Uncovering Power Imbalances Within The Empath

Today, I want to address the subject of power imbalances within an Empath and the need to control what we feel.

As Empaths, many of our emotional sensations are amplified. We react to criticism much more than most and, when out of balance, we become incredibly oversensitive to everyday life situations.

Because of this, we may suffer with depression and are more open to attract depressive moods from others (like attracts like).

In my post: Why do Empaths have Such a Strong Sense of Belonging, I made reference to Empaths knowing when something is wrong in their surroundings, even if they don’t know exactly what it is.

The fact that so few people have control over their lives makes for a lot of unhappy people. Empaths pick up on the collective sense of dissatisfaction, whether they are aware of it or not, which can greatly affect their own moods. This can then trap them in negative thinking patterns.

As Empaths, we get down when it seems like we have no control of the way we feel. Which is understandable. Getting bombarded with the emotional energy of others (on top of our own emotions) is no fun, and it can certainly influence the way we operate.

What we pick up from others can shape our life, especially when we are not aware the emotional energy we are experiencing does not belong to us. (If you struggle with defining the emotional energy of others read this.)

But other people’s energy is not the only thing that can lead to emotional instability and a sense of power imbalance.

If you have ever suffered any type of erratic emotions or depression and look back to the time prior, you may well find they were triggered by a situation where there was a lack of control:

  • Situations in your life not turning out how you expected or wanted
  • A loved one passing
  • Being stuck in a job you detest but did it for the money
  • Having unnecessary stress layered on at work
  • Living under a controlled relationship (with or by family, friends, work, partner, in-laws)
  • Not being happy with one’s appearance or body shape

The list could go on, but it is easy to see how situations where we don’t feel in control can lead to the imbalance.

Sometimes we have to accept the cards life has dealt us (when losing a loved one or when other people’s choices change our life situations) and sometimes we are the ones who have to work at making changes (change jobs, get out of bad relationships, change the diet, exercise, etc.).

But something we can all do is work to make the pain of not being in control more bearable.

Many Empaths spend years searching out ways to find balance and seek out ways to stop their emotions and the emotional energy of others from affecting them. They read books and blogs, go to seminars and try holistic approaches.  For some Empaths, it is common for new techniques to work for a while but then become less effective over time. The reason this happens is generally because there’s a shift, in either the health of the body or mind.

If our physical body is out of balance, it makes us vulnerable to the way the energy of others makes us feel, it also plays havoc with our emotions. But this is an area where we do have control.

I always recommend if any Empath is repeatedly brought down by the energy of others they need to check their body and mind. If the body is out of balance it will have a knock-on effect on the mind and vice versa.

Also, a weakened body leads to a weakened energy field.

When the energy field weakens, you become unprotected to the energy of others. Their energy filters in and scrapes on your nerves. This might overload your emotions and cause overwhelm, which will eventually lead to illness.

When we can’t manage our emotions, we also struggle to find happiness or peace.

Now, there’s certain situations in life where we are meant to feel emotional pain. It is part of the human experience and something we have to face and live through. However, it is when our moods and emotions are constantly low, fluctuating or erratic that we know something is amiss. And in these cases, we need to make changes.

Not being in control of how we feel is imprisoning. Emotions (including fear) are not meant to control us and stop us from living up to our true potential.

Just because we are Empaths does not mean we should continually suffer.

If you struggle with unruly emotions and know you need to make changes, but wouldn’t know where to start, a good rule of thumb is to listen to your resistance.

Your higher-self is always at work behind the scenes trying to get your attention. But being human, we often ignore its promptings. We commonly resist what we need most.

Listen to your gut promptings and take note when something keeps catching your attention regarding wellbeing or life changes, whether it be in relation to mind, body or spirit.

I write a lot about the benefits of the right diet, exercise and meditation, either in blog posts or books, for the reason I know how transformational they can be for the Empath. I also know how transformational ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’ is.

Stepping from our comfort zone, facing our fears and making change is scary, but it’s also incredible for soul growth.

Because we are not one-size-fits-all, we need to find the changes we need for ourself. (It’s part of our journey.) We don’t need to be ruled by the controlling force of emotions (our own or others). When we have the right tools, we can take back our power and live the life we deserve.

If you want to learn more about controlling the emotions you experience, these posts maybe helpful:

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Benefits of Avoiding Negative People,

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How to Heal an Empath’s Emotions

Hope this helps on your journey. 

Until next time.


©Diane Kathrine

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