create it.

25. Send Love into the World

Opening your heart to others is a show of strength. Love is empowering. Love will heal you and the world!

26. Let Go of Pain

You wouldn’t hold on to a fiery ember, so why allow painful emotions to burn within yourself?

27. Don’t Allow Rules to Stifle Creativity

Creativity allows the Empath’s spirit to soar. If a rule no longer works for you, it’s time to make a new one.

28. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone Daily

If you want to evolve as an Empath, do something each day that makes you uncomfortable or something you want to do that you have put off doing.

29. Don’t Wait for Another to Complete You

The only person who can make you whole is you.

30. Express Gratitude

Being grateful sends a powerful message to the universe that you are open to more reasons to be grateful. Gratitude is truly empowering.

So there you go. Some simple ways of being that, if applied, can really transform your life as an Empath. Hope they help on your journey.

Until next time,


©Diane Kathrine at Empaths Empowered

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