Are You Dealing With the Aftermath of Strange Energy?

Have you been feeling off this past week or so? Have you been picking up dark energy, feeling fatigued, frustrated, edgy or anxious? Has your appetite increased or have you been craving sugary foods?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re not alone. There’s certainly been a strange energy lingering, which is very likely due to aftereffects of the solar activity last week. Read more about it here.

When there are any shifts or changes in energy or excessive solar activity, the effects can ricochet out and be felt for days or weeks after by an Empath.

I wouldn’t normally put out a post so close to my last one, but as I have observed some strange behaviour and felt a real heaviness in the energy these past several days, I thought it a good idea to send this out in case any of you have been impacted.

I posted the following article a couple of years ago, but as it is still as relevant today as when I initially wrote it, the advice still applies…

In recent years there has been such a lot happening with energetic changes. And anything to do with energy shifting will always affect the Empath in weird and wonderful ways.

But it is how it impacts others that might disrupt your life as an Empath.

When there is any type of ‘shift’ it usually brings to the surface that which has long been buried within the populace. Which often causes conflict, activates anger issues and finger-pointing.

If as an Empath you experience waves of feeling emotionally floored, angry, anxious or under attack, with no real reason for it, it could simply be down to a shift.

When these shifts happen you may, at times, feel like you are out-of-body, observing life as it is going on around you, but not really feeling part of it. It might seem as though you are watching helplessly from the side-lines as others refuse to face the truths of themselves or of this world and that everywhere people seem angry and preoccupied with issues or concerns. They are busy looking for ways to project this anger and they lash out, which then fuels it further.

This destructive emotional energy then just builds and builds and becomes more overwhelming for those of us who are Sensitive.

When we are simply observing the madness going on around us, in a detached way, it does us no harm. But it is too easy to become embroiled in it all and thus take on emotional energy that does not belong to us.


Because the ‘anger energy’ stirred up by shifts, can be powerful, our mind wants to search out a logical explanation and reason for it. Even if the emotion doesn’t belong to us.

For example, if you had a disagreement with a friend or family member in the past where you felt betrayed or treated unjustly, you might find yourself festering over those memories; even though you have already forgiven those involved or let the situation go.

But if the mind cannot find a memory to attach the emotional energy to, it will look for something else to connect with. You may find yourself drawn into an injustice happening to a friend or family member. A political issue, that would not normally garner your attention, suddenly draws you in and winds you up the wrong way. Or you may become engaged in an issue that isn’t really there.

As Empaths, when we absorb strong emotional energy belonging to another we can still be tricked into believing it is our own. No matter how aware or how much work we have done on ourselves, we can still be taken off guard by these potent energies

Here are some ways in which you might experience energy shifts:

1. Waking Up Vexed: This is a common theme. Waking up in the morning, or in the middle of the night, with your mind already focusing on some past injustice, that had not even been remotely on your mind. These memories take over your thoughts which then trigger emotional responses. If you start your day in a low mood, you will draw to you more situations that match this low mood energy and the darker your day becomes.

2. Skin Outbreaks: You may notice sores, spots or other strange skin disruptions popping up in random places on your body. Inflamed, itchy skin patches, which you don’t ordinarily suffer with, may suddenly come and go. The force of this intense emotional energy disrupts the calm flow of energy through the body and can ignite strange skin outbreaks.

3. Stomach Troubles: Emotional upset causes stomach imbalances and hyperacidity which often leads to some kind of stomach discomfort and bloating or a change in bowel movements. You may also find yourself needing to eat more stodge or sugary foods.

4. Disruptive Thought Patterns: Potent energy normally always induces repetitive thought patterns that are difficult to reign in, even if you generally have a calm, quiet mind.

5. Feeling Under Attack: When there are energy shifts, those who have not worked on themselves, or who have gone through life acting in self-serving ways, have issues come up that they need to face. But instead of dealing with them, they often lash out at others instead. They project this energy out as blame. Some are so adamant of not facing their truth or inner-pain that they launch their anger on to another, attacking them verbally or mentally. If you are on the receiving end of this ‘attack energy’, it feels dark and dreadful.

What to Do

Here are some gentle ways to help you detach and let go of the overwhelming energy you may be subjected to after energy shifts:

1. Calm the senses: Taking a salt bath with essential oils, or listening to soft music that you find relaxing, will go a long way to calming your senses and easing stressful emotions. Salt is an incredible cleanser of negative energy. It is also a perfect way to end an emotionally busy day.

2. Distraction: When your mind gets stuck in a destructive thought-battle or if you feel like you have been unnecessarily attacked, find a distraction. By distracting your mind, you withdraw your awareness and energy from the situation. This can help break the continuous looping thoughts that happen when caught up in the aftermath of energy shifts.

3. Acceptance: Accept the energy does not belong to you and don’t try to fight it or figure out why it is happening. Realizing what you are experiencing is not your own (and is not a personal attack), makes it so much easier to accept and then detach from.

4. Nurture yourself: Eat well, lots of nutrient-rich foods to keep a strong immune system, drink lots of water, exercise, stay grounded and get out in nature. Being outdoors and walking in nature is one of the best ways to clear energy and reset.

5. Forgiveness: Sounds cliché, I know, but when  on the receiving end of powerful negative emotions or caught up in them towards another, it is both harmful and imprisoning. Whatever the reason an emotion has been triggered, it serves us (and them) to send forgiveness. Through forgiveness we become liberated.

Take care.

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine



14 thoughts on “Are You Dealing With the Aftermath of Strange Energy?

  1. I have spent most of my life feeling exactly as you describe an Empath. I had never heard of the word ‘Empath’, until a stranger, when chatting once, asked me if I was one! I asked her what an ‘Empath’ was, and she told me briefly. I was researching all about the subject, and came across your website. Everything you write, is me! I thought I was just ‘odd’. I have been like this from as early as 5 years old. My life has been a very strange one. I have always had the strangest dreams. I pick up on peoples moods, energy and the rest, which overwhelms me and makes me exhausted. I have quite a solitary lifestyle because I feel like I don’t fit in with people.I take prescribed medication for overwhelming anxiety and mood swings. Thank you so much for your website. I feel less lost now.

  2. I’ve come to the conclusion thats its dark energy & the only combatant is the light. I have been calling on God constantly & its working.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just can’t thank you enough for this post. This week was so weird. This heavy energy was waking me up, sitting on me through the day, making me want sweets when I don’t really want them, and just making me feel sad when I have no reason to feel sad. Also, I’ve had this crazy feeling of wanting to be at the beach every day. Actually craving it, the sand, the salt, the ocean air. Reading about salt and nature made me realize why. I must have my feet in the sand to ground me and help me through this time period. I so appreciate the way you break it down and help understand these feelings. Sometimes being sensitive to energies is really difficult. Other times it is beautiful. Thanks again!

  4. Oh my gosh! Did i need this today!!! Hubby has been ballistic towards me for just sleeping in the other room because he kept crawling all over me waking me up as usual & I’m exhausted. I was already fuming & yes, bringing up all the other dark memories, when he texts & says no more OT on the job because of 3 accidents yesterday. So there goes paying bills off early & saving any money. I’m experiencing every problem you mentioned and so overwhelmed. I know it’s his energy, and i feel bad for him,but tired of him making it mine. Gonna do my tapping & prayer so i can gain back my peace again!

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